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Story time
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Describe your first time on sucking cock and if it was good.(if you're a guy)

I'm thinking about trying to suck someone, but i'm a little bit afraid of it.
find guy on omegle.
>he sends me pics, its big :) im thrilled
meet up, find nice place to park and move to the back of my mustang
>he takes his pants off, it doesnt look big at all...
I lean over and put his soft cock into my mouth. I must be doing a good job because it starts getting bigger and bigger and bigger as im getting it harder
>I make him move his legs over the seat hump, he is now spreading his legs pretty wide, i get at a good angle and begin to bob on his cock and deepthroat it as best i can. I played with his balls, licking them before putting both of them into my mouth.
>keep gagging on his big cock, but trying to continue because its really hot for me
>eventually i am kinda overcum by gagging and ask if he wants to fuck me. He eagerly says yes (must have been driving him crazy he was so horny)
I keep jerking him off as i find a condom and put it on him. I lube him up and try sitting on his dick, its too big. I try again this time i get some of it in, but its too much for me. So i take it out us more lube, third times a charm, i am able to take it all and am now sitting in his lap with his big dick inside me. I reach between my legs and feel his balls and make sure its all inside me.
I begin to ride up and back.
He then bends me over the seat and fucked me so good for a couple of minutes before he came.
>never heard back from him :(
Felt like jello.
Met a cute emo twink on craigslist while visiting a friend in another city. We started with sucking each other off which was alot more fun then I would've thought and I am apparently rather good at it ;). We then moved to him riding me since I was thicker then he was used to so he could go at his own pace. Took a bit but we got going an he ended up coming on my chest. Afterwards we just sucked each other off for about an hour and a half since he was sore afterwards. Was a lot of fun and I found out how much fun sucking while being sucked is. Also doing it with a cute emo guy was also a big plus.
I was about 22, met a guy on a gay site, he picked me up and I sucked his cock while he drove me to his place, then he fucked me, I finished myself off, and he drove me home.

It was okay, my second was better.

If you're thinking about it a lot, just do it. If you don't like it just don't do it again. Even if you do like it, doesn't mean you'll become gay forever, or even do it ever again.

Just try the shit you want to try, you'll be dead one day.
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My 10th grade science teacher during the lunch break in the back of the storage room where he kept all the supplies.

He was late 20's and really handsome. Blond with a nice little beard.
What's there to be afraid of.

My first time was with a guy I befriended from college. He was a health nut, with a sleek toned body and loved to jog. He had longish brown hair and had a cute, devilishly mischievous face.

Anyway, after he found out I was gay I made a few passes at him . He was fine with cuddling but because he was mostly straight, he would never do anything sexual. I was disappointed. One time cuddling I alsmost got my hand down his pants. I could feel his pubes and the tip of his potent cock before he stopped me.

So I thought I'd have no chance.

Then one day during winter break I was hanging out at his house. Out of nowhere he told me he wanted me to suck him off , and had been thinking about it all week.

I was thrilled. He let me start touching him through his tight jeans. I could feel him get harder. I felt his swollen balls through his pants.

Then we made it up to his room, and he said he was just gonna get changed. It stripped down to his undies, his hot body shimmering.

I said "lemme help you" and pulled down his boxers. Out popped his handsome, thick 7.5 incher.

I put my lips to it and started sucking like crazy. That was the first time I tasted dick, and I loved its subtle musky smell and the way it pulsed.

I licked his balls and shaft, and this whole time he struggled to contain himself standing up. We moved over to the bed and I finished him off, and he spurted one of the most copious cum shots I've ever seen.

Woo that was a good time. It's not as thrilling as it once was.

The best is sucking off a straightish guy, because you really feel like you've seduced them, and they only consent if their extremely horny.
I anxiously await the dateline episode.
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So do I.

toppity kek
It's nothing scary, if you're really urging to try it then do it, but definetly be safe if meeting strangers from online.

My story: my last semester in college, fall 2012, I just really wanted to suck a cock! I was really horny and decided to give craiglist a chance to find someone who wanted to hookup/get a blow job, so I started my search and it was really hard finding someone who was interested in the same thing I wanted to do, altough I would have preffered to hookup with a crossdresser or trap, I searched for guys because they were easier to find, anyways, couple of weeks before graduation, I found a guy right off campus who was a student at the college as well and didn't seem sketchy, we talked via email and exchanged pictures and shortly after we decided to meet at his place so I could suck him off, I was very nervous/afraid of meeting up with strainger from craiglist, there was always that chance you could meet a psycho killer lol it was not the case this time.

