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Potato Cannon stories
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I want to hear all of your potato cannon stories /k/
I fired the potato successfully.
The breech was also launched backwards.

They're fun. Load some paintballs into a small one and shotgun things. The idea of it exploding is not fun.

> Be inna high school
> Be working in a restaurant
> Buddy has a small potato cannon, pretty normal, uses hairspray and grill ignitor
> About 3' long

> One day we find a 10' section of 4" PVC at work
> Sure, why not
> Equip it with a cap and igniter at one end
> Chamber ratio sucks but whatever
> Potatoes don't fit
> Grocery store has weird stuff on sale
> Shoot whole rutabagas from it using cloth wadding
> Hilarious

> One day find a small butane stove in basement of work
> Also find case of gas bottles for it
> We never use this...
> Take it all
> Dismantle stove for parts
> Build new potato cannon, about 5' barrel
> Fueled by butane using valves and lines from the camp stove
> Too large a chamber
> Handles
> Camera flash ignition system wired to spark plug
> Sound sweet when you flip the charge switch
> Drilled out T fitting as a muzzle break
> Have to load it Muzzleloader speed loader style using another pipe
> Muzzle flash for days
> Good velocity
I made one last summer. Dug it up for New Years and put it back together fairly hastily. Looks pretty fucking Orky now as a result because I didn't want to re-wire the fire control box for just one night.
I wrapped the thing with Gorilla Tape, so the shards would stay relatively contained if it went south. I do recommend pressure rated pipe, though.
Propane fuel. Tailored the fuel-air mixture with a bit of math and a spare CPU fan to help circulate inside the chamber. Even with a 6ft barrel it can make your ears hurt. Damn powerful.
>be 16
>have average 5' potato gun, grill ignitor and hairspray
>invite friends over on a Friday night in summer
>live in Wisconsin
>everyone is drunker than a thousand indians
>bust out spud gun
>fire a few potats into the woods behind the house
>"hey anon don't you have some napalm in the garage?"
>you bet i fucking do, why?
>"what if we dump some on potat after loading it?"
>load up next potato
>add approx a cup of napalm onto potato
>have friend hold a long lighter a few inches off the muzzle
>napalm is sprayed in a 5m radius
>we are now on fire
>friend is rolling on grass giggling, unaware of what we have actually done
>i watch as potat, glorious flaming potat, disappears into woods behind the house

and that's how I became a felon as well as gave myself 3rd degree burns, my friend 2nd
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One, time I loaded my potato cannon tree of life root, and fired it into the Berlin zoo. The Bonobo's naturally died from the scare, that is, they got completely panicked from knowing that wouldn't be able to have sex after the effects of this, so they killed themselves.

But one Baboon ate the tree of life root, metamorphisized , and ended up killing a ton of people. They blamed Putin and the KGB.
>in hikeschool
>friend has tatergun
>friend also has a momma cat with some kittens
>one of the kittens died overnight
>load tater plug, load carcass
>aim at barn
>gory as fuck
I must emphasize that the kitten really was already dead. This was not the first time a dead animal was launched from the cannon
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>Shooting a dead kitten out of a potato gun.
under the "mk II", is that like a drink bottle top? A weak point for pressure to escape from incase too much pressure?
...... I'm going to sleep now..
Cap worthy
No, it's a circulation valve. A larger one from a Gatorade bottle is on the end cap. Fan is turned on with the wire pair in >>28612693 and vents the exhaust gases after each firing. Caps closed, propane injected from the 1" canister via ball valve, and then fan mixes fuel even in chamber.

Not worried about overpressure/KB'ing, because it won't ignite if you add too much propane, and I used Sched 40. parts.
>Bike riding age -best age
>Be riding with potillery
>Cop stops us,because right thing to do.
>Buddy says"Not a bong,uh-uh-uh swear its just a controlled explosion device to launch potatoes
>Cop does the old should or or shouldn't I
>Cop lets us go
A few year later learn what a bong is(mass delivery of marijuana to the face device if you dont know)
>MFW cop made a decision I still dont understand.

