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Terrible gun owner encounter stories?
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>Be Australian
>With partner at her cousin's birthday party
>Go out for a walk
>Find another of her cousin's chilling
>He sees us
>We go over to say hi to be polite
>Talk with him for a bit
>Learn he's gotten his gun licence recently
>And that he's in the market for a rifle - nothing special, just something good for roo hunting
>I tell him I have an older Savage .223 he might be interested in for a few hundred bucks
>Seems interested
>Get his contact info
>Get back to talking about guns, shooting and hunting
>Turns out he has very little respect for the creatures he hunts
>Flat out admits that, for all the legal framing of "pest control" and "population management," he just shoots animals for fun
>Doesn't make use of the carcasses at all
>When I ask whether he at least takes his kills cleanly, he dodges the question in an extremely suspicious way
>Seems to just have a generally flippant and irresponsible attitude
>Eventually excuse ourselves
>Slink back to main party

As I told the missus afterwards, "I immediately regret offering to sell my gun to that guy." Fortunately, while I got his contact info, he never got mine. So at least he's not gonna chase me up about it any time soon.
This is coming from a guy who doesn't hunt, but I dont see the issue about not respecting the animals he kills. In Australia, practically every animal is trying to kill you, or wants to kills you. I don't see a problem with taking joy in killing stupid animals that would murder you and rape your dog while your wife and kids watch.
The things that want to kill us are the goddamn snakes and spiders. Kangaroos can gore you, but they're typically pretty skittish creatures. Usually they only fight if cornered and wounded.

And most of the other things we hunt are foreign invasive species that other countries hunt anyway, like razorback hogs, deer, etc.
>with partner

God damn you are a fag
She's a woman, I'm a man. "Partner" is just something I say occasionally because "girlfriend" makes me feel like I'm 10 or 15 years younger than I am.
fuckin cocksucker
Look at how mad you are you little mocha sipping Prius driving weenie and I wasn't even talking to you
i bet you suck cocks
I bet your partner likes when you do that
im not op you cockgoblin
Nobody said you were you gay little pissant
The ones that are actually dangerous are either amphibious or too small to shoot,
why dont you suck my cock you faggot
'Partner' implies a longer term relation than just a girlfriend and that they aren't married. There's literally nothing wrong with the term.
Thanks for the input Janeane Garofalo
ok but only because you asked nicely

you don't fuck your partner. you fuck your girlfriend. if you want to be taken seriously in adult society you get married in which case you won't be getting any fucking. from your wife anyway.
>try to make thread for people to share greentext stories of retards who should by all rights not be trusted around guns
>end up with endless shitposting because of word choice in OP

welp, good job, me. Guess I'll try another day.
Thank you for not encouraging pointless cruelty and poor party manners OP.

You are the kind of ausfag we need around here.

Anyways, gun owner stories.

>Be me
>be at my shooting club
>Blasting two hundred meter steel with muh 303
>Only other guy at range is another younger guy
>Has a WASR, a VEPR, and what looks like a kit 74 with him
>He's punching paper at 100 yrds
>New group shows up
>Three middle aged fellers
>One is loud as shit
>Shit talking everything
>The weather
>His friends
>Their guns
>Fucking everything.
>He sees the slavaboo AK enthusiast
>Immediately starts talking loudly about how shit AKs are
>Literally the only thing he talks about when we go range clear so he can set up
>Literally keeps talking about this when the range goes hot again
>Loud enough everyone can hear him through their hearing protectiom
>His friends tell him to STFU
>This only encourages him
>He becomes louder
>Can see slavaboo wanting to shoot him.
>Decide I should do something.
>Put away 303
>Pull out 45-70
>Load my extra spicy 405gr rounds
>Move to an empty space between slavaboo and mcloudfudd
>Cowboy action initiate
>remove bowlingpin
>Pack up because ow
>asshole can now only discuss how loud that 30-30 was.
op is full of shit.
Fuck off, we know you're the cousin. >>28662846
When you're a normal part of society you don't have autism, so you don't give a shit if someone says partner.

