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How /k/ were your grandparents?
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How /k/ were your grandparents?

>be granddad (pic related)
>be dropped off at orphanage as a toddler
>live there for two years before trying to run away, get caught and severely beaten
>spend remaining years at the orphanage training self to run, jump, and climb
>also practice handwriting to be as clean and consistent as possible
>be him, 16 years old
>forges social security card, birth certificate, and other papers
>orphanage is about 5 miles from the nearest town
>slips out at the dead of night and travels there
>signs up for the army that morning
>goes through basic, does incredibly well
>deployed to Germany
>meets Oma
>fucks her and makes my mom
>deployed to North Korea
>comes back with a purple heart
>apparently he got shot in the calf, they amputated slightly above the wound
>lost almost all of that leg to an infection a few years later, never once complained

His life story makes me ashamed of myself.
Depression era kids were cut from a different cloth anon
That generation was the best this country has had
We've completely shat on the foundation they left and the mantle they passed on
>grows up during Great Depression
>enlists in the army
>WWII veteran who was there during DDay
>lost his left leg
>marries the French nurse who took care of him
>comes back to US, founds company
>becomes millionaire

He's 95 now and a really brilliant guy. Found out at my gran's funeral that she was a closet communist that hosted communist meetings at their house, which was weird.
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>Be my grandpa
>be from very low income Depression era family
>join Army at 16
>get sent to Korea in 1951
>be Machine Gunner behind Ma Deuce
>In Army until 54

Christ I miss him

also this >>28676169
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creepy thing.png
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Holy shit OP are you my brother? That's literally EXACTLY what happened with my grandfather on my dad's side.
He killed japs in ww2, aside from stories of him scaring away black guys with his axe the only thing I know for certain is that he wasn't fond of handguns of any kind.
>dad buys a bebe gun
>"accidentally" shoots german immigrant neighbors tv and gets ass kicked by him
>grandfather comes home and sees this
>dad lies
>german guy is just upset my dads a kid playing with toy guns
>grandfather breaks it over my fathers head and sends him home
>this combined with watching friends get killed in the neighborhood over the years also made him very anti handgun, but sees no problem with a kid owning a 22 or something similar
Maternal grandfather sold guns, loved military and old west stuff, and used to dabble in NFA items through some FFLs he knew. Left me a Winchester Model 52
>grandpa got conscripted and sent to Tonk Destroyer school and becomes a gunner
>finally get to North Africa
>yeeeeah we're out of tanks so just use this up-gunned halftrack
>no protection whatsoever, the entire front had to be taken down to allow the gun to traverse
>somehow make it through all in one piece and finally get into an M10
>rolling through Tunisia when someone throws a grenade up into the open cupola
>grandpa dolphin dives out but gets some shrapnel in his leg and a broken arm on landing
>spent the invasion of Sicily in a hospital and eventually returned to the front in early '44
>now a tank commander who has to train a group of former towed gun operators how to work in an M10
>it goes about as well as you'd expect, the driver backs up into the mess tent
>miraculously make it through the rest of the war with no incidents
On my fathers side he was just a cattle rancher, terrible bastard who tried to fight his own father and beat his kids regularly.
On my mothers side some down home autistic mechanic who started a parts store that was on the road to success, then his son got shot, died of complications, he died not too long after, eldest daughter took over business and ran it into the ground.
Hayseed grew up raising and training race horses, enlisted early in ww2, apparently slept with a ton of girls in bong during the blitz, then was re deployed to italy for the invasion, where he bedded yet another woman who likely gave birth to his child.

He returned home and ran a pretty successful ditch digging company and continued to raise horses.

Lost him last year at 93. Cancer melted him away over 6 years.
My grandpa was in the army corps of engineers.
He was in Korea during Vietnam, so, got lucky there I guess.
His brother is the badass of the family, was Huey gunner in Vietnam in the 75th Ranger Regiment.
Says he killed lots of gooks
>Paw Paw
>born 44
>breaks horses for a living ages 14-17
>kicked out of school age 16. Assaulted another student with a baseball bat, sent him to the hospital
>joins army age 18
>border guard in South Korea
>comes home less than a year then 'Nam
>e5, Ranger
>exterminator after army
>carpenter because exterminating sucks ass
>illegally conceal carried a full size 44 magnum under a duster for year
>taught me to shoot
>got me a Winchester 94, 1956 Remington 870
> still alive
>grandfather went to catholic high school with brothers
>pearl harbor happens
>japanese internment
>grandfather sees his japanese friends hauled off to the internment camps
>thought this was wrong
>decides that its best if war ends fast
>ends up a medic because his eyesight was shit
>wound up on Normandy the day after D-Day
>went through the remainder of the European theater patching guys up
>have photos of him in France, Germany, next to blown out Panzers
>never talked about what he saw
My grandpa would tell me to grow up.

He also says I can't play with you guys anymore. He says, "you are autistic and I'm hanging out with the wrong croud".
>great grandfather removed kebab in balkan wars
>grandfather removed Italians in wwII
Both pretty badass people, none speak a lick of English though so I don't get any of their stories.
I wish I knew. Both my grandfathers were tail gunners, and served at roughly the same time, but that's about all I know. I know my maternal grandfather was on a ship back to the states that sunk or was heavily damaged or something, my grandmother on that side still had the death notification. They never bothered to let her know he wasn't actually dead, she found out when he showed up at the door.
If they both spoke/speak the same language, fucking nut up and LEARN IT. At least yours are still breathing.

And you met them before they died, taking all their stories with them.
Great grandpappy was a grunt in WW2, took a burst below the left knee few days after Normandy, brother got his head blown off by a gook sniper. Died when I was six, never told me any stories.

Grandpa was an accounant in the Air Force during 'Nam, said they told him he was too smart and too scrawny to be infantry. Still got his uniform n everything.
>In sailing cadets or some shit when he was a teen
>Got caught numerous times trying to steal sailing dinghies and sail across the English Channel
>Finally enlists at 18 with the Royal Marines
>Served aboard HMS Warspite, Sheffield, and several less notable ships
>Hated the monarchy and trash talked them even in front of officers
>Would sneak into officer's cabins and cut their dress whites with a razor
>Once got caught jettisoning rifles and various firearms overboard
>Immediately sent to a prison in India
>Saw action in Africa, and Northern Europe
>Shelled the beaches prior to the landings and shadowed and helped sink the Bismarck while onboard Sheffield

>Be other grandpa
>Officer in USAF
>See action in Korea
>Get to fly master race F86 Sabre

Never knew much about my paternal grandpa because his relationship with my dad was pretty crappy I think, but I've still got his personal effects in a box; medals, pictures of him at Boeing field in flight suit and playing baseball, a pint glass with his name, rank, and wings set in.
>learn to speak Greek
>implying they're alive
Sure kiddo and while im at it ill ask Uncle Sam for a pay raise greater than 1.3 percent.
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> Be grandfather
> Grow up with abusive dad but a sweet, loving mother
> Endure years of abuse
> Dad would hit him with a 2x4 sometimes in drunken fits
> Joined Air Force
> Worked on GE engines and F101 Voodoos
> Leave Air Force
> Join Coast Guard, before the whole le puddle pirates maymay
> Operate Operationally on cutters in Arcitc during Cold War
> Get deployed to 'Nam
> Rally up Vietnamese who draft dodged
> Get in firefights with "Coinslots"
> Loses something like 50-60% of hearing from firing a .50 when nobody else would
> Comes home
> Work as a mailman
> Retire
> Seen things no man should
> Done things no man would
I miss that man with all my heart.
>be 19 or bit older idk
>late 1950s Croatia
>everyone is starving to death
>fukn commies
>try to escape to 'straya on boat
>get caught
>forced to enlist in the army
>worst time of his life
>gets out
>tries to escape again, this time with guns
>apparently kill someone (he never really spoke about the escape the killing was never confirmed)
>successfully escape
>meet wife on ship to kangarooland
>live a life as a concreter till death
atleast Nonna is still alive
Why was he jettisoning rifles overboard?
He had a real issue with his COs I think
fuck he kinda looks like david bowie

I also really like this thread.
>be gramps
>grow up inna depression
>16 lies about age
>Sent to France to do God knows what
>gets out after war
>works for decca records
>joins again after marrying nana
>sent to Japan
>ends up in Korea, twice
>does comms stuff for army
>Has uncle mom and aunt
>becomes a green beret
>does operator shit inna nam/cambodia/laos
>does more signal shit for army as a contractor
>drink and smoke to forget what you have seen
>die of heart failure in late 80's
God dammit I would of loved to have met the man. Rest of the family is boring as shit save for a great x3 grandad that was a Prussian officer.
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MFW 1917.jpg
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>Grampa would toy with science as a kid.
>His brother flies plane in WW2, gets a type 1 with is surname, and buys grampa a M1917
>They both are in Korea.
>Apparently Grandpa was radioman, that worked in the Korean Embassy.
>Could not resist that yellow fever with all of that downtime.
>Branches away from his family on east coast and somehow gets Grandma's family overseas in west coast.
>His sister married to future USAF Three Star that sends my mom commodore chocolates every christmas.

>My Grandma and her siblings survived Seoul prior Jap occupation.
>The youngest which is my great uncle was conscripted to Vietnam only said that he ate bugs on the beach.
>Grandma's eldest brother currently lives in Los Vegas.

>Grampa's PTSD is kicking in with his age.
>Grandma tells grandpa to man up.

How did I even exist?
>brother of grandfather
>in winter slipped under an APC or somesuch
>mangled head

real young, too, not sure if not in peacetime between the two WWs
>Be Grandpa, full blooded Kraut American.
>Too young to enlist in WWII with brothers
>Both brothers shot down inna Pacific. One dies, other makes it home.
>Finally old enough to enlist but war's over.
>Get stationed in Japan doing security.
>Sees some people he thinks were mutated by the nukes. Tumors and what not growing on them.
>Comes home and marries Grandma.
>Have 6 kids cause lol Irish Catholic G-ma.
>Becomes the first mayor of his town. After his term he manages the local bank.
>Served the American Legion for 50 years. Served as commander and in the color guard.
>Bit by a diseased mosquito.
>Falls ill, loses job, develops parkinson's
>Takes what jobs he can after recovery, gramma helps with the finances by teaching piano.
>Never once complains.
>Grandma dies when I'm in 1st grade and Grandpa moves into a old folks apartment in town.
>See him a few times almost every week.
>About 5 years ago develops lung cancer cause he's been smoking since 12.
>Doctors say they've never seen someone with that much cancer not show any pain. Needless to say, there's nothing they can do.
>Admitted to hospital, all the nurses fall in love with him.
>Whole family get's together for one last family meal with Grandpa. All 32 of us are in attendance.
>Hospital let's us use one of the cafeterias.
>Grandpa keeps portrait of Grandma close to him the entire time. Ready to see her again after 13 years.
>We all visit him as much as we can until he passed on.

