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Dream partner?
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19 year old Trans Woman here

I wish I could someone a cis woman who is in her late 20s/early 30s, who looks cute and beautiful the way she is and someone who is mentally retarded. Retarded enough for someone who needs a carer at all time but smart enough to talk to other people and do most of her stuff by her own.

What are your guys dream partner?
what the fuck? why would you want a retarded gf?
My dream partner is someone who makes me feel safe and can dance well. Pretty much the opposite of me cos I'm unstable and awkward af
20 y/o cis bisexual
I dunno, I like the idea of being able to love and literally care for someone.

I'm caring for someone full-time because they are super depressed but they aren't retarded ._.
Uh... I dunno what to say
The lovable idiot
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I'm one of those fags who likes dick but not men's faces or bodies, so a trap/trans is ideal, they'd have to love their dick though and not be super into fixed dom/sub roles.
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>why would you want a retarded gf?

Probably would be a lot less stressful than having a smart gf desu.


>What are your guys dream partner?

I'm a "straight" male who might've ended up being a tranny chaser except I have a medical condition that keeps me from having an easy time leaving my apartment for anything more than my routine going to work trips or going to the convenience store for food trips.

My last real life girlfriend (cis / non-tranny) made me realize I'm definitely not able to have a normal relationship with another human being since they'll inevitably get fed up with my limitations as a shut-in and since it's actually really stressful and probably even harmful to my health to not constantly have relaxing free time by myself (even at work I just do programming so while other people are technically in the building I can ignore them since I'm valued solely for the processes and applications I produce and get to be an unhygienic antisocial slob who never goes to meetings and doesn't adhere to a regular work schedule thanks to salaried status in return for what I produce).

So my dream partner would be someone who I could turn on and off like an electrical appliance and who wouldn't maintain long term memories with which they could start developing thoughts, feelings, and/or opinions leading to attempts to try to get me to change the behaviors I don't really have the ability to change. Might get to make that happen in real life once high quality gynoid sex robots start coming out in the next couple of years. Either that or hologram waifu.
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That's really sad, anon. Maybe you'll find yourself a homebody one day. Somebody who prefers books, games, binge-watching streams, and tending windowsill gardens because they wouldn't be caught dead actually leaving the interior of the house.
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Someone I can play Smash with until 2 AM while they laugh at my terrible jokes. Body type like ZeRo, black hair, and can get shit done on his own.

Forgive me.

You mean like a physical condition, or a mental condition like depression?
I want a totally passable trans gf to make a family with. Maybe we could adopt someday.
I may have found her. She's one of the few girls who are still emo after leaving highschool.

She wears big bows in her hair, listens to super depressing music, and is super exciteable and loves everything cute. Never thought I'd meet a girl like her especially who would be cool with dating a transgirl.
We all do, anon.

We all do.
You both sound awful. Like people who tried to never grow up

Nah, I decided I was going to give it my best shot with her and if it didn't work out I'd just stop torturing myself with involvement in relationships with other people, and it didn't work out so now I'm done.


>You mean like a physical condition, or a mental condition like depression?

Physical. It's an intestinal problem (the real kind, not ibs).
Kinda on the other side OP
Im not retarded although i do have lots of anxiety and some Assburgers

My dream partner would have to be someone who Could accept me for all my shit. being Trans, basically non functioning NEET,All of the fucking bagage i have, like Gerd where i throw up quite a bit, crazy bad anxiety that has me having panic attacks in my sleep, bad joints that sometimes act up, Homelessness, shitty depression and just a whole bunch of shit.

Its basically never going to happen, prob because i dont like most people and and am the least catch worthy person other than looking slightly passable
Fine. Smart, handsome(nobody else has to think so as long as I do), caring, able to joke around and take a joke. Protective but will fuck off and gimme space when asked.
Wont put up with bullshit oncluding mine.
Thank you!! Who wants to be a grown up? Its overrated
>dumb enough to think you cant be mature and have fun

Emotional reasoning dumbass who is ok with being anti intellgence.

