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Grindr greentext stories
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Good or bad; Post em, lad.
>text on grindr for about 2 days
>he seems pretty cool
>tell me he just "needs to talk to someone without having sex"
>i'm ok with that
>meet up at his house
>while i'm making him coffee he slowly starts to kiss my back and all this super sweet stuff
>after 5 minutes i have his cock up my ass
>we have the best orgasms ever
>we end up never hearing from each other again
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What don't you have to like prep your anus before anal? Or is it enough to just clean your butthole in the shower? Should I start experimenting with my anus before I take a cock into it?

I'm trying to get the balls to meet up with a guy tomorrow and suck each others dick. Hope it won't be awkward... i'm really anxious about it though
>making up porn-like stories
>meet guy who said he really needs a big dick up his ass
>ask him if he's serious
>"fuck yeah I need it"
>decide to meet
>he seems okay, we kiss and grope a bit, so I offer to take him to my place
>he's really nervous
>make out with him on the couch, but he never calms down
>reach into his pants, stroke him, he never calms down
>ask him if he's a virgin, he says yes
>says he would rather just jerk each other off if that's okay
>let him jerk me off
>ask him to leave without jerking him off, tell him not to waste my time next time
>live in small town near Russia-Finland border
>all the people on my range are Russians living in Russia
He made the story up anon
I have so many conversations... I ended up making a "best of" text file.

>Guy: How are you
>Anon: Pretty good
>Guy: Lovely to hear I am doing well *bows* wonderful now to see such beauty
>Anon: Well…thats unexpected but charming
>Guy: Mmmmm no no wait a sec ! *puts on shades* Ahh there! Your beauty was too much, it was almost blinding !


>Guy: Do you work on a farm? Cause you looks like you know how to raise a cock. ;)


>Guy: Hello, you are pretty
>Anon: Thanks
>Guy: *How are you?
>Anon: Pretty good
>Guy: Not bad just lying in bed, kinda weird question but any chance you’d be interestested in teasing me about my small penis please ?
>Anon: ...fuck off
>Guy: Ok sorry


I really wish I could share the pics I am about to talk about but oh well...

Anyway, I got contacted by some dude with a profile that mentionned he liked sharing "fun cock picks". I sent me two. One of his dick balanced on a pyramid of red grapes and another of him masturbating trough a lemon.

>Guy: I am fruity lol
Don't end up in one of those sting videos anon.
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>pyramid of red grapes
You're a cunt, really. What about your time is so important that you can't "waste" it ? Do you believe yourself to be that important that any second of your life is not a waster of organic material ? Get real, you're posting on 4chan, faggot.
The story was fake, retard. Everything you read on this site is fiction.

S...sure. Its not like /ck/ is my favorite board or anything like that :X
>First ever Grindr hook up
>Haven't bottomed for a while
>His dorm room smells like a gym changing room
>Kinda hot though cos he seems kinda straight and studies Law
>He tops me
>I can smell shit
>We switch
>He messages me asking for another hook up a few months later
>mfw I don't feel so embarrassed anymore
What's the probability of actually hooking up with someone?

I know "gay culture" is often portrayed as a bunch of promiscuous dudes hooking up anonymously in public toilets but is it really like that?

I'm pretty average looking and am pretty picky when it comes to what men I find attractive.
I met my current 8 month bf on Grindr, was 21yo virgin and he's a total qt so never give up.

I've never follow through on grindr but I sound like I could be this kind of guy. Everytime I ask if we can just jerk off together 2, the guys will be like "whatever floats your boat", or "I could just jerk off at home".

Why can't you faggots be nice to us virgins?
>Been talking coupla days
>have similar interests, like same types of films
>says he locked himself out of his house
>tell him to come over so we can watch films and bang
>we meet up, waaaaay taller than I expected
>he's just bought a whole fucking plate of chips
>wait for him to finish chips, not having him wipe greasy fingers on my sheets
>we watch They Live while gives me a hand massage, feels so fucking good
>says he's not in the mood for anal so we just rim/suck each other off
>at one point, I try and reply to something he says with his cock in my mouth
>we both have to take a break to try and stop laughing
>finish, lie in bed and spoon for a while, making each other laugh
>gets a text saying his roommate is back and house is unlocked

