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Bad-ass grandpa military stories thread!
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Bad-ass grandpa military stories thread!

I'll start:
>Be my grandpa
>Be 19
>Be in compulsory military service
>Guy in company always starting fights (and winning them)
>Always gets thrown in a holding cell for a day or two
>One day it's different
>Captain is fed up with his shit
>Guy gets called over in his office
>My grandpa is there as well (as a witness)
>Captain speaks
>"So, you like starting fights hé? I'll cut you a deal: if you beat me in a fight, I'll offer you a contract to be my driver."
>Note: fighting with higher ranks was a serious offence
>Captain is a slender guy but really muscular and intimidating
>The guy agrees
>Starts beating the crap out of the captain
>Literally beaten under the table in a couple of seconds
>"Damn, you're good, do you want to take the offer?"
>The guy agrees and signs the contract later on

And that's how my grandpa witnessed his first contract deal.

How about you /k/?
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>yfw op is literally 5
>yfw op doesn't know that old people make shit up and slowly come to believe their lies
Except he is a serious guy and couldn't be bothered with making up stories.
>Stationed in Germany
>Soldiers get paid out in money and German cigarettes
>Grandpa doesn't smoke
>Sells cigarettes to German guy who wants to buy them each month
>Earns two extra months worth of work throughout 18 months

Not really bad ass, then again I don't have a bad ass grandpa
>be my grandpa
>too old for reserves but still have a wartime job because someone forgot to move me out of the reserves
>job is to ride a bike to a site on a small island where there used to be a building
>it was demolished decades ago
>grandpas job was to evacuate the building
>my grandpa called himself a general of that island
>he was truly a bad-ass

His papers were updated at some point in 2010. He had been responsible of evacuating an abandoned small island for 30 years at that point.
great grand pappy threw him self on a grenade to save five life's inna trench
grand pappy was only home guard
embarrassing desu
So he sat around and did nothing on an island while getting paid?

Living the dream!
>getting paid for 30 years to chill on an island
Sounds like a nice gig
>Be my grandpa
>Be in mandatory army service
>Cleaning guns and other grunt shit
>Have a staff sergeant friend
>"Hey, they are looking for someone in the motorcycle squad, you can ride a motorcycle, right?"
>He meets the commander
>Has to ride around an easy track a few times
>"Welcome aboard!"
>Spends last 12 months of a 15 month period riding in a motorcycle escort

His mandatory career was super chill thanks to the motorcycle squad
>Made up stories general

Take a kubelwagen off a cliff
My great grandfather fought the serbs in WW1. Apparently he came home with a trophy rifle with bayonet.
>Had 8 kids like all rural families back then
>poor as fuck
>one day the village mayor brings some rich old couple to his farm
>tells him "These nice people want to adopt one of your kids and give him a good life, I know you cant afford to take care of all of them"
>Great grandpa says "Okay just wait a sec, I'll go get the kids"
>Goes into the barn, comes out with the Berdana firing in their general direction shouting how if they come here again he'll make them into mincemeat
Apparently after that the cops took his rifle but I still have the bayo somewhere around the house.
>Plausible stories that don't really contain exaggerated bad-assery
>instantly made up because old people

This guy, probably believes every story on /b/
post pic as proof
>No stories about one man killing 10 armed enemies with his bare fists

I am disappointed
Straight up tetanus!

How long is that?
About 50cm.
shish-kebab tier bayonet

at least the dude was sneaky enough to take it off before the state robbed him
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>be my grandpa
>born in 1933, grow up in Germany and during the later parts of the war maintain roads and help refugees coming from the east
>work as a baker in Munich with uncle '45-'50
>immigrate with wife to america in '51
>join the military(don't know if it was part of the draft or not)
>since he knew German he got stationed as part of the occupation forces in Germany
>serve as the unit chef for a week before being reassigned to the 2nd Armored Cavalry Regiment (http://www.usarmygermany.com/Sont.htm?http&&&www.usarmygermany.com/Units/ArmoredCav/USAREUR_2ndACR.htm)
>get plopped in an M41 and told to drive
>Patrol border for 4-6 months with orders to call in anything coming from the east and to then take as many with you as you can
>get assigned back to original unit and go back to cooking for the unit until the end of his tour of duty which ended a few months before July 1953

Not too bad ass but it's a pretty good story desu senpai.
>This guy doesn't believe the less outrageous bullshit, but I'll bet he believes the extra outrageous bullshit

Your logic is flawless.
>During Algerian War, around Christmas.
>Grandpa is a TBF/TBM crewmember
>One evening loose all contact with a coastal outpost (a lighthouse)
>Plane sent on patrol to see what happened.
>Make a few pass above, see two bodies on the ground, can't find the others
>Alert the nearest base
>Convoy sent, armored cars, troops carriers, etc.
>Turns out the troops of the lighthouse celebrated Christmas Eve and were dead drunk.

The joys of sending conscripts in a conflict.
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When I tell my story i bet a pissed of /pol/lack is gunna REEE at me
Lets get started
>great grand pappy
>born in 1922 Munich, Germany
>When Hitler rose too power him and my great grand mother fled to the U.S.
>WW2 rolls around in 1941
>one of the first to join up
He spent the first 3 years of his carrier translating German orders n shit till he dropped into the whole D-day shenanigans.
After that he served till Germany surrendered as an interpreter and rifleman.
When war ended he came home and bought a fuckload of land in Texas and my family has been here ever since.
Inadvertently the guy started a tradition where one fuck per generation goes and operates inna military.
His sons operated in Vietnam and grandson kicked haji ass in the gulf war.
Pic related is him
I was pointing out a double standard about strories told by old people

looks like a cool dude
you just jelly your stories arent worth listening to
My dad was stationed in West Berlin doing vaguely intelligence-related infantry stuff.

Supposedly they kept themselves entertained in the watchtowers by wearing of the most implausible uniforms they could get their hands on and trying to confuse Russians on the other side. Got out of hand when someone managed to find a KGB set.

Look, if the bullshit stories you tell your kids over a drink have to be true, then this is not a just world.
>grandpa flies Su-24 from Sevastopol
>was tasked to shadow US ship in Black Sea
>grandpa wants to take pictures of ship
>used anti air jamming on ship
>it actually worked
>flies overhead ship a couple of times and returned to base
>turned out his film got overexposed so no pictures
>found out the next day that American sailors resigned after what he did.

