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Hi, /lgbt/. Have you ever fallen in love...
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Hi, /lgbt/. Have you ever fallen in love with someone you met online? I'm not talking about dating sites either. More like meeting them through a game or even through 4chan etc. Did anything ever happen with it?

Throw in your gender/sexuality to keep it board related too, I guess.
I don´t fall in love, I don´t understand people who fall in love. Neurotypical scums.

Can you explain the concept of falling in love, how does it feel. I remember the first girl I might have fallen in love with was at a party and she was nice(prop flirting) to me and let me touch her boobs. I felt this strong feeling in my brain that night, I thought that might have been what it feels like falling in love was like, I couldn´t sleep that night because my heartbeat was racing and I couldn´t stop thinking about her.

Forward 10 years later, now I´m a confused faggot, that can only get his kicks from watching dicks and gay porn.

Why must I be such a robot?

I'm a bi guy whose first and current relationship is with another bi guy I met through 4chan via, initially, a shared interest in programming. We live on opposite sides of the world - US and Australia - but I've flown out to stay with him twice in the last year, once for two weeks and then again for two months. He was the first to say the L word, though I had been thinking it for a little while. I'm currently looking into applying for permanent residency in Australia so we can live together.

It's been something of a dream because I had sincerely doubted ever finding anyone until I had been working full-time for a few years, mostly due to having next to no social life other than online. Medical and psychiatric issues had me drop out of college to get my degree via online university courses from ASU, so I didn't see myself being around other people much until my late twenties at the earliest.

I found love on the internet hate machine~
Gayman here. I used to play an MMO with a guy from my old hometown. We would talk for hours and got to know each other pretty well. I really liked him.
Then I suggested we meet for a pint next time I'm in town and he said he doesn't meet people he's only met online.
I asked him what if I was a cute grill. He said that might change things.
God damn straights.
Someone fell in love with me online. I am unsure if I reciprocated the feelings. I am pretty sure I didn't.

I am so god damn autistic it hurts.
That just sounds like a crush, or being hopped up on adrenaline after your first sexual experience. Love is shit t b h.
I wish it were all butterflies and boob touchin, Anon
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Nice to hear, anon! I hope things work out with you two, gives me hope for my relationship. How long did it take for you two to meet up?

I met another bi guy through 4chan too. We've been talking for a bit but we're both so preoccupied with important things in life, live far away and are both poorfags too. It sucks but we'll see one another eventually. I can only hope it works as well as yours has so far.
This is why I´d pretend to be a girl on online chats in the mid 2000's, I was lonely and guys there were only horny guys on chats looking for girls to talk to, so I would just pretend to be a girl. And I also started to hate how pathetic heterosexual males get around women, I found it to be pathetic how "nice" they would start acting.

Heterosexuals really are scums.
please die

We were both very candid about the start of our relationship - I recall he actually asked how serious I was about my periodic flirtations, which prompted the start of it all - andwe decided to initiate things slowly, to see how comfortable we both were. Neither of us had been with a guy before, while I hadn't even been with women. We started chatting more regularly, exchanged pictures, started using Skype to videochat after a few months. It was almost six months before I mentioned him to my parents and another four months before I went out to visit him for the first time. Lost my V-card then, too.

I should also add that we had been talking on-and-off for maybe eight months before we started the relationship. Not necessarily enough to be considered friends, even by online standards, because there'd be no communication for weeks at a time on occasion. But after I withdrew from college, I reached out to him again and we began talking more regularly.
There's a cute transgirl on here I would like to make my gf.
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I met my current boyfriend through a state meetup thread on /soc/. We were initially just planning to be friends with benefits/fuckbuddies, especially since I considered it a dealbreaker for a long term partner to not be into domination. But after the second time we met up we both realized how well we were hitting it off and decided to date.

I'm 22 and mtf, he's 20 and cis male.
Grindr has been sold to a Chinese gaming company.

here's the link: http://www.nytimes.com/2016/01/12/technology/grindr-sells-stake-to-chinese-company.html?_r=0
Yep. I posted on mtfg about it recently but I've been friends with this guy for 7 years. Met on MySpace and played games together all the time. Things only recently changed and got kind of serious so yeah.
Oh and he's moving across the country with me this summer, so there's that.
I fell in love with a user I met on 4chan, on /r9k/. I was in university at the time, and we just started exchanging emails to talk. But eventually, we became pretty close, and we were both gay... He broke up with his bf to be my bf.

Then he ended it on February of 2015.
I still love him, and I think about him every day. But he hates me now.
I think I remember talking to you once
I think it was on /lit/
Met one of my exes on 4chan probably around 2010. We dated on and off for three years. He was the definition of neet and it was terrible. Also some mental problems and he cheated on me. The only good part was having somewhere to dump my cum.

