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Run in with cops
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Anyone got any stories of their run in with cops when CCing? How'd it go for you?

>driving to dallas for a concert
>taking I-20
>see couple cops pulled over some guy
>doing speed limit
>zone out while driving
>in the left lane passing lane
>see rearview mirror
>oh a cop
>move to right lane so he can pass
>he moves over and turns on lights
>wtf.jpg I was doing speed limit
>pull over
>get license, registration, and insurance
>says he pulled me over for tinted tail lights
>im nervous and shaking cause im hungry and just don't like getting pulled over
>he obviously sees me acting strange
>asks me to step out car and questions me about it
>asks me if anything illegal is in car
>tell him I just don't like getting pulled over
>still keeps questioning me
>do you smoke?
>yeah cigars
>asks what kind
>Romeo and Julietta Cedro Deluxe
>eventually just show him my CHL
>asks me if im carying, tell him its in the car
>asks where and wants to see it
>behind the passenger seat
>he gets it and unloads it and runs serial
>comes back and puts it back
>says hes just gonna give me a warning
>then back to my trip I go
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>romeo and julieta

>pulled over for headlight out
>hands over my license and reg
>answer "yes" I do have a weapon, show him where
>hand him my CHL
>he hands me my DL and CHL back after running me, and tells me to have a nice night

Does this not occur with all of you? Is there not enough actual crime in your area that the police harass regular people? Although obviously I'm on 4chan so "regular" is pretty subjective
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hqdefault (4).jpg
29 KB, 480x360

Yeah, ran into two of them in Johnson county Texas, they tried to unlawfully disarm me so two double taps later there were two less corrupt agents of the state, I informed the police chief and told him to run my credentials with my commanding officer, turns out they weren't interested in pressing charges after that
>2:30 in the morning passing through small town
>pull into the only open store
>two cops BSing out front
>hop out
>leave door open while adjusting my belt
>AR stuck between the seats in full view
>'CCing' a fullsize M&P but was adjusting shit so my shirt was pulled up
>cops are casually looking
>finish adjusting and walk to the door near them
>how's it going?
>pretty gud
>get my shit and leave

Such is life in Oklahoma.
I've noticed a lot of cops on I 20 lately driving to abeiline from Dallas and back. Anyone have any clue why there's been so much lately?
The key is to not get pulled over.
whats wrong with r js
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Why let yourself get pulled over?
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I love Florida cops... corrupt thundercunts.

>driving from work at 2 am
>have to drive through Miami gardens to pick up some tools from a friend
>end up stuck at a DUI Checkpoint
>Black Officer asks for license and registration, I give it to him
>Blofficer asks what I was doing at 2 am
>Me, being a russian immigrant sound like I'm in a state of permanently being drunk.
>Blofficer asks "Where exactly do you work?"
>"I'm a contractor at the port."
>Dude stares at me for a bit, has me get out of my car and has me put my hands up, palms out facing him
>Has me do a breathalyzer
>Nothing comes up
>Has me do a bunch of balance and cognitive tests
>I'm groggy, and I've been working since 12 pm so I fail a few
>Blofficer and another officer have me stand with my hands on the hood of my vehicle while they search it
>They end up tearing up my fucking carpet on my new Subaru
>Both officers find oxycodon, vicodin, and various other pain meds in my car
>Then they find my guns
>Starts asking me what I was doing with these, and if I was working at the port why would I have guns in the car
>Show them my CHL and have them pull out my various hospital papers from the glovebox
>They spend another 15 minutes harassing me, obviously trying to find SOMETHING to arrest me for
>Finally their supervisor arrives
>Blofficer explains what's going on in a manner which is very incriminating, I explain it, after another 5 minutes they let me go

Another time
>Driving to Port of Galveston early in the morning before dawn for another job
>License plate light went out
>I'm 7 minutes from the port
>Cop, who literally just finished pulling over a tractor trailer pulls me over
>Dude is very rude, asks why he pulled me over
>I dunno lol
>Dude scolds me, says my rear license plate light is out
>He notes that I have an out-of-state tag, license, and registration
>Asks what I was doing headed to the port so early
>Tell him I'm an independent contractor, and I'm only here for a few weeks
If I choose to smoke a cigar I usually pick up a nub cameroon 460, always a good smoke.
>Asks if I am intoxicated, and if I have weapons on me
>Show him my Florida CHL, tell him I have a gun on my ankle and a gun in the back
>"This is a Florida license. You do realize you're in Texas, right? Texas."
>Says it like I'm some illiterate dumbass who just landed in America yesterday
>"Yes, there's reciprocal licenses between states."
>Calls for backup
>Has me hand him my gun, and then put my hands on the dashboard
>Hand him my Sig P238
>Dude fucking flags me with it, then puts it on the roof
>Backup comes 8 minutes later, first officer grabs my gun and walks away to the police cruiser
>See in the mirror that they're talking, handing my papers and IDs
>5 grueling minutes later the original officer comes back with my gun and my IDs and says I'm good to go, and to get my light fixed
>Say "Thanks..." and drive to work

I never seem to have good luck when it comes to cops.
See shit like this is why I fucking hate Texas.

At least in Arkansas you don't get harassed for conceal carrying and the only time you get an ass blasting by an officer is if your waltzing around open carrying in a deliberate manner unless your on your own private land or out in the woods.
have you considered going back to russia?
The fuck kind of place do you live? Oh and he pulled you over because you either:
a. look like a druggy dirt bag and he was hoping to make a drug arrest
b. looked like someone he was looking for or someone that had previously pissed him off
c. did something to piss him off without realizing it.

I've been pulled over a bunch with my gun on me, almost always because speeding. I always greet the officer the same way, "Good Afternoon/morning officer. I am carrying with CCW permit." To this day no officer has ever asked to see the gun or given 2 shits about it. In Ohio I'm legally required to notify the officer that I'm carrying though.
Once I got stopped at a DUI checkpoint. They're unconstitutional and illegal and stupid but the SCOTUS has failed to do it's job and passed a ruling where they said and I'm paraphrasing, "We understand that checkpoints will in some cases violate an individuals constitutional rights but we'll allow it because evil drunk driving."
Anyway, I told the officer that I didn't drink (I do actually) and that I had a gun and that the checkpoint was wrong, that he was a bad person for taking part in it and that I would vote against every single law enforcement levy from then until the end of time because they clearly have too many resources.
He told me to have a nice day and sent me on my way.
>>asks where and wants to see it

Unreasonable search. Sue.
Why would I go back to that shithole?
>>"Yes, there's reciprocal licenses between states."
>>Calls for backup

So he called a friend to learn the law too?
Another Texas guy here. When pulled over I politely and confidently inform them that I'm carrying and where it is and I've never been hassled.
Thank you for your service

Nothing, but the brand is "Romeo y Julieta", it just kinda makes you sound like an uncultured mongoloid
>wants to know where a weapon is
dont be that guy, plus they can justify doing anything they want, its your word against a law enforcement officer
Rule #1
Never consent to a search.
You don't have to be rude about it, but it will always be in your best interest to politely decline.

You sound like such a badass
In some states they are required to put up signs a certain distance away from checkpoints to give drivers the option to take a different route.
Well it was right before I hit abilene, middle of knowhere, so guess the sherrif had nothing better to do. I'm white, dont wanna sound supremist or something. Usually clean shaved and cut cause prior military, I like to keep up my appearance. Wasn't even being rude, just nervous really.
I'm from El Paso and the cops here are fucking pricks. What drives Texas cops to be such hard-asses in major cities?
Presumably the standard Texan machismo bullshit.
>tinted tail lights
are you fucking kidding me?
Why let yourself skip arm day?
Clearly he agreed with you.
Fascist cunt
Looking for traffickers, that has become a corridor for cash, drugs, and pussy.
>traveling home from friends house in ND
>going past Minneapolis (I used google maps since I don't the are and it said it was the fastest)
>doing 70 since it's the speed limit
>zip by cop
>look and see the speed limit change to 60
>pull over, turn off radio, turn off car. Pull out drivers licence, hands on steering wheel and roll down windows.
>how fast you going anon?
>speed limit till I saw the sign, then I slowed down
>licence & registration
>pass them over
>alright, anon, I'll let you off with a warning.
>alright officer, have a good day

I was CC'ing the whole time. Fun fact, Minnesota doesn't recognize my states carry licence. I also had a couple guns in the trunk and no idea if I was supposed to inform the police if I was carrying.

Czeched. Also there are some retarded laws for cars. Such as can't have tint on the windshield but it can be dark as you want on the rest of your car.
haha #NOBURN
Never have a problem. I don't drink, at all. When I'm stopped o keep my hands at 10&2. I tell the officer I have a CHL, Where the weapon is and I ask them for instructions. I want to get home just like them.

Never have a problem. My car is clean, everything works. Nothing to generate any probably cause to pull me over or generate revenue.
I did get hassled for carrying it unloaded one time though. I was coming back from the range and I forgot to chamber a round when I put a full mag into it.
Abeiline ain't white no more bro.
Sucking brown dicks. It like you're Swedish or something.
where you at in ok? I'm in the metro but carry of course. Not too many problems. Got pulled over in a neighborhood and once I showed the cop my CHL and he basically said have a nice night and I went home.
>>asks where and wants to see it
>>behind the passenger seat
>>he gets it and unloads it and runs serial

Just go ahead and give up your guns now dumbfuck.
I was walking in back ally of my friends house, having beers and scorpion hunting with back lights, gang unit rolled on us, asked us what we where doing, after explaining our methods of catching scorpions one of the officers pointed out we had missed one, I casually caught the scorpion asked if he minded if I continued to drink my beer, officer said that he did not mind, proceeded to try and find out what the officers knew about gun trusts and how they could enforce any laws shooting on national forest land, parted ways continued to drink and catch scorpions.....
and in those states the signs magically get placed out of view or knocked over.

