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Drinks of /lgbt/!
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What do you drink, /lgbt/? Beer or liquor? Tea of coffee? Anyone else drinking tonight because /sadfag/?

>pic extremely related
>I'm bi, alone, and drinking 11% on an empty stomach
>AMA, or not, whatever
Milk or water unless someone offers me anything else. Never buy anything else on my own.
>never drink unless social and only 1 or 2 drinks
>drinking coffee right now, water otherwise

it's gr8 being superior
I drink wine, lager, bitter, stout, whiskey, gin... but not vodka, tequila or worst of all cider eww the worst
>I am indeed drinking right now alone
>I just did a buzzfeed quiz on are you going to die alone and the first q was are you drinking a bottle of wine alone rn
>cis lesbian
>sad mexican lesbo
>for years tried to deny the gay
>then tried to deny love of tequila cause didn't wanna be a stereotypical beaner
>fail at both
>guess lady gaga was right
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I used to drink straight gin before transition but now this is the only booze I drink, its 14% alc too so its not bad at all and its so fruity and girly.
Water's delicious. It's all I drink at work and most of what I drink at home.

Tee-totaling went out of style 100 years ago, friend.
Aww shit, poor femanon. I'm sorry to hear your troubles. I'll raise my glass to you.

But tequila and mezcal are fucking amazing!

You can make your own sangria you know. It's super cheap and delicious. And you can make new variants with different fruits! :D You should check it out.
That's not tee-totaling though. Admirable attempt.
Look, I'm moderately inebriated, I did my best. And given that you called your behavior "superior", it feels like tee-totaling in spirit, if not in letter. Anyway, this isn't a thread for arguing, I'm just curious what other folks are up to tonight/today.
>You can make your own sangria you know
Or I can just by the tried and true one from the store and save myself a heap of trouble.
Eh, gotta experiment sometimes. And seriously, it's super easy. Do you own a knife and can you acquire fruit/wine/a pitcher? Congrats, you can make sangria.

But I do understand the laziness dilemma well. I'm just drinking whatever I've got at hand, after all.
But how do you ferment it?
I don't usually drink bc GI problems/stomach hates me but I attempt to stay as high as I can as much as I can bc /sadfag/. So, I'm drinking water and smoking weed. My face feels numb but my heart still hurts. I'll probably put on some sad music and cry in the dark later. I actually picked up some vodka the other day on a whim and may dip into it even though I know I'll regret it, but I'm so tired (literally) of not sleeping, lying alone in the dark and thinking about the man I love and can never be with. It took 7 Unisom and a fuckton of the heaviest indica I have on top of the normal melatonin and clonazepam to get me to stay asleep last night and it's soooo tempting but such a bad idea to add in some alcohol.
>tfw you chose to be alone (by coming out as trans and deciding to transition) and now you're alone and sad and you've fucked up your life and have no one to blame but yourself
hold me
Sangria doesn't ferment. You make it from wine and brandy (well, some kinds are brandy based, but whatever), which are already fermented and alcoholic.
Good Choice m8. Stouts are where it's at.
spearmint tea tbqh
oh okay so I have to add the booze
well then maybe I could make a better tasting sangria
Yeah, you basically take wine/brandy, put it in a jug with some sugar, then slice up a bunch of fruits of your liking, and add them, then drink it the next day.

Best part of doing it yourself is that you can make different kinds, make different flavors, and can even make fizzy sangria with ginger ale/carbonated water/whatevs.

Here's a solid receipe as a starting place (I've made it, it's good): http://allrecipes.com/recipe/72612/sangria-sangria/

Fuck, transanon, that's rough. Hang in there, k? You're probably a cool person and death's pretty srsbsns, so give it some time, k?
I just drank a fifth of vodka -- dare me to drive?
Jap beer is my favourite! Especually Ashai and Yebisu
I'm not a huge drinker but I do like beer, wine, and whiskey.

Otherwise coffee and water are my main beverages, I drink soda every now and then but I'm trying to ween off of it.
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That shit's good, I live in West Michigan
No! Bad /lgbt/anon! Stay here and shitpost about drinking instead.

Niiiice. I like Ashai, but only have it at japsteakhouses. I've been craving sushi and sake recently though...
>No! Bad /lgbt/anon! Stay here and shitpost about drinking instead.
Just kidding, I was quoting slim shady.

Otherwise I'm staying away from booze, got to get in top shape.
>got to get in top shape
Why for? Have someone special? Or just wanna be a stunner and make the rest of us jelly as fuck?
I just want to be aesthetic and natty, I'm tired of all that excess fat
Well, I'm sure you'll be beautiful when you're done. You can always enjoy a cocktail on the way though... ;)
When I drink I tend to do it till I get shitfaced, what about you sir?
Normally, I level out somewhere between "mildly tipsy" and "fucked up but conscious". Tonight, I may be drinking myself into the ground, though probably not (I don't have enough alcohol to do so).
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