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What do you want out of life?
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>House in the mountains
>German Shepherd
>Guitars galore
>A cozy room in my house for writing and recording music
>Non-religious Middle Eastern husband
>gay bros
>gay bf
>a pug
why it gotta be middle eastern?
a man would be fuckin nice
>A white, christian, art-enthusiastic hard-working man who's protects and cuddles with me, but we can also wrestle and be competitive.
>A cozy, small home that we both work to keep.
>Living in a small neighborhood where we can get anything by walking there and we can actively participate in the community.
>A carreer I have a passion for and I'm happy to participate in.
>To not have others regret for the mistakes you've made in the past, but to accept them for what they are and move on, allowing me to show them where I am rather than where I've come from.
>To live in a world where Megaman Legends 3 is released.

Never going to happen ;_;
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if have this autistic and delusional dream of being a recognised and slightly well known experimental musician like Thom Yorke, Richard James, Trent Reznor or Robert Del Naja and then later then experimenting into poppier stuff like Damon Albarn or Bjork, and maybe using recognition to sway job interviews and such. A big part of it is returning to my hometown as a slightly well known person and putting on a good performance for everyone.

I say delusional because I am a mediocre drummer, poor guitarist, awful singer with no experience in production or composition or songwriting who's wasted their freetime on music related stuff despite it being mostly pointless.

Also I'd like a twinky boyfriend who's slightly more masculine then I am, but not being very open to media etc about my sexuality to be all mysterious or some shit.

I am an annoying attention seeker and no one likes me.
you all have too many demands
To not be AGP
All I want is someone who cares for me.

All the other stuff like the pretty house and the dog I know I can get them if I want to.

But someone who truly cares for me... I've never had that.
Same 2bh

Mediocre drummer is better than some famous drummers, and as for the rest of it practice and persistence will improve these.

Also you haven't wasted your free time. It might not be what you want but you have done something.

You might never be as famous as you want but you can still make the music you want and play it to people.

You can do the thing!
-Small potato

Stop being racist!!!!!
>a brillant career in finance
>a wild, brillant White partner that has a nice body and with a big cock
>being fluent in many languages
>frequently giving lectures
>find a nice house in my countryside to retire
>raise together a male kid

I wish it would happen.

Iktf. I don't want to be another person in a relationship that has a partner who looks much like myself. Bears are the worst at it. Twinks tend to offer some differentiation but bears are a dime a dozen and they all look like clones.
er... thanks
like at this point literally anyone remotely good looking who likes being a man
>Decently paying job with health benefits.
>Afford apartment with BF.
>Save up enough money for week-long Disney World vacation in Florida.
>Get to work on art and music together all the time.

An anon can dream.
I wanna fall in love and I wanna travel the world. Doesn't need to happen together.
literally everyone on dating apps/sites that isn't grindr is asking for the exact same shit
Because they're adorable. Sadly, most of them are crazy but I think I'll find the perfect man one of these days.
Oh yeah? Too bad I don't use dating sites I guess. Though my idea is to literally spend years overseas not just take a lame vacation every year or so which I assume most of them are actually into.
A lot of them are really into 'adventurous' types who want to travel the world for extended periods. Like everyone has images of rock climbing and all that shit.

You might fare well there tbqh.
Cool. I'll consider hopping onto the online scene when I'm ready to commit to dating.
Oh, shit... He does exist.

>Calmly living in the mountains with husband
>Days filled with labor and reading, writing, music...
Want to develop myself into superior "human" maybe become extraterrestrial being or pure energy. Want to explore universe and gather as much experience as possible. Ofc since i'm just a human I need someone to having with me all the time before I become my goal form. Some kind of perfect bf. But as I share "Lucy" conception on those kind of things - I will not require any one near me when I get through first walls of "earthly human" links, cause my form will get rid of instincts and physiologic needs.

