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ITT: we tell love stories from our teen years or moan and loathe ourselves for being lonely a bit further

In my case, it would be the latter. So please post you experiences, if you had them.
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Even in this thread I'm all alone.
>be me, at summer camp
>hot dance instructor, but think he's all about this skinny broad
>pay for her abortion then sleep with him
Are you a gay male approx 22 y/o?
Okay, sex stories count as well. Tell me more.
A bit younger than that.
Why do you want to know, by the way?
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Sad self bump
>5th grade
>Think this one girl is cute
>Wavy brunette
>Friends say she is really weird
>She was really weird
>Anyway, pull the ol' have your friends ask her about you trick
>Suddenly were dating somehow
>The other school couple of my class (she was friends with the girl) were sucking each others faces off during recess everyday
>The most awkward, violent frenching I've ever seen
>They do it in front of everybody with no shame
>The girl asks us if we have kissed yet
>Drop my spaghetti
>It was lunch time anyway so I got away with it
>Ba-dum tsss
>We usually hug after school outside
>Today I want my kiss
>Wait for her outside
>It's snowing lightly
>We hug
>Keep standing there awkwardly
>She asks me what's wrong
>Mutter something
>She says "Oh... you want a kiss?"
>Move closer
>We peck as snow is falling around us

I have more stories, some funny, some feely.
>tfw no love or sex in my teenage years
>tfw will LITERALLY NEVER experience naive teen love
once i sat next to a really cute guy in high school chemistry. he was really cute.
tell us more
i get this feeling
>5th grade (a magical year for me)
>Meet a girl in cross-country
>Become really close
>Our parents also become quite close as they take turns with rides
>She likes me a lot
>I was still prepubescent
>We go over each others houses a few times
>Parents drop me off at her house
>Hours of laughing and running around
>We go up to her room
>We mutually decide we want to wrestle
>By her definition wrestling was pinning me down face-to-face on her bed
>Awkward hands and gasps for air
>We roll off the bed
>Blankets are pulled down with us
>Spend the next few minutes rolling around on her floor
>Our bodies pressed together
>Blankets covering us
>Laughing and breathing heavily
>She is showing signs of being in heat
>I was too innocent to realize
>Eventually things settle down
>Spend the rest of the day together
>Parents pick me up
>My first story took place a few months later
>We naturally drift apart over the years
a funny one now
Why so alone, anon? You seem really cute.
>10th grade
>Introduced to a girl
>She was in 9th grade
>We start communicating on MySpace
>Get dropped off at her house
>Spend the day with her and her girl friend
>Mostly walk through the woods and down roads talking
>End up at a soccer field
>Spend about an hour there
>She seems to like me enough
>Her friend is making jokes about us
>Fast forward a few days later
>She is dropped off at my house
>We walk down to the local park
>Talking about teenage things, like hair colors, music, and tattoos
>Walk back to my house
>Sit in my yard talking until it gets dark
>Go back inside
>My parents are getting ready to take her home
>Get that feeling in my stomach
>I make the first move
>Kiss her in the other room
>All of sudden my parents have a delay
>We dash to my bedroom
>Sitting on my bed
>Frenching session begins
>Only our mouths are touching
>Our hands are on my bed
>I decide to open my eyes for no reason
>I was unprepared for the sight before me
>Her eyes were wide open
>Wide fucking open
>She was glaring at the wall behind me
>I know there was nothing behind me but a wall
>Were still frenching
>She hasn't noticed me watching her
>She never even blinks
>Thoughts start racing in my head
>How long was she doing this for?
>Does she always do this?
>What the fuck is her problem?
>We stop frenching
>Her eyes go back to normal
>We leave to drop her off
>I'm scarred for life
>She wasn't that serious about us anyway
>Our relationship fizzled the next day
I look like crap, and my personality is shit too.
It doesn't come off as that from these few posts. Do you want to chat?
The few times I've kissed, I did it with open eyes. Never got the closing eye thing.
Well if your going to kiss me, close your eyes.
maybe. but how?
but i always looked at the person. people look so peaceful while they are kissing
Skype or Steam?
skype: pancarnotom
Here's another story. By the way I'm still a virgin.

