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How many of you have mental illnesses in...
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How many of you have mental illnesses in your family? Also it might be fun to see how your orientation compares to what we find. :D
My family is more than half schizoids and schizophrenics.
I'm MTF and bisexual.
No mental illness
No cancer
No heart diseases
No liver failure

We all have perfect DNA

And I'm a fucking tranny unable to continue my gene worth spreading.
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You don't have any sperm on hold? Why are you unable to breed? Are you post-op? Just get really rich and I'm sure someday you can input your DNA into some other fine young dames egg, right?
I'm male, and bi. I have major depressive disorder, my dad does too, and so did his mother. She killed herself.
Does yr mum keep your dad happy?
They're divorced. I barely ever see him, because frankly I don't like him. I imagine a similar fate awaits me.

>Father has depression/struggles with suicidal thoughts.
>Mother is always in our shit for some reason. Wouldn't let us play at friends' houses. No volume control. PMSing on the reg. I'm guessing she was "that annoying girl" in school.
>Paternal grandfather was domineering and stubborn with my father and his brother and sisters.
>Aunt and godmother (same person) was very withdrawn as a child. Could be various things. One hypothesis I've started thinking (without any evidence) is she's a lesbian.
>Other aunt is schizophrenic.
>Godfather (not actually related to me, but I'll say just because) is probably a confirmed bachelor or a G3 MtF.

So my family's actually pretty bare of diagnosed mental illnesses, as far as I know. I'm bi and MtF, pretty much fit schizoid PD criteria, though I was never diagnosed.
Anxiety, schizo and depression are all up there.

I'm cis homo
But, yeah, nothing could make him happy anyway.
>Aunt is SAD
>Mom had difficulty connecting with others socially as a kid
>Brother is heavily autistic
>Cousin is drug abuser
>Different aunt is 50something and unmarried and likes cats I don't know if she just doesn't care or never found someone or is les or what
Overall senpai isn't that fucked up really
I like to believe there's nothing wrong with me but I'm probably wrong
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Do you do drugs?
Have you tried moving past your expectation of happiness to pursue moksha?
No. Unless you count antidepressants.

Also, I don't expect happiness, I merely like the idea of it.
i bet nobody in you family is schizophrenic,
this is not a meme illness, if you dont have hallocinations that are real like the whole world around you, then its not schizophrenia.
and schizoid is something complete different than schizophrenic
Why would they lie about having a family member with schizophrenia?
attention whoring and victim status,
if they had schizophrenia they are not really possible to live a normal life.
you see, someone who has schizophrenia maybe start killing people because a giant dark eye that hovers over him, commands him to.
and for the him its real.
if you just hear voices or other jokes its nothing.
I mean...there is medication
there is no cure for this, but the medication can ease the symptoms a little
Depression, Anxiety, OC(P)D, ADHD, Bipolar, PTSD, those are just the ones I know people in my family have. Mom has a fair number of N traits.

Bisexual MtF here
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Actually 2 close members have diagnosed schizophrenia, an aunt is a schizoid and they're all alcoholics/ addicts; There is also my bipolar sibling who is often rediagnosed because she was supposedly misdiagnosed before. The doctors around the spoiled parts of america are used to hypochondriacs ready to throw some cash down. When they get real cases their egos soar.

I started this thread to see if the "mental illness" meme is correct or if it's just taking a shot at most mtf's attention whoring tendencies. I am also curious to see if there are more patterns.
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Can you ever feel happiness? Or can you weasel into a situatione where you feel you may have tricked yourself into feeling happy? Believing that your depression is due to nurture over nature may be your only hope. I'm sorry, senpai.
I can feel mild amusement, like I can still find some things funny, things like that. But all my pleasures are mild, and short, while the pains are often horrible, and always seem to be there. Just recently, a little before NY, I went to a supermarket to buy fireworks, I planned to explode one next to my head, but the guy didn't believe I was 21. Not sure if I've properly answered your question, but thanks for talking with me.
i think there a two kinds of depression,
depression the mental illness and
depression the symptom.
but i can asure you it feels like
None will have meaning and you won't even care.
Mine is definitely the illness. It hit me like a ton of bricks within a few days, everything was completely normal, nothing bad had happened to me. It's been six years since that happened.
That's what I'm saying
Lot of anxiety in mine. Not constant panic attack anxiety, but a few of us have heard voices during stressful times.
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Thread images: 6
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