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Coming Out?
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What was it like when you guys came out?
I'm not gonna come out except to my family, I'm just gonna start having sex with other men, I'm probably not gonna tell my friends(one friend now), because I'm afraid that he don't want to hang out with me anymore because of my homosexuality. Also I've hard time getting to know people and making friends because I'm really shy and introverted so I'll probably ain't gonna come out to people I'll know later in life because I'm afraid that they wont respect me and that I can't make male friends anymore.
I came out last Sunday
My dad cried :/
I haven't seen my mom in like a year...
It was like a muffin
The whole ton sent up fireworks which marked the beginning of a week long celebration where all the men in town offered their ass and dicks for me. The women made the finest meals and after eating we would shoot sporting clays and smoke cigars.
>coming out
>in 2016

For what purpose? People treat you differently, people leave you, people gravitate to you just because of your sexuality. All fucking awful shit.

There is no "closet", there never was. Be in love with who you want, become self-sustainable, and enjoy the good life. Zero need to come out, that trend got old in the 90's.
It was gay
My father told me to read the Bible, that Jesus will save me, and that I shouldn't tell anyone. I was already moving out in a month, so w/e.

The rest of my family accepted me really well. Suprisingly, the most redneck, conservative parts of my family were the most accepting and fastest to readily accept me as a girl. My more liberal family still has trouble with pronouns occasionally.

The trans thing was easier to accept than me being into guys tho, strangely. They keep referring to my bf as 'your friend'.
My friends were overwhelmingly supportive.

My father took a week or two to comprehend it, but he was okay.

My mother claims to have been supportive, but she was quick to drive a wedge in our relationship somewhere around the same time.
but you aren't gay nero.
Still haven't because I fear my father's disapproval.

I think it depends on how gay you are, I'd hate to be full gay, desiring love and relationships with men, and having to be sneaky about it. I'm mostly into girls though, so its easy for me to blend in.
No one is gay.
I came out as straight cus I ain't know faggot like brandon
I only really "came out" to my parents. They took it well, especially my redneck dad.

As for everyone else, I mention it whenever it pops up.

>yo anon, what's your type of girl like?
>actually, I like dudes
>oh ok

Also good is casually mentioning your bf or something
be my non gay bf nero
Never came out...Never will.
I'm full gay, as you describe, and there's nothing 'sneaky' about it. Family members have met my boyfriend, and have clued in, if asked I answer. There is nothing they can do when you're at that stage in your life. But when you "come out", you're encouraging them to take action - especially if you're just a teen and are under their strict authority. Some get lucky, and their parents don't mind, other take the opposite action.
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>be me 16 years old
>be at mami's house
>call her to my room
>"Mami, I've got something to tell you"
>"What is it, m' hijo?"
>"Mami... soy gay"
>Mami gets nervous and starts calling papi
>papi comes into the room
>"What is it, mujer?"
>mami starts crying and running around the house
>papi looks at me
>"Is that true, Anónimo?"
>"S-sí, papi."
>Mami walks into the room again holding a rosario
>Starts praying a la Virgen María
>"Mi niño, mi niiiiññooooo!"
>she starts crying
>I start crying
>Papi tells me he doesn't want me bringing maricones to the house
It was very cold. Its New England its 21 degrees and very windy. So i went back inside.
all of my friends were cool with it, but my family was a bunch of ass-holes. just letting you know im transwoman, also im lucky to have such good friends, but i live in new york, so its a little different over here. not sure where you live, but new york is pretty liberal about that stuff.
>14 years old
>tell mom
>"you must know I'm gay"
>mom: "well you never really talk about it."

we didn't talk about for years afterward.

>be 18
>home from school
>talking to father, he's bitching about something
>me: "hey, sorry to make your day worse, but you should probably know I'm gay."
>him: "..."
>"well, that makes sense."
>"you know I made out with a guy once. Yeah I was pretty sure I was gay for a while. But then I found jesus."
>tells me he has sex nightmares about being fucked by men.
>he's been married 6 times to women
>stopped talking to him 4-5 years, he's probably been married even more