>go shooting in shitty weather because I hate shooting with other people
>fat couple show up
>don't follow our range rules, which are s little strange (only walk down range on gravel path, we're on some conservation site or something and don't want to get fined. Some other normal bullshit from new people)
>inform them of the rules they aren't following
>oh okay, sorry. It's our first time
>they follow rules and leave pretty soon after

Must suck dealing with morons, everyone at my range is cool.

>last week, go shooting
>pull up, there's someone out already. Shit
>old timer with his granddaughter shooting

Gun nuts I tell ya, crazy.
I've got a few

>some shooting going on in a park right next to a farmers house
>they are shooting roos in padocks outside the park, flushing them into the open
>leaving the dead roos
>he calls the ranger to investigate
>they pull guns on the ranger

>go to my favorite camp site
>broken glass everywhere
>cunts have been shooting bottles all over the place
>like all over the place, fence posts, rocks, trees; the whole plae is shot to shit

>guys go shooting for birds
>find dead cockatoos, crows, wattle-birds, magpies
>find a kookerburra
>blood boils
>find out the guys included the local head of a hunting club
>the next week he's caught shooting next to a fucking primary school because he said he didn't realise, he hit a brick wall in the place because he didn't check what was behind he was shooting
out of hours thank god

>friend goes out shooting for rabits with a .22lr
>tries to kill kangaroos
>he's like m8 I'l get head-shots, it'l be sweet
>just ends up injuring them and they hop off

>m8's go out spotlighting
>driving around rough as fuck paddocks, bouncing in the back of the tray with no harness or anything
>no lights on he ute
>m8 falls out of the ute and breaks his arm
>driver almost backs over him because no lights
>shooting the merry merry king of the bush

He wot m8
I had a real go at him

they're about the only thing in the bush that will eat a snake and not siphon gas out of your car

we used to feed them all the time, they're not dumb animals and their certainly not pests

magpies can be a nuisance
cockatoos and parots wreck fruit trees
I kind of get why some people shoot non-game birds, I'm not a sentimental type

but bluebirds, wag-tails, kookaburras, kindfishers, kurawongs
that's low
No offense meant, but where do Australians get their vocabulary? They were an English colony, but half of the words sound alien. Kookerburra kullabar billabong mongawogs. Is it aboriginal? Or Irish?
When you go to the southern Appalachians, you can't understand them because the mix English, redneck, Cherokee and Gaelic.
Odds are, if the Australians use a word that doesn't sound like English or Britbong, it's Aboriginal in origin.
>leaving dead roos
Uh....I know some of their family are considered pests, but aren't they decent eating as well?
Are there no butcher shops that will take the meat/animal and do useful shit with it?
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ill stop tomorrow.jpg
7 KB, 224x217
>dude I've known forever
>young guy
>buys two AR lowers but never builds them
>has a couple grand in milsurp but doesn't take care of it
>everything spotted with rust
>barely ever goes shooting anymore
>talks shit but is actually fudd as fuck
>doesn't even own a safe
The worst thing is that this faggot is me.
File: image.jpg (1 MB, 3264x2448) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 3264x2448
I guess the worst for me is BLM stories (land, not niggers)

>be shooting inna desert
>a few cars of people roll up a hundred yards away, no biggie
>bunch of Mexicans
>they immediately get out and start popping off rounds in every direction with their $500 AR

I carry an airhorn for that reason when I go shooting now.
They have no regard for other people when they shoot. Never had to shoot back though, they usually stop with the airhorn going off.
Me on BLM driving through a canyon, bullets zip over head, come out of canyon asap, shitdicks using a small hill (maybe 2m tall at most) at the entrance to canyon as a "backstop"
I can probably conjure up a few more
>at gun show, in calicuck
>AR's everywhere.
>go to booth, guy have like 8 AR's on stands
>upwards of 3K each
>why are they so special?

