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to trans or not to trans
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>Met an MtF
>Hit it off p good talked a few times about random shit.
>Topic comes up about me having a job, and he can't because trans is not legally protected status.
>Complains if he gets murdered the punishment is not harsh at all.
>I say I don't really believe in trans people.
>Fine with gays and les, you guys do what you wanna do, that's alright with me.
>(s)he blocks my steam
> Tells me on kik that she's posting my one comment all over tumblr aka trying to get me raided.
What the fuck man, can I not express my opinions? I didn't even go any further into it, just left at that point.

Am I the only one who thinks trans is wrong?
I don't like how Males and Females try and switch up.
If you like males and you're a male, great, that's how you were born. I'm aight with that. Same with ladies. Do what you do. I'm not gonna harass any trans I come across, but I'm going to try and avoid conversation as much as I can. I don't want to be around you people lol. Nature made you a certain way, just deal with what you've got. I dunno if people can feel like. "They were meant to be born a girl this is a mistake my insides are being torn apart sob sob."
I don't understand that, and I don't know why people expect me to understand that. It's apparently your driving force, why would I understand uhhrrrrr.
tdlr- I'm triggered that a trans took so much offense and I want to know if I should kms for what I said or not. How do you gays and les feel about trans? I'd assume you are all for them desu, since it was so hard for you to get rights to marry etc, you may feel that they are in the same boat as you people.
fucking idk
tdlr tdlr i'm confused inform me
>i dont understand something
>that means it doesnt exist

flawless logic op 8/8
inform me nerdass
>appeal to nature
Nature fucks up, that's why there are downies, harlequin babies, trannies... And OP.
>doesn't believe in trans people
>says this to a trans person's face
>doesn't understand why they get upset

much autism
>tldr tldr tldr im retarded inform me
wrong in what she did?
wrong in that she disagrees w/ your opinion about transgendered people?
well.... let's put it this way, many opposing view-points have informed opinions about that. what you believe to have substance is up to you.

& whatever it's worth coming from a transperson, you're free to believe whatever you want, & you're free to use whatever pronouns on me that you see fit, i can't make you use my preferred pronouns if you don't want to. i can't make you see me the way i wish to be seen.

frankly, i'm grateful that i'm still seen as a human being
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>anon: IDGAF about something near and dear to you
>you: hurr durr homophobe! transphobe! imma doxx you! REEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is the single best response in this thread.

I don't think it can really be bettered.

Thank you anon. (I'm not OP however...)
It can be bettered by saying despite all that, it doesn't mean anyone has to put up with stuff from people and be a spineless doormat and it's always best to walk away and be the bigger man
>walk away and ignore disagreement
>confront disagreement by being a douche

Guess which one you just chose?
as >>5638703, i choose to accept that people can & will have valid points against my world view.
that's what i believe is what it means to be the "bigger man".
by realizing that maybe i'm not all that "big"
I've actually gotta side with OP a bit here, your opinion is your opinion and weather or not other's agree with it its still your conclusion which you came to yourself.

Frankly its totally unreasonable that she'd try to get you raided, despite that the fact that she and many other's disagree with your opinion theres no reason other than some sort of petty revenge that she should try and get tumblr out on a witchhunt.

What she really should have done is attempt to invalidate or change your view, I do think your opinion is kinda flawed. As >>5638519 mentioned just because you don't believe in something doesnt mean it doesnt exist and is an issue, I'm willing to bet that she could have tried to change your mind a bit had she not ran off to tumblr.

I still disagree with you OP, but should all criticisms be slienced by being accused of being a transphobe and shunned upon by others? If Trans people are to be more accepted by society you guys need to stop being so aggressive when the aggression isn't properly justified. If all I knew about trans people was from this post i'd think they were all assholes
Oh, I see what you meant now. Sorry.

I disagree with OP (and im cis so whatever), but I utterly _HATE_ people who force acceptance from others, no matter how "worthy" the cause or reason.
Anything but cis and straight is a mental illness in my honest opinion. The only treatment though is to just let them be who they are. You can't reverse that shit.
Yeah you can't force acceptance anyway, only coercition.
>mental illness
>treatment is not needed
then... maybe it's not an illness?
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