He opened the door and invited me in, he lived in a cozy upstairs apartment, we talked a little and he could see I was a bit nervous because it was my first time and so he got me some water and told me to relax and we didn't need to anything, he turned on the tv and after a while I asked him if I can touch his cock, I started rubbing his cock and I could feel it growing, so we took his pants off, he had a nice 6-7 inch cock, I jerked it for a little while, it got super hard really fast, I proceded to put his big cock in my mouth, well it tasted like a cock and I couldn't believe I was sucking this dude off, it was surreal. I sucked his tip while I jerked him off and then I tried with no hands but it made me gag, I kept sucking and his cock was throbbing and soon after I jerked him off and he came on his belly. That was that.

That was my first time and haven't sucked cock since, i enjoyed it but I wish I was more relaxed, it would have been much more awesome
uh this is weird...but where did you go.

I think we might be in the same boat.
I've never performed oral on someone, male or female
The thought alone is a huge turn-off
Bi curious here

Met a cute guy willing to be my trap. Going on a big shopping spree so i can fuck my trap.
Argh! this thread! I just want to suck dick already!
I am in north jersey if some one wants to suck me off.
>see ad on craigslist
>guy wants to meet up to exchange blow jobs
>meet in starbucks parking lot
>he suggests we go to the local woods since it's dark
>follow him to woods, walk about 100 feet in and go behind huge rock
>I kneel down and he pulls out his cock
>he's fat and his cock is fatter
>start working on it
>hardens up nicely
>getting a lot in my mouth
>feels great. hardness covered with a nice velvet-like covering
>nice bulbous soft head
>he's moaning, telling me I'm a great cocksucker, cum whore, bitch
>I'm OK with this
>tells me he's going to cum
>pulls my head closer, unloads in my mouth
>first cum I've tasted and it's nasty
>cough and spit it out
>lost all interest in getting my cock sucked
>drive home and brush and use mouthwash several times
>can't get taste out of my mouth
>jerk off anyway
>want to suck cock so bad I literally dream of it
>don't want to do anything else with a guy (yet)

Craigslist isn't very popular where I live, what's a good hookup site to just ask for something casual like that?
I used to be able to self-suck if that counts.

Haha yes, I think it's weird too looking back at it now. The guy literally lived like 10 minutes away from my place so I went over to his apartment and sucked him off on his bed.

Why in the same boat?
Would that have possibly happened in California? I happen to know a teacher by that description
I mean what school were you at. My story is the exact same, except I was the other person...
that was your first time? fuck you went for all

Walking towards my home a bit drunk. Some guy parks next to me and asks me for directions but i say i dont know and keep walking. They guy moved the car again, said i was cute and if i wanted to get sucked, i suddenly felt my cock tingle and i got inside the car. He drove to a lonely street and sucked me, then he pulled out his cock and i started licking it and then sucking like crazy while he spanked me and fingered my ass. I came over the seat and went to my house.
>used to live with a guy in college
>tall guy (like 6'2), fit, played some sports
>used to bring girls back to the place regularly, would sometimes be up crazy late getting high and fucking in the next room
>one night he brings some girl back, then after they're both high as fuck she decides she's not up for sex anymore
>he's so high he's practically comatose and just says "yeah whatever, when are we going to do it"
>she sneaks out at like 2am, i come out the other room, the lights are off, and he is sitting back on the sofa, eyes shut, naked and almost unconscious, manspreading with a huge boner, and soaking with sweat
>he hears me come in and thinks it's just her, starts talking in jumbled speech and asking for sex
>with my most girly voice impression, i just say "relax, i'm on it" and kneel, putting a hand on his thigh
>i start sucking his cock
>he just sits there enjoying it, occasionally moaning
>he's thick, and probably eight inches in length or close, and has some nice, big balls, which i briefly suck on
>i suck on him for just a few minutes until i finish him off, and swallow
>he is still unaware and high as fuck, just tells me to get him some water
>i go out the room, and quietly go upstairs to bed
>never finds out what i did, also girl in the story denies sucking him leading to confusion, but he just thinks she was too high to remember
It was pretty hard, I had to use all my flexibility to get the head on my mouth, it was worth it, my precum tastes amazing.

more stories
Oh okay...a university in Illinois :)
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Thread images: 4
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