This was back when I was more emotionally unstable and immediately fell in love with the last person I screwed, which is probably what scared him off.
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>Anyway, I got contacted by some dude with a profile that mentionned he liked sharing "fun cock picks". I sent me two. One of his dick balanced on a pyramid of red grapes and another of him masturbating trough a lemon.
>>Guy: I am fruity lol
Fruity guy sounds fucking hilarious. And just imagine the effort balancing the grape pyramid must have taken, and the preservence he showed by masturbating through that acidic lemon! You missed out, anon.
>>nopic profile messages me.
>>dont show much interest because nopic
>>gives me complements on the reg for a few days
>>finally decide sure why not
>>message him back
>>talk for a bit, says he knows me.
>>finally get a pic
>>turns out, guy i turned down a year ago cause he was polyamorous with 2girlfriends
>>lives 2miles from me
>>super horny, 1am me mode
>>him still goodlooking as always
>>grab my keys and head over to his place
>>need a shower cause didnt shower post work (2nd shift)
>>he turns it on for me, gets in first
>>small stand up one person shower, he proceeds to pin me against the wall, viscious making out
>>he's hard as a rock, twice the size of me
>>get on my knees to suck him off
>>gag on it
>>can tell he's into, but hot water running out
>>he gets out, i wash off quick, then follow to the bedroom
>>ride his dick so hard he cums buckets
>>havent cum yet myself... clean up and cuddle next to him while he plays battlefront from bed
>>both naked still
>>start rolling his planets around in my hands
>>he's noticably distracted
>>proceed to blowing him while he's playing
>>he cant take it
>>gets on top and wrestles me down missionary
>>fucks me again
>>pulls out and cums on top of my dick
>>tfw still havent cum
>>tfw go to sleep after round 2
>>ask him what happened to all his gf's
>>there a lot of work...

wtf /lgbt/? am i even gay? i love it up the ass, but fuck i just cant get off at all anymore. like cant even be bothered to wank it, but christ do i love getting a good dicking. what gives? i mean i really enjoyed it and would gladly go back. i think i like him too? i mean i know this guy... i just am selfish? so many i dont even
File: 1370034253615.jpg (65 KB, 400x416) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>after five minutes i have his cock up my ass
gay men in a nutshell
Possibly...I honestly didn't considered the pain he had to go trough to take that picture.

Anyways, more conversations

Note: My grindr pic is one of me in full fetish drag. It could explain one of those...somewhat...maybe.

>Guy: How do you feel about curious straight guys
>Anon: I gotta ask…do you really feel “straight” being on grindr ?
>Guy: Curious for trans only. I am not into guys.


>Guy: mmm pink redhead baaaabe
>Guy: *dick pic on the sink*
>Guy: *ass pic*
>Guy: *pic of his bathroom* ( don't ask, I don't know )
>Guy: Liam the sexy type……i like the sexy type….u got sexy pics like mine
>Guy: fun app…say do u know it shows grindr on visa bill
>Anon: Are you high ?


>Guy: Hey im a sub and I’ve wanted to be a drag buh i wanna be trained before i do anything, can u train me?
>Guy: So can u? I really wanna be a sissy slut
>Anon: Hint: You won’t find a domme on Grindr. Make a fetlife account and find social bdsm events here
>Guy: Can I be coming over over the summer and u dress me up and my makeup and u find guys for me?
>Anon: No…you can listen to what I am telling and join fetlife
>Guy: Do I need to pay?
>Guy: Ok i signed up now what?
>Anon: You send a message to Bunnyboy ( same profile picture ) and we’ll talk later. Meanwhile, explore the website
>Guy: But how will I make myself look like a slut so people can fuck me ?
>Guy: Can I come over and u dress me up and do my makeup for me and we take pics for fetlife ?
>Guy: Not today another day
>Anon: You need to calm down…
>Guy: Whyy?
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Kek at that last story
This one happened this week

>chattin up this qt twink for weeks now
>i have regular hookups on grindr but never with twinks
>he's new to town and wants a friend to show him around and become possible fwb
>finally agree to meet him in a public place and spend the day together
>not really my thing, i usually like just hooking up but he is a 10/10 in my books
>take a 20 minute drive to the other end of the city
>go into coffee shop and wait
>and wait
>after 10 mins i text him and get no response
>order a coffee leave after 25 minutes
>check his profile on grindr today and it says the last time he was on was the night before our meet up
>first time i have ever been stood up
>tfw never gonna fuck a twink
>change my profile pic
>get banned without explanation
>ask grindr support why
>"you must be 18 and up to use grindr"