He may not have been as operator as other anon's grandfathers. But I think he did alright. And not a day goes by where I don't miss that sarcastic stubborn old kraut.
How did those two get along? A communist wife and a capitalist husband who made so mich money? Sounds really interesting
Nah. That's their kids. Baby boomers shit on everything as usual
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Forgot to mention he received a 21 gun salute at his funeral.
I keep one of the casings with me as a reminder.
>be my grandmother
>be a german child in WW2
>living in a little village near the french border
>Dad is in the normandy fighting the Amerikaner
>Mom his hiding a jewish girl on the Farm
>living under the fear of getting shot by the Gestapo the whole time
>jewish girl is hiding in a closet when guests are visiting the farm
>living under the fear of bombings the whole time
>be in the village with little brother
>siren starts
>not enough time to get to the next airraidshelter
>runs into random house and hides behind a cupboard
>seconds later the house entrance gets hit
>stonestairs that lead to the door get dashed through the whole street
>mfw I would not exist if she ran into the house just a little later

She told me a couple more warstorys and also that she sometimes still has nightmares of her sitting in a bunker again with a gasmask, she also gets a shock evertime our village is testing the airsiren
Grandpa was a machinist in the army. Not the most /k/ related but I loved that man.

He passed away a couple of months ago.

Right now I'm a machinist in the AF. Everyday I get to work I think of him.
>Grandpa finally graduates college after 4 years of hard work in late 50s
>Spending day with his parents on his graduation day
>Before they leave, they say "oh yeah here's your draft notice" and hand him the letter
>Reports in for basic, not a bad time or a fun time, just doesn't want to be there
>Gets out of basic then gets offered to either be in the Army band or go work in a lab cause of his biology degree
>Fuckit, goes to lab
>Spends the next 4 years working with derange officer doing experiments on cats, hates cats for the rest of his life
>He currently lives with nana and 2 cats
He has a lot of great stories, just didn't enjoy his time in the army
>Hungarian immigrant
>Coast Guard during WW2
>Army during Corea
>Hard drinking factory worker for the rest of his life

>Grandpa was a hell of a man
>Lived in the outskirts of London during the blitz
>him and family used to shoot at the planes with shotguns
>wasn't even 10 at the time
>After realizing, some years later, that using buckshot on planes wasn't going to cut it he lied about his age to join the navy.
>Unfortunately WWII was wrapping up
>Spent his time patrolling the middle east, where he developed an intense hatred for sandniggers after he got to witness a stoning of a woman for theft.
>Also manged to get so drunk once he didn't realize the ship he was supposed to mind at the dock was sinking.
>over the course of 14 hours.
>To this day I'm not sure how he got out of that.
>Decided that boating and bashing locals wasn't his thing he went for the SAS.
>Didn't talk about this stuff on the ground that it was super secret.
>Didn't stop him keeping in contact with his old comrades when he retired and occasionally telling me tidbits of what they did
>Stuff like 'oh hey anon, you know mooseknuckle over there? He once cut a mans throat and pulled his tongue out the hole to intimidate a POW, it was a nasty spot of work that'
He also smuggled drugs across the state borders for shits and giggles.
Shame he died of a heart attack and not doing something dangerous.
And straya was proud to have him.
My grandads never served but i found a few years ago that my grandfather on my mothers side had an obsession with explosives and used to get xalled on by neighbours to blow tree trunks with ANFO every weekend. Never asked to be paid for it and never accepted anything. Just loved to send tree trunks into orbit.
>I was born in the wrong generation
Yanks know of Dads Army?!
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Winter war poster.jpg
58 KB, 426x600
This is my great grandfather, mind.
>Swede, raised by his blacksmith father, poor working class in a small town up north
>His best friend was a fennoswede
>The Soviets invade Finland, starting the winter war
>They both agree to volunteer
>Bring their old hunting rifles
>Arrived in early december, 1939
>They both died in the same battle in February 1940 after supposedly bagging a whole bunch of commies
>>implying they're alive

You did this.
>grandpa on moms side was in the navy in ww2 and a professional fire fighter for 40 years after
>grandpa on dads side commaded a sherman tank in korea and drove it off a bridge then was sent to germany to teach swimming lessons as punishment, was the cheif engineer at Harrison Radiator (GM) until his retirement. He passed in 94 due to his involvement with nuclear testing in the 50s and 60s

I wish he was still around bros, he was a great man and my dad says I remind him alot of my grandpa. I was cleaning out my grammas garage and found some neat stuff that he brough back from korea, 2 76mm tank shells, a few full garand en blocs and a whole cloth belt of live 30-06 blanks neatly packed into an ammo can. The cloth belt is worth some dough I think but i could never part with it.
Finland says thanks.

Obviously my grandfather was a veteran, but not that /k/ after the war, as far as I know anyway. Did some hunting, but that's about it.
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My Grandfather on my Mom's side was kind of /k/. He was into hunting, and was enlisted in the Army
>tfw he got into a car crash that left him with brain damage before I was born
>Be grandpa
>18 years old on December 7 1941
>Catch 3 hour train ride to Minneapolis to enlist
>Gonna join the Marines to get the Japs!
>Literally get yanked out of the USMC line by a recruiter in dress whites
>Recruiter tells him a fuck ton of stuff about Marines
>" Come on man, do you wanna sweat on some shitty island somewhere, or serve proudly and get three hots and a cot every day?"
>He signs up.

>Spends 1942 on a seaplane tender on Guadalcanal

And I mean ON Guadalcanal
>USS Tangiers spends a year in the Solomons, New Guinea, shittiest places imaginable
>gets jungle rot

>gets reassigned to USS Gambier Bay
>Personally shoots down 2 Zeros as a 40mm Commander in the Marianas Turkey Shoot
>Spends drunken night in San Fran with the XO of the Enterprise

>Participates in the Battle of Leyte Gulf on the Gambier Bay
>Only carrier in history to be sunk by surface fire
>spends 2 days in a life net, in neck deep water with a bullet wound and full of shrapnel

>reassigned to Enawetok Atoll
>during the nuke testing there
>almost certainly dies of the cancer he got from the fallout in his later years

>finally gets home in '47
>everyone wonders where he's been.
>works steady for the next 5 decades at the paper mill.

It would have been a damn privilege to know you Michael.
They set the stage for the current lazy PC bullshit world by spoiling their fucking baby boomer kids.
Grampa was a prisoner then went to ww2 shortly after release. Spent time in the Pacific, then locked up for fighting and allegedly killing a fellow marine. Details are sketchy. After the war came home and worked as a laborer. Fast fwd many years, my parents suddenly dont let me visit gramps anymore. He is older now but still gets around well. Ask why but no solid answer. Find out years later after gramps died, that they found a home video that he shot of him rubbing my wiener and making me rub his. I was too young to remember this apparently.
>Be Grandpa
>Grew up during WWII, enlists as an artilleryman during Korea, only to be sent to Germany
>Ends up learning German from just being in Germany, MI demands his ass be reassigned
>Becomes HUMINT in the US sector of West Berlin until the wall comes up
>Goes through OCS in the states before being reassigned again as an analyst during Vietnam
>Gets two bronze stars for his work, ends up retiring and getting snatched by the DIA
>Works his ass off getting the Caribbean to work with the US Gov
>Was in the process of teaching 6 y/o me German when he got prostate cancer, ended up living in the hospital for 2 years before dying in his sleep

I miss him bad guys
>A communist wife and a capitalist husband who made so mich money?

Limousine Marxism. I don't think there is a single self-described Communist/Marxist out there that wouldn't jump on the chance to be filthy rich. The fact is that they're all unprincipled, and their only stake in the whole movement is just getting their hands on others' belongings.

>German army in WWII
>Saw Heydrich in person when he was doing an inspection tour.(Heydrich was a gangly bastard with a stooped back.)
>emigrates to US in 1950's
>Sells insurance and makes pottery on a wheel in his garage
> 2 sons fight in Vietnam when they were very young (Dad and Uncle)
>Was scared of Indians (from India, not native Americans) don't know why.
Not much /k/ related stuff till my dad's generation that i know of at least.

mother's side

>great grandfather
>Work for a engineering company as a bookkeeper/payroll
>carry a .38spl because niggers.

>owns a car lot
>carry a 9mm because niggers.

>carry a 380acp because niggers.

father's side

>great grandfather
>be a coal miner in kentucky
>ww1 brakes out
>bring back a Luger p.08
>retire in the backwoods of kentucky

>avid hunter
>carried his dads p.08 in the glove box and a mossberg 500 in the trunk
>always kept a razor sharp knife on him, numerous family stories of him guttin' folks.
>got in a few shoot outs

honorable mention

>great aunt
>nigga kicks in her front door
>she gives him both barrels with 3" magnum slugs
I hope you learned German for him anon.
Es ist nicht so gut, aber ich werde fliessend Deutsch für Opa lehrnen
File: 1440467819493_0.gif (2 MB, 245x180) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>be papa
>join navy
>become a combat medic
>goes to Korea
>unarmed because medic
>saves lives
>fast-forward to 'nam
>Papa still inna navy
>still medic
>deploys to 'nam
>still unarmed
>saves more lives
>after the war he settles down
>adopts my dad
>becomes high school guidance counselor
>helps more people

I miss my papa
>>adopts my dad
oops! sorry to say, he is not really your papa!
Don't be that guy
sorry didnt mean to rile up your hobo heritage bloodline
Oh yes, im sure your pedigree is pure.