Why are people ok with being willfully ignorant and not wanting to be a better person
Dream partner, is someone who's relaxed, willing to say "fuck it" and just go with the flow with no worry or atleast be able to put up with that attitude from me. Mutual interests, similar sense of humor, preferably someone who will have my back when things get messy.
That's pretty much it.
What kinda sense of humour do you have?
Intelligent, handsome in a slightly rough/rugged way. Scruffy/short bearded, hairy, stable, masculine natured in his hobbies. Takes charge in almost all aspects of our relationship; often decides what we end up doing. Caring with me when we're behind closed doors, yet is rough when physically intimate. Speaks his mind, doesn't put up with bullshit. Larger frame than me, and likes to big spoon.

..Fuck, I'm so sad that I don't have this right now.
Smarter than me so I don't have to dumb down my thoughts to communicate them. (my CFNSE score is 7)
Is not afraid to use their brains, and lets that show.
Not afraid to learn new things.
Personally knows the drive to create perfection.
Relaxed attitude towards the world.
Loves me for who I am, warts and all.
Loves good music of a wide range of types.
Excellent dancer so he/she/it can keep up with me.
Has lots of money so he/she/it can support me as I make my high tech artwork and do my photography.
Good looking.
Wow you sure figured me out and my entire life and who I am with only 2 posts on an anonymous chinese cartoon image board.

You should be a psychologist :p
oh wow your shit is all kinds of fucked up
I don't believe in dream partners, everyone has something flaw to them and if there was a thing as perfection they wouldn't want me anyway so there is no point in such frivolities.
25 m gay

Just a bro or mtf who isn't annoying
A nice boy
or girl
or girl who used to be a boy

if you like dirtbikes that's cool
A male shaped android who is only just beginning to experience human emotions and needs my help to guide him through the world of feels. Has no desire for sex or superficial human interests, but experiences friendship and love.

Since that won't happen, I'd settle on a chubby hairy guy who likes science fiction and fantasy and reads a lot.

28 year old pre everything trans man.

Honestly? I'm not sure. I'm a paranoid schizophrenic. I don't really dream about having a partner anymore. How can I be good for anyone if I can't hold a job, or a grip on reality for that matter? Sure. Most days, I'm coherent. I'm not in psychosis 24/7. I take my meds, and they work for the most part. I just know there are going to be days where I'm not me, I can't take care of myself, and have no grip on reality. Statistics say it could get worse over time. What if there's a point where my partner can't rely on me at all anymore, where I become a 24/7 job that they didn't originally sign up for?

Shit sucks, but I feel like having a partner would be selfish. I have close friends. I'm not a complete loner. So I don't let myself get too depressed over it.
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A bimbo with completely unrealistic living standards that blows through my wallet, but is kinda humble every now and then
nice blog post

Lol, suck my packer prick.
In order of preference:
1) an mtf woman in her mid-20's, who is loving and kind.
2) an ftm man who is fun to be around and not hyper-sensitive, somewhere betwen 21 and 30.
3)a gay twinkish male, somewhere betwen 21 and 30, who is a nice guy
4)a cis female, who somehow is not crazy.
>Since that won't happen, I'd settle on a chubby hairy guy who likes science fiction and fantasy and reads a lot.
Heh, I like science fiction and fantasy and read a lot, but I'm neither hairy nor fat. What country are you in again? :3
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A monogamous gay guy
Good luck. Me too.
A guy a little older and not too much taller than me. Into dudes and not disgusted by my lack of peen. Patient with my prickly and brash personality. Doesn't get too clingy or demanding of me, lets the relationship stay low maintence but still serious, if that makes sense. Will share movies and video games with me and let me into his friendship circle and teach me to play tabletop games.

I try my best not to idealise anybody because I'm just setting myself up for disappointment. I have a hard time imagining anyone would be interested in me, much less someone so A+.
Hey boys
you should see one
What country?
You sound cool to me. :)

You probably live on the other side of the world though.

I wish you all the best of luck anyway.
So your actually a man...?
Aww, man.... Aussie.
a/s/l anyway?
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Dream bf:
>same age or one/two years younger
>short (165-170cm)
>blue eyes
>red-pilled and nationalist
>big dick
>into arts
>not into clubbing, drugs, etc.
>faithful but kinky
>bottom vers
>well educated

lol this
>blonde hair blue eyes
pick one
25 m california
Have you frequented in runescape ircs when younger
No, Ive actually never played runescape.
Oh stats?
5'9", 75kg (about 148lbs) used to have a twink build but I'm a bit bulkier now, black hair and brown eyes. wbu?
Hey, I gtg in a minute, I've got a throwaway email if you want to send me yours 2 keep in touch?
>an mtf woman in her mid-20's, who is loving and kind
I'm mid twenties starting hrt next month who is loving but I'd need someone else to vouch for kind I don't want to decide that part
Got a throwaway email? I do, if you'd like to keep in touch?
I'm the guy you replied to btw.