Although I still think that I would do everything to maintain the "humanity" as possible to be "me" in a first place. With all my curiosity love to man pecs and muscle guys and will try to find that perfect boyfriend for eternity.
>adopted son and daughter
>some big mutt dog
>living in the fixed up house of my mother
>with my current wife
>buy a house out in the hill country for parents
>visit them often
>wifes family relationship improves
>generally just family stuff being good

Guess cause I already got my best girl ever it's just that.
i love you
>a flat in Copenhagen with high ceilings, bay windows, and wooden floorboards
>earn a decent, Danish salary doing R&D in the green energy sector
>a bearded, interesting, and funny husband who is my partner in crime. Preferably Danish. Some added mediterranean blood would be one hunna.
>a cabin in the mountains Tromso where we could go in the summer to hike and swim, and in the winter we could ski and watch the Northern lights from the hot tub or knit by the fire
>a small circle of good friends
>steady job in STEM, preferably as a chemist
>suburban house with a not too big garden, maybe a housemate too
>the mandatory bf since this is /lgbt/
>a kinda large dog, a vizsla would be great
>getting/making a large set of photo gear, only have a fuji finepix now since I'm a poorfag
>the realization of a few things, like the fact that I don't know what to list here since I have no idea what I want from my life outside my hobbies and needs
All I want is a typical nuclear family, with a loving wife, two or three white kids, a faithful dog and a buddy I go fishing with every other weekend but strangely we never come back home with any fish
Sounds great only if you're also paying for my... expenses.
>only if you're also paying for my... expenses
oh that would make it perfect, actually.

>Wife: Where's our money going?
>Me: I guess I'll have to... work overtime this week...
t h e
d r e a m
A nice boyfriend. Effeminate and a little short. I don't need anything else. We could be eating ramen out of reused plastic bowls 7 days a week.
>bf is gymbro
>we both follow strength routine
>go home, shower, fuck and cuddle

Also LP9 is imminent, be happy for that.
Well to be fair, he's going to need more than just ramen bowls if he wants to maintain effemininity
Why dont you have gay bros, anon?
I wish there was someone who was interested in me, I mean actually interested in what I'm interested in. I'm a good listener but sometimes there's a terrible realization that comes over you that all you've ever done is service other people's needs for attention and that nobody has really paid attention to you.

Doesn't even have to go beyond bromance. Life companion status is fine for me.

Also traveling and spiritual development are a must in my life, but I'm sure when it comes down to the decision I'll choose material security over living a developed life.
I really wish I knew.
>there's a terrible realization that comes over you that all you've ever done is service other people's needs for attention and that nobody has really paid attention to you

literally my life
Sounds like y'all need a good servicing.
You'll come around, anon. I promise.
and a shitload of hygiene stuff

being into effems just means being into expensive people, not at all good for those who can only afford like ramen weekly lmao
skinny twinky emo boyfriend who's kinda lazy, maybe smokes weed or plays vidya or whatever

I want to let him stay home and take care of him and give him an easy life and fug him
>Somewhere rainy, foggy and snowy
>Comfy, warm, small flat hidden in the city
>Simple life, appreciation of small things
>Russian husband, strong and gentle
>Sense of stability, relaxation and togetherness
>Trips to the forest. Mushroom picking, snuggling in cabins
>Living the moment, not rushing, not overthinking things
yes to all of this except the husband is officially married to someone else and has kids but spends most of his 'work' time at the sex cabin

I am 29 and I gave up on life dreams about 10 years ago. I go to work, I come home and user the internet, and I sleep. That is all. Life dreams are pointless and stupid, and you are equally as pointless and stupid if you have them. Your life will always have unhappiness, and when you die nobody will remember you. You are insignificant.

Agreed. You give and give and give and finally realize there's nothing left for yourself. I'm coming around to the truth that I need to serve myself for awhile and rebuild my own mind and happiness.

