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Share your grindr hookup stood ups.
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Share your grindr hookup stood ups.
so hum...

i went in there once. And everyone was a grindr pro. They knew exactly what they wanted. Cant say the same for myself.
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>tfw everyone wants to meet up on the exact same day
I can't just say "Sorry that day I have sex with a more attractive guy, then same the day after and the day after, are you free next week?"
Be me last night
>talk with the guy for two days
>convo gets dirty and hot
>doesn't masturbate for two days
>arrange to meet up
>says best time is late at night
>gives me time to come over
>time comes to tell him that I am leaving to come over
>says don't come yet until he texts me
>waits one more hour
>still nothing
>talk a walk to be on my way just in case
>its cold out
>don't want to waste my time
>he says sorry roommates are still up
>I tell him who cares and lets fuck in his room
>he doesn't want them to hear us
>I tell him he needs to have sex sometimes and just tell him you're having a friend over
>I get upset
>no text back
there really isn't any middle ground on grindr, unless you're 8/10 hot and up with a big dick you're bound to have to sex with cretins.
>everyone i hook up with gets obsessed with me and really clingy
>constantly have to cut off all communication and block them
>they make new accounts and throwaways and continue to harrass

I just want to sniff a guys hole and cum in it, i don't want your mentally unstable bs
I do this
>using grindr
>literally craigslist

Remember, I don't care how stable, fit, rich or attractive you are, you're the bottom of the barrel getting with other bottom of the barrels. Thank you.
This app is so bad. It makes me feel really bad about my lack of facial aesthetics. I know I have a really nice body pic because I'm just one of those headless torsos on Grindr and my inbox got blown up the first week I had it, but when I replied to the guys I was interested in with a face picture, they either never responded or blocked me.

Feels bad man. I have an Asian face. Fuck being Mexican.
>decide to try and checkout grindr despite being a complete autist and had no desire to hookup but wanted to meet gay guys
>start talking to a guy
>says he's not into hookups which I thought was nice
>constantly pesters me for nudes but I don't really mind sharing nudes anyway
>go on a date and we go for coffee for a bit and everything seemed alright despite the weirdness from texting beforehand
>we park at the river Valley to go for a walk but the cops end up talking to us since it was technically past curfew for parks areas
>They run our id's and let me go but they pull him aside and I kind of easedrop because why not.
>they start asking him about a bunch of restraining orders against him and that's pretty much all I hear
>he wants to go to the bar now and I go along because I didn't know how else to get rid of him. So i drove using his directions because I don't really go out that often so know idea where bars are
>don't even realize he gave me directions to a gay bar
>go inside and sit on some big couch
>he reaches into my pants and fondles my dick
>too socially retarded to say anything so I sit there getting molested
>tell him I want to leave so we go back to my truck
>after I drop him off he asks me to walk him to his place
>he ends up grabbing me and going for a kiss and basically picked me up by my ass cheeks and slammed me into the side of my truck
And then after that I deleted grindr and have never used it again lol
I get this sometime. Some guy was like 'I dream about you' urgh
I bet he posts to /lgbt/ too lmao
Nah it was an older guy.
He was gross desu.
Got blocked as soon as he sent me the I dream of you message
Older dudes frequent lgbt, I know this much for a fact there was a couple older trips
Can't grow facial hair? Try opening up your jaw a bit but keep your mouth closed.
Also try growing up your hair.
Man america sucks... here in ausstralia its legit chats if you are down. there are dudes who just go Face PICK! though... and like everyones above 40 and im a teen so i just go on there to fish compliments when im feeling down xD

this one time i hooked up, got fucked silly... think ill stick to masturbation...
Never hook up with less attractive older guys. They'll think they hit the jackpot with a younger guy and will forever seek to repeat the night you had together.
So, I pretty much only stay in the trans section (despite just being a crossdresser and not actually a girl) and mostly I'm looking for fun chats or just someone to hang out with. I get this guy who wants me to "satisfy his need for a great blowjob" he's intelligent, seems fun, and is pretty decent and respectful but he pretty much just wants someone to suck his dick exclusively whenever he has a "need". I'm conflicted. I love sucking dick, but he's just weirdly treating me like I'm his boyfriend despite his intentions being clear and in the open. I'm conflicted about the whole thing and really just needed to get it off my chest to someone.
Same but I'm the bottom they think when I let them fuck me I'll come back for more haha
>be me
>into big muscles
>find hot muscle man, almost dream man status
>chat, go to his place
>caress his muscles, so big and strong
>hot cuddle sesh into BJ
>he's like 3 inches
>whatever blow him anyway
>flips me over, clearly wants my ass
>somethings wrong
>I don't feel anything
>spends next 20 minutes trying to get his tic tac dick hard enough to stick it in me
>finally hard
>fucks me for 30 secs
>have to jerk myself off
>"why don't you come over anymore anon, did I do something wrong?"
I literally had that same experience except i was the top.

I wanted to get to know him because he seemed interested and suddenly he's like "SLEEP TIME" then cuddle all night.

Then I could not stay hard the next morning because I just wanted to hold him and talk and his voice was too girly.

I'd work towards a relationship if he wanted to try though...sighs all around :(
So was he legit 3 inches or is that size queen code for like 5?
the latter
Straight not bad old cunt here, trust me Tinder is far far worse.
except you know, you have a larger dating pool and you can always up talk yourself if you get a match. with gays if you don't fit the criteria no amount of personality or words will change that.
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> "Want some daddy/son roleplay? ;)"

Which one are you?
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I'm young and pretty lean so they're wanting to be the daddy
I tried it once (I was drunk so i just thought "fuck it, it's still sex)

He kept trying to get me into it and i just wanted him to finish so i could go home

I'm pretty surprised how many people are into the roleplay thing, especially with people they don't know. Maybe that makes it easier idk

Roleplay in general is a turn off for me
Same here, i could handle MILD roleplay but only with someone i am used to/in a relationship with

meeting up with some fat old fuck who wants to be my daddy is really just disgusting

So is it that they're fat or that they're into roleplay?
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weight never bothers me in the attracted department, just determines what I'll be "into you" for

i never top a fat guy but being the bottom for on the other hand

That's kinda hot Akarin-poster
I'm 5.5 and he was at least 1-2 inches smaller than me
This happened yesterday. Posted about it on another thread

>be me
>be 20 and lonely af
>install grindr
>an asian guy close-by sends a message
>doesn't look very attractive, but am really horny
>arrange a meeting in a local shopping-centre
>come there late, because of work
>getting really nervous
>he's cool with it
>we go to the public-toilets
>"It's my first-time"
>he smiles and un-zips me
>still nervous af
>rubbing me all over
>starts to wank me
>get sligthly erect
>he asks to un-zip him
>get on my knees
>too tight for me, so he unzips it anyways
>dick is smaller than mine (am 5 inch myself)
>not shaved, get some hair to my mouth
>start with the head and go down deeper
>precums already
>dt him
>he moans and cums soon after
>we switch again
>can't cum because nervous
>we switch a few times
>we kiss a bit
>he comes like four times, while i cum zero times
>we stop
>exchange numbers
>he has to leave for bus
>a bit later, i go home

Was a pretty lewd feeling the day after (today).
Maybe I should try with a guy who I know (and definetly somewhere NOT in public)
>tfw if I'd been less self-loathing beforehand instead only developing a small amount of confidence after getting a qt girlfriend, I could have been having my dick sucked by tonnes of anonymous femboys and twinks on a weekly basis.
Oh well, you can't win 'em all.
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Thread images: 6
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