>used to boards with ID's... I usually lurk on /lgbt/
>tfw I'll never know if I'm loving and kind cause that takes two...
It's not that hard to date, anon. You just gotta not go for the stereotype bad-boy jocks, because they're the ones who will hurt you.

Shy guys are best...
I'm shy for two.
Shy guys scare me tbqh. Was always imagining some middle thing between shy and outgoing.
>Shy guys scare me tbqh.

From personal experience, confident guys tend to be utter cheating bastards.

Shy guys tend to have unpopular hobbies and are much kinder.

Or have you experienced differently?
Dream gf:
>175-180 cm height
>wears men's or unisex clothes
>no makeup and jewellery
>small breasts
>long hair
>lack of both masculinity and femininity in behavior and interests
>likes video games
>not a feminist
I've not experienced any good reason why I should be scared of them, but they just do scare me.
Probably silly of me.
But I've also never seen any who would have seemed interesting. Its always been me who had to have the ideas to do anything.
Why I said something inbetween is because I dont want the awkwardness between two introverts.

I just dont know at all, would be happy about less than a relationship too.
I'll play smash with you until 2 AM Anon but I'm blonde
I think you want a little sister friend
Why do you think so?
Oh, I see now.

Shy does not necessairly mean introverted though.

Good luck anyhow, anon. I'd date you if you were from Brisbane :)
I was kinda thinking about moving just there actually. One of the best places for bat rescuers. Well, QLD in general.
Just can't feel safe anymore where I live and I'm quite done watching the state screw me over in every possible way.

Just dunno if I could take the weather over there, haha.
dream bf/gf
>more patrician than me (easiest requirement)
>likes me
>doesn't mind my self-depreciation
>has a benis that they want to use (really not required, but i'd like it)
dream bf
>artist or at least into art

I'm not picky at all
OMG! Um... can I give you my email maybe? In case you choose to come here after all?
you don't want me, anon
File: crying inside.jpg (38 KB, 500x423) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
crying inside.jpg
38 KB, 500x423
I'm asexual and unpassing trans
I meant that as in I feel bad for you. I understood without knowing the specifics.
>as tall as or taller than me (5'7)
>willing to hang out with me and watch movies/listen to Spotify
>will be there for support when transfeels kick in (and vice versa)
>tall, /fit/, wants to hang out and do shit together
I'm mtf, 3 months on e so I'm not ready to go full time yet
Seriously, this board needs flags.
You mean like /int/ where it shows the country? I'm from SoCal
Queensland, Australia.
Aw that sucks. I'm sure you'll find someone!
Yeah, it's just when you're a bi guy who prefers trans people, your pool of possible partners is kinda small.
>19-21 male
>at or above 6'
>thin, youthful features
>medium or long hair
>youthful face
>well read and intelligent
>not socialist/ progressive/ modern liberal
>someone who prefers to do things outside and will prevent me from spending so much time indoors
>likes good music
>has a high degree of self-awareness and agency

I ask for too much from among the gays.
Who do you main? Can you put up with a Mario main that views the Up-tilt into aerial string as the be-all end-all to all favorable match ups?

I swear I'm good.
am mtf.

I want a deadbeat stoner dude who I can play video games with and shit.
>deadbeat stoner
This can only end in tears....
I'd hope so.
That's my fetish.
Asexual/low-libido MtF who likes to cuddle with clothes on and won't pressure me (super self-conscious, just-starting-to-transition FtM) into getting naked. OK with us living separately. Likes staying in more than going out. Not interested in kids. Can be a complete hon, just not obese (I feel like an asshole but I just can't). They just need to be nice, relatively intelligent, and generally into the same shit I'm into. Oh, and be willing to listen to me monologue when I get excited.

Or, alternatively, an android. I'm hoping by the time I'm old, I'll be able to get myself an android companion. I really don't think I can do another relationship with a human. One was enough.

OP, you're pretty creepy.
Wait whaa?

