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Coming Out Stories
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Coming out stories everybody. Tell me how it went. Here's mine

>Talking to my drunk mom
>She asks why im always posting LGBT stuff on facebook
>Asks if I'm gay or something
>Tell her I'm bi
>She asks if I would ever kiss a guy
>Tell her idk
>She leaves and tells my whole family
>They come in and ask me
>Tell them no and Mom is just drunk
>Decided to not tell them yet
>Next day my mom wakes up sober and completely forgot
>My face when I came out of the closet and got pushed back in by my drunk mom
>be me at 15
>its October 11th, national coming out day
>sit down next to my mother for an awkward 30 minutes
>watching tv with my mother
>another 30 minutes pass
> "mother, do you know what today is?"
>"...no, why anon?"
>explain to my mother its national coming out day
>"oh thats cool anon, i didn't know that"
>10 minutes pass
>mother, im gay
>"anon...YOU'RE WHAT?!?!"
>she continues to sob for abut 10 mnutes
>try to say something
>the fucking feels
>go back to room
>me and my mother dont make eye contact for weeks
>havent seen her for about 5 years
Damn. Sorry Anon. That sucks
I did not come out to my family yet but here are a few times that I came out:
>At cc
>Literally fucking crying at the phone with an old friend because of all of the emotions of being bi.
>He accepts me and tells me that he has gay professors and friends.
>He slowly fades away and I haven't talked to him since (2 years ago).
>Tell another friend, he's cool with it but slowly fades away too and I haven't talked to him for 2 years too.
>Just keep myself repressed or "locked". I didn't feel too much emotion at this time.

>Transfer to uni.
>Have a study group with an obvious gay guy.
>Constantly hang out with group because we're all cool with each other.
>Meet up with group after finals and 3 of us (including me) come out.
>Horyyy shiiet we are a big LGB group.
>Talk to friend who couldn't make it to that meet up and find out he's gay too.
>Fucking noice.

I'm just glad that I found a little support group. I really want to have fun but I have to stay on top of my priorities (school, interning, etc). I don't know how some of my relatives can handle the news when I get a bf but this will have to wait.

I hope you're doing okay anon. I'm so sorry.
I know that feel. Most of my friends at school that i hang out with are gay or bi so i dont really have that problem. They all know im bi but my family doesnt
At 14 I was walking out the door and turned to my mother and said that I was a man and left. of course I went back home and had a chat. yeah.
now im in therapy and waiting for mones.
obviously ftm. she already knew I liked women but honestly ive been pretty confused about that too, I like men more I think.
I'm in the closet and have a great relationship with my loving family.

Haha out of the closet faggots that get kicked to the fucking curb always make me laugh.
I meant 11, not 14

..and what was the upshot of that conversation? Wait for 7+ years and see how it goes?
>Be me, watching TV with my mother and sister
>They start talking how gay the characters are
>Start telling a lot of gay jokes
>"Mmm, yeah, mom? sis? Have I ever told you that I'm gay?"
>"Oh, that's cool anon. Whatever"
>Keep watching TV like if nothing ever happened

For some reason, I was expecting something more shocking
> In the car with my mum
> On the way back from tangsoodo (martial arts)
> every time i'm in the car i've tried to work up the courage
> this time i finally do it
> 'Mum, i like boys as well as girls'
> She doesn't understand, literally never heard of bisexuality before so i had to explain it to her.
> She then proceeds to give me an hour long lecture on aids
> Tells me i'll grow out of it

> When i later tell my dad
> In the car with him, he picked me up cause i saw him every other weekend.
> He says 'Oh, ok, that's fine.'
So confused i thought my mum would be fine with it and my dad would go crazy, literally the opposite happened.

I come out later later as trans too when i was 19. That was a lot tougher, cause my mum was super into germaine greer and shit and literally constantly said transphobic shit before i came out...
oh i was also 14 at the time.
Don't die on me!
I posted elsewhere >>5581247
Just stop the shameless bump. This board is slow enough for these not to die under a day and if someone needs a vent or decides to post, they will find it.
Your mom didn't push you back in, you went back in yourself.
>what is a reply
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I'll never come out to my parents, even tough I came out to some friends.

they were all supportive but...
It's my sick brain the problem, I'm always feeling awful afterwards, like now that they know, all could and in my shitty country people love to talk and find a reason to bring you down. Also it's like now I've got to 100% accept it and decide what to do with my future, I always wanted a traditional family but now... FUCK:
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>be 8th grade
>gay but afraid to come out
>set password on phone to "gay pride" because I wanted to feel proud
>little brother fucking watches me type in
>tells friends at school
>forced to come out to friends
>mom finds out
>can't look her in the face for weeks
>be in NC so not southern enough to get the shit beat out of me but southern enough for people to thing all gay men have lisps, wear makeup, etc.
>be not flaming at all
>mom and brother thinks I'm flaming gay
>dad doesn't know
>couple years later
>I can finally accept myself and everyone is cool with me except for my mom
>mom still thinks it's some phase
>dad knows but I've been told he has yet to grasp it
>me and my brother are close friends
>he never mentioned telling everyone I was gay after that
>secretly hope he regrets his actions everyday

I know this is nowhere near as bad as a lot of coming out stories, but I'm still not comfortable talking to my parents about my sexuality. I don't feel comfortable being with them sometimes but that's probably because I'm still young.
>Years ago...
>Decide to come out to my mom
>chicken out for weeks
>find out 'Coming Out Day' is a thing
>go home on my lunch break
>"Anon? What are doing home?"
>Sit down with her.. Nervous... Don't say anything but uh and ums for
>"What's wrong anon?"
>"Mom, I'm transsexual. I want to be a woman."
>"...Oh. Okay."
>Awkward silence
>"I need some time to process this.."
>I go back to work, finish my shift like a good little robot.
>Go to a close friend who knows I'm trans' house after work rather than home, afraid to face things. Talk with her awhile.
>About 2 hours later my mom calls frantic about where am I, and how worried she is.
>She's been researching and found a few therapists in the area. Says she wants me start trying to get an appointment in the morning. That she loves me no matter what and will help however she can.
sorry anon :/
good luck and gods bless
>Be 9th grade
>On the bus
>Start talking with girl that sits next to me
>Her bisexuality comes up
>"Oh that's cool, I'm actually gay"
>"Nahhhh, no, you're not"
>See some bitch behind us staring at me like I just confessed to murder
>Briefly attempt to show her I'm serious
>Still doesn't believe me
>Bitch behind us still staring. I'm done with this shit.
>"Haha, yeah you're right, I was just joking"

TFW my first time coming out and not being believed.
I hate that shit
>be me
>have been thinking about coming out to parents for a month and a half
>start talking about gender identity while eating
>dad asks "Do you feel like you're a girl?"
>say I'm pretty androgynous
>later watching tv with mom
>dad somewhere else
>talk about how I've thought about my sexuality
>getting super nervous
>decide to say it anyways
>"I like guys as much as girls."
>she's completely fine with that
>talk about it a bit
>she suggests that I tell dad
>dad comes in
>nervous af
>tell him the same thing
>he sounds silent and dissapointed
>"You're choosing a hard path, anon."
>go upstairs
>listen to music to calm myself down