nother time.
>Climb onto my parents roof.
>No potatoes
>Use rags.
>Trigger via electronic cigarette lighter.(no wheel flint,push button,skinny wires because 1990 was high tech)
>as cloth leaves barrel,friend yells "BURN JEWS!!!!!1!!!!one!!!!!!!"
>Rag lands in tree,burns for about a minute max
>Neighbors concerned about forest fire dies as wonder about who would yell burn jews rises
>Get to live next to jewish family,grandpa still has serial number tattooed on his wrist.
yeah I've never kaboomed with sch 40 up to 4" diameter. I see others with these blowout caps on their guns and wonder if I'm just stupid and sch 40 actually kabooms occasionally. Really cool gun you got there.
Thanks man. It's going into the bandsaw next 4th of July, I'm gonna have a much better (bigger) design put together for that.
File: Popcorn.webm (1 MB, 800x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>using pvc
its like you want to get shrapnel wounds
I made one myself that put a 3" diameter soup can filled with concrete through a piece of plywood. It's truly amazing what power plastic pipe can direct.
Not my story, it's my dad's story from the early 80's.
>be my dad
>buddy comes over and wants to fuck around with my newly built potato-gustav
>loaded according to safety
>he uses a whole can of ether in the combustion chamber
>on top of that he braces it against his stomach because fuck me
>He fires it, it bites back hard.
>it tore the threads out of the end cap and left him with a square bruise inside a circular bruise
>I'm lying on the ground laughing my ass off
>he's lying on the ground because his wind (and the wind he'd have for a few days) knocked out of him with the force of a tsar bomba
I built one when i was 14 that put potatos through half inch osb at 20 yards. I went through my garage looking for the spray can that had the most warning labels on it. Good old carb cleaner. Didnt explode but burned out the threads on the rear cap. The barrel unscrewed so you could breech load it by pushing it down on potatos cut in half. It shaved the sides and made potato mini balls.
>be me
>be inna trailerpark
>dude who kinda live in place get a hold of black powder
>find old broom handle
>its ready
>light line of powder that leads to hole in broom handle
>*the party is stunned*
>find out all electricity is off in the park
> aimed it at nothing and bulls-eye a transformer in the opposite direction.
>pick up pieces of broom handle as "evidence" the next day.
good times.

YUP did this too. Looks better too IMO
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>firing a pvc potato gun using carb cleaner
Literally everything used to make carb cleaner is flammable.
that design is shit.

you need to add 2 5" and 2 3" radiator clamps, 2 3/4" 2 smooth, bottom threaded tee's, and 8 threaded male/threaded female 3/4" connectors so you have handles. The BBQ lighter fits perfectly inside the smooth side of the Tee, making it like a trigger.
>Using sewer pipe.
You get what you fucking deserve if you can't pick Sched. 40, which is fucking everywhere and will be more than strong enough for common propellants.
Don't use oxy-acetylene, the tube can't handle the pressure
The design is essentially what I used, sans 1x12" staging chamber and Propane tank + hoses. It keeps costs down with a basic straight pipe. If you wanna go full fgt and do a sweet wheeled carriage or carrying handles you add more money. Being modular is what makes these so easy and fun.
It's doable with Sched. 80 if you do a straight pipe. If you trombone style you will blow the elbow eventually. Low charges are fine, but that burn rate is scary shit, anyone who has that stuff should already know what they're doing.
its t6 aluminum, but whatever m8
pvc has a nasty habit of fracturing and turnign into sharp chunks when it fails
>PVC fragments
Yeah it's why previous people said Gorilla tape wraps, but that should be strictly used as a failsafe so you don't go blind in both eyes. Use proper rated stuff and you'll be fine. I don't know why retards use shit like sheet aluminum and light brass.
Ease back with the LSD intake friend.
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That definitely isn't LSD talking.
story, now
(Copper pipe shrapnel in eyeballs intensifies)

Combine wicked fast burn rate and energy density and you get giga-nigga pressures that kill cannons and may or may not kill you too.
So, potato guns are all legal and good fun, but I want to bring it up a little, as in I want to launch beer cans full of cement at things.

Would this be legal, and do you think 1/4 inch steel walls are enough? I only started toying with the idea a few days ago, but I want to line up a bunch of stuff and see if it will make it through, like 22plinkster does.
Worked our way up from AXE in a 2 inch pvc pipe with a lighter ignition to propane. Eventually bit off more than we could chew with a rig we nig rigged from an old hydraulic cylinder and piece of exhaust pipe.
Acetylene filling went fine but when we were pumping the oxygen into it some oil inside diesel'd. The exhaust pipe KB'd and ripped along the welded seem, flew 50 feet, bouced a few ti,es along the way and fucked up a quad. We all got knocked on our asses and burst one guys ear drums.
Stopped with making those things after
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Damn dude.
I really wanted to try making one of these...Always heard stories of them blowing up, so decided not to.....Did buy a shotgun to replace that, so I guess a win for me.
>fill potato with nails and razor blades and shit
>use spud gun for home defense

