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Innawoods Scenario: Chimp Out Of L.A Riot...
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So you're stuck in the middle of a chimp out, what do /K/omrads?

Opportunity strikes: I cover myself in jam and pack up practically naked for optimal aerodynamics through sweaty wife beaters and stolen T.Vs. Then cover face with all that riot shit so it takes time to recognize my escape plan.
When leaving through the streets, Jam covered Sammy can spittle some of that crunk vodka to distract hordes of negros as to cause the opposite of a frenzy.
Would repeat as needed.
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become the niggest

Get out faggot. /k/ isn't /b/ pretend time. Have a (you) as consolation for being such a homo
File: GQ 2.jpg (692 KB, 1224x1632) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
GQ 2.jpg
692 KB, 1224x1632
Daily reminder that people who seriously participate in these threads are noguns, nogear faggots who are pretending to be gearqueers so they can pretend to pretend to operate.
Daily reminder you guys are salty faggots

You're more cancer than /pol/ and /mlp/ combined.

Nothing wrong with playpretend unless it's this kind of faggy non-feasible scenario with unrealistic weapons.

>innawoods is fine as long as the scenario and the loadout is realistic.
>salty bitch-nigga detected
File: GQ 9.jpg (944 KB, 1632x1224) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
GQ 9.jpg
944 KB, 1632x1224
>Doesn't own guns
>Doesn't own gear
>H-here's what I'd buy if my mom would let me! How good is my theoretical gear, guys?!?!?! It's good, right? Validate me!!!!

Grow up, faggot.
>accusing others of pretend
>is an actual pretender.

who do you operate for that lets you tripfag on a public board?
>Owning gear means that you must pretend to be an operator
I own what I own because it makes it easier to carry multiple mags when hunting hogs and I own the patch because it pisses off autistic anons. I don't pretend to be an operator of any kind.

Either way, fuck off of /k/ you noguns, nogear faggot.

Also sweet samefag. >>28590738
why the fuck did you accuse people of pretending to operate then post your gear then. you tried to imply being an operator but deny the implication when getting called out on your shit? and you tell others to grow up, holy fuck. nice memes though
Hey man, your teeth are reflecting in that magazine. You might want to spend a little less time polishing them and more time on your teeth.
because the only point of a thread like this is for people who are poorfags/underage poorfags who can't actually afford to pretend to operate so you faggots sit here and make loadouts on a really, really shitty loadout editor to impress each other which extremely shitty loadouts that you've thought up in your head but don't actually own.

I'm accusing you guys of being pathetic faggots because that's what you guys are. You don't own any real gear because mommy won't let you so you sit here and jerk each other off. Go back to >>>/asp/ you autistic faggot.

Also, I posted my gear because it's funny to me that I can take a photo with well over $3000 in it and yet all you faggots can do is sit here and pretend to own toys.

Sorry to tell you but I've got great dental care and have perfectly healthy teeth. You might want to spend a little less time trying to insult things I bought for shits and giggles and get a job so you can buy some weapons and gear and move out of these disgraceful threads.
File: 4543543.jpg (8 KB, 256x197) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
8 KB, 256x197
>This faggot wears tac vests, camo and uses an AR with an ACOG to "hunt hogs".
The best part is where you wear a tac vest because "it's easier to carry multiple mags when hunting hogs".
Yeah, it's very necessary when those hogs are suppressing you and you need to get behind cover and reload.
There's no time to fiddle with those pesky pockets.
>Can't afford an AR
>Can't afford an ACOG
>Doesn't know the difference between a tac vest and a plate carrier

Now, I can tell by the fact that you're 16 and have never shot a gun much less went hunting that hogs travel in pretty large groups and can hear from a decent distance away. Having some magnification and being able to have more than just a mag in your rifle is pretty beneficial, but I guess you wouldn't know that, would you? God forbid a man with money carries his car keys, phone, and wallet in his pockets while he keeps his magazines in a location that is easier to reach.