Look the stories have to be at least VAGUELY plausible, and preferably funny
>Grandpa is in Belgian military service during the 50's
>Every week there's a movie showing
>Tendencies between Flemish soldiers and Walloon Soldiers
>Walloons are allowed to enter the theatre first
>Fights erupt from time to time because they despise each other
>One day, a big buff Flemish soldier has had enough of the Walloons
>Yells "Goddamn Wallonheads!"
>Charges into a crowd of Walloons fucking people up, beating multiple soldiers at a time
>This dude is huge
>The military police arrives
>This guy doesn't give up
>Charges them as well (they spoke french)
>It takes four military policemen to hold him down
>He is put in a cell for a couple of days

Fucking Walloons
dubs confirm true story
>Finish marine enlistment
>reminds my grandpa about the leather jacket he used to wear on shore leave in the 50's
>finds it
>its covered in repaired cuts and slashes that are obviously from bar fights with broken bottles and switchblades
>i notice a long slash on the sleeve matches a scar on his arm
>"grandpa...... you used to be "that guy" in your platoon?"
>he laughs and strokes the sleeve with nostalgia
>"lets just say i left blood, skin, and/or bastard children in atleast 11 countries"

Yeah. I guess my grandad used to be the libbo risk charecter in his unit.
Fucking Walloons.
Fuck you and your grampa you little faggot. He only joined tge service to suck private Pyle's fat chode
>be anon's grampa
>native eastern band Cherokee indian
>sort of the town thug, get into trouble one night for fighting at the local honkytonk
>sherrif is tired of my shit so he give me choice of doing jailtime or joining us military to fight with the dirty white men
>speak English, barely even speak any native Cherokee
>go through boot
>racist whites reassign to an all native unit
>mostly Navajos and other western plains tribesmen, a couple of Oklahoma Cherokee (aka pussies), literally no other eastern tribesmen
>they have us all doing coms bullshit and working with radios and shit
>try to assign me to coms
>fuck you cracka i don't speak Buffalo
>assigned to equipment maintenance
>get shipped off to middle of fucking nowhere island in the pacific called Caledonia with a bunch of dirt humping plains indians
>work on radios for the entire war
>get out, go home, start a radio repair business and a family
>son grows up and decides he wants to act
>works in dumb shit movie about "Code Talkers"
>he takes me and his mother to see it
>movie is about the damn dirt humping southwestern fuckers i served with
>have to listen to these butt fucks speak Buffalo the whole time
>he takes us to some "honorary dinner"
>whole thing is filled with the dirty navajo and their ilk, mooing and braying in their shiity old language
>proceed to get drunk, rush the podium where the speaker is presenting and tell all those damn Navajo buffalo chasers that they all should've died in the white man's war
>go home and never speak of it again

My grandpa hated everyone and everything, but nothing couod compare to his hatred of the Navajo. Yes it's a true story, my complete idiot uncle had a minor role in the code talkers film and took Pap to the premier and a big dinner in honor of all of the Native Veterans. To this day my uncle doesnt understand why his father made a scene at that event. I only wish i could have been there to see him drunkenly cursing those people
>Be in Military Police
>Stationed in Korea during or juat after the war
>Him and buddies get really deunk one night
>Beat up their Sergeant

I think his unit stayed in order the rest of the time, they got fed up with the sergeant that night though. My grandpa was a good guy overall and I don't think they hurt him that bad.
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>fuck you cracka i don't speak Buffalo
the whole story made me kek, but I will make an effort to use that line at some point in my life.
Father joins Natl. Guard in 1/41 - CN coast artillery regt.
Retrained as AA gunner on Texas Gulf Coast; never been west of NYC in his life.
Gets to Europe in the last months of the war, not enough point to come home and assigned to Army of Occupation. Rides trains in Germany for months.
Finally assigned to occupy a small village near Nuremburg with 7 other guys. They go into Nuremburg and get drunk. He said the ride back to the village was the most frightening thing he experience in the war.
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>be my grandpa
>son of Polish immigrants
>WWII happens
>working some vital job that makes me ineligible for the draft/enlistment
>all my friends are going off to war
>fuck this, I quit
>enlist in the army

>man these islands are beautiful
>write letter home
>"I'm just going to stay here after the war with the island girls and raise pickaninnies"

>taking an airfield
>clear control tower
>jap reinforcements incoming
>CO says to hold tower because I'm the radio operator
>hunker down behind desk
>jap pops head through entry hatch
>boom headshot
>another one tries the same thing
>they keep coming
>eventually stop
>remaining tojos captured, get relieved
>time to go and get some SOS and take a dump
>climb out of tower
>like 2 dozen dead japs at bottom of the ladder

He was a pretty cool guy. He never did tell me any of his war stories outside of a few tidbits, and wouldn't tell my mom any gritty ones. I only know the control tower one since he told it to my dad at some point, who told it to me after he died. Unfortunately my dad is dead now too so any other stories of my grandpa's war exploits in the Philippines and New Guinea that he might have heard are lost forever. I should ask my mom to write down any of the funny stories he told her while we have the chance.

From everything I've pieced together from research, he was 32nd Infantry. I've been trying to get copies of his records but it's hard to find anything detailed because my mom isn't his oldest living child and my aunt is a huge bitch, not to mention his records were probably destroyed in the 1973 NPRC fire.

Some of the tidbits he told me though:

>yeah I had malaria
>yeah I had jungle rot
>the food sucked
>having foot surgery, grandson? You should have seen what mine looked like after going through the mountains in New Guinea. I couldn't walk for like a week
>looking through my old photos? Oh yeah, we used that howitzer as our alarm clock
This is an ancient copypasta of mine.