I'm 19 tho
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>meet qt guy
>we talk together for like a few months
>he is rly shy and cute
>we eventually hook up
>both to shy and nervous to do any sex stuff for the first 6 months
>we eventually get comfortable with each other
>one nigh we both wake up at the same time(or maybe he was just watching me sleep lol, idk)
>I smile cause he is cute and was holding my hands
>we kiss and kinda dry hump each other
>we both cum and are rly embarrassed about it
>it got a lot better after that
>we are still together after 5 years and still very much in love
>I was his first
>he was my first guy
>we will marry at some point :^)

I hope you get hate-crimed
>first love
This is gonna work out.
>>check his profile on grindr today and it says the last time he was on was the night before our meet up
>tfw the guy you talked to for weeks and like a little bit too much starts ignoring you with no warning while still getting on hook-up applications several times a day
I want to die. He's here every fucking day and doesn't reply to me anymore.
>meet muscle dad
>meet up at his house, wife at work
>I immediately start sucking on his uncut dick
>10mins of this pornstar tier blow job goes by
>I hear him sniffling
>I look up to see him crying
>He keeps talking about loving his wife
>at this point I am trying to gtfo
>being polite
>he asks if I can finish him
>I say "oh no I feel guilty" and leave
>get text from asking to meet up again

Shame, he had a solid body and big cock.
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>Go on grindr for friends because I'm a lonely retard
>meet nice guy
>he says "want to come watch Lord of the rings and get a pizza?"
>I'm autistic. I assumed he meant exactly that.
>He knows I'm not into lewd things
>Turn up
>Take of my shoes
>get pinned to a wall
>he kisses me
>find out he smokes
>it's icky, he's an awful kisser
>he pushes me into his room
>tries to undress me
>I escape.
>I tell him not to do that again
>see a cute kitten
>Take it to the sofa, expecting that we'll watch a film
>get pinned down again
>Tell him I'm not comfortable, run the fuck away
>almost trip over trying to put shoes back on in a rush

And that, kids, is how I learnt how to never trust anyone
>see a cute kitten
>get pinned again
holy shit
w-what's that reaction for?
you're fucking retarded. don't go on grindr unless you want to fuck. are you a mentally ill tranny? or just a stupid faggot?


Nice job fucking up other peoples' relationships anon. Control yourself.


I'm like you, minus being autistic. People who ask if you want to watch a film and eat food together whilst knowing you're not into lewd things deserve everything they get, ffs. Fucking faggots, I swear.

What the fuck?
> are you a mentally ill tranny?

I want to die.
>3am, come home alone after taking shrooms with friends, very exhausted
>had been arguing with the guy I was dating all day
>I go on grindr, getting lots of messages from one guy who claims to be staying at the most expensive hotel where I live with a famous french singer
>I send them pics and they want me to comeover and propose a 3some

I didn't think they were real but I decided to just fuck my instincts and go. When I arrive at the hotel one of them is waiting outside for me. He introduces me to the concierge (fucking awkward). I go to the room which is the royal suite. We drink mini bar wine and chat and its a bit flirty.
Then we went to the bed, I started making out with the famous guy. He signaled for his friend to leave. I then gave him an AMAZING blowjob. He called me beautiful. He cums on my chest and we fall asleep.

The next day he gave me a bag of chocolate and wine that he had been given as presents. He gave me a kiss and his number and told me to leave the hotel before him so that we aren't seen together.
This happened November last year, he whatsapped me two days ago asking to see me again when he is back touring here. I already said yes. Also, I'm 19, he's 37.

Had to share this with y'all.
The one and only guy I met was pretty nice. I called it off when he told me was married.
Then an old high school friend msgd me
>"Holy shit Anon what're you doing here?!'
>promptly delete app and never dl again
Boy, being in the closet was spooky
God I love "fuck my instincts and go." All my best stories come from that, both the best and the worst.

>Travel a few minutes to a latino qt's house
>Figure it's gonna be simple and fun
>He leaves me waiting out in the freezing cold for 5 minutes
>Was in his car the entire time? Where the fuck was he, really
>Get taken downstairs, told to be extremely quiet
>walk into disaster area
>One of the messiest places I've ever been in
>Street signs
>A wall full of shoes
>Bed isn't even cleared
>The only things in the room it looks like he actually uses are his clothes mountain and his weed supply
>He hits up like it's nothing right in front of me
>He has cleared out a 2x2 space where I can stand up while he sucks me off
>Nobody is that qt
>Block him before I even leave the house
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Hence forth I shall call balls planets in memory of anon <3
This happens so frequently though, guys just randomly lose interest or delete the app, I've gotten used to it by now. Just meet other guys to fuck.
Sound like a cuck with traditional, comforting female tendencies.

