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ITT- first anal orgasm stories
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ITT- first anal orgasm stories

No dick assistance.
I'm on mobile so I can't green text. Also how I lost my virginity. It was with a teacher. Might be my proudest moment.

Be me just turned 18 in January it's a week from graduation.
I have been talking to a teacher on grindr for 2 weeks.
Never incriminates himself but he knows what's up.
He's cute. Probably 27ish and teaches sociology
He said we can talk seriously after school ends.
We stay up talking all night and I get him to break.
He asks if I have ever had a bf.
I said no.
Let him know I'm a virgin.
I tell him I don't want to be a virgin when I graduate.
He says he can help if I don't ever tell anyone.
He picks me up next day.
It's Saturday and I tell my mom I'm going to a friends birthday party, and that a bunch of us are staying the night.
I jump into his car and I'm so nervous I'm shaking.
He is too and might be worse than me.
We go to his house and start watching to on his bed.
We drink a glass of wine cause we classy.
He doesn't make a move for the longest time.
He asks if I'm comfortable.
I say yes.
He asks if I want to get in the covers with him.
I say yes
Watching TV*
>can't greentext on a phone
>I mock you while green texting
>on a phone
>Holy shit
>I just assumed you couldn't
>I have heard this from so many people
>thank you anon
does pillow humping count? best hands-free orgasm of my life was like that
depends, were you stimulating your dick?
I have a dildo but I've never used it, complete kiss less virgin. Can someone help me with it please T.T

Continued with my new green text ability!

>I jump into Mr. Gobles bed
>I watch TV in his arms for a while
>feels good
>he goes in for a kiss finally
>we make out for a while
>he takes both our shirts off
>we make out for a while
>he asks if I'm ready
>I say yes
>he gets up to put on music
>tells me to take off my clothes
>yes sir
>he takes his off too
>I see his hard dick
>I have a raging hard on
>he grabs it gently, kisses me and says come on
>nobody has ever touched my boner
>it's intense
>he climbs into bed and I follow
>I realize I'm getting a bed naked with a man
>I have never been so alive
>we stat making out and I reach down and touch my first ever cock
Continue. I'm intrigued.

>I feel his Dick in my hand
>it's so weird to feel one that isn't mine
>he says to go down on him and I do it
>Mr. Gobles Dick is I'm my mouth. Holy shit.
>it takes like skin. I thought dicks tasted like something.
>precum is sweet or salty
>I want to be good so I try deep throating.
>choke. Fail.
>he pulls me back and tells me to lie down.
>he begins to blow me.
>it's so crazy good.
>starts to play with my ass.
>he tells me to get up on my knees
>starts to eat my ass
>OMG I didn't even know that was a thing. Feels good.
>I try to focus on relaxing for the dick down I know is coming.
>sure enough he busts out the lube
>he starts to finger my ass slowly.
>his finger feels so big
>his 2ND finger goes in eventually.
>he lives up his bare dick and says try to relax
Lubes up* his bare dick

Sorry, I suck.
Burgerland, sorry

>I feel the tip push up against my hole
>it burns a little
>he pushes slowly and it burns a lot
>stop it hurts!
>he stops and asks if I want to do it. He will lie on his back.
>yeah I can do it
> he get on his back and I hop on.
>I sort of hover over his dick and I press my hole against it.
>I start to apply pressure and it still hurts.
>I rock back and forth till I finally get it in slowly.
>it still hurts just not that bad.
>I start to bounce a little and he says I'm tight.
>I feel like I'm doing a good job for teacher.
>I bounce on his dick for a while and then he says switch.
>I get on all fours and he gets me from behind
>holy shit he gives me a proper fucking
>I feel like a rag doll moving with the force of his thrusts
>I start to feel a feeling in my ass at the base of my spine
>something intense from being fucked
>whatever it is I need more of it.
>we switch again and so I'm on the edge of the bed on my back and he's standing.
>we start again
>I have to grab to edge of the bed so I can push myself to him.
>fuck his is amazing.
>his pelvis smacks against me.
>the sound makes it so much hotter
>I'm on the edge.
>I tell him I'm going to cum.
>he says he is too
>too late.
>my ass tights up
>It's too much
>it's so intense
>I cum all over myself.
>I tell him to stop
>he says he's almost done
>okay go ahead
>continues fucking me
>it isn't as great now that I'm done
>he says he's close so I stick it out
>he pulls out after what seems like forever
>probably like minute and a half
>he asks where I want it
>gross not on me
>he cums on his own bed
>I spent the night at his house
>I took a shower with him to clean up
>we blew each other in the shower
>he started fucking me again
>we stop and finish showering
>we get back into bed after he changed his sheets.
>we watch TV for a while
>we blew each other some more
>he started to fuck me again.
>we both cum again
>I was on top and I came on his face
>We wipe off
>we fall asleep
>I wake up next to Mr. Goble
>holy shit, last night was real
>I watch TV while he wakes up
>he gets up and immediately start blowing each other
> fucks me
>both cum
>we shower again and managed to not fuck each other
>stay for a while after and he drops me off at home
>my ass is sore till the next day
>makes me happy for some reason
>see him at school on Monday
>I act super cool and it's like it didn't happen

We fucked throughout the summer into the fall semester, a few times in the spring, and once the following summer. I eventually stop talking to him though. I decided I wanted a relationship and he is in the closet for life.

It sucks because nobody has given me a dick down like Mr. Goble.
fuxking hot.
Okay, continue with your story. Also, I don't fully understand how a guy rises a pillow for stimulation, care to explain?
rides, sorry.

Or humps, without dick stimulation for that matter.
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wojak crying.jpg
68 KB, 633x758

That sounds like the best possible first experience, anon. Great for you.

>mfw 21 yo virgin
>downloaded, pussied out and uninstalled Grindr like three times because I'm terrified of rejection, AIDS, and being taken advantage of
>don't know how long the "wait until you're fit" excuse will last
It's right there on the land of neverhappened with my stories about my first hug with the guy I liked, my first kiss and my first time having sex.
Gay death is upon you, young Skywalker
>gay death
>21 yo
>he asks where I want it
>gross not on me
>he cums on his own bed
Ugh you're such a pussy.
L o n d o n, england?
i have this inflatable ball that i can attach a dildo to.
bouncing up and down.
hits the right spot.
cum everywhere.
then immedeitly fap like normal.
cum again 5 seconds later.

prostate orgasm is best orgasm.
My boyfriend at the time was prepping me for the d. He fingered me for a while, then he used a trainer and fucked me with it.

Something clicked. I begged him to fuck me harder. I begged him to not stop. He pounded the toy at my prostate and eventually i came. I rubbed my cock a bit but it wasnt involved in the actual orgasm. It was totally different, rocked me right through my core and made me bright red all over. It felt like all my pores opened up. I just laughed and cried for a few minutes after.

I havent had a prostate orgasm since
No, u are
How long'd it take?
Thread replies: 30
Thread images: 2
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