They were the kinds that look mall ninja, where the handguard has the spikes and the lower is supposed to be fancy or some shit, plus the ridiculous cerakote

>guy replies "can't you tell?"
>no have a nice day

That was before I knew anything about AR's, but damn
Where at? 760 here
Saying partner makes you sound like a cuck faggot. You know who says ''my partner''? Dyke cunts.
Fuck Australia
File: image.jpg (2 MB, 3264x2448) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 3264x2448
Bureau of Land Managment
You're supposed to better than that Anon, otherwise humans do not deserve to rule the planet other than might-makes-right.
>go to range with a couple friends and a coworker
>friend 1 is a Navy MP and former range safety officer and total slavaboo. Brings mosin, ak variant, old revolver, saiga
>friend 2 and coworker are nogunz, just planning to shoot our shit
>all of my experience comes from former Army Sniper CW2 dad and have my 870, custom ar build, and Sig 2022
>nogunz coworker loads saiga with instruction and immediately becomes dipshit
>racks 00 buckshot into chamber and immediately muzzlesweeps all of us
>let's out rebel yell and shoots brass barrel 6ft away 5times in rapid succession while we are still telling him to put the fuckin gun down
>tell him to go wait in the car for the rest of the day while we teach friend 2 range safety and shooting technique

Fucking rednecks everytime
File: BE ADVISED.png (49 KB, 135x253) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
49 KB, 135x253
>shooting 45-70
>Gee that 30-30 was loud

Does not compute.
I'm pretty much a hippy, but even I have to admit that Australia has a huge pest problem, feral cats for instance have decimated dozens of native species and literally driven some to extinction, I think that in the interest of the ecosystem it is necessary that their population be curved, even if its done by shitheads like the guy op talked to.
>at indoor range
>range does handgun rentals
>british tourists come in and rent some .22 handgun
>They take the lane next to me and one of them does the "james bond pose", but with the barrel of the gun pointed directly at their chin
>decide I've had enough for the day and leave

I've seen japs and chinks with better gun handling skills than the British. What gives?
>bongs have almost no private weapons
>bongs suck at using guns
>being surprised they suck at guns
Strangely enough, it's illegal to sell/give away the meat without a specific government permit.
because the only place/time they've seen a handgun is in James Bond

The joke is the Fudd assumed the lever action rifle was a 30-30 when in fact it was not. It's funny because it shows the Fudd is a moron

Because only Americans get shot.
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2 MB, 268x375
>be me
>be canadian
>no real problems because everybody has to complete a pretty thorough course on safe weapon handling
>only fudd headaches
>town my cottage is in has a gun club
>they have a 25m indoor pistol range
>only let people shoot .22 in there
File: 1405739163480.jpg (141 KB, 650x650) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
141 KB, 650x650
this is /k/, you can just say you're a fag m8; we don't give a shit about your politics or what gender the asspussy you pound is as long as you aren't a faggot... but your "hurr respect 4 da animals I cull" faggotry already proves you're a closet libuck so die in a fire m8
>desrust that shit with a guncleaner that doesn't fuck up blueing
>animal rights
cuckold please go
File: Firefox_wallpaper.png (1 MB, 1280x853) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1280x853

>be canuck
>have acquaintance who is the only other person around my age to own guns (26)
>he voted liberal
>he likes berny sanders
>"DUDE, I really want to see what it's like to shoot while high"

>He can't even shoot high because his politician lied to him and will not legalize weed

>post aus thread
>unprepared for shitposting and Americans trying to bantz like aussies

as >>28671095 says the rules are a bit strange and different, near me kangaroos cannot be moved at all and must stay where they were shot due to some disease up north a bit more and you just need a permit to take it off the property

>only have mondays off
>decide to drive around the area and look for a close rifle range
>3 ranges close by, should be easy
>first one is just a .22 target club but thats cool gets me some basics practice
>range is closed unless club event/practice is happening, bugger next one then
>next is a long range club 300-800m range
>only open on sundays, well fuck thats out
>last one is steel silhouette supposed to be pretty good, club only has it open on saturdays
>go home and cry

Australia needs some dedicated open erreday range

>be 18
>hanging out with friends, go to party
>kid from high school sees gun cabinet
>kid takes it out, is being stupid and pointing it at people making gun noises and laughing
>girl he's trying to impress is like h-hey stop put it away
>"CALM DOWN I KNOW WHAT IM DOING" he says as he fucks with the magazine, popping it in and out
>"no you don't you retard put it back"
>"fuck you anon you stupid faggot"
>edge away, other people edge away, kid who's house we're at is oblivious to what is happening in the next room
>retard tries to spin the carbine around like he's a cowboy and it's a revolver
>kid jumps, freaks out
>every time he jumps his trapped finger jerks the trigger
>throws the gun, girls are screaming
>from the other room a concerned "are those bullet holes in my wall!?"

