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Tell me about the first time you shot a gun...
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Tell me about the first time you shot a gun /k/. I want to relive the magic of it all
Niggas sweatin me round the block and they didn spect nuthin when I pulled mah 22 piece
bix nood mah dindu
Loaded a round into the mosin I blindly bought in a private sale.
Cocked it.
Got a little kick, but wasn't too bad.
Was pleasantly surprised at what it felt like.
> Basic training was the first time i shot a gun.
> probably the first time i even touched a gun.
> shot a 35/40 with an m4 that had malfunctions that required a whole new bcg.
> shot expert no matter what after that.
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>Cocked it
>10 years old
>shot .22 short subsonic rounds prone for groups on paper at 75 yards
>pretty decent
>Be me
>Be 13
>Dad has been interested in funs
>I also was interested so he brought me along
>Went to LGS/Range
>Rented a pretty old ruger .22 pistol
>After basic safety instructions from range guy we were ready to shoot
>Da shoots
>Has a stupid grin on his face afterwords
>My turn
>Remember that it kicked more than expected
>Mag empty
>I turn to dad with a stupid look on my face
After about 2 boxes of .22 we went home, and we began to browse for funs.
This is my true story that happened about 8 years ago
>grandfather used to hunt all the time in his younger days
>is almost completely deaf now from no ear pro
>quit hunting/shooting when I was very young
>always fascinated looking at his guns in the old wood/glass gun case in his bedroom
>father is namby pamby 'don't hurt da animuls' person
>never got to shoot or hunt at all
>never even heard a gun going off before
>fast forward to when I'm 18
>subject comes up of grandfathers vegetable patch down at his 100 acre wheat farm
>'damn rabbits are destroying muh vegetables!'
>'hey anon.. would you like to help me take care of them?' with a gleam in his eye
>goes and gets his single shot break over .410 shotgun from when he was 12 years old
>explains gun safety the whole drive down
>soak up every word like he's some kind of god
>get to the farm, getting nervous
>'okay anon, you stand here and I'll try to scare 'em out'
>standing about 20 feet from a brush pile next to the vegetable patch
>grandfather is off to my right
>starts tossing pieces of broken cinder block onto the pile
>one shoots out going straight left
>'get 'im!'
>try to lead just a little like he told me
>frantically jerk trigger
>rabbit does a small flip and lands facing backward
>caught him right in the abdomen, killed him dead
>between the kick, the bang, my ringing ears and seeing the rabbit flip, I am filled with adrenaline
>grandfather is hootin' and hollerin' with excitement as well
>can tell he has been wanting this day to happen my whole life
>spent the rest of the day plinking around the farm with .22 pistols
>permanent smiles were had for days

I was hooked from there. I haven't been hunting really and have only shot a couple birds here and there since then, but I've spent about $7k on guns since then, always with plans for more when finances allow.
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>Does a small flip
I got scoped by a savage axis
>be me
>be 18
>never cared about Guns or the Military
>get conscripted
>Shoot the first time in my new dress
>start feeling a joy that i never felt before
God damn i miss my army time
>11 years old
>50 yards
>Some CZ .22 Bolt with diopters on a bench
>Shot a quarter sized group of 5
My parents being sissy libC.ucks never learned what I did and had to keep my love of /k/ shit secret for the next 9 years till I moved out.
Terrible times, 9 years without the sweet touch of blue steel, 9 years without the smell of burned powder.
It was hell.
>gradfather a pacifist, everyone a pacifist, all direct ancestors who could avoid the draft did
>nobody, i repeat nobody I know owns or shoots guns
>closest I get is a badly weather-worn air rifle that my mother and her sisters shot as kids

fast forward to 2013

>find out Slovakia actually allows guns
>find out if you jump through fiery hoops and do an acrobatic landing you can even get CCW as a civilian
>talk to local range on phone, arrange meet for myself and friend, to see and hold and shoot, mostly to pass questions during firearm safety exam
>friend is an idiot and bails on me
>range is in an old air raid bunker
>i go 20m into solid mountain
>nobody will ever hear my screams
>fear all local gun owners are nazis and cops
>turns out it's just two old hickok45-looking guys
>don't even charge me what it would have cost if friend had been there
>shoot Jericho 941

everything went better than expected, range became my go-to stomping ground and I'm going again this week
>be me
>be 13
>Parents never really interested in guns
>they are very christian
>decide to send me to church camp
>get there
>just as gay as I expected
>check plan for next day at camp
>'Shooting range---3:00'
>wake up next day and prepare
>arrive at dirt mound
>lay down on old mattresses
>shoot bolt action .22
>hit paper target
>fucking bulls-eye
>won a free candy bar
been in love ever since
I forever associate guns with candy bars now

>12 years old. In new mexico on grandpa's ranch.
> Grandpa goes out with me and shows me how to shoot his little .22.
> It was breach loader saddle rifle he had since he was young.
> He sends me off on my own with the .22 and a box of ammo.
> Spend the day shooting small rocks.
> Find an antique coke bottle.
> Set it about 50 yards away. Hit it and it explodes.
> Go get the pieces and see I hit the bottom, and where the bullet entered the thick part of the bottle before it shattered.
> Keep that piece of the bottle and the .22 shell until this day.

20+ years later, still shooting, built my Grandpa a rifle for Christmas
>forgot that it's not censored on /k/
>watch as I say cuck
>the poster realizes that his /k/ disguise has been compromised
>he is actually a /pol/ poster

Get fucked faggot.
>be me 9 years old
>grandpa takes me out to his friend's house in the country
>sets up shooting table and put sofa cans and fruits on top of an old wooden fence as targets
>he pulls out glorious Colt AR-15A2 H-BAR (which i now own btw)
>puts it on our makeshift lead sled
This next part I'll never forget. Before he lets me touch it and gets on his knee, looks me in the eye and says, "Anon, this is not a toy. You can end a man's life with this in the blink of an eye."

He didnt try to scare me into being careful or anything, but when hre said i could end a mans life it just stuck with me for some reason.
>long story short
>shoot gun, feelsgoodman.mp4
>blow up pepsi can first shot
>get hooked on shooting and love pepsi for the rest of my life
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>>'damn rabbits are destroying muh vegetables!'
>sofa cans
Soda* cans lol
The only way you would know thatyourself is if you go visit /pol/ yourself
That may be true but at least I know how to spell the word correctly when I'm on other boards unlike you.
Fucking rekted
what's with the four foot rusty stick elevation sight that kid is using?

Notches for every meter?
Can't you just infer what they meant like a normal person ? You do have to "cock" any gun before firing. There's just different ways it happens
What about this, bros
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>unironically hating /pol/
Back to /r/guns bitchboi, before something offends you!
That one popular indoor gun range in Vegas.
Sig P226

It was alright.
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>.410 shotgun from when he was 12 years old

That was my first gun. This ancient single-shot Winchester. I remember my dad taught me to fire when I was three by sitting me down in his lap and helping me hold the gun because I was too weak to even aim properly.

I was afraid to pull the trigger because loud scarry noises but once I did, I was hooked.
Dumbass where the hell do you think your at?

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tfw I have never shot a gun....
Shit, I can't even remember the first time I shot a gun, but I was five or six.

Shooting my dad's 870 at 8 wasn't a bright idea, though. I don't remember being too phased by it though, I just didn't shoot anything bigger than a .22 again until I was 12.

Years later, I'm shitposting about my favorite calibers on a Mongolian calligraphy forum and anticipating my next purchase, which will be this week.
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>military service
>sunny winter day
>best shot in the platoon
>lt commends me in front of the men
>everything went better than expected

additional info:
>performance was a fluke
>shot average later on
>lt reprimanded me verbally
>also europe
>be around 15 years old
>go to new friends place for first time
>friend and his dad take me shooting to a nearby sand pit
>beretta 92 9mm, some ak type rifle and pump shotgun
>most fun i've had since ever
We kept shooting for some time and it was glorious, even if i couldn't hit much anything especially with the pistol.
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Wow you sure are showing me, I should probably never stray from /pol/ because that is the only place I can say Nigger, cuck, and Kike.
> be me
>be 27
> have never shot a gun
> be very proud of that fact

The end.