I was talking to my uncle the other day out on the front porch and having a few beers. I knew he served in Vietnam but I never asked about it. Today he brought it up and told me some stories. He was stationed on a hill for the entirety of one deployment. He told me that the B52s would carpet bomb everything around the hill constantly and when it first happened they thought President Johnson had lost his mind and was dropping nukes. The effects of these close bombings (actually hundreds or thousands of yards away) started to have devastating effects on him and the men. He said every time a bomb went off it was like getting hit with a fastball in the skull. The mens teeth started coming loose and some even fell out, they constantly bled from the mouth from loose teeth, their hair started falling out, many men went deaf, and one even went completely blind. They devoloped severe insomnia, anxiety, and paranoia. One guy had to be confined to a makeshift cell because he completely lost his shit and was trying to run out into the jungle screaming incoherently. Guys devoloped muscle tremors and literally had to be spoonfed by other men because they shook so violently they couldn't get food into their own mouths. Eventually they were declared combat ineffective because they were such a fucking mess and relieved by another unit.
My Godfather was a career Marine and served 4 combat tours in Vietnam. I asked him what the most realistic Vietnam movie was and he said without hesitation Forest Gump. Jungle combat is just absolute fucking point blank chaos and you have no idea what the fuck is going on. Most of the time though its just walking through the jungle endlessly through razor grass and monsoons, followed by very short periods of blinding incomprehensible violence. He told me that on two separate occasions his platoon was ambushed at a distance of less than 10 yards, and on another occasion a man in his platoon literally stepped on a gook thats how close they were. He said they were so close you could tell if they had shaved their faces recently. "Close enough to spit on them" as he put it. Hand to hand combat, bayonet fighting, and resorting to beating enemies with rocks and sticks was not unheard of. A man in his platoon also Mike Tysone'd a guy. Took a good hunk of his face off with his mouth before driving a bayonet through his skull. He also told me a story where they captured about a dozen unarmed teenage aged kids acting as scouts. Instead of reporting it, and dragging them 2 days back through the jungle they just fucking greased em all on the spot and pissed on their bodies. He said the one thing that Hollywood could never ever capture about war is the noise. He said battles were so loud you would go deaf for 3 days.
>Be my grandpa
>Command finnish stug in ww2
>Destroy four invading russian T34-85 and one ISU-521 in battle of Tali-Ihantala
>Stug gets shot, survive
>"Those were a good days anon"
>Be my hero
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>reading letters from a pilot who flew in B17s with my grandfather, a flight officer
>was in middle element, second position
>gramps was doing some navigator shit at the little table they had
>flak batteries open up under them
>he jumps up like he's been burned
>a piece of German flak penetrated the plane's skin, armor plate under the navigator's seat, and his pants, coming to rest against his testicles
>my entire family almost didn't exist due to an ounce of German shrapnel
>all my g-pa does is saw something about the armor saving his family jewels, then sits back down to finish adjusting course
>Be my great grandpa
>MP stationed in Japan during the Korean war
>Get my bike back from the repair shop
>Riding bike down town center, scoping the slant eye poon
>suddenly, bike catches on fire
> goddamn tojo mechanics
>Jump off back of flaming bike
>bike ghost rides down the street, into a group of houses
>houses with paper walls
>shit goes up in flame
>Japs running around like cockroaches trying to put flames out
>laugh and walk back to base
>fucking tojos

Grandpa has a lot of cool stories from Japan. Often wonder if I have any great great uncles or aunts running around there.
Why would you have great great uncles and aunts there? Your grandpa's uncles and aunts are there?
Well, he's my great grandpa, so his kids would be my great uncles and aunts I guess.
>be great-grandfather
>after Italy surrendered to the allies, the germans took a bunch of italian soldiers prisoner
>be stuck in german POW prison
>somehow escape, probably because germans abandoned prison
>walk back into small italian hometown all ragged and beardy with two other soldiers
So when do you remove Isis?
Yeah maybe, I don't remember all the details but that could have been why.
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free shrugs.jpg
103 KB, 500x715
I don't have any stories of actual wartime, but my grandfather was an army ranger who served in Korea who i'm almost certain killed a shitload of people.

>be me, 6 years old
>going to a restaurant for my birthday
>some dindu outside of the place tries to hold us up with a knife (probs because my grandpa was wearing a dope ass watch)
>disarms the dindu and puts him in a shoulder lock in seconds

Shit was cool, and what actually started me on my desire to get MMA training.
>be anon's great uncle

>serve in AAC 381st Bomb Group
>be innaB17 doing bombing runs over Nazi occupied France
>fly 10 missions just fine
>mission 11: engines one and two get blown up by AA over the target
>flames bathing the turret
>ammo starts cooking off
>pilot screams over the intercom to GTFO
>pilot drops the payload and everybody bails out the bomb bay doors
>scramble out of the turret
>locate my parachute and bail out
>manage to land without getting impaled on a tree
>land in a mining area
>stand up to see a group of guys waiting for me
>may or may not have landed in unnocupied France
>hope for the best
>get held for a few hours while the rest of the crew gets rounded up
>half of them survived, we all get thrown in a transport truck
>get held in an interrogation center for a week
>end up in Stalag 17 from January 1944 - May 1945
File: 1420682190187.png (111 KB, 300x333) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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also I should scan some of the documents regarding my grandfather. Apparently that pilot flew 33 of 35 missions with him, across 5 aircraft.
>mfw reading crew rosters
>watching crew members drop, one by one, until it's just him and the pilot left from the original crew
>then the replacements start to drop off the roster

what a smug grin right there this is meme material
June I leave
Fucking Walloons
>be my grandfather
>be born in '21
>get drafted in Summer '40
>join Kriegsmarine, older brother does too, oldest brother is tank driver
>don't want to serve on battleships, fuck being in a giant sinking hull and slowly drowning to death
>work on Schnellboot and mine boat
>either I will slip by unnoticed and live 'till my old days or I will be blown up immediately and be quickly over with this shit

>early years are a braze, get some awards
>fuck, the tide is slowly turning
>fuck my ship up, Kamerad - vol.01
>get fished out of the water
>my Mom gets a heart attack, hearing about my scuttling

>new ship, new luck
>get awards
>get sunk 2.0 - I did't sign up for this shit
>get rescued by friendly ships
>Mom gets another heart attack
>oldest brother fell on the eastern front, was buried alive
>Mom dies of shock

>slowly the ranks thin and the ships get fewer
>am Bootsmannsmaat, superiors ask me several times to promote to officer
>deny because I don't want to be responsible for the death of my crewmembers

>be in the Med. sea around mid '44
>get sunk vol.03 - I am getting awfully accustomed to this shit already
>it's late at night, no friendly ships are near
>see a flock of oranges floating besides me
>lay on my back and float alongside them, maybe I will be seen easier this way
>eat some oranges
>if I survive this shit, I will tell my future son, that backstroke swimming is the best, because one's hands stay free to peel oranges
>get rescued early in the morning
>tell me they saw some strange flotsam
>thank you based oranges
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>congratulations Kamerad
>sadly we have not enough ships anymore so you get to lead a coastal Flak-unit near Marseilles