Maybe your a woman, babe.
That's like one of the worst sexual orientations there are.
>Still not realizing Netflix and Chill = sex
Explain in details.
Me 23, bicurious
download grindr
start talking to a guy less than 1mi away
I pick him up and take him to my place
Sexy, twink with a tight body and 6 pack
We start kissing, get naked in my bed
our bodies against eachother
we 69, both cum, super hot.
He randomly shows up at my house to chill
I'm not cool with that. We hookup a few more times and he talks about dating.
I stop taking to him
Had a few more after this, never as good tough

Fucking this.

>meet this sexy af bottom guy
>been chatting a lot
>two days later we agree to meet eachother in public
>at the end of the day he says he loves me and I'm his first guy
>whatever I say yes
>everything's fine and perfect
>two days later he says he's on grindr
>"oh anon I just want to find new ppl and friends :^) you know I love you right?"

Grindr, the perfect app to find your other half.
>guy messages me on grindr asking for a bj
>get to his house, he's standing outside in the dark
>all the lights in the house are off
>"Park down the street, anon"
>brings me inside, tells me not to talk
>leads me into a room, sits down, I start sucking
>halfway through he grabs my face, shoves a small unmarked bottle under my nose
>"Sniff it, just sniff it"
>pretend to
>he does this intermittently throughout bj
>he finishes
>immediately after footsteps above us
>"Stay quiet, my father will literally kill you if he sees you"
>stand up to leave
>he grabs me from behind and tries to make me sit on his dick
>freak out on him
>"I took this" holds up bottle "would make you into it"
>immediately leave

No idea what happened there.
he gave you poppers...

Huh, interesting. I wish he'd just told me what it was instead of shoving a small, unmarked bottle of strange liquid in my face.
Hey man, it's dark and there are skeletons. What did you expect?
you dont really have to douche or anything, just shower before. But you should try fingering yourself to see how it feels. make sure to do that slowly, and when you're hooking with someone, don't rush and use lots of lots of lube.
Tfw someone blocks you but you dont know who
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>meet up with some duder
>he doesn't know that you have to suck when you're giving a bj
>somehow cum
>mfw I don't tell him not to hurt his feelings
Usually going to someone's house you met online gives off the impression you want to fuck.
If you just want friends or to date a person don't go back to their place unless you want sex. That's a pretty basic dating rule, especially if they ask near the end of a date if you want to stop by and have a drink or something like that. It's basically an invitation to pound town.
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>be at work
>be horny af just needs to lose virginity
>random user messages me, asks if i wanna hook up that day
>he says he has a place, i just say yes
>meet in front of the town's biggest chruch
>he's like 59, max 4/10, could literally be my dad
>he fucking has a key to the church and leads me in
>instant regret
>we get in a room and he starts forcing his tongue in my mouth
>we eventually get nude and start 69'ing
>he fucks me, feels meh
>we cum and he licks up most of it
>like 1 year later, find out my best friend has FAMILY TIES with this bitch
>stalk online, find out he has a fucking wife and children
File: vomit-40.jpg (19 KB, 300x257) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>some 60 - 70 year old texts me
>tell him I'm not into old guys
>He tells me to respect his age and he still has much love to give
>block him
>He makes a new account, asks why I blocked him
>sends pics of his grotesque old overstreched hemorrhoid ass
> You sure you don't want to miss this out?
Should I share stories if I'm the cringey guy in the story?
>be solo travelling in America from U.K.
>pre-drink alone, get dressed up to go out and go sit in the gay club area.
>go on Grindr. 'Hey, are you going out tonight? If you are would you mind adopting me too?'
>meet these three really nice 20-something year olds. They buy me drinks, I get drunk and end up fucking one of them.
>have him on Facebook now and he's a massive SJW.

Would still fuck if I went back there though.
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Who's the girl?
hnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggg all these stories
File: ysYszhg.jpg (125 KB, 477x281) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Well then...

>Have a Grindr, despite having a low libido
>Get a message from a guy asking if he can pick me up
>He lives like an hour away
>I tell him I really don't want to fuck, I'm just looking for guys to talk to, not even sure why I have a Grindr
>He says it's cool, tells me we don't have to do anything, he just wants to hang out
>Think he's cool, agree to let him pick me up
>He takes me back to his place, which looks rather impressive, until he tells me he lives with a contractor who wanted to help him get on his feet
>Takes me up to his room, pretty swanky
>He gets in bed, invites me to get in with him
>Nervous, but we agreed no sex so yeah whatever
>He turns on a movie
>Puts his arm around me
>Not sure where to take this
>Move a little closer
>Movie's pretty funny actually
>He starts running his hand over me
>First time I've done anything with a guy
>Fuck are we gonna...fuck?
>No idea what to do
>Tell him I'm nervous
>He stops
>He fucking whips out his dick and starts jerking off
>Asks me for a handjob
>He keeps jerking while staring at me
>Takes my hand
>Places it on his balls
>I just sit there frozen while fondling his balls
>He cums
>Leans up and kisses me
>My first kiss
>He goes into the bathroom and showers
>Afterwards, we go visit his mom
>She complains about how abusive her ex-husband was
>He gets me home before dark
>Mom asks how it went
>"Okay I guess"