Try selfishness for some time, anon. It'll work wonders for you. Just don't go overboard.
you missed your stop at /r9k/ frienderino
>somewhere cold
>decent job, something to do with computer networking
>cosy home with many pets
>caring, very slightly twinkish bf to cuddle and watch old westerns and film noir with

Everything I wrote is true. If you think you will somehow find happiness and purpose you are just as delusional as the transgender people.
Nothing you wrote is true, you delude yourself into thinking it's true because you're too comfortable in your spot right now to bother doing anything else.
Yeah and New Massive attack, Nine Inch Nails and Gorillaz as well.
>a masculine conservative Catholic bottom bf

That's all.
>a masculine conservative Catholic bottom bf
tfw too nerdy to be masc
>a friend
>bunker and cabin on same property
>water well
>sufficient mix of modern technology and simple tools
>mountain boards, snowboards
>Slavic Dom husband
>some home grown food
>acoustic instruments galore
>Apartment near west coast
>Stable job
>Alaia boards, short boards
>Slavic Dom husband with good career
>coach soccer and teach physics
Slavic dom hubbie would probably do better inna woods
>to pass as a man 24/7 with no hang ups
>get as far away from the shit hole i grew up in as possible
>apartment to myself that isn't in the boondocks
>get into med school / get my MD in psych
>work in a psych clinic / run a psych clinic of my own to help those below poverty line.
>none dysfunctional relationships

>live out west, maybe Oregon or Colorado
>nice little house by the mountains
>a gf/wife who's a good homemaker
>couple of kids

I just want to be a provider. Apparently no one wants a sugar momma. Oh well.
File: 1433612115842.png (96 KB, 217x230) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
96 KB, 217x230

Completely not realistic and it will never happen, but this is what I want:

>Good friends
>Secluded home in an area where it snows part of the year, hopefully rains a good bit too. Fog is nice. Maybe a bit hilly, not deep in the mountains.
>Have an actual female body with wide hips and all the rest
>A tall, white, daredevil/adventurous alpha boyfriend, later husband
>To have cool hobbies that I can do with my boyfriend/husband and that keep us active
>Nice in-laws
>Children, either his by surrogate or both of ours through whatever medical science has in store
>To be good parents
>Caucasian Ovcharka, big, protective, and fluffy
>Successful career maybe as a physician or cardiac surgeon
>For my parents be proud of me and understanding/accepting of my condition


But >>5602294's one demand was to have a man. And look at >>5602312. They posted after you did, but have you no pity for the poor soul?


What if they were born with a pussy, though? Kek


You have a fetish for being the male lover a man is cucking his wife with?
>You have a fetish for being the male lover a man is cucking his wife with?
That's not really what cucking is. But yes.

What definition do you use then?
Just hooking up with a married dude. He gets his emotional/duty fulfillment with the wife, and every so often spends the weekend fucking me. We both benefit, and there's no strings attached. If he lets the wife know or not is none of my business, I'm just there for the sexual satisfaction, and a free cabin trip.

I'm saying what makes your fetish different from the definition of cucking?
Because the definition only applies to wives, if you want to get technical. Cuckquean is what you call the wife with a husband who fucks around.

Cucking is a verb. A cuckold is the male version of a cuckquean.
Cucking doesn't exist as a verb outside of slang.
Someone who loves me as much as I love them, or barring that, a bullet to the head.
>keep living on the small farm I bought after my divorce.
>figure out what I want and find the person who makes me happy.
>be /fit/ as hell
>have a career in aviation
>have a husband who isn't black or fat
>live in a house on a mountain
>have 2 or 3 male children
>own a well trained German Shepherd
To be free from saṃsāra and merge with the overmind once again.
Me too, and my bisexual husband.
We should try and start a cult.
>colloquial use is irrelevant

I bet you're a gem of a person.
>late 20s
>have a job in aviation
>still fly in my free time with boyfriend, I'm also teaching him
>we're both furries, but the "minor" kind
>he's a successful graphic designer, also draws commissions on the side
>occasionally draws himself and I for fun
>nice domestic life, he cooks, I bake, we both wear aprons
>we read books, watch Netflix, all that shit
>thinking about starting a family in the next couple of years

Life is good.
I'm down
Get a Christian refugee and take care of him.
>tfw I have the exact same dream
>we're both furries, but the "minor" kind

what are your fursonas?
Somebody to hold
Won't find that in NV I guess
>House in Eastern European forest
>Christian Middle Eastern Fascist masculine bottom husband
>a stable average paying job
>simple boring life
He's a wolf. Simple, but cute. His style is relatively soft, so it's not cringey.