>my unit is in position
>enemies slowly getting closer
>too much to hold off
>don't want to die needlessly and be at fault for the death of my unit
>release them from duty, they can try to make their way home
>me and my best mate together
>scavenge a nearby evacuated village
>jackpot - a wine cellar
>get hammerd
>first thing I remember is the worst hangover of my life
>the second thing is an American rifle pointed at my face
>become POW
>be transferred to the French later in '44

>be POW on Corse
>be weakened due to wounds and malaria infection
>need more rations
>ask to work as translator between the French and the German prisoners
>don't know any French
>learn some along the way, it's obvious what's ordered
>get more rations
>daughter of camp's commander works as secretary
>see her more often due to my translator job
>she likes me and I get better medical care
>my health still got worse
>get released in '47 because I am no longer capable of work

>die in my early 50's, due to congenital gastric ulcer worsened by a badly treated malaria infection
>at least I could tell my son all about oranges
reminds me of one of my great grandpas stories
>be great grandpa
>Italian Arditi WW1
>fight and kill, raid enemy trenches at night
>watch friends die and completely autistic leadership kill even more people
>eventually the war ends and make it back home
>Brothers wife is fucking the town priest
>middle of the night drop in on the bitch and cuck priest with a jack knife
>force them at knife point still naked in the town square
>tie them to a tree and leave them there till morning
>entire town shames whore bitch and priest

Now my great grandpa was pretty based, but my great great grandpa was a fucking psycho. He used to hide out on his porch with a shotgun waiting for children to steal from his fruit tree. My great grandpa caught him and told him to go inside and sleep while he watched the tree that night. he just cut the fucking thing down and ended his shit.
>be grandpa
>be vietnam veteran
>be huey gunship pilot
>mission to support assault on a village along a strategic supply line for north vietnamese army.
>come in low over mudhut village
>villagers are shooting at the gunship as it flies over with whatever they had
>bullets flying through cockpit
>make pass over village
>grandpa looks behind him
>gets on the floor
>everybody walk the dinosaur

My grandpa was a cool cat.
>Gramps is an officer of the Flak somewhere near Bremen
>A heavy bomber comes crashing down (I don't know what model, he just referred to it as "Viermot")
>Pilot manages an emergency landing
>Crew has mostly minor injuries
>Except for one gunner
>He is mortally wounded and bleeding out rapidly
>He calls upon the Germans to find his pre-war GF from Munich in broken Krautspeak
>Skip to postwar
>Grandpa still limping from an injury
>Can't forget that dying burger gunner
>Looks up the files to find it out
>Digs through them for months
>Said girl was a jew
>Died in Treblinka

He always got the feels when telling that story.
>getting lied to by your grandfather

Lel this thread is pathetic
>fuck you cracka i don't speak Buffalo
god..fucking... damnit. ..
>having a draft dodger for a grandfather

Fuck off, pinko.
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guaranteed replies.jpg
160 KB, 624x624
>bad-ass grandpa stories
>grandpa sent to fight in the Philippines
>becomes part of an anti tank division
>their division gets sent up a mountain
>one of his buddies gets shot
>him and a couple other guys spent 2 days going down the mountain so that the guy could get the medical attention he needed
>was awarded a bronze star

Pic related it's him
Not my grandpa but anyway, Korean Vet
>Korean War
>Koreans steal supplies from US Army to sell on street
>Korean Vet sees guy selling stolen new optics
>Just takes it from the Korean guy
>Korean starts yelling at him trying to get it back
>Korea Vet pulls out handgun and tells him to fuck off

He also was telling me exact dates and the number of shells his mobile gun fired on the chinese.
>grampa flew a bomber in ww2 and he never talked about it
>he died 4 years ago

All these years I had thought he was in the air force because he flew a plane. Didn't know he was in the army because the air force didn't exist yet. The doctor told me this the day he died.

He probably lived through a lot of crazy shit.

Ye sure....

He looks like someone who would shitpost on /pol/
Hey, my Grandpa was in the 32nd as well! Joined the Wisconsin National Guard in 1940, went artillery. The Wisconsin and the Minnesota NG then formed the 32nd Infantry Division. Then, when the Tank Destroyer battalions were created, he was put in the 632nd TD Battalion, which, as it sounds, was attached to the 32nd for most of the war.

Unfortunately he died before I was born, and never told my mom or my grandma much, so all I really know is that he was in the headquarters company, probably some clerk, and wrote home about how he was bored and wanted to shoot Japs.

The only really interesting thing in this story is that he was half-chinese, and his enlistment papers have his ethnicity labeled as Chinese. This was changed after the war on other government papers because racism or somesuch. I've heard stories of him being used as a scout behind Jap lines because he "looked like them", but I think that's probably BS.
>be grandpa in marines
>pacific theatre on peleliu
>major tells his platoon no more church service
>grandpa decides it would be funny to yell something as a joke
>scream "Heil Hitler" in a german accent
>major dosen't think it's funny
>Major starts looking for whoever said it
>marine nexts to grandpa decides to take blame cause he thinks he'll only get yelled at
>Marine gets demoted from sergeant to private

oh and my grandpa earned a silver star and a purple heart for saving some dumbass tankcrew
>Anti-tank Division
It'd be a tank destroyer battalion.