I told you I'm cringey as fuck. I have this weird aversion to sex too. Had a boyfriend for 6 months now and we've yet to fuck. I'm still a virgin.

He's not like that though, he says he doesn't really need sex either. He's more into foreplay, like me.
What are poppers?
File: 1452356501168.png (89 KB, 495x398) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Be me
>With GF
>Sees gay guy at Hookah Lounge
>Download Grindr
>Message the guy on Grindr
>Act all serious
>Start trolling
>Sends watermelon
>I say I have a lot of seed
>Then say I'm delicious and Moist
>Guy flips the fuck out
>Repeat every time he comes in
Poppers r Fukin gr8
u be trolling! XD
File: 1430413619643.jpg (39 KB, 396x385) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
39 KB, 396x385
>Download grindr
>Try to find love
>be a nigger
>"no blacks no rice no spice" on every qt white guy profile
>tfw I will never have a white bf

are white gays always this racist or is it just the dating app culture? I thought they liked BBCs
>trying to find love on grindr

Stop that.
I will genuinely talk to anyone who doesn't introduce himself with a cock pic but I have to say I have that so far, 9/10 of black men who contacted me did it.

Eventually, the most "desired" boys gets fed up and use rather drastic methods to reduce the flow. Sadly, it doesnt change much since the cock pics guys rarely bother to read profiles.
Come to the Nordic countries, it's full of cucks that's ready to be punished for their white guilt and show other people how tolerant they are.

Hell I'd love a bbc myself, we could role play were I was a straight prison bitch and you would own my ass.
Blacks and gays both have stupid high rates of AIDS and other STDs. Avoiding the overlap there is common sense.
Gay guys are super racist. I have no idea why.
>be kind of a dork
>meet a guy that's kind of a dork
>neither seem to be physically attracted
>he offers a handjob
>sounds good
>meet up in a parking lot, jerk each other off
>no regrets
File: 1379301841634.png (58 KB, 898x628) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
58 KB, 898x628
>get on grindr
>everyone is old
>delete account

must just be my area
>Download Grindr; never used it before
>didn't want to use name/pic, so just left image blank and made my pic sgt. shitstain
>scroll through
>see highschool teacher
>close grindr, uninstall
I haven't been in high school in a long time, by the way. The way I made this post makes it sound like i'm in high school still.
...Which would've made a much funnier story.
>tfw you only feel like you have a chance to hook up with old guys.
>I'm in the closet so I don't have a photo on my profile but I send photos if they ask
>If somebody doesn't reply after I post i feel like I want to kill myself(I thought I was good looking, I've been told so numerous times, also on grindr).
>I can't handle rejection so I don't message anybody and just let people message me.
>When somebody wants to fuck right now, I start to feel nervious and pussy out.
>I got a couple of guys I can meet but I'm so scared, scared that I might emotionally scar myself and find out that I'm not actually gay.
>I think I'll just post a torso pic when I'm simply shreaded and swole as fuck, if anybody rejects me at that point i think I would go batshit crazy and start raging at them and telling them whats what.

Should I try grindr when I'm not in that good shape, I might be fat/strong, but there's nothing worse than being rejected by a guy that clearly worse than you. Man I need some therapy.

I want to lose my virginity, but I've been "straight" so long, so the aggressiveness towards other men that disrespect me is still there, when I was "straight" I would sometimes intimidate other men that I thought were trying to motherfuck me, especially when I was sober and hang over.

It's hard having a straight mentality and being a submissive bottom at the same time. Me ego is big and fragile, I can't handle reject, it really fucks with me mentally.

Sometimes I want to be a hardcunt who won't be disrespected other times I'm just a submissive little bitch that just want to suck cock. I'm so confused. I hate this feel, one moment I'm listening to hard gangster rap feeling hard as fuck(talking shit about weak men and dick riders), the other movement I just want to cuddle with a man.

