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/Bi-Gen/ One night stand edition
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Tell us about your one night stands. You know you want to.
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I'm sure one day I'll at least have a one night stand...
Don't worry I had like over 20 of them, they're overrated.
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The original meme gender.

Kill yourselves.
Sounds nice. Tell us about one of the more interesting ones please.
Op means 'Gen' as in general.
It's mostly go to someone's place, blowjob, anal, usual stuff. I guess few BDSM encounters were more interesting like one time I was using my knee to crush one guy's balls.
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I meant sexuality tbqh.
Isis-senpai p-please fuck me in the ass with your shit skin dick ahhh
>Meet off craigslist
>He's skinny 19 year old twink, I'm 26 year old /fit/ male
>We talk a while, and admit to him that I've only fucked like two people in life
>He tells me he's fucked about 45
>Tells me he wants to top me
We fuck multiple times and then I never see him again.
Omg! Really? Only 2 people? I had sex with over 20 on my first year studying.
well I'm really shy and introverted, I don't put myself out there very much.
20 a year? The fuck...

This is why I'm afraid of gay dating. They're all massive whores.
>Generalizing a whole group based on one post
Alright anon.
did you get tested for stds/aids afterwards?
>see ad in craigslist
>married guy looking to hook up
>exchange emails
>he says his wife visits her sister on Thursdays. tells me to come over then
>meet up
>tells me his wife knows he's bi, makes fun of him, insults him, calls him a fag all the time
>go into his bedroom
>tells me he wants me to fuck him in their bed so he can smell us and she can smell us but won't know what it is
>get into bed naked. he sucks my cock like a champ
>flip him over, lube and wrap up and slide into his ass
>start pounding while whispering in his ear "is this why your wife thinks your a fag?" and "I hope she figures out we're fucking where she sleeps"
>about to cum so turn him over on his back, climb up on his chest and blow my load on his face. a lot of it lands on her pillow
>he gives the pillow a quick wipe and leaves it there for her
>I get dressed and leave
>never met with him again
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well done
>be 19
>met cute guy working at gas station
>can tell he's gay
>have never done anything with a guy before but imagined and fantisized a little bit
>finally bring it up that I'm not exactly straight and he was really surprised
>go on a nerve raking date in public, to a nice but crowded restaurant
>be nervous as hell all through the night
>go watch Ender's Game at a movie theater
>sit in his car and talk for a while, debating what to do now
>decide to meet his roommates after he mentions there cool people, plus he has beer, pot and 360 with Netflix
>wonder what I should really be doing right now
>get over to his place
>his roommates are asleep so we have to be quiet
>proceed to spaghetti the next two hours drinking, taking two bong hits and watching Daniel tosh do stand up
>he initiates
>I spaghetti
>we then have sex for about an hour and a half
>we finish
>I'm questioning my decisions in life
>he falls asleep with all the covers tucked under him taking up most of the bed
>go outside,have a cigarette and start to regret it already
>don't get any sleep, he wakes up to go to work at 8, I pretend like last night was really great
>he drives me home
>he doesn't call
>a month later he moves away
>haven't heard from him since

My wife still wonders why I hate Daniel tosh

one night stand?

More like one hour stand...

Sucked over 100 cocks in the last 10yrs...most came within 30 minutes...and then left.
Anyone got any 3some stories?
happened many years ago. my first gay experience

>travel for business
>in Washington DC
>staying at the Marriott
>from 5-7 they have a manager's reception in the lobby. free cheap beer and booze for guests
>head down to the lobby. crowded
>grab a beer and grab the last table in the smoking area (yeah, it's that long ago)
>relaxing and an older couple (50's) comes over and asks if they can sit with me
>sit and chat. they are tourists and ask a bunch of questions
>husband says he'll get us more drinks and after he leaves his wife leans over towards me
>"I'll tell you the real reason we wanted to sit with you. we like to have someone join us in our room for fun. would you be interested?"
>ask her what is expected to happen
>she explains that her husband is bi and would like some man-on-man fun too
>agree to go upstairs with them
>grab our drinks and go to their room
>everyone takes their clothes off
>she's got a tight body for being in her 50's. b-cup boobs that don't sag, good looking face, short grey hair, looks like she works out
>he's kind of thin, shorter with a long, thin cock
>get on the bed and start touching, kissing
>I end up on the bottom of a 69 with the wife
>she's blowing me and I'm eating her out when her husband slides his cock into her pussy
>fucks her hard
>slips out occasionally and I let it slide into my mouth
>finale is him getting his wife off with his mouth/fingers while I fuck his ass
>get dressed and leave. never saw them again.
Never had sex.
The End.
age? where located?
This thread has enforced literally every negative stereotype about bisexual.

Good job yall
Why did you regret it?
As if the gay threads don't enforce every negative stereotype about them.
Also, what do you expect in a thread about one-night stands?
> start talking to some chick on OKC
> she seems nice
> meet up for drinks
> her pics do not show off how fucking bogan/redneck she is
> Fuck
> I'm thirsty af so whatever
> we fuck, she tastes like piss
> insta regret
> leave in the morning, never speak again.
I'm so fucking horny for dick that it's tiring.
I don't understand what you expected in a one night thread? It's in the fucking title? Are you autistic? You should go to the /gaygen/ threads. They're usually much worse then this.
Thread replies: 33
Thread images: 7
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