pic related
>pest control
That is exactly why we rule the planet. And it is the only reason.
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Manlets, when will they learn?
>Out with a friend shooting in a gravel pit on crown land
>I have my SKS and my friend has his little JW25A
>Very isolated other than my buddies cabin and a few other weekend places on the nearby lake for Toronto cottagers
>Been shooting for a good 45 minutes when some guy sneaks up to us
>He has one of those faggy mossberg tactical .22s with all the cheap optics and other accessories
> "mind if I join you"
>"uhhh sure man"
>"Can I borrow some ammo?"
>give the guy some .22 since I'm not a poorfag and don't feel like ruining the day by being an asshole
>"Oh by the way I don't have my PAL so if the MNR or OPP show up I'm under your supervision and this gun belongs to you"
>This sketches me out but no one ever shows up in this part of ontario.
>MNR does show up
>Checks our licenses and my buddy and I have to prove we are not hunting
>pass the MNR shit test and the CO asks the other guy for his info
>despite the guys easy plan to avoid getting in shit he looks visibly nervous
>My buddy and I don't want to get in shit for knowingly complying with this guy's bullshit so we head out while the CO interrogates the guy
>CO turns and says "Where do you think you are going"
>worried I'm in shit since the MNR are notorious for being complete cunts to gun owners
>"You forgot your .22"
>Points to the Torontofags mossberg
>"Oh yeah sorry, thanks for noticing"
>Cant tell if he knows and is testing me, is letting me take it or legit thinks I own it
>"Have a good day office"
>Get the fuck out of there and go have some beers
>Never see the guy again, no one on the lake seems to know who he is
>Get a free tacticool .22 ill never use

Most Canadian gun owners I spend any time with are good about following the rules. I don't go to a range since I have lots of crown an hour away from my house. But christ that was a random day and the fact this guy was out and about with a semi auto 22 and no license makes me hate Toronto cottagers who act like aristocratic fudds
File: 1450841964584.jpg (32 KB, 480x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
32 KB, 480x480
>mfw your post
Or does the planet rule us?
get your shit together
also nice double trips
File: hot.jpg (10 KB, 250x250) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
10 KB, 250x250
>that entire story
Pics of the .22?
unconstitutional federal agency that usurps land from the states and then shits all over anybody who tries to use it
I'm on campus at the moment on my phone. If I make it home before this thread dies ill post pics of it. It's a Mossberg 715T if you want to Google a pic until then.
File: 1452029601662.jpg (55 KB, 694x488) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
55 KB, 694x488
Free .22 is a free .22
>taking CCW class in Ohio
>Instructor asks about home defense
>I say I used a pistol

Guy was a NRA instructor and was the worst class I've ever taken.

Why did he take them inside and drig them? Was he interrogating them? Does he not know the effects of simple waterboarding? Why was he shooting to wound anyway?

Oh wait, did you mean dragged?
File: 1450838047484.png (559 KB, 922x962) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
559 KB, 922x962
>"what should be use for home defense, instructor"

pic related
A 6 o' clock barrel would make more sense for this gun. Not that this gun was created with sensibility in mind.
>be me other day at pistol range
>only one in there at the time
>practicing drawing and shooting. Practically putting bullets in the holes I made with previous shots
>hear door to range open, children's voices
>2 kids, about 7 and 9, with dad
>dad is young "bro" type, maybe 26.
>Oakley glasses on his baseball cap
>the type of dad you see on tosh.o or internet videos getting his kids nearly killed through some reckless "extreme" activity like skateboarding
>wait a second to make sure the door is closed
>take a shot
>hear man's voice "KEEP THAT DOOR CLOSED"
>kids are loud and obnoxious whole time
>keep saying things like "DIE DIE DIE HAHAHA!"
>keep wandering into other lanes, playing with brass. Dad has to tell him multiple times to not wander off.
>one kid keeps taking ear pro off despite me continuing to shoot, dad keeps getting frustrated because kid won't listen and argues about wearing it
>"okay, now step up to the line and take the gun..."
>only thing between me and spaz kids who don't follow directions is some plywood
>"okay, now pull the trigger"
>thank god he's teaching them with an air rifle
>both kids continue to make mistakes/misbehave/say stupid and mildly unsettling shit loudly
>"what kind of gun do you have, daddy?"
>"it's a Glock 23. You guys are shooting that next"
>nope out of there after that