I really don't like how my dad sounded like. Felt pretty bad about it.
>coming out

I really hate this forced meme.
>be year 20,468,731,546
>future humans develop resurrection and omniscience
>raise all the dead humans and give them omniscience
>fuck now everybody knows
>be 25
>still in the closet
Obviously I wouldn't know what he sounded like, but he's right about it being a hard path. That statement alone doesn't seem rude.
I wasn't offended by it, but he felt really dissapointed. I just didn't want him to feel bad, but can't really change that.
>trying to come out to sister cause mom being pushy
>she's doing some stuff at the table after dinner
>mom tries to get her to put her shit down so we can talk
>they get into a fight cause she has no idea what's so important it requires full attention
>mom all but says I'm trying to come out to her
>sit there awkwardly and stay silent, not touching that shit when everyone's riled up
>sister keeps telling me to say what it is, eventually saying she knows what I wanna say
>start nervously laughing and say I'm trans
>she thought I was gonna say I'm gay and was planning to treat it like nothing big
>instead starts crying from the shock
>still cool with it though
Your dad is probably bi
>be me last year
>drunk and sad as fuck
>come out to my older brother via text
>texts me back next day saying I'll always be his brother and he cares for me
>never discussed again for months
>one night while watching a movie with family
>one character calls another gay
>brother turns around and says "Sorry if that offends you, Anon"
>a few months later
>have hidden vibrator in room (I'm a guy)
>mother cleans room (even tho she never does) to help me get ready to move out
>box the vibrator is in is in a different location
>move out for sophomore year of college the same day
>it's winter break now
>my little brother is constantly saying "Anon is gay" at the dinner table once ever week or two
>tfw don't know if anyone in my family besides my older brother knows
>tfw parents probably won't take it well
>never planning on telling any family members ever again
>two nights ago
>got my hands on some very strong xanax
>feeling like my usual closeted self until I snort the last milligram I have
>literally so fucked up that im walking up to my friends and texting them to tell them
>all of them are unsurprised
>I've never even kissed a guy
>they all knew
>mom drives me to school
>"So I think I'm gay"
>it looks like something cracked in her brain
>tries to be really calm about it but clearly isn't
>"w...why do you think that"
>I explain how I feel like I'm attracted to guys
>words are failing me
>can't breath
>"Just don't tell anyone else ever. Never let anyone know. It will ruin your sister's life."
>never talk about it again
>year later casually mention wanting to have girlfriend and get married to a women
I think we both just decided to forget the experience
>It will ruin your sister's life.
What does that even mean?
I got that shit growing up, too. Turns out one of my sisters is gay anyway. It's just passing the buck.
My sister goes to the same school system I do. Word would get around. She'd get teased constantly about having a faggot of a brother.
What third world do you live in?
The American midwest
It really is like a different country compared to the north east...
>transgender and bisexual

Haven't you considered that you probably have deeper problems?
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>Be trans, 19
>Live in a liberal part of a liberal country
>Come out to mother
>Goes insane, starts beating herself. Apparently tried to OD on medication.
>Dad gets angry. Yells at me and breaks some of my expensive stuff.
>Sister won't speak to me.
>"Wish you'd never been born"
>"You've ruined our lives etc"
>Get abused over the next few months and leave home with almost no money and few possessions.
>Year later
>Depressed, living alone. Almost no human contact. Fail most classes. Have to repeat two semesters. Had a 4.0 before that.
>They pretend like nothing ever happened and try to get me to come over and have lunch with them, spend holidays etc.
>Act bewildered and become belligerent when I decline
>"Oh is this about your silly mental problems?"
>"Well you're the one that decided to leave we didn't force you."

I hate all of them with a passion. I sincerely hope one day I'll be in a position where I can repay them in kind.
>after long series of events find labels best for me
>pansexual (or bisex if pansex is your trigger word :^)
>gender neutral
>decide telling my family isn't worth it unless I start dating a guy or somebody clearly trans
>all my friends queer as fucking hell
>just tell them one day
>"right on anon"
>I was mostly concerned about one of my chick-friends reactions
>I've been crushing hard
>she seems cool with it
>find out months later the crushing is mutual
>I'm a tumblrsexual tumblrgender
>so oppressed, muh senpaitachi r rood
Jesus christ, that's horrifying. This is why I'm not coming out until I've finished my degree and have moved out and away from my family completely and have taken all my stuff with me so there's no excuse to go back.
All this at fucking 19? Christ, nobody will blame you for getting revenge.
So what exactly assigned are you?
bi leaning les

Came out to mum in long winded text
> ok that's fine but don't hurt anyone/cheat on anyone
She gradually stopped talking to me about anything related to relationships or sexuality in general and now treats me with disdain anytime it's mentioned

Came out to dad after a date with a qt
> Oh cool, righto.
He's just happy I confided in him, treats me the same

Kind of the opposite of what I expected really.
Get your faggy tumblr shit out of here.
>coming out
>making a big deal about your sexual habits

why do people do this?
>autist confirmed
Anyways, it has to do with the fact that being anything other than heterosexual is against current societal norms and tends to be looked down upon either as something weird or something evil/wrong... People, who aren't autists (like you, for instance), don't like being looked down by their family, friends, or the general public for simply being themselves and, thus, we end up with the coming out triumph stories because it's actually a quite sizable hurdle to get over that fear and openly be yourself.
>be senior in high school
>End up having a nervous break down due to classes and suspected trans status in second to last month of school
>Go to counselor for help
>Counselor surprised to see me, since I was normally very calm and collected
>She calms me down and I explain the class situation and we work out a plan
>Before sending me back she asked if there was anything else on my mind
>Say no and leave
>Realize soon after that I should've said ya and come out
>Make plans to see her next day
The rest is pretty typical, she was very accepting and (since I was leaving for Uni after graduating) asked me if I had health insurance.. since I didn't she helped me find a plan that was affordable for me and had coverage for trans patients and she hooked me up with some trans groups in the city I was going to.
stories of the coming out FeelsGoodMan
How awkward were those few weeks anon? Sorry that happened bruv
Honestly want to give you a fucking hug. That's terrible. Stay away from those people. Fucking hell.
When people stop treating being /LGBT/ as a big deal we'll stop treating coming out as a big deal. You realize we're only 1% of the population right? Heteronormativity is still a thing bro.It isn't socially acceptable to be anything other than straight anon, we're getting there though.Until then, we have to keeping doing this 'coming out' thing. I don't understand why I have to explain this.
>be young tomboyish girl
>fag out to my sister about my first waifu at ~11
>she tells me, "maybe you're gay!"
> realize immediately she's right
>come out to cousins (who were practically siblings, we were raised together and are all within 2 years)
>"oh okay nice, now let's keep playing music"

>ask very obvious questions about the opinions of my adu;t family member on lgbt matters
>would always say i was "just curious" about it if they asked why
>everyone holds them with an air of uneasiness, but no outright homophobia

>be ~14
>having idle chat about relationships with dad
>mention i might be homo/bi
>he's fine with it, says that i need to be ready to deal with people being awful about it but he supports me

>sister outs me to aunt and uncle
>both are awkward about it but sister tells me they're cool
>i'm disgruntled, ask her not to out me again

>be talking with grandpa and male cousin while around a campfire at a national park about a year ago
>gpa thinks hate crimes are extraneous, says that if the motive was prejudice it shouldn't matter and be prosecuted the same
>argue, eventually feel the need to fortify my position, end up coming out in order to explain why i felt protected by that being a thing that's actively discouraged
>he pauses, says "okay," continues discussion
>end up swaying him when i make the point that murder charges vary by intent

>pa tells my gma to come to terms with my homo (apparently she'd been in denial)
>she tells me she'd still love me "if i had four eyes"

ultimately everyone's cool about it. living life in dfw, texas is nice.
Ohhh, it's not a big deal for my big immigrant, Christian family. Especially with the Hispanic community, being a "man" is a huge fucking deal and as a guy, liking dick ruins you. They loathe gays and they commonly throw the word maricón (faggot in English) around. I'll be a outcast and probably disowned.