>9th grade
>School is unique in that you spend almost every class with the same group
>Meet girl first day of school
>Get to know her better slowly the first few months
>We decide to "date"
>I was really, really beta in 9th grade
>The next few weeks of "dating" were painfully awkward
>A lot of emotional stress because of low confidence
>She wasn't helping
>She was very distant and uninterested, but never broke it off with me, most likely out of guilt
>One of the few times she was over my house
>Spend the day at the same park
>It was freezing cold
>Go home and drink hot chocolate
>It's starting to get dark
>Her parents come to pick her up
>They start talking to my parents for an hour
>We are in the other room
>We have already kissed a few times
>I have never frenched though
>We decide to awkwardly give it a try
>She is not giving me any tongue
>Instead, she is kissing like it is a race
>She is giving me these sloppy pecks at an incredible rate
>I can't keep up
>By the time I kiss back shes already kissed me three more times
>I try to laugh it off and tell her to slow down
>She doesn't slow down
>It's like kisses are the only thing keeping her alive
>She is in fully-automatic kissing mode
>It starts bothering me badly
>Her parents are ready to leave
>A few days later
>End up breaking up with her
>She was waiting for it anyway
>Have mixed emotions for a while
That is sad. She sounds kind of desperate.
Meh. She would ignore me and skip our kiss most days. Then, she would act really interested about one day a week, ignoring me again for the next few days. It really fucked with my head. I listened to a lot of Dead Poetic to cope.


After we split she ended up boning some other guy a few months later, and then another guy the next year. No fucks given.
are there this many lesbians on this board or are we hearing stories of future gays making out with girls?
The latter.
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I thought you were a lesbian, dude.
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>be bi MtF as a young boy
>in Mormon boy scouts
>most of the boys do their best to ignore me, because they think I'm weird
>one boy is friendly enough to talk to me and be friends
>hes a slim, smaller boy with blonde hair
>one night on a camp out we chose to share a tent, because he forgot his.
>we used sheets and pillows because they were warmer and more comfortable
>we just laid on our backs stargazing and talking
>I could tell he cared about me as a friend
>we both fell asleep
>I wake in the middle of the night and I find that I was loosely spooning him and holding him around his waist
>freak out because forbidden love inside me
>lay down on back and try to go back to sleep
>wake up early the next morning
>its freezing cold outside
>but he is keeping me warm by spooning me tightly and holding me with his caring embrace.
>sigh and enjoy the moment, forgewting who I was supposed to be and somehow living in a world where I am who I feel like I am
>lay with him as dawn breaks
>I can feel him stirring
>roll over to look him in his beautiful eyes
>I say "good morning" in my slightly higher pitch and more feminine natural voice which I normally hide
>he springs up and says "Smells like breakfast!" and puts his clothes on and springs out of our tent

now hes in Utah breeding a swarm of brainwashed children with some dumb bitch he doesn't even like =(
Are you fully transitioned now?
no =( church fucked me up bad, and it took me a long time to get out.

I go in for FFS in a few months and SRS at the end of the summer.
Nope. I felt they had fitting thoughts and emotions in them that would be appreciated. They were all from my pretty vanilla childhood.

I've had feelings for guys from a young age though. At sleepovers I would occasionally share a bed with someone and always felt very comfortable with it. I also liked the feeling of safety when I was with them. I just never kissed one.
I understand you. I've kissed, but just barely.
How do you feel about this?
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but the best parts of my life are only bittersweet, everything else is shit. Why can't I be normal and have a life that's bittersweet as a whole instead of bittersweet at best? ='(
Be glad, girl. My life is all shit.
Feel about what?
being a guy-kissless virgin
I don't mind the hetero-virgin part. It was my decision (although tempting) to not have sex on a few occasions with one really sweet girl I thought I loved. She wasn't on the pill, nor wanted to be, and I was very anxious about babies. She just wanted to bone with condoms but I said no. That was a big part of why she broke up with me. That hurt.

The only guy I spent enough time with to consider going farther with wasn't right. He is the one I always felt safe with, though. I loved that feeling.

Tell me about kissing a guy.
Tastes like cinnamon mints and mildly like raw duck, during my first time. The colour of his kiss would be a light pink of sorts. He had a sweet expression too.

The other guy I kissed tasted like coke, and it was awful.
What happened to the sweet one?
he faded away
Are you generally more masculine or feminine?
masculine, he was quite the femme guy
Yeah I sit behind a 9/10 twink qt in one of my classes. I think he thinks I'm creepy as shit, I stare at him way too much.
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