I'm still working on mine. It's difficult to decide whatever fits best with me.
>I bet you're a gem of a person.
Projecting your own self-image onto others is never desirable.
>be a woman
>fall in love

The only other things I can really think of
>have a dog (husky, shepard idk)
>nice home in relative seclusion (large property in a low pop state maybe) - cold weather
>or a nice apartment in a Pacific NW city
>Christian Middle Eastern Fascist masculine bottom husband
That's the dream. Holy fuck I'll do anything.
A life where I'm not an anxious wreck
>nice paying job in something I enjoy doing
>house with interesting architecture somewhere in the semi-rural outskirts beyond a larger city nestled among trees and rocks, maybe in the pacific NW
>small cabin somewhere in the mountains too
>thin, beautiful white bf who's intelligent, principled, well read, and adventurous; interested in spirituality, politics, and philosophy
>write, paint, take photographs, and do other creative things with said bf
>own lots of guns
>have a library and a collection of fancy expensive wines and whiskeys within
>own a classic land rover and an 80s Volvo sedan
>own a german shepherd and a doberman
>be able to travel the world and
>refine spanish and german skills as well as learn a couple new languages

probably gonna get three of these things tops but eh, I can dream ;_;
I just want a cute gay Syrian refugee to kiss, cuddle and love when he has flashbacks of the war ;_;
File: Pain-devapath.jpg (30 KB, 720x408) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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The courage to kill myself.
Life has nothing to offer me that I particularly want anymore.
Same here ;_;
File: f (9).png (226 KB, 289x318) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
f (9).png
226 KB, 289x318
>Cute boy who is smart and interesting
>Preferably fame or some kind of recognition as to make a mark on the world
That second one's asking a fair bit but really I'd be happy with just the first
File: 1408513665110.jpg (22 KB, 430x306) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I want money, so that any of the shit that I want to do can actually happen.

>tfw old friends and family literally ignore you when you're broke
File: 1424810783787.gif (397 KB, 720x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Nice apartment somewhere in a city with decent nightlife
>Have enough money to live confortably and afford to finish my degree > masters
>Straight-acting, hunky boyfriend who's into cuddling
>Pretty ripped body
>A science career for the environment agency or some other ecology/conservation agency
>Enough money to invest and support my family
>Maybe a kid

What I actually have:
>A shitty room in a houseshare with 3 60+ year olds
>A DipHE (half a degree) in Marine Ecology that I didn't finish due to personal weakness
>Virgin who's closest brush with sex was a blowjob with a serious case of Mr. Floppy due to nervousness and the partner being way out of my age range
>A scrawny body that burns through every calorie I put into it, though redoubling efforts for the new year.
>A lab job for the NHS that isn't even a living wage
>Occasionally still receiving financial support from mother/grandparents
>Oh yeah, no boyfriend, also plumbing issues