This is the most cancerous board on this taiwanese cartoon sharing website. Go fuck yourselves.

- /sp/
Dad took me out into my grandpa's field to fire a Lee Enfield Mk 1 at some balloons when I was 11

I fucking loved it
>This is a fishing rod.
>He just threw it in.
I was twelve.It was in Arkansas, with my father, shooting the Marlin .22 that I had gotten for Christmas.

I miss that gun, /k/. It was left behind when my crazy mom decided that she was tired of living with my father and that the best thing that she could do was pack herself, me, and my dog into her 72 Super Beetle and move us to Washington State.
>be /sp/
>be 27
>never into the vagina
>very proud of this

The end.

>be me, 19, NROTC
>since on scholarship, go to CORTRAMID
>one of the weeks is Marine week
>one of my buddies knows I haven't shot guns before
>its not that I don't like them or anything, its just that my mom and her family are incredibly nogunz
>like all guns are baby killers

Anyways, marine week rolls around.
>guy named Col. Looney is in charge
>guy definitely lives up to his name
>be me, space out
>Col asks a question, a few hands go up
>buddy elbows me, whispers raise your hand
>I should not have risen my hand in hindsight
>he had asked who hadn't shot a gun before
>like 10 girls raised their hand
>Col. Looney walks up to me and asks me where I'm from
>Texas, sir.
>"Shit son you've got to be kidding me! I gotta see this!"
>he makes me stand first in line when we get to the range
>standing behind me as I hold the m4
>first time ever trying to rack the slide
>fuck up like twice
>Col Looney is standing behind me laughing his ass off
>finally get a round in the chamber, switch to semi auto, safety off
>shoot a few times
>"woah thats cool"
>Col slaps me on the shoulder and walks off laughing
>the entire time I was just trying not to muzzle sweep anybody

All in all 10/10 experience looking back at it. The next day we did this simulator thing with chalk rounds, pretty fun.

Flash forward 3 years or so, I have my CHL and my first gun. Thankfully I have a few close friends who are very knowledgeable about firearms, and have taught me a lot. About to inherit 32k from an aunt I never knew, so I'll probably build an AR or buy something fun.
>be 17
>buy 12ga from friend
>go out to woods
>shoot 70 rounds or so with no ear pro
>leave because cops
>ears ringing for days
>shoulder hurts for a day or so
>be me
>conscription started two weeks ago
>first basic shooting last Friday
>3, 3, and 4 round alignment shots and 10 round competitive shots
First time I've ever shot a real weapon, weapon was the Finnish RK62. It got pretty fucking cold with the lighter march garments after all the sweat had dried up from the march to the gun range and it was probably 20 degrees below Celsius. Shooting felt great though, I've always wanted to shoot a gun and have been meaning to start shooting as a hobby at some point. I like guns as mechanical pieces as well. The smoke off the gun in the cool air and the smell of gun powder in the air was kinda neat.
>Be 15
>Be very anti-gun
>Like gun grabber
>Thanks mom
>Visiting family friends
>Dad and friend want to go to the range outside town
>Have a fit about it
>Dad tells me to sack up about it and deal
>Get there
>It's a pretty busy outdoor one
>People have their stuff out on tables
>Mostly retirees and such
>Walking the line with dad after dad shot his friend's 1911
>Dad sees an AR
>Asks the guy about
>Guy asks if dad and I want to shoot it
>Dad no pls
>Dad again says sack up
>Runs me through the four rules
>Lets me loose
>Scared shitless
>Holy shit what
>Pop off a few more
>Burn through the whole mag
>Hooked for life
>Bought my first long gun at 20 and mid way through an AR build now
>Thanks dad
Pretty damn heartwarming
be 11
dad decides its time
goes through basic safety
gives me bolt action .22lr
about to shoot first
bracing for huge recoil
>thats it?!
>oh fuck yeah
and thats how i fell in love with shooting
>Head out to some abandoned gold mines in BFE
>Dad whips out .22 ruger
>Points out a few clay pigeons about 20 yards away
>Empties the entire magazine in about 2 seconds
>Now you try
>Empty entire mag into single clay pigeon
Easier than I expected.
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>grandfather is hootin' and hollerin' with excitement as well

>be four years old, SF dad left me and mom so we live on my veteran grandfather's cattle farm with him
>awesome childhood, full of John Wayne and hunting
>getting old enough to comprehend gun safety
>takes me out by the chicken coops with an old Remington .22lr bolt action
>draws a bullseye on cardboard, guides me through the firing
>I will never forget feeling like John motherfucking Wayne as I heard that crack
>fell totally in love with it
>got my first gun a year later

Fast-forward to three weeks ago, I'm about to turn twenty. I own 10-ish guns and I'm a milfag in AIT.

>home on leave
>8 year old sister wants to learn how to shoot real guns
>pop lends us the same .22lr bolt rifle
>she gets nervous at first, but as that first crack fades away into the deep blue southern evening, I can tell she's hooked
>teach her all the different positions and techniques
>she's a legit natural
>tell her "good kill" every time she punches the bullseye
>four hours and 200 rounds later, we pack it in
>next day she wants to shoot my .410 bolt action and my .32 S&W long revolver
>Is absolutely impervious to recoil
>Wants to shoot my SKS and AR next time

She's got a little collection of airguns, understands some good fundamentals like magazine changes, cover, controlled pairs, and stuff like that.

But she doesn't know that she's gonna be the owner of her own real guns by next Christmas.

First time I ever shot a gun

>At friends house out in the country
>Parents let me have BB gun
>Don't want me shooting his real guns
>We go out to plink with our guns
>Fuck this too cold
>Put one shot downrange with this Savage Mk 2 before running inside

Pretty unexciting, but there was another time shortly after I went over to another pals house just out of town and I shot his 20 gauge. I remember thinking it kicked a lot but liking it, and getting EEEE for the first time.
>Be obsessed with guns as long as I can remember.
>Parents despite owning and carrying guns refused to let me have even a BB gun
>turn 16 and after days of persuasion get a co2 airshit
>about a couple months after a family friend takes me to local indoor range and lets me shoot a couple of 9mm glocks he owns
>maximum fun levels achieved
>The first week of being 18 I go to local gunshow and buy a nugget because poor
I still dont understand why theyre so against me owning guns..
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My father and I had a "Man Day" when I was 11 or 12. We drove out into the country. He let me drive for a little while, have my first taste of beer, take a drag off a cigarette, and shoot his 20 ga. and a 10/22.

He died not long after that.

