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I'll start

>Be European
>CNC mill and lathe operator (only made an exam, unfortunately not experienced), and Firearm Mechanic
>Currently studying Production Technology
>Thinking about studying to Metallurgy/Quality Control/Production Designer schools/universities

What are you? Also what do you recommend me to get into firearm industry?
cant into greentext on tablet
Teacher, highschool, maths & cs
tfw cant teach my students firearm safety etc
Totally feel you... now I am in Denmark, one of the greatest lib shitholes (I am not really happy saying this, because there are a lot of cool people), and whenever I mention my studies, they give me the looks, and talks behind... It's not fair. I sometimes don't even mention the word firearm, just mechanic...
Don't say you're a mechanic, say you study Engineering.
I fucking hate lying
I wanted to get into Aerospace or Mechanical Engineering, but medical issues have postponed those plans.

I have to finish high school first and then get fixed. I'm gonna be 40 by the time I enter college at this point.
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>R&D Engineer in Metallurgy lab
>Currently working on tungsten carbide coatings
>Pretty good gig, so probably just stick with this until I retire

CNC and lathe service guy / installation of new machines

Currently working in Manhurin (MR73 revolver)

They now sell machines to make cartridges, and othe lathes we're installing are making .50
>U.S and German citizen
>Studying Aerospace engineering
>probably going to be a pilot in the marines/navy
Innadesert, is that you?
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>Gaylord Fokker
>buy funs and guitars from my Fokker pay
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>just moved to DC for economics internship
>wanna be federal law enforcement or intelligence community
>gonna network my ass off
>mfw my internship site didn't tell me that the US Marshals has internships here that I could've gotten
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I too, detest the stench of lies.
> European
> Live in based USA
> Software dev
>IT middle management

it's kind of a dead end as far as career trajectory goes, I also hate where things are going (I don't mean sinking ship, I mean turning into a bureaucratic red tape nightmare, but #s are up) since our company got acquired by another and the subsequent infrastructure changes/reorg but It's TOO comfortable/convenient/easy for me to make a serious job search effort in my free time.

Like I would leave today if I got an offer out of the blue (didn't get any I particularly liked up to this point), but if I don't, I could stick around here for the next ten years.

If I ever make it big on stocks or win the lottery and retire early or something I would like to operate a gun store/range. Like primarily a range; the storefront portion would be relatively small, without much in stock; just a handful of rare-ish but not super expensive items like astras, calicos, deagles, etc... and mainly sell ammo (all calibers) and dealing in consignment and special orders. So like a gun range with a big ammo store, and some boutique guns.
>Work as planet engineer for manufacturing facility
>Lots of 3d modeling
>Hope to get into aerospace as I gain more experience
>what do you recommend me to get into firearm industry?
Use your skills to builds Stens
sell 'em
>Gunsmith, retired military.
>been out of school longer than the average /k/unt has been alive
Pajeet, India is not Europe.

And please use the toilet next time, some old lady stepped in it.
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>88A in army
>literally no idea what im doing next. I could go into the civilian sector doing supply chain management, I could go into real estate, I could stay in the army
>I kindof really like the army
>I also kinda hate it (especially all the shitbags)

I bet you're French and went to Saint-Etienne gunsmithing school.
Move out of your country to get into the industry. Bonus point if you speak English + German / Russian / Other relevant language.
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Family Photo3 2015.jpg
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>New Hire at Giant after quitting janitorial job
>Just enrolled at local technical institute
>IT Professional courses

Just a job to help pay some bills while I'm at school. Really needed to do something better with my life, the IT program will open up so many better paying jobs for me, which means more guns.
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>Health Physicist (radiation protection/radioactive materials handling/radiation machines)
>mostly do paperwork at this point, plus inspections, but I've got nothing to bitch about paywise. $27ish/hr, union job, 40 hours
>plan to dig in like a tick and stay here til they drag my bloated carcass out the door
>maybe get some higher professional certs someday, get more into the emergency response side
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> merican
> personal trainer, not bad, make $85 an hour.
> help train disabled people and old fat women
> studying mech.engineering, fucking sucks
> want build guns for a living

>mfw a women i train told me "nobody should be able to own an AK-47, they are the deadliest gun ever"

>mfw i own 5 AK's
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>Aerospace Welder (AWS D17.1 Class A)
>Been working for Northrop Grumman for the last 6 years, hoping to become a NASA/Space-X contractor soon
>Studying Automotive Technology
>It's alright but I feel like I would rather do something like be a forest ranger
>Don't want to spend the time/money to get a 4 year degree
>Thinking about joining the military but I need to be in better shape first
>Would like to try for WOFT and fly Helos
I work for a comprehensive firearms legal defense program that provides legal defense to gun owners if they are ever forced to use their gun in self defense, whether they pull the trigger or not.
>junior finance/managemet student
>still no funz, soon to be funz
>wanna be a supercool specops oper8or but want to finish college first
>i guess i'll see where life takes me
I monitor web forums and imageboards for subversive behavior on behalf of the ATF
>Security guard for Securitas, boring if anything to get paid anywhere from 10-12 dollars so sit all day
>Starting my Mech Engineer technician schooling in the fall, so I'll probably stick with this
>Looking at maybe getting into IT desktop support for easy shekels
>After my 3 years of schooling will probably go and join the Nasty Girls to play weekend soldier if and when another war starts
I know that feel
>get a job
>figure out where im going and what im doing next year
>2 weeks go by feeling shitty
>feel like shit really bad one morning
>go to doc 103.6 F fever
>sent to er
> er tests blood
> suprise you have fucking leukimia
>farther tests confirm
go from knowing what im doing to everything going to shit and on its tipped on its head in less that 24hrs
going through treatment now but looks like i will be in the clear soon. Medical emergencies appearing fuck life plans faster than just about anything short of a sudden death
>>Studying Automotive Technology
>>It's alright but I feel like I would rather do something like be a forest ranger
Keep an eye on USAJobs (.gov or .com, can't remember). There's such a thing as a mechanic who gets to chill at remote Forest Service sites to do vehicle maintenance/firefighting.
>Second year law student
>1LT in the Army National Guard, 42 series. POG as fuck.
>intern at an Environmental consulting firm