>not even that guy
pure as in my grandpa actually banged my grandma and my dad came out of her butt, yes

gramps did not find an orphan hobo on the railroad tracks and adopt it
>be great grandfather
>join airborne inna WW2
>operate around Europe
>brother is in marines, dies on Peleliu
>go home, have kids

>be grandfather
>work for phone company
>get draft card for Vietnam
>go to recruiting station and sign up instead
>join signal corps
>spend time in army in Heidelberg, Germany
>he was issued an M14
>want to buy him an M1A for Christmas/birthday but afraid of /k/'s stories about them being shit
And you think that your gentics has more to do with who you are than the environmental factors in your upbringing?
not at all, but in the grand scheme of things a hobo orphan will always be second fiddle
File: 1450810453419.png (171 KB, 333x313) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
171 KB, 333x313
>>Haha ur dads adopted lol
>grand scheme of things a hobo orphan will always be second fiddle

Pray tell, why?
Not him, but yes actually.
Your genetics 100% depend on on your biological parents, and have fuck all to do with your 'environmental factors in your upbringing'.
>Your genetics 100% depend on on your biological parents

Never asked that. Maybe you can blame your lack of reading comprehension on your genes, but we all know thats bullshit.
Then why do twins have different personalities?
>mfw old man Herbert was your gramps
>be my grandpap
>Voluntarily enlist as infantry in Vietnam
>1st tour
>his second tour he was a gunner on a Huey
>get several claymore pouches
>fill them with the A1 box magazines

He told me that at one point he was carrying 75 magazines on him, something about each pouch could carry like 20 mags.

He told me a bunch of horrifying stories
How does it feel to know your first sexual experience was gay pedo incest?
File: 1429491086793.jpg (70 KB, 391x446) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
70 KB, 391x446

>Be Grampus
>me and my girlfriend scam a lonely rich guy in Iowa for 3 years
>Also be prohibition-era bootlegger
>Run a little speakeasy in my own restaurant
>play piano there sometimes
>Poach gators inna Flawda
>cops really don't like that
>Get in a shootout once
>Shoot a copper non-lethally
>Turn myself in because I realized how insane I'm being
>Prison for nearly a decade
>when I get out, decide to run my restaurant again, just legit this time
>Get married a few times, have even more divorces
>Obligated to spend time with my daughter (A/N my mother) from one marriage
>Haven't seen her in 12 years
>Decide to teach her how to fish/fillet fish/cook
>Have grand-kids who I never tell my criminal escapades to
>On my deathbed, Game warden I knew was writing a book
>He wanted to use my name in it as one of the region's famous outlaws
>Tell him he can shove a deer antler up his arse
>He just uses an alias
>Well damn

That's my gramps.

>MFW his name was clyde
>born dirt poor on a small Kentucky farm in 1929.
>dad died when he was young, 6 or 7 (fell off his horse while coming home from the town bar drunk)
>3 older brothers go to fight ww2, up to him and his slightly younger brother to do all the farm work from 41-45.
>sometimes the family survived by him and his brother hunting for food. Shot an thief trying to steal ones of his horses dead.
>war ends and 2 brothers come home, one KIA in Europe.
>those two are killed in 46 after driving drunk and wrapping their car around a pole.
>mom sold farm so he and his brother wouldn't work themselves to death for nothing.
>goes up to southwest Ohio to get factory job, only manages to get one thanks to his brother-in-law being a foreman at Aramco. He only went to school until 5th grade, so he was completely illiterate (due to dyslexia)
>drafted into army in '50
>half-track driver in the artillery
>sent to Germany instead of Korea.
>discharged from army and go back to work
>Marry grandma, buy house and have two girls.
>never touched a gun after discharged from army, never made any efforts to teach me how to shoot. Wife was a muh children gun hater with socialist leanings from growing up in the city. Though he was pretty involved in the union himself.
>obeyed her due to illiteracy, she controlled finances and paid bills.
>died a year ago this past October from Lung Cancer

I just bought my first fun in his honor.
>Be Great Grandfather
>Be Called to greece
>Gotta get on a Boat
>¨Boat in the morning
>misses boat because of Great Grandma telling him to not go on it
>That Boat got sinked, no survivors
>always listen to your woman
>Great Grandpa gets back to home
>Army sent back home, the boat dropped him at 3 days of walk from home
>Walks with his buddy
>German soldiers in jeep stop by them
>They want to give them a ride
>They're not sure if Germans are still allies or not, they heard rumors of Germans retreating and killing on their way
>get in the car with his buddy
>After a few hours, car stops
>Kraut tell him '' Kapput'', telling him to go away
>Grandpa thinks he is going to get executed by the road
>Runs like hell to some cover
>German soldiers astonished
>They wanted to say that the car was '' Kapput''
>Grandpa home after 2 more days of waling in the wild to avoid big roads
>Be my grandpa
>Be 13
>Be Filipino living in Philippines during Jap Occupation 1943
>Have only a bolo machete to your name
>Hide in Filipino equivalent of a favela
>Him and a friend attack two Japs out of a patrol of 20 in the surrounding area
>Cut one's stomach, friend clips the other in the shoulder
>They end up firing and screaming
>Run to family farm in the boonies, unknown if either Jap died
>Great granddad is a scoundrel and a neerdowell
>Possibly a bigamist too, believed to have had a second wife in another town he traveled to for work
>Granddad is 16, eldest son and mad at how great graddad treats great grandma
>Beats up great grandpa and throws him out of the house
>Declares he'll look after the family from now on
>Works several jobs to get by
>Poor as dirt
>WW2 comes along and he enlists
>Works as an air mechanic in Fiji
>Says he saw a Japanese plane once or twice, but it was always high up and far away
>Strikes a deal with the cook and the camp commander to catch fish for the men
>Goes out fishing in a little boat with a radio >PBY Catalina sub hunter aircraft sent up to look for schools of fish and radio him where to go
>Has the time of his life

Not operator at all, but a cool story nonetheless. He also said one day while they were stationed there, they were advised that the Fijian/Maori battalion was going to launch a mock assault on their base that night and they had to stay up to guard the base. Stayed up all night watching the darkness. Attack never came. Commander asks them in the morning how it went, the men are confused, said nothing happened. Commander tells them to check their rifles: All of them have little white X's chalked on the stocks and nobody had seen, heard or felt anything.

Islanders/Maori are fucking terrifying soldiers.
Not much due to being black, I'll throw in great grand father too.

>Be great grandfather
>Get drafted for WWI
>Has only had education up to 3rd grade
>Turned out to be in top 10 percent smart people in his county
>Southern Georgia so not too hard.
>Never got sent across the pound

>Be grandfather
>Get drafted for Korean war
>Get sent to Western Germany
>Didn't do much but fucked around in Germany
>Come backs and retired, drive a truck for a forestry.
>Retired again to never work but is basically a black fud.

I'll throw in my dad too

>Be dad
>join army because didn't want to put his parents in debt, sending him to college
>Super smart but didn't give a fuck
>Constantly hated and betrayed due to being the big strong smart nigga from the woods.
>Got sent to Saudi
>Fucked around there with his friends and token jew
>Saw some shit he still won't tell anyone
>Retired from army very hated due having more soldiers trained correctly and not being bias.
>He has 4 nuggets and 6 other WWI to WWII rifles.
>be angry Danish teenager coming through Ellis Island.
>family name is disinitegrated because no speaky english.
>father leaves when they arrive in pennsylvania.
>great grandmom takes her maiden name along with her son.
>join the army at a premature age for World War 2
>the sequel. Bigger and badder.
>kill nazis left and right and take back home armband, bayonets and helmets home to sand pit in New Mexico.
>marry a navajo.
>regret it
>be the most surly danish man and beat my kids relentlessly.
Thata about all i know.
Not very, but the patriarchal side of my family is still pretty fuckin' cool.
>Grandfather helped establish Teamster's Union. Was shot in the stomach with a .44 as he was shifting into 1st gear while driving his milk-truck. He's only alive because of the spine of a book he kept in his pocket. Grandfather was also pretty beast with a shotgun.
>Father was born in 1929. Youngest of 5 on a farm in Redmond, WA.
>Used a sling and shotgun to help keep the family fed.
>Became pretty good with the shotgun.
>Hunted duck for a long time with a single-shot that was so fucked up you had to eject the hulls with a pen-knife. Later replaced it with a J.C. Higgins 583.23 (It's a 12g bolt-action shotgun... wuut?). He once killed three Pintails while they were doing their zig-zag bullshit.
>Had an old Remington 700 that he hunted with for about 50 years. I was excited to inherit it, but there was recently a house-fire and he lost all of his funs.
>Once shot out boat with a ricochet when trying to kill a grouse
>Taught me to shoot at 6, would buy me 500 rounds of .22 for every birthday and Christmas.

I want winter to hurry up and be over, so I can go back to visiting him.
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My paternal grandparents lived near Victoria Falls in Rhodesia before immigrating in 1966.

Before you get all storm faggot nostalgic on me my dad says they said it was a nice place to live, but there were in fact no unicorns there.

My grand dad was a Corpsman in Vietnam, died in '68. My grandmother went crazy and drove her car off a cliff in like 69.

My maternal grandfather enlisted in the Army in 1945, and served until 1972.

He made E8 after the battle of Chosin Resevoir. He was a squad leader in the 31st infantry Regiment before the battle started. He went to WOCS after the end of hostilities and went to Vietnam twice before retiring as a CWO4 in '72.

He worked in ammunition as a Warrant, got a job at a small army depot in the west managing procurement and met my grandma in a munitions factory.

When I enlisted my first unit was 4-31. When i returned from my first deployment and he saw OUR regimental crest on my beret flash he teared up pretty good. It was the first time I ever saw him cry. Get them feels chills to this day thinking about that.

I've got loads of stories from him if there is any interest he had some very interesting experiences.
>be grandfather
>Italian, go to Austro-Hungarian military college and become artillery officer
>after a week of being deployed on the eastern front, Russians overrun our position, my battery is captured
>sent to Russian POW camp somewhere near the Caucasus
>after a few months, the guards start stripping down and walking off in civilian clothes
>prisoners are told that the Bolsheviks are coming to kill them.
>no one but me believes them they say it's a trap
>walk away with one of the Russians
>never see a single one of those guys again
>me and slavbro make our way to Ukraine, sneaking past wild bands of commies
>find Italian embassy, able to get sent home, ambassador let's me bring slavbro because he's a monarchist
>immigrate to US, become highly paid electrical engineer, go to Manila on business in 1941
>pick up rifle and help defend the Philippines
>put in prison camp
>fucks hot young Filipino nurse after discharge from hospital
>moves back to Florida with pregnant Filipino wife (muh dad), lives beside slavbro
>lives to age 112, dies in car crash while he and slavbro are coming back from lunch

Dude he was awesome, makes me feel terrible about my life.
Dunno about my grandparents, but I know my great-great uncle was in No. 3 Squadron of the RAAF in the First World War. Took part in forming the guard of honour at the Red Baron's funeral after he was shot down.