I'm glad we had that time, though.
I'm sorry to hear that, anon.
how did he dieded?
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>basic training
>shoot 5 rounds from 150m with rk-62
>0/5 hit
>sgt laughs at me
>turns out my sights were fucked
>get them fixed
>shoot ten rounds from 150m

I hate range shooting though
Boring as fuck
Heart attack. On my 13th birthday camping trip.
>loaded a round
>then cocked it
If the bolt was open when he placed a round in the chamber then it was already cocked. Confirmed for noguns
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Damn, dude. At least now you like guns though. Sounds like he managed to do his job.
>be me 13
>be at marine cadet camp
>be told by lt today is our day on range
>after two hours of getting lost in bong
> countryside finally get to outdoor 200m range
>lt tells everyone that we will start with one >section and then two section and then by >process of elimination my section
>10 mins later lt calls out 3 section and we all >go up too grab our ammo
>we are all prone on firing line and the range >master yells '20 ROUNDS RAPID FIRE'
>the red mist comes over me and all at once my >20 rounds are gone in like 3 seconds

i got a minor bollocking but the sergeant from my unit was pissing himself laughing and called me gunner for the rest of the camp
3rd from left of pic related was me
>9 years old
>Innawoods camping with Family, they say we're going to go shooting later, fucking psyched. Older Step-brother got to do it last time and had tons of fun, was mad jelly.
>Gets to about 2-3pm and we head to an oak scrub to set up targets. Get things squared away, make sure we're away from all possible trails and shit that can go wrong.
>Lecture about gun safety starts, all the basics, drink that shit in because guns are awesome.
>"Don't forget to choke it up to your shoulder Anon, that's a 12 gauge, and it'll hurt!"
>Carry shorty Mossberg up to line, and fire. BANG, fun as shit, just blew that can to shit.
>Keep firing, BANG BANG BANG, way to into it, not paying attention.
Little did I know that my uncle and step-dad had been planning on fucking with me this whole time.
>Fire the last shell
>Shotgun slams into my shoulder at Mach fucking 3, damn near knocks my ass down.
>They had loaded it with; Bird Shot, Bird Shot, Bird Shot, 3 1/2 inch 00 Buck.
>Shoulder bruises already, "OW! That really fuckin' hurt!"
Only time I was allowed to swear was in the woods, so I took advantage of it.
>Uncle calls me over, "Lemme see it." Like a dumbass I agree.
>Punches me right in the fucking bruise.
>Everyone laughs.

Better than the first time I shot a Scoped rifle, I learned that one the hard way too.
Your uncle sounds rad as fuck

I was 6 years old and my dad took me out to shoot his Savage 30-30. It was pretty great.
>at uncles house in the woods of Kentucky
>hanging out with 14 yo cousin and his 15yo buddy
>buddy brought 30-30
>never been around guns up to that point except pellet and bb gubs
> just had rifle sighted in
>they let me shoot first because it'll be funny
>line up target (coke can roughly 100 yards out) and shoot
>noise scared the fuck out of me (no ear pro cuz hillbillies)
>they laugh
>can doesn't move figured I missed
>walked to look at can
>hole in can dead center
>tell dad I want gun when I get home
>get 22 my next bday.
After that I got really into shooting and guns. Cousin is now a heroin junky.
Seriously don't remember the first time I shot a gun. I do have a picture of the first dove i killed but I've had a 28 gauge semi auto for as long as I can remember. Now have grandfather's gun collection in my closet. My closet has more guns that clothes in it.
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>be me
>be raised by single mother super libtard
>be in the liberal branch of the family the rest of the family doesn't like because they're all smart and have money
>live in liberal state
>liked guns since I was around 10 cuz vidya
>turn 19
>not living with mom
>buy nugget cuz poor
>take nugget to range one day
>it's gunna kick hard....
>brace for impact
>shoot nugget
>wasn't that bad
>shoot about 200 rounds that day
>shoulder hurts a bit, but suck it up
>go home to clean nugget
>mom comes over and sees me cleaning it
>bitching up a storm
>"if you were gunna buy a death machine why didn't you at least get something nice and not that old beat up thing."
>"mom, if you don't like it, then gtfo. For real. Jesus Christ."
>mom leaves and I bask in my nuggets glory
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>be 6 years old
>dad says lets go to the rock quarry, boy
>sounds good gonna catch me a motherfuckin turtle
>arrive and start throwing rocks in lake
>dad says he has something for me
> dad retrieves a long black box from truck
>Browning BL-22
>dad takes it out of the box and tells me all about safety and shit
>dad shows me the controls and loads it up
>you see that bottle, boy?
>I see it down in the bottom of the quarry in a puddle
>put that bead on it
>I squeeze the trigger slowly like he told me
>bottle breaks in half
>best moment of my life
>years later found out he bought the rifle the day he found out my mom was pregnant with me
Hi fellow kybro

>606/859 reporting in

>Like 11-12 I don't remember
>Had been around guns all my life just never got around to shooting
>Uncle brings a .410 one day while visiting
>Take some shots myself
>Dad realizes me age is double digits now and takes me shooting our sks he bought when I was born('91)
>Even more neat.jpg
>Dad bought a winchester defender 1300 from my great uncle and gave it to me
>Dat 7+1 12 gauge
>Still probably my favorite fungun and I've bought a PILE of furniture for it over time.
File: 1449677623188.png (441 KB, 500x539) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
441 KB, 500x539
>upset you got a "death machine"
>complains that you didn't get a more expensive, newer, and shinier one

Libtards never fail to amaze
Your ol' pops has good taste. I picked up a 1969 BL-22 from an old guy last year. Hadn't been fired in over 30 years and was in the original packaging inside the original box that it shipped in. Immaculate condition, could only find two tiny dings in the wood stock. What gorgeous, fun rifles they are. I hope you pass yours on in the same fashion if you ever have a son or daughter.
File: kek.png (442 KB, 912x711) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
442 KB, 912x711
>be in Canada
>apply for gun license
>wait fucking 9 months
>think it was rejected
>actually got it in the mail
>go to gun store
>buy savage axis in 30-06
>dad brings me innawoods
>chamber it up
I'm sure it won't hurt
>pull trigger
>sounds like fucking thunder
>temporarily deaf
Me and my mother never got alone. Her logic was always bass ackwards
>11 years old, shitty CA bay area.
>family has always had a backyard garden.
>damn gophers eating muh corn.
>based dad gets me pellet gun for 12th birthday and teaches me to shoot.
>solve ground rat problem.
>fast forward a bit, now 13. Its christmas.
>grandma's bf, like a grandpa to me gives me a present.
>its a shaving kit.
>tells me its time to learn how to be a man.
>steps out of the room for a second, comes back with a long black bag and hands it to me. Its pretty heavy.
>open it up and see a beautiful old 12 gauge SxS.
>him and dad show me how it works.
>dad brings out a box of shells and explain how they work.
>few days later dad takes me to the range to shoot some clays.
>have fucking blast.
>gets a dog and takes me hunting. Got to eat a grouse that I killed myself. Loved it.
>when my siblings get old enough, they get their own shotguns.
Now I really want to have a family range day again. Going to bring it up next time I visit.
I always love those stories of when dads convince their daughters to become sons.
File: thatsmyfetish.gif (714 KB, 500x240) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>dads convince their daughters to become sons
He used to be Anon. We would go out to Okeechobee to go riding on ATV's and he owned a Predator 500, thing was fast as fuck. So I'd ride with him every time, we'd listen to Rob Zombie, Metallica, all kinds of shit, and go out for a fun day of riding and muddin'.

He started drinking again and I haven't heard from him in about 8 years. Shame.
I now feel compelled to be an amazing father
>middle of nowhere in Texas at my father's ranch
>my dad takes out his savage 22/.410
>shows me scar on his eyebrow
>tells me .45-70 kicked him in the eye because nobody taught him how to hold a gun
>taught me rules of firearm safety
>set up milk cartons and shot .22
>learned to shoulder gun like a champ
>dad switched to bottom barrel and put in a .410
>didn't tell me, just said shoot straight
>was great
He gave me this when I turned 17
>9 or 10
>half brother
>some .22 or .17hmr, Winchester 1873, AR15 and some bolt action chambered in some .30 cal

honestly the memory is kinda blurry, it's been awhile.
>be about 10
>be at a gravel pit
>shoot Remington 7400 in .280 Rem
>no earpro
>loved it all
It was a ruger mk2 at a pistol range when I was 15 with my conframation mentor at a church my parents went to.
Then steped up to a star firestar which which I fucking loved. After I tried an old .38 smith and wesson ww2 era revolver which was also sex in the hands but I couldn't hit shit with and then finally a glock 23 which was kinda flavorless but I out shot the nra instructer owner.