What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Navy Seals, and I’ve been involved in numerous secret raids on Al-Quaeda, and I have over 300 confirmed kills. I am trained in gorilla warfare and I’m the top sniper in the entire US armed forces. You are nothing to me but just another target. I will wipe you the fuck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me over the Internet? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of spies across the USA and your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm, maggot. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your life. You’re fucking dead, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can kill you in over seven hundred ways, and that’s just with my bare hands. Not only am I extensively trained in unarmed combat, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the United States Marine Corps and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable ass off the face of the continent, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little “clever” comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn’t, you didn’t, and now you’re paying the price, you goddamn idiot. I will shit fury all over you and you will drown in it. You’re fucking dead, kiddo.
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>im nervous and shaking
Yep, that's a /k/ poster for you. Utterly afraid of his country's own law enforcement.
Pretty much this >>28627059
>driving to pick up new funs
>get pulled over in Dallas
>cop asks where im going
>tell him going to do some shopping
>cop asks y i have big gun
>tell him because im tiny so i need equalizer
>cop chuckles like im kidding or something
>"i'll brb, anon"
>15 minutes later 3 other cop cars show up
>ask me to take holster off and leave in car
>get questioned like imma drug dealer
>they get tired of asking dumbass questions
>all cops leave but 1
>mfw he asks for my number
>after debacle, fun store closed.
>go back tomorrow morning, fun i wanted gone.
>put on fuck da police

MFW the cop that asked for my number is here at Shot Show. Dead ass serious.
I've been pulled over with my gun in the glove box (no CHL) a few times. It usually just goes along the lines of
>How are you tonight/today
>I am legally armed
And they usually don't even ask to see it. I had one bitch that had something to prove, but my record is clean as fuck so she can climb a wall of dicks.
Should note I'm in Texas, only ever been pulled over in Houston though
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Posted this before but its worth posting again
>Get pulled over for the first time after getting my CHL
>Nervous as fuck
>Not in a duty to inform state
>Decide to do it anyway because I dont want him to see it, surprise him, and accidentally magdump me
>Politely inform him I am carrying a concealed weapon, and am licensed to do so
>His hand immediately shoots up to his holster
>"get out of the car sir"
>Says some gibberish police codes shit into his walkie
>"Officer is there a reason--"
>He draws and sticks his P226 into my face
>Step out with my hands up, roughly cuffed
>Thoroughly searched
>About the same time the entire fucking police force comes screaming down the highway, sirens blaring
>Put in the back of a squad car
>Sit there for over an hour in the blistering fucking heat, while they rip my car apart
>Begin to suffocate
>Try to bang on door to get officers attention
>One finally comes over
>"Im dying, can you please turn the AC on?"
>He cracks the window and tells me to shut up
>About half an hour later
>Get taken out of the car
>Written up for speeding
>Told to get back in my car
>The inside is turned upside down, shit thrown everywhere
>All the officers leave except the one that pulled me over
>He hands me my wallet
>Literally throws my glock 19 slide, spring, and frame into my lap, disassembled
>Followed by 2 magazine bodies, 2 magazine springs, 2 floorplates, and 33 HSTs
>bullets all over the floorboards and shit
>"dont even think about touching any of that shit until im long gone"
>He peels out like a faggot high school kid and speeds down the highway

>talk to a lawyer
>Pay retainer fee
>Find out that none of the officers had their dashcams on, conveniently
>If we pursued a case, it would basically be my word against 14 sworn officers in good standing
>Decide to just drop it
>After that the police pull me over nearly every day, harass me, and most know me by name
>Move 200 miles away
this makes my fucking blood boil. you should have just shot him desu
Was he hitting on you? Was he trying to become the greentext rangebuddy cop?
City and state? You any shade of brown? Why the hell would they act like that?
> Be innamountains straight walking around wth my shotty
> get stopped by racist ass cops, they were conducting a search for some lost cunt idk wtf.
Long story short
> sitting in patrol car for 30mins cops keep asking me where i got the gun
> keep telling me to come clean before they run the serial number
> after another 10mins they release me from the cuffs, hand me my shotgun and tell me to have a nice night.
Gtfo of there
>not finding out where these faggots live
>not stealing their pets, cutting their heads off and leaving them on their doorstep

Or I suppose you could have recorded the incident yourself...whatever works
>those tight jeans
>that curvy ass
I'm no gayfag but damn fampai
>be me. 14 at the time
>walking through town with bid redneck buddy
>we just wandered out of the woods on the far side of town after a day of hunting(we got nothing)
>i have a win70 30-06 on my shoulder, redneck has an old husqvarna in 6.5x55. both obviously open carried next to our backpacks
>cop rolls up, jumps out of his car with his shotgun and orders us onto the ground.
>i comply, redneck does not, though he does put his bag on the ground, rifle included.
>cop runs up and tries to shove redneck on the ground.
>cop bounced off him cus redneck is like 6'6 ,270lbs and the cop was like 5'9 and couldn't way more than 160 pounds soaking wet.
>i get up and disarm. he starts asking us why we had guns.
>tell him we were hunting.
>he gets fucking ffurious and starts spouting PETA bullshit about how that's animal abuse and should be considered murder.
>i ask him to get his supervisor.
>he says no, but about 5 minutes later, super rolled up anyway.
>tell super what's happened.
>super walks over and smacks officer PETA up side the head, calls him a pussy and tells us to pick up our guns and bags.
>super makes the dude apologize.
>super gave us a ride home as an apology

keep in mind this was 2002, so 9/11 and columbine had happened just within the past few years, was still bullshit though.
big redneck buddy* fuck. i hate making typos.
>be me
>be used similie that carrying is like wearing a seatbelt for libfags and nogunz who just don't "get it"

>don't wear seatbelt 50/50 of the time
>carry 2 guns 95/5 of the time
>don't get pulled over
>speed everywhere

>things that didn't happen
File: us.jpg (49 KB, 526x394) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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nigger what? i mean, i don't have pictures from that day in particular, but this is us. a few years later, but i couldn't make this shit up.
also, ignore the lack of trigger discipline please. i was a kid and i was dumb.
>ignore lack of TD

Tell that to muh dead chilluns
funny enough the guy holding the camera, our buddy travis, has shot himself in the foot 4 times in his life. once with a .22, once with a 20 gauge and twice with a .17.
A .17 is airshit do doesn't matter, unless it was those that shoot .17 at like 1300fps. Whenever i got shooting i wear my steel toes....not that i need them but...i mean.how do you shoot yourself?
Where did you buy your fedora from
17hmr exists
That calibre is so small i don't count it as a actually firearm, but more of a varmit type thing
Oklahoma is god tier on gun culture. Plenty of people in my town to shoot with the police at their range.

Me and my buddies were shooting off of a low water bridge when we were younger and a sheriff pulled up, and just simply asked "Are you boys being safe?"

He just drove off after that. Another one caught us wandering the side of a dirt road with our rifles and just waved. No one really gives a shit around here.
do you guys allow asians there?
>not knowing about .17 hmr

What are you
>Coming back from OR from ZT and Kershaw factory sale.
>Got no sleep and have been driving all day long.
>30 minutes out of Seattle going about 100.
>Notice sedan with funny roof racks
>Wait why do the roof racks have reflectors
>"Do you know how fast you were going?"
>"About 100 I think."
>"Papers pls."
>Cop comes back and asks why so fast
>"Very tired and anxious to get back home(was about 2200)
>Gives me $100 ticket for going 5 over
>Smile and say thank you
Damn he hooked you up fat
for one, travis is....retarded as shit. he's dumb as a rock. great guy, but fuck, he just belongs on /b/ and two, how the fuck do you now know what .17 HMR is?
The Vietnamese are one of the biggest minority groups around here. I think you'll be fine.
What about spics
I'm just speaking from my town. There's several Asian families here. More than mexican families.

Not that any of the Mexicans in northern Oklahoma do anything. Or the blacks.

Or anyone.
More cop stories.

>Driving back home from NY to to Vancouver, BC because done with NYE.
>In 2006 LR4
>Get into PA, notice we have intermittent heat coming into cabin.
>Keep driving
>Finally we get zero heat coming into cabin
It's -15 C so you can feel the heat loss fast
>Look at engine temp gauge
>Gauge goes straight to Danger Zone
>Car in neutral, engine off, hazards on
>Open the hood and get overpowered by coolant smell but figure out it's the water pump went boom
>We don't even notice the red and blue flashing lights behind us
>State trooper asks what the problem is
>We tell him and he offers us a seat in his brand new Ford Taurus
>Accept offer and sit in cramped Taurus
>BS with officer about firearms and American gun culture, etc.
>Tow truck finally comes and gets us back into town
I'm a spic that's why i ask.
You'll be fine. All the bad Mexicans are further down south. The only people that bother anyone here are the meth niggers, and they're mostly harmless.

Unrelated: I've had a neighbor come up and tell me that if he ever sees a methhead robbing my house while I'm gone, he'll gun him down for me.

It's a great place to live.
Same trip almost home, but driving North of Seattle.

>Going about 100
>Notice unmarked Crown Vic ahead
>Slow on the brakes
>Notice something weird
>Move up behind CV to check it out
>Weird lights and light placement
>No antennas, cage, or push bar
>All 3 of us agree it's not a cop
>Put into sport mode and floor it past
>Cop comes up to window and looks at all three of us
>Wtf were you doing?
>We just wanted to see if you were a cop or not
>Cop laughs and asks for papers
>Goes back and asks where driver is from
>Driver tells him Fort St John
>Cop "No shit I used to live there"
>10 minute conversation about FSJ and our NY road trip
>He tells us the speed limit and lets us know which exit he's getting off at with a smirk
>Pull out and drive home

We made it to New York in about 38 hours of straight driving.

Also muh white privelege.
Fuck I know. Not to mention I had about $3000 worth of tactical and kitchen knives in the car. Would've been weird if he searched it.
My ccw permit has gotten me out if several tickets. Depends on your cops but if you're polite and respectful they dont give you too luch crap normally.
>Get pulled over for an expired tag (Forgot to put it on because yay forgetting shit.)
>Give officer my ID, papers and CCW
>"Anon are you carrying your firearm currently?"
>'No sir.'
>"I detect the smell of gunpowder on your person."
>'I was out at the range, my rifle is in the trunk.'
>Officer looks at my ID for a second.
>"Are you so and so's kid?"
>'Yes sir.'
>"We're you shooting the AR he said you outshoot him with?"
>'Gotta practice with my HD rifle somehow.'
>"Can I see it?"
>Pop the trunk and completely forgot I had a wooden bat I had driven several eye bolts in.
>Poker face
>"I'm gonna ignore that."
Because then when the cop is being a prick you just hand him a $20 in slavmoney and tell him to fuck off.
Going to Dallas is where you went wrong, Fort Worth and Burleson cops are pretty chill
>14 cops
>ALL have their dash cams off
You should've pushed harder, you little faggot. 14 coos against 1 person? And their dash cams were off? Half an hour in court and you could be sitting on millions of dollars and all 14 of them suspended without pay. You fucking faggot.