For real?

Well, good luck, I guess.
Nah not really, but I'm also a loser, so I think we'd relate. :DDDD
*facepalm* Oh you had me good.

I like you. Where do you live?
My dream partner is a woman or girly guy taller than me who cooks and understands me and is at least slightly fit.
Are you out there?
This is me :D
You're perfection
California, why anon?
As long as you dont seriously play Kirby your ok in my book. Can you put up with someone who unironically mains as Wii-Fit Trainer?
Just kinda hoping you were from Brisbane, Australia....

Oh well....
A...are you Tony Abbott?
Lol no....
Im _way less hairy and my ears don't stick out.
File: car fox.jpg (9 KB, 154x151) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
car fox.jpg
9 KB, 154x151
I respect the fuck out of Wii-Fit mains, she's a pretty hard character to use. Where are you from? Do you play competitively at all?
I'd fuck the shit out of his stupid fucking face
You c...could do that to me desu.
Are you me? Shame we're both "straight" males or we could complete each other.
I'm in the US specifically Georgia. I've never played competitively but I've been playing smash all my life so there's no way I'm bad at it.
I'd need you to dress up as Tony, also

how big is your dick
7.5' long... nearly 7' around.

>cute face
>not too much body hair
>blonde wavy hair
>green eyes
g...golly gee

how do you even contain that shit without it looking like you got a snake crawling up your pants kek

sounds hot tho
File: EvokerYukari2.jpg (117 KB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
117 KB, 1280x720
Shame that I live as far away as New Mexico is, you seem pretty cool though c:
>how do you even contain that shit
It's a pain sometimes. And I've got big nuts too, which makes it worse.

Luckily it's much smaller when it's sleeping... :P
We can still play some smash though a 2 hour difference isn't all that bad.
File: 799.gif (1 MB, 736x627) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 736x627
anime logic, anon.
File: Qt Door.png (287 KB, 739x692) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Qt Door.png
287 KB, 739x692
Can't Smash today, but do you think you'll be free later on tomorrow?
I'm free most of tomorrow my burner email is mrengetsurin@cock.li
Young guy, early 20s, white, not hairy, slightly chubby, not fat or obese, chubby butt who loves to take it up the ass.
Where are you from?
Someone who likes me for me. Will deal with all my shit, all my mood swings, all my bitchtness at times, everything. They'll call me out on my shit, and we'll have amazing angry/make up sex.
>Someone preferably white, latino, or Asian
>Talks more than me, so there will never be awkward moments, since I'm shy
>Doesn't have to like the same things as me, but open minded
>Who'll buy me shit
>Can be make or female idc
mfw my dream person doesn't against
I'm in Toowoomba, Queensland. What were you looking for?
sorry I didn't look at the thread
kasiphabeg@thrma.com (I live in Englands largest prison in the south seas though)
Shit sorry ive taken ages, I was at work.

Friendship would be nice, more would be nicer... if it ended up as a relationship, I'd really like that. Im in Brisbane btw.
In case you come back & Im still asleep... my email is jjm1988(at)ma il(dot)c om is my email
Then get a child, or don't, please.
>butchish dyke or agender cutie
>gothic rock(bauhaus, death in june, dead can dance, christian death, anasazi)
>harsh noise
>dresses and presents androgynous
>into minimalist high fashion
>video games would be a plus but not important
>willing to go on adventures with me and makes me feel secure
>gives me attention

Girls like this aren't into MtF's like me. :\

Pic semi related.
>kind, affectionate
> slightly dom, not enough to be scary though
> likes nerdy shit
> constantly wants to spend time with me
> feminine
> doesn't grow tired of me after first few months
>near my age or a bit older

That's it really. I don't have a lot I want from someone aside from that.
Are you an artist anon?
bumping becaus this was a cool thread
I'd like a cute femmy guy who's NOT taller than me (5'9").

How the heck are all femmy guys so tall here?
they're not, you're just really short
Anon, 5'0" is short.
Or maybe you're just too picky because you're freakishly tall yourself?
yuss, I've been playing the piano for over ten years (I started at age seven or eight)
>of course attractive
>dominant but considerate
>always listens
>likes animals
>around my height
>not messy
>can take care of themselves
>intelligent but not stuck up
>doesn't want children
>doesn't do drugs or drinks

how are you an adult and have fun?

what am I doing wrong?
>how are you an adult and have fun?
Just because you're an adult does not mean you can't go out and do fun things.