Great time.
Actually I'm 513 Cincinnati. But I could throw a rock and hit the river. Lots of family in Somerset.
>shot a .22 before
>want to shoot more
>too nervous to ask any of the people I know who own guns to shoot them
>because I'm a loser and don't want them to think I'm going to shoot up a school or something
>be 20
>home from school for summer vacation
>family goes to fucknowhere PA (we're from Philly)
>I convince my liberal mother to go to a pistol range while we're out in hillbillyville anyway
>shoot a glock 19
>jesus christ this is the most fun thing ever
I already thought guns were cool, but my childhood really didn't get me anywhere near them.
Pics you retarded cum bubble
Back in the day, men were men and women were too.
Where do you live, m8?
>Be 7
>dad is teaching me to shoot with a break-action .410
>shoulder the gun with my head really far up the stock
>"son, you need to move your head back, you'll get hurt"
>"no I won't"
And thats the story about how I got my first black eye.
File: 10891327.jpg (29 KB, 586x390) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
29 KB, 586x390
The autism is off the charts here...
>7-8 years old
>Visiting my cousins' place in Jackson
>Family isn't anti-fun, but not pro-fun
>Cousins love shooting, hunting, and doing shit in their woods
>Brought out a break action 20
>Shoot at orange cone in their backyard
>Wanted to shoot more ever since
My father is an old-school type. When I was young, he would always take me out deer hunting with him, just waiting until the day that I could get my license and hunt with him. When I was 11, right before I was able to attend Hunter's safety, he took me out on a hunt with him. It was near the beginning of the season, but cold as all hell. We had posted up in a homemade camouflage hut my father had built, just waiting and waiting. After some time, we finally spotted a small herd traveling across the field adjacent to the tree strip we placed the hut in. Like always, my father handed me the binoculars and told me to keep a sharp on on the buck in case it wasn't a clean kill. So my father shot, and the buck and his menagerie of does took off in a scramble. I kept my eye on the thing and was fairly certain that I saw it bed down. The both of us set out to track the big fella down. We saw the blood and followed it to where I thought I saw him bed down. Sure enough, he was there. The buck was trying straining his neck and clawing at the ground with his front hooves. When we got a little closer, he stopped and just stared at us. My father pulled out his sidearm of choice, a Ruger Super Redhawk. He looked at it for a moment, and then handed the pistol to me, explaining that my time to learn about shooting and hunting was coming up soon so I might as well knock out two birds with one stone and have a little experience with ending the hunt as well as shooting in general. I explicitly remember being surprised at the weight of the thing. I had seen my father with it many times, but never really took heaviness into consideration. He told me to take off my gloves to shoot it. The metal was extremely cold in my hand. He helped my pull the hammer back, and told me it would be loud, to hold tight, aim carefully, and to not be scared of the recoil. So I took aim at the deer's head, looking down the sights and wavering ever so slightly.
I felt a tinge of remorse for the animal because it was just frozen there, staring at me as a mentally prepared myself to shoot this (now quite intimidating) gun. I could feel my father's stare from behind me and decided it was then or never. So I squeezed the trigger, went momentarily blind and dead, and looked around at my father. He patted me on the shoulder and took the Redhawk back. We both looked on as the buck struggled some more and bleated. I vividly remember his legs sticking up and twitching wildly. After about 10-20 more seconds, it finally stopped moving. My father asked my what I thought, and I told him I honestly didn't know. Of course, when we got back to the house later that night and I slept on it, I realized that it was an amazing experience and that I absolutely could not wait to finish my safety course and ask my dad to try out some more. Ever since then, I've been hooked. Thanks for listening to my story, /k/.
>Be on summer vacation on a resort in vigan city
>mom is in business meetings so gives me and my lil bro money to go around and do whatever (were 13 and 11)
>go atving then go to a range
>it's like 10 bucks to shoot a pistol so we both do it
>I was a bad shot but I think I got one bullseye
>lil bro got 3 bullseyes
>was pretty damn jealous
Was a wonderful vacation
Red Ryder and a barrel full of BBS.
File: 1452978218569.jpg (3 KB, 250x174) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>be me, 8yo
>at sailing event
>dad found old bb pistol in garage and brought it
>shooting at red cups
>put on safe and walk towards RV
>suddenly dad appears
>Dad sees snake in water
>"Tim, give me the bb gun, i want to shoot the snake"
>"Dad its on safe"
>He continues to try and cock it
>He keeps going until he rips the cheap plastic slide off it
>dad trys to fix it, but cant
>suddenly redneck Dan approaches
>"Ya know Keith (my dad) your son can shoot my .22 if ya like while you fix the bb gun"
>(something like that i dont remember exactly how the conversation happened)
>long story short my dad couldnt fix the bb gun and i got to shoot the .22, which snowballed into my dad buying our own
I'm not sure how old I was exactly, talking with my dad about it we think about 7+/- surely under 10.

my father gave me a beautiful Remington single shot .22 rifle. we went shooting in an old family junk yard, bottles, cans and some paper targets. the thing I remember most was he had me take the first shot, I had no idea what to expect, that was very exciting. that was about 40 years ago and I'll always remember that day, I love my father very much.

Half a mile out of town in the country. Shot some 12 gauge shotgun and it kicked my 8 year old ass like a mule.

Never turned me off guns though. My earliest gun memory is watching my dad shotty a giant toad and watched it explode into a pink mist.

Good times.
File: image.png (136 KB, 300x300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
136 KB, 300x300
Damn that's pretty kewl anon.
This just brought a smile to my face anon
Meant for >>28592534
>In Grade 12
>Inna special Enviromental class for all 4 periods
>Doing Forestry Class
>Forestry instructor asks teacher if its ok to go on field trip
>Teacher says ok
>We go to the local Rod and Gun club
>Big rack of pump shotguns
>today we will be trap shooting
>Shoot a Winchester SXP in 12 gauge and a Stevens in 20 gauge.
>Turn 70% of all clay pidgeons to dust
>Have huge bruise from going through several boxes of ammo and not shouldering the gun properly.

Was alot of fun and even for a class full of SJW liberals everyone of them had a smile and admitted how fun it was.

Nice. How long ago was that?

We did that stuff in middle school during the 90's. We also got to shoot black powder, throw tomahawks, and do some other shit.

A different time though. I used to trade Guns & Ammo magazines with my homeroom teacher in 6th/7th grade.
that was 2012, I was suprised considering our teacher was such a hippy but she didn't even tell the school we were going shooting, Just a field trip .
>be me
>grow up in commiefornia
>extremely liberal area
>parents are distant, mentally ill
>father buys guns, doesn't use them
>good thing, probably
>anyways, educated to be anti-gun by hippie liberal teachers
>like knives though, like every edgy teenager
>be 16
>discover /k/
>whatever, knife thread
>start liking guns
>start becoming progun
>year later, ask dad to shoot
>looks at me funny, but says okay
>go up to range, way in the mountains
>shoot .22 first
>hold the little ruger in my hands
>this is it
>I'm gonna shoot a gun
>remember what /k/ taught me
>no cheek, don't flinch, try to aim with both eyes
>put finger on trigger
>this is the moment
>that was... that was it?
>shoot it some more
>actually hitting things, even moving targets
>fun, but not boner-inducing
>kind of disappointed
>dad's proud, hands me a .357
>okay, son, now try a revolver!
>uh, okay
>aim, cowboy stance
>probably look like a retard
>or a gay communist
>no teacup
>much flinching
>heart is racing
>arms are trembling
>bowels are evacuating
>dad shoots for a while
>after that, he takes out this long bag from the back of the truck
>he looks at me, and holds a finger to his lips
>he unzips the bag, and produces an AR15
>30 round mags
>he smiles
>I smile
>he hands it to me
>says "dump it"
>I magdump into a tree stump
>I felt something in my soul awaken
>every kick against my shoulder was pure sex
>be a year later
>shitposting about first time
I shot my dad's .410 the other day. 2 3/4" shells of 7 1/2 shot. Had more kick than I was expecting, and I've shot 12ga.
Mine was pretty boring. I went to a summer camp when I was in 5th grade or so and, having a rather large interest in military history, signed up for the riflery course. They were .22s. That was it for a while, because my mom wasn't that big into guns around the house. Probably partially because my older brother used to be completely batshit insane when his schizophrenia was bad, but he hadn't been bad since I was two. My dad, on the other hand, really did like guns, and used to hunt a lot. Still has his rifle he first got in 1967 when he was 12.