Once again, stay noguns, stay nogear, and continue to attack me because it's hilarious how poorly you're trying to dissect the loadout of a man with actual gear when the closest you'll ever get to actual gear and guns is Condor and airshit. Stay mad, boy.
when is someone making a video game out of innawoods and not just a pure dress up doll?
>Plate carrier to go hog hunting

Look out boys, the wild pigs have a bit of an arsenal

>Spending more money on gear to feel better about yourself

Stay ugly and sad, faggot.
>Can't afford a plate carrier
>Doesn't have money to spend
Stay angry and 16, faggot :^
>muh 3000 dollars
>muh need for validation
>pretending is free
>oh no there goes muh attention

You've shown your cards cancerous tripfag. You don't hate innawoods because it consists of poorfags of nogunz, you hate it because it isn't canon with your "SOOPER POOPERATOR MUNTALITY". It steals the attention you so desperately crave. If you really want an abundance of attention, go to a gay bar. I'm sure someone will ream your ass into a nice gaping hole.

Anyway, what if someone uploads a "play-pretend" loadout? If the threadtopic is at least somewhat serious, and people give feedback, it does give viable input how to prepare or deal with a SHTF-type scenario. If some incident happens, they might remember the thread and think of the advice given there. Which will increase survival

Doesn't matter if they don't really own a SUPER POOPERATOR amount of gear, or just a cheap backpack with some survival items in there.
First lesson I learned from Innawoods is
>no toilet paper
>1/10 would not operate with
>rice and pasta
>no water
>no water filter
>1/10 would not operate

Real basic stuff is how you get started with a real basic loadout and eventually become the gearfag you so desperately want everyone to be.
Y'all gotta start somewhere. You hating on these newfriends doesn't help the "precious" boardculture you so strongly advocate for. Maybe if you wouldn't be so cringeworthy shortsighted you could see some truth in what I'm saying.

It all just boils down 'to stop liking what I don't like.'
Just hide or filter.
Like this guys said, you're the aspie pretender. Unless you're deployed .mil or LEO, you're just as bad of a pretender like the innawoods.
Just 3000 reasons more retarded.
I don't need a plate carrier because i'm not fucking retarded.
>I will defend muh home from all threads FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC YEAH

How does it feel to know that you will never need to use that plate carrier, and even in the unlikely event that you get your fat ass into a combat situation you'll be shot in the HUGE SPACE around your plate carrier.

I have money, but I don't piss it up the wall on worthless shit. Even fucking Honey Boo-Boo's parents are smart enough to know that, you stupid hick.

>I don't like you so you must be a young teen hhaha see now u kno I am correct!!

Stay arrogant and alone, tosser.
>Has never even seen $3000 in his life
>Implying I need validation
>I-It's okay to be a faggot because it's free!

I hate your threads because it's full of poorfag noguns pretend play faggots. It's a shit thread for poorfags who don't own guns or gear. You're not Freud just because you took Intro to Psych in high school this year, so stop trying to find a deeper meaning in my sentences, kid. I'm giving you the reasons I dislike these shitty threads and why I'm shitposting them.

If you want to learn how to prepare for a SHTF scenario you might want to do what a normal person would do: get in shape, learn to shoot, learn tactics, and then actually go out and buy the shit that fits in a loadout after asking people with ACTUAL gear rather than sitting here in a thread full of kids who don't own the gear and can't validate whether something is shit or not. Either way, anyone who is worried about SHTF is autistic anyway.

You don't need to be a super fucking operator or to have stupid amounts of money invested in gear to have survival items, but you actually need experience rather than using barbie simulator to show what you would put in your pretend pack. Also, if you require asswipe to survive and cannot find and filter water than you're a weak fuck who wouldn't survive a week in the woods let alone an extended period of time.

Real basic shit can be learned by reading a fucking book, but what you're doing here is shitting up the board by playing pretend inception thread simulator. Starting somewhere is true, but this is a horrible place to start. I'm not advocating for board culture because I've been here long enough to know that board culture is a fucking sham that newfags use to wrap themselves in a shroud of anti-bullying.
I don't need a plate carrier either, but I wanted one so I went out and bought one. I don't need 46 AR mags, but I wanted them so I went out and bought them. I don't need an ACOG, but I wasn't happy with my Aimpoint T-2 so I went out and bought one. There's a pattern here that boils down to "I have a job so I can buy nice things that I desire." You, on the other hand, don't have a source of income and pretend to have what you desire, and when people come by and shit on you pretending to have what they have you get pathetic levels of asshurt and pretend to justify doing nothing to change your situation.

Once again, I didn't buy a plate carrier to stop myself from being shot or to protect myself in any way, I did it to carry magazines and the rest is just extra shit that I don't take advantage of.

Sure you have your Christmas money and need to spend it wisely on the next generation MLP figurines or your next airshit gun, but that's not a stable income so I can understand that you don't have money to buy what you want.