As for my dad, he was part of RAEME in the Australian Army during the time of the Vietnam War. Was about to be deployed overseas when he broke his back in a warehouse accident. Gave the nurse a right shock when he started wiggling his toes again.
Maternal Grandpa
>barely knew
>was in the army
>shot rats at the stockyards growing up
>kept a broken revolver in his dresser for home defense
Paternal grandpa
>is actually my great uncle who took my dad in after my paternal grandma died and biological grandpa started drinking a lot
>was too young to go to war
>has guns
>taught me how to shoot
>gets confused about names for things but not really a fudd
Paternal grandpa
don't know how much is bullshit, some stories seem like too much and I can't remember his division
>get drafted at 18
>due to being 6' 2" and weighing 140 pounds, he's given an m1 carbine and sent to Normandy around D-day +30.
>Squad leader gets killed, promoted to corporal and takes over squad command
>Gets them all through the war alive.
>Fought in the bulge, one of the first units to liberate Dachau
>Takes hundreds of photos
>Dad said he woke up one night to papa burning them all, said he didn't want to have any record of what he saw.

>Apparently hated the carbine, said it didn't have the punch of the garand, which was too heavy for him to wield
>(allegedly) uses an mp40 for the latter part of the war
I've still got the Luger he took off an SS officer

>Immediately after the war, comes across a warehouse full of Zeiss camera equipment and lenses.
>Speaks German, chats up the guy who owns the warehouse
>buys a massive amount of stock from the guy who owns the warehouse with cigarettes and rations
>sells it all on leave in London
>makes $15,000
>Starts a business when he gets back, gets married and finances Christian ministry for the rest of his life off the profits of his business due to the promise he made God during the war
>dies before my second birthday
I wish I had gotten a chance to talk with you Pawpaw

>Maternal grandfather is a pilot stationed in postwar germany
>did nothing but fly, drive a porche and drink
>tells me the same 3 stories everyone I visit him
My gramps cleared a mile wide minefield with a truck and some shovels because the EOD guys couldn't make it to the shithole island he was building a FOB on for like a month, and the troops were arriving in a week. He was in the Seabees.
Oh god, this made me cry
Great grandpa on my other side this time.
>be country bumpkin of proud rebel heritage.
>hear about the great war coming through.
>decide its time to stand up and take arms againt the jerrys.
>muh lucitania.
>hop on train to new york to enlist and be sent to the cruel machine.
>family hears about this and enact a family friend to intercept him in new york.
>family friend begs him not to go and convinces him to stay in the states as a country boy.
>probably would have died if he enlisted.
>i wouldnt be here to fight another war.
I'm at work so this will be short.
>Great grandpa fights with Aussies in WW1, wins VC during the Allied intervention in Russia in 1921 saving his LT and 6 guys while under fire.
>Dies slipping on a curb at the queens coronation.
>Grandpa kills japs in Papua NG
>Comes home and raises family, owns farm etc.
>massive alcoholic, even by Aussie standards.
>dies from brain cancer because lol gov healthcare in the best.
>Grandpa on moms side is born at the end of the depression, too young to fight in ww2
>brothers all go and fight
>he joins the USAF in 1956
>gets out after a decade and starts a general contracting businesses. Suffers countless injuries and never complains, including his appendix bursting.

Idk where my grand parents went wrong because my parents turned it hyper liberal. My dad thinks Iraq was a war crime but wants the US and Australia to intervene in Ukraine, while my mom is a hillary voter who didn't want me to enlist but was fine with me doing contract work.
Grandfather grew up in Scotland, fought in WWII, was evac from Dunkirk. Got shot up, hospital, back to unit. Killed Nazi bastards for a while, came to America because UK no gun fags. Police officer for years. Retired at 65, dead at 67 from heart attack.
>My papaw was a big time pot dealer
(How my dad and mom met)
>He had a shit ton of guns
>A bunch of pre ban AKs
>About 3 safes full
>Carried 2 .44s everywhere
>Got an award for model citizen from mayor
>Was supposed to inherit a couple guns but my uncle sold them all
God I miss him
Grandpa flew a DC-3 and his airbase was attacked during the Battle of the Bulge while drinking his morning coffee.

>Sees a fat German struggling to scale a fence.
>Out comes the .45 and down he goes.
>Finishes coffee.
>little white X's chalked on the stocks
your uncle is a fucking faggot

nah, we just never know of people from that time who were as sad as we are. Next gen will remember Jihadi John and alike, they will be /k/ grandparents of some oliveskin freaks.

Simple k-tard will be forgotten, like tears in rain.
>pic related greentext about my grandfather
Another story he told me when he was in the 517th.
>be me
>be deep inna Germany
>battle of Hurtgen Forest
>working for a forward observation post
>kraut artillery knocks out phone/telegraph line back to rear/artillery position
>volunteer to go fix that shit
>run through artillery and machine gun fire and patch the breaks in the wire as best I can
>artillery rapes the wire too much can't fix all this shit
>run back to FOP
>grab a spool of wire and attach it to a pack
>run as hard as I can back to the rear with coil of wire dangling behind me
>playing dodge the arty with a 150lb spool of copper wire on my back
>having the time of my life
>kraut arty knocks me on my ass 3 times whilst running
>all I hear is EEEEEEEEEEE
>run 2 miles all the way back to arty position
>Commander back at artillery position gets my name and rank
>get awarded a Bronze Star
I miss him a lot. I built his coffin and its liner for him two years ago. I wish we talked more about the war with these guys. Their numbers are dropping by the hundreds these days
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Found a picture of his citation I need to get a scan of it and I fucked up the story.
Let's hear em.
>great uncle dies at 18 in Normandy in regular US Army
>other great uncle in one of the airborne units (can't remember which, 82nd I think) combats the Huns and returns home in one piece
>grandfather, Lithuanian civilian, almost walks into Dresden right before it explodes, but decides to help some woman leaving with her baby instead (probably trying to get laid)
>Lithuanian grandmother has stories about literally running from Russian troops to avoid rape both real and metaphorical, makes it through to west Germany thanks to American border guard violating orders to let her through, and immigrates to the US
>the only Frog in my bloodline deserts Napoleon's army on its way into Russia (smart guy) and gets disowned for marrying Lithuanian peasant girl
Grandpa used to climb up out of the ski lift and dangle from the cable, my aunt has a picture of him doing this when he was around 12.

Went on a joyride in the 20s and had a choice between jail or service. He chose Navy because hot meals, a rack, no sleeping in the mud.

Was a tillman on a small boat for FDR on a fishing trip.

Used to volenteer for watch in the crows nest on his destroyer, loved storms.
Wasn't allowed to become an aviator because he didn't graduate high school, so he volemteered for BUDS. He served as a submarine rescue diver in WWII, and chased the Graf Spee.

Absolutely hated niggers after the military. Unapologetic racist. Kicked a Jap American out of the house when my aunt brought him hime from school. Known as the neighborhood psycho. He lived next door to one of the city cops, who had a police k9. He was weeg whacking one day in the back yard when my dad was a kid. The dog snapped at my dad through a hole in the fence. Grandpa, without hesitating, flipped the whacker upside down so the serrated blade was parallel to the fence and lobbed the dog's snout off... like his whole snout with tongue and shit. Cop got mad and started to pipe up, grandpa told him to come on over the fence and he'd do to the same to him.

Certified as a pilot after the war. Him and dad flew with their beagle in a PT-19(or w/e) to the Reno Air Races. Took my dad up all the time and did acrobatics in passenger planes not rated for the maneuvers.
Built his own airplane in the garage and back yard, and was featured in the FMC company magazine featuring his build.

Killed himself because he was the only person who actually could.
> Dad died when he was young, 6 or 7
He's saying his grandfather died when his dad was 6 or 7.
My grandparents weren't very /k/ at all.

>they were small children when WW2 was happening
>they were teenagers when Korean War was happening
>they were literally too young to contribute to either war
Gar nicht mal schlecht.
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>>Didn't talk about this stuff on the ground that it was super secret.
>>Didn't stop him keeping in contact with his old comrades when he retired and occasionally telling me tidbits of what they did
>>Stuff like 'oh hey anon, you know mooseknuckle over there? He once cut a mans throat and pulled his tongue out the hole to intimidate a POW, it was a nasty spot of work that'
Sounds like the SAS had a thing against wagging tongues!
This is a great thread.
Grandpa wasn't very /k/ but:
>Born in 1912--first generation Italian American--parents were from Genoa
>Small truck farmer & winemaker all his life
>Volunteered for WWII service when he could of had a farm deferral because his hothead younger brother would have been drafted and the family wanted to keep younger brother at home so they could keep an eye on him
>Entered the USAAC and was stationed in Victorville CA & Arizona
>Trained as navigator on B-25s
>Later ran the small engine shop on his base
>While running small engine shop he realized he could go into town every night on a pass
>Most guys would go into town to drink & fuck (what they called 'a shack job;') Grandpa was thinking different
>He gets a graveyard job with the Railway Express (kind of like what UPS/Fedex does now)
>mfw I realize grandpa moonlighted from the US army
>Grandpa gets a noncom assistant to do his day job, sleeps all day, checks the noncoms work in the evening, goes into town (winking at the guards who think he's going to drink & fuck) and goes to his night job with railway express
>Discharged in 45, returns home to family farm
>Farms & works in cannery rest of his life
>Passes away in 2006 age 94
>Grandpa sits me down one day
>Hands me nazi bayonet
>"My father killed a nazi for this bayonet, and several with it"
>Best 9th birthday present ever
Based grandpa is based
>How /k/ were your grandparents?