This all changed when my mom, who used to train cops on how to deal with people with mental illnesses, read something by Dave Grossman, I think. She got really scared about the criminal mind at that point, and really wanted to get a gun for protection. While that didn't last for long, it opened the way to having guns in the home. A couple years after that, my dad ended up taking me shooting. Then, when I turned 18, he got me a Ruger American in .243.

That's pretty much that.
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>Be me
>12 years old
>On vacation
>Get to shoot clays
>Place shell in Mossberg 500 and confidently yell "Pull!"
>Hit the clay first try
>Miss the next 15
>Dad says I'm a man now
>Start to transition into a female the next year.

Been hooked since.
>>Dad says I'm a man now
>>Start to transition into a female the next year.
my dad who never did anything with me or taught me anything decided he would try and 'bond' with me by taking me into the woods so i could shoot his pistol with him
i was dumb with guns but he was asshole about them(like i didnt know trigger discipline so what he did was grab the gun out of my hand and yell at me)
he insisted he put my ear plugs in too and they werent in all the way so every shot it hurt my ears
pretty shit experience desu
>be 16
>be in foster care since age 9
>social services assumes I'm dangerous
>can't even check out books about war
>grandpa always tries to see me
>got 70+ funz, he collects them
>decides fuck the police, we goin shootin
>takes me to the nearest range, a Bob's Gun Shop
>rents me a USP9
>shoot a 50 round box
>he gets this look of intense pride
One of the best experiences of my life, honestly
File: 1413518105789.png (646 KB, 466x932) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
646 KB, 466x932
>went hunting with grandpa
>we were hunting squirrels with a .22 rifle
>after sitting around for about 20~ish minutes i see a squirrel and i aim and shoot it
>i was just aiming where i saw rustling and i fired figuring i would miss
>see squirrel fall from tree
>dont really care, not that filled with adrenaline, not excited
>honestly confused how i hit the squirrel
>go and get the squirrel
>kinda feel bad
>grandpa excited
>try and fake excitement
>he can tell im faking it
>he lets out a disappointed sigh
>the rest of the day was just awkward
>he stays disappointed in me until he dies because of that and a mix of some other things
>family reunions are really awkward now because my moms side of the family is against guns and think i betrayed them when i went hunting with my grandpa and my dads side of the family(where hunting grandpa is from) doesnt like me too much because i was a 'pussy'
>how i become a /k/ommando was also how i became someone from /r9k/
i learned i dont care much for hunting but i enjoy shooting as a hobby
File: 1356723534907.jpg (122 KB, 400x400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
122 KB, 400x400
>be a BRfag
>can't own guns because shitty country
>3am, still awake, fapping to waifus
>hear noise
>2 niggers in my living room looking for something to steal
>one of them has a gun
>about to call the police when they see me
>nigger shoves gun in my face, telling me to be quiet or he'll kill me
>gun is literally 2 inches from my head
>he looks barely 18, scrawny as fuck
>before I realize I'm trying to wrestle the gun out of his hand
>it goes off
>suddenly he's no longer fighting back
>falls to the ground, massive blood stain on his lower abdomen
>his accomplice comes to see what's happening
>he's unarmed
>he falls to the ground, can hear blood pouring out from exit wound on the back of his head
>first guy who's till alive moans at the death of his fellow criminal
>decide to put him out of his misery
>mom comes over just in time to see me putting a bullet in his head
>police shows up about 30 minutes later
>end up getting into a lot of trouble, but eventually get cleared because 'muh self defense'
>end up getting into a lot of trouble, but eventually get cleared because 'muh self defense'
Was going to call BS had you said you got off scot-free. I talked with a BRfag recently, and he said that you *can* kill in self-defense, but it's nothing like here in the States where it's an open-and-shut case, usually.
Sorry abouty our country, BRother.
>be lame post
>get ignored

>go to range
>pull trigger
File: 1417717928844.gif (790 KB, 480x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
790 KB, 480x480
>be 17
>interested in guns for almost a decade
>mom was anti but still voted republican
>dad was air force national guard, but only had trigger time once or twice a year since he was a firefighter
>be in People's Republic of Marxachusetts
>dad gets LTC A and CCW for my sake
>go out n get a .22 rifle and pistol on tax free weekend
>first time shooting was with another firefighter friend of his
>go to range and shoot .22s
>feels good man.png
>dad's buddy brought P226, SA58, SIG 556, S&W .40 cal pistol, and 2 AR15s, one dolled up to look like an M4, and one made to look like an M16A2 with a heavy barrel.
>many funs were had that day, and I got my FID afterwards, and am applying for my LTC and CCW now that im 21

>mfw shooting Real Fuckin NATO for the first time
>be about 6
>live in rural area
>dad is kinda drunk
>too young to realize it
>dad is fiddling with old 12GA hammer gun
>dad asks me if I want to shoot it
>"Um, I guess.."
>dad takes me and the gun out to the backyard
>dad shows me how to fire it
>dad loads a round in the gun
>dad downs the last of his beer and throws his can out on the lawn
>dad tells me to try and hit it
>try to lift the gun, too big and too heavy
>fire from the hip instead
>miss horribly, get knocked on my ass by recoil
>dad is laughing hysterically
>ears are ringing loud as the smell of gunpowder fills my nose
>instantly hooked for life
Been a gun nut since then.
did you live in a trailer?
No, the story makes it sound like I'm some inbred hick from Alabama.
I'm actually from an upper middle-class family in Sweden.
Well my fathers side if the family is Ultra liberal
> be me 5 years ago at 13
> my mom and dad divorce
> dad was an alcoholic liberal and was never there for me
> be me 15 now
> mom marries a man and he is like the dad I never had.
> 16 now, he takes me out to a suprise
> out at outdoor shooting range, he gives me the basics of gun saftey and hands me a M1-Garand. I shoot that ol thing with a grin
> its just a mound of dirt so no need for accuracy
> turned 18 in February last year
> step father buys me a Mauser
> My Step-father is the father I never had.
it was a good story just seemed stereotypical haha.
>Be 13
>Dads friend used to do competition shooting
> Go to gun range with Dad and friend
>Friend hands me a Marvel .22 LR 1911
>Get hits in middle
>Love IT
>Friend hands me a Bob Chow 1911 .45
>Get 5/7 hits on target

Then we move away and don't get to shoot friends guns anymore :(

Also, when your first gun is a custom 1911, it just ruins you for other guns.
>be 12
>be driven to the middle of the desert with grandpa
>shoot a pistol in .22 short
>get scared because I had been conditioned throughout my elementary school years that my interests in guns will kill me
>start crying
Sounds like a cool teacher.
All my teachers just spouted fuddlore about muh salt rifles blowin a three foot hole in a deer.
>innabar with dad
>turkey shoot time
>has me try with his 870
>my dad and I fly back off the stool like a shitty Chevy Chase movie

pretty meh experience really.
>be me
>be around 10
>be in faggot nogunz country
>have to do 6 months or air rifle at the range before you can touch a real gun, an then it's .22 only for 6 months
>''sir can I try a firearm''
>the guy gives me an old-ass DES69
>tries it
>meh, it's ikay I guess
>my dad comes up
>''who gave you this glorified air gun, wanna try my Luger?''
>tfw I magdumped a nazigun
>tfw I came a little
>father largely absent, certainly no "fatherly life advice" or teaching me how to do anything
>be 13 or 14
>grandfather and uncle, former and current military, decide its time to learn firearm safety and how to shoot
>drive to middle of nowhere mountains
>park, unload a handful of different guns into back of pickup truck
>uncle takes 10/22 from back of truck and begins showing me basic firearm safety
>impresses that the most reliable safety on a gun is between your ears, don't point the gun at something you wouldn't want to die
>shows how to make sure the chamber is clear, saying to do so before you hand guns to others
>how to load a magazine
>its a magazine not a clip, you dummy
>trigger safety, keep your finger off of the trigger until you're ready to fire
>showing proper form how to shoot while standing & kneeling
>shoot for the first time, fearing recoil but surprised that a .22 didn't have any
>instantly hooked
>move on to other guns, really enjoyed shooting the SKS
>did well with SKS but learned I like the feel of using a bolt action rifle