>No guns
>No gear
>Claims to have money but doesn't back it up
>I'm highly intelligent and people who enjoy their money are stupid lol invest in stocks and feel the bern!

My God you guys are a riot. These threads are just a goldmine of fox and the grapes.
File: nikki.png (195 KB, 1342x724) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
195 KB, 1342x724
I enjoy my reasonable amounts of money, I just spend it wisely on things that I will actually use, not just keep in my wardrobe until I need to prove a point on the internet.
I don't feel the need to pretend to be Mr. Big shot and flash my money around by spending it on worthless crap, though.

Mate let me tell you, I don't WANT what you have, because you have fucking autism.

Enjoy this image I created for you.
>It's not that I don't have enough money to afford gear, it's just that I'm more than content playing pretend either because I'm a child or a manchild!

I use my gear because if I didn't I wouldn't have ever wanted it. If I didn't think it was useful I wouldn't carry it. I'm not mister bigshot either, I'm just making fun of all you losers playing pretend in your barbie thread.

Also, your painting skills are sub-par compared to your average 4th grader, though you're mentally 6 so it cannot be helped. Sucks not being able to fit out your doors so you can't actually go outdoors.
File: image.jpg (114 KB, 750x634) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
114 KB, 750x634
Now do the trips make you retarded, or are retards just attracted to trips?
>samefag durr
File: DSCN0991.jpg (152 KB, 704x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
152 KB, 704x960
I don't "Back up" the fact that I've got money because having money doesn't mean shit if you're a dumb cunt, but regardless here's a picture of my favorite axe which I actually USE.
Nice OC, saved
>Look at me guys, I know how to make a post from my phone AND from my computer, then screen shot my phone so it looks like I only posted once!

Good job, want an extra cookie in your bag before you have to grab your hockey helmet and make a run after the short bus?
>Has never even 3k in his life
1. That's an easy and superlame false assumption
>They don't agree so they must not have any money
bitch, I decide what I spend my money on. Which is way more than 3k

>I don't need validation
You post your faggy loadout every.single.time. In any innawoods thread As some kind of proof you are the true ruler and lawmaker of /k/. Don't go saying you don't crave the validation.

3. What are you even saying? Doesn't make sense.

>I hate innawoords because it's full of poorfag noguns
Okay, easy fix: learn to filter threads
Or work up the nerve to ignore them. Which is so hard for you, clearly.
Unless you become janitor, you don't have shit to say about threadtopics. Sure you can throw a tantrum anytime, but that just reinforced the image people have against gearfags. Which is a bunch of tryhard wannabe's. Worse tryhard wannabe's than innawoodsfags.
You might perceive this the other way around, but that's just you.

>you're not freud
True, but that's not stopping me from BTFO'ing your stupid strawman arguments with some logical and substantiated counterarguments

>you need experience
All true my friend. You still need to start somewhere. Which is behind your computer, on a nip image board, making a pretend loadout for the situation you find feasible or want to prepare against. Based on that loadout one could establish that they do need actual real-life experience. But if you mow down any enthusiasm with your shitposting, you'll kill this "birth of an """Operator""". Some people might go by this another way, and I assume you were born true operator and this shit comes naturally to you. For some people it doesn't.

>pretend simulator shits up the board
That's you're sole opinion. You'd kill these threads faster if you'd just ignore them
Wow, super autism over here. Thats pretty elaborate just so I can prove you wrong about samefagging.

Who the fuck does that?
>not everyone thinks like an autist brah

Fuckn saved. It just needs this faggots trip in there with some of his stupidest arguements
I'd post that image in every innawoods threads, ever.
You would know how much that sucks, fattie. I bet you weigh well over two hundred kilos.

Since you're so obsessed with "backing up claims", here's a picture of me in New Zealand hiking. See that? It's called OUTSIDE. You should go there sometime, it's great.

>If you watch movies with killing you're just pretending! Go out and actually murder people you manchild!