Someone please do this.
If some poor dindunuffin BasketBallAmerican innocently foraging for TVs in private residences got killed with a potato to the dome the headlines would be fucking amazing.
I don't have specifics on the arty but I have a great story from high school with these things.
I'm not a green text type but I'll make an exception.
>be high school baseball player
>private school so not many rules
>get phone call from older buddy
>hey dude we are launching spuds at the practice field
>practice field is an infield diamond with batting cages across the street from campus
>next to baseball practice field is 4H ag center
>horses, donkeys, pigs, poultry, and a "relaxing pond" for big money donors to enjoy before football games on campus
>show up in muh truck, full can of mom's hair spray
>try endlessly to launch shit but no luck
>"use my mom's hairspray dude"
>shoot a few taters into what we thought was no man's land on a Sunday
>was actually landing in 4H ag center and relaxing pond
>pigs were set to graze in pond area
Now those of you that don't know, pigs excite VERY easily, especially when they are show animals or young.
>hear a few splashes and some donkeys heehawing
>"fun shit man see you at practice tomorrow"
>Monday is chapel attendance
>head of the school shows up
>"I was made aware this morning when I arrived on campus that one of the 4H show pigs was found dead at morning feed by the pond, four smashed potatoes were surrounding his body and two in the pond water, if anyone has any information on this please come to my office"
>half of me was terrified and the other half was holding laughter
>nobody talked besides captain of basketball team lying and saying rival school is responsible
>basketball game against said school that night included signs and chants of "remember Wilbur!"
Miss those days.

pics of scars?

YEAH, pics or it never happend

Anti potato legislation!!
"Daddy is this like the potato that killed that poor innocent African American child"
Headline of the Jew York daily news, June 3rd 2016.
Anyone else use a tennis ball mortar?

>be 6
>grandpa shows me his mortar
>made of three old tin cans, bottom can has a hole for motor oil
>insert tennis ball, put oil in and take match to the oil hole

No stories, broke when I was 12 or 13.
Fuck all yo combustion spud guns.

Pneumatic is where it's at nigs
File: wat-gigantic-duck.jpg (50 KB, 640x427) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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How effective would potato cannons be as improvised weapons in an insurgency? How would you make them effective?

>inb4 hi atf
guy at work brings in potato canon, it has the trigger/igniter on the back, opposite the muzzle. experiment with empty large PL Glue tubes, basically extra large caulk tubes, they fit nice and fly okay with some ballast added to the front.

firing PL Tube Cannon on a rainy day, eventually get a misfire, click click nothing. okay coworker Anon, put it away.

be next day: Anon, grab the PL Tube Cannon from the basement, coworker runs to get PL Tube Canon, coming back up the stairs he sets it down on a step like a walking stick, b b bottom trigger... BOOM!!! PL Tube right to the face!

missed his eye socket by an inch, permanent point of tube-tip scar to the eyebrow, semicircle scar at the very top of his cheek. could have been worse so bready gud for a lul
Yep, made one out of a couple pringle cans. Only fired it a couple times, it kinda failed at it's intended purpose (scaring geese away from our pond).
Judging by the fact that you can (apparently) build spud guns legally without registering them as destructive devices, I take it that potato guns are not considered firearms by the ATF (I'm assuming that's because they're purely for entertainment and thus not "arms"). Is this correct?

And if that's the case, could I legally build my own full-auto potato gun for shits and giggles?
"Man killed by spud round"
Never go full potato, anon.
Fucking awesome. Now to figure out a design that would work... this might require scuba bottles, or perhaps powder and primers.
>Not wanting your own full-potato anti-aircraft gun to beat dem drones
*SPUD missile
Perhaps build a device to place in the potato to house the propelant? You know, like an aluminum can full of hairspray or oil, and there's a small hole at the base of the can. This can is thus placed/taped behind a potato or other projectile. Make a large doublestack mag with a good spring and all you need to do now is figure out how to ignite it. I'm thinking of something like rocket file for model rockets. If you fill that in the holes on the can then have an electronic firing system that'd be good. Find a smaller pvc tube and build a breach that moves back with the gas. Bam. Done. Low rate of fire but you still got a auto tato.
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you can use a pringles can for casing.
poke a hole in the bottom and stick an electronic lighter spark thingy ftom the inside, so that it is visible from outside but slightly recessed.
now insert a balloon filled with flammable gas inside the can, directly over the igniter.
add spud, push it to optimal depth.

Now, design a launcher keeping in mind you need a long enough nail to puncture the can and the balloon before the real hammer hits the igniter.

>Now, for the self-loading part...
Protector had to be one of the most satisfying sci-fi books to read.
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crap. I (>>28617130) had auto-update off and didn't notice your excellent answer.
obviously, with pringles can as housings, I'd go for single stack.

>would there be enough recoil to set it as a straight blowback, provided you use a weak enough spring?

otherwise, you could go the chaingun way of life, buld an xboxueg ammo crate and cycle/feed it with an electric motor for AA purposes

>glorious full auto 75mm spud chaingun
>build potato gun
>also works with tennis balls
>sit on back deck drinking beer blasting tennis balls 300 yards out while my yellow lab fetches them so i can reload

Good times.
File: 1452830844868.png (37 KB, 400x400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>me and a high school buddy have spud gun build-off
>his is meh, mine turns out pretty gud
>launching potatoes 300 yds, pretty decent accuracy
>drink beer and shoot spuds at random shit
>too much beer, begin lobbing them straight up
>black guy on a kayak comes by
>fugg it.png
>lob a spud pretty close to him, ~200 yds away
>worry for a while that it may come back to bite me in the ass