I'm not in a secure situation if the worst outcome possible happens when I come out but it's nice to find some accepting friends or even a platform, like this board.
Bless ya mom.

>Be 15 and realize I like girls
>Long phone call with my best friend
>He says something along the lines of "don't you just love the way boys tend to be rough n sexy and girls tend to be soft and lovely?"
>One of the best moments in my life cuz my bff is a bislut like me

>Three years later, at slumber party with group of closest friends
>Find out there's only one straight(?) person among us
>Livin' the dream

>Tell my sister a doctor she recommended me said biphobic shit
>"why'd you worry about gay stuff? R u even gay?"
>Come out to her
>She tells me not to come out to anyone ever again

>Gf comes to visit, we're cuddling in my bed and mom suddenly opens the door
>She makes sour face but doesn't say anything
>Later tells me "am I so horrible that you conceal important stuff in your life from me?"
>Oh shit
>Play dumb because she might forbid me from going out and might lash out at gf
>I'm not coming out to my parents ever
>Mom is raging feminist political lesbian
>Dad is pretty chill biker
>Come out to mom and she flies off the handle
>Accused me of being a traitor to women
>Says I'm dead to her
>Come out to dad
>”Oh. Okay, if that's what you want.”
>Turn 18 and begin taking T
>Dad and I are still close, haven't talked to my mom in years
>She still tried to contact me but fuck that
>tumblr gibberish
kill urself my man
>Talking to my drunk mom
>its October 11th, national coming out day
>He accepts me and tells me that he has gay professors and friends.
>"Mmm, yeah, mom? sis? Have I ever told you that I'm gay?"
> 'Mum, i like boys as well as girls'
>forced to come out to friends
>Sit down with her.. Nervous... Don't say anything but uh and ums for
>Briefly attempt to show her I'm serious
>talk about how I've thought about my sexuality
>fuck now everybody knows
>instead starts crying from the shock
>a few months later
>got my hands on some very strong xanax
>it looks like something cracked in her brain
>Goes insane, starts beating herself. Apparently tried to OD on medication.
>decide telling my family isn't worth it unless I start dating a guy or somebody clearly trans
>Before sending me back she asked if there was anything else on my mind
>ask very obvious questions about the opinions of my adu;t family member on lgbt matters
>Tell my sister a doctor she recommended me said biphobic shit
>Turn 18 and begin taking T
>be me
>come out to my mum
>she stabs me
Share this story 42 times or suffer from severe heterosexuality for the next 20 years
>suffer from severe heterosexuality
lets hope so!
Damn anon sounds like you've had a rough ride
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angry papi.jpg
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>come out to my parents as trans
>"So would it be straight for you to like men?"
>mfw i forgot they didn't know i'm bi
>Be mtf trans
>Before christmas
>visiting family>
dad starts berating me, had anxiety attack
>dad still berating me, forget what about
>finally get away
>Sit on couch
>mom, who's had issues with depression saw
>talked to me, "If you need to talk about anything, just let me know."
>ff christmas day night, mom dropping me off at apartment
>tell her I've got a lot on my mind and it'd be nice to talk
>try, can't
>Get to my apartment, she says, "If you can't tell me, write it down. I'll read that."
>Write it down, give it to her, leave room.
>After a while, she comes into the room I'm in, hugs me
>says, she doesn't completely understand, but that I have her love and support.
All in all, it was better than I thought it would be.
this is just a compilation of other people's lines of greentext in this thread
File: 1448945486537.jpg (80 KB, 628x533) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
80 KB, 628x533

I think it depends on how gay you are. I'd hate to be full blown gay, super into sex and relationships AND in the closet, or even worse, trans. However I'm just very slightly bi and not even sexually active or dating, so I feel silly whenever I even think about telling anyone, as if its some major issue or something that needs to be dealt with, when in reality I'm not having sex anytime soon, male or female, so its pointless conversation that would imply I give a fuck.
>having a biennial phone call from my estranged father
>get asked by him when I'll settle down with a nice girl, and have kids to continue "the family name."
>tell him almost certainly never on the girl, and I don't think I'd be a very good father
>he says the "I'm sure there's someone out there for you" platitude.
>tell him I'm already in a long term relationship with guy I'm living with.
>he stops listening, and starts ranting.
>Blames my mother for doting on me and making his son gay.
>Maybe ten minutes after I hang up on my distant father I get a call from my sad angry and afraid mother that wants to know if I what my father just told her is true.
>She wants to know if I "chose to be gay."
>confirm it for her too. While trying to get a few words in around all of her bible thumping and sad grumblings about me not giving her grand children (sister's already given her grandchildren).
>a full cellphone battery and a lot of her sobbing later she tells me that she loves me "even if God doesn't, but she can't support my lifestyle." She then blames my father for being absent and making me gay that way.

Went about as good as I expected it to go. My family are idiots, and I accepted that a long time ago.
Just glad they were distant enough to not figure out that I was gay sooner in my life when I would have been financially dependent on them. Or worse, still valued their opinion of me.
>Just glad they were distant enough to not figure out that I was gay sooner in my life when I would have been financially dependent on them. Or worse, still valued their opinion of me.

idk why should I come out. Its not like im ever getting a bf and even if I did I'd probably not bring him to my parents.
Then don't. Never ever come out unless you absolutely have to.
It's stories like this that make me not wanna come out. My family means so much to me but they wouldn't take it well at all.

unless you just don't give a fuck, I bet most of the time its never that bad. whether you choose to or not, you'll more than likely be ok.
Not exactly a coming-out story, but here goes.

