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How many of you lot have ever been actually...
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How many of you lot have ever been actually diagnosed with depression?
I was officially diagnosed with it today and I've been given these 'fluoxetine' happy pills.
I'm not quite sure where to go with this. My main concern is that if I mix these with MDMA I'll give myself a stroke from the serotonin.

Anyone have anything to chip in with other than 'kys'? I've never thoughtfully or meaningfully considered myself depressed until now, so this is new to me.
I feel like Tony Soprano at the start of the show.
You can taper off and on the pills as much as you like. When I was on zoloft my doctor did 9 weeks on, 4 weeks off for me. I tapered on and off between periods.
It helps prevent dependence and studies have actually shown tapering on and off is more effective as well.
had group therapy (which felt like a waste of time and a joke and I quit) and been on SSRI for a while, which helped (fluoxetine is old SSRI and kinda considered ineffective todays, but its very cheap )

>mix these with MDMA give myself a stroke
no you dont, its actually the opposite. read up - it weakens MDMA effects and protects from negative aftereffects

dont mix with amphetamines! and be careful with alcohol

I used to party while on SSRI as well and did all sort of stupid mixing
How are these pills going to make me feel? My girlfriend is vaguely worried that it'll "change me", and my doctor told me to expect things to get worse before they get better. I don't have much drive to take these things beyond "okay, let's see what happens" and I'd rather not turn into either an emotional husk or a jittering mess. Most of my problems actually come from the apathy as opposed to anything else, so I'm worried this will only make things worse - assuming it's that sort of pill.

>weakens MDMA effects
Fuck. Well that's just awful. Hopefully it doesn't weaken them too noticeably.

What sort of things happened from your 'stupid mixing'? Weed and MD are the only drugs I've touched so I'm not in any risk any time soon.
I take fluoxetine, it's the best depression med I've tried, it gives me literally 0 side effects and it doesn't change you, it just makes those bad thoughts in your head go away, I've smoked weed on it, gotten drunk on it, no weird side effects from mixing with those, seriously stick with it unless you get some weird side effect
I took half of the lowest dose of Prozac they make for two days and had a week long manic episode that got so bad I almost 5150d myself so I wouldn't violently kill myself in front of my housemates.

Good luck though!
Yeah, actually I was. I got diagnosed with something along the lines of "Severe Depression" while trying to get on HRT in Taiwan. Though they did eventually add a "In-remission" after they put me on the pills though, I didn't accept the anti depressants option.
They didn't seem to change me much. It does make alcohol one hell of a ride though so you might want to avoid drinking.
I inevitably stopped taking antidepressants because they were starting to give me heart palpitations and they didn't seem to get rid of my depression. I tried wellbutrin for awhile but I didn't notice any positive effects.
Ultimately the main effects I noticed were extremely vivid dreams. I maybe noticed some personality changes simply because I started having a hard time telling dreams apart from reality but eventually I got used to it. I didn't really notice any real change in my motivation or anything. I still slept really long hours and I still had no motivation to really keep up with any of my hobbies. I think antidepressants are mostly placebo anyway. If you've done a lot of drugs, especially psychedelics, and you're hoping antidepressants make you happy like that but without being fucked up you'll get nothing out of antidepressants. Like you just won't feel a thing except the negative side effects.
>My father suffered depression.
>My mother suffers depression.
>My sister suffered depression.
>My girlfriend suffers depression.
And now I've been diagnosed with it.
Clearly, this is what I get for spending the two decades of my life in Wales.

That sounds great. I hope I have the same experience.

Jesus Christ man, that's fucked.

Hell of a ride in what sense? Better, worse, both?
I'm not expecting anything significant to come from these anyway, let alone psychedelic euphoria.
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While on SSRI's I've put line after line of MDMA up my nose and it pretty much done nothing, doing the same off SSRI's would have fucked me up.

Really is the worst side effect other than the unfunctioning penis
For fuck sake. If that's true for me I'll have to lay off it for a while, and see how these pills go. If things go well I'll give them a break and try some MD, I guess the bright-side is I won't be gaining a tolerance for MD any time soon.
And what's that about the unfunctioning penis?