>Using your imagination is dumb

>Discussing and critiquing imaginary gear load-outs to find flaws before you waste your money is dumb

stay indoors.
Thanks friends. I was pretty pleased with it. Feel free to add your own fresh content to it.
Oh I will
>1. You're wrong! Trust me, you're wrong! My mommy lets me spend my money on whatever I want!
>2. You post your loadout in every innawoods thread and I'm tired of seeing it! It hurts me that the only thing mommy won't let me get is guns and gear! It's not fair! Stop being a bully! Wah!
>3. I can't read!
>4. I'm on a board about weapons but I don't own weapons nor am I talking about them and if you don't like it you should just not participate in our threads! No, why would we ever go to >>>/out/ or >>>/asp/?
>6. Asking people with experience is stupid, these threads full of people who have never even touched a gun or spent more than a week outdoors is a much better option!
>7. I'm not a pretender, that's your opinion! Everything is real in my mind!

>Shit he's right, better call him autistic!

Congratulations, you've been outside once! Now congratulations, go back to >>>/out/ as you've still not established how hiking outside once has anything to do with owning a firearm or the gear that goes with it.
You got btfo your pathetic atempt of invalidating his great points just prove how much of a pathetic waste of space sissy faggot butt boy you are
In case you haven't noticed, these INNAWOODS threads are about going INTO THE FUCKING WOODS you autistic piece of shit. Most of them are bugout bag type deals, with weapons included. I'm showing you, because you so confidently 'demand proof' that I know what i'm talking about, that I actually know what it's like to go outside and live out of a pack and deal with shit that needs to be dealt with.
This is the REAL shit you would bug out with, give or take a -little- tacticool. You'll be dragging your fat ass around with tonnes of over-priced shit getting blown to pieces if the shit really ever does hit the fan because you don't actually know what it's like being outside without all the comforts of your upper class lifestyle.
I understand that you like your tactical pig hunting stuff. Great, cool. The fact is, however, that you don't seem to give a fuck that not everyone wants to waste their money (Be it hard-earned or given to them by rich wog parents, like i feel yours was) on loads of piss.
Get off your high horse and crawl back under your rock, you little disgusting goblin.

y o u w h a t m 8
holy fuck lol. implying 3000 is a lot of money? youve gone and called others poorfags, then implied 3000 is some magical amount of money? whos poor? the middle class are part of the 99% too.
>1. Wah! He validly counters my argument!! I must regurigitate, he might respond any differently!
It's not even an argument, just hot air for your tantrum.
>2. Not a counter argument
It's not even an argument, just hot air for your tantrum.
>3. Not having spent 3k makes you a fag? okay son.
It's not even an argument, just hot air for your tantrum.
>4. We would like to talk about guns and gun-related topics. You shit our threads up by having to buttblast your tantrum
>5. That's not a counterargument, just hot air for your tantrum.
>6. Assumption
>7. This argument could be used against you without any edit.
Your pathetic attempt at trying to string together a sentence makes me want to cry. Can't wait for your remedial English classes this summer, can you?

In case you haven't noticed, there is not a single gun or piece of firearms-related gear in this thread that I don't own. I've seen a hatchet and a man hiking, and that's it. Other than that, I've seen a cheesy barbie doll dress up game, and if that counts for /k/ then shit you'd find a hard time finding something that DOESN'T pass as /k/. There's no proof of anyone here having a bug out bag, not that it matters because bug out bag threads are also another cancerous /out/-tier topic that is seen on /k/ quite often, meaning this thread is redundant and exists for no purpose whatsoever.

Bugging out is a stupid idea in the first place, but you're indeed correct that professional camping gear is probably what you want to bring if you go out and play on staying out for long periods of time, but regardless of that there's no /k/ if there are no firearms of firearms-related gear pieces involved, which is something that is not present.

As for me 'dragging myself down', I'd love to know how you think that. I've got a plate carrier than holds three mags and weighs less than four pounds, or is that you idea of heavy? If shit ever really does it hit the fan, I'm on six acres of nutrient rich land in a community littered with delicious animals. I'd have no need to hide out in the woods because in the slim chance it ever happened I've got more than enough skills to not have to run away.

I don't care what you spend your money on, I just care that your threads aren't cancerous, but they are so I'm here to laugh at the cancer. You can keep shitting up the board, so I'll keep shitting up your threads.

Post your guns then, boy :^

Nothing about these threads have anything to do with guns or gun-related topics. This thread is for you to make pretend loadouts for pretend scenarios.
>I don't like it so i shouldn't have to see it ever. I need a safe space away from things that I don't enjoy.

Boy have I got a website for you
>Rather than move to the appropriate board I'll tell someone else to leave the website! I think tumblr would be much better for you there, boy, considering you seem to have at least one mental deficiency.
nice try atf
File: Result.jpg (152 KB, 680x650) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
152 KB, 680x650
The sticky has stuff about survival in the woods.
Nice try.