24 now, I don't own any guns yet. I've gone shooting with him and friends since then and I really enjoy it. Unsure exactly what to get as a first gun but have a general idea of what is a good choice.
Clay shooting with a 20 gauge shotgun, rad fun.
> never shot a fun until i was 19
> 11b army recruiter takes me and 4 other recruits innawoods
> has ak, redhawk, ar15, glock, and rem 700
> shoot them all at cardboard soldier ads from recruiting station
> no earpro
> eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee for a whole week
> recruiter lets me in as an e3 even though i skipped most of the requirements
Was 12, forgot to say. Been gun nut since 8.
Shooting my Uncles Remington 700 in .243, scoped myself and was belittled. Pretty normal first time I think, was just in my teens.
>Be me
>Be up north
>My step-dad's friend pulls out his AR-15
>He hands it to me
>Teaches me proper technique and safety
>I'm going rapid fire with it
>I can hit tin cans easily with the thing
>I was impressed
>9 years later i think it's one of the most unreliable rifles ever designed
>be me, 10 years old
>taking hunter's safety course with my uncle and cousin
>fire .22 rifle in indoor range downstairs
>don't hit shit
>very disappoint

Turns out I needed glasses.

>get glasses
>go shooting in gravel pit with uncle and cousin
>fire his 10/22, a couple break action shotguns (16ga and 12ga), and what looked like a cool police gun at the time (lol HiPoint)
>ended up hitting stuff and not being discouraged
>good times were had by all


Sp... Spoderman?
>10 years old
>at based uncle's for Utah Independence Day (July 23rd)
>tells my mom he thinks it's about time I shoot a gun for real
>takes me out back with a little Marlin .22
>sets up clay pigeon on a fence post
>I'm scared as shit to shoot it
>"Don't be afraid anon, just look through the scope, squeze the trigger, and the gun will do the rest
>Clay pigeon explodes when I shoot it
>Easily the coolest thing ever

I have that .22 now, fun times
I have never shot a gun.
>scrutinizing the validity of a statement
>muh autism
File: 20151127_102315-1.jpg (776 KB, 2381x2100) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Sigh, thats really similar to my story although it wasnt my dad (dont really havr one) it was a friend of a friend who mentioned to me he had a license (straya) when i like most people i tell now i have a license thought howard "banned guns" not just semi autos, all guns, so i was excited to go along, shot .22's a nugget and some dude let me shoot his r700 which i thought was the coolest thing ever at the time

>now has 10 guns and full safe :/
>be 13
>live in commiefornia
>nogunz parents
>only have 20 ga for bears
>go to palm desert
>with grandpa
>"do you have any guns, grandanon?"
>well.. yeah
>"can we look at them?"
>sure anon
>brings out sig mosquito and random springfield 9mm
>been on /k since i was 13
>get in car with dad and grandad
>"where are we going dad?"
>somewhere, anon
>"shut the fuck up anon" says grandanon
>go to BLM land
>hear funz
>get out of car
>open back of car
>see 4 guns
>the 2 from before and a browning semi-auto from great great grandanon and M1893 riot gun
>bring out gunz and safety bla bla bla
>pick up sig
>see target
>feel the /k/ubes power flowing through me
>squeeze trigger
>grandanon with humpback having a blast
>be Cuck and shoot sideways
>faggot meter off charts
>spend 6 hours shooting
>get lost on way home
>end up in indio
>get inna-out
>/pun v.2

It was an awesome
File: 1391621525087.jpg (7 KB, 251x193) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
7 KB, 251x193
>be 13
>visiting my mothers relatives in their summer cottage innawoods
>after eating some delicious pancakes one of them asks if me if I'm interestred in guns
>me, my dad and the guy go to his van
>Silenced cz 455 and a .22 pistol of some sort
>oh hell yes
>he explains me some of the safety things and the operation of the CZ
>already somewhat familiar with safety rules for shooting some air guns before
>he sets up a paper target on a hillside slope to about 50 meters away
>get in position and rack the bolt
>my father advices me how to stay still
>hold my breath and squeeze the trigger
>amazing feeling
>shoot the remaining 4 rounds
>I did pretty good scoring 40 something out of 50
>get compliments and take turns shooting as long as we had ammo

Later when I turned 18 me and my father bought shotguns together, it was his first gun too
How's the Mossberg MVP? The magazine wiggled a lot when I held one at my LGS which turned me off of it but it was cheaper than the Ruger gunsite and I otherwise like the design. Worth picking up for a hog gun?
File: kablewi.webm (273 KB, 480x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>go clay pigeon shooting in the Netherlands
>do okay but not exceptionally well
>go home

le epic story xD somebody turn it into a me-me
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Helped my uncle move and he took my brother and me to the range.
first of a handful of guns I shot was a WWII 1911
pic related
>be last sunday here in germanistan
>24 year old me finally drags his ass to the gun club nearby
>nobody is there except the barkeeper
>talk for a bit and about to go home
>some guy comes in
>brought his 9mm colt pistol (single stack idk what it was) and 50 rounds to do some plinking
>he offers to let me shoot his gun
>shoot ten rounds all over the place
>want to pay him for the ammo
>'don't worry, just buy me a beer sometimes!'

Was pretty fun. Recoil was stronger than I expected and I limp wristed once so the gun jammed, but I didn't flinch or anything.
Going back tomorrow!

Can you guys recommend some good shooting gloves that keep warm while not getting in the way? Because it's supposed to be -20C tomorrow and the range is outdoors.
File: 1452645492388.jpg (61 KB, 350x335) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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It was a warm summer day in 1998. My father took me, my older brother, and his friend John from California to go on a fishing trip. It was a get away from the city and his failing electrician business.

A few a very fruitful morning fishing run on Crystal Lake. We caught some sizable fish that I thought was "the fight of my life." Lost more hooks that day because I did not get the process of "trolling motor fishing."

After a hearty breakfast my father decided to take a nap and my fathers friend John decided to show us his BB Guns and a Marlin .22. He taught us general basic weapon safety and set up last nights beer cans as targets. My older brother made short work of the Commie Miller Cans from Commiefornia. John hated California but he loved his job with the DoD in Monterey.

When John handed me the Marlin .22, I had to stand extremely awkward to balance myself. John corrected my posture but my little 8 year old arms couldn't hold the Marlin right so I could stand properly. We settled on me sitting criss-cross applesauce style and a plank to handle the rest.

>Firmly caressing the rifle
>My hands were shaky
>It was my first time
>I wanted it to be gentle
>It was an old experienced rifle
>It was meant to be

My aim was true on my first shot and I nailed that Red Commie Miller Can from Commiefornia near the top. The sound was so rewarding and I was so excited I picked up the rifle and turned towards John to show off my newly learned skill.

John never cena coming as my second shot grazed the left side of is right knee.
did you buy him the beer? this is important.

Not yet, but going back tomorrow and Sunday to shoot more. He will get his beer!
In Bremen k├Ânnt ich dich mal mitnehmen
>he didn't wear ear-pro
I had been playing with toy guns for years. Nerf, airsoft, you name it. I remember distinctly the distinctions when I first fired a real gun.