Was in the SS
russian front
>be son of Finnish immigrants
>living innacabin in the middle of the upper peninsula of Michigan
>20 miles from nearest town
>too young to fight krauts
>goes innawoods pretty much every day with his buds
>builds radios and nerdy shit all the time
>majors in nuclear physics
>leads team that developed the radar cone for F-106 delta dart
>works for Lockheed and lives in California for rest of his life
>leaded team of researchers to develop fusion reactor headed by Lockheed
>Lockheed asks him if they can fit one in a plane
>visits skunk works regularly

I've found some of his old rifles, I haven't asked about them tho. He's also really into woodworking. I guess he wasn't really /k/ but I could never live up to him.
simple romanticism of the past.
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>He once killed three Pintails while they were doing their zig-zag bullshit.
Pic related, he must've been divine
>Marry Navajo
>regret it
>grew up in the UP
>moved to California
Must have been painful. The UP truly is gods country and once you've lived their, leaving is hard.
probably polish front death camp guard desu senpai
My grandpa was an Air Force mechanic stationed in Morocco during Korea. Not very /k/, but w/e.
Paternal grandfather joined the USN in 1945, occupied Japan, served during korea and early stages of Vietnam before retiring as a commisioned officer, went on to own an 1898 Krag and a Smith & Wesson Model 29, so he's alright by me.

The other one was drafted in 1950, spent two years in the Army, hated it because they sent him to Alaska. After the military he and his brothers got in to handloading and hunting, he used to make hot .243 Win loads to run in a Ruger M77, and owns a Winchester Model 12, gave me my first gun. He's a bit of a fudd, but we just don't talk about AR's and handguns and it's cool.
Not (at least not the ones directly related)
My great uncle actually did shit apparently, but refused to ever talk about it or show his unit photo until after he died. I forgot the unit he was in, 'cause I only saw the photo once.

Everyone else as far back as the civil war was a fucking flat footed farmer.
When you hit the civil war though, I got a cavalryman in the family apparently.
He's got some medal on his grave stone.
>Paternal grandfather was a water sourcer in the Australian Army during WWII.
>Inna Pacific.
>Would go weeks ahead of Allied lines to locate suitable water sources and unofficially taint water sources used by Japanese forces.
>Some extra shady shit he only told my father.
>He has TWO service numbers and records.
>One record is open to public view, other number and record are [REDACTED] until 2097.
>Know he was wounded and spent months on a hospital ship.
Tl;dr: shady shit went down.

>Maternal grandfather was in British Army stationed in India before WWII.
>Ended up inna Pacific as Dutch were getting their shit wrecked.
>Was transferred out just before DEI were lost.
>Operated inna-Burma.
>Ended up back in Britain around Christmas 1942 - married my Nan.
>Signed up for Commandos during the 1943 reorganisation.
>Operated inna Yurup.
>Stayed in the service until the early 50's then came to Australia.
>Divorced my nan, got remarried, had another kid.
>Shot his wife at point blank - claimed it was an accident.
>Somehow avoided jail.
Tl;dr: crazy motherfucker.
>WV coal miner, caught black lung by age 14.
>Joined the navy at 16 to get away from WV.
>Spent the entire time basically getting drunk on ships and doing some welding occasionally.
>Pretty much his entire ww2 experience.

Other grandad:

>Joined army in the 30s, before U.S. involvement in ww2.
>Was a typist.
>Left after 2 years, wasn't drafted in ww2 because he already served his service, technically.
>Asked what he thought about being in the army: "Wasn't that bad, should have stayed in, food was good." That is literally all he's ever said about it.
>Come over on a boat with his father and little brother after WW1
>Pearl Harbor happens
>Brother and him enlist
>His brother enlists in marines and is on first wave of iwo jima
>Enlists in the navy scores very high on entry test (apparently smart)
>Navy sends him college for fluid dynamics
>Spends some time in europe, has pictures of him with his cousins which are in the red army.
>Meets grandma and pumps out 8 kids
>Gets out and becomes a union boss in jersey
>Gets a job for his little brother
>Takes his money and buys a 800 acre farm in upstate new york on the northern tip of applachia.
>Gets gangrene in his foot (Recall him walking around on it and it smelled terrible)
>Dies of later because gangrene keeps spreading.

Other then that my uncle was a PJ during desert storm.
>grandpa tried to go to USMA but couldn't pass physical
>enlisted instead
>served in missile battery
>then went to USMA
>graduated and got sent to Corps of Engineers
>served in 1st Cavalry in 'Nam
>worked R&D at Pentagon
>commanded engineer battalion
>oversaw construction of AFRC buildings in Korea and Hawaii
>retired a Colonel
>hated the government
>died playing golf

Cool dude.
Yeah he said he wouldn't go innawoods anymore because it wasn't worth it to drive 2 hours to get to hunting grounds when he used to just go in his backyard.
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>my great grandfather was MSG in the US Army
>saw combat in WW1 and WW2
>his son, my grandfather was First Sergeant in USMC
>saw combat in Korean War, survived Chosin Resovoir
>his daughter, my Aunt, was Airforce and did two tours to Iraq i believe

That's my father's side of the family.

Mother's side:
>grandfather served in the Navy
>then became stunt driver for Hollywood films
>he acted in Die Hard 2

They're all passed now though. FeelsBadMan
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miss you grampa.jpg
105 KB, 630x945
I only know of the two from my mother's side.
Biological grandpa
>Stationed in Germany during the 50's
>Cocktail of mental illnesses
>Chronic depression so bad he would not leave the bed for a week at a time.
>Tried to attend college on five separate occasions.
>It never panned out, joined the firewatch.
>Lived in a trailer until he got moved to a home after the dementia got too bad.
Other Grandpa
>Airforce, too late for Korea, too early for Nam.
>Came home and worked the telephone lines for Bell.
>Was a Freemason, his brother ran a masonic lodge in New York or something.
>Loved to travel, had a particular fondness for Alaska and New Zealand.
>Cooked and cleaned, Grandma was never particularly good at those things and she knew it.
>Eventually his health began to deteriorate, his lungs were the first.
>I wasn't there but the people that were described his death as terrifying, painful or excruciating.
>He got 21 guns on new years 2013
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>he has two grandpas on one side of the family

File: image.jpg (101 KB, 640x1136) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Either his grandmother is a slut or he had two GrandFags, either way, confirmed Californian
File: 05b.jpg (46 KB, 592x592) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I had a dream I saw my grandpa again today... He was a Korean war vet... I miss him.
>be grandpa
>inna South China
>move to Sulawesi to take care of a branch of the family business
>own a small convenience store, live upstairs
>ethnic Chinese are a minority there, rocks thrown in street
>Sukarno-era Indonesia, corruption everywhere
>pay taxes to local KOSTRAD officer in cash and cigarettes as well tax collector
>G30S, we Suharto now
>military, paramilitary, and thugs tear through city/countryside
>ethnic Chinese targeted by general populace, mass killings to get rid of muh communists
>be inna Makassar, some of the worst violence in the country
>constant riots, people literally turning on their neighbors for slight grudges because saying someone is a communist is enough to get them killed
>rioters want to burn down house
>grandpas neighbor lies and tells mob that he owns house not grandpa
>after '67 worst of killings is over, riots every few months, big ones every few years
>during these riots, grandpa would barricade the store, bring wife and three kids upstairs, sit upstairs with family with his weapon listening as mob outside tried to wreck shit
>cars flipped over in street, people shot, stabbed, mutilated in street pretty commonly
>once in a while somebody would spray "PKI" on side of the store or on new shipments of goods to try to incite violence
>got the fuck out of there ASAP, brought family to US
>owned a dry cleaner in Tuscon, AZ
>biker gangs would often frequent the business, but left grandpa out of their shit
>were generally pussies compared to the shit he been through

Feels good man. He's worked hard his whole life to care for his family and retired not all that long ago. We take care of him because, by God, he deserves it.
Maternal Grandfather:

Born 1912. Rich family, got kicked out of college, instead of going home to face parents enlists in US Navy in 1930, works as undertaker for US Navy, somehow learns to fly airplanes. Spends WWII flying bombers as test pilot in Omaha for Martin factory. Doing high-speed taxi test of a B-26 when nose wheel collapses. Breaks leg. Later flies Martin-made B-29s. May have been the first pilot to fly the Enola Gay and Bock's Car. I don't care--he was a crappy dad to my mother, and I don't brag about him. Died 1995.

Paternal Grandfather:

Born 1900. Too young for WWI, too old for WWII. Worked as a dynamiter building Alaska Highway during WWII. Sent money home while doing this, returns home to find out idiot wife had donated all of it to her church. Went to pastor and asked for it back. Told church had no refund policy. Fathered 10 kids from 1924 to 1948, died 1976.
File: 20160126_140906.jpg (370 KB, 576x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Grandpa was infantry in WW2 but I don't think he landed on D-Day, I think he went shortly after. I know he was part of the main push through France and into Germany.

His brother was a door gunner in the Pacific, and was shot down and lost somewhere over Guam. The wreck and crew has not been found.

Grandfather on the other side of the family never served but I've got lots of photos of him teaching my dad to shoot when he was a boy, and later of them with dogs and shotguns going out hunting.

All in all, fairly /k/ I suppose.
>be grandfather
>be Japanese American in 1942
>britty okay life, aside from racism
>just graduates highschool and got accepted into USC (he lived in LA)
>pearl harbor happens
>he and his entire family gets shipped off to some concentration camp in the buttfuck of Colorado
>a year later he was able to sign up in the military
>was in 442nd
>fucked shit up in italy
>had a potato masher thrown at him
>kicks it back into the bunker somehow
>blows the jerry up
>got his right leg and left arm fucked up by an MG-42
>kept fighting
>was still fighting even after that battle despite injuries
>war ends he comes home, family has nothing because government fucked them over
>all he had left that the goverment somehow didn't take from him was his college fund
>gives it to his family so atleast they can have something to work with and got them all financially stable
>stayed in military, went into intelligence and worked in shikoku as a translator since he was schooled in Japan (where my mother was born)

I honestly have no idea how I can top that, dude was really based, he never really liked talking about his military career so I don't know much beyond that, and he was where I learned to shoot and got an interest in firearms. Real shame he died of cancer in 08
>great grandpa
>he fought in the pacific during WW2 in a bomber
>his plane took out one Japanese sub supposedly, they knew they hit it but they couldn't confirm the kill

>stationed on a aircraft carrier
>went to Japan and Hong Kong
>say the carried was hell to live in and annoying to keep afloat.