If something like this ever happens, and you make it to court, your word would be like gold to a judges ears. If you take pictures right away, you could fight that it was an unreasonable search and seizure, mixed with destruction of property and infringement on your rights. Not to mention the millions of dollars combined from each officer for "emotional and punitive damages". Fucking scrub.
File: MURRICA.gif (4 MB, 359x202) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
4 MB, 359x202
god bless america
>says hes just gonna give me a warning

What a fucking douchebag. The same sort of thing happened to me when I was a teenager.

>be driving home from a FUCKING BOWLING ALLEY with 3 of my friends in the car
>cop tails me the entire trip home
>pull into my neighborhood
>cop hits his lights
>pull over because I knew he was going to do something eventually
>comes up to the window
>"Hey you were late to hit your blinkers back there and you didn't turn correctly or some shit so I'm just making sure you aren't driving drunk"
>everyone gives him an ID because he wants to make sure we aren't underage and out past curfew
>Everyone in the car is 18 anyway
>"If I were to search the car would I find anything?"
>"No." even my massive stoner friend didn't have any weed on him at the time, dude didn't smell anything and would have found nothing
>demands one of my friend's hand over her FUCKING PURSE to get checked
>even though she knew her rights she didn't argue and just gave it to him
>he desperately searches it
>"Alright well where do you live?"
>"Right down the street, my house is just down the hill in this neighborhood"
"Okay well, just head straight home then"

Head straight home for what dude? You pulled me over for no reason and confirmed for yourself nobody was doing anything wrong. Fucking prick.
File: huehue.jpg (134 KB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Notice sedan with funny roof racks
>Wait why do the roof racks have reflectors
congrats you got illegally stopped. were you from out of state? was your car texas plates? do you have tinted lights? as long as your tail lights are red and showing red light visible from 1,000 feet there is no such thing as "tinted tail lights" . you got cucked, and said thank you. congrats to letting a faggot fish you. stop being a little bitch kid and be a man who stands up for yourself to roided out faggots rifling through your personal belongings

(d) A taillamp shall emit a red light plainly visible at a distance of 1,000 feet from the rear of the vehicle.

unless you have cameras to keep them honest. dash cams and cabin cams are a new thing now for just this reason, too much corruption in police activity
probably just passing it on to homeland security for running it for illegal eavesdropping you dipshit. why would he want to be a rangebuddy with anon
fucking faggot cunts. if you anons conceal carry GET A FUCKING DASH CAM AND CAM FOR INSIDE YOUR CAR you idiots
having dashcams off is against department policies, you could have turned up the heat on them. dash cam footage has a way of magically being found when ordered by a judge. go back to that case anon, a good lawyer can work the testimony and depositions of the 14 cunts so they show cracks in their story
Not always. Some policies have them turn on automatically when running code or going over 80mph
cop son privilege?
he's right anon, you have a better shot at getting rich off this incident than the lottery. i would work on a lawsuit of some sort. usually they offer to settle and make you sign nondisclosure shit so you dont blab to media. find another lawyer
as far as i know, they are universally wired to turn on when cops flash blue/red lights on roof, and a cop has to manually turn the dashcam off after that. this looks bad in court, because why would they manually disable camera? court would then give your testimony a lot of weight since its obviuos cop is hiding something
File: 1444745442399s.jpg (4 KB, 125x125) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
4 KB, 125x125
>be me
>gfs mom and step dad cops
>he's a weirdo, she's bretty cool
>we talk guns, she carries a .40 sw mp, or an hk usp9.
> wants an fn 5.7 for whatever reason
> going to Vegas for gfs 21st today with her family
>mfw SHOT show is going on this week
>mfw I can't go
It's just not fair /k/. Hold me.
PA bro here, that sounds about right. I've never had problems with state or local police ever. Sheriff for Lehigh County is also pretty based.
That sucks, you're missing out on seeing the new Kimber revolver.
Fells soooo good, man.

Not so much the inmates that find the house number tho, thus the bat.
That sucks, you're missing out on seeing Harry Vickers.
Has a SHOT show ever been exciting?
I'm bored to tears everytime I watch videos of it.

>gee whiz, more expensive shit I'll never find or that's more or less military exclusive anyway
>oh boy, a new glock
>see cops handing out tickets for jay walking on a street that only city buses can use
>buying large paper and sharpie
>hang around warning people about the niggers trying to steal your money
>cops get mad as fuck and leave when they can't write tickets anymore
Sounds like bullshit to me. If true, he has very good chances in court.

1. There's case law that carrying a gun in itself is not probable cause
2. Searched without warrant, exigent circumstances, or anything in plain view
3. They can do a sorta limited search or "take inventory" without warrant before your vehicle is towed off for impound if you are under arrest, but you are not under arrest and your vehicle was not impounded
4. They can't search your body unless you're under arrest. They can only frisk you.
5. police cameras start saving to memory + some backlog as soon as the red and blues turn on. This is usually linked to their body mics. They'd have to manually switch this off and start purging records.
6. What city is so slow that they'd send 14 officers to a guy speeding but large enough to spare 14 officers to one nonemergency call?
7. What officer drives around without his AC set perfectly for a hot day in body armor and uncomfortable uniform

This would be literally free money right here. And if like two or three of these things happened, I'd believe the story, but all of this shit at once? No officers, especially 14 of them in good standing, would be this incompetent.
>doing 80 in a 70
>see cop but can't slow down in time
>cop pulls out
>lights go on
>pull over, roll down driver side window, shut car off
>put hands on top of steering wheel
>cop come over, asks for driver's license and insurance
>tell him that I have a pistol in the glove box but that I do not need to reach in there for anything
>he says okay
>take out insurance from center console, license out of wallet
>hand them to him
>he leaves and is gone for maybe five minutes
>comes back, tells me he is giving me a warning
>thanks me for shutting the car off and having my hands where he can see them
>thanks me for telling him about the pistol
>tells me to follow the speed limit

I've always been polite and direct when answering any questions when pulled over and have yet to get a ticket. Last one was in 1997.
Richardson cops are the worst.
>Be cop.
>Daughter decides she wants to fuck a nigger to spite me, because black lives matter, etc.
>Refuse to let him in the house, I like keeping my shit, etc.
>Decide to have some fun.
>Call a buddy.
>Buddy later pulls Tyrone over and "finds" 30lbs of cocaine in his trunk.
>Also several stolen pistols.
File: 1311929730286.jpg (207 KB, 1254x1839) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
207 KB, 1254x1839
>get pulled over for not having a license plate light (lol indiana)
>keep hand on wheel at 10 and 2
>cop asks for license and reg
>tell him my license is in my back pocket and I'm going to reach for them
>laughing, he tells me not to pull out anything stupid and everything will be ok
>hand over license and reg
>he never asks if I have weapons so I never tell him
>tells me to get a light and sends me on my way
Neat. I love lying to total strangers on the internet too.
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>Be doing 45 in a 35 zone, in a school zone.
>See cop in opposing lane.
>School zone is active, regulated to 20mph.
>Cop doesn't even bother.
>tfw being white in a car that isn't a Honda.
File: 1452854718399.png (451 KB, 499x499) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>yet to be pulled over
>live in canada
>legally own guns including handguns / AR

When it happens it'll probably be early morning on my way to or from the range (open 24 hr). I can see it now.
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Only a couple come to mind. One was recent.

> Sober drive lady friend to bar to meet mutual friends.
> Have a two mixed drinks over three hours.
> Have a final shot of Jager right before we leave.
> Driving lady-friends vehicle
> She wants to grab some food on the way home, so I head towards the nearest open place.
> She forgot her card and left the tab open.
> Turn around.
> Just getting back to bar, at the nearest light
> Highway Patrol oncoming, immediately flips a UE and gets right behind me.
> Start to turn, immediately lit up
> Pull into parking lot, turn on interior lights, roll down window, turn off vehicle, hands on the stearing wheel
> Officer asks what we're doing
> Explain things up to that point
> Asks if I've had anything to drink
> Admit to a beer about six hours earlier with dinner, and one shot just before leaving.
> Officer attempts to do a horizontal gaze nystagmist test.
> Fails because raisins.
> "Any weapons in the vehicle."
> "I have my CCW, and I am carrying."
> Let him know where.
> Asked to step out of the vehicle.
> Disarmed for remainder of investigation.
> Do three different FST's as required under state law.
> Have pre-existing medical condition which can make balance kind of shit.
> Pass two of the three, well.
> "Do you know what this is?"
> It's an EPAZ, commonly called the "breathelyzer". I'm not only familiar, I've done this song and dance to other drivers once upon a time.
> "Nope."
> Explains it to me.
> Blow.
> "I'm gonna have you blow one more time."
> Kind of start getting nervous because that can mean "You're boned."
> Blow .032
> "You're well under the legal limit. I appreciate your cooperation, just want to make sure you're safe to get her home."
> "I understand, Officer."
> "Can I give you some advice?"
> "Sure."
> "Don't ever have your gun on when you're drinking. I've seen it go bad for people more often than not."
> Wasn't under the influence
> "Oh, okay."
> Ask if I can holster while they're there.
> cont
Florida bros, or guys in other states with no duty to notify the officer of your weapon, do you do it anyway?
Just finding out what's new and some of the cool stuff that doesn't get any limelight from media shills would be worth it.
>romeo y juliettas

Good taste
As much as I'd like to I think id pass.

Yeah I can't imagine why he would be.
I'm curious if theye based their revolver off of an exsiting design or have made something unique.
> "You better. Doesn't do you any good if you don't have it."
> Grab, face away from patrol car and cops, holster firearm.

A bit more than that happened, but in this state firearms carry is literally called a "privilege" by the state government, and is on the various applications.

