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hi /lgbt/ not sure if you can greentext rl...
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hi /lgbt/ not sure if you can greentext rl sex stories here. i've made a few threads last weeks about a weird gay experience i had with a friend, or more specificly a straight couple. i'm a straight guy, or i dunno i guess i can't say that anymore ? bi probably ? i'll greentext if there's any people interested. 3 ocurances so far. posted on /b/ till now but 404's really fast
I'm listening.
i'll start with the first evening. makes more sense and all.
1st time : 2 weeks ago

>be with 2 best friends (a couple)
>they're very open, they talk about sex alot. she doesn't do anal because she think he'll never fit.

> often jokes if he wants to do it he'll just have to find someone else.
>one day the jokes going on as usual but i say say she's probably overeacting (have experience with plugs, prostate and all.)

>tells me if i think it's so easy, i shouild do it.
>good friends so i just play along with the joke.
> he stands behind me and bend me over and says to her "like you'd let me"
>she just shrugs "it's not my ass, i don't care"
>i don't really know how to respond. i've thought about it a few times but never found guys attractive.

>he lowers my pants and i kinda freeze not sure if it's still a joke.
>she's suddenly not that sure anymore either and walk up to us
>he pulls down my boxers and drops his pants.
>feel his dick drop on my ass/lowerback
>feels massive
>she looks at me and lives this look like "are you really letting this happen"
>keep quiet and just look in front of me
>feel a big glob of spit fall on my asshole
>suddenly feel pressure on my ass
>he pushes in slow and works the head in
>he grabs my hair and pulls me back onto his cock.
>she asks "so anon, is it as easy as you thought ?
>shake my head "no... he's big"
>proceeds to fuck me infront of his girlfriend.
>he calls her to him to make her watch how he's balls deep inside me "see ! i'm not too big"
>she tries to be kinky "so how does it feel getting fucked like a whore anon" ?
>ignore it and lay there doing my best to take it all.
>he goes really hard. to the point where it's kinda painful
>feel a strange feeling in my gut and start to drip some cum
>have an orgam, feels way different than anything before.
>she loves it "omg anon did you jsut cum like a girl ?"
>i spasm slightly and tighten my ass
>he grunt and hammer in balld deep
>cums inside me.
>pulls out and slaps one of my cheeks.
>pulls his pants back up, while i just lay there, bent over

>after a smirk from her they kinda go back to what they were doing
>i follow after a minute or 2 and sit newt to them watching tv for a bit
>stays really quiet, but not sure what they're thinking>
>i leave shortly after, i was supposed to anyway.

i'll post the next one if people want to
pretty sure that's rape. unless you really enjoyed it.
i didn't really want it at the moment, but i never said no. after it started to happen it did have an appeal, maybe i'm weird, kinda turned me on
OP, why do you keep posting this story so frequently? Are you looking for validation or are you confused about your experience?
confused, but after the first few threads got attention alot of people asked to kept up to date. but it 404's so fast if those anons don't see it. it's been on page nine before i could even post the greentext.
Continue, homo.
Yeah probably best not to post it in /b/, that board can move fast unless its a "something happening" or porn post.

I hope you figure things out. If you feel they're being too pushy and your not liking it remember your a person and have every right to say when no is no when enough is enough.
yeah, that's always possible. i'm not obligated to go there so. don't worry too much about it
second evening : 1 week ago