>same gun, inna high school
>showing off to qt3.14 gf
>overload chamber with hairspray
>no ignition, because shitty fuel mixture
>get frustrated and get carb cleaner
>entire chamber explodes, breach flies back 100ft., tube launches 50ft. in front
>hand aches for a week
>qt3.14 gf breaks up with me for a chad
Used too much hairspray and too much pipe dope. Tube exploded, everybody died, potato vines grew to memorialize my stupidity.
Good stuff, fuck pigs, they're bad animals
Me again.
Pic Related. Only survivor.
>>carb cleaner

Other brilliant ideas.include using starting fluid, and oxygen acetylene mixed gas.
Bumping this thread.. I wanna build one, but life is in my way
Had built a combustion powered plastic pipe spud gun when I was around 14 and used it to plant potatoes and apples from 300 meters away across my rural neighborhood.

But I'm more adult now but still enjoy stupid things like spud guns. But I have far more experience and tools at my disposal now, so I'm thinking of of building a new spud gun out of steel powered by the combustion of oxy-acetylene or a fuel system using a fuel injector from a car squirting high octane liquid fuel into the combustion chamber. It would be fired by means of modified car spark plug wired to a custom high voltage system.

I'm just wondering if anyone of you has seen anything like this built before, and if you have any advice?
does anybody have the cap from the rocketanon who blew up a fence and made green napalm?
Sounds interesting, you might want to use a motorcycle carburetor for that. I recommend going to >>>/o/ for help with finding a good one for your Spud-Gustav
Pneumatic a shit. Combustion potato cannons are the mans battle implement.
I fucking love Larry Niven.
Oh dear god, I love you.
How did you get
And why do you have NAPALM?!

I know this is a weapons board.
But NAPALM of all things?
Napalm is piss-easy. Ordinary gasoline and styrofoam packing pellets.
Well, it wasn't a potato gun, but my brother and I sent a kid to the hospital with a water-pressure bottle launcher in cub scouts.
>and oxygen acetylene mixed gas.

hey ive had some good times with that stuff. filling 50 gal trash bags full of it and using toilet paper draped over top for fuze was fun as hell. huge concussive blast.

>ghetto napalm
There are other additives, and recipes vary depending on intended usage.
File: 1449895016079.jpg (35 KB, 339x330) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>shooting a dead kitten out of a potato cannon

>/k/- a magical place
File: 1453165649958.gif (2 MB, 384x216) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 384x216
Mine was basically OP's pic. It exploded one time. Sent the barrel packed with potato plugs nearly 50 yards.

>Be me, 18 or 19
>Friend in trailer park calls up "hey, you need to get over here"
>He and another friend had made a works bomb cannon that took a 1 liter bottle charge and shot tennis balls
>Mix one up and fire in random direction
>Sounds like 12 gauge, tennis ball is GONE
>Haha, awesome, high fives all around
>Moments later, hear sirens heading in direction of tennis ball
>Thing made it way out of the trailer park and hit some lady's car window on the state road and she crashed into a pole

>For scientific purposes only.

A hybrid (pneumo+kaboomo) potato gun with a 3 inch barrel, shooting improv APFSDS type ammo can break the sound barrier with gusto.
Care to elaborate?
Built a potato gun in Iraq, during the first deployment. Used it to launch what ever fruit I could get from the mess hall. Usually fired it so the fruit hit the trailers we all lived in.
We may have a winner
Loads of fun. Though if I have a kid who wants one, I will personally fucking weld him up one out of steel because Jesus Christ do I not trust that shit now that I have an engineering degree.

Funniest story I can think of off the top of my head is this:

Buddy and I decide to improve the ignition of our spud gun by using a shitty $5 stun gun. We wire it up to bolts that protrude into the chamber, sealed with grommits. The tips intersect and form a spark gap.

We go to fire it, and he decides to hold it from the front while I perform the necessary rites and rituals at the back. Once ready, I fire the thing. Only it doesn't fire, because he's got his arm over both the terminals, so I just fucking taze the shit out of his armpit, haha.
>not one single use of a tazer for ignition