Different one:

> In another state
> Heading to work
> Doing 70 in a 55
> Not used to the color of cop cars in this state.
> Notice blue car, with yellow writing pass by, immediately pull to the shoulder and flip a UE.
> Already pulled over, because I know it's for me.
> Have a loaded SOCOM 16 in the rear of the vehicle, not even in a case.
> Trooper comes up, license, reg, insurance.
> Inform the trooper I have a CHL and am carrying
> "Okay, do me a favor, don't reach for it."
> Hand him his States CHL and my States Drivers License.
> Comes back and asks me why I was going so fast.
> Told him straight up, I'm running a little late, had my cruise control set, and didn't expect to pass any police this morning.
> Asks what I do.
> Inform him of the work I'm doing, and why I have a rifle and a handgun (animal protection)
> Gives me a warning and thanks me for being polite with him.

That was a pretty good one.
I do. Have a cop friend that told me it is a good idea that way the cop doesn't go back, run your license, find out you have your permit, and then wonder where the gun is in the car. Cops don't like surprises.
I mean, nowadays there's reason to be intimidated
Got two cop stories, one /k/ related and one not, i'll tell both

>Few months after I turn 21, meet up with a high school friend at a bar
>Was meant to be just a a few beers and some wings type of thing, turns into drinking till last call
>Friend jumps in pick up and drives out
>I'm thinking i'm way to drink to drive
>Girl I was dating lived 2 blocks away at the time
>Txt her and shes cool with me crashing at her place
>Start walking, almost there when 5 cops cars pulls up around me, one of them on the side walk in front me of me
>Swarmed by cops asking me a million questions
>Explain to them what i was doing and they keep trying to get me to blow on a breathalyzer
>One cop keeps yelling at me "JUST BLOW AND WE CAN GET THIS OVER WITH"
>Finally blow on it and next thing I know i'm cuffed in the back of the cop car being taken to the station
>Girlfriend ended up coming to sign me out
Opps didn't finish that story

>Girlfriend signs me out
>I get a 400 dollar ticket for public intoxication

For the record my friend got home just fine, I got fucked for doing the right thing.
You got arrested for drunk walking? What shit state?
Philly PA, it was for public intoxication and I get that's illegal but holy shit I was trying to do the right thing and not drive. Thank god it was just a ticket and it doesn't show up on background checks when i buy guns
That happens in Houston all the time. Its one reason why drunk driving is so bad here.
>live maybe 15 minutes from multiple bars
>have walked home from one multiple times
>have to walk through the bayou
>other bars don't touch the bayou
>don't drink there

Its fucking dumb but police are police and need to make their quotas
At least it was just a ticket. Still messed up. Missouri does not have a public intoxication law. One of the few states.

Second more /k/ story

>Nice summer day
>Take a ride on my duel sport to a local burger place
>Just wearing a t shirt and jeans, have my Glock 20 in a supertuck holster
>Get to the place, get my burger and soda, eating outside since it was such a nice day
>Cop comes rolling up shortly after, he parks, gets out, walks right towards me "Hey you ride that bike"
>"Yes officer" He tells me "Listen I got a call about some guy riding around with a gun on his back, do you have a firearm on you?"
>Tell him yeah, thinking i'm about to get hassled
>"'m not here to encroach on your rights but if you could try and tuck in your shirt a little better, some people don't understand guns, have a nice day"

And he rolled out, was shocked being this was Philly and the PD is anti gun but just shows some cops can be okay

Man I get I broke a law here I really do but fuck they wouldn't even listen to me about not wanted to drive drunk.
I get stopped regularly and I'm always carrying. I hand the officer my license and CHL, they ask what I'm carrying and where it is, give me a warning or ticket for the speeding and I go about my day.
All cops want is that money for the city.
>I'm white
>white privilege checked
>visit mom
>helping around the house doing some repairs
>answer door holding screw driver
>speed drops from 70 to 60
I think I know exactly where you're talking about, if you were on I-94

I don't know what the laws are like in the US I will pull over people with lights that don't work and check them out. Shit bags often don't keep their cars in working order and it leads to smelling alcohol or weed. If there is nothing else wrong, ask them to get it fixed, don't ticket them, say thanks for stopping, have a good night. I don't see it as harassing people.
This video is horse shit, out of that entire video only 1 event shows clear police brutality and that's the finger pointing one at that police station.
Well yeah, that is what white privilege is.
Was this actually the story he made up? What a fucking retard
>I've had a neighbor come up and tell me that if he ever sees a methhead robbing my house while I'm gone, he'll gun him down for me.

That's the nicest thing I've ever heard a neighbor say to someone
As a dade county anon you haven't seen nothing till you deal with adventura cops.
>Visiting Buddy from Iraq inna PA
>Have FL CCW he has PA CCW
>Both of us carry.
>He cant drink due to Iraq infection that nearly killed him, so naturally we head to the bar
>I put my gun in his glove box because responsible
>Hr keeps his on him, acts like my PSD all night
>Laugh at frat boys who try to intimidate two vets, one a MACP instructor and one is armed
>Good times were had
>we leave, he puts his gun in the glove box with mine "so the guns can 69"
>Get pulled over just as we leave the bar strip.
>Two cops, both are looking to give a DUI
>before they can say anything my buddy announces "we both have CCW and they are in the glove box on top of my registration"
>Cop says ok, just slowly hand the registration to me
>As I open the glove box he starts saying "nevermind keep it closed"
>Im too drunk to stop. Glove box flies open guns nearly fall out
>Cop starts yelling close ot, close it close it closeitcloseitcloseit
>too drunk to do this with ease, keeps falling open. Finnally just hold it shut.
>Cop has my buddy get out.
>They talk, buddy announces "thats my team cheif from IRAQ"
>Other cop has his light on the glove box and hand on his gun.
>While I hold the glove box closed I look at him and make a blowfish on the window. He laughs
>They let us go with a "sorry, thought you were drunk."
I think so. They had lots of construction a few months ago when I visited my friend. Could have been really fucked since I think it was a construction zone.

By the way, those fucking traffic lights to merge from the ramps onto the interstate are fucking gay. Almost got my ass killed trying to obey the light.
>half drunk driving my wife's car at 3am back from our friend's house
>always forget to turn her headlights on because the dash lights are bright as shit 24/7
>cop pulls me over
>hand him DL and CCP
>asks me if I a gun on me
>Me: "yes, sir"
>Him: "Where's it at?"
>point to my waistband and slowly lift my shirt
>he nods
>ask him if he wants to hang on to it
>"nope, it's your right"
>goes back to his car
>tells me to turn my lights on and drive safe
Total brocop.
yes, he made it very blatant without being a straight up creepy fgt that he was hitting on me. defo not tryna be a rangebuddy tho

>off work midnight
>12:30 at a park eating some taco bell
>city parks close at like 10pm
>cop pulls into the parking lot
>eating with my co worker
>cop flips his lights on and walks up to my window
>asks what were doing justeating.jpg
>also im carrying a beretta 15+1 golddot in my god tier blackhawk serpa holster
>tells me to hand it over
>runs my serial
>hands it back to me and i reholster
>not supposed to be at the park have a nice night

veteran cops are cool i also had a rookie stop me once for expired registration and kid was yelling at me to hold onto the wheel etc and unloaded my shit, id rather have had the park guy again.

I don't know how many times I've seen this pasta, and it never gets old.
>believing in lies posted on a chinese fingerpainting forum
Holy fuck you are retarded. Do some research before asking stupid questions. He made up the story about kicking Jesse Ventura's ass, he never claimed to have killed cops.
That's based as fuck
Pic related. 1000 ft I doubt you could see that, but I've had no trouble from the cops in my area.
Not really /k/ related

>be me, mid 20s, ex-navy, full beard, beer belly growing well
>be driving home from uni in my old 'Yota Taco'
>approach a T intersection from a 30 mph road, turning right;
>there's a long, sweeping curve you can take at speed, with a Yield sign
>if you were coming from the left, you'd be coming from an active school zone, with a 20mph limit
>within a few hundred feet after the right turn (just after the FD) it goes to 50 mph
>take the corner at 30ish, accelerate coming out
>get lit up by cruiser coming out of FD
>pull well off the road, all 4 wheels on dirt, slightly into ditch. Cops have been getting hit lately, don't want to add to it
>condescending cop, says she had me at 45 coming out of the school zone
>don't call her a lying bitch, just give her the oh, golly gee, I wasn't looking, so sorry
>no way to prove I didn't come from that direction, but she's lying her ass off.
>says she's letting me off with a warning, but next time it's my ass
>put in dashcams next week

Didn't mention the CCW in a GunVault on the floor in the back, cabled to the seat mount. State has a preemption law that keeps state colleges from making weapons rules, but they do anyway, and my school banned all weapons on campus. There's never been a test case, as the police have never charged anyone caught carrying with anything gun related, in order to avoid it. People carry anyway, and hope not to have to take the uni to court to keep from getting booted.
He made up some shit about killing two Mexican carjackers, and telling the police who he was and that they just let him go
Lmao indiana driving laws can get autistic
File: 2352345324534.gif (97 KB, 500x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Not CC related because Commiefornia, but:

>preparing for range day, load up trunk with everything, toss my brass bag in the back seat.
>pick up buds because we're hanging out the night before going shooting
>driving down cop infested road
>Always go slow here and all that jazz
>get pulled over anyway by two cops, guns drawn, vests, etc
>roll down window, "how are you tonight sir?"
>"sir can you get out of the car please?"
>"can I ask why I got pulled over?"
>"no, get out of the car"
>comply, get frisked, placed in back seat
>they start talking to my friends, cop comes back to me
>"do you have any guns in the car?"
>"sorry sir, I don't answer questions"

Normally I wouldn't pull that shit, but these cops were our of line

>see my 2 friends get pulled out, frisked and placed in the back with me
>apparently they had seen the brass bag, opened it and gotten spooked
>they open my trunk, start finger fucking my guns, pointing them into traffic, smiling. Literally playing with them
>cops come back, "we aren't familiar with gun laws so we're calling in our specialist"
>Cop tries to check serial numbers on the guns, he literally can't find the serial numbers
>"specialists" show up, proceeds to show his buddies how to thumb over bore with my AR
>all this time my car is running and I notice it die
>cops put everything back in the trunk
>"sorry sir, we couldn't get the magazine out of the AR, hopefully we didn't break it"
>this is California, it has a bullet button and they didn't even know how it worked
>they let us out
>I ask why the fuck I was pulled over in the first place
>one headlight was out
>sarcastically thank them for being a service to the community
>phone falls out of my pocket when I'm stepping out and the screen breaks
>they laugh then drive off
>wait 30 minutes for AAA to jump my car
>proceed home to drink my frustrations away with my friends

I either need to cut my hair or stop driving that bright blue Corolla I bought off some Mexicans
>be driving from Bakersfield to LA
>registration is one month expired
>zoning out driving, just want to get home
>was doing 85 on the 5, 5 then turns into the 405
>zoning out so don't really consider that since I am now on the 405 I'm in the city of LA
>out of nowhere, cop flashes lights
>makes me pull off of the highway, pull over in gas station right off the exit ramp
>have .357 and mossberg 500 in back seat, in cases underneath bags
>also have some oxy in center console
>cop says I was doing close to 90
>asks me if I have anything illegal in the car
>"no, but I have 2 guns in the backseat"
>doesn't even ask to see them, ask if they're loaded or locked up, doesn't seem to care at all
>doesn't even give me a speeding ticket, just a fix-it ticket for my tags

they must've liked me because if they searched me I would've been up a creek without a paddle
Sounds like you got pulled over by a sheriff, they usually can't give you tickets and such if you're on the freeway.