But at least I don't think my face isn't too bad looking and I moved away from the shithole I grew up in, and my friends have told my my dick is a good size.
>House in BC
>Hockey Husbano
>lots of pets
File: cozycabin.jpg (2 MB, 3424x2283) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 3424x2283
>a place in the middle of nowhere
>house built with my own hands and the surrounding materials
>be substance farmers
>live off the land
>make everything we need ourselves
>no electricity
>no running water
>tons of books to read when I'm not working in the field
>super cute bf with a nice ass, womanly hips, and a feminine personality
>be able to be a muscular, confident, self-sufficient man's man for him
>cuddle forever next to a nice big fireplace
>tfw I'll never be able to live my dream because I need daily medication in order to live
Just found this dude's facebook who i met on grindr. We went out and im falling for him but seeinghis facebook really turnedme off. Hes such a fuckin normie and im over here, 5 yrs older, barely making aliving doing construction/going to school for architecture. I dropped outta HS at 15 to learn building trades, I live pretty rugged, alone, smoke weed and cigaretfes, and our first date he uses all that to break me down and tells me that i have low self esteem. Fuckin sucks i hate that i like him. I really want him to tell me to get lost so i can find someone who gets who i am.
a bf
Sounds like one of those basic, narcissistic holier than thou gay guys. Stop seeing him, he sounds like a shitty person.
Do you low self steem?

Yeah after the date i researched narcissism bc of how he acted. Everything was centered around him. He was taking selfies and sending them to ppl during dinner while talking about how he and taylor swift would make beautiful babies. Just an example.

Also, Found out i might be an inverted narcissist, basically a self centered person who has low self esteem so were kind of a perfect match for a dysfunctional relationship. Funny thing is i am very secure in my values/identity and its really just my appearance that im insecure about. Other funny thing is i have several gay friends who i know are attracted to me but i cant help blocking myself off from them. My crush's appearance, assertiveness, and surface confidence is what im attracted to
Same faggot here. Ive always been close to narcissists. My dad is really the only non-narcissistic person I know, and I dont like him as a person. Feels like shit looking back on how much ive cringed watching my dad work (we work together) just today. He is the most selfless person I know and i dislike him more than most people in my life.

Sorry for rambling, but thanks for being here anons. I dont know whats what rn.
File: OI3.jpg (45 KB, 640x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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The guy I can't have
I moved into an apartment that allows pets tho so I'm thinking I should get a cat
Whatever the opposite of depression is called
A sexual orientation
A gender identity
A meaningful long term life goal
For now, none of these things are secured.
I was thinking about what my ideal job would be recently. Do you know those women who fetishize male homosexuality? I want to run a business where they pay me to fuck their boyfriends.
File: image.jpg (98 KB, 664x776) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
98 KB, 664x776
I want a cute femenine bf named something cute like Ryan until we eventually turn old as shit (25) and not cute anymore, then we should both go out and find ourselves a cute wife each, I'll make cute blonde babies with my wife and Ryan, my ex-bf will make cute brunette babies with his. Two cute boys and two cute girls each. Then we should "accidentally" become neighbors and when we get introduced to each other we'll pretend that we were just old classmates.
Then after a long day of barbecue and fake school memories I'll go back to bed with my wife and have sex and I'll giggle like a madman and when she asks what's up I'll just tell her "nothing", then we'll fall asleep, but not me, I was just faking it, I'll look at my innocent, unknowing sleeping wife and have another, this time quiet giggle over all the things she doesn't know, I'll get up and look out my window. I see Ryan looking back at me from his window, I'll smile and text him "lol highfive" and a few seconds later Ryan will reply "lol love you bro have a lovely night, highfive", this will repeat until we're practially dead (40) then me and Ryan will get high on cocaine and try to rob a bank in Las Vegas, If we fail we'll each down a cyanide pill and die 69ing each other one last time, cleanly and properly shaved of course. If we make it we'll buy a boat and sail around the world or some boring bullshit like that.
>Whatever the opposite of depression is called
You kind of don't want mania, at all.
Hypomania is pretty awesome, but I doubt it exists without crippling depressions alongside.
It's awesome until you send out a bunch of embarrassing texts to people because you think you're going to take over the world and nobody can touch you.

It's almost as good as cocaine. Not worth the depression though.
File: eRCwgeqVdGA.jpg (117 KB, 807x806) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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suck dick everyday and listening kanye west
>bullet in the head
cops confiscated my guns
fuck those assholes
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