Come on /k/.
Back in highschool, we had previously made potato cannons, but they ether break, or get lost out on mine and my neighbor's land. We had also made some reinforced tubes for mortar fireworks, and I had a shoulder-able mortar tube I made from fiberglass. Anyways we decided it was time to make a new potato cannon. We built a standard cannon, used a grill starter, a length of 4" combustion chamber and about 10' worth of 2" PVC barrel. We used a couple squirts of oxy-acetylene from my neighbor's cutting torch. We used another 6" long section of the 2" to freeze ice slugs for ammo. Using that load, we would get about another 5' of blue flame from the end of the barrel and a very satisfying thump. This was followed immediately by the sight of that ice slug flying over a group of pecan trees near my house, at least like 500 yds away. Surprisingly we never shot anything point blank to see what it could do, but we never really got a chance. One day, another friend came by and wanted to shoot the cannon. So, we grabbed a slug, and loaded everything up like normal. What we didn't notice was that my neighbor's father had switched to a rosebud tip, and had significantly overcharged the gun. Said friend went to Rambo the damn thing with it over his shoulder, but he ended up bitching out since he was a massive pussy. To show him he was being a bitch, my neighbor grabbed it to fire it. He slung it down by his leg and aimed high, hit the starter, and BOOOM. The combustion chamber splintered out, peppered all of us, and embedded some shards in my neighbor's leg, ripping through his jeans. Thankfully that was the extent of the injuries. We made another cannon a few weeks later, but then was sure to switch propellant and double check the charges.
> make potato cannon
> forget to seal the back
> my associate fuels it up and fires
> I'm standing right behind it
> 2 pound pvc cap comes at me at escape velocity
> spreads my penis
> I'm now an mtf transgender
> like to be dominated in bed
> my sissy hole is tuned for cock

Don't mess with potato cannons guys
>Caseless potato
That would actually be great, but I think I'd want to use solid propellant for that instead of air/fuel.
>Doublestack mag
I don't particularly care about compactness, so I think the reliability of single-stack would be better. Or a belt.
>I'm thinking of something like rocket file for model rockets.
Good idea, and I could have electrical contacts on the sides of the chamber so that it will go off as soon as the potato is chambered (open-bolt, wooohooo).
>Low rate of fire
Pretty sure that's a given. Unless I do something crazy like a multi-barrel Gatling autopotato, anyways.
>Pringle can casings
Might have enough volume for air-fuel to work, if somewhat anemically. Extraction might be tricky, I guess I could hook it by the mouth. I'll have to think about this longer and decide whether it's worth it over the caseless potato concept.
That'd be a good idea for keeping air/fuel together (assuming the fuel isn't something that would attack the rubber). I still think I'd rather use a rocket igniter/E-match like the other anon suggested over a spark igniter, though.
>with pringles can as housings, I'd go for single stack.
Yeah, even in general I think pringle cans are the way to go. Double-stack requires a bit more convoluted feeding, and I'd rather not deal with it (with a real gun, metal-on-metal makes this easier due to lower friction and yet they STILL have problems from time to time).
>chaingun vs. blowback vs. other
I was sorta thinking chaingun for reliability. I'm not sure how much force/work it takes to chamber a potato (that's one advantage of the pringle-can cartridge idea; it would probably cycle more easily and consistently), but the recoil impulse itself and thus bolt mass, travel and spring tension characteristics are fairly easy to calculate (assuming spud mass and velocity can be estimated).

Thanks for the suggestions though, guys. Great stuff.
I fixed my potato cannon the other day trying to relive what I never got to do as a kid. I added a $8 eBay stun gun, about 6 seconds of axe bodyspray, and a racquet ball. It will fly about 300 yards
I used oxy and acetylene in one once and it was pretty much a bomb. lit it off remotely. plastic everywhere.
Who /flintandstartingfluidmasterrace/ here
Rate my setup
>telescope stand
>2.5" mild steel exhaust pipe barrel
>tactical handle
All you really need is acetone to gel it.
Would I be doing something wrong if I just cut to the chase and used black powder, high pressure steel pipe, and left both ends open because lol recoilless?
Not enough daka
A friend and I built one, and were testing it out with some benezine based hairspray.

It wouldnt light so my friend opens up the tube sticks his head in and keeps pressing the button.

It lights in his face, and singes all his hair. Smelled terrible.
>Loads of fun. Though if I have a kid who wants one, I will personally fucking weld him up one out of steel because Jesus Christ do I not trust that shit now that I have an engineering degree.
Amazing how close to death we get to death as kids huh?
Looks awesome. How's the ballistics/accuracy?

Nigger-rig some explosives and you've got yourself a nice mortar.
when I was in high school I made a 4 inch barrel cannon once. I used a handtowl as a sabot and shot pretty much everything you can think of out of it. I even made some shells comparable to a giant shotgun to shoot airsoft bb's. The highlight was the golf balls. Since they are designed to be aerodynamic they fucking tear ass down range. I launched one and it kept going and going until I couldn't see it anymore. Launched a few more after that and herd one hit a tree about 600 yards out. It sounded like someone took a sledge hammer and smacked the side of a tree. Awhile later I found out about this wonderful thing called Ether and that it works alot better than axe. The only problem is that I could only get about 50-70 good launches out of my 6 inch combustion chamber using ether and the kabooms were starting to get dangerous. As soon as Girls and ammo started taking a toll at my wallet I could no longer afford to keep it running.
Haven't actually fired it with the new setup, just got found the stand yesterday. The old barrel was just 2inch pvc and I was getting about 150-200 yards.
Sounds like a potato Carl G is in the works.

