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how would your dream girl/guy be?
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Describe your absolutely perfect ideal partner. Anything goes, the more far-fetched, detailed, improbable and/or impossible, the better. Go nuts.
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The cold embrace of death, so I can finally be free of the torment of life
Cis gay male

>about as mentally ill as me
>shy, but opens up to me
>no boundaries
>artsy, appreciates my fucked up art
>very open-minded, not judgemental
>slightly effeminate or inbetween

>will indulge my few fetishes
>similar hobbies
>loves to talk about nothing
>will side with me no matter what
>wears nail polish and mascara
>faggy fashion sense
>would be up to hang out at odd hours of the night
>not overly sexual/high sex drive

>thick body, pot belly
>not overly muscular
>facial hair, body hair
>tats and piercings
>haircut that works with his face
>average cock
aww man I was with you all the way until we got to the last part :c
Sorry, anon, but I'm sure you'll find your prince charming someday <3
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Lesbian, Cis female
>Loves internet, cyber crap, neon lights and maximalism
>Loves retro but not in the lame nostalgia omg way
>Smart enough to not act dumb
>likes bad movies, can stand foreign movies, enjoys my music (Igorrr, Ruby My Dear, Cyriak, Kronos Quartet, Plaid, MSI, NDaD)
>Wants to make music, optional though
>Submissive in bed
>apolitical or won't care about my insane political ideas
>Doesn't care or call me out on hallucinating or swinging between the real world and the false one
>Isn't a weeb
>Likes the USA
>OK with me not having any friends or wanting to socialize
Appearance, optional unless *
>tanned or dark
>dark brown eyes
>curly hair, shoulder length
>doesn't have to be fit but at least care about your body*
Misc. optional
>does shrooms, doesn't do weed
>enjoys art, including contemporary
>would like to make movies or paint or comics or something together
>likes playing horror or rpg video games together
>likes going to the arcade
>interested in learning a shitton of languages
>okay with me not owning a tv or wanting one
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>Gay male
>21 years old or less
>Nice medium-length haircut
>Little or no bodyhair
>No facial hair
>Neither really submissive or dominant, on par with myself, likes to switch around
>Doesn't act overly gay or tries to be someone they're not
>Doesn't have too severe issues
>Artsy, likes drawing, likes to just lay down and listen to music
>Likes to just hang around and co-exist, talking about life, philosophy and stuff late at night
Basically a cute non-related twin brother with a romantic touch
plenty of ftm would probably fit that range
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>My height or 1-2 inches smaller/taller
>Nice smile
>Pretty face, solid 7/10 or above

>Likes to have fun
>drug free

Optional goods:
>wants to have a family someday

Cis bean btw
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My dream guy:
>taller than me (I'm 5'4)
>atleast 7 years older than me (I'm 18)
>average/fit body (I have a skinny/slim body)
>has a beard and body hair
>race and skin color don't matter
>be slightly cute or average
>aggressive and dominant both in bed and in real life
>likes music and cartoons

pic is me
...are you cis?
dat ass
loves me for who I am
is a strong tall man
Yes, I am.
that is one supernatural ass.
I'll try to be realistic and therefore not too specific because having someone deep in love with me is already pretty great by default.

>is cool
>enjoys going on an afternoon jog with me
>bonus if enjoys doing full workout together
>share similar taste in music but still different enough that we get to explore each other's taste together
>likes to read
>would enjoy lazy afternoons on the sofa cuddling, drinking tea and watching cliché early 00's movies for the sake of nostalgia
>is able to appreciate art and design to the lightest of degrees, at least
>is humble
>would make nice friends with my friends
>enjoys going out with my friends most saturdays
>bonus if likes beer
>is passionate about something, doesn't have to be a common interest of mine
>is hardworking or at least not full-on lazy
>likes to randomly show affection by leaning on me, kissing/ pecking and hugging but never in a needy way (though I guess this comes with being in a relationship by default)
>has nice voice
>bonus if she looks cold and distant on the outside but is actually playfull and warm on the inside
>is pic related

think I nailed it; first time I gave actual thought to it
loves women
strong masculine personality
beautiful fem presentation
not mentally fucked up
>being that im 14
>im 14

I thought the 18+ rule was only on NSFW boards. Chill out.. Our Adolescent LGBT friends need support too m8.
A guy who likes me. I wouldnt even care if he abused me. My standards have fallen that low.
we have a tiny child in here.

We are all collectively responsible of him now.

Shit, I'm a terrible father.
;_; I cry everytiem anon.

I'd volunteer, but with my luck you live in tibet or someth...
>not overweight, doesn't have to be super /fit/ but just normal sporty and somewhat active
>dresses nicely, no weird hair colors or tattoos etc.
>has stable job and is passionate about something as long as it's not something dumb like ponies or social justice
>nationalistic or at least doesn't hate his own country and its people
>interested even a bit in politics and cares about what's going on
>likes to drink but not too much

I guess all this is too much to ask for
I actually fit that, except im unfussed about drinking either way.
gay male
>cold on the outside ,nice to me
>not shallow
>not making fun of people for no reason
>has a lot of different interests
>accepts that i am an antisocial loser with no friends
>smart ,but not too smart
>isn't annoying
>pays attention to me
>isn't too much of a pervert
>isn't an asshole
>nerdy or geeky
>handsome and cute but just a little
>only optional but i really like curly or messy black hair
>tall but not too tall
>someone who can actually stand me for more than 5 minutes
>someone who genuinely likes me for me
A monogamous gay man who won't mind that I am a 25 year old autisitc handholdless virgin.

Bonuses include:
>Liking symphonies so we can go together and hold each other's hands
>Doesn't mind I am one of the most boring people to exist in the history
>likes to cook and eat out.
>likeS playing vidya together.

Your quads were the sexiest thing in your post 2bh family
Gay cis male here

>Slightly awkward in social situations
>Very intelligent
>Likes science and working towards a career in the sciences
>Likes horror and sci-fi movies, and rock music
>Serious foodie
>Open to trying new things
>Not overly masculine, but definitely not effeminate

>Taller than me by at least 1 inch (I'm about 5'7")
>Short-ish, dark hair
>Chubby; not obsese or extremely unhealthy
>Race doesn't matter
>Facial hair preferable
>Piercings are fine, but no tattoos

>Strictly monogamous
>Virgin, or at least very sexually inexperienced
>Doesn't do drugs other than caffeine and maybe some alcohol
>Versatile or dominant in bed
>Doesn't mind everything annoying about myself
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That goddamn ass.
Arms are a bit flabby, though.

I just look for guys as fucked up as myself.
They're the most interesting and fun.
Its technically all boards.
argh tfw lesbians always want totally different things

>w/e as long as they're hot af

>IQ > 140
>not judgemental

>family orientated
>open minded
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