It wasn't like the faux-recoil I pretended to experience when shooting imaginary bad guys in my backyard. It wasn't a slow, methodical you could anticipate and control as it unfolded. It was a sudden, lightning-strike jolt. The quick jerk was nothing like the fake recoil I had simulated with the toys.
Of course the noise is a surprise. If you've only seen guns in action movies you're expecting little pops and pew-pews. Then you get the tremendous thunderclap of a real firearm. Just like the recoil, it was more sudden and more violent than vidya games and movies portray it.
For some reason I was surprised by the smoky, chemical scent of spent gunpowder. Once I got that first whiff, I realized how rough and dirty guns were.

To sum up, I learned guns were messy, loud, angry, shouting instruments of oily,metallic, industrial, flaming death. It was pretty cool.
>Be 13
>into guns since I first played video games
>Dad used to tell me about all the guns he used to shoot in the army
>telling me about the border wars
>As a gift he gave me two artillery shells he took from his time in the army
>spent years backpacking around europe with a live round of 7.62 Nato he kept as a keepsake
>we're all now britcucks after we left South Africa thanks to the ANC
>mother thinks that for Christmas that the boys should have some man time
>Gets us all a day booked at some farm to do clay pigeon shooting
>miss a shit ton of times but have a blast with my dad and brother
>fast forward to last year, dad's new job has an annual meeting in Vegas at the same time as SHOT
>keeps sending me all these photos of gun companies and people and his own fun at Battlefield Vegas
>doing the exact same thing now
You better take me next time.
boner and smell of gun powder
Bit short on cash this month but thanks for the offer. Maybe we could get a german /k/ meetup going sometime. Probably going to be raided and jailed for right wing terrorism tho
if only he had been using an Enfield
my friend's dad was a historical recreationist for the 1812 era and a sarge at the local old fort so one day when were were about 10 years old he took us out to try shooting his black power muzzle loader for the first time. That musket nearly knocked me on my ass and the birch tree i shot splintered out the backside .... it was fucking awesome
All most shoot and my dad punishment was to shoot the gun more
>be 12 or 13
>Grow up playing COD and GTA
>dad always talks about his time in the air force and shows me and my brother his funs
>one day tells me and my brother not to go to school and takes us to an indoor range
>walk into shop and it is filled from floor to dealing with guns of all varieties including NFA items
>massive middle school erection
>beg my dad to let us shoot a Tompson in one of the walls but he just looks at me like I'm autistic
>he rents some S&W snub nosed revolver in 38 special and a some sig in 9mm (don't remember it was a long time ago)
>walk into the range and am surprised by how loud gunshots are in real life
>dad hands me the revolver and shows me how to load it
>my erection is getting bigger because it is just like vidya
>reminds me about gun safety then directs me to fire a shot at the target down range
>I look down range and see that it is one of those targets that are a picture of a dindu holding a white woman hostage
>I line up the sights and prepare to pull the trigger
>my body is ready
>pull the trigger and am immediately surprised at how sharp and quick recoil is in real life
>dad tells me I missed because I hit the white woman in the picture in the face
>I inform him that I did that I shot the slut in purpose
>we laugh
>after a few more shots he gives the revolver to my 11 year old brother
>he is too much of a pussy to shoot it at first and cries a little
>I laugh and call him a faggot
>a box of ammo or two later and we leave and get buffalo wings
>overall it was a good fucking day

Fast forward to now I am 18 and own an AR15, a nugget, and as of last week a Remington 870 Wingmaster made in 1982. I look back fondly at that first range trip because it is really what got me into guns
Unless you have a Muslim or two there then raiding it would be racist even if you where openly planning a terror attack
File: 1450892599531.jpg (32 KB, 640x436) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
32 KB, 640x436
Nobody cares, but here's my entire history of acquiring guns

>be me, 14 or 15
>shot hundreds of thousands of BBs as a kid, got my own Daisy at 7 or 8
>a lot of family owns guns, but all fudd guns and they never seem to shoot them
>dad surprises me with a Lil Pardner .410 single-shot shotgun for Christmas along with a box of clays
>I'm finally hazguns
>he takes me out to shoot it in the marsh, can't hit anything but have a blast
>to this day, when I'm shooting the recoil is there but I don't really register it
>soon after that he gives me two .22 rifles he had as a kid and helps me restore them to working order

Since then I've acquired 11 more guns, have my C&R, buy at least two guns every year. I'm 27 now and just built my first AR15 (20" HBAR A2 style thanks to stupid Maryland laws)

Thanks, Dad, for deciding I was mature enough to own a gun. It started a long and pleasurable journey into the hobby.

I've already gotten my niece and nephews into shooting and one of them even has their own rifle now. I think he's a better shot than I am, and he's my wingman in case of zombie apocalypse.
Wasn't too magical for me, for a lot of reasons. But I'll skip the life story.
>be 21
>first gun I fired was a ruger sp101, tree fiddy seven
>gf was with me at the time
>she also shoots gun for first time

Unfortunately, the range was empty, so we had the 60 year old range master watching us the whole time.
File: image.jpg (35 KB, 400x414) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
35 KB, 400x414
>Be 11
I lived on a farm basically my whole life, I was always shooting at shit with bb guns and running through fields of crops. One day my brother in law shows me his twelve gauge Remington Wingmaster shotgun, asks me if I want to shoot it. FUCKYES.JPG. Shows me how to load it, put earmuffs on my head and when im ready to shoot he puts his shoulder behind mine and holds the shotfun to control the recoil. I take like two minutes to actually fire and when I do the shotgun blasts the shit out of my shoulder. Never had such an adrenaline rush in my life.
>8 years old
>grandfather hands me 12 guage with slug
>"Pull it up super tight to your shoulder, aim, and fire. It kicks like a mule"
>father walks up
>"if you pull it away from your arm just as you fire, there won't be any recoil"

That was the day I started hating both shotguns and my father.
Good story.
i don't remember the first time I shot a gun.
I remember the first time I shot a 12 gauge. I was probably about 8. It was a single shot nef and I remember struggling to level the barrel. I shot a deodorant can about 15 yards away. My uncle said, "Now you've shot a cannon." That was exactly how I felt too.

i taught my 8 year old sister all the positions and techniques too and now i'm on a list and can't go to the park anymore.

He's the dad you have...
>five years old
>private range
>Win Annie 9422
> 35 yd playing card shots

12ga booms from dad too loud plz nerf


>time to go play with hot wheels

4chan, everybody.
>be at boy scout camp
>shoot single shot .22lr youth rifle
>dont really think anything of it
>.22 is boring as fuck
>go rest of my childhood noguns
>8 years later buy benelli m4
>way better experience than my first time
File: 1450806883634.jpg (84 KB, 960x593) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
84 KB, 960x593
>Always been interested in guns
>A friend of my dad have many of them
>Take me, my brother and my dad to a shooting range one day (I was 14 IIRC )
>See many guns on the table
>A Glock 17 with a .22 conversion, a Glock 19, a .357 revolver (don't remember the model) and a Desert Eagle in .44
>Shoots all of them, big smile on my face
>Today was a good day
In the middle of the woods with my dad and brother with my father's .22lr shooting a trash beer can we found. I was like 10
>be living in Baltimore
>brother joins gang
>he starts carrying a gun daily
>rival gang members beat the shit out of him and try to kill him
>he tells me about this and goes into hiding
>but he leaves me his gun and tells me to keep my mom safe
>me and my mom are left home not knowing if someone is going to break in looking for him and kill us
>i keep gun under my pillow and wait for brother to eventually come back
>three days after he left, my mom screams and i hear loud smashing in the kitchen at like midnight
>her and this dude dressed in a ski mask are wrestling around on the ground, he is punching her in the face
>i run back into my room and grab brothers gun
>no idea how to work it
>fuck around with it and rack the slide
>i run back into kitchen
>mom is semi-unconscious
>he is pulling her clothes off
>he sees me
>i shoot him from across the room
>7 times
>hes dead
>mom gets up and tells me to call police
>brother gets arrested by police for gun and goes to jail for various other things he did
>me and mom move
>first time i ever even shot a gun
>go to range
>rent a px4 compact .40 S&W
>shoot 50 rounds
>hands become numb

Pretty underwhelming experience all in all.
I first shot a gun 2 weeks ago. A 9mm pistol and an AR.