Needs a recoilless rifle type action.
It was also really great to listen to, at least the version NOT narrated by Connor O'Brien, even more exceptionally.
Mmmmm yams. Man the ramscoop and set the maser to tight, we're killing us some breeder scum.
I love how everybody here is actually drunk all the time, and how seemingly everybody keeps napalm around. Wisconsin rules.
Just had another ungodly idea... no idea if it could possibly work, but if it could then it'd help simplify things considerably and probably yield remarkably high fire rates.

So here it is... does anyone suppose it'd be possible to scale up the Cloud BBMG concept to potato scale?
It would require a very high-flow external gas source, but I have a few solutions to that (straight compressed air? Hybrid compressed-air/fuel combustion? Solid-fuel gas generator? Steam boiler? Plenty of options). But I'm not sure it's feasible to even get enough airflow through a cloud chamber to get potatoes to swirl around like little BBs would.
I accidently shot my cousin in the face with one. He was looking down the barrel and wanted me to flick the striker to make sure it was still making sparks. Well, he had loaded it right before it started raining and I guess forgot about it. The potato made contact right on his eyebrow and fucking exploded all over the room downstairs.
can you guys suggest some reason for why a spud gun wouldn't work?
I've made two but can't get them to shoot spuds, I can get it so that they'll almost always go off without being loaded though and I've already tried googling for help. Any ideas?
Like it's not igniting or it's just not making enough pressure to fling the tater?
File: CAM01656.jpg (2 MB, 2448x3264) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 2448x3264
going to post some pics of the spud gun I'm having the most trouble with
File: CAM01667.jpg (1 MB, 3264x2448) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 3264x2448
igniting, I almost never get a good ignition with a tater in the tube
File: CAM01657.jpg (2 MB, 3264x2448) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 3264x2448
last pic
I've wired it up so it wouldn't fall apart but would do a better job on it if I knew it work

Lucky you didn't kill him. All of the potato guns I've built were powerful enough to blow through wood fencing.

You'd be surprised the number of people that have won Darwin awards because they didn't understand acetylene.
And your igniters arc fine and ignite the propellant without a potato?

Dunno what you're using, but try using less propellant, or maybe try a different, more volatile propellant.
I'm able to get a good loud spark so I wouldn't think of that to be the issue but I'll try using the propane I've got.

thats what i used. the first one i made i used hair spray and the insides got all gunked up and shit. then on a whim i used a scant spray of carb cleaner and it worked just as well as a good long spray of hair spray. i had no fucking clue how strong it would be.

>drive out to empty fields at night behind office buildings to shoot
>building mosque right next to that
>launch potatoes into mosque and break windows
>cops must hear the constant booming
>pull up and tell me to put it down
>run my info
>tell me to shoot it for them
under-fucking-rated post
Thing is, potatoes work perfectly in spud cannons because you create a gas seal by jamming them into the barrel (or in a casing, as already proposed).
Airsoft BBs are all equal diameter and rigid, so the jamming isn't required nor possible.

If I may ask: is there any solid propellant safe enough to ignite inside a pvc chamber? If so, it should be possible to make actual decent rounds with soda cans and toy gun caps.
Soda cans also provide a convenient extractor groove, and reduce round diameter to 52mm.

>Cut bottom face
>Cut around the upper groove
>Insert cardboard cap holder
>Insert solid propellant
>Jam potato in
>Ready to fire
Wisconsin seems to get better and better the more I read about it
Is that some multipoint ignition?
You'll lose power that way. Ignite from a wall always.

i am haveing of 1 question

what if someone uses ether truck starting fluid spray for propellant instead of hairspray?
is it like carb cleaner?
use very little compared to the hairspray.
Goes well in combination with tennis ball match bomb.
>Cut slit in tennis ball.
>Cut heads off a shitload of light-anywhere matches (light anywhere is important).
>Pack tennis ball full of match heads.
>Tape slit closed
When the tennis ball deforms on impact, a couple of the match heads will strike from getting rubbed on each other. Sudden heat + pressure = lots of flaming match head debris everywhere. Tennis ball mortar makes it possible at range.
>decent rounds
>soda cans

Why not just use golf balls? Small but not too small, hard as fuck, made to fly.
starting fluid is ether which is very explosive, im not sure what carb cleaner is.

>be me at work
>massive gathering of bees around pile of trash
>decide to torch them
>grab ether starting fluid
>light the spray
>bees literally engulfed in fireball with shockwave

not your ordinary flamethrower
The whole thing that makes me love the idea of a potato-chaingun is the "potato" projectile part of it.
If I didn't live in "everythingfunisforbidden-land" I'd build one right now.
>don't know the local law
>don't want to
>afraid laws forbid fun things
>lol fuck this place
just hiding all my stuff inside, cops will never know
>owning a dog
>owning a house
>drinking beer

I envy you completely.
Potato guns are fucking crazy. I remember engulfing my hand in flames, putting a hole in a fench, and stripping the paint off a garage door (the moisture of the potato stripped the paint straight to bare wood) by accident. They are definitely potent items. Some pvc pipes, a bbq igniter, hair spray & spuds and you're fucking lethal.