my family is a fucking mess.
>People treat you differently
not unless you live in a shitty place
>people leave you
see above + they're a shit person, anyway. this one still counts, though, if you're underaged/still rely on family for support.
>people gravitate to you just because of your sexuality
I'm gonna be completely honest, I love this. If someone likes you from the get-go for whatever reason, it makes becoming friends with them a lot easier. Also, in my opinion, I like the kind of people that would be attracted to others simply because theyre lgbt. I never minded the tumblr types, honestly. In my experience, they tend to be more open people, not to mention open-minded. In the end, sometimes someone just wants a gay friend. What's wrong with that? I'm gay, myself, and wish I was friends with mroe lgbt people.
I'm sorry anon. How're things now? Fuck, though, Cesar is such a sexy name.
> In the end, sometimes someone just wants a gay friend. What's wrong with that?
You'll learn in time.
kill ur self
>be teenage
>mum, I'm a dyke
>yeah I know
>it's kinda bait. Knew since I was pregnant with you.
>that's bullshit. why did you never say anything?
>didn't know that YOU knew
>lol, but really, since you were pregnant with me?
>why do you think we named you Sappho
>ooohhhh suddenly all makes sense
I've posted the story a million times, but here goes again:

>be me
>be 15 years old
>realized I was trans a bit ago
>mom comes in to tell me good night
>say, "mom, I'm kind of............... transgender?"
>she laughs, think I'm joking
>explain I'm serious
>she says she loves me, kisses my forehead like 5 times

One of the best, scariest nights I've ever had

get over yourself faggot
get over the people that hurt you, anon
I came out to my mom and girlfriend at 17, they both didn't believe me or support me so we never talked about it again. I recently bought hormones off the internet and am taking them, so the conversation will come again soon.
All the friends I came out to were okay with it. Reactions were wildly different though, a couple of them saw it coming a mile away, one or two needed some time to process it, and more than one didn't comment on it and carried on with the conversation.

I didn't feel the need to tell my family because I don't want them to worry about me (and frankly I want to go out on dates without my mom suspecting a thing and nagging me).

I did tell my parents I didn't care for girls and I didn't plan on marrying or having kids (to soften the blow when the time came); which my dad didn't take well- he believed he was to blame because he didn't set a good example of what a good marriage was like and he got screwed over by two previous relationships really harsh (including my mom) scaring me away from commitments. It was making me feel really guilty so I eventually came out to him. He told me it was disappointing but that I had balls for admitting it and he'd love me anyways.
I love this pasta.
How the fuck does that even work? Not the first time I've heard that claim before.
You need to turn from this Lifestyle before Hep C eats your liver. There is nothing hygienic about homo's.
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Pretty cringy now that anonymous turned SJW
Fucking awful. I only came out (as trans - I never officially "came out" as bi) because I was literally on my way to go jump off a bridge and I didn't care anymore. Obviously I didn't jump, but I ended up spending a miserable week in a psych ER (no beds in the inpatient unit = you get to stay in a little cell with just a bed and nothing to do but stew in your thoughts), my family fell apart (sorry mom and pops, you got a rough deal having two bisexual trannies for kids), my relationship of over eight years ended and took all of my friends and my meager social life with it...I lost almost everything. But, after that, things did get better. I'm 27 and I just spent my first night in my own apartment - the only place I've ever had that's actually MINE and that has a door I can lock. I actually slept last night without waking up every hour or so. It was great.
>In my experience, they tend to be more open people, not to mention open-minded
In my experience, a large amount of them are just as stupid as their conservative counterparts, when they get out of their comfort zone. This is just a general thing. Everyone rationalises their beliefs so that they end up being a good person in their view.
>be me, 21 years old with gender dysphoria
>live at home
>order hormones to self-med then go to start the official process (living in yurop)
>planning to just self-med in secret until i can get an appointment
>get letter from the gender clinic marked with endocrine section or something
>mom sees it and freaks out thinking i have diabetes or something
>breakdown crying and let her read it
>finds out im seeking help for gender identity disorder and want to be a girl
>hugs me and tells me im not mentally ill (kek) and i cant help that i was born in the wrong body
now my mom is being annoying and try to tell me what to do and not to do the classic being "you dont need to pass"
Kill yourself. There's clearly no brain activity left.
She's been watching too much I Am Cait or some shit. Tell her to lay off the American television, not even Americans usually watch it anymore. Congrats on the support, though. A rare thing indeed.
>be 17
>"hey mom I think Matt bomer is super hot"
>"yes he is, anon. so you're interested in men?"
>"alright, wanna watch some Netflix?"
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