Out of curiosity, where was your grandpa from?
>granpa tells me one of his brothers was in the marines in ww2
>said he was kinda short (5'4-8" my estimate)
>said he carried a machine gun

literally all i know. does that mean he fired it as well?
> Be young me
> CoD 3 comes out
> Anything WW2 obsession begins
> Asks Grandfather if any of my family members served
> Gets told my great uncle or some shit is radar oper8r stationed at pearl harbor when slant eyed fucks attack
> Apparently he is one of the first to see them
> Be me grown up a bit
>Realize story is prob shit but still a good story.
Maybe. May have been an assistant gunner or ammo bearer as well.
>be grandpa
>Superior Officer: "Hey! You! Load that motorcycle up into that truck for transport!"
>arrange some boards into a ramp and drive the motorcycle up into the truck
>superior saw
>"I didn't mean drive it up the ramp, you idiot! You could have broke that equipment blah blah blah blah fucking kids blah blah blah I'M TELLING ON YOU"
>get demoted

And that was the day grandpa got demoted for being cool in WWII. :(
>son of Portuguese immigrants to the USA
>served in the Merchant Marine pre-war, going from port to port impregnating women in strange lands
>join up with the Army immediately when war broke out in Europe in 39
>apply to Army Air Corps, because fuck it
>assigned as an armorer and gunner
>makes SGT, instructs aircrews and armorers
>when war breaks out, he's assigned to the Mediterranean theater
>rides camels and local girls by night, bombs Italians and Germans by day
>eventually runs into trouble over Italy
>mans multiple guns in his B17 after most of the crew is killed
>loses part of his leg when his B17 goes into the water
>still manages to get out (while dragging an unconscious crew member)
>imprisoned by Italian fascists
>escapes from a fucking PoW camp and links up with partisans when he gets word Germans are coming to take over the camp
>somehow makes it back to the States by 1944
>seduces his nurse ex-wife (not my grandmother lol) while in physical therapy at military hospital in San Francisco
>awarded silver and bronze stars
>newspaper articles written about him, which my dad still has quite a few of
>works a menial dead end job at fucking Macy's for the rest of his life
>dies of a heart attack on a golf course in his mid-60s

such is life.
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My Great-Grandpa. >Is Polack in Chicago. >Gets kicked out of school for fighting. Giant man, no chin. But pretty smart. >WW2. Joins the Navy. Becomes crew chief on a dive bomber. >Goes on USS Lexington, it sinks, he lives. >Goes on USS Indianapolis, fucks over sharks, lives. >Stays in Navy, is told he never has to set foot on another ship. >Later works at Lockheed, retires as a Car Mechanic in Arizona. Passes when I'm two. >Would have been fucking awesome to hear it firsthand
>grandpa in CE during Korea
>never deploys just drives around the US on maneuvers and repairing roads they fuck up
>bivouacking one night
>CO is a huge ass and no one likes him
>CO goes out to take a piss
>Grandpa and some buddies sneak into his tent
>find his M1 Carbine
>all of them piss down the barrel and plug it
that's about it
Fucking Walloons

Paternal Polish grandfather - infantry in Austro-Hungarian army during WWI, Polish army in Polish-Soviet War
Maternal Polish grandfather - horse artillery in Imperial Russian army during WWI, Polish army in Polish-Soviet War

They might have been shooting at each other in WWI, then fighting alongside each other in the Polish-Soviet War of 1920.
That's not funny my grandpa died in a commandeered Kuble after driving off a cliff trying to go awol in the 80s In the jungles of Vietnam
So we have the same grandpa?
Stationed at Wiesbaden?

>Be grandpa
>Stationed in Iceland
>Stationed in remote weather obs outpost.
>Take weather reading 4 times a day for 4 years
>Type reports
>Wire to HQ.
>Most excitement was when they saw a whale in the harbor and the new jeep got flat tire.
>Gets promoted from Lt to Lt Col.in 4 years because no one could read a barometer.
How else do you get a motorcycle into a truck?
Not my grandfather but an old uncle.
> be uncle fighting in Europe
> unit approaches Rhine river
> fighting intensifies
> unc hasn't actually shot anyone yet
> mostly just aims in the general direction and fires
> as they approach river bank unc catches sight of a kraut in the bushes.
> there a machine gun best near by so unc snaps a shot off in Jerry's direction. At his head.
> next day the GIs are coming the river bank and unc finds a helmet with a hole in it right by where is kraut was standing.
> he still has the helmet.
Sorry about the typing. My hands are cold. 9 degrees here.
> he doesn't have to serve on anymore ships.

Dude sounds cursed. Did your granddad kill an albatross?

Probably didn't want him sinking any more ships.
Alright here goes
>be italian in army
>be fighting the allies and get captured
>say fuck this and escape from captive
>Italy is liberated and joins the allies
>fight for allies
>get captured again
>war ends still in captive tfw
>best friend goes AWOL to save him
Grandpa was pretty cool for an Italian.

I also had a great aunt who was a double agent for the allies which was cool
My dad says he got medals or something but he left them in Italy when he moved to Canada and I never got the chance to ask him cuz he died when my dad was young
Great grandpa
>polish resistance
>1945, uprising happens
>he is part of the balyjstok group, warsaw revolts as wep as several other cities.
>tossing bottles of acid in nazi faces, fighting them with home made machine pistols and captured weapons
>evacuate hundreds of civvies
>but get trapped in city
>the allies will come, how can they not?
>the ammo begins running low
>please god let the allies come
>they stop miles away to let the nazis finish
>the allies arent coming
>the men are being killed one by one
>the allies have abandoned us
>no surrender,
>last magazine.
>Its knowledge that soviets are killing resistance too, or sending them to gulags.
>kills self to avoid capture as nazis are only one house over hunting the remaining resistance down.
>never surrendered.

Or, atleast thats what grandma and great uncle have told me.
Puts a 91/30 bayo to shame.
My gramps used to steal butter and sugar rations from an army depot and sell them on the black market.

Helped feed his mother and sister after his dad got shot on the Isthmus.
Forgot to add. This stopped after they were assigned Russian POW's who could help with their farm work during the continuation war. After that he just sold most their own produce on the black market instead of handing it over to the army.

After the war they could afford to move to the city for jobs thanks to him.
File: 1449976279319.png (447 KB, 720x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>uprising in 1945