>hang out like we usually do, watching tv, not awkward as i expected
>a few hours pass by, things seem pretty normal again
>only staying for another 20 minutes, think nothing'll happen.
>i was wrong
>she scoots up closer to me and takes my hand and moves it up her skirt
>no panties
>i look at me my friend, he's watching but doesn't say anything.
> she leans in to me
>"what are you waiting for anon ? eat me out"
>seeing how last time went i get to it
>get on my knees in front of her spread legs
>move skirt up and start kissing her pussy
>getting into it
>see him whip his cock out and start to stroke it as i'm going down on his gf.
>first time i've seen it, thing's huge
>figures he's the one who wants to watch this time"
>work on her clit, doing my best
>didn't notice him getting up
>she grabs my hair pulls my head up
>he's next to me, and slaps my face with his cock
>she's still holding on to my hair
>"come on anon, open wide"
>kinda weirded out and cought of guard,didn't plan to suck cock. don't know how
>hesitantly open my mouth, i was just eating out his girlfriend afterall.
> slides cock into my mouth
>"good girl" she starts moving my head for me
>really tough on my jaws, girls make it look easy
>"come on, use your tounge or something"
>hesitate and try to move my tounge around it but not alot of room in my mouth
>after a few minutes "you really suck at this"
>she pulls my head off of him and "fine, back to me then"
>get back to eating her pussy
>enjoying this alot more
>minutes later feel my pants being pulled down
>try to look behind me
>pulls my head back into her pussy "shh, let it happen"
>feel something cold drip on my ass
>i assume lube, definitely more planned than last time
>pressure is building up, feel my ass take in the head
>"thaaat's it. good"
>try to focus on relaxing untill most of it's in.
>"don't forget me" she urges me to continue
>slowly get back to her pussy
>he goes slow for a while, seems to last longer than last time
>picks up pace
>thrusting hard
>have to hold on to her to stay in place, can't really do much to her anymore
>look up at her, she doesn't seem like she's worried about her own orgasm anymore
>he grabs my hair again pulling it hard
>looking straight at her
>she's rubbing her pussy looking at us.
>slams in hard ,feel his balls slap against me
>after a few more thrusts i start to cum.
>again she's very amused by it "god you're a bitch"
>keeps hammering in me
>she looks at him and then back at me
>looks at my face and puts a hand on my cheek
>he starts to grunt and empty his load inside me
> she smiles "that's it, take it all"
>finishes shooting his load and lets go of my hair
>exhausted my face falls into her lap
>i slowly pull my pants back up
>he leaves to the bathroom
>sit up next to her "fuck... is he always that rough ?"
>"not usual, but he really goes to town on you"
>notice i'm already 5 minutes late
>leave before he gets back.
Ok just checking anon. Have fun I guess ;)
OP where art thou? This is hot.