>Include guns in these images
>Discuss which guns would be better for certain survival scenarios
>I don't like it so i shouldn't have to see it ever. I need a safe space away from things that I don't enjoy.
fucking this

I can respect someone's opinion on innawoods. But handling it like 3 year old and throwing a fit of rage... nah friend.

Expect to see this image a lot, lot more.
So tell me then, for the last few threads that I've been in, two or three of them having been well established, how was there not a single mention of survival or how to survive at all? Using barbie doll dress up games is a pretty loose interpretation of discussing survival.

Also, tell me, where are the firearms >>28591453 or >>28591376 or in any photo in this thread other than mine? Certainly you won't try passing innawoods off as photos of firearms because that would be laughable.

Either way, if the mods thought what I was doing was horrible and bad for the board or a productive thread they'd have warned me or banned me, and they haven't done either of those things for a long ass time (and no, the mods aren't inactive or busy fucking hot pockets, they're pretty damn watchful thanks to Moot 2.0.) Your thread is much better suited for /out/ than /k/, just admit it.

Make as many poorly drawn images as you want, it doesn't stop the fact that nothing /k/ related is going on in here when me or someone else isn't around to poke fun at you faggots for not owning a single firearm.
It's already more beautiful
6/10 would operate with
7/10: add TP and some water
8:10: add waterfilter and some way to prepare your rice... no stove or anything
If the mods thought the subject matter of this thread was inappropriate for the board they would delete it.
That argument works two ways, idiot.

>Implying I take guns hiking
Not all weapons are firearms and those pictures were for the sole purpose of showing you that I actually do know about hiking / going outside / 'bugging out'
>If the mods thought what I was doing was horrible and bad for the board or a productive thread they'd have warned me or banned me

same goes for the innawoods threads and the posters in them.

Now that you mention it...
Let's collectively report this fuckwad
I think this post would be the best one to report

File: 1436829114269.png (150 KB, 424x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
150 KB, 424x480
If you poop in the river you don't need to wipe friend ;3
Water is in the canteen.

Also yeah, the cooking thing is a problem. This was made when I thought I could cook everything with only a fire. Oh, how I quickly learned I was wrong.

Pic very related
File: For You.jpg (39 KB, 960x535) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
For You.jpg
39 KB, 960x535
Not exactly, there are a lot of off topic threads (such as this one) that are constantly up and don't get deleted. Why that is I have no clue, but every active thread seems to be properly moderated.

That being said, not taking at least a pistol hiking in an area where it's permissible is retarded, unless of course you're not old enough to carry a gun/don't own a gun. Either way, I still see no guns in this thread, which is a requirement from your own mouth.

Go for it.

God I don't think I have ever met someone as autistic as you.
>not carrying a gun at all times makes you retarded
So so wannabe operator
Guess it's a good thing you've never even met me then, isn't it? Either way, pretty hilarious that you've never talked to yourself even once.

>Can't get his CCW because he's not 21
>Not even 18 so he can't even OC
If you're hiking, do you not always prepare for a worst case scenario? Carrying a gun for trouble is no different from carrying a tourniquet.
A requirement from my own mouth is weapons, and if you look at the little illustrations from innawoods you will see various guns.

I just don't think it's necessary to carry a gun. It's not worth the weight, and weight comes into play a lot when hiking super long distances.
Nick, just fuck off alright?
>If you poop in the river you don't need to wipe friend ;3

You'd have to strip bare nekkid every time you take a dump, or deal with wet pants.
Also every time you're on the move or not near a river
>not wanting to carry a gun at all times must make you underage

What is it with you and making these retarded assumptions

There are 1001 reasons to think of if you don't carry a gun once in a while, or on a leisurely hike
Just as I expected, you're seriously trying to pass off barbie doll dress up games as guns. Guess by that way of thinking I can just photoshop a gun into some porn and post it up then, right? It's /k/ related guys!

Weight does indeed come into play when hiking long distances, but personally I'd rather carry an extra pound or two in the form of a full sized handgun with an extra mag than have a fun run in with nature where all I've got is a knife or ax or machete.

Anon, just get a gun and graduate to a better thread, alright?