> Be 20.
> A couple days after New Year's. Started dating a MtF friend of mine on New Year's day (I'm a male, for the record).
> Sitting at the table, eating lunch with my mom while my dad stands at the stove making eggs.
> "I have some news for you guys."
> Tell them about my relationship status.
> Mom stares at Dad and bursts into tears.
> Mom is literally begging me to break up with my friend.
> Talking about how my friend has had a bunch of problems with depression, mood swings, etc. in the past and just doesn't seem stable.
> Tells me she doesn't want me to get dragged into it and potentially lose me - as if by dating her I've joined some sort of suicide pact.
> Claims she's not even that upset because my friend is trans, yet still asks me if I'm gay.
> I say no and tell her that I see her as a girl (she's basically just waiting on SRS at this point).
> Dad is mostly quiet, but going along with all of my Mom's points.
> End up leaving the table and going to my room.
> Put on my jacket and go out to gf's.
> Mom demands that I give her a hug before I go. MFW
> Proceed to cry and scream the entire way to my gf's.
> Talk to her about it and we decide to call things off just so I don't completely ruin my relationship with my parents.
> Don't talk to my parents about it until the next day, and when I do tell them, I basically give them the information and tell them not to respond to me at all. Tell them to just drop it and that I'm incredibly disappointed in them.

Thank freaking goodness it didn't ruin my friendship - my "ex" and I still get along fine, and this whole thing hasn't come between us in that sense. It still makes me sick to think about it, though.

Also, MFW I'm now considering myself bi-gender and will probably have to come out to my parents eventually.
Sounds like something my mom would do
>Be twelve
>Dad tells me that if I ever grow up to be a fag he'll kill me
>Ten years later, I grew up to be a fag
>Can't tell anyone in my family because none of them can keep a fucking secret
>Move out to my own place
>Find a cutie boyfriend who eventually moves in with me
>Can't ever have family over to my place, don't even tell them my adress because I know I will come home one day to find my sister sitting on my doorstep or some shit
>Boyfriend keeps wanting to meet my family, he doesn't know, he would probably leave me if I told him we have to be a secret

I'm sure none of these secrets will come back to bite me in the ass

Thanks anons, it's nice to feel vindicated.
how's life now?
I'm 18 and still haven't come out to anyone in my family, but they probably suspect it. What do?

Women are usually prudes. A lot of men have had homosexual experiences. Perhaps why.

Man that sucks. If you're open about it with everyone, though, you feel it becomes normal and less special snowflake. You don't need to wear a rainbow badge, but when discussion about relationships pops up or something

Brothers can be the worst. One time I was fooling around with a friend in underwear and a picture was uploaded to Bebo. He was going to show my parents, out of sheer malice, luckilty it wasn't there when he showed them since I'd told the guy to remove it or I'd report it as CP (us being 14 at the time).

Man that sucks. Dude don't worry about grades. The most important thing is your happiness.
>steady gf
>in closet

Scumbaggin' :)

Just tell your bf everything.
I should. I'm just worried he'd leave me. I would understand if he did. noone wants to be someone's dirty little secret.
This is why I don't involve my parents in any important decisions. :^)

Actually I say that but I waited until I lived by myself to transition, regret 4ever but I'm still happy yey.
Is that your steam pic?
Well this thread is the most depressing thing ever.
From what I gather it seems like the whole idea of coming out is a great way to lose everything you ever cared about.
It depends.
My family paid my surgeries for me and called me by my new name soon as I came out.
It can go both ways
When I came out I got mixed reactions. I don't have an immediate family so I told my aunt who was abusive anyways before coming out could give less of a fuck, but told me she wanted me to know I was going to hell.

My at the time best friend told me I was sick and needed to go to church with him, and my cousins really didn't give a shit.
>last year of highschool
>weight 110 pounds
>start wearing tank tops and shorts
>do theater
>develop gay voice

everyone just guessed
If you do care about him, just choose him over your family. You don't seem to be close to them at all.
I haven't come out yet but I'm planning to take it gradually.
>be 19, 6 months ago
>home alone so I'm in girlmode
>decide to wash my clothes in the washing machine because it's been a couple days and whynot
>put them in the machine in the basement, go back upstairs to my laptop to shitpost
>suddenly door opens
>mfw mom came home 3 hours early
>frantically wash makeup off my face, change back to guymode
>okay I'll just run back downstairs and grab my clothes from the laundry real quick
>go downstairs
>basement door is open
>hurry down
>mom is there holding my clothes
>anon, I don't want you to turn yourself into a girl
>she gets upset
>I explain to her that I was just experimenting
This was actually the third time she's found my clothes/makeup within the space of a year. I really want to come out to her soon, especially since I just started self-medding but nigga its tough
She already fucking knows you fool. I understand people think there parents are dumb, but they're not that dumb.
Maybe but she later told me she thinks it's a phase and something about female hormones in my food making me do this.
I guess I should also tell her that this "phase" has lasted for 11 years now but eh
coming out as mtf
>be 17
>sitting in the back yard w/ my mom
>both of us just lost in thought
>"yes anon?"
>"I'm sorry I didn't tell you this before, I wanted to be absolutely sure -- I'm transgender."
>wha? what do you mean?"
>"I'm a girl, mom"
>explain my feelings to her
>"oh my god, does [girlfriend] know?"
>she's breaks down crying and I hug her, she supports me totally
>we go inside, I tell my father
>"oh, ok anon. I mean you already look and act like a girl so I almost suspected. Just let me know if you need anything and I'll be here to help"
they were incredibly cool about it. It was really uncharacteristic of them to be like that. Compare this with me "coming out" as bi (about a year later) ...
>Dad, I have something important to tell you. ...I'm a lesbian.
>Yeah, I've known since you were in high school. So what?
>Now, you had something IMPORTANT to tell me?

>tell mom
>she starts crying
>"your life is going to be so hard! I don't know what to do!"
>she outs me to my grandma, still crying
>Grandma: "so she's gay. so what? shut the hell up already!"

I loved my grandma. She passed before gay marriage became legal here in the states, but she told me once that one day she'd throw me the biggest wedding ever, whether it was legal or not. She was awesome.
>be in car with mom, arguing about why I spend so much time at my best friend's place
>she's been guilt tripping me all day and making me feel terrible
>she calls him a "disrespectful fat slob" and asks why I even hang out with him
>I tell her, "because I fucking love him, show some respect"
>she's stunned, I tell her I'm bi and that I didn't really see it as being important enough to "come out" about, and that my best friend and I have been together for months
>she starts lecturing me about AIDS
>"mom we've both been tested there's nothing to worry about"
>she freaks out at the thought of my boyfriend railing me and making me impure.
>"mom none of this is your business"
>she starts driving erratically, screaming and scaring the living shit out of me
>I beg her to calm down
>she screams so loud my ears ring
>tells me she's going to run out in the street and blow her brains out, those exact words
>tells me it's all going to be my fault
>she takes me home to my father's, follows me in and continues screaming
cont ...
... cont from last:
>father is woken by cacophony
>I lock myself in my room and try to ignore the yelling as she and my father go at it
>pull out my phone and text my boyfriend about it, tell him I'm scared
>suddenly a percussive "BANG!"
>then silence
>wtf oh god did someone just get shot
>look at my door, another BANG, see my door flex
>oh shit
>another, and another, dread builds
>door comes down off the hinges
>mom comes in, going on about "LOOK WHAT YOU DID, THIS IS YOUR FAULT!"
>I'm literally shaking
>my father is nowhere to be found
>I'm going to die here
>literally text my boyfriend "I love you," fully expecting that to be my last words
>mom stands over me while I'm curled up on my bed and just screams at me until her voice is completely gone
>she suddenly just walks out and gets in her car and goes home
>I spend ten minutes just stunned trying to get her screams out of my ears
>ten more just to get up the courage to go find out what happened to my father
>turns out he was just done with her shit and went to bed, the banging was her kicking his door, which was too sturdy for her to break down, so she went after me
>my dad tells me to fuck off when I come into his room to see if he's ok
>he gets up hours later and acts like nothing happened
>I'm still nearly unable to speak
>I manage to croak out to him "[best friend] and I are dating now."
>he basically goes "ok lol." and goes to work
>I cry the entire day
>we all act like nothing happened
not the worst coming out experience, IMO
>School trip
>This one guy is "in love" with my best friend
>He finds it really infuriating that we're close
>I like him (no homo tho) and he seems progressive enough
>I decide to come out so that I'm no longer a threat
>"Shut up anon, you're not a faggot, you're just weird"
>>Later tells me "am I so horrible that you conceal important stuff in your life from me?"
>Play dumb because she might forbid me from going out and might lash out at gf
so she is that horrible? if not it sounds like you are hurting her for no reason.
Your mother sounds like a wonderful person.
File: 1414813775057.jpg (20 KB, 500x361) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>be 18 getting drunk at long-time friend's house
>like fucking wasted drunk
>usually 4 of us but only me and him this time
>he just got over a breakup, was talking about getting with some girl
>mention how i royally fucked up things with some girl myself at the start of college
>get depressed mentioning it, somehow bring up that i might as well just try for men
>he assumes i'm coming out as just gay
>always makes a big deal about things, he starts having a heart to heart and tells me he loves me like a brother
>hugs me, first and last time in his life he ever did something like that
>somehow one of us started crying but i'm too drunk to remember who