I sense some bullshit right here.
why would they resign? I don't understand

did your grandpa do something wrong?
The stories and information posted here are autistic works of fiction and falsehood. Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.
>Be my grandpa
>Volunteer for the Korean War
>Get turned away because of high blood pressure
>Spends the rest of his life eating steak, smoking cigars, drinking Manhattans and banging random chicks.
My grandpa wasn't a badass, but he was big pimpin.
>be my father inna US Army WWII
ja, I am an old fart. I am 64 1/2.
>joined up, volunteered for Airborne
>camp McCall then to England by ship
>tent city at Chesterfield Mansion
>jumped on DDay fairly close to objective which was an artillery park.
>never talked much about his first jump
>back to England for rest/refit
>2 combat star jump in Holland during day
>best jump he ever made, when heavily weighted bag suspended by 20' rope hits ground, he hangs in the air and slowly lands on his feet.
>traded his camo chute piece for dutch loving
>fighting in the dykes he gets mortar frag just below kneecap onna side of his leg.
>When he died in 2000 he still had a golf ball sized hole in his leg.
>I have many of his items including a signed pamphlet announcing their second PU Citation signed by his squad mateys.
>I have his original wings, and patches including 1st allied airborne.
>He hated patton who used lt cav for recon
>He hated montgomery as incompetent.
can take pics of his shadow box I put together with 48 star flag.
RIP Dad, you are my hero.
>RIP Dad, you are my hero.
this made me sad
Fucking Walloons, man.
My great grandpa was part of the Bataan Death March. You can find his name on the memorial site, but we only found out recently when we saw his name. He disliked talking about it.
not my grandpa but a grandpa I once worked with at a grocery store
>Bob was grouchy nobody liked him, he ate by himself inna breakroom at the grocery store I worked at as a sacker
>sat with him one day and found out he was a WWII pacific Marine.
>become friends, he tells me he made 3 beach landings under intense fire
>CO calls him in after the third (iwo jima) and sends him stateside with any job he wants.
>I wanna be NCOIC of the messhall at Pendleton
>he retired and went to work for Safeway.
Well, nothing big, but i think its awesome

>be my grandfather
>be on the way to stalingrad
>one of the first fights
> Big bertha ( a huge howitzer) round goes of next to him
> survive that shit like a badass
>get put into lazaret in berlin
>see that the war has no sense
> walk home to southern germany while being injured and while being searched
>be still alive today with shrapnel still in head (90y old)
>was about 17 at the time

Sadly he doesnt talk at all about that time, didnt come over it

I think hes still badass
>Bob gets called to run a till
>old time store that gives green stamps
>rings up an old lady, giver her change and thanks her
>she says where are my green stamps?
>I gave them to you
>no you didn't, you cheated me, you stole them
>I'm telling the mgr. you are stealing stamps
Bob takes three stamps, licks them and puts them on her forehead.
>gets written up by mgr and union rep
>errybody thinks Bob is awesome and he is hero of the sacking/stocking crew
>he died doing what he loved best, driving the church bus on Sunday.
>parked the bus and had a massive coronary.
So long Bob
>ISU 521
>521mm gun
Viermot Viermotor could have been an b17 or b24 or an lancaster etc., although if it was an ami than it was probably a b17.
Lift it up, duh. Junior Scouts were airdroppable and pretty light. Liberators, not so much, but you cans till pick one with two burly guys.
>higher ups
>having common sense
Unfortunately these two things don't go hand in hand
awesome thread, that one post desrcibing the plot of Hogan's Heros gave me keks.

>granpa born 1919 jew from poland
>came over to NYC age 2
>flash forward to Pearl Harbor
>granpa enlists
>US Army Air Corps
>built radios and stuff for hobby
>made air traffic controller
>went all over africa and shit

granpappy sat me on his lap when i was little and i remember a few good stories

>used to direct big ass bombers as they were landing
>bombers all shot up and on fire n shit

>one day sat in control tower at night during storm
>feet up on control panel chillin
>lightning bolt strikes tower
>fucking ball of lightning enters through window
>bounces the fuck around inside tower

>one day passenger in jeep
>algeria i think
>going around curve
>driver flips jeep
>granpappy ejected from jeep
>granpappy was ok

>used to feed monkeys that would hang around airfield and shit

>granpappy was like 5'6"
>used start fights with big ass dudes and win
>got the nickname 'spunky' from this

about all i can remember now. R.I.P. granpa. Was also an excellent wood worker and successful architect after the war. Took up drawing and painting late in life and was very good. Lived in the same apt in the Bronx for over 50 years.
Maybe not badass, but who cares.

>Be my grandpa, 19 year old conscript in the Wehrmacht ,1944, eastern front
>Be in sound ranging company attached to artillery, but rarely deploy the microphones etc because frontlines are moving to fast
>forced into infantry roles
>one day a different unit set up in a nearby farm doesn't respond on the wire anymore
>be told to check it out and given a bicycle
>casually ride down the road, see a few guys hanging out at the farm
>getting closer, suddenly notice those are not german uniforms
>russian kid who was probably a few years younger even looks at me puzzled
>I'm jumping the fuck off that bike and start to run the opposite way towards a tree line
>by now the russian officer has noticed me and starts yelling orders
>a few seconds later they open fire, but they all miss while I get away

He suspected the russians missed on purpose. They've been kids forced into military service just like him

>fast forward, january 1945, Danzig
>city is surrounded by russians already and about to be taken over
>driving in Kübelwagen, suddenly get shot at
>hit in thigh by rifle projectile that went through the door of the vehicle, start bleeding like crazy
>loaded off in a field hospital, field bed right next to the entrance
>see all kinds of fucked up shit in the next three days
>evacuation of the town is in full effect
>wounded are loaded onto trucks and brought to the harbor, loaded onto ships and then transported to denmark
>drivers come back inside and say they got room for one more
>grab me because i'm closest to the entrance
>get onto ship. it's the last one that left Danzig and wasn't sunk in the baltic sea.
>few days later, I'm in denmark and become a POW of the brits, not the russians.
>this probably saved my life

My grandpa was in the Marines and guarded train stations, bakeries, etc. in China from 1946-48. For something so seemingly boring, he refused to ever talk about his time there, so most of the family assumes that he saw some pretty fucked up shit during the civil war.
> great uncle Bert
> GU Bert before WWII worked construction and utility work and welding
> was a jack of all trades
> decides to join the marines before he is drafted anyways
> sends home paycheck to support family
> put into an Engineer Battalion
> bulldozes runways for the Navy and Marine Air Corp
> he is put on a CAT D7
> every day he gets shot at by snipers in the tree line
> if the tractor breaks down he has to get out onder fire and fix it
> only protection is a Riot shotgun and some sandbags around his cab
> fuck this
> he goes to the Navy docks and spots some 3/8 thick sheet metal
> perfect
> spends the day welding the steel onto the CAT
> creats the first killdozer
> while plowing all he hears is "tink" "tink" "tink"
> one day a Marine Major runs up to him
> "Son we need to "borrow your "Tank"
> "Sir this is a bulldozer, not a tank."
> Major: "It has treads and armor plating, that is good enough for the Marines!"
> Bert bulldozes a supply road for forward positions
> Marines were kind enough to supply an MG crew to sit ontop of the cab and provide fire support
> MG lest opens up on there left
> Bert raises the blade to shield the guys ontop of the cab
> Jap MG is useless
> Bert flattens the bunker then goes in reverse just to be safe
> continue plowing

