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Let's have a little fun /lgbt/
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Let's have a little fun /lgbt/

1. What's your gender
2. What kind of porn do enjoy
3. And why.

1. MTF, straight
2. Gay porn almost exclusively, rarely shemale porn
3. What can I say, I just enjoy seeing a 6' foot tall, built, hairy man getting rammed in the ass, then made to cum while still being fucked.
Also, to me it just seems like guys enjoy sex more. It's more fun.
1. MtF
2. None, there are times I have spent hours searching through videos only to lose interest and give up without finishing off.
3. Libido is kill, sexual orientation is a big question mark, but emotional intimacy is the most important factor I think. Porn doesn't really do that.

OH actually yeah, I need a lot of focus on the face and facial expressions, I was considering subbing to beautifulagony once. but nahh cause you can find a lot of their stuff for free.
Male, bi
Trans or emo (sometimes both)
Always had a thing for goth/emo guys/chicks and I'm bi so trans is a perfect mix of the 2 plus goth trans just gives me a raging hardon ^-^
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1. MtF
2. Used to be BDSM of most sorts, females though I'm straightish.
3. Rape fantasies with all the nice toys that take everything away from you, down to your senses and ability to communicate. You literally give your body away and get to keep only your mind. And the total absurdity of someone who loves you putting you through all the unjust misery... hnghh.

tfw goth tranny...
This year's WGT is right after two of my surgeries, and probably my first time full time... So scared.
>emotional intimacy
Damn, this is one wierd fetish you just unlocked for me...

Sauce? That is fucken hot & beautiful at the same time...
No sauce, taken from another board which had it from a forum which is now offline. Sorry :(

Google playpiercings though, maybe you'll find more.
1. MtF, straightish
2. Amateur trans porn, gay furry porn, straight erotica.
3. idk, trans porn is relateable I guess? I can't stand seeing guys getting fucked in the butt though unless it's in furry porn, but I've had that fetish since I was like 13. I am really picky about it though (some of it is pretty cringy). I got into erotica after I transitioned. It's nice.

Trans, gay, straight, bdsm, creampie

I have a creampie fetish. I like bdsm, because I enjoy scenes where either partner is forced to take it, or one partner rides the other to take the cum out of him. I enjoy the mess and slick feeling of all of it.
Its incredibly hard to find multiple creampies by a single person. Its my biggest kink, because I enjoy fucking until I plant my load, and then fucking it into a frothy foamy slick mess, cumming again, repeat.
I fondly remember when I went 4 rounds in my ex-gf this way, i left 2 in her pussy, and then moved to her tight ass, and left two more, and she was quivering, sloppy, and dripping. She told me that she came so hard she drooled a little bit. All of this while I had her arms tied down to the bed in the doggy position.

Only ever experience straight girls, but I've wanted to try a femboy or transgirl.
Mtf, straight

BDSM, blowjobs, and generally anything that gives off a d/s vibe

I only really watch porn to get my imagination going. Really into giving oral and a dominating partner and I'm also a huge masochistic, so pretty much anything I can fantasize happening to myself.

Tfw can't find a guy to hurt you this badly that isn't totally abusive :(
3-cuz femenine big cock
great, I just jerked off like 5 minutes ago and you made me hard again.
Sorry bruh. Writing it made me horny too.

Luckily I bought 100' of silk rope a week ago, and I told my Fwb to not set plans for tonight.
I'm beyond excited to play with her soft pussy with my tongue until she cums, and then savagely fuck her until she's a cum filled mess.
straight D/s and facial abuse type stuff, occasionally gay or trap
I like the gender based power dynamics of a man owning and dominating a woman.
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1. mtf
2. almost anything with kinky latex in it
tranny stuff, femboy stuff
usually never anything with a masculine guy unless hes crossdressing well in kinky latex, in which case i want to be tied down by him and be used as his personal cum-milking machine
anything with alternative people really, i dislike generic looking people
sissy stuff too
for some reason, well done big boob jobs are amazing
dislike vaginal sex
i really like feminization comics of guys being forcefully turned into anal-craving hotties
3. latex fetish, love dick, cum, anal, femininity etc.
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>1. What's your gender
Female (MtF)
>2. What kind of porn do enjoy
well written romances.
>3. And why.
I need to feel desired.
pretty similar boat then nah?
i'm too lazy to read fiction tho
i just fell in love
same as you two. I really want to submit to a man, but I'm afraid that this would just get me into an abusive relationship.
>I'm beyond excited to play with her soft pussy with my tongue until she cums, and then savagely fuck her until she's a cum filled mess.
this is so poorly written dude, like damn.
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but isnt that exactly what you want
ok I mostly want to submit to a guy in the bedroom. I can take a lot when I'm horny, but if there aren't limits/boundaries I would be an emotionally wrecked shell.
1. Male, Bi
2. 80% gay, 20% Lesbian I guess. I don't really watch straight porn..
3. I like feminine people getting fucked by other feminine people. Love short haired twinks, and short haired girls. That's actual twinks btw, not just guys who are below 6ft.
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pic isn't me (>>5553295), but I really like it. If I was younger I might go for the look.

The reason I like reading romance literature is I can easily slip into daydreaming while reading it, and make the love scenes last as long as I like. I don't even need sex, just to be highly desired.
How are the two connected? Have you been reading 50 Shades or something; the one has nothing to do with the other, and people who properly live 'the Lifestyle' are far less likely to be abusive and far more likely to be respectful and trusting - the lifestyle simply demands it.
1. Straight male
2. BBC
3. I'm actually a fag
Well you are honest with yourself, at least...
>mtf, gay
>futa hentai/amateur cis girl masturbation
>love me some anime dickgirls but not real dickgirls and amateur stuff cause its not completely fake (fucking, porn moans are disgusting)
Is it just me or does needle girl have a man ass? At least when she's tensed up afterwards it's a bit more shapely but still a bit mannish.
This webm (and the full one with sound... much hotter, btw) gets posted on /gif/ a lot so try asking or finding it there
1. Female, kinda bisexual (long lasting things only with other women, but I think of men as attractive and had sex with them in the past; just have zero romantic attraction for them)

2. Impregnation/creampies, domination, daddy stuff, incest, mild BDSM

3. Uff, this is hard.
I'm a very stubborn person and like to be broken, dominated, put into my place.
On the other hand I like to inflect pain onto others and for someone to care about me in a certain way.
I'm pretty torn there, it's a mood thing.
Incest stuff probably through mild molestation in my youth through my uncle.

The whole impregnation thing is especially fucked up because being pregnant would be a nightmare for me, I hate kids and would never fuck a man unprotected anyway.
Still, the thought of two or three older man using me as their cum dumpster makes me go wild.
female, gay
not into porn, I write my own erotica lol
why am I on this thread
1 mtf gay male
2 Trap hentai
3 Because I like to imagne myself as the trap
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1. FtM ( 7 years in ) / gay
2. Gay porn, obv but I'm kind of picky. Too twinky or too bear are both unappealing. Generic gymbody with buzzcut is boring as shit too but w/e.
3. I have no fucking idea.
Asexual male
all the porn in the world
because I can't get any sex so I have to watch others have it
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mtf bi
mostly bdsm erotica stuff. i like yuri, but not 18+ stuff, just fluff. for fetishes, pic kinda related.
i'm not really comfortable masturbating, so i try to pick stuff that takes my mind off my body for it when i feel like it
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Thread images: 10
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