Any tips?
This is adorable and completely fake
it kinda sounds like hooking up is not for you
why not?
If you don't feel like you're good enough now, you won't ever feel like you're good enough ;)

Also hookup culture is highly dependent on how you look. To put it bluntly, my cutoff for attractiveness for bottoms is "do you look fat while wearing clothes?" If you do, I will delete your messages on sight :/

However, everyone who makes the cut is given a shot at impressing me through other means - maybe a great butt or a cute face. One guy who was otherwise unimpressive had pictures of himself cuddling with his adorable hedgehog. Turned out to be AMAZING in bed. Hedgehogs are true judges of character.

As I get upwards of 20 messages a day, I can safely say that I am a pretty contested guy and pretty typical of the people you'd be reaching out to.

...But still. Please lose the weight. If no other reason than being physically fit is fucking *fun* and I love every second of being young and strong :)
I'm glad I'm not the only horrible person out there.
>how can you still be a virgin they said
>literally just go on grindr and you'll get laid they said
>tfw bored & drunk at night
>wonder how a gay guy from high school is doing
>dont use jewbook
>gotta use grinder
>install real quick
>dont find him
>message starts popping up
>"wana get rapped?"
>"le gusta la pinga?"
>"got pics?"
>tfw ewww.
>uninstall grinder.app
>jerk off to bara/yaoi
>go to sleep
>hate grindr and everyone who uses it
>has completely ruined gay dating
>am just going to become a serial killer and use grindr to invite sluts over to my house where I will stab them to death
>will continue doing this until I'm caught
Once I get shreaded I'll be having a more aesthetics body than 95% of the chumps at grindr. It's pretty easy for me to gain muscle but also easy for me to gain fat and go back to my old ways of eating unhealthy shit and drinking a lot. I don't lift for girls(now boys), anyone that does that is a straight up busta in my eyes. As I've said I've gotten offers in grindr, but im afraid to reach out to people because of rejection, shit most of the guys on grindr probably have horrible lanky twink bodies anyway.

>If you don't feel like you're good enough now, you won't ever feel like you're good enough ;)
wtf? why? I'm dedicated for having a beach body ready for the summer, being shreaded and working on having strength, if fit types bodies ain't good enough for grindr then I don't know what is. Or is it that faggots just like other faggots that look like homosexual aids patients? Most of them men on grindr don't even look that handsome desu. I don't think you're something special just because you get 20 messages a day, I get a lot of messages a day and I don't even have a profile pic.
You sound cute!
I... I do?
How can you tell via a random greentext story?
Not that guy, but you seem very fem, which is also cute, usually.
I often get mistaken for an gril, so I suppose your diagnosis is correct
personality vise. I'm a sucker for "wierdos".
Gets jumped by horny greasy sleazeball. Oh look a kitten!
I only use grindr for fishing for compliments, with a collarbone to jeans pic of my periodically flat tummy
Would never go though with it though because I don't want aids
>be me, 21 yo
>30 yo guys messages me and sends some pics
>I usually don't go for guys that much older but this one looks qt enough
>He admits he likes younger guys
(I'm skinny and smooth so I still look like a teen)
>kinda pedo-y but ok
>He also likes to be called 'daddy'
>I find it funny 'cause my brother is older than him but ok

After some chatting he invites me to his place to 'watch movies'

>Get there - luckilly he's good looking in person as well
>He offers me a beer and we sit on the couch - there was some movie on the tv
>of course 10 minutes later we are already making out
>Jerk and blow each other off for a while
>As we get more comfortable with each other he becomes more dominant
>I'm ok with it and let him do his thing
>We take it to the bedroom
>He tells me to call him 'daddy' again
>More jerking and blowing and frotting
>No anal though
>We have a good time anyways and both of us shoot satisfying loads
>We cuddle for a while afterwards
>I kinda want to leave but he asks if I'm hungry
>I was about to say no but he says he has ice cream
>I never say no to ice cream
>We eat ice cream in bed while watching a couple of episodes of Steven Universe
>Then he asks if I want to play some vidya
>I never really play but he's a cool guy so I say yes
>Mostly watch him play as I suck at it
>Once we're horny again we jerk and blow each other off once more

Ok, I know it's not really great. But it was funny for me, because he seemed really 'older' than me at first, being more dominant and making me call him 'daddy' but once he shoot his load he kinda turned into a child who likes cartoons and video games.

Super qt desu but we never talked again after that.
He sounds cool, you should talk to him again
Nah, even though he was cool, it was only a hookup -for both of us.

In hindsight, I feel like he took the 'daddy' role a little bit more seriously than I thought when I was there.