>meet in the air force
>father was the head of the vehicle garage
>mom worked in causalities, schooling, id cards and etc

Nothing special
>grandad dropped out in 6th grade
>sold moonshine to coal miners in KY
>met my nan 8 years later
>vietnam as fuck
>clears rat tunnels by himself
>builds bridges out of trees with other engineers
>fell in a pungee pit and was fine
>comes back
>they tell him to go back
>nan has to talk him down because hes sticking his CC in the chaplains mouth out of anger
>goes back regardless
>fucks his leg on the combat drop and has to go home the next week
>PTSD, sleeping outside and painting his face
>his tiger stripe jacket is in the museum on FT.Campbell along with his machete.
>don't remember him but i still watch the war footage of him running ammo boxes back n forth between trenches while under fire
My grandfather was an anti-air gunner on the homefront during WW2.
I don't know about my father's side grandpa because I hated that vile man. But my grandpa on my mother's side was not very /k/

>bought a .38 because niggers

No, really. That was his answer.

>would often threaten to shoot people up during arguments with our shitty neighbors.

I wish I met the old man. He died the year before I was born.
>grandpa (he's 2 guys to the right from the middle)
>live in war time Laos (Commies were invading)
>live in hill village
>mortars always hit near us
>join royal Lao airforce
>bomb nearby commies
>get shot down
>land in jungle it's fucking hot and i'm bleeding
>have to survive in fucking jungle for weeks
>send help
>help was sent
>just kidding it's a bunch of commies
>commies proceed to take me to concentration to be beat me and and to torture me
>escape after 2 months
>get family
>go to america on boat
He never really liked to talk about his service in Laos and he always afraid to got back to his own home country
personally i think he should get a lot more respect than he does
My gramps, Bumpy
Served in Korea as a truck driver
Issued shitty Grease Guns aka Pipe Fitter's Dream
If you dropped the fuckers theyed mag dump
Never really shot anybody
Just drove trucks

Sorry there's no badass story
Just loved him very much, sadly passed away two years ago.
My grandfather got out of the Vietnam draft by pretending he was retarded.

My family isn't /k/ at all... But, my grandfather loves popping squirrels and crows with his pellet gun.
Great grand father
Live in South America during early 1900s.
Become bush pilot
Learn German .
Help a company called Lufthansa train pilots to fly "large commercial planes."
Get lots of money.
Get the fuck out of South America to trinada and live out life
>joined coast guard
>"shot big guns at nips" from a boat
>mostly deaf because of big gun blasts
>went into law enforcement
>became sheriff
>pulled over his own grandson and ticketed me ($160)
>sheriff for 8 years
>retired and drove around the US with my grandma in a bigass RV
>drove modded 4x4's in the desert
>came down with Alzheimers
>hit on his own daughter
>hustled nurses until he lost the ability to actually speak
>his death brings front-page news in the local paper
>600+ people come to funeral

I shook so many hands at his funeral that my forearm hurt the next day... Just for being his only grandson. The more stories I hear about my grandpa, the more I wish I had hung out with him while I was an adult. His grave is the only one I regularly visit and talk to.
>be my grandpa
>drafted into the Vietnam war
>be a machine gunner
>get out
>be a trucker
>have an endless supply of miller high life in the fridge and never stop nursing a beer
My grandpa in a nutshell. Hes the sweetest man i know but I'm terrified to ask him to tell me stories of his time in Nam.
>Born in Detroit
>Moves to Canada inna 30's
>Joins Royal Canadian Navy
>1939 war breaks out and all her majesty's subjects are to do their duty or lose famirry honour
>Assigned to minesweeper
>Ships getting sunk by the thousands due to deep sea mines and Uboats
>Canada loses about 1/5th of entire naval force (70 of 400 ships, mostly merchant)
>Somehow survives oceangoing shenanigans for the entire duration of the war without incident
>Beats my Dad as a child 20 years later
>Dies before I'm born
Califag here, I am sooo glad no one related to me was dumb enough to be pawns in wars over corporate oil.. Thats all war has ever really been about .. OIl . I already learned plenty about history from my few semesters at community college
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Gramps was an O8 in the USN. Total time in was >35 years I think. He just passed away a few months ago.
File: 5thMarineDivision.jpg (31 KB, 354x354) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Grandpa grew up hunting and shooting
>guarded melon fields at night with a shotgun as a boy
>was on his college rifle team
>1939 commissioned as officer in the United States Marine Corps
>tied the world record with the Thompson, scoring 398/400
>participated in assault landings in the Solomon Islands of Guadalcanal
>(mentioned in Second Marine Division History, pub. 1946)
>he and his men lived off captured Jap food for a while
>had fun with jungle rats, jeep batteries, and scorpions
>and participated in the Battle of Tulagi and Gavutu-Tanambogo
>and the Vella Lavella Campaign
>planned assaults and operations with Chesty Puller, Roy Geiger, and Joe Foss
>hunted deer in New Guinea with his M1 Carbine
>went duck hunting there, too, while obliterated with malaria
>tapped by the Pentagon to help create the 5th Marine Division and oversaw the development of the communications infrastructure of Camp Pendleton
>bumped an extremely pissed-off three-star from his flight to return from the Pacific to fulfill these orders
>1945, back in the Pacific with the 5th Division
>aboard the USS Nevada, was issued a stamped M3 grease gun and told to turn-in his machined Thompson
>looked the gun over, walked to the bow of the ship, threw the M3 in the ocean, wrote it off as "lost"
>landed on Iwo Jima, Jap artillery put pumice in his leg and got him a Purple Heart
>participated in the occupation of Japan
>brings home a Type 14 Nambu, Type 38 and Type 99 Arisakas, and a Type 94 shin guntō.
>left for the Reserves in 1947 as a Lt. Col.
>resigned his commission in the United States Marine Corps Reserve in 1951 to take over as commanding officer of the Headquarters Co. 139th Transportation Bn, South Dakota National Guard with the rank of Captain.
>retired from that unit in 1962 as a Lt. Colonel in the United States Army Reserve.
>kept a vial of sand from Iwo Jima by his chair, took me fishing all the time and to every ball game.

I miss you, Grandpa.
> be my grandfather
> raised by a German Immigrant who jumped off his ship in Texas becoming a machinist.
> anyway he was a strong motherfucker
> joined National guard during the Korean War
> almost got sent off to fight
> didnt but he got trained with artillery
> accidentally shelled a couple of cows
> got to become a cook after that
> eventually he owned a service shop
> I was raised by him and my grandma
Great grandfather was in german imperial navy btw
granddad on fathers side served in the phillipines in marine corps
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>born in 1923
>he was shipped out to fight the japs
[spoiler]he killed 50[/spoiler]
>one day while in the jungle the japs opened up on him and blew his legs off
>he had to have his feet put back to where his knees should have been.
>he hates my dad
>total pussy crusher
He clams to have fucked over 270
[spioler]mfw I'm Bobby Hill[/spoiler]
Damn anon that's sad. He sounds like a great man.
>Uncle was infantry in nam
>Never tells any war stories just generalizes
>"I killed gooks, drank beer and fucked hookers. Vietnam was great"
>And my favorite "Don't fuck any girls from Vietnam, they're probably your cousin"
>Kept reenlisting until he was injured
>"Anon, anyone who says war is hell has never been married"
I found him....
File: 20160126_224659.jpg (4 MB, 5312x2988) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
4 MB, 5312x2988
My grandpa was a lazy piece of shit marine
>he was in the marines during vietnam
>didn't see combat
>he was on the burial squad
>got divorced from his wife
>raised 2 pieces of shit and 2 okay kids
>married my grandma
>would just sit around the house all day
>he had all kinds of health problems
>he died last june
>i didn't even cry
I keep the blank on me as a reminder to be a better man than he was
maternal side: was payroll and requisition NCO for Patton's headquarters, never met

paternal side: could not join due to medical condition, owned lumber mill in Illinois and supplied it for war effort, never met

having never met either of them makes me sad :(
>windows key on keyboard
you're not trying very hard
If my grand mothers first husband wasn't shot down over the English channel, I wouldn't be here. My gramps raised his little girl and still had time crank out my dad. Only 1 action in your life might matter. Just be ready for it one way or another.
it's a nice mechanical i got for $40
i don't care
now I wanna know lol
Greatgreat maternal Grandfather was a junior officer under von Roon, got some Prussian medal, but my grandfather has it lost in storage
Great maternal grandfather was an officer with Patton before WWII, and served under MacArthur in Japan where my grandfather was born as probably the only english speaking full German ever born in Japanese history. Then was in Secret Service until ~Kennedy was shot. May have been let go due to the fact. Obviously my grandpa knows nothing but the timing.
Paternal grandfather and his father and his father kept rifles in case of socialists, then "niggers" once they became American. It must have been the 80's by the time the first black man reached Fulton County though. Good, non-violent men, just in that pocket of well-bred but still have to work your own land that makes you absolutely not tolerate anyone intrinsically lesser.
He needs a fucking book written about him or a movie
>grandpa #1
>born in Italy family emagrates to u.s.
>is arrange to marry nana
>drafted into army
>based in the philapines in 1940
>liberated five years later
>goes back to Italy to get nana
>let's get out of this dump
>lives a quite life in Boston from then on out
>grandpa 2
>born in the us
>half italian/ half Prussia German
>grand dad on his mom's side was u.s. navy intelligence in world war 1.
> dad is a mobster.
>Fucking hates dad
>join up after pearl.
>fights his way through sicily, italy. And southern Germany
> survives, becomes a cpa and investor.
>says italian facts were degenerate mobsters and germans were servile toadies
>one of his son becomes a green beret in nam
>still hates his father
File: The old folks.jpg (101 KB, 1280x1043) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
The old folks.jpg
101 KB, 1280x1043

>Great Grandpa was a federal officer during the Gangster Days.
>Helped in the apprehension of Bugs Moran
>Once brought home two immense suitcases.
>Put them in the closet.
>Months go by
>Great Grandmother decides it's time for Spring cleaning
>Gets to the closet and finds the suitcases.
>Can't even lift them.
>Great Grandpa comes home.
>"Hey Honey... What're in those suitcases in the front hall closet?"
>"Oh. Those? I'll show you after dinner."
>Dinner ends
>Suitcases are on the table.
>Opens them up.
>Each contains two Thompsons, and two loaded drums worth of ammo.
>Four Total, with a combined 400 rounds.
>My grandma had a talk with him about bringing his work home.

Pic related. The couple behind Capone and his lawyers. The ones looking at the camera. He was one of the arresting officers for that particular charge.