>he doesn't remember it at all and never brought it up again, (i do because of the hug)
>later on after getting a new gf one time have an argument and he mentions he doesn't believe in bisexuality and says all bis are just confused and ignorant (i hate myself for being bi)
>he became an alcoholic homophobe i still hang out with because i can't make friends
>still technically in the "closet" but bi so not even sure it matters
>25 year old kissless virgin
i never got caught doing anything untoward but my parents are actually that dumb
>Oh is this about your silly mental problems?"
Trips confirm it is
>Mom is raging feminist political lesbian
How do you have a dad then?
I would love to have met your G-ma. Sounds like she was one special lady.
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>freshman year in highschool
>playing Halo with my bros Damien and Richard
>Smack talking like we always do, decided to call Damien a faggot for using the pistol
>gets visibly upset and tells us hes gay.
>Call him a faggot again and he storms out of the house
>next day were chill and we pass some blunts.

and that's how I called my friend a faggot for coming out.

also question, why is there a lgbt board? seriously this is some queer shit.
Well here you go anyways *hugs*
lurk moar
>also question, why is there a lgbt board?
for faggots like you
>Cried when I told my Mom at 18; I was very drunk, but she didn't care at all. Was just concerned that I was going to be Ok.
>Told Dad. "Is that all?? Man, I thought you had gotten a girl pregnant or something."
> tfw that was his response as opposed to anything else. o_O
>Told him to get pissed, go throw a football or something. He did neither.
>Joined the army as a tanker. The greatest and yet most horribly homophobic group of folks I've ever encountered. I felt I needed to hide because I was living ashamed of who I was, and because of fear of what might happen to me.
>Came home from Iraq thinking "hmm, maybe I can play straight and be Ok with it"
>Been with a beautiful young woman for the last five years.
>Easy and wonderful between us, and I love her deeply. She pointed out to me one day "it's like there's a lady inside of you". :-\
>After a massive amount of soul searching I decided that I couldn't continue with our relationship. I told her I've been gay for years and that as much as I want to have her kids I'd be living a lie.
>Now 30 I'm living the way I need to, because for me there is no other choice.

It's been hard, but I'm happy. Haven't started dating yet, but I'm not in any hurry.
I'm in the best shape than I've ever been. I'm preparing to hike the PCT in 2017, and I've got a stripper pole in my apartment that I love to fuckin' dance on every single day.
Just remember to wake up every day, look yourself in the mirror, and tell yourself just how awesome you really are....because you are.
so... you're gay or?
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Oh well... Alcohol is a bitch.
>in the city with two friends
>drinking, walking around on the event going on, there was a concert
>constantly doing slightly gay shit to one, he's drunk enough not to give a fuck
>one getting the other's wallet from his bag
>"Are you grabbing my ass or what? You fucking groped me"
>"Nah, your wallet is at the bottom"
>And there I go... "If that bothers YOU, give me the bag"
>"One time I became friend with this 6 years older guy in [capital city] while I lived there and there was some really bizarre shit that happened. I knew him for like a week and he once straight up asked if I wanted to fuck"
>"Oh... okay. Uh, did you do stuff?"
At the time one knew, but the other one could've guessed it after a whole night of this shit. Now I don't really care since that was the night where later some major incident happened and we started growing apart. Man, it's so cringy thinking back, MFW
>that was the night where later some major incident happened
story time?
Gee, alright. But it's completely unrelated
>around 1 o'clock
>go out to a tesco 4 kilometers away because reasons
>see a circus still packing in the unused half of the parking lot
>ask the guards and workers if we could go in and pet animals
>they say okay and we do
>after that see a shopping cart in the middle of things since tesco parking lot
>one sitting in it, two pushing around
>we take it all the way over to the other half of the city, 14kms away on foot
>policemen see us, take us in for the rest of the night for basically no reason
>the next day there was some arguing and and with one I just stopped talking
The other guy is still a close friend. And it was major because I was falling in and out of depression right about then and the case didn't let itself become forgotten, it was a 4 month period where the papers where going back and fourth between all kinds of shit, since the policemen did not do their job correctly, there was literally no case and it was dropped anyways in the end (also had a police major telling me if it happened to his son he would sue the dept and called the policeman responsible an asshat lol).
>polite sage for offtopic
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maxresdefault (1).jpg
53 KB, 1280x720
>confused about my gender identity
>high school
not even planning on coming out, ill do that when i figure things out
I talked to my parents about LGBT and they're like w/e, but when they asked why I answered "just curious"
>dead giveaway
i act faggy, so they definitely suspect something, especially cuz I was girly throughout my childhood

>one day she'd throw me the biggest wedding ever, whether it was legal or not
absolutely beautiful
so fucking cute, how old were u

i would have punched your brother lmao.

bull shit. midwest is literally fine. who would give a fuck? not at my hipster ass school anyways.

jk actually voted best place to live in 2012. it's basicially the northeast now that i think about it.


okay yeah they were fucked up to you but honestly family over everything. these people are literally your blood. Spend some holidays over there. time heals alot of wounds anon. don't allienate your family. there are alot of lbgt people who get disowned all together. Please don't give up on your family. fuck all of you edgelords saying to get revenge and shit...gross.

at the very LEAST tell them how you feel.

are you retarded?

> when r u getting married anon

> why no gf anon

> why are you acting like x or y and not a and b

> why do you have fucking tits?


awnser your mom's fucking phone calls. she just didn't know how to accept it. you're still her child damn it. it's different when they ignore and don't talk to you.... but ignoring them after that? fuck that.