Either way you lucked out.
>Texas open carry enacted
>live in hot area
>stupid fucking weather gives me 85° in January
>decide to OC
>grab breakfast at the Stripes corner store
>ordering delicious as FUCK q taco
>cop stands behind me
>asks about my carry weapon
>we bullshit while taco being made
>wish him well, go pay out
>went about my day
What a dick, calling me out like that.

fuck everything about that gif
Everything? He seems quite handsome.
File: hqdefault.jpg (22 KB, 480x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Not a CCW story but close.

>2am Tucson
>headed to flagstaff
>average 90-95mph
>see the reflection at the last minute
>highway patrol in the median
>pulled over "sir are you in a hurry?"
>clocked 92 in the 75
>previous high speed offense
>any weapons in the vehicle?
>keep Beretta 92 in holster between seats
>oh hey that's like my favorite gun, I wish I had one blah blah blah
>shoot the shit for a minute
>drops mag and empties chamber
>let's me off with a warning
>"your guns a little dry though, you should oil it more"

I keep it lightly oiled what's the fucking issue?
How bout south Miami and pinecrest?
How do people even get pulled over for speeding? I'll only ever go 5mph over the limit but even then my speedometer reads a couple miles higher than it should. Just leave on time, senpai.
I do this, except I never offer them knowledge of weapons in my vehicle, unless asked of course.

When I took the concealed carry class, the instructor said "When you get pulled over, hand the officer your driver's license and your concealed carry license. This let's him know you're one of the good guys." Bullshit. I did this and the cop's attitude changed instantly. Only let them know if they ask.

Maybe the cops in questions were bad people regardless. That's probably good advice

Like 80% of the shit that came out of that dudes mouth was a fucking lie.

Fuck that faggot and fuck anyone who has ever defended him.
>be ccing in a suburb of houston texas
>get pulled over for busted tail light (actually busted not burned out)
>license insurance and chl
>"just keep your hands on the steering wheel ok"
>sure thing
>"reason i pulled you over...."
>"heading to auto zone right now to pick it up actually"
>sounds good let me run this and youll be on your way
> 3 minutes later I'm bs'ing with my friend in the auto zone parking lot while replacing a tail light housing because state troopers are dicks but local cops give zero fucks
File: 1434426120327.jpg (24 KB, 405x329) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Do you think that maybe, JUST MAYBE, they drew their guns because you didn't turn off the car and they thought you were going to put it in drive and run?

Literally deserved your car dying.
It's text in the code regarding half the CCLs in the country state that you must present your weapon to law enforcement upon request. This is redundant, as all 50 states are covered under a broad interpretation of Terry v. Ohio, which allows an officer to temporarily disarm anyone suspected of a crime who is suspected of being armed.

You are no longer suspected to be armed as you confirmed that verbally, and you're suspected of a traffic violation which is what got you pulled over in the first place. Real simple shit.

I know niggers can't read, but what's your excuse?

>"MUH 4TH! MUH 2ND!"

You're the reason gun owners get a hard time.
You. I like you.
>5 years later
>Be cc'ing in a suburb of Chicago
> get pulled for 5 over (fuck 55 mph speed limits)
> hand over DL insurance and chl
>"Open the door with your left hand outside of the vehicle keep your right hand on the steering wheel"
>WTF? ok
> "Step out place your hands on the roof of the vehicle"
> wtaf its an IL CHL?
>"I'm going to disarm you and place you in cuffs for my safety"
>I fucking hate this state
>"Do you consent to a search of the vehicle"
> "No"
> Another officer shows up they argue for a minute
> new officer walks over uncuffs me and says I'm free to go
>say "Fuck McCarthy" and drive off

I miss Texas
I hardly had a chance to even react, they were on us pretty quick.

Now that I remember it, the keys were on the dashboard. I must have left the lights on.
They should bring a swat team to run background checks on him next time, you know, in case he drives away.
>Bike limited to 20km/h
>Makes ominous "BONG BONG BONG" siren when ever it detects approaching children.
>fucking faggot cunts. if you anons conceal carry GET A FUCKING DASH CAM AND CAM FOR INSIDE YOUR CAR you idiots
And not just this, get a hidden dash camera.

I used to have nightmares of this exact thing, where I had to fit in this tiny hole to get through my house

IL CHL's are a bitch to get. I want one but it's going to cost me like 350 bucks for mandatory classes and application fees. Then the 3 month wait? Then having to buy a decent CCW and holster? That's like a grand and it's only valid for 5 fucking years.

Who knows what bullshit and fees they will make you pay to renew it.
Sounds like that dude got his shit hammered in by the cop that showed up.

To a cave anon, that's all. Don't freakout and shoot up a school.
my guess was new guy that got hired on when CPD did the big hiring push right before the CC law went into effect, Macdaddy had a fit of rage about that and most CHL holders in IL agree that he told the new hires to hassle and arrest chl holders at the drop of a hat (my instructor even brought it up in class). I live way west of the city but travel into it for work and it never fails new cops are total dicks older cops are alright if you dont act like a shitbag or a gangbanger
If you're not carrying anything illegal and the cop is polite and respectful, why not humor him and let him search the car? He's just doing his job and doesn't know if he just pulled over a murderer with a body in the trunk or some average guy.
I did this once and a friend of mine had less than half a gram of weed in his bag that I didn't know about. Dude ended up in jail for 3 weeks.

Never consent. Also, never cross state lines with weed, even if you have a card.
The 90 day shit is fucking stupid but the class wasnt all that bad, we filled up the 16 hour course by acting out shoot/no shoot scenarios

Implying cops are not corrupt, that they will not say "I smell (insert what ever here) coming from the car" that alone gives them probable cause. Doesn't matter if if your shit is squared away, they can ass fuck you if they want.
My friend from California has a weed card and literally flashes weed in front of cops when they ask if he has anything in the car and they can't do shit about it. I wish it were the same for CCW's.
oh and even if you are a vet take the 16 hour course, heard stories of people not getting approved because the 8 hour portion didnt cover some mandatory bullshit or something, this state will use any excuse to fuck you over
Personally, I would refuse, just because I don't like having my time wasted, and I wouldn't want to have to clean up/reogranize after. My truck's a mess with random tools, baby toys/clothes, empty thermoses, etc, plus every storage space is stuffed full of crap like jumper cables, tie downs, first aid kit, jack, lights, etc etc. If I had to repack all that on the roadside I'd probably have a heart attack!
Maybe it was part of his plan.
My problem is more the money. I have no problem paying for classes, but when the application fee costs as much as the classes do, and when both the class fees and application fees cost as much as a firearm, it's pretty bullshit.
TX cop here, still haven't seen anyone OC where I live/work. Stripes does make some damn good tacos though.
thx bro
If this is real: you're doing Gods work, son.
>be illegally ccing in southern commiefornia
>live in ghetto area, almost been car jacked twice
>have sig p229 in a shitty OWB fobus holster
>work graveyard shift at the local casino
>develop beautiful insomia
>3:30 am is my lunch time, go to jack in the box cause wtf else is open
>cop pulls me over right as i'm outside my apartement complex
>have a bumper sticker that says "Gun control means using both hands" on my beat up hyundai
>cop asks if i'm intoxicated, got any guns, usual stuff
>be polite, lie about being armed
>asks wtf i'm doing at 3:30 in the morning
>show him my work badge I keep in the car, explain that it's lunch time
>tell him the casino is a shitty place filled with methed out over priveleged tipi niggers
>he reluctantly agrees and tells me that he gets called there all the time
>we bullshit about redskin policies involving what cops can and can't do on reservation property
>my name is very islander even though i'm a mutt
>asks where i'm from
>tell him i'm from Hawaii and just here to go to school and help stupid mom out with her bussiness
>give him her card so he can get some eclairs on a discount
>tells me he just stopped me for no reason other than to check me out and see if I were criminal scum
>reply that I don't blame him, i'm probably the only dude outside right now who isn't smoking meth or trying to rob a liquor store
>we both have a good lol and he sends me on my way

I'm so glad I was raised to be a good liar, appealing to the big mans ego always makes them feel good.

>tldr be a good liar who looks more white than pineapple nigger and you'll be fine

Stuff that never happened.
The problem was the cop was a Dick, McCarthy is gone now thanks to the black getting mad. Most cops in Chicago if you aren't black or Mexican won't bother you. Unless you're driving a tinted car
On a stretch of road here in Alabama the speed limit goes from 70 to 60 and then back to 70 in less than a mile, shit is almost designed as a speed trap. Sure enough one day I go through there 70 the whole way and a cop further down with radar catches me and pulls me over. Gives me the talk about being aware of the speed limit, checks me and sees I'm clean then lets me go. What made me anger is that he was sitting in a 70 zone and pulled me over in a 70 zone, while I was going 70, that maybe half mile stretch of 60 gives them easy cause to pull someone over.
Yeah we were just outside of Dubois. Everyone pronounced it Dooboys and when I'd pronounce it Doobwah, they would correct me. It was an odd town.
Got a quick question. I go to school in Galveston but I'm from Louisiana. I drive home about once a month. I like to keep my handgun in between the seat and center console. That's legal right?

Isn't my car is just like my home?