Outside of that?
>Grandpa was in the Navy in WWII.
>Lied about his age to get in.
>Stationed on the USS Herndin at D-Day.
>Supposedly stole the flag off it.
>Disarmed Sea Mines in the Pacific theatre afterwords.
Fuck you. Boomers ruined the world then laid the blame at the feet of their descendants.

Get learnt, faggot
Three volley salute.

21gun salutes are for heads of state, like a president. Now fuck off
That is fucking cool as hell yo
> lawyer in the south
> protected wronged black clients pro-bono
> Pearl Harbor happens
> sent into JAG
> says fugg that, resigns his commission and joins the infantry
> carries a BAR in the pacific theater
> shot repeatedly in the gut with a Nambu by a Jap playing dead
> recovers, goes back in the field, then gets shot in the shoulder and put permanently out of commission
> comes back to the states, rejoins JAG, and helps craft the original GI Bill
> literally never talked about his combat experiences other than the most basic details
Was reading and this was playing
Damnit /k/omrade. That's a hell of a grandpa.
>All these guys with badass grandpas.
>My dutch grandpa was but a child during ww2
>and my dutch grandmother was a child when her family hid jews and resistance fighters in the walls of their house

Although her uncle was apparently a resistance fighter too, didn't say anything else though. Probably was too young to remember much more.
Ight lets see
>be Great Grandpappy
>joined the german army in early days of WW2
>joined SS and became tank gunner
Now i know where i can trace my fetish for big caliber machine guns
For the main course though
>Be grandpeppep
>be youngin
>little village in Romania
>son of mayor
>Naturally get fucked over by nazi's
>forced to fight for nazi's
>before he did he had love relations with women from Austria (now Oma)
>went to fight for Nazi's
>get captured by cossack's
>now had to fight for cossacks
>tooken to work camp
>tooken to another work camp
>this time while him and his friend were digging, they hid in the walls of the dirt and escaped at night
>trecked from wherever in Russia ALL the way over the Italian mountains
>Got boat to USA
>Go to Michigan and by luck or i think letters meets my Oma
>joins US Army

As for my mothers side
>Be grandpepper numero dos
>from Poland
>got in from i think changing last name to not be Jewish i was told, the story is pretty muddy
>Go to US as young boy
>grew up
>joined US Army or Air Force I think ( ill have to ask him next time)
>loved the shit out of the B-17's
>was in Korean war
>loves 45 Acp
>Loves the everloving SHIT out of M1 Garands
Now all he talks about is how the chinks fucked up the M1 Garands by making them 308. and 45 Acp was there punishment since 9mm couldnt stop gooks
Right? I had a lot of cops in my family back then.
Here's two more stories.

>Same Great Grandpa
>A long time friend approaches him.
>He works for the Milk Man union.
>They're having issues with the mob. They don't want to be absorbed by them.
>Mob is threatening violence against the local facilities.
>Great Grandpa ends up helping out with security for the warehouse.
>Ends up holed up in the place for three days with his friend as they fight off the mob.
>Friend give my G. Grandpa his Mauser C96 as a thank you.

I've held the thing. It has the stock-holster and everything(Although not in the best condition). You can feel the history coming off it.

>Great Great Uncle
>Brother of the aforementioned G. Grandpa.
>Chicago cop
>Off duty
>Walking down the street and passes a bar.
>Armed robbery in progress
>Tried to break it up.
>Gets shot in the legs six times.
>Guys at the bar tackle the gunman to the ground since he's out.
>G.G. Uncle lives.
>Last words before he passes out due to blood loss are "Tell the wife I'll be late for dinner."

I really need to reconnect with that side of my family.

There are some great stories in here though.
Dude... Did slavbro die too? What a badass...
My dads uncle was given a grenade by a Wehrmacht soldier when he lived in Greece as a young boy. I suspect that's a lie, but still.
>be grandfather
>join Australian army in WWII
>go to pacific
>be in Singapore 1942
>super smart British general decides colonials are worthless and hands over 85000 allied troop to the nips
>spend rest of was in Changi POW camp
>'biggest surrender of a "British" force in history', according to Wikipedia
>mostly colonials. damn brits.
>doesn't speak a word about what happened at the camp, save for a couple funnier stories
>had a Nippon army brand officers katana when he got back home. wouldn't say exactly how he came to own such a thing

went to war and basically got told to give up his rifle and submit to the japs
when he got back he got a lump sum pension of $600 or something crazy for back then
then some years later the Australian army sent him a bill for his rifle that he 'lost' when told to surrender

If an anon would like, I could tell some stories of his POW shenanigans. It's mostly duping the Japanese guards in some funny way or another. In front of them.
sounds like the fucking bromance of the goddam century
>both grandpas grew up poor
> both served in 'nam
> one was an infantryman the other was an MP
> after army one became a cop the other was security for a couple years b4 finding more lucrative, less interesting work
> both love to shoot and they get along pretty good
> MP grandpa took esrly retirement because it wasn't "as fun" when he wasn't investigating, arresting, and hunting trained kilers
Yes, unfortunately slavbro died after a couple of weeks in the hostpital. They got t-boned on the drivers side, and my grandpa, being the much more lucid and healthy one, was driving and died instantly. They lived a suprisingly long natural life, at least.
File: 1401247796027.png (551 KB, 919x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Be chinese grandpa in Hong Kong
>Raised by loving family until 8 years old, when poisoned water/disease killed his entire family but him
>Wanders the streets for a few years before a rich uncle finds him and drags him to an orphanage
>There he learns how to cook quickly, and becomes the house chef
>Reaches 18, drafted to the British Navy
>placed on a carrier as cook for a few years, he never told me the name of it, but it sailed throughout the Pacific, learned fluent english along the way
>Comes into port in San Francisco to resupply
>He and a friend decide to ditch the military and disappear into Chinatown
>loses his friend in the crowds, eventually goes on a bus and lays down all his money, asking how far it'll take him
>Only enough to go to Utah
>Once there, he changes his name to avoid deportation, and works until he has enough money to set up a restaurant
>Eventually marries one of the waitresses he hired.

While he did have honor and was an honest, generous, good man, he died a gambler and alcoholic at the age of 69 from a stroke.
My grandfather and both my parents survived the gulag.
They then lived innawoods for ten years of internal exile in Siberia.

My grandfather still hunts with his shotgun even though it might break his pacemaker and kill him.
He knows everything about Russia innawoods

>pretty damn /k/

Bonus: my grandmas are both tough as nails. One of them broke her ribs and didn't notice till the next morning.
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Grandpa flew b-17
Grandpa died yesterday
>be grandpa G****
>Major nerd
>smoke weed and play guitar all through Highschool but not a hippie liberal faggot
>join the Army at 18, 36L
>fuck with telecom shit all day in Germany
>his two brothers go to Vietnam
>watch Star Wars in German
>get out of the military
>Introduce me to videogames (Quake, Doom, Tomb Raider, Myst)
>Work on computers and make shit loads of money at Westinghouse
>Divorces my grandmother and remarries
>Lives in a house that is basically a mini library with thousands of books
>Smoke pot and watch football, we still hang out sometimes and talk about bullshit

He shoots quite a bit, too. Still has his dad's guns and what not.
Sounds like some cool stories anon, you should tell us some.
Holy shit man, that's why I'm scared of russians
>depression era
you wot m8
Please do
>grandpa doesn't talk much about time he served
>every now and then he tells bits and pieces
>says he was with some squad that could be deployed anywhere around the world within 24 hours
>mostly trained in south southwestern US
Really have to be that rude about that? Get out of here.
Why are you here? This is not a board for you to be. Now go away
Sorry for your loss
Grandfather a total anti-war puss and spent his life in a coal mine.

Other grandfather was super hardcore nazi supporter and married my grandma when she was 14 and he was 26. Grandma was in hitler youth as a child.

My grandmother was partially blind very badly from age and other things. I showed her a swastika flag I found in the attic and she almost cried and said "Hitler's Flag. You could walk down the street and feel safe unlike today"

Proceeds to tell me great cousin Carl was in Afrika Korps and we are related to Eberhard Kinzel the Wehrmacht General.

Though I wish I was more /k/ related
>be great grandfather
>national guardsman as WW2 rolls up
>fight inna' battle of bulge
>get captured by germans
>force fed cabbage, refuse to eat cabbage for about 70 years
>join regular army after ww2, back overseas in korea
>die five days before this post, brother and op all enlist into the same guard unit as him
My grandpa was blown up by a landmine in WW2, came back in a body cast. He was a cool guy but didn't like to talk about the war. Looking back, I now realize he would 1000 yard state alot.
poster not op*
that's cool
I think he's saying his great-grandfather died when his grandfather was 6 or 7.
>maternal grandpa
>be a kid inna Yugoslavia during ww2
>spend childhood as refugee, family was rich before war
>great-grandpa went from landowner and graphic designer to fucking longshoreman just to keep family alive
>because communism most of family's land seized anyway after war ends
>after war is over does national service
>because of US surplus war material, M18 Hellcats get sent to Yugo
>Grandpa gets to do national service in M18
>bretty gud/10 could do much worse for 50s JNA national service

other than that only shady cousins who obviously saw some shit during the wars in Bosnia in the 90s, the ones who did boring shit tell all, being typists etc. but the ones who obviously saw some shit have never said a word to my knowledge. I think i will never know what they did or saw