If you stick some nails, bearings, washers into the potatoes, you'll have a crazy high caliber particled slug launcher. Good times
File: 22269625.gif (536 KB, 126x101) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
536 KB, 126x101

Literally the post above you

Lost. Fuckin A, anon.
1) There is a Co. that sells rifled abs by the foot. Google it.
2) Learn about "burst disk" wadding.
3) Gas + compressed air is best. Use valve from bike tire.
4) tazer ignition a must, inner chamber mixing fan optional.
5) Always wrap with strapping/ gorilla tape
6) A chunk of barrel makes a perfect sized sabot mold wet paper slugs can hold anything and can be fired wet or dried.
7) lube your barrel! I use Pam. But ABS dont care about petrochem like Vaseline.

The burst disk is a thin piece made to seal the chamber and only hold 100 psi or so of air/gas before popping. This means your projectile doesn't have to seal the barrel as tight, this makes a safer cannon with out sacrificing power. Pump up till almost bursting then light it up. Requires an uncrewable barrel or breach load design.
Breach load masterrace!
>became a felon
How does shooting flaming potatoes make you a felon? Did you light the woods up or something?
It just so happens that in my country anything that launches projectiles with muzzle energy over 7.5 joules are considered weapons.
The only exceptions to this are bows and fishing spearguns aka "sports equipment".
Every weapon must be registered.
This usually includes the commercial denomination of the weapon. As it is a prototype, I don't even know what paperwork would be needed to register it, and frankly I do not wish to go through any paperwork just to build a fucking spud autocannon.
There are also laws against acoustic pollution, but even then, repeatedly exploding even small amounts of explosives (which are illegal to produce, funnily enough) or small amounts of fae would draw quite a lot of attention very quickly.

Would I risk becoming a felon just to see my glorious chaingun tossing mixed veggies downrange?
Meant as a reply to this anon
Davy Crockett/10
Considering buying an old pickup and putting together a mount for my cannon to make a spud technical
guys i need your help

hollowing out a spud & adding napalm is easy

how do I get it to light when it hits the target? i want to have some real fun

standard, 6' barrel electronic ignition launcher

hardmode: not just launching it at a barrel fire.
Strike anywhere matches somehow?
Poke the uninsulated end of a really long wire into it and launch it, and have the other few hundred feet of it coiled up next to the cannon. Just touch the other end of the wire to a battery when you're ready to detonate. You could call it the PotaTOW Launcher.
I am fairly certain that once you add incendiary projectiles the ATF won't take your "i swear it's not a weapon" excuse so you'll have to pay attention to NFA DD regs.
found the dirty Muslim/Jew
File: pizza_background.jpg (79 KB, 426x628) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
79 KB, 426x628
>be in gradeschool at friends house up the street
>built an air pressure cannon
>shooting water and various things out of it
>decide to fill barrel with water, shove a bar of soap down it and put an empty soup soup can on the end
>aim it up and across the street
>neighbors garage door starts opennig
>soup can now full of soap bar and water soars across the street directly into the brick pillar on the side of the garage
>neighbor screams WHAT THE FUCK
>angrily struts over to two children puckering our anuses
>w-we uh uhhh, it was just w-water...
>guy thinks he just yelled at two small children for making a loud noise with water
>ask us about cannon a little bit
>eventually leaves and drives away
>sprint across the street to retrieve soup can hidden in the bushes

>few months later we take apart some fireworks and shove them in a little bottle light it in the woods
>explodes in a fountain of burning magnesium
>neighbor complains about cannon shaking his house as we stand next to huge crater in the ground
File: 1444461007010.gif (183 KB, 200x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
183 KB, 200x200
>be in high school
>found out the chemistry teacher i didnt sign up for was making tater cannons
>too late to switch into that class so decide to make one with a buddy
>spent a whole saturday cranking out 4 cannons of varying lengths
>even had a small hand cannon made of leftover parts
>shooting potatoes and rocks all of sunday
>soon the back yard was filled with the smell of burned axe body spray we used for the fuel
>go back to school the following week
>next weekend we realized we didnt clean any of the cannons
>rotting potatoes in every single one of them
>igniters all rusted over from burned salts and florida humidity
And thats how I learned rotten potatoes literally smell like old putrid urine
>Be 16
>Build potato cannon
>Tear electric gas starter out of propane grill
>Buy a 5lb tank of ether
>Buy shitty momentary valve
>Hack+whack until it works
>GREAT! Time to test it!
>Don't have potatoes
>Grab Nerf football, jam it down the pipe
>Football is fucking gone, man
>Get idea
>Stuff paper dixie cup into barrel
>Put a handful of dirt in cup
>Dirt cup leaves a huge cloud, slams into tree
>Go back inside to find more shit to launch
>Come back outside to see 12 year old sister holding the cannon out in the woods near the road
>Some dude in a VW Bug happens to be driving by
>His car gets peppered with thick brown pasty stuff
>He slams on the brakes
>I run over, my sister has this evil grin
>"I put a cup in like you did and filled it with dog poop"