> devlop gay voice.

y? wat....?

I feel u anon : / easier over here tho with a sister. when my mom finds my skirts and bras she thinks it's my sister's
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> be me

> be 20

> start self transitioning at 19

> starting to devlop breast and other fem features

> still too scared to come out

> friends tell me "dude you're going to have to do it eventually i mean you're such a fucking fag

> don't do it still

Dude I live in the American south and the openly gay kids only ever got joked about dressing flamboyantly.
>bull shit. midwest is literally fine. who would give a fuck?
You really think the kids wouldn't make fun of her for having a gay brother? Bullshit.

>jk actually voted best place to live in 2012
Holy shit do we live in the same town?
Well at least where I live I know it would always be looming over my sister's head and have caused her a lot of grief at school.
i dont know why there are still people surprised that some parents are cool with their children coming out as trans but not cool with gay. for a lot of parents with faggy kids they consider it a trade up to have them transition, cause then at least they'll appear normal.
Are you me?

I highly doubt that unless your sister was already getting bullied.
>thinking that most of the midwest isnt aggressively homophobic
fucking kek

you even admitted that your town is "hipster" and therefore abnormal. put down the pipe, anon
>I highly doubt that unless your sister was already getting bullied.
What alternative reality are you living in? Fucking hell I've seen kids get picked on to the point of tears because they were in a wheelchair do you have any idea what they would do with the whole "gay brother" thing?

And no, she's popular and has many friends which was actually the issue there. It would have effected her social standing.
senpai, tumblr memes aren't real, you're either gay, bi, les, MtF or FtM, maybe a combination of them.
This is reality, bigender is a meme and noone will take your attention whoring fake gender identity seriously.
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um, what?.gif
441 KB, 500x234
>be 15
>Bisexual Female
>Have an 18 year old boyfriend with depression and anxiety
>He breaks up with me because he's pining over his ex.
>Parents celebrate our breakup.
>Get a girlfriend my own age almost a month later
>I'm terrible at announcing relationships so I don't bother
> Parents are suspicious that I'm fooling around with my ex
>Tell 'em frankly that I have a girlfriend.
> dad goes "...wait...really?"
>Parents are just fucking relieved I'm not banging the 18 year old.
>Mum asks if I'm gay or bi or what...
>Tell 'em both I'm Bi.
>Bro knew all along and is completely cool with it.
>mfw he takes that as a green light to start talking about his sex life.
>Lollipops and rainbows all around

I wish every story was as sugar sweet as mine was. It sucks to hear horrible stories about coming out...but hey.
rest of my family is still proving to be a problem.
Got one uncle who said he'd beat the shit out of his own son should he ever say he was gay. So I'm sticking close to my parents and bro and not uttering a word to the other guys.
>Asks my grandfather if my "bandmate" can spend the night
>Persists for about a week
>Finally breaks down and terrified due to his previously stated homophobic remarks
>Laughs his ass off
"I knew all along. Just don't be too loud like last time. You silly knuckleheads woke up the dog."
That's one chill grandfather.
>crazy girl stalking me
>like legit crazy she thought spider-man (2001) was the most romantic movie ever
>would constantly quote it
>insisted that we were meant to be together
>finally get fed up after weeks and be like listen we need to talk
>tell her im going through some things and can't be with her
>she keeps it up, crying, saying she's going to kill herself, etc
>tell her i can't because I'm gay
>she gets disgusted and storms off
>she spends the rest of the day finding everyone I know and being like i didn't know Anon was gay did you know Anon was gay
>try to play it off saying it was just to get her away
>spend next 7 years trying to date girls and having everything blow up in my face repeatedly

and that's how Anon became a gay
File: Per Yngve Ohlin.jpg (65 KB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Per Yngve Ohlin.jpg
65 KB, 1280x720
>be me, 17 birthday
>celebrate it at a friend's house because mine is shit
>someone decides to invite my first crush over, the guy who made me realise I'm bi and left me when I came out to him
>I get dead drunk
>start hugging him on the balcony and asking him why did he react like he did back then
>doesn't answer
>owner of the house comes in to smoke a cigarette
>I start freaking out and keep asking him why
>nervous breakdown, tears in my eyes, I ask if I should just tell everyone
>tell the full story, then hold on from crying
>owner's perplexed, but he promises not to tell anyone
>burst out crying anyways
>asks me if I want to talk to his girlfriend
>"can't make it worse now, can it?"
>meanwhile I want to jump out the window, after realising I shouldn't have told anyone
>she comes over and calms me down, says she's bi too
>really chill now, she says we will talk later when I'm sober
>I spend the rest of the night drinking coffee and trying not to start crying again
>day after that she gifts me a book I wanted for a really long time, original print, wanted it to be a suprise until the second day
>Monday when I go to school I skip a random class, and meet with her in the park
>asks me if I really meant it, and I tell her the story again, full on
>she says it's ok again
>I tell her about my crush, she knows him
>after that, she tells our closest friends about my sexuality, but not anyone else
>All my friends know, and everyone's cool with it
>She becomes one of my best friends and smiles when she sees me and my crush toghether, having a coffee or something

That girl saved me from depression. I don't think I will ever be as indebted to someone as I am to her.
Same person as >>5608499 here, so I decided to test the waters out again last night after reading your post. The results were..disconcerting.
>11 pm, mom is nearly asleep
>mom can I ask you a question
>sure anon
>what would you do if i...were gay
>tell mom I've been confused for years but think I *might* be gay (technically true, I just omitted the part where im trans too)
>anon that's awful!
>just wait and don't do anything, it'll pass
>mom, I don't think you understand how being gay works
>she insists that it's actually possible for gayness to go away with time
>also it's a deadly sin anon, like murder
>so you're saying i'm as bad as a murderer now?
>no but it's still a sin
>remind her that i'm agnostic/atheist and bible thumping won't work on me
>anon i'm not religious either but being gay is still a sin (wtf?)
>tell her it's only a "deadly" sin in islam and christianity is way more lenient anyway
>see anon, it's bad in islam. all major world cultures throughout history are against it
>joke about her demanding me to fly planes into skyscrapers next
>tell her that buddhism, greco/roman religion, pretty much anything that isn't abrahamic has no restrictions on homosexuality
>anon, just don't do anything with guys. try to find yourself a girlfriend
>i tell her that i'll make no promises since it's my life
>ask her if there's any chance of changing her opinion if i show her actual facts, or even that christianity doesn't condemn homosexuality to such an extent
>she says no, she's certain about it and it won't change
>she says it's late and she's tired and we'll talk about it again tomorrow
>wake up exhausted because i couldn't sleep until like 3 am thinking of ways to come out as trans when she can't even handle me being gay
>mom is strangely nice this morning, still i'm sure her opinion didn't change overnight
H-heh heh, not that dumb right?
Well, sorry you think it sounds like a "meme gender". I didn't realize I needed a seal of approval when choosing how I want to conform (or not, as it were).
For what it's worth, everyone I have told irl has taken it very seriously, but if you don't agree with the idea, that's fine.