>had a beer with his boy
>watched cartoons with his boy
>played video games with his boy

idk, maybe I'm just overthinking it, but now it seems like it all was a sort of fetishistic situation.

Plus it was more than a month ago, contacting him now would be weird. Also I don't like to bottom and I'm preeetty sure he's a top as well.
It's people like you that make me not want to use this app.
File: 2016-01-12 18.41.06.png (232 KB, 1075x1678) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2016-01-12 18.41.06.png
232 KB, 1075x1678
Am I doing it right?
That sounds like the most amazing Grindr meet up in the world.
Jesus, Anon, go outside please and talk to a real person. Even if it's just an employee at the local shop.

I'm a pretty sociable guy and get laid easily and frequently. I was legit joking but he took it seriously. Not my fault he didn't have a decent sense of humour.
>be 23
>have gay sexual feelings sometimes while with gf
>builds up, but never do anything with it
>we break up sometime
>gay sexual feelings build up again
>install grindr
>guys hit on me, i love the attention, but never meet people (too big of a step i guess)
>one saturday night, home alone, like 2am
>playing with my butt
>decide to check on grindr
>30yo guy in the right time&place asks me if i wanna blow him
>impulsively say yes
>scared to give him my address cause of privacy
>ask to meet up somewhere close
>he says yes to meeting in his car in the parking lot of a supermarket near me
>leave everything at home and bike there
>text him "where are you"
>he texts back "black bmw"
>get inside and say hi
>he tells me to lower my pants and he starts fapping me, feels weird
>he lowers his pants too
>tells me to suck his dick
>from the passenger seat i lean over the handbrake and start blowing him, my first bj
>pretty difficult angle but he gets hard and moans while i blow him
>cup his balls and suck him the way i love to see in porn
>he tells me i'm good at it
>feels great to feel like some kind of slut
>he holds my head and pushes down sometimes to make me go faster
>he says "im gonna cum"
>go extra fast and suck harder, idk what im doing
>he holds my head in some sort of tight hold so i can't move it
>starts cumming into my mouth
>swallow it, feels gooey and slutty as fuck
>sit back down
>he says it was really good
>i spaghetti and say "thanks, that was fun" and leave
>bike home
>text him on grindr to text me if he wants to do it again
>he fell for the BBC meme
>he fell for the "white bois need real men" meme
>finally decide to download it
>guy 500ms away from me has a pic of the gym I go to
>I see one of my married neighbours there whenever I go
>scroll down a bit
>the gay guy at work is on it

I guess this profile is staying picture less
why? so the other gays won't know you're gay?

you're all there to get some dicking, it's not like they'll rape you or something
>being publicly gay
>implying he doesn't live at home
you just block those people.
but, depending on your area it seems being pictureless is the norm now.

I hate grindr where I live, its a small town and after a month you'll know pretty much who every gay guy in town is because of the overlap from other sites and apps. There's such a small section.
if being publicly gay is wrong where he lives, then no one is going to knock on his door and say "hey, I saw you in that hookup app for gay guys!"

but well, I guess it's his choice.
It doesn't have to be where he lives, just his family
No one dreams of popping out a gay son when they're buying baby clothes

Maybe I'm just super paranoid, I ended up putting a non-face pic on there, figured most people skip over the blank photos.

Having said that I've had a bunch of old men contacting me, even without a picture.
Yeah, I'm sure his neighbour is going to try and high five anon's dad because he found his son in a hookup app.
Have a love/hate relationship with grindr.
>>mfw reasonably attractive enough to get hookups whenever I really want to but not enough for those 10/10 twinky fuckboys to want you
State clearly on profile that I'm looking for under 30 (I'm 23) and no bears. Regularly get replies from those exact people. I swear thirsty older men must lack basic reading ability.
Anyway, story time:

>>Download Grindr, find a decent amount of people to fuck in the first few weeks. One guy is actually really good looking and relatively close to me.
>>Decide to hookup with this guy expecting him to be some fake because he looks too good.
>>Arrive at his place, he lets me in, actually legit, late 20s, ripped, good looks. I'm rather happy to say the least.
>>fuck him, though he doesnt let me blow him. which I put down to him being a really sub bottom.
>>catch up twice more for the same thing, he still won't let me blow him.
>>later hookup with another guy who tells me that mr attractive guy was HIV positive. He didn't tell me even though I asked him when we met.
>>hurry to dr and get checked out, blood tests, the works.
>>get really worried seeing as I've been with a fair few guys since him, what if I've caught something and gave it to them?
>>results come back clean thank god
>>try to find guy on grindr, has deleted profile, talked to some other guys that had been with him, apparently he moved to another state once one guy threatened legal action.