But it's 4chan, so I guess I should have expected it.
online relationships are stupid
Why does he hate you?
Speaking from experience, most of the time when you meet someone outside of a dating site and fall for one another, you don't plan for this shit to happen, it just does.
>I meet a guy on gaia online back in February of 2008
> became online boyfriends in June
>broke up with me in September after his shit got fucked up
>got kicked out of his house, dealt drugs, etc.
>remained friends as best we could
> Haven t talked to him since summer 2010.
>First and only boyfriend I've ever had.
> I don't even know if he's still alive
I'm actually talking to a guy I met here on 4chan, we've been really getting along and he's fucking gorgeous and seems really into me too.....

The sad part is we live in different countries....
I met a guy on the social network like fb. We really liked each other and 1 year later he came to my country to meet me and spend winter holidays together ^_^ It was great
Sad that next time we are going to see each other is half the year later, on the summer.
I'm mtf btw
bump for interest
Yes. I'm MTF, I met a guy on xbox when i was 16 in some game. we hit it off very quickly. I have a passable voice so he just thought i was cis.. i got so caught up in how he made me feel I made the mistake of not telling him the truth.. by the time i realized what that we were crazy for each other it was too late. i haven't transitioned so i knew he would never accept me.. i would send him pics of my sister and always had some excuse about why i didn't want to/couldn't video chat and he didn't bother me too much about it. we talked pretty much every day for 2 years. i would use my ipod to voice skype at night and sometimes the calls would last into the morning. one morning my mom came into my room very early to bother me about something, i had a whole conversation with her in my guy voice forgetting the call was still open and he happened to hear.. i tried to explain to him but he immediately dumped me. i'm pretty sure he killed himself after that because he was struggling with life.. I'll never know for sure and it fucking haunts me.. don't make the same stupid mistake i did.. don't be selfish.. honesty is so key.
Ironically, met my current boyfriend here in a skype thread on legbutts because life was getting kinda difficult and I had trouble accepting myself. It's only been about a month so far but I'm way happier than I've ever been and I dunno, I think this is it. :x

Was kinda weird cause he was in a relationship with another mtf who repeatedly was breaking up/getting back together with him for some reason and I couldn't figure out why for a long time.

>Don't treat your boyfriend like poop if you're a trap
I did. I met him through an MMO and were became friends, but slowly I started getting feelings for him. Fast forward two years, I confess, and he magically feels the same about me.

He lived across the country and we knew it would be difficult and hopefully not more than a year or two before we could move in together. I flew over to visit a few months after we talked about our feelings and I had the time of my life. Being in a relationship is awesome and love is an amazing feeling.

But very recently though we had a talk. Financially it'll be impossible for either of us to move in with one another for a long time and that combined with how far apart we were, he decided to cut it off just a week before he was going to fly into my town. Tore me apart but I guess thats how most online relations go. I miss him so much.
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>Heterosexuals really are scums.

Anyway, I only ever meet guys online, because gay bars are disgusting and I don't want to get beaten up by some straight dude who can't handle a bit of attention.
how are gay bars?
They're not too bad actually. But everyone is only looking for a one night stand, and I'm not into that. It's a lot easier to pick and choose and be in control online.
i've fallen in love with a 13-yr-old boy i met online.

he has cammed for me (with his clothes on), so i know he's real. and he loves me too.
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pic related
true love
>lesbian here

I actually met my current gf through a fantasy weeb site. I originally contacted her because I really liked her writing style - she had such a way with words and she wrote awesome stories there, so I wanted to compliment her - and then we started talking. To my surprise, it turned out we had so much in common, including love for obscure books/metal bands and darker sense of humor. She was hilarious and kind and cool I found myself looking forward to her every message. Then we accidentally found out we lived in the same city when I mentioned what I'm studying at a university (it's a pretty rare major and there's only one uni that has it in my country) and she was like: "No way, you're from xxx? Me too!"
It didn't take long for us to meet and soon, we started dating. Unfortunately I'm not really from that city, I just study there, so we can't be together all the time since I often have to return home to help my parents and she can't go with me because she's a student, too, and she has many other responsibilities including a job.
dweeb girls in general read too much fanfics.

and dweeb dudes in general play too much MMOs.

just saying, Im a dweeb.
Well, those were original stories, but yeah, can't argue with that, I'm also a fanfiction trash. Then again, I play MMOs, too. Guess I have the worst from both spectrums.
loser freak!

...me too...
Yeah. It's kinda weird bc they said they are straight but we say "I love you" to each other a lot. Idk if they feel the same feelings as me. :(
Met some non-binary prick through Killing Floor.
Thought they were a douche.

Now we live together and might get married.

I am >>5568824
We met through kf2 also
Bigender, bisexual, and the guy im with right now, our relationship is completely online until August when I can come to south America and be with him. But im more than completely sure I love him and he loves me, and if everything works out, I'd love to spend the rest of my life with him
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>>5569025 forgot to add this so I dont jinx anything
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