Literally, these were some of the most misbehaved kids I've ever encountered shooting. Maybe even anywhere in public. It was their first time even firing a gun, and this guy wanted to start them on a fuckimg handgun after like 10 shots each on an air rifle. The same kids that would argue about basic safety like ear or eye protection, and couldn't follow any of his basic directions. I'd understand starting shooting early with a .22, but an autoloading pistol with substantial recoil. Kids who ignore things like "keep it pointed that way".

Sometimes, I am in favor of stricter gun control. But maybe it's natural selection?
I'd love an over-under 12 gauge derringer, but holy shit look how unbelievably high that barrel is lmao

the torque on that fucking thing when it tries to embed itself in your face must be wild
File: 1430618632599.png (22 KB, 714x797) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
22 KB, 714x797
>the head of the gun club nd'ed into his friend
>everybody is fudd
>everybody hates anything semi auto
>people think that if you have a suppressor you are gonna start shooting people out your commie block window
>try to explain reticles to guys
>Watching AR competition shooting
Save me from this hell.
Well too bad we all think you are a fag now.
Where the fuck do you live? That sounds like a nightmare.
File: 1443058062452.png (66 KB, 240x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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> at gun range with ex-hooha hooha infantry buddy
> gets a raging boner at all things infantry
> his facebook is filled with infantry memes
> anyway at gun range
> I have a 300 Weatherby Magnum I bough from my dad who bough it new from the factory in 1971
> just a drop dead beautiful rifle
> Infantry bro wants to show off his prone supported sniper skills
> I tell him that's a bad idea and the recoil is too much
> the scope will hit his eye
> well, it's your eye
> have first air kit ready
> rifle jumped up and hit infantry bro in the eye gashing it open
> bleeding like crazy
> take him to hospital
> 13 stitches later...
> still has the scar over his right eye to this day

For the record the man knows his guns and taught me a lot about shooting. This was one instance where I knew the rifle better than he did and he refused to take my word for it. I constantly ask him if he wants to shoot the 300 mag again. He tells me to go fuck myself every time.
>be 13 or so
>durr huntin
>walking through the woods with dad, his friend, and some other guys
>dad's friend carries his gun with one hand, swinging it up as he walks
>right at the back of the guy in front of him
>this same guy later talks about how salt riffles should be banned
We always let him take the lead after that.
Judging by the flag: Iceland.

Didn't even finish, I was right:
Eg vorkenni ther. :(
File: tfw.png (127 KB, 534x640) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
127 KB, 534x640
How many boxes of ZQI .308 do you guys think I could fit into a big diesel engine once everything has been removed?
Would NEVER do this irl btw
Depends on if this engine was ever intended to be turned over, if no then a block with the cylinder sleeves removed and the block cut between the cylinder wells. I imagine you could fit at least five or six thousand rounds in a big 9.0L V8.
this happened with my uncle before I was born; in 1985 or so
>uncle is gunsmith in small town Kansas
>owns shit ton of farm land (grazing) around said small Kansas town
>people hunt illegally on his property all the time
>his house on land that belonged to my great grandfather, great grandfather built the house he lives in when he came from Germany in the late 1800s
>Forbid hunting Quail around house out of respect for great grandfather because he liked to hear them when he worked in the morning
>one day uncle hears rifle shots going off
>goes outside and sees one hit the fender of his car
>confronts two kids (16-17) who claim to be hunting quail
>retard kids hunting quail with .22 rifles
>tells them its illegal to hunt quail with rifles and that they are illegally trespassing on his lawn and shooting in the direction of his house
>tells them he wont call the police if they just fuck off, tells them they need to ask permission before they go shooting on someone's land
>whatever you say old man
>about 20 minutes later hears more rifle shots and finds casings outside of his barn
>calls sheriff
>grabs AK and finds them behind his barn shooting at windows of an old tractor with a .22
>holds them at gunpoint until a deputy comes
>presses full charges against kids and they end up with a reckless endangerment felony, vandalism, criminal trespassing etc.
>their parents have to pay to fix his car
Uncle is a total bro too, gave me my first .22 and taught me gun safety with my dad when I was 10 and gave me a glock when I turned 18 so I would be safe at college.
File: mmmm.gif (760 KB, 259x214) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
760 KB, 259x214
>be me
>canadian with mostly fudd friends
>first day out hunting getting shitfaced and not caring
>they start talking rifles
>I pipe up and say 'yeah I just bought a norinco 1911 it's cheap but it's a good little pistol goes bang every time'
>they start shifting nevously
>'what are you a gangster or something?'
>yeah those handguns are dangerous
>they start going on a rant about how dangerous semi-autos and handguns are and through around the terms assault weapon/rifles constantly
>I just say 'to each their own"
>next day
>everyone gearing up packing up quads and such
>one friend sweeps his 300 short mag across me and other friend
>opens bolt and live round flies out into the mud
>'Whoops that must have been in there since last year'