>Dude gets out, starts screaming

>We run through the woods to our neighbor's house, circle back around

>Never saw the dude again
>be Me
>be in Highschool
>taking AP Chemistry with pyro teacher
>end of semester projects due
>me and guy make potato gun and test
>shit was fun
>go to school out to practice football field with entire class and teacher to shoot it.
>Load it and mount it on my shoulder like a damn panzershreck
>About to fire, out of the corner of my eye I see the assistant principle (who was a bit of a dick) come sprinting out of the doorway.
>Thuuuuuuuump! Sends tater about 50yards.
>AP runs up to teach, places his hand on his shoulder and asks "is that a potato gun? cause if it is, that's something they could be expelled for and you could be fired"
>Pyro teach looks him dead in the eye and says "What potato gun? That there is a 'Produce Accelerator'"
File: 1420818293197.png (180 KB, 342x343) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
180 KB, 342x343
>produce accelerator
My siiides
File: 1452564964263.png (282 KB, 922x777) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
282 KB, 922x777
>produce accelerator
>rural PA
>grew up on farm/airstrip
>uncle was a mechanical engineer and would build cool shit
>one day builds a spudgun
>spend a few weekends on the farm with him launching old potatoes that were starting to grow eyes
>some guys roughly in their 20s from around the neighborhood kept flying their model airplanes/helicopters on our property (big no-no because working airstrip)
>uncle gets sick of this after awhile and has tried shooing them off and chasing after them on a golfcart, but they keep coming back since it's the only open space nearby
>one weekend I'm over there hanging out with my uncle talking about making a larger parachute army man to throw out of the 172
>sure enough off in the distance we see the telltale trail of blue nitro RC exhaust smoke
>guys are trying to be sneaky about flying their helicopter so they're about 300 yards away in a field adjacent to my uncles house (he spent a lot of time with my grandparents on their side of the farm helping take care of them, so the kids must have thought he lived over there)
>blue helicopter invades our airspace, getting about 100-120yds away
>he quick grabs his PVC abomination and the can of hairspray and before I even realize what's happening he's jamming a chunk of melon down the barrel since it was the only biological munition available
>next thing I know he's just eyeballing the chopper and the muzzle of the spudgun trying to estimate distance and angle
>shot barely misses the main fuselage of the helicopter but manages to snap the tail rotor section, breaking it off, a fatal hit for the chopper as is
>the tail rotor section is forced upwards by the impact into the rotors and basically this thing disintegrates in midair the second the main rotor hits the beam of the tail rotor
>model helicopter drops like a brick
>suddenly fire
>suddenly LOTS of fire

and that's the story of how the
abandoned barn on the far edge of the property burned down.
On phone so fuck your meme arrows.

Me and a few friends were dicking around with this spud cannon, this was back when I was 13-14. I'd only used pneumatic spud guns beforehand, so I had no fucking idea what I was doing, apart from the basic idea behind them (mix fuel and air, spark it, boom).

anyways we were having a bit of trouble, so we decided to check if the shitty duct taped nails we were using as sparkers were out of line.
So I go screw off the back end, wait a few seconds, look in the chamber and yell at my friends to spark it.

Next thing I know, I no longer posess eyebrows.
Told my mum it was a barbeque so she didn't freak out.
I know it's terrible for me to laugh at this, but it's fucking hilarious.
File: 1450840079976.jpg (1 MB, 1680x1050) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1680x1050
> Even in death it still served.

> Or was it crew served?
>If I may ask: is there any solid propellant safe enough to ignite inside a pvc chamber?
Plenty - black powder, smokeless, KN-sucrose, APCP, whatever. Any non-caustic solid deflagrant should be fine if you employ it prudently, keep pressures within the safe range and ensure duration is well below that which might, err... thermally compromise the PVC.
it really is a the way they say it is

except Madison, don't go there
If you're dumb enough to make one out of PVC at least cover the thing in duct tape.
Someone screencap this shit
You mean like a gas powered can cannon?
You might be able to find pipe in the right diameter for a standard soft drink can
What about building the cannon but using firearm blanks to launch things
>group of friends have two potato cannons
>we shoot screwdrivers gravel poles everything but potatoes
>get bored and realize the barrels fit in each other
>slide them in load it up
>smaller cannon shoots 25ft
>back of the larger cannon also shoots 25ft and hits friend in the chest
>keks had by all
my sides
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