No functioning penis and no ecstasy might actually make me more depressed than this month has been on its own.
Your doctor a shit of he didn't explain the side effects

It reduces sexual function, for me it numbs my dick and makes it harder to cum also far less "I'm the mood". Not all bad tho because when you do orgasm it's that of 1000 suns rather than lots of little ones
Maybe you should take the time to evaluate your life, where you are going, what person you want to be, what your values are and what kind of person you want to be and how to get there. The pills are there to stabilize your mood so that your depression does not interfere with the process of you tidying up your problems. Don't become another life long anti depressant addict yo

Exercise like strength training and running is highly effective against depression and bad/unstable mood. good luck
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I'm British, so stereotypically he was an old Muslim doctor.
The guy probably dragged his family out of abject poverty in Pakistan and became a doctor over here, only for me and my middle-class bullshit to come to his door complaining that I'm skipping college because I'm "depressed". Forget ignoring the side-effects, I'm surprised he didn't prescribe me cyanide on the spot.
But he did mention that side effects might include nausea and headaches, and I think he mentioned that my mood might get worse before it gets better.
Then again, I'm going back in a few days so more will probably be explained then.
Yup, can confirm. I started running 3 miles, 5 days a week and have been doing so for the past year and my mood after a run is just incredible. Running, as far as I can personally say, has indeed been better than any SSRI i've taken.
>Not all bad tho because when you do orgasm it's that of 1000 suns
kek, this OP, can confirm
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This sounds awesome but it takes a little while for me to cum anyway, so this might just make me thoroughly incapable
Well when I drank I was perfectly fine for hours then it will just all hit at once and you'll end up doing horrible stupid shit that you'll regret forever.
I would say it's fine to drink alone, but if you do it around others don't be surprised if they don't talk to you again afterward and you have no idea why lol
Uhh... could you explain a bit more?
Absolutely! That post workout optimisms and and elevated mood is just absolutely fantastic. Its like sticking the head above the surface again. Its like the clouds clearing up
That's pretty much all there is to it. You'll just end up doing things that are really out of character to what you may be used to. Just think of how you normally are while drunk and chances are you'll be the exact opposite of that. If people generally enjoy your company while drinking, they won't while you're on antidepressants.
I dunno though maybe if you're a huge douchebag while drunk normally it will help you out I guess.
Drinking in public while on antidepressants is something I really regret. I said shit to people I wouldn't have ever said and I almost wrecked all my friendships. Just went insane lol
I guess it might not be the meds but I've never had that happen while not taking medication, even while blacked out I just kind of go on cruise control and everything is just fine, but antidepressants ruined my cruise control lol
You'll be fine.

I'm on anti depressants, anti psychotics, shit for PTSD, and adderall. Which should be a strange combination, because the adderall and the anti psychotics are trying to do opposite things in my brain.

Try MDMA, you'll be fine.
Yeah, Im on wellbutrin right now.

I used to take it in highschool, but due to some insurance issues or something, I got cut off and had to go cold turkey. Felt like utter shit for like a week or 2.

Started it up again recently, hasn't really kicked in yet.
Recently diagnosed, been on citalopram for two weeks. Had horrible fucking nausea and insomnia for the first five-six days but that's all gone now. Not sure if it's actually doing anything yet for me though.
My best mate is on fluoxetine though, and it's worked great for him
I've been diagnosed with depression and anxiety.
It's awkward due to the amount of people who just self diagnose those things.

I'm on an SSRI and Xanax.
yeah in my mid teens
i went the no drug route
i can safely say its completely and utterly ruined my life
because i have no energy for anything and people assume i dont want to interact with them
i just want to fucking sleep, thats all i enjoy
Don't know if this counts as an official diagnosis but my therapist said I show symptoms of Depression and anxiety
I'm currently in psychological evaluation and apparently I have all the symptoms of depression, but I'm too "rational" to actually kill myself or be harmful to others. So they don't want to give me any happy pills (which I'm okay with to be honest),
You need to be careful with fluoxetine, for some people it works great for others it actually makes things ten times worse. read the medication info, it can causee suicidal thoughts dont listen to dipshits on the internet (me included) talk to your doctor AND pharmacist
I loooved getting drunk on fluoxetin. I would literally eat like 100mg before a party and I would be the most hyper talkative and friendly person around and people thought I was on speed then I would be wasted from half my normal amount of beer and have mind/memory confusion and slurred speech.

yeah that's very true, like I've said its considered outdated now, it doesn't work for everyone and the side effects are annoying, esp if you get terrible anxiety and hypomania, ie I'd been sleeping for 3-4/night hrs for ~2 weeks and had to take anxiolytics (benzos)
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