Now I'm extremely distrustful of everyone I meet on there, unless they can prove that they're clean. Anyhow, this is why you should always use protections kids.
>Regularly get replies from those exact people

It's so frustrating.
I've literally put in my profile that I'm no interested in anyone younger than me.

About 90% of the messages I get are from 18 yo boys.

I guess no one actually reads profiles
100% of grindr is illiterate HIV hives
are you me, anon?
I feel the same, I always used grindr for hook ups but then I had a similar experience like yours and deleted grindr.
Now, everytime I feel horny I just can't meet the guys because I feel they have HIV even tho they've told me they don't have it, and almost anyone wants to show proof that they are negs. Damn faggots, now I have no fucking way of meeting a FWB or a bf because no gay friend irl
>has completely ruined gay dating

afaik 'gay dating' before grindr/dating apps was writting down your phone number on a restroom stall.
Or cruising in the park.

Getting aids in the bathhouses
There have been online dating usenet groups for nerdy gays since the 80's.
How did you guys start doing butt stuff? For context, I feel like losing your v card on a hookup is a waste, y/n?
I've always used dildos but I lost my virginity on a casual hookup and it kind of sucked. He rushed way too much, wouldn't slow down when I said to and was kind of rough. Left with a bleeding butthole even with my experience of dildos.

I'd say wait it out until you're dating someone but if you have no plans of dating then go for casual sex I guess.
... this is my fetish

pls poz my neg hole, sempai!
Ill prob wait until im in a relationship, online dating is so hit or miss tho :/. Thanks for ur story tho senpai
What's wrong with twinks?
Post more stories.
I want to live vicariously through you.
why dont you ask yourself why you dont go for black guys?
THAT'S RACIST!!!¡!!!!11111
>>"Holy shit Anon what're you doing here?!'
retarded question. probably the same thing he's doing there.
I live in a mostly white city

only black guys I know are my relatives
how the fuck did you end up making him coffee at his place.
>be /fit/ top
>meet qt twink on grindr, says first time, says hes nervous
>"please will you be gentle? <33:3xxx"
>"yeah sure"
>he arrives, grab him and throw him on the bed
>fuck his ass without lube while pulling his hair
>cum inside of him
>tell him to leave

I don't have time for your shit
if thats real, i'd consider it rape. he consented under certain conditions you agreed to and ignored.
reminds me of this
I strangely support this

You'll be caught fairly quickly unless you make sure they tell no one about meeting you.

Unless they come to meet you pretty much right away I'd leave them, there's a possibility they would have told someone about you if you draw it out for too long.

Take their phones and the rest of their belongings as well like wallets and stuff.
You need to get rid of the trail Grindr leaves but you don't want to make it seem suspicious by only taking the phone of the people you kill.

How are you going to get rid of the bodies?
I'd recommend arranging a meeting at their homes instead of your place.
Kill them there, make no attempt to hide the body whatsoever, take their wallet/phone and remove all traces of your presence.

If you want the perfect kill, tell them you are into bondage. Get them tied up and strangle them to death. It's possible the police will think it's an accident this way and even if they don't they will have no way to connect the murder to you if you just leave the body where it is.
just fuck me already
You're way over thinking it. Most guys on grindr are cheating, they don't tell anyone who they're meeting or where they're going.
Also most guys I've seen seem to be pretty lax when it comes to giving people their address and such.
Also you don't need to eliminate any sort of trails. Just emulate android and run a VPN and you'll be fine.

I've stolen drugs and shit from guys on grindr and nothing bad has happened. They were married so even if they reported me they would have to sacrifice their marriage in the process.

The only way you are going to get away with being a serial killer is if you take everything into account.

Something the Police don't want you to know is that they have a limited amount of power when it comes to gathering evidence and connecting a person to a crime.

Serial killers get caught because either they want to or because they are careless.

They are usually incredibly meticulous about their planning for the first few murders but they get careless as time goes by because they think they are invincible.

There was a serial killer in Britain who targeted gay men called the gay slayer.
He killed 4 people without the Police even making a connection between the deaths. So he rang up a newspaper and told them that he had killed all 4 of them.

If it hadn't have been for that he'd have gotten away with it because he planned them all perfectly.
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Honestly, they are rare, but I found this one guy that was like all about BBC.
>mfw I'm not black, but still a brown fag

>did find a white couple and had a 3some
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