BTW, how big was he exactly?
still here, didn't get any responses so i thought people weren't interested.
also he's about 19,5 cm which is close to about 8 inches i think. but pretty girthy
3rd evening : last night.
>arrive, get greeted by her at the door
>is happy to see me, but acts fairly normal
>before we go to the living room asks i i can help her cary something downstairs
>"sure, no problem"
>get upstairs and go into room, it's dark.
>she stays outside and locks door behind me
>"the fuck ?"
>" turn on the light anon"
>click on light and see a top and skirt
>"the door isn't opening untill you put on your new clothes, oh and leave the boxers"
>speechless, this went fucking fast.
>"i... i dunno, i'd feel really uncomfortable..."
>"up to you anon, i've got time."
>don't do anything for 10 minutes, reluctantly decite to put on the top and skirt
>knock on the door "do i really have to leave my boxers ?"
>"you probably won't be wearing mens clothes here anymore, didn't get you panties yet, so it's nothing for now"
>feel nervous, not really the good kind.
>"fine... i'm ready"
>she opens the door with a big smile
>"now thaaat's better"
>awkwardly keep hand near my sides to keep the skirt down
>"don't be like that FEManon"
>she actually used female version of my name, feels shitty
>we walk downstairs and get into living room
>he's already sitting in the couch dick in hand "wow, didn't believe you when you said you could get her to do it"
>too embarrassed to look at his face, i walk to the couch and sit a faw places away, still keeping skirt down"
> she sits next next to him "i guess she's feeling selfconcious, lets take her mind off it"
>she puts her hand on his dick and strokes it for him. "i want some too anyway"
>starts sucking his dick for a bit then drops her pants and straddles him
>looks over her shoulder at me as she moves her panties away and lets him slide inside her pussy
"he feels great doesn't he ?"
>they start getting into it, probably fuck for 5 or 6 minutes
>can't keep my eyes off of them, get hard after a while
>start stroking myself a bit under the skirt, try not to let it show
>start stroking myself a bit under the skirt, try not to let it show
>she notices "no no no, you won't do that here, if you want a dick, just tell me.
>get startled and let go of my dick immediately. "get over here femanon, now"
>as i hesitantly get up to walk towards them, she unstradles him and guides me on my knees infront of him"
> "see ? he's ready for you, you know what to do"
>slowly open my mouth and give it a lick. it tastes like her.
>"don't be shy" she stands behind me and moves my head down on him
>lets go of me and lets me suck it on my own.
>move up and down on shaft , try and use tounge on head when it's not too deep"
>do that for a few minutes, jaw starts to hurt like a bitch again.
>aperantly it's noticable "don't worry, always uncomfortable at first when you suck a real dick"
>after a bit she kneels next to me and pulls my head off "don't forget the balls" pushes my mouth towards his balls, his dick resting on my face
>i pause for a little "don't give me that, go on" i open wide and try to suck his balls into my mouth.
>she jerks him off really fast as i have his balls in my mouth. she winks "he really loves that, won't be long"
>a bit later he starts to groan and tremble a bit.
>she suddenly pulls me off of his balls and makes me get my mouth around the head all the while she's still stroking fast
>he starts to cum inside my mouth, feel 3-4 big loads blast again the back of my mouth.
>some gets into my throat and i gag a bit "no, keep sucking, don't spill a drop"
>keep my mouth on it for a while after he stopped cumming.
>"that's it" she gently moves my head off of it. "now don't waste a drop. swallow it all"
>i hesitate, doesn't exactly taste great, but in the end i swallow everything.
>"that's my good girl"
>he lightly slaps my cheek with his dick "you're getting better at this, enjoyed it ? "
> "i don't know.. and the taste...
>she wipes some of the saliva from my chin "don't worry about it, you'll get used to it"
that's...almost the perfect size, no wonder you came. i have a toy about 9" and 6.5" around and if i go at it full force and hit the right spots the orgasms i get are so strong but try doing that to yourself and you quickly find that your body locks up and it's hard to keep maintaining a good consistent rhythm

after that we kinda hung out like usual for a few hours but with the exception that they called me femanon and gave some remarks about the skirt sometimes. it was still awkward for me, but at that point the skirt didn't feel as weird as what just happened.
i want this to happen to me
i don't know much about ideal sizes, but i has some experience with smaller plugs before this happened, probably the only reason i could take it all, still hurt though. this was the first time i actually came from it, kinda freaked me out a bit, kinda thought it was a myth
This reads kind of weird sissy forced feminization story or something. It doesn't sound very realistic.
not as much as people think...hate to say it but a big dick really does hit that spot better. not only does it open your insides up to expose sensitive spots more but it also puts pressure on everything better too. you're a lucky fucker
>ITT: anon posts his things that never happened, wank fodder stories
i've been told that before, and i've been referred to a board about forced feminisation by someone. if it doesn't seem realistic then.. i don't know what to say. not everything unlikelly is fake, it often is though so i don't blame you.
OPs frequent reposting as well as posting and discussion elsewhere ( & even when people wern't interested ) leads me to suspect this story is probably true. Either that or OP has been smoking some weird shit lately.
i don't know if i'm THAT lucky, i wasn't into the girl clothes at all, but i guess it's part of the apeal i don't like some of the stuff that happened, but i like that that "made" me do it regardless. if that makes sense ? still wish i got to fuck her too though, but after last night i don't see it happening anymore
Awww. You're so sweet.
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*tips fedora*
Maybe he's writing a forced fem erotica novel and wants to get an opinion on the rough storyline so far.
Peer-review by 4chan. Excellent idea anon!
File: dog_skep_dog.jpg (35 KB, 326x400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>OP's obsessive reposting of fetish wank material makes me think he is not obsessed with this fetish and doesn't get off by sharing his fantasies with others.
to be fair i haven't been spamming it that often. there was a week between every thread. then i sometimes had to repost because it sometimes 404'd before i could even get the entire greentext in. /b/ is not a good board for it i guess. but the times that people got to see it i got asked by severals anons to keep them updated, so i did.
How do you not get poopdick from just randomly getting fucked, you said you're "straight" so you didn't prepare right? I assume by a big dick, which even less believable. I just cant understand how youre so lucky or this is bs.
i didn't prepare the first time no. there was luck involved. after that i did prepare, second time i wasn't planning on letting it go that way but didn't want to risk it seeing the previous weekend. mentioned earlier in thread that i did have experience with plugs before, though i usually only during long faps. so i was aware of how important being clean was.
Just waiting for Anon to snap and murder them both.
there were things i didn't enjoy but i wouldn't kill someone over it lol
It does sound a bit "fantasy-ish" but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and give you my opinion anyways:

This is creepy as fuck. Not the feminization thing, but the disregard for consent shown here. It's okay to like it, that's something you're into, but even the most serious Dom/sub relationships start with a serious conversation about permission and personal boundaries and consent, etc. You need to go there, put on your best big boy voice and have a serious conversation about what you are okay with and what you aren't. Are you okay with word of this "relationship" being public? Are you okay with not knowing your friend's sexually history, considering you're having unprotected sex and taking his loads? Are you okay with being forced to wear female clothing and be called a female name? Was locking you into the room and insisting you follow their orders crossing a line? You need to discuss these things with them, in a serious setting not at a time where you are in the "sub" mode.

You are allowed to enjoy weird sexual things, just make sure your consent is respected. If you feel uncomfortable with ANYTHING, you have the right to make them stop. You can ALWAYS say "stop" or "I don't like this" or "I don't want you to do this" and if they don't respect that, it's rape.
Also, if this isn't real, can you let us know? This is actually concerning, and I'd really like to know if my concern is unwarranted.
Yeah the first time he's getting anally fucked and he isn't lubbed or clean. Like okay sure. That sounds like bullshit. If you don't think about having sex with men you don't think about cleaning your ass. Also if you've NEVER done it it's going to take much more than spit to get a cock in there.
I mean, he claims to have used buttplugs and other buttstuff before. I assume from that he wouldn't be too tight, and would at least keep a decently clean butt.
i appreciate the concern, but so far i haven't really regretted it, so far i could have said no at any time so it isn't completely forced. at this point the only thing that i was actually forced into was wearing the clothes with being locked in there, but i was still only in there for 10 minutes.

i have been uncomfortable and there were some things that i didn't really like, like sucking his dick but being "made" to do it make me like it in a different aspect. so yes it is real though i don't blame people for being sceptical. i'm not overly concerned about most thing, like i'm pretty sure they wouldn't want this to be public either.

i think it's really cool you care about the people on the board, but currently you shouldn't worry about me, i can simply not there anymore if things get too fucked up.
there was luck involved the first time, you're very right that it's unwise to do it without getting cleaned etc. but after the first i did prepare just in case, also mentioned the plugs in posts i made, so i wasn't completely unexperienced, i know how to relax to let things in. it wasn't easy though, was definitely sore after

Okay, then I'd still recommend you talk to them about it. Just call and say "we need to talk" and be clear that when you go over it isn't for anything sexually. And sit down with them and talk about what's going on, and your limits, and what's okay and not okay. Maybe even agree on a safe word to use when you're really not okay with what's going on, beyond minor protestations.

Even if you like this, even if your okay with it for now, PLEASE, just do this for me. One day the line WILL be crossed, and when it is crossed and they don't respect that it will be VERY bad for you.

Can you promise me that? That you'll bring it up, in frank conversation, with them? It would make me feel a lot better for you.
He never said no. The way he described it makes it seem like he had plenty of chances to make it know if he didn't want it.
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I approve of these stories.
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