If you're going hiking with a backpack the size that he's got in his photos it's not going to be an hour long stroll in the fucking park, it's going to be a real ass hike where you should at least have some form of protection in case of emergency. Once again, it's no different than carrying a tourniquet just in case of emergency.
He does not go outside, he has no concept of what "hiking" or a "leisurely walk" even is.
File: Pack.jpg (136 KB, 704x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
136 KB, 704x960
T B H senpai I only poop like once every two days.
For real though I should add at least a little bit of toilet paper to my bag, hey.

Another good wiping tip is this:
No hair, one square.
I'll let you figure the logistics of that one out.
>no hair
>one square
How come I have not thought of that...
I wouldn't say no to some guns with porn near them. It'd be eye candy, like all the futuristic weapons threads and stuff.

That's fair enough, but it's all personal preference. There aren't really dangerous animals around the places I hike, and I generally don't go out alone. There's always the risk of crazies though I suppose.
>No hair, one square
HAHAHA you might be fucking right
Fuck I need to shave my ass

>I only poop like once every two days
drink more water friend
I had the same 'issue' for years, now I drink at least half a gallon of water in addition to everything else.
Personal preference is what it's best chalked to up to as well as where you live. Personally? I live less than two miles from a state park that's got a horrible hog problem, so if I go in there I grab something because they're pretty damn big and aren't afraid of humans (much like the gators, thanks to tourist fucks who feed them food in a few areas.)
File: rek it ralph.png (936 KB, 1356x1282) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
rek it ralph.png
936 KB, 1356x1282
r8 me
Just don't spill the secret if you're unsure about the sexuality of the company you keep.

You're right. I do need to drink more water, and I am trying. It's just difficult because I'm so in the habit of drinking only when I'm thirsty.

Das it mayn, I wouldn't take chances if I thought there could be some dangerous animals.
But yeah, especially when I went to New Zealand, there were only really cows and deer around. Even then, we would have seen them from a long way off.
COD MW2 Juggernaut confirmed
File: 1439229343745.gif (3 MB, 385x354) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 385x354
Everyone was having fun and then this faggot came in

tripfags ruin another thread. and people who reply to them are worse.

who the fuck uses camo and plate carriers to hunt hogs anyway?

all i need is just a pair of cargo pants to keep my 223 rounds.

anything else is pretending
>tfw canadian
>tfw no reason to get an AR because muh restrictions
>tfw tac gear and plate carriers and plates are all available but not worth the money
>tfw chilly enough that a coat with big pockets carries mags just fine seeing as they're all 5 rounders anyway
>tfw no wild hogs to hunt

still pretty comfy tho, there are ethnic minorities here but everyone is pretty well educated so no reason to be racist or h8 dindus
>No hair, one square.
what the fuck does that mean?
you screamed you don't need validation
>gets frustrated over people using an online tool to compose and show off gear
>feels the need to showboat his gear with an IRL picture
>brags about the 3k he spent on it
>waves it everybody's face but gets mad when anons don't take the same effort as you
>uses lame assumptions and strawmans to attack other posters
>gets really butthurt and continues this stupid cycle

>claims he doesn't need validation
>has a fucking tripcode
>keeps posting for attention

I've only seen 4 arguments from this guy
>you must be poor
>momma doesn't let you
>you're a fag
>you're a retard
>I don't like it!

anyway, updated image related 4 muh niggus
>72 shotgun shells
>72 pistol rounds
>7 taser rounds

one mathematical motherfucker
Find a brand of beverage with a plastic bottle you like/fits in your bag or what ever
and can hold at least a quart gallon.
I fill it up before sleeping, and I keep a rule to fill it once during the day and have it empty before going to bed
Shave ya ass, wipe less
never skip leg day
>poop once every two days

damn nigga eat your vegetables
>shave ya ass
dunno man i have a fat ass that sweats alot when shaved

thanks for the info anyway
File: 1445852552507.jpg (1 MB, 745x6020) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 745x6020
It means - If you got no hair, you only need to use one square ;)
>I need 500 rounds to hunt boar
>I need plates for my vitals in case the boar shoots back
Yeah it was an amazing thread for all two posts before I showed up, then I went ahead and ruined it by point out that a thread full of people wishing that they could own real gear so bad that they have to use dress up games to live out their dreams is for faggots.

Who uses camo and plate carriers? I do. I don't wear cargos because I'm not a 16 year old who thinks that they're cool and resourceful rather than bulky and annoying.

Don't worry, Trudeau will make sure that you won't have to live near those Injuns soon enough because that's their land and all European Canadians should be put in concentration camps!