>Sitting near friend who's playing Dragon Age something-or-other.
>Been meaning to tell someone what's up, and he's pretty aware of trans issues.
>Steel my resolve.
>Me: So...I'm looking into transitioning. Probably in the next couple months.
>Game is paused, friend gets thoughtful expression.
>Him: That makes sense.
>Game is unpaused.

I'm glad he responded positively, ultimately, and he's been both supportive and sweet, but I just can't shake the feeling that I was cheated of an emotional moment there.
some parents go into crazy denial. do you live in a relatively liberal environment? maybe you can find some priest or another religious person your mother respects to support you? though your mom seems to be using the sin thing only as an excuse. with time she might overthink it. i'm sorry, anon.
oh man, i feel so sorry for most of you guys.
my coming out was so "easy"
>be me.
>be 15
>Tell mom im in love with another boy
>My mother is like "K anon, as long as you are happy everything is fine"
>What alternative reality are you living in?

I could ask you the same thing, unless it was like 20 years ago that you went to high school.

I went to school in one of the smallest towns in the South and there were popular girls with gay brothers and nobody cared, nobody even cared that much about the gay people themselves besides some light teasing.

I think your mother filled you up with some really warped ideas about the other kids.
A real american hero. A real human bean.
File: 1453609580402.jpg (380 KB, 842x900) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
380 KB, 842x900

It's unpleasant but bearable.

>Changed university degree to an overlapping one that should put me on a more lucrative career path. Can transfer over a lot of my previous credits so my GPA won't be affected by the bad year (mid 2014 - mid 2015) and I'll also finish earlier. Last semester ended well.
>Have a rent subsidized apartment so I could theoretically live on government assistance alone if I chose.
>On hormones for over eighteen months, people tell me I pass (guy clothes) but I can't see it. Don't plan to come out or present until after I've had facial surgery.
>Abandoned all my old friends after I started hormones. Couldn't deal with the potential emotional fallout after what happened with the family. I've been a shut-in ever since so I haven't made many new friends. I do a lot of exercise and that's mostly kept me sane.

There's a lot but I won't bore you with the details. I feel like this experience has made me stronger and more disciplined, but it's also deadened me emotionally. I don't have the capacity to care for anything other than dragging myself out of this nightmare.






I'm >>5590333

I have no intention to forgive anyone. They've never been good parents so the final few months only solidified a decision I'd made years ago.

>at the very LEAST tell them how you feel.

Honestly you strike me as incredibly naive. If you'd ever had dealings with people like these in the past you'd know they're literally emotional vampires who thrive on pain and drama. There's no reasoning with them.
Told mom and stepdad i'm bi while high as girraffe balls in the hospital following a suicide attempt
>in car
>1AM talking to gf in car
>starts raining gently
>come out as bi to gf
>tell her i've sucked dicks
>she's been struggling with dysphoria since forever
>we both cry and hug sitting in a parking lot
>rain intensifies
File: 1376756717558.jpg (37 KB, 500x354) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>so she's gay. so what? shut the hell up already!
File: Laughing_Luffy.gif (42 KB, 276x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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lmao honestly i think the only way i'd come out to my mom is in a situation like this. or at least drunk as shit. im not that afraid of telling her but i just... cant be bothered
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omg where r u from? :D
You all are fucking faggots.

I didn't 'come out' of the closet, and never intended to: I got found out because idiot parents were nosing in what they shouldn't have been interfering with.

But who the fuck actually thinks: "I'm going to sit down with my parents and tell them I'm gay"? Especially when you're not even independent or in a relationship? Bunch of faggots.
What if i wanna be a grill tho?

hard to keep such info a secret when you're growing tits
File: 3NXk96G.jpg (12 KB, 331x473) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>out to dinner with my mom
>conversation shifts to this guy i was spending time with, sleeping over at his place occasionally in another town
>"you know son, he might want something from you..."
>"yeah mom, he already got it"
>she's confused
>i spell it out for her
>she's not surprised
>later she tells my dad
>he wonders why I took so long to tell them

everything went a lot better than expected
Kind of cringey. Tone it down/ never respond or mention religion in any more of your conversations. She admitted she wasn't religious and neither are you, so change the subject.

Your mom's personal opinion is obviously that she is against anyone being gay, especially you. If she isn't going to value your opinion or even want to listen to you, just let it go. Work on improving your life.

Allowing your parents to offer their opinion in your conversations too often will backfire. Do you generally wait for a response or are you submissive? It makes them think your not confident in your own opinion, and they won't value it in the future. Keep going and they lose respect for you. Sometime being a bitch will make people respect you more in the long run. It sucks because you want to be the nicest, friendliest person but hate how nobody respects you.

also i'll be your bf
>>Out at bar with friend
>>Casually check grindr while in line
>>He's big into tech and sees me on an app he isn't aware of
>>Asks what I'm on
>>He's surprised but totally cool with it (I was aware he's cool before)
>>Starts snowball of me coming out to people

>>Finish hooking up with guy
>>Arrange bong hits with friend immediately afterwards
>>recently hooked up twice with a girl he set me up with and couldn't get hard
>>tell him why I couldn't get hard
>>"Oh wow I had no idea"

>>Tell other friend while driving him somewhere
>>"You're joking right?"
>>"No man I'm serious"
>>He's cool with it

>>Tell another friend
>>He thinks I'm doing a weird deadpan joke
>>tell him I've been hooking up on Grindr
>>"Show me grindr on your phone and I'll believe you"
>>He's cool with it

>>Reallllllly drunk on a yacht party
>>Took some K, which is potentiated by alcohol (not smart)
>>barely remember the whole thing except for telling a female friend
>>vaguely remember the shocked look on her face
>>don't talk to her too much anymore

It's been interesting so far, I'm not some super macho masculine guy but I guess I'm quite straight acting, plus since I've always mainly been friends with straight guys I can appreciate attractive women and can talk about it naturally with them so I suppose I've been catching people off guard.

I still have most of my main friend group to come out to as well as family. I'm also a fairly well known character around a town where everyone knows everyone so I imagine word is going to spread very quickly once I become more public.
>be 22
>be legit bi (have dated both)
>ready to come out
>my next youngest brother comes out as gay
>whole family freaks out on him
>4 years later, hes being accepted back slowly
>7 years later, hes fully accepted into our family
>7 years later, never come out to anyone but him and people I know from the internet
what'd your brother say? lol

so you're 18 now?
18 here
I want to be you
My brother said "I know" and laughed. Funny thing is I had to find out through other people than my family that he came out because I was away for a while.
No I'm 29 now.
Did you and your brother ever have sex with each other? Did either of you - at the very least - consider it?
No, jesus fuck. I know I'm bi but I'm not that much of a degenerate.
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what a casual
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bisexuality is the patrician sexuality, my friend

we can get lewd with the boys, or get lewd with the girls, however the mood strikes us

[spoiler]it can get really fucking confusing sometimes though[/spoiler]
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Why does the thought of doing it with your brother cause you disgust? He's a guy, and you're bi, meaning you're attracted to guys as well, correct? So, what's the problem?

Because hes my little brother. I changed his diapers. I beat up kids who picked on him. I took care of him and watched him all the time.

