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The perfect triangle
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>fucking a trans man since February
>meet girl at local dog park in August
>we fuck 4x a month
>I fuck trans man 2x a month
>casual with both of them
>he gets a gf in September
>"nice dude let me see!"
>it's her, almost bust out laughing
>"what's so funny?"
>"nothing, how long have you been together?"
>"since September, were exclusive so we can't fool around anymore okay?"
>it's October when this convo took place
>"lol ok"
>I just fucked her the day before
>this bitch has got to go. How dare she not only steal my qt ftm bf but cheat on him.
>"well are you gonna chill with her tonite?"
>"yea we're going to dinner"
>text her to see if she wants to get down
>her:"omg yes"
>him:"oh she just cancelled. Let's hang out tonite okay?"
>"yea sure"
>cancel with her, she never hits him back up that night.
>we ended up having sex that night
>him:"we can't mess around anymore though okay I really like her"
>lol k
>in December;
>she has been begging me to cum inside her for months
>she's on the pill and clean (I made her get tested, as well as him, as well as myself)
>the next day;
>him:"she tastes different now...like jizz...and she was really loose and sloppy. I think she's cheating"
>"nah brah she probably just switched soaps or something, don't be paranoid you'll scare her off"
>him:"I guess so. I really think she is though..."
>we had sex that night too at his suggestion 'just in case'
>him:"I gotta go in an hour I'm meeting with gf"
>"oh okay"
>text her to see if she wants to hook up
>her:"Omg yes, I'm at home come over"
>him:"oh she just cancelled...her car broke down."
>"let's go pick her up, ask her where she is broken down"
>him:"ok cool. She says she's on the highway at this exit"
>"tell her were gonna come pick her up"
>get a text from her
>"nvm about tonite, my car broke down"
>"oh, how about I come pick you up?"
>"no it's cool I have a friend coming to get me"
>"oh okay. Be safe"
>to him:"ok let's go pick her up"
>the spot she said is closer to his house than hers, this should be interesting.
>stop at the gas station to give her time
>she beats us there, we pull up in front of her
>he gets out and she walks towards the car
>she gets in the back seat
>"hi my name is femanon, thanks for the ri-"
>she sees me, goes pale.
>"hi nice to meet you"
>turn on the radio and drive off
>"so what was wrong with your car femanon?"
>"idk.....it just.... Stopped."
>"ohhhh okay."
>look at her in rear view and smile
>"you look familiar femanon, have we met before?"
>"yea I guess not. She's cute, you did good dude. I wish I could get a girl like her."
>she is fucking mortified.
>him:"what's wrong?"
>her:"n-n-nothing, just don't know how I'm gonna pay for my car."
>him:"oh I'll pay for it, we can have it towed to the place I took my car when I had one, they do good work."
>her:"no that's okay. I'll take care of it"
>we get to his house
>Netflix on the couch, they are cuddling in a recliner.
>they start arguing about the car, he wants to help her pay for it to get fixed.
>she keeps refusing
>him:"why I want to help you!"
>she comes clean
>"because it wasn't broke down."
>lift my eyebrow and cock my head at her
>him:"so why the hell did you say it was?"
>I'm fucking dying at this point holding back my laughter
>her:"because I don't want to see you anymore. I have to go. I'm gonna call an uber."
>him:"fine. I don't wanna see you either. By the way I've been fucking anon the whole time we were together."
>we only fucked 4x since they were together but whatever.
>him:"yea you don't mean shit to me."
her:"you are lying. *looks at me* he's lying right?"
>the most horrid scream I have ever heard escapes her lips
>him:"you don't believe me? I'll fuck him right now." *grabs my dick*
>her:"you aren't man enough to cheat"

>side note, never tell an FTM they aren't man enough. They will lose their shit.

>he takes his pajama pants off, pushes me down on the couch and takes out my dick and fucks me harder and faster than he ever has. He usually can't take more than half because he is super tight. His clit is as hard as my dick.
>him:"cum inside me"
>she is by the door crying the entire time, telling him to stop, that she gets it. She's sorry, she wants him so bad right now, etc.
>he is fucking me so hard he is bleeding but he doesn't care. He cums really hard but keeps going, looking her dead in the eye the entire time.
>I've came in him like 3x, mess of jizz and blood on my abdomen
>at this point she is screaming and crying at the same time for him to stop. He speeds up and goes back to turbo fucking me.
>her:"well I've been fucking him too!"
>stops fucking me
>him:"is that true anon?"
>"no she's lying"
>hops off my dick
>him:"get the fuck out you lying slut"
>her:"n-n-no please I love you. Don't do this to me."
>slammed the door in her ugly crying face.
>we had the best sex ever all night, he told me he loved me. I told him it's casual, but I appreciate the sentiment and care for him a lot too.
>we fall asleep together, me laying on his chest.
Tune in next week for more Things That Didn't Happen!
Fuck yea bro! Hopefully one will kill themselves.

Lol jk
Epik post bruh do u hav twitter account? cucck fntasy is soo edgy im glad 2 see sum 1 writes it tumblr? mine is jamalbigblakdik8xxx8 same 4 xbox live if u wan play destiny
would read at dentist's office while waiting for my name to be called
Ok bro my xbl is MGTOWSK8R42o

We will grind!
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:D this is true to a certain extent. I did fuck both of them at the same time and he did fuck me in front of her but it was over FaceTime an hour later and she did lie about her car but he only rode me long enough to make me cum. She didn't rat me out though and since I posted she sent a text saying she is going to kill my dog.
>mfw my dog is an asshole and would tear her to shreds.
He also recorded is us fucking and sent it to her on snapchat. Sent her one of me going in and out and one of me pulling out and my cum running out of him.

Read about quarter then got bored.
Tl:dr bitch stole my qt ftm bf so I trolled her brains out.
Shit anon, I wonder what happens next? Maybe a suicide? Or even better, a murder!?

it seems fake. regardless, all three characters seem like shitty people. I don't understand why OP is trying to make the female character out to be the BTFO villain in this fictional story. All three characters were cheaters and cucks.
Straight cis guy here.
I don't think my cock is supposed to get this hard.

Was sort of pissed that he didn't keep the cis chick as a fuckbuddy on the side or make it a perma 3 way thing.

But I shall save and fap to this.
All three were made for each other. Lock the tree of them in a padded cell, and tie down the OP.
I was just casual with both of them. She was cheating on him first.
>the story didn't in a delicious 3 way
Come the fuck on OP.
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Thread images: 2
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