>what am I doing wrong?
Well for a start, do you have any hobbies? Especially social hobbies, like some kind of sport, or competing in something at an amateur level. This is a good way to have fun and be social, as an adult.
>trans guy
>skinny, average or /fit/
>any height, masc or fem
>has shit together enough that moving in together isn't a distant and faint hope
>likes museums
>artistic in some way, music, drawing, w/e just produces something I can encourage and enjoy
>wants cat(s)/dog(s)
>any level of dysphoria is okay. preferably very sexual with me but asexuality is okay as long as there is mutually enjoyed intimacy
>vidya and netflix
Wait, as in, You're a trans guy?

Where from?
no, that's my dream partner
I'm an early 20s mtf

also he can have a little pudge too, I mean I am like 10-20 pounds overweight
I'm a gay guy
>Taller than me (I'm only 5'4)
>Qt face
>Goes to gym regularly and is muscly
>Willing to be a stay-at-home bf since I'll be more than able to support
>Big spoon and top always
Must like:
>at least be okay with exotic pets
Oh I see.
>im a bi cis guy who likes both mtf and ftm trans because they're interesting, but dont know any...
>Is a male
>No drama
>Preferred body type would be chubby or built-fat
>Hopefully at least one shared hobby. I am willing to feign interest in a hobby as long as it isn't too ridiculous.
Bonus points
>Gets along with my friends
I'm les, my ideal is
> cis
> mid 20s
> has a job
> likes vidya
> is keen to try new things.
> between fit and pudgy, no extremes on either end.
> is chill

I also have a thing for black hair/blue eyes and taller women, but it's not really something I specifically look for.
>tfw will never be cis
Don't be sad. There's people who like trans folk.
Don't get down because mother nature messed up.
I'm that anon, and I'm cool with trans folk, just my ideal is cis. No offense, its just the trans folk I've met have nothing in common with me, they're overly obsessed with being femme and I prefer chapstick/butchish les for the most part.
A bi female gf 18-25 in the Midwest that's down with polyamory, not a drug user, is kinky and submissive, and is attractive to me.

>identity / orientation doesn't matter as long as we have matching equipment
>preferably feminine or androgynous
>skinny or fit build
>any height
>relatively stable emotionally
>has some kind of goal/s for the future
>ok with open relationships
>versatile in bed
>likes vidya, books and being outdoors
>bonus points if creative in some way (film, art, etc)
>Assigned female at birth, but not FtM (either cisgender or one of those non-binary Tumblr identities).
>Doesn't mind that I (will) look like a slightly dykey girl with a dick.
>Is leftist, but not one of those annoying oversensitive normie types like on SRS.
>Rational and intelligent, doesn't believe in conspiracy theories or weird health shit or anything like that.
>Well-acquainted with Internet culture.
>Is a /b/tard or would be a /b/tard if /b/ wasn't so gay.
>Feels like they can't relate to most people, doesn't feel the way most people do.
>Thick skin.
>Not too hyper, but not too depressing either.
>Not into dating.
>Into technology.
>Will be cool with chatting over email and/or IRC.
>Won't be annoying.
>Weird enough that I can share my weirdness with her.
>Doesn't care about shit most people care about. The kind of person who'd show their tits on /b/ or kill someone and not feel remorse.


>Pale, skinny, tall, with a bob cut, chin-length with straight sides and bangs, and either black or some wacky color.


>Dark skin, buzzcut, big tits.


>Kat Dennings lookalike.
File: fuck it.jpg (30 KB, 500x332) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
fuck it.jpg
30 KB, 500x332
>has a job
My best friend. Goddammit it sucks when you fall for the people closest to you.

He's an otterish 18yo Italian. Kind of a metrosexual, definitely straight, but doesn't fucking mind that I have feelings for him, which makes it worse for me to get over him. Fuck.
Sorry. Cis 21yo male unfortunate to have been born in fucking Mexico working for minimum wage at McDonald's despite being a talented musician who is very much into science and wants to go back to studying very badly.
Man it's not that hard. I'm not talking about anything crazy, you could be flipping burgers for all I car, just something to get you out and productive.
Well what are your hobbies Anon? Do you like the outdoors?
Ausgay here

A funny guy who isn't a wanker and understands that my family is as awful as it sounds. Must like cats. Appearance kind of irrelevant? Nice teeth are probably all that matters desu
Where in Aus?
My dream guy is a guy who is ok with topping a lot, and preferably has a dominant personality. A thick cock would be nice, but the only real requirements are that he os kind, cares about me and will reciprocate all my pent up affection, and that he likes the same videogames as me.