This is like 1 of 5 stories he told me, but killdozer was my favorite.
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Fuckin based
>be my stepdad, 101st Airborne in 'nam
>inna jungle on patrol hunting Charles
>approach a clearing when tree line lights up with enemy fire
>call in air support
>Puff the Magic Dragon shows up, lights up enemy positions like the Fourth of July
>turns entire green belt into smoldering tinder

He was in the shit, so doesn't talk about the war a lot; but he always has something nice to say about those gunships. Anytime shit got real REAL hairy they would call one in and within minutes they'd have Kentucky Fried Commie.
> great uncle Bert is assigned a task
> destroy Japanese equipment
> tons and tons is cut in half or welded shut
> sees a small pack howitzer piece
> sees several machineguns
> spots acetylene torch and welder
> [brainstorming intensifies]
> Great Uncle starts cutting apart machine guns, rifles and the howitzer
> he creates a movable thrown built form guns
> has enough material to build several work benches from rifles and machine guns and weld them up
> it's his own personal chair, until some dickhead Navy Admiral has his goons steal it and put it in his ship as his personal chair.
RIP Bob. Grocery stores are interesting places to work. I had a few colleagues like that from time to time
> Great Uncle Bert is still destroying guns
> after a few week of destroying guns MP's inform him that the shed used to store the guns has been broken into
> Japs somehow broke into the wire and stole some guns
> Bert develops evil plan
> welds the barrels of several guns and a Howitzer shut
> leave them in the jungle for the Japs
> sure enough that night they are gone
> now we play the waiting game
> for the next few weeks Bert's plan works
> on several patrols Marines report finding several blow up rifles and blood
> sometimes a dead or dying jap with his face blown off
> they find the pack howitzer
> 4 japs dead, howitzer is in pieces
haha holy shit.

Eastern band here too. You live on the rez or somewhere nearby? What family name? Bradley here, Straight outta Cherokee.
Do you know what airfield he flew from? I live in Norfolk, in the UK, and there are so many old bomber airbases around here.
My Step dad's story than my dads story. Both from Vietnam.
> Working the motor pool as a mechanic and also got pulled to be a driver among other things.
> Driving in convoy. super pissed because they have to drive through a little village that has a sniper near it. The sob always shoots up our trucks but rarely hits anyone.
> They could never find the shooter so we just keep driving by this point.
> in route when the see Koreans on the road. Stop and give them a ride. Fuck ya! They can get away stuff that would put us in prison. Vietcong will leave us alone this trip with our new found Koreans.
> Driving through town. all is cool no one fucks with us. Just out of town the fucker starts shooting. We speed up to GTFO.
> A little ways down the road a Korean starts yelling so we stop. The Koreans get out, set up a mortar and start sending rounds back into the village.
> The town survived... kinda, but most importantly we never got shot at again.
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>be my great-grandfather
>be almost 20
>I've just found out the woman I love is with child
>my friends and I have a quiet celebration
>try to get news from Finland via radio after celebration settles down
>all of a sudden we hear crashes and yelling outside
>some of my friends go check it out, they are shot as soon as they step out
>Red Army troops
>we run for our lives towards the forest
>none of us make it
>we get shot in our backs
>we bleed out on the soil of our homeland
I have a similar situation with my grandpa who served in Korea. He claims he was a cook, funny thing is, he can't cook at all. He never talks about the war to anyone.
Dads story.
> when we where building a new perimeter we always left one part open.
> This way almost always pointed toward the village with the whore house.
> You have to signal the machine gunner on the way back in so you won't get shot.

2nd Dad story
> anti war hippy was drafted and was now in Vietnam. Still opposed the war and haircuts.
> Hippy has a wonderful idea on how not to fight. "If I get shot then I won't have to fight"
> Hippy shoots himself in the foot.
> Hippy gets his wish. he is sent back stateside, but goes to the military prison.
> For destruction of Goverment property (IE his foot)
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actually yeah, Kimbolton. Wikipedia says the place is a go-kart track now.

>this is the only picture I have out of a book of records until I get it to where I am now and scan it in
More stories please.
Jesus Christ, that photo.

Was he in the 91st or the 379th?
actually still have some of his personal stuff, like the squadron yearbook or some training manuals
Betrayed his country
Smh senpai
Great grandfather is one of these men. From a book written on his division by their historical committee. WW1
my Greatgrandfather didn't tell us most of this until he was on his death bed, so I don't know too much. Expect some plot holes and inconsistencies

>be in Russia
>have successful farm
>get collectivized by commies
>get pissed
>decides to participate in anti-communist activities not in the best interest of the soviet regime
>KGB gets on his trail (I know it wasn't called the KGB at the time but this is for convience)
>Him and his dad get captured by the KGB
>be 1941 fascists invade
>family buries all the money and gold that they had in the ground somewhere on their property
>Family farm gets raided by German soldiers
>great grandmother and great aunt in fear for their life or getting raped
>Germans steal and break some things
>Greatgrandfather and his dad decide to try and escape
>his dad is killed and Greatgrandfather is shot in the leg during the escape
>makes it back home
>family decides to fug this shit
>family abandons farm in an attempt to leave the country
>wonder dozens of miles through Russia
>get caught up in the front lines more than once
>drink rain water out of pot holes caused by artillery fire cause there was nothing else
>eventually end up in Ellis Island, New York
>Change family name to throw of KGB just in case
>now our last name sounds like polish crap
>establish successful carpentry business in Ohio (doesn't become a welfare leach like all these new 'migrants')
>dad born in 72'
>move to glorious Texas
>still paranoid about KGB for some reason
>gets pissed before he dies because he sees America turning into the same commie shit tyranny that he came to America to avoid
>be uncle
>drafted into navy in WW2, serve as a carpenter
>war is over
>make a desk one day, officer calls me in for something
>it's admiral fucking nimitz himself
>he's impressed with the desk I made
>thank him, he asks me to make him more furniture to send home
>tell him to get fucked, i'm not your handiman
>he says he'll transfer my ass to China and kicks me out of his office
>service ends in a few weeks anyway
>come home, lead happy life, die in 1976
Shit. Your grandpa is like 16 or something.
Remind me of this story.
>Be me living in Berlin
>Flatmates are German
>One day, my flatmates grandpa visits us.
>Chill old dude, only talks about his garden.
>Couple of days after, my flatmate tells me his grandpa was in Volksturm
>When he was 12 they gave him a Panzerfaust and sent him towards the ruskies with a group of other 12 y.o.
>Some of his friends died when the T34 made donuts on their foxholes.
>He threw the panzerfaust away and went home.
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Great gramps #1
>send family west to safety from russkie fucking shits
>burn down everything and stay to fight the oncoming horde with the rest of the men of the village
>nothing is heard from any of them ever again
Great gramps #2
>see brother get domed by a russian sniper
>mow down waves of reds with his maxim to the point he said he was yelling at them to just fucking stop coming, he doesn't want to kill them anymore
>surprise surprise they didn't stop, they just sent younger and younger guys
Great gramps #3
>nobody knows what he did in the war
>wasn't sober for a day after he got back
>was every single flavour of crazy possible
Great gramps #4
Not really bad-ass as much as war is hell (except if you're rich) desu
mother's side uncle