I don't think frustrated means what you think it means. I'm not frustrated, nor am I angry, nor am I mad. I'm not pissed off or ass hurt, I just enjoy making fun of anons who are too poor play afford the real deal so they have to use dress up sims to show off their non-existent gear. Go ahead and continue updating your shitty image, it doesn't bother me, nor does your inability to refute my five arguments (though you somehow managed to type out four while putting down five, smart!)

Do you see any plates in that carrier? I sure as hell don't, but I guess you wouldn't know the difference between a carrier with and without plates because you don't own gear of any kind. That being said, my PC only carries three and I usually put all three in so that the straps keep proper retention to hold the mags down. Just because I have the money for a nice gun, a nice PC, and 500 rounds doesn't mean you have to be angry.
File: 20160118_090631.jpg (1 MB, 3264x1836) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 3264x1836

Dude come on. This is /k/, not /b/.
That's a good idea. Thanks. I'll keep that in mind.
I've taken the bladder bag approach currently, because it means I can just keep sipping at it all day.

>Eat your vegetables
Are you kidding me? Nigga when I'm camping my diet is cheese, salami, rice, carrot, and nuts. Get out of here, veggies.

Also here ams my actual cooking kit.
File: image.jpg (41 KB, 750x196) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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autism speaks
File: 1450825246454.jpg (996 KB, 1873x2670) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
996 KB, 1873x2670
>Yeah it was an amazing thread for all two posts before I showed up, then I went ahead and ruined it by point out that a thread full of people wishing that they could own real gear so bad that they have to use dress up games to live out their dreams is for faggots.



i already posted my gear on a couple of gearqueer threads already, but i'll repost it

Get fucked.
I think this is gonna be the final image unless or good friend nick is going to make some more meme-worthy comments.
Any pro-innawoods should save this image, yo

>attacking a typo
Seriously? Are you going this low?
>thinks his arguments are in any way valid and should be taken seriously
File: 1451072347396.jpg (30 KB, 500x375) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
30 KB, 500x375
>cargo pants are for pretending 16 year olds
>but gear is not
oh wow

>cargo pants
>bulky and annoying
Lose some weight you fucking fatty
>bladder bag approach currently, because it means I can just keep sipping at it all day
that's the idea. And I've chosen for a regular plastic bottle, if I just leave it somewhere or forget it I can just buy another one the next day, enjoy the beverage and have a new container for the next time I forget it.
File: Nick_innawoods.png (3 MB, 1342x724) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 1342x724
fuck forgot image
Hey, a single anon with poorfag bolt guns and a Tok! Better than nothing I guess, though that's still only the second post in this thread that has a weapon in it that wasn't made by me. That being said, Innawoods isn't a game, it's a dress up character creator. The game itself fell through years ago (like any /k/ project does) and will never be completed.

Also, once again, I'm not angry. I'm here to laugh and those who are willing to entertain me, and the supply of entertainers isn't running short any time soon apparently.

So it's autistic to want ripstop clothing for going into thick brush areas and swamps rather than shitty cargo pants? Guess you've never gone further than 10ft off the beaten trail, then.

You see I don't go to gear queer threads either, which is the best part. I get to shitpost here in a thread full of autists and /gqg/ gets all the blame for it. Never said I'm the only person here who owns gear, but what I did say is that it's an autistic and redundant thread that shouldn't exist and should've died out with the game that never came.

You see you think I'm here to debate you, yet I've clearly stated over and over again I'm here to make fun of you guys. There's no debate here because I do not wish to hold a debate. I'm here to point and laugh.

Yeah, because cargo pants stay nice and lithe when you're filling the pockets with shit, right? You know what's a whole lot better than filling you pants pockets up with shit that ensures you've got a bunch of free moving weights around you legs? Keeping your mags and other essentials in tight fitting pouches that are designed to hold them. You know what's better than ruining pairs of pants in thorn bush thickets? Having ripstop pants.
File: image.jpg (27 KB, 431x267) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
27 KB, 431x267
>You see you think I'm here to debate you, yet I've clearly stated over and over again I'm here to make fun of you guys. There's no debate here because I do not wish to hold a debate. I'm here to point and laugh.
That's a good point, but I feel like having a more expensive drink bottle means I'm less likely to forget it. I don't want to litter, y'know? I try my hardest to avoid it.
>Yeah, because cargo pants stay nice and lithe when you're filling the pockets with shit, right?