It was fun, but I'm 32.

The initial excitement was buried under an avalanche of disappointment that it didn't happen decades ago.
>brother gets arrested by police for gun

What crime did he commit? It wasn't in his possession, so..
File: MosinFence3.jpg (325 KB, 701x1356) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
325 KB, 701x1356
>Be 8 or 9
>Dad has a couple guns
>Decides to take me shooting at a friend's house
>Give's his old semi auto .22 first
>"Wow this is fun"
>Give's me Mosin Nagant next
>Can barely cycle it
>Line up shot
>Nearly knocked on my ass, stumble back
>Dad laughs and shows me the ropes
>Only got to shoot with him a couple more times

Before I was born my dad got rid of all but his .22, I still don't know who's idea it was, he blames it on my mom and she blames it on him. He had an M91 Mosin from 1894, an SKS, several pistols, etc. He got the second mosin after I was born. And now I have it, hanging on my wall in my room. He's told me several times he wishes he would have never sold his old guns because he never had a problem with me and didn't realize I'd be this into it.

Pic related, my first rifle, also the first center fire rifle I ever fired, right after I shot that .22
File: MosinField1.jpg (2 MB, 4288x2848) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 4288x2848

Should also mention that me and my dad go shooting whenever I see him now, he lives in Idaho and I live in Pennsylvania so it's kinda hard to just go shootin with him.
>Meet my best friend's buddy from flight team
>He has property and an extra shot gun
>We shoot clays
>I'm dogshit at it, but it was a good day none the less

Still a no funz faggot, but I will be addressing that soon enough once I have cash again.
File: image.jpg (14 KB, 200x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>>28592199 #
>Be me,
>Be male, 7
>My dad always talked about his ".17"
>Had no clue what that was
>Turns out it was a Savage 93R17 with a match grade barrel and a thumb hole stock
>I see a gun in his truck and I ask what it was
>"Oh bud that's my Savage .17"
>"Can you shoot it dad?"
>"No bud you can shoot it"
>So we drive up to our lake load the rifle and wait.
>My cheapass father didn't want to waste
>Finally a hawk lands at the lake
>Fucking blast it
>Greatest day of my life
i was 14. my mom told the police where i got gun from. police also questioned me about it.
he was also in deep shit for other things not just the guns
Eh fuck it air rifle counts.
Got a red rider when I was 7.
Dad shows me how to load it, how to use it and where the safety is.
Explains gun safety to me and tells me if I mess around with it he will take it from me and I will not get it back.
Go into the old barn, see some birds.
Take aim and shoot, hit the beam it was sitting on.
Wait a few minutes, the fly back.
Manage to hit one.
Then we went out and shot cans for a while, it was a good day.
File: ugg1.png (31 KB, 100x121) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
31 KB, 100x121

You need to stop fucking posting until you learn to tell a story at least half decently.

And, by the way, it shouldn't start out
>Was on /k/ underage I swear I was just lurking not shitposting
>Am "18 now I promise guys" and am still shitposting
>be very proud of that fact
but why? you're not special for having not shot a gun before
was in high school (16/17?), and my girlfriend's dad took me out to his friend's field and we went skeet shooting. there was plenty of beer and a distinct lack of hearing protection. Shit was awesome!
Oh, nice! I go to Miami over in Oxford. I'm currently nofunz at school because of where I'm living, but some of my friends shoot in Cincinnati
I was 7.

Dad, Uncle, and Grampa were all Boston cops. My other grandfather was Boston cop too but that POS was no longer in our lives.

They fill up Grampa's trunk with everything they
had. We go to Sally Rock, a small wooded area in a ghetto Boston neighborhood called Mattapan.

We spent all day shooting. Mom says she can here us shooting from the house. Nobody calls the police on us. Wouldn't matter, I was with cops, but it's an inner-city neighborhood so still surprised thinking about it.

First rifle I fired was a Ruger 10/22. Forty years later I still have it. I have a little brother born when I was 28. Dad died when he was 7. That same year I made sure it was the first rifle he fired. It was my son's first rifle too.

The three of us starting with the same rifle was more important to me than them. That was the only time I ever did anything with both my father and grandfather together, our family was a mess. It also got me hooked on a lifetime hobby so was important to me.

Times changed. We brought pellet guns to Sally Rock 10 years later and the police showed up..for frigging BB guns.

Life came full circle. My son was 3 when my father died so he doesn't really have a grandfather. I've been married almost 21 years but never met my father-in-law until last year. Long story, he has several families, keeps walking away to start new ones. Came back into their lives. I introduce myself. Start talking, he invites me to go shooting.

We go. He's a bit of an ass, won't be making a habit of this. I brought my son, realize this'll be the only time he ever does anything with his both father and grandfather together. Deja vu. My brother-in-law was there too, so like me, it was with his father, uncle, and grandfather. That's OK, it'll do. We go alone together and have a much better time.

FIL and BIL are excellent shots. Wife's grandfather was a gunsmith. I married into the right family.
>The smoke off the gun in the cool air and the smell of gun powder in the air was kinda neat.
They say smell ties greatly into memory.
I'll never forget my first when I walked into an old indoor range. Shot a 12 gauge, and the smoke and smell of gunpowder hits me in the face. Hell, my brain associates that smell with exhilaration and anxiety, it's like reliving your first rollercoaster experience every time you walk onto a range.
The smell reminds me of the Army.

Every time I go to the range and get my first whiff, I instinctively feel for my helmet. I gave up thinking that would wear off years ago.
>be me, 8
>in Germany visiting family
>(dad was airforce, met mom there b4 I was born)
>uncle sells his mauser (og, used in the war) to my step dad
>step dad takes me shooting
>shoot mauser
>ever since then loved shooting
fuck this picture made me laugh so hard
probably because I was already laughing at this scene
when I was 9 or so my scoutmaster let me onto the black powder range at peaceful valley. It was pretty cool. After I got back, I found out my mom was mad that I was allowed to touch a firearm because she didn't want "implements of death" glorified in my presence.

USP in 9mm, first time firing a handgun and also my favorite handgun because of the bulky controls, made it easy to work with my big ass hands. first rifle was a mosin nagant, didn't expect it to kick as hard as it did but fuck it turned me on, the bolt felt like trying to manhandle a rusted to fuck toaster oven though
File: 1383469440613.jpg (23 KB, 337x367) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>killing a raptor
>admitting to a federal crime on a Basque commodity futures forum that doubles as an FBI honeypot
File: ayy.jpg (48 KB, 469x505) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
48 KB, 469x505
> be 13
>Dad takes me to the range for the first time
>rents a .22 rifle
>fun for a bit, get boring after a while
>offers to let me try his .308 Savage
>Idiot me ignores my dad's aiming advice
>press my eye right up to the scope
>Recoil almost gives me a black eye
>was scared shitless of that gun for years
File: 1439711029880.jpg (14 KB, 456x456) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
14 KB, 456x456
>be me
>16 year old ausfag
>got it drilled into my head guns are bad
>visiting my crazy uncle in buttfuck nowhere
>tells me him and his mates are going pig hunting later
>tell him i've never shot a gun
>he asks me "what am i a poofter" and grabs my arm
>goes to his gun safe and pulls out and old as fuck 12 gauge shotgun will a shorten stock
>gives it to me and tell me to shoot the shoot
>say i dont want to, and that im scared
>calls me a fucking poofter again
>start to tear
>close my eyes and pull the trigger
>ears are ringing
>im freaking the fuck out
>start to get my hearing bad and my uncle is laughing his ass off
>asked me how it was

now once every year i go back and go pig hunting
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