I have got two I can tell without having to ask family for details

First, there was a problem with the prisoners stealing food and equipment from the Japanese guards (the japanese army calculated EXACTLY how much rice/Calories per day would be needed to keep someone alive... then reduced it by 30% and got the POWs to do manual labour, so it was neccecary to live)
so one of the officers had a bunch of POWs form up and he gave them a stern talking to
'you australians, you think you are funny'
he produces a hat and a chicken
'you put hat on chicken, and if chicken gone when you pick hat up again, you think chicken must be yours if it is 'found' again'
as he says this, he turns around, puts the hat over the chicken, and turns back to face the POWs
little did he know one of grandpas friends has managed to stay out of the parade, and sneaked up behind the officer and took the chicken from under the hat before ran off
a couple minutes later, the officer picks the hat up after he finished his speech, and was shocked when there was no chicken
friend was never caught, and a good dinner of chicken was had that night

second is a bit more mundane
there was a runway somewhere on or near the base, and there was one particular Japanese soldier who was always on the runway with those paddles directing airplanes
he was always dressed up in a long white coat
as the guards often weren't much better off than the POWs they got to know each other, and the whole camp began calling this runway guard 'the ice cream man'
the guard took it as a joke, but disliked it as he thought it wasn't very professional
so what did they do?
they began calling him 'mr peters' after the peters ice-cream company
of course, poor 'mr peters' didn't know this and felt quite happy that they gave him an English-sounding nickname
Moms dad was a 20 year man, split between the navy and army reserve. Dads dad served in the Mexican army when he was 15 before here he immigranted. Dads mom first husband was killed in pearl harbour and hated yellow jap monkeys till the day she died.
>great grandpa
>german army, not the freedomkiller kind
>almost get killed over dogs
>end up in concentration camp
>escape in hay cart with rest of family and save little boy in the process
>go through hell to get to america
>make a successful life
>get old, be blind, go into one of them old people neighborhoods
>still drink a michelob ultra a day and get a burger whenever he can
>go to hospice thing
>pass away in sleep
goddamn I wish that man was still alive. can elaborate on all stories to the best of my knowledge, this is just the abridged version.
Ah well I'm glad you shared this.
Apparently the old timey stories aren't all roses smells and mooning shines.
hmmm. I live in the southwest and never heard of such a thing. what branch was he? sounds either seals or rangers to me but branch would definitely help, if you can also say time period
Maternal grandad doesnt have really /k/ related life but interesting nonetheless.Born Serb in Bosnia before ww2,run away from ustashas as a kid.My grandma, his wife was actually born innawoods in 1941 when villagers run away from ustashas.They say that they felt safe around Germans,but not when Croats came to village.Italians were the best acording to them.Grandad did 2 years service in YPA,liked it very much beacuse it was a chance for peasant kid to see world.later worked all around the world as a construction worker,built military instalations for Sadam in Iraq,worked on a hotel in USSR where some opposition leader was burned to death during their shift.
Paternal grandad on the other hand was really cool in a weird way.Born in bosnia too, run away from Austrians to join serbian army in ww1.Served until 1922,was several times in jail.I found some documents in a suitcase on my attic,where besides ww1 german map of bosnia were documents that shed light on hius life.He was married to some woman that cheated on him,so he followed her and beaten to shit her lover and her.It sound like nothing but he actually didnt have a leg due to diabetus.he also had a huge snake tattoed on his chest,they tattoed eachother in the army with nails.He married my grandma which was way way younger than him,thats how he was my grandad and still saw service in ww1.She was a daughter of a russian emigrants.He worked at the Belgrade railway station as a doorman,after war was arrested numerous times by commies,most notable incident was when he hit several times with doors famous commie politician Edvard Kardelj (google him).He hated commies and forbade my dad to be pioneer,those were like commie hilter youth.Died when my dad served in the army.
Dad fought in Croatia,also was first guy to print anti commie leaflets in Belgrade.
One was working on a German submarine, some sort of supervisor/officer, the other was in some paramilitary division and had to go to prison after WW2, it's a wonder the commies didn't execute him.
I think he might've been Rangers, also around 70s
Here is my gramp, he was in the French army in Niger. He lead a bunch of Tuaregs riding around on camels in the Sahara desert, doing supply and stuff. He would talk foundly of this period, seemed to be prety chill.

He married two local girls consecutively and had daughters with them, like everyone was doing back then. Locals would just go find the young soldiers and offer them their daughters to marry, it was considered normal.
Which means I now have distant relatives in Agadez and Niamey.
He actually was one of the rare French soldiers who came back years later to find and meet his children, which earned him great appreciation from them.

I don't know if that's /k/ enough, but that is definitely colonial as fuck.

I know he was in Italy during WWII but he never spoke about it and died before I became interested enough to ask. I'll have to reread his memoirs some day.
Get ready for opposites.

Dads Side
> My grandfather on Dads side was a hippie communist Vietnam draft dodger. I have not talked to him since he figured out I bought a gun.

Moms side
> My grandfather signs up for the army during Vietnam.
> he wanted to kill commies
> The army gives him duty in East-Germany
> he Volunteered for Vietnam and they gave him German Duty
> He is still pissed about it.
Also he had a pet serval.
And a pretty cool beard.
Not really /k/ But my greatgrandfather was a badass

>be butcher apprentice in england
>eat shit on bike delivering beef roast
>butcher was abusive, so instead of dealing with that shit he flees to canada
>gets to canada, has $2 coin to his name
>can read and write so gets job recording immigrants
>saves up enough to move to winnipeg and get job at greenhouse
>gets his quarter section of land in saskatchewan
>clears it himself over a few years, spent the first year (including the winter) living under a overturned cart
>builds little log cabin, does the extra work and makes wood floors
>few years later goes back to england to marry his childhood sweetheart
>she comes back, and breaks down when she sees the single room log house they have (she was from a better off family, lived in a big stone house)
>they go visit neighbors, they have dirt floors
>great grandma couldnt be happier now

My grandpa's sister still has that $2 coin that he came over with.

Great grandpa also used to have small heart attacks all the time, and grandpa has told me that it wasnt uncommon to see him fall over in the field with a heart attack, then pick himself up, wipe off the dust, and get back to work.

the only time his kids saw him cry was when Canada declared war for WW2 (he had 13 kids and had lost family and lots of friends in WW1)
My mothers dad trained pilots how to use radar during world war two kn Florida, grandma was a nurse, he kept asking her to marry him until she said yes.

My dads father grew up poor as hell, worked in a coal mine as a kid served and hated it a bit. Never heard any action stories, but he was sent to Rapid City back when it was an army base to survey, set up phone lines and Shit. Heard a few stories about hunting, learning not to fuck with natives, killing prairie dogs and one about beheading a few rattle snakes with a shovel.
First post said "we" shat on what they made. "we" implies /k/, the majority of which are under 30. "we" those under 30, didn't shit on anything, that was our parents the boomers and to a lesser extent early Gen X that did. "we" are the ones now left to deal with their bullshit and try to fix it. Depression era children are the generation before boomers.
>Grew up hunting and shooting
>Works his ass off at steam plant during the day, builds houses in free time
>Now in his 80s, doesn't shoot much
>Goes with Dad and I on shooting trips, but doesn't usually shoot much if any
>One day he tells me I can have his guns because I'll make better use of them
>Tell him I can't do that, not yet at least
>know they will be my guns when he dies
>will be bittersweet when that day comes
>be 18
>joined US Army Air Corp
>finish training with B-17 bombers
>Germans are so terrified of his presence they surrender
>begin retraining for B-29 bombers
>Japanese literally allow nuclear destruction as a scapegoat to surrender
>singlehandedly subdue both axis powers

He left the military and became a mechanic. He was/is pretty cool.
Get out baby boomer
Depression-era kids became a generation of hoarders. I know, because I'm a doctor, and I currently work for home hospice. Every one of their houses I visit is fucking filthy, piles and piles of junk and trash. One of my current patients (whom I visited today actually) has a tower of Glucerna and Ensure bottles about 3 feet high in her room right next to her bed. The family tells me that every time they've tried to clean up her shit, she starts screaming. They're waiting for her to die to clean up her house, which is rotting away due to lack of care over the years.
>Drafted to fight in Dubya Dubya Two
>Drove trucks around India doing logistics and shit
>Fucking hated it, thought his superiors were idiots, kept mouthing off and getting demoted almost as soon as he got promoted
>Was still really good at his job, so this cycle kept happening
>Started a baseball team with the natives, he managed them because he was terrible at sports
>Got out and went to college on the GI bill, became a big shot in my state in the agriculture industry
>Told me to never, ever join the Army. It was the worst experience of his life
>I did anyway
>Oh, this is what he was taking about. Fuck me.
Great Grandfather was a pilot in World War 2.
Grandfather on other side of family was an Air Force pilot for quite some time.
Feels bad man
My grand pappy was the fortunate son to NOT get drafted because he was the only guy in the family to farm or some shit, but he never seen war. My dad did join national guard and my uncle was in marines though, but none are that /k/ because all of them own at least 1 Remington 870 and farm
>Grandfather does national service, deploys to Aiden and Malaysia.
>Is Lance Corporal in 1st Royal Dragoons and Salamander commander
>Gets shot at a lot
>One of his men asks him what to do when they're under contact one day
>He tells him to keep his fucking head down
>Tells me these stories whenever he gets a few cans of ale in him.
>Grand other exasperated by these
>He always starts with "When I was in the war.."
>Grandmother always groans
>I join up, so impressed and awed an I by him. I join HCR which absorbed the 1st RD.
>Go in to formation reconnaissance
>Get deployed to Iraq
>Shrapnel to neck from Chinese rocket
>Back home with grandad.
>Few cans of ale each
>He starts "When I was in the war"
>Gran groans
>Grandad finish his story
>Take a deep breath, put my glass down ..
>"When I was in the war..."
>Gran facepalms and goes to bed to leave us to it
>Shoot the shit with him all night
>Get deployed to Afghan
>Get message via sat that he's had a heart attack and is in hospital. He raised me from a baby.
>Get emergence leave. Back in Scotland 19 hours later.
>Get taxi to hospital, burst in to corridor, still in gear, helmet, bergen, which you bring back with you
>Family all there
>Wife there
>She's crying
>My uncle there. he says to her "Go to him", shes crying too much.
>I missed my grandad by two hours
>Last thing they told him was that I was safe and coming home to see him
>He held on as long as he could
>I collapse exhausted in corridor in middle of hospital and cry like a child

Miss you da.
>both grandpa's and one of my grannies survived jap camps
>granny used to spread secret newspapers to the dutch resistance
Then again my country's army got defeated in less than a week in WWII.
I dont know to much about my grandpas time in Nam but what I do know is:

>25th Infantry Division
>Was combat engineer

He also sometimes comments about how army coffee was much stronger than what he drinks in the states
That's not been my perception. FAmilies i know , the real kids treated like sludge, adoptee is golden, turns into fat retard from spoilage
Maternal gramps was served in the Army, avid rifle and pistol shooter. He also had a machining and reloading workbench out in the backyard which had a constant smell of oil and probably Hopps
My maternal grandfather was in the Korean "police action". He claims he was a cook, but no one really believes him.
My paternal grandfather was in Vietnam, was a radio operator.
>tfw both of them refuse to talk about their service in any way, and it is forbidden to bring it up. Apparently they get horrible flashbacks for months when asked about it.
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