yes, they do

Cargo pants were literally MADE to FILL SHIT IN THEM, that's why they have over 600 fucking pockets you dumb fuck

PS: you need to lose some weight so you can wear cargo ants comfortably
I'd like to point out global rule #6 and #10 to you.
File: jim.jpg (125 KB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
125 KB, 1280x720
>i just enjoy making fun of anons

well there's yur problem
ITT: Noguns getting BTFO

To be honest innawoods.net belongs on /b/. It's as autistic as pimpmygun or those zombie loaded out cut and paste image threads.
Cargo pants were meant to hold shit and are naturally a bit baggy because of that fact. They've got fucking massive pockets everywhere and I'd rather have an organized backpack or plate carrier than some shitty pants with shit stuffed in them all over the place.

PS: Grow up.

Yeah, I too would like these threads to end forever.

It's pretty hilarious to watch all of you get asshurt about being called out for posting an /out/ thread on /k/. Anons never learn, especially on /k/. You tell me to block and hide your threads yet here we are 100 posts later and none of you have been smart enough to follow your own shitty advice.
hmm... who could be behind this post?
Valid point. I guess I'm not /out/ enough to worry about that.

i'm not one of the arguers, just posted >>28591791 this and now spectating
File: 1365632650332.jpg (43 KB, 335x345) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
43 KB, 335x345

Are you accusing me of being Jewish for hating innawoods? Take your pretend roleplay shit to /b/, gaylord.
Good to hear you made the smart choice and decided to join the laughing side rather than the crying side.
ITT: Gearfag gets BTFO (note the singularity of my sentence

To be honest innawoods.net belongs on /k/. It entices giving feedback and advice, as long as it's not outrageously unrealistic or /k/-type humor, which should go in the /k/ humor thread.
ITT: Anons getting assblasted

To be honest innawoods.net belongs on /out/ as it's one of the key reasons /out/ was created and it was a happy day for the majority of /k/omrades when they thought that all innawoods shitters would leave to another board. It encourages nothing but fellating each other over gear they don't actually own.
File: 1390094714433.png (263 KB, 649x379) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
263 KB, 649x379
>It entices giving feedback and advice

Yeah bro do I take the RPG-7 or the PKM on my paper doll? Check out this sweet meme I made with a guy wearing a Russian hat and loaded with voldka!
Report the OP and STFU instead of shitposting the threads. This makes you more in violation of #6 and #10 than the participants or OP.
You act as if I haven't already done that and am now laughing while waiting for the thread to be deleted. Hell, even if it doesn't it's quality entertainment.

Woah dude, dank! Liked and subscribed!
Sweet sweet samefag.

>based on what is wanted or hoped for rather than on what is possible or likely : not sensible and appropriate
File: 1390094478696.png (2 MB, 1066x761) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 1066x761

innawoods causes autism. Nick stop bullying retards. It's like making fun of Euros for being cucks, they can't help it.
Whatever you say anon, whatever you say.

>innawoods is can be realistic! As long as I pretend real good and only use the things mom might get me for my birthday!

PROTIP: no self respecting gun owner uses the call of duty fanfiction loadout creator.
File: DSCN1143.jpg (3 MB, 4608x3456) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 4608x3456
I'm super viking /out/ man haha.
I definitely understand your point though. If I did lose this $40 drink bottle I'd be pissed.

Look at the OP faggot. Was OP going to travel back in time with his RPG-7 and GP-25? Or the next poster with his UZI and three glocks?
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69 KB, 600x600
Just because you dropped your trip for anonymity doesn't mean we can recognize you by your recycled arguments

Holy shit, I've never seen such a clear display of pic related through the course of an entire thread.
Different person there, friendo. I have no problem calling out your shit threads with my trip on. Did it ever occur to you that multiple people may not like your shit threads?
File: 1442304197821.png (85 KB, 475x455) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
85 KB, 475x455

>Implying I'm Nick

"No way more than one person dislikes my precious innawoods! It's so cool and /k/ related! Did he not see the meme posts?" Cry a little harder, Mr. noguns.
I <3 big black cocks
Sauce on your pic?
You sure aren't the person I replied to tripfag.
File: 20160118_174221.jpg (3 MB, 5312x2988) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 5312x2988
Your butt hurt XD
Innawoods doesn't load for me anymore. It is a problem with flashplayer you think?
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