Since that day they've all kinda chilled on the rhetoric and most now own Marlin 795s or 10/22s and even have come shooting pistols with me. The guy who was a fucking dipshit with his short mag still shits at the mention of my pistol ownership though.
File: hC2299435.jpg (54 KB, 480x674) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
54 KB, 480x674
>At the range
>There's a family of curries there
>They have a couple of kids who are about 5-6
>They can't shoot because of the law, but they're standing back watching
>Neither of them are wearing earpro
>They keep clutching their ears and saying that the sound hurts
>I go up to their dad
>"Hey, look - they really should be wearing ear plugs. I've got some if you want them"
>"Nah, they're just a formality. They don't do anything"
>I give up and go back to shooting
>The kids keep clutching their ears and yelling about the pain
Fucking COD caused little shits like these to treat weapons like toys
Should have called the range officer on them.
Yeah I look kind of like that elf in the middle screeching like Rob Halford in the pic, and the kid was an actual half black manlet

Well at the time COD was still based in WWII lol All the hype around it now was just not a thing back then at all.
He should have slipped them some ear plugs.
I'd be mad but holy fuck them dub-trips.
>age 9 grandpa takes me shooting with his shotgun and his old nazis guns
>he teaches me basics, but scolds me for the small stuff
>after shooting i go into the truck and sit in the back to not fuck anything up
>grandpa starts deloading one of the shotguns we used
>grandpa procceds to throw shotgun in back of cabin
>shotgun goes off beside head and takes out back window
>grandpa yells at me to stop dicking around and to stop bleeding in his back seat
>I can hear somewhat
Happy australia day mates!
Aussie here
The only thing I dont care how I kill is a feral cat.

As long as the bullet hits it I dont care how long it takes to die.

As for roos, always a chest or headshot with the .223 (FMJ for minimum mince). and a .22 for a finishing shot if they are still alive when I get to it.

Magpies should be declared a pest in urban areas and permits given to shoot them when living around schools and high populatied areas.

Fuck that cunt killing native species though. Kookaburras are awesome birds.

There is a dam down near the border that has near on 1000+ cockatoos, Its good fun reducing their numbers with a .22.

I have shot roos with a .22 but close range and accurate headshots only. Night as well throw a rock if your not aiming well.

Dont know about the other states laws but in the Territory you can take them home, I usually go out for some dog meat and sell a couple of them to the locals.

This is the biggest problem in Aus, you have to be a member of the gun club, have to suck the elitist assholes cock to be liked by them, have to be regarded as "dangerous" untill they deem you skilled enough, then MAYBE after 6 months of rocking up on sunday mornings, you might be able to get a key to go there any time you like.

Fuck that, it costs almost $300 in fees, SSAA and other charges to become a club member, and it gets renewed yearly, and you have to pay again.

Im lucky to live in Alice Springs. Can drive 50klm and shoot anywhere.
Literally anywhere that isnt north america or switzerland is like this
stop spouting lies you homo
what a dumbass
once brought my SVT40 to a Danish Fudd-hunting club. RO asks me if i also brought my machine pistol during marking, I reply that i couldnt fit it in the bag, we chuckle and keep shooting.

Not everything gun-related is bad in scandinavia
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