Bonus points if he can cook a mean steak so i can beg him to let me taste his meat outside the bedroom too.
I just want to date an easygoing qt femboy
How much do I have to like vidya? I'm pretty supportive of other people's gaming habits, but I hardly play myself.
That's just my ideal. Irl I'd be down for someone who just tolerates me playing. I'm not really that picky.
Dream partner is the one I had in a dream about a year ago. Everything was great, we talked, we moved in together, we argued, normal relationship stuff. Met their parents and I was going to propose, and then I woke up.
I've never felt alive since then. It's like I killed them.
>small dong short trans gf
>gayest fucking dream partner ever
almost same, but I would prefer /skinny/ and small dicked
File: Chris_Pratt04.jpg (54 KB, 534x712) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
54 KB, 534x712
Dream partner?
>pic related
Gay dude here. My dream guy doesn't exist.

>Middle Eastern
>Short semi-curly black hair
>Deep dark brown eyes, almost black
>Raised in America
>Not religious
>Loves to cuddle
>Calls me his habibi
>Has a smile that lights up the whole room
>Either my height or a bit shorter (no shorter than 2 inches though)
>Loves music and reading
>Well-read on politics, history and science
>Plays at least one instrument
>Switches off being top/bottom
>Cute stubble
>Laughs at my retarded jokes
>Likes to wrestle and play rough sometimes
>Cuddles and kisses me when I'm having a mood swing

Yeah, I'll probably hang myself long before anyone like that comes into my life.
Transgirl here. I want a qt femboy to cuddle and protect and be gay with.
>sense of humor
>intelligent. doesn't have to be highly educated.
>relatively independent
>a good listener
>relatively tidy
>cute but mature sense of style
>nerdy, but interested in hiking or being outdoors in some way.
>into creative things
>not a smoker. social boozing is fine in moderation.
>sexually versatile
>not picky about body type as long as he's not fat and is cute.
>not necessary but cool if he's on skittles too.
File: ALLAHU NEKU.jpg (26 KB, 306x321) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
26 KB, 306x321
<girl wants a guy to be protective of
<so confused I forgot how to memetext
I have a dick so its almost like having a boyfriend anyway. Also its <insert year> stop being such a shitlord.
Would it be alright if he was raised in another non-muslim country? And if he asked from what height he must not be shorter by more than 2 inches?
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> ad 219095 - 123409.kks13
>sneuflaeking this hard
Cis dude, 30, bi.

Honestly I've given up looking, online dating is a meat market and I'm too broken, depressive and suffer from social anxiety to handle building a proper social life and meeting people the normal way. I don't have any right to expect anybody to rescue me from my misery either, I'm not worth saving in the first place.

So, instead I'm waiting for my pets to die of old age and then I plan to kill myself.
So, Steam then?
>Would it be alright if he was raised in another non-muslim country?
What country?
>And if he asked from what height he must not be shorter by more than 2 inches?
I'm 6'2, so no shorter than 6'0
Oh, leave her alone.

She sounds pretty cool.
I'm a console pleb :( I only play blizzard games on my pc because I can't afford to upgrade it yet.
I'm french, and apparently way too short.
Anyway, it would be nice if there were more of you out there, guys for who Middle Eastern looking dudes are ideal. Meh.
How about Skype? I'm a console soul myself so I understand.
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Same, word for word
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fun in the sun.gif
2 MB, 659x609
go to germany, I hear they have a lot of very dtf/r moslems :^)
Yeah cool. Skype name is les.anon
What part of
>not religious
>raised in America
Do you not understand?
op must be trolling

my dream partner is my current partner.

hes a super qt cis boy. smart charming and cute. loves to make me feel pretty.
knows im trans but is really supportive with me
loves to dominate me as well.
he also loves cuddling as much as i do as well.
someone who arouses me from kissing and touching alone and it never gets old
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