Been busy as fuck recently.
keep your head up anon

Are you based in CA? There's a really famous one in SoCal I know of.
Nothin funny going on here. Move along.
>'Merican as fuck
>Instrumentation and Controls Specialist (sorta like an electrical engineer and an industrial mechanic had prodigal baby)
>Job is definitely not /k/
>but I make a shitload of money to buy guns
I will fellow anon, im actually doing really well. AML is my type of leukimia if anyone was interested. I start my last round of chemo next week, a month or so after that should be out of hospital and done with treatment. It is a rather rare cancer for young people. Most people diagnosed with it are over 60, that is why the 5 year survival is only 50% but because I am only 19 I have a better chance.
>Looking for work while going to school for a degree in Geology
May the murder/k/ube bless you with the strength needed to vanquish your foes
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Majoring in mechanical engineering and using most of my free time to network and get first hand experience with machining and gunsmithing.

I'm learning as much as I can so I can at least get a few working prototypes of my simpler designs.
glad/sad you caught it this early dudebro

keep on truckin
>Park Ranger in Southwest
>trying to come up with alternative career for when my knees no longer work
Also, does anyone own a Kahr CW45? Thinking about buying one for cc-ing
Oh that sounds pretty nice, though I imagine they don't get to do as much wandering around the woods do they?
Thank you /k/omrades, doc said we caught it probably 2-3 weeks from the time one of my marrow cells decided to fuck itself so pretty early.
>working on masters in mechanical engineering
>classes done but research is being a bitch
>can't wait to graduate and start making money
>going to buy a bunch of land and build my own /k/ompound
Don't worry anon, the right girl will come along soon
? My girlfriend and I have been together for 8 years.
Ooooh I read that wrong
> euroland
> inna army
> used to be Forward Observer, reassigned to radio operator cause we're deploying to africa and won't bring the big guns because ROE.
> mfw I won't get to do what I signed up for, and also mfw I get to deploy.
Yeah I can see how you might misread that. We are on 4chan after all.
Also mfw I'll use my deployment pay for either the down payment for a farm (or at least part of it, won't make enough for all of it) a maritime security course or a REALLY nice hunting rifle. Dunno which.
>Bachelor of Computer Science
>Work as a Network/Systems Admin for a local government organization (Did a brief stint as a teacher before that, followed by contract jobs)

I'm studying a lot of network security and programming in my free time. I want to finish some certifications on the security side of IT and like to fiddle with video games in my spare time. I want to develop a series of games that deal with more boring aspects of war such as logistics and supply of forces in various theaters.

I'm currently a music student at a college. I don't care about a career and I'm starting to not care much about music anymore too. I don't have any realistic life goals and no motivation.
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welcome to life my friend

I don't really know what do. I'm not depressed, I'm just really bored with everything and nothing looks exciting. I don't know if I could do an actual career because every job I've worked at so far gets boring inside of a year. And on top of that, I don't really don't care about money or material shit and that's the end goal of all common life paths. I've considered just getting some land out in the middle of nowhere and take a break from modern society, just for something to do, but I really like stuff like electric heat, running water, and internet.
Security Officer
LEO and Reserve Officer
Now in aerospace manufacturing
Just want to go back to oper8ing innadesert
Still trying to figure out my gift and how to make it make me money.

What company? SW United keeps fucking up our tungsten.
>>Midwest Murican
>>IT Engineering Systems/Data Analyst.
>>Not management, can't bring myself to drink the koolaid. Not a bullshitter, I prefer quiet when doing my nerd work.
>>Love what I do.
>>Recently offered a nice role with a firearms manufacturer, running their IT shop.
>>Pay was 12% less than current salary and in a shit state.
>>Regret not taking it sometimes, love the company and their guns.
>>But I'd be broke buying all their guns.

Buy what interests you. If you don't know what that is find a range that rents guns and rent a lot of guns.
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>American- Michigander
>work pays for schooling
I absolutely hate it. I loved making shit back when I took the tech center classes back in high school, but now my job is totally unfulfilling. There is no creating anything I simply translate what someone else wants into metal. The only days I feel good about it are ones that involve me spending most of the day unfucking some stupid problem. Other than that I simply drift through the day and watch numbers show up in my bank account.
I hope springtime comes early this year I have plans for my garden.
>be American
>currently working as glorified day laborer
>no money to go to college, also stupid as fuck
I envy you all
that pic is eerie
>unemployed student
>studying German and justice
>I don't know what I'm doing
>or where I'm going
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