Time to spit the bait out, have fun.
File: 1447644159474.jpg (22 KB, 720x540) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>one piece of bait killed a whole thread
>reading this thread
>90% of the stories involve being a killjoy or a whiny baby

Jesus christ, take up theatre
>Be 17 bisexual guy, possibly trans MtF, unsure on that last bit
>Live in rural area, so it's a bit like being in the south
>October 31, 2015
>Only realized I was bi about two or three months beforehand
>Come out to best friend and another friend after having a long discussion
>Took me 30+ minutes to convince him I was bi (always made a lot of homosexual jokes and "come on" to a lot of my guy friends)
>Best friend is religious... really religious
>Surprisingly, he's okay with me being bi

>~3-4 months later
>Up around 2 AM at another friend's house (best friend is there too)
>Come out to him
>Just says "Finally" and we go to sleep

So far, both of my experiences have been good. However, I'm really worried about what my family will say. My mom is okay with homosexuality, but I'm really close to a lot of my other family (aunts and uncles) and know that at least three will hate me for this. My grandpa says he has nothing against homosexuality, but doesn't support gay marriage, and I'm in the dark about my grandma. I have a cousin who's FtM and my grandma makes snide remarks about her not dressing like a girl all the time. Thinking about coming out to my cousin tomorrow, though. And a girl I'm pretty good friends with. I honestly don't plan to tell my mom until after college in case she does something rash. Also I'm kinda sure a lot of (if not most) of my family will hate me for being MtF/(maybe)genderfluid. I know my classmates at school would...
life is short anon, we have to stop worrying about how people will react to the decisions that will let us live happy, fulfilling lives, as hard as those reactions may be to deal with
> I have a cousin who's FtM and my grandma makes snide remarks about her

I'm a straight male, and can see you goofed, prepare for shit storm.

Also, it is possible you're now 18, but your story took place when you were 17 and it was just last year.

Stay safe kiddo, just remember, you don't have to come out to the whole fucking world before becoming self reliant.
Please don't ruin this youth's immediate future just because you have rainbows all over your backpack.
>"I'm a straight male, and can see you goofed, prepare for shit storm."
What do you mean? How did I goof?
"I have a cousin who is FtM"


Pretty sure 'her' desired pronouns are, he, him, his.

Oops. Sorry about that. Am about to fall asleep over here and I've known him as a her for just about all my life. Old habits die hard.

Also, thanks for the advice at the end of your original post ^.^
No problem, I told a girl I was bi in the 7th grade because I romantically liked guys. She told a lot of people, later found out there just aren't many people I like, so even a guy being liked by me, is really just a friendly sort of like.

Social suicide, senpai. At least a decade ago it was.
Good, You deserved it, you ugly wrench.
Ironic or not, you're a faggot.
I'm a cis shitlord, but hey, what a stupid fucking thing to ask.
On another topic, my mom and dad tell me all the time that if I'm ''gay'' or whatever, they'd still love me. I believe it. They believe I'm straight as an arrow and bother me about girls a lot. I've never told them I'm bi, but I guess I won't need to. I'm getting married soon but I used to be a huuuuge manwhore when I was a teen.

Who hurt you anon
>come out to mom as trans (mtf)
>visiting home, already been on hrt for 5 or 6 months
>mom asks if i'm planning on getting surgery
>uhhhh mom i don't really wanna talk to you about my junk
>oh i'm asking because i'm willing to help you pay for it etc
>*internally* okay word we can talk about my junk

all i'm planning on getting right now is orchi which woudln't even take me that long to save up for (is relatively cheap in canada) but hell yea

i was honestly shocked about how supportive she was 'cause she usually gets kinda freaked out about like, anything. like the first time i visited trans stuff was pretty much the only thing we talked about which was kind of tiring 'cause like, i've got other shit going on in my life lol but it,s really nice. she also took me clothes shopping for christmas lol
(my dad was kind of a dick but that's whatever)
>be 16
>tell best friend i'm gay - in hope he will come out gay aswell
>tells me he'd thought i'd be the last person on earth to be gay
>says he's cool wit it

I really wanted to be in a relationship with him. But he's straight :(
You don't want to rim his ass or have him suck you off? It doesn't make sense to me - you're probably not even a real bisexual, just some try-hard attentionwhore
We talked again last night and she's apparently already over the "durr sin" thing and seems far more accepting, but still think gays r gross tho.
She even asked me if i wanted to be a girl and I said maybe (also technically true except the maybe is almost a certain yes).
same here
K and alcohol... you're lucky to be alive nigga
>be 18 y/o
>spending holidays with mom, away from other family members
>in the middle of some intense love drama
>break down and start crying right in the hotel room while mom's in there
>"What's wrong, Anon, what's eating you, you can tell me"
>explain the situation to her as non-gay as possible, yet feel like the closet's about to blow the fuck up
>"Why are you taking this so emotionally, she is your friend, isn't she? You are not a couple or anything."
>"Yeah, about that..."
>admit I'm bi
>apparently she saw it coming, but was in a denial of sorts
>still as supportive and loving as always
>would still prefer me to go out with guys so that my life would be easier and is strictly against me outing myself to everyone I know (our town isn't the best place for LGBT folks), but will be happy with whomever I choose as long as I am happy
>God bless my mom

I also tried to out myself to my dad once, but chickened out. I guess I won't unless I start a serious relationship with a woman and have to present her to my parents.
Never came out to friends officially, just didn't hide it, and the majority of my friends are part of the LGBT community themselves, so we just naturally learned of each other's preferences and left it like that. Came out to a couple of psychologists and psychiatrists I've talked to, didn't learn anything major about myself, they were more concerned with my phobias). Not planning on coming out to anyone else for now.
yes god bless your mom
you're probably gone by now but [spoiler]kansas[/spoiler]
fuck what did I do wrong?

[spoiler] test [/spoiler]
Not all boards support spoiler tags
well that's gay
I "come out", per se. I'm like 80% gay (still hung up over a girl), but pretty masculine, so people have no clue about my preferred sex, and one asks. I'm not one to go around broadcasting my sexuality, but I don't hide it either; if I had a partner I wouldn't mind people knowing. So far the only people who know are my sisters and my best friend who I have unrequited feelings for. I dunno. I just don't see the point in having to "come out" to the public. If people want to know, they'll ask and I'll tell them, no need to act like it's really anything special.
I *haven't "come out", per se

Thought I had the "haven't" there.
I might as well come out
My dad has seen my flyer for a trans support group and my doctors note from my clinic
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She came out as a lesbian after like 20 years of marriage.

>awnser your mom's fucking phone calls. she just didn't know how to accept it. you're still her child damn it. it's different when they ignore and don't talk to you.... but ignoring them after that? fuck that.

Call me crazy, but going ballistic on your kid when they finally work up the nerve to come out to you, all the while hoping and praying that you'll at least understand and help them, is a great way to burn that bridge for good. She disowned me when I needed her most and left me out in the cold.

... But you have a point. I've been mad at her since that happened. I don't want anything to do with her, but I'd also like some peace of mind. So maybe I will pick up next time. Maybe we can bury the hatchet and come to some kind of understanding.
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