18 btw.
I know it is in Louisiana but I'm not positive about Texas.
Said roof racks was actually a light bar and I was too tired to pay any notice to it. Got about 50 feet behind him before I noticed.
A lot of places are like that. In NH, Concord is pronounced cong-kurd, and Berlin is pronounced flatly without vowels. Lebanon is pronounced LEB-ah-nin. Anyone varying from that is from Massachusetts (pronounced "MASS-hole")
>sir, my shotgun was made in 1876, it doesnt have a serial. Technically its not even recognized as a firearm.
>am i being detained?
Not really. Not at all actually.

Asking a question is not an illegal search.

I could ask you how many guns you have, and where they are, and you could tell me to fuck off.

Now if you declined to tell me and I searched your vehicle anyways without probable cause or consent, you could (and should) sue me.

When I pull people over who CC, I just get their DL, registration, and insurance, and just tell them that if their gun stays where it is at, mine will stay where mine is at.

Haven't had a single problem yet.

The only time I took a gun from someone was from this one lady, when I had to show her how to use it. "My husband told me to carry it, but I've never held one before and don't know what I'm doing."

S&W 686 floating around in her purse, covered in lint and melted cough drops.

Some people's kids.
It needs to be concealed in the vehicle. As long as the handgun isn't visible when someone walks up to the car you're good.
I like it when they want to search, because the look on their faces amuse me when they find my breaching tools, gas masks, armor, etc.

I literally just got pulled over this morning. Had 3 guns in the car sitting on the passenger seat.

>You were going 85. Speed limit is 75. Can I see your license?
>I just want you to know I have firearms in the car.
>That's fine I just need your license
>He leaves and comes back 2 minutes later
>Your license is suspended for some reason. Go to the MVD and take care of that. This is a warning, slow down a little.

He gave zero fucks about the 3 handguns on the passenger seat or any that may be hidden. Not sure why he even pulled me over because everyone drives 10 over on the freeway.
Jesus, I guess that's how you speak American.
>driving home from school
>get pulled over
>cop asks for DL and insurance
>"Yeah, I pulled you over because you were only going 63 in a 50 and I need to write warnings"
>*Tell him its in my backpack and I'm going to reach for it*
>"No problem"
>Sees my license to carry poking out of my wallet
>Are you carrying your firearm on you right now?
>No sir
>"Alright, I wasn't gonna take it from you or anything."

The the closest I've ever come to being shot by an officer.

Feels good to be white.
Yup. Sometimes it's accidental, sometimes it's deliberate. Anecdotally, Berlin used to be pronounced correctly. Like, prior to 1917. After that...
I guess I can share mine.

>never really had much of a problem with the cops before, (thanks super pale skin).
>gonna get some food during a holiday party with the hubby. We leave and go to the McDonald's.
>give the man our money, receive food, and dont realize that they forgot part of our order until we get back to party.
>you would probably not say anything, but I'm a hothead so we drive back to store and ask for the rest of our order.
>"up to the manager yo, and he's not here." is the only response we get. I'm fuckin pissed.
>never driven so fast in my life. We decide to head home because fuck this.
>let off the gas as soon as I see the fuzz on the shoulder. He sees us and immediately the lights go on. We pull over and officer dingleberry decides it's rasis time.
>"down here, we don't much care for lawbreakers. License and registration, and anything in the car I should know about?"
>never usually tell pigs anything, but this state has mandatory disclosure so I hand everything over, including chl and tell him I'm packing. He goes professional mode.
>"gonna have you step on out sir, and stand right over here." Frisks me and get my gun out, goes back to his cruiser to run this shit.
>"RUN!" my wife is out of the car with ar15 and starts clicking off rounds.
>around this time I realize my legs go noodley and the cop is shooting back at us.
>and I think I may be shot. I can no longer stand and I hit the ground like a bag of rigatoni.
>hurt, afraid, and bleeding I roll onto my back. My wife is dead, and I am fast on my way. Cops looms over me, blocking out the sun.
>"you got some set of balls, Astley." And I close my eyes forever.
As a cop, I'm gonna say that's bullshit.

Not your story, the way you were treated. If I was one of the cops, I'd have given you a ride the rest of the way.
Not true. As long as the offense occurred within their jurisdiction (county) they can write you a ticket or charge you with something.

Typically they won't pull you over outside of their jurisdiction, although they are legally able. They just can't write tickets outside it unless they have a memorandum of agreement (MOA) with the other agency.
>biking in this gay ass outfit

enjoy the road rash when you crash

that full faced helmet won't save your skin, fag
Sorta /k/ related, but not really. Happened at the start of the month.

>got in car accident visiting family on Christmas Eve, broke right foot in four places
>on painkillers, can't drive from pins in foot and painkillers
>lady friend wants to visit me, neat
>she gets a ride from her friends, people she's known for a long time, don't know them from Adam
>they show up at my apartment, I cleaned up my shit-ass room the best I could I crutches
>couldn't put all my toys away, though
>have 16" HBAR AR16 build leaning against the wall next to the door to my bedroom loaded down with 31 rounds of 62gr SS109 because freedom
>have a couple rifles in cases leaning on the wall next to it, old-ass shotgun in the opposite corner of my room, targets with best groupings taped to the wall above my desk and bed
>Magpul poster that I got with my MOE-SL stock above my AR
>quickly realize I look like a total nutter, but whatever
>lady friend comes in
>she comes in my room, gives me a big hug and sits in my computer chair, her friends follow along and just stand there next to my door
>well come in, don't be a stranger
>the guy in the group admires my funs a little, have my Springfield Loaded sitting torn down on my desk on a shop rag, re-bluing the barrel from an unfortunate run in with concentrated degreaser that stripped the heavily worn old finish
>thank him, give him a simple "Heads-up, everything in this room could be and is loaded. So, don't touch anything."
>only the AR15 is loaded, and my CZ P07, but that's tucked under my pillow
>they don't seem that worried, but acknowledge that I'm the boss here
>ask if they want to sit in the living room, or go somewhere
>they say okay to both, I call a buddy of mine for them because they want weed
>the two friends go to their car to warm it up, left alone with lady friend
>commence high-impact making out and copping feels, go to their car, head to my buddy's place to pick him up

>smoke occasionally, maybe once or twice every few weeks but mostly giving it up
>rather spend the money on guns and shit, don't feel like getting in trouble for it
>I decide not to smoke, we all go to a park to hang out
>have CC license on me, but not carrying anything more that my Kershaw Skyline
>it's about 21:45 or so, not that late
>sit at a bench, they're all smoking it up, I'm just having a cigarette and flirting with lady friend
>having fun, I'm stone sober aside from painkillers, next thing I see is a squad car pull up and block the back of dude's car with his spotlight on
>he gets out, looks in the car with a maglight
>This is going to be fun, said nobody as he points his maglight at us, yells at us to come over to him
>my friend has about 4 grams of some dank on him, he quickly ditches it and walks over to the cop, everyone else follows him
>lady friend who was smoking is getting nervous, tells me to hurry up
>grab coat off bench, get on my crutches and hobble over to the cop
>asks us what we're doing out here, I'm the one talking
>just hanging out on a Friday night, sir, it's a nice night
>tells me the park is closed, didn't we see the sign?
>honestly didn't see the sign and didn't know that
>he gives us a "riiighhtt....", asks for everyone's ID, hand mind over, I'm one of the oldest people there
>tells us to follow him and sit on the curb next to dude's car, I point out my crutches, tell him I can't get back up if I do that
>makes me stand next to the car, asks what I did
>blah blah broken foot
>asks if I have anything on me I should know about
>more cops show up, have four of them interrogating all of us, two female officers with obvious issues start reading rights and cuffing everyone after they smell weed
>before that, everything I thought was going fine
>until lady friend's female friend started crying on the sidewalk
>oh you stupid vapid cunt, why would you start crying

Whoops, need a third.
It might be a California thing, I'm not so well versed on those kinds of weird red tape issue.

My brother got pulled over on the freeway and the sherriff kept telling him to get off the freeway when he parked on the shoulder. The cop kept hollering in his microphone until he just gave up and drove off. Weird story.
File: 1359701389602.jpg (20 KB, 245x294) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
20 KB, 245x294

>they can't cuff me because my crutches, cop that stopped us in the first place puts on gloves and search my pockets, I'm just standing there humming to myself
>he's holding something in my left pocket, asks me what that is
>tell him it's either a pack of smokes or my keys, takes it out of my pocket, it's my smokes
>dumps the cigarettes out in his hand, looks for anything hidden in the box
>bitch please, I'm not that dumb even if I had any drugs on me
>he yanks the Kershaw Skyline out of my right pocket, carried that knife every day for 3 years, it's my babby, stuffs everything else in my jacket pocket
>my buddy gets busted for the weed he had, they find it
>the girls are crying, I'm just standing there teetering around because by now I'm in heavy pain from standing up
>they try to guilt trip us, saying we should all be in jail, treating us like murderers and rapists because they were smoking a blunt in a park at night
>take buddy away, let the rest of us go
>cop keeps my knife, have to replace it and can't afford to right now

>mfw I heard on the news next morning a booze store got robbed at gunpoint a few blocks away
>time of robbery, 22:15
>they didn't let us go until 22:40
Yeah Minneapolis likes to try and dick ya like that; however doing 70 through there kinda feels like Mario kart with traffic and those banked corners
>takes buddy away for weed

Only good thing about California is how much weed is a non issue. That shit is such a buzz kill.
Weed is for faggots
Half of your story was unnecessary bullshit. Also you and your degenerate friends deserve what you got, weed is for niggers
Give hugs, not drugs.
If your friends had not been smoking weed in the park that store would not have been robbed you fuck.
Hate to agree with >>28632780, but you were being a dumbass. Shit happens, but shit happens more when you're stupid.
Confirmed for delicious tacos. Depends on which store you go to though. Some are way better than others.
It's pretty dull, but it helped me quit drinking.
So you just move from one degenerate behavior to the next? Did you not have parents?
File: fuku.png (47 KB, 338x309) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
47 KB, 338x309
fuk u
I smoked weed so I can sleep at night. Now I don't drink or smoke.

You've never smoked weed, have you? Shit's boring. I literally said, "this is it?" the first time I smoked.
god bless you sir
File: 1434927571902.png (577 KB, 1920x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
577 KB, 1920x1080
Have a wallpaper
what kind if retard admits to drinking 1 beer earlier in the evening when cops ask if youve had anything to drink? you are literally giving them the PC to pull you out of vehicle and do all that witchdoctor bullshit. fucking lie to them you idiot. have you ever watched an episode of COPS? "urrr dur sir i only had a beer tonight" is literally the line every DUI faggot says every single time to the cops.

this is how you do it:
>Cop: "Have you had anything to drink tonight sir?"
>nonfag anon who had 3 delicious IPAs with dinner: "No officer I am the designated driver"
>Cop: "Ok then I'm going to run your license I'll be right back"

how hard is that to do you dumbfucks?
File: 1438303348672.jpg (27 KB, 738x492) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
27 KB, 738x492
Deserved it for sitting in the passing lane like a shit you are. Should have gave you a ticket for that bullshit, mother fuckers always sitting in the left lane, love break checking you fucker.
1,000 feet is less than a quarter mile, as long as the light bulbs are working im sure you can see them from that far away. that officer had no legal right to pull you over

>nobody measures coke in lbs, its measured in grams and kilograms.
>30lbs of coke is about 14kg of coke which is anywhere between 400-600k $. No way your shitty department even has that much coke in evidence without the DEA taking jurisdiction of it
>next time you plan on lying try an ounce of coke and one or two stolen pistols
what city/county of cops? what year was this? most of the cops in my county know about the bullet button thing. why would their guns be drawn on pullup if they hadnt seen anything yet? maybe your vehicle matched a description for someone they were looking for. what a bunch of ignorant pricks
He was sitting in the left lane, Cop had every right to pull him over go suck a cop somewhere else faggot.
>Driving home one evening.
>See a car riding my ass because I am in the passing lane.
>Other car in the right.
>We both slow down to 30 and make this dude rage behind us, flashing his highs and swerving.
>He gets lit up by a cruiser who saw this shit.
why do English cucks even brows /k/?
Great job, internet lawyer. Now go back and re-read the transportation code again, this time paying particular attention to section 547.325, outlying the requirements for rear reflectors. Based on the pic he provided those tail lights most likely don't meet the requirements.
Had someone try this before with someone. I sped up pulled into the left lane and break checked him so the other guy could get around the dude.

You could see the terrified look on the faggot I break checked, priceless.
That LP bracket is cringy as fuck and you should feel bad
It's legal in Texas.
>Been pulled over only twice in my life
>Both times for speeding well over the limit in 1 lane residential areas
>Both times had a ton of weed in the car, but no guns
>Officers always give me suspicious looks and eyeball around in my truck
>Truck has had a massive crack going across the windshield forever, just been too busy/broke to fix it
>They just tell me to be more careful and have a nice night

I don't get cops, man.
priorities man, you think the cops want to risk being in a shootout with some meth crazed negros at a liquor store? or get the same recognition and pat on the back from superiors for holding a cripple and 3 girls at gunpoint and confiscated a few grams of weed
You must have been putting on your Cool Face.
File: 1448502872768.jpg (69 KB, 520x678) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
69 KB, 520x678
>be 26
>speed everywhere
>generally drive reckleslly
>never gotten pulled over
>never been in an accident

feels good. but when it all catches up to me i'm going down hard.
get over it fag, dude most likely cruising for a fucking posing pic in front of his driveway
I'm the retard?
> Smell of Alcoholic beverage on my breath because I had literally just had a shot before getting pulled over
> I understood this was going to happen regardless of what I told the officer.

You also seemed to miss the point where I've done FST's on other drivers, and have a fairly good idea of what officers are looking for. That's why I didn't tell them about the mixed drinks I had before the shot, dipshit.

> Telling lies to obvious things so that you fail the attitude test
> Thinking people say "I've had one beer" when the most common answers to the question are "a few", "a couple", or "three beers".

You don't know what the fuck you're talking about.
Why would you have a shot right before you left the bar and got in a car?
Hit something hard so the rest of us don't have to deal with your shit driving anymore
>You don't know what the fuck you're talking about.
Of course he does, he watches COPS marathons.
> TFW I know this feel.
I was the sober driver. So, that was the final "huzzah" before everyone left. One shot was not going to inebriate me. It just was heavy on my breath when we got pulled over.
Well good thing it's not your car.

>be me
>3 years ago
>get pulled over in rural north carolina
>son do you have any weapons on you
>I have a .410 in the trunk
>that's fine keep both hands on the wheel
>here's a ticket for going 85 in a 60
> be me driving up into panhandle forest for shooting shit
>get pulled over in hayden
>"you know how fast you were going? license and registration please"
>me "meh, i was going the legal limit, also officer me and my brother are both carrying and we have far to many firearms in here don't want you to freak out or anything " in my defense, i don't normally inform, but i had a large amount of weapons in the vehicle,and the officer was newbie (could see the instructing sergeant in the car)
>officer in training hands immediately go to holstered weapon "and where are these weapons" me"my carried weapon is in the small of my back, my brother is oc on his right hip. there are x amount of rifles, y amount of shotguns behind the back seat.
>at this time supervising officer approaches vehicle start having a conversation with newbie at the back of the vehicle, i pull of my dashcam video on my phone to see, for curiosity sake what speed i WAS traveling at (oh nifty, completely legal speed) both officers approach, i reconise supervising officer, don't say anything
>newbie officer "Sir you failed to signal earlier," me, "bullshit," turns on blinkers, nothing happens...turn on emergency blinker shit turns on fine, try blinker again, they turn on of course. newbie officer" sir i'm gonna have to give you a warning this time, but you need to replace the blinkers asap"
>supervising officer comes up"Hey anon bro, you still shooting up in the small dell by the creek? up in panhandle" me " yea, haven't found any better areas,and the mountain works as a effective backstop, off to try shooting some tannarite today"
>i ask officer bro if he is still on for that BBQ at the end of the month
and that is how i found out my jeep grand cherokee blinker relay is a peice of shit.
>Be from IL
>Driving to wisconsin with GF for an extended weekend vacation
>Friends and I rented a cabin and it's going to be a shit show with water parks mixed in
>Get pulled over by wisconsin state trooper for speeding 8mph over the limit
>Cop comes up to car does the whole "do you know why I pulled you over" speech and asks for papers
>Tell him I have an IL CCL and ask if that changes anything
>He asks where the gun is and where my papers are
>Tell him papers are I'm glove box, gun is in center console
>Cop tells me to go ahead and grab the papers out of the glove box in a dismissive tone
>Give him my stuff and he goes back into his car
>Comes back and says "what are you carrying?"
>Tell him "An M&P shield, sir"
>He hands me back my papers, licence, CCL.
>I was waiting for a ticket but he just said "Shoot straight and stay safe"
>Then he just walked back to his car and drove off

The whole exchange was so monotone and laid back. Wisconsin doesn't seem so bad. I haven't been pulled over in IL since getting my CCL, but being from a chicago suburb I expect to get ripped from my car and beaten.
thangs 4 serbis :DDD
One stopped my mom on her way to work and tried to extort her for sex.
Richardson cops are literally jack booted thugs.
They don't let random people in anyway. Industry only.
I think he's the treasurer for the whole town too.
What am I missing here?
I'd be mad at anyone who shot a 1876 shotgun instead of selling it to an antique collector to get the funds to buy a newer one, or donating it to some local museum or something.
>Have out tail light
>Driving to auto parts store and get pulled over
>Have 1911 on me
>Cop asks if I'm aware my light is out
>Tell him I know and was driving to Napa, but I'm guessing everybody says that true or not
>He gives no fucks about my carrying
>Tells me to get my light fixed and have a nice night

I don't see why there would ever be an issue unless you gave them reason to think there is.
So this is my funtastic CC/Cops story

>Jury Duty
>running late
>get there, unholster, toss it in the glove compartment
>security checkpoint at entrance
>as I'm taking off my belt I realize I forgot to remove the mag pouch/spare mag that I had on there
>already running late, people behind me in line, don't want to make a scene by putting all my stuff back on, leaving and coming back
>ask the security guard to hold my mag so I can pick it up on my way out
>go to that first jury pool room, watching videos and shit
>some bailiff comes to get me, the security guard freaked out and called the cops
>they ask me where the gun is, etc...
>we go out to my car, I give it to them
>they take it because there was no trigger lock (I know it's legally sufficient to be locked in glove comp, but didn't feel like arguing)
>they're pretty nice and courteous overall like "the guy called, we had to come, sorry about this, that's a nice gun!" etc... you can check with our firearms guy at the station to see about getting it back
>return to jury duty, get dismissed next morning (selection dragged 2 days)
>then I go pick it up from the police station, the firearms or evidence or whatever guy is like apologizing for the inconvenience and saying stuff like this happens all the time, I get it back without any incident whatsoever.

so no big deal at the end, I committed no crime, received no warning, some rentacop just inconvenienced multiple people for no reason whatsoever, and I don't really blame the patrol guys, it's not their job to be certified paralegals and shit.
See photo,Red is the path I took,Blue dot is where the police officer was & the purple is why i got pulled over.
>heading to McDicks
>Come to a stop sign
>Look both ways
>Clear, the only other set of headlights are a few blocks away.
>Pull out
>By the time I make it 2 blocks to the next stop sign at Keystone the police officer has already gotten behind me.
>Make a left hand turn & follow the curve in the road.
>Get the cherries & blueberries as so as I pull into the shared parking lot of the stripmall where the McDicks is located.
>Pull over, park/shut the car off, roll down the window.
>Officer gets out gun drawn flashlight in my eyes.
>Yelling at me not to move and to put my hands out of the window.
>Has me open the door and step out.
>As i do so I ask why I was stopped.
>Officer:You failed to signal when out turned on to pleasant run!
>Me:That's because I never turned onto pleasant run.
>Officer:Well then you ran the stop sign on Harlan.
>Get patted down
>Officer takes my wallet and goes through it, finds my ID and LTCH.
>Starts yelling where the fuck is the gun.
>Me:Front passenger's seat
>Officer opens my driver side door gets in and then grabs the gun.
>He then starts yelling at me to tell him who i stole it from & if i tell him i won't go to jail, but if he has to run the S/N he's hauling my ass in.
>Me:It's not stolen.
>He calls the S/N in.
>.............5-10min later the gun comes back clean.
>He throws it back in my car unloaded & pops my trunk where he throws the mag in.
>He lets me go and tells me not to move until he leaves and to go straight home.
>I'm WTF'ing hard
>The officer peels out and is gone.
>Go get McDicks and go home.

I've had a few encounters like this over the years, but that was my first @ 18 and it set me on a Fuck da police/I know my rights path.
>"Shoot straight and stay safe"

Sounds pretty based.
I did the same thing a couple months ago.

Little civic fag swerved hard and damn near hit the center divider.

Maggot shouldn't have been putting along blocking traffic in the passing lane.
Hey, another New Hampshirite!
I lived in Woodsville, then West-Leb for a very long time.
you don't know about hqdefault(4)?

get a load of this newfag
why was the cop's race relevant to this story?
Can't smoke weed much anymore, used to smoke it every day. Shit is fun, it pretty much eliminates boredom. The first time you smoked, you probably didn't get high because you weren't doing it right. I see that all the time.
>driving to fathers house for vacation
>live with roommates at the moment so i leave range toys at fathers
>border patrol checkpoint
>never had a problem before but cars starter is scraping on flywheel making noise and get told to pull over
>officer aks if any weapons in vehicle
>glove box, bag on pass. Seat, center console, back seat, trunk.
>officer kind of freaks tells me to step back
>repeatedly yells at me stupid shit about if they're registered to me
>NIGGER what nazistate when
> tell him this is Arizona inform him of laws
> still yelling at me if guns registered to me
>give up on informjng this officer say yes, yes they're mine i bought them paperwork is in my name etc.
>senior officer steps by checks in cuz of other guys yelling says something, i get told i can go on my way.
>confirmed with others officer was a transplant from cali

What the fuck is wrong with your laws/people california what the fuck
Go back to tumblr
I have that exact same problem with my 99 grand Cherokee
Being white helps.

>Slightly speeding on the freeway in SW20
>Minor lane changing, nothing crazy
>Literally "Where is the fire?"
>"Do you know why I pulled you over?"
>ME: "Speeding?"
>You were changing lanes, not using your signal and almost caused an accident."
>Politely disagree.
>give papers, including CCW
>"Do you have a gun in the car?"
>ME: No
>"Why are you giving me this?" (pissed off)
>I thought I was supposed to.
>He tells my not to do that and hands it back.
>Asks my age and if I live at home.
>29, yes
>"You need to stop mooching off of you parents and move out, don't you think?"
>I'm saving money
>Gives me 4 tickets, I get one dismissed, defensive driving to 2 of them and differed judgment for the last

Total dick, lectured me for no reason. I moved back home because my dad became disabled. Fuck the po-po.

I did, dick.

cops will usually let you go if you have a CCW for minor offenses

I used to get a couple tickets every year for stupid shit, like turning on a red at 3am on a no turn sign, or rolling through a stopsign or some shit.

Since I got my CCW, I show them that and they usually just give me a warning now lol.

I mean, we go through the same background check Cops do.
Fuck off cunt
File: OH_SHI.jpg (40 KB, 420x420) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
40 KB, 420x420
>Take new girlfriend shooting
>take almost all of my guns
>that one picture with Boris carrying 12 PKM's
> she loves it, for a half black girl (who was kinda liberal)
>we fuck in the bed of truck out where we are shooting (BLM land)
>driving home late at night
>decide to fuck again
>pull over in developing neighborhood
>fuck again in the bed
>she's screaming loud
>shut up Bitch
>houses around us here and two dude come over to see what's up
>they get about 10 feet away we both sit up and wave them off, no big deal right
>continue fucking, but suddenly bright lights
>I can hear cops voices
>Cops are talking to me
>"Son, are you nekkid?"
>"yes sir"
>fuck fuck there's like 20 guns back here oh man oh shit shit shit
>"get out of the bed"
>hop out of the bed wearing nothing but fucking t shirt
>fumbling with keys in one hand, dick in the other, had to grab all our clothes
>they approach to talk to us
>"Any machine guns, grenades, rocket launchers or machetes?"
>Looks in the bed
>cops face when

this is what I say to the cop when I get pulled over
File: not quite right.jpg (12 KB, 500x381) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
not quite right.jpg
12 KB, 500x381

you are the dumbest ass.
We need an o/k/lahoma meetup.
>officer had no legal right to pull you over
lol, he can pull you over if he wants to pull you over
>get out of the car
>get a warrant

Its not hard folks
>naked mulatto girl that likes to fuck and a ton of guns
>"Son, how did you know what I wanted for Christmas?"
>19, back home from college for christmas break
>comfy western mass lyfe
>driving home from visiting friends, 1 oclock in the morning
>driving through Hadley, take the long windy comfy roads
Little insight here for you guys, i was driving my 1998 XJ, the tires at the time were pretty bald so i would hydroplan on rain and swerve on snow regularly, scary shit
>massachusetts winter, hella snow
>drive over fresh thin patch of snow around a corner
>state trooper sees this shit, flips his lights
>pull over, turn the cabin overhead lights on, windows down, hands at 10 and 2
>do u kno y i pulled u over fggt
>i was swerving, sir
>reckless driving, license and registration pls
>sir i just want to let you know i have a firearm in my center console
>notice he has his hand on his gun, see's me looking at it
>is your license or registration in the center console
>then dont reach for it, slowly reach for your license and registration
>give him my papers, he leaves to run them
>comes back, hands then back
>thank you for being cooperative, drive safe, these roads are dangerous
>y-you too
What suburb? I'm from Palos Hills and it pisses me off the closest gun range is midwest
A "privilege" is a single person his additional rights. There can be no such thing as white privilege BY DEFINITION.
In fact the only reason you enjoy this kind of discrimination is because you speak more polite, act more intelligent and imagine what the needs of the officer are. As do a comparably large amount of your white and asian peers.
>>im nervous and shaking cause im hungry and just don't like getting pulled over

if you start physically shaking from getting pulled over I would feel extremely unsafe in a situation where you would need to use your CCW. Hope its a troll because that is literally the stupidest thing I've ever read.
I was driving to an IDPA match with my revolver on. Got pulled over for speeding, handed over my papers, got a ticket and told to drive safe.

Why even mention the gun, it's irrelevant to the reason he stopped me and could only delay my trip. I've decided it's not worth mentioning that you are carrying unless asked to step out of the car.
File: 18n62wa5551ppjpg.jpg (15 KB, 330x344) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>be 17 and walking home from work at a grocery store
>cops stop me while walking often because not having a car is suspicious
>tell them i'm walking home from work and there's never an issue
>this night ended differently
>lights come on behind me
>tone is very serious so already spooked
>#1 cop approaches while another (#2) stands by the squad car
>"why are you walking around so late at night? breaking into cars? ID NOW! reach slowly into your pocket!"
>"just walking home from work"
>"really? where do you work?"
>"and where's foodland?"
>the store is visible about 200 yards behind the squad car
>decide to point with the hand that was reaching for my back pocket
>"right ov-"GUN! GUN! GUN!!
>#2 is pointing his glock at me
>before I realize it #1 has tackled me

after that I was kinda in shock
I remember both of them holding me down and more cops showing up, searching all my pockets and looking for the ghost gun

>finally put in the back of a squad car
>mother shows up and raises some hell
>"bla bla pressing charges bla bla rights bla bla badge numbers"
>i'm just standing there thinking "I almost got shot tonight" to pay any attention

turns out they had gotten a report a suspect involved in a shitload of car break ins was out that night walking
and #2 was a shit rookie

oh and I never got a dime of money we got from pressing charges because my parents are fucking jews
File: 1438937958660.jpg (87 KB, 582x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
87 KB, 582x600

buddy I don't know if I believe you because you should be fucking dead right now
are you white?
Didn't you hear him? He is a kike
at the hearing #2 stated he figured out there was no gun only after he had shouted
and all the holding down and searching was just "standard procedure"

basically both cops knew they fucked up and my parents took the quick and easy settlement cash to their bank accounts

one thing that stays with me to this day was when the prosecutor asked him how close he was to pulling the trigger and he said "i'm really not sure"
File: 1446524223684.jpg (56 KB, 313x254) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
56 KB, 313x254
>driving home from LA in girlfriends piece of shit fagmobile
>cars keep brake checking us and flashing brights the whole way back
>turning into our suburbia when cop lights us up at 2am
>doesn't ask for registration or anything
>"do you know that your lights are off?"
>he reaches in and flips the lights on
>"be safe"
>pull out my SKS, chamber a round, and sever his spinal cord for infringing on my rights and violating the NAP

heh, fucking pigs, guess he wont be going home to his piglets tonight
*teleports to the pantry for some flavour-blasted goldfish crackers*
File: dasLOL.jpg (90 KB, 886x862) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>gets pulled over by police
>doesn't turn off vehicle

huh, it is a containment state for stupids afterall
File: VR1963.jpg (42 KB, 640x484) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>>also have some oxy in center console
if you had the drug legally why is it even worth mentioning? Thus, I can only assume that you were using it for non-medicinal purposes, so you deserve to be pulled over and arrested and have your guns taken from you, you degenerate.


man there are a lot of you earthquake cockroatch fuckers on this board
>Now that I remember it, the keys were on the dashboard. I must have left the lights on.

then how did you hear it die?

fuck why do you autistic retards lie on an anonymous website? literally no point
fucking sugarcane nigger

go back to your shitty rock

Brit spotted. We all know you dont own guns.
File: linus.jpg (91 KB, 365x362) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
91 KB, 365x362
>Had 3 guns in the car sitting on the passenger seat.

yeah but it is so very not free
you can't legally carry a handgun if you're under 21 senpai
Yes you can. You cannot PURCHASE under the age of 21.
File: 1446876692198.png (759 KB, 534x880) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
759 KB, 534x880
>makes someone get out of the car for a headlight
you must be black
>battery dies while the car is running???
someone already pointed this out
>owning a gun in commiefornia
>having buddies
File: CAaon_7WQAANgad.jpg (28 KB, 599x799) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
28 KB, 599x799
>half black

white with a nigger face or nigger with a white face?
/k/, asking the important questions
oh then that's only Illinois! my bad, anon
9/10 rick rolling skills, anon

Shoulda changed that last line. Subtlety is key.
File: 37376.jpg (25 KB, 270x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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She was cute white-ish features. But she had a fucking black girl weave for sure. Her hair was super curly but she always straightened it. Unfortunately I left her like a month ago
File: 11337.jpg (55 KB, 577x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Eventually all our girlfriends hate us.
R-right g-guys?
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