>army infantry vietnam
>took AK round to throat
>came home
>jumped by two dudes near a bar
>hitting him in head with a brick
>killed one of them with a swiss army knife
>acquitted of any wrong doing, self defense
not sure where he's at, last i heard he's kind of crazy and semi homeless or something
Heh. I wonder how many dinosaurs lurk here. I'm coming up on 57 next month. My dad was in the Navy in the Pacific in 44-45. Only stories he ever told were about a donkey on Espiritu Santo that drank beer and farted horribly.
Myths and legends /k/omrade.
There my be some truth in all of them but we'll never know.
Post wrinkled hands.
>betraying your country and people because some you don't like gets into power

Absolute shitbag. You should be ashamed.
Oh fuck off it's more common than you think.
it's a meme fro. a few years back
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No kidding? I'm a Reeves, mother was a Burnett. Don't let the story fool you though. Even though one grandparent on both mother and father's sides were full blooded I'm white as an Englishman. Kinda sucks tbhfam. Grew up in Haywood so just over the hill from you. Even knew a few Bradley's growing up.
>can't cook at all
Yeah sounds legit actually
Old /k/ommando confirmed

High five old dude
The way he died was pretty badass in a kind of morbid way.
>be old as fuck in mid 80s
>painting roof of barn and patching holes
Dude had a heart attack and fell off the barn
Lived and made his way to the truck and drove the the hospital in witchita falls.
Lived for 4 more days till he had one last monstrous heart attack and finally died.
My great grandmother (his wife) is still alive and she always talks to me about how much I remind her of him.

Wucking Falloons
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>Be grampa
>Be born inna country that eventually gets swallowed by the Red Beast
>get conscripted into warsaw pact army
>Unit located in a swamp near a major river
>Commander really likes grandpa's hand writing style
>Offers grandpa to become his orderly and write all his paperwork for him
>He doesnt have to crawl through the mud all day
>He doesnt have to go for long and exhausting marches
>He gets to stay all day in a comfy office and write papers
>Eats whenever he wants
>Drinks whatever he wants
>Sleeps whenever he wants
>Can have small parties and card games in the office from time to time
>Can shittalk whomever he wants and even disobey orders from low ranks

Lucky bastard. Coincidentaly his son, my father, almost had the same fate as he too was blessed with a beautifull handwriting. Unfortunately the major in question couldnt stand cigar smoke and my father couldnt restrain himself from smoking in the office so the major replaced him.
wew lad, that was some scary shit.
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Holy shit, that gave me an erection,
> be my grandpa
> run away at 15 join german navy
> ww1 starts
> in trenches as seargent
> captured by french towards end of war
> war ends
> detained as POW
> escapes
> swims across rhine river at night
> gets married, has kids
> germany goes fascism
> fuck this shit
> moves to amrica
He was 18. when he first joined he was 5'4 and when he came back he was 5'10
>Come of age just after WWII
>Sign up
>Has a special skill so is taken while the US military is drawing down
>Can type like a fucking champ
>Since he can type, he gets assigned to signal corps
>Gets stationed in the south pacific relaying messages
>Boring as fuck fleet movement and command communiques all day with the occasional personal dispatch sent from stateside
>hangs out on tropical beach the rest of the day, fishing and tanning while occasionally taking grease guns and garands to shooting range or out to the beach
>tour of duty ends
>goes into college
>few months later Korean War begins
>doesn't have to go back because he's deferred for being in college

and that's how you serve your time in comparative luxury
My grandpa was no badass, as he serviced electronics at an army depot here in the states during WW2. BUT he did manage to improve a bombsight enough that the army gave him a $20 award.
i dont understand

>Great gramps fought in the great war. No son of his is going to fight in any war.
>Gramps is 14 and wants to sign up. Constantly tries to get his parents to lie about his age.
>Gramps wants to join Marine Corps.
>"Fuck no son."
>Wants to join the Army.
>"Hell no son."
>Wants to join the navy.
>"Naw dawg, just naw."
>What's left?!

Motherfucking Coast Guard.

>"Oh yeah that'll be fine son!"
>Fast forward a couple years...
>Shoots down some Planes from an LST.
>Goes ashore, shoots japs.

tl;dr - Gramps tries to enlist before he should in the safest service his parents will allow. Ends up fighting at Iwa Jima.

>great grandpa serves in NRA in chink civil war
>NRA is BTFO by commies
>great grandpa surrenders to commies because no ammo, no food
>commies let him go
>gets shot during cultural revolution
come on people post more stories
kek a friend of mine's gramps made fortifications or some shit in the Algerian War. I have no stories because he's batshit crazy now and I can't tell if anything is true.
My grandpa never shared shit, but I know he still had nightmares years later. He served in Italy and France, I know that much. He was shot twice, once in the ass, which he recovered from just in time to be at Omaha the day after D-Day, and took a bunch of shrapnel in the thigh, which ended the war for him. I also know he was a BAR gunner, and had a Silver Star. No real stories though, except he said he liked England and their breakfasts.
Jesus christ, I thought that was a picture of a boy scout troop at first. fug m80
My grandpa never really told me much about his time in the Navy during Korea, other than he joined at the ripe age of 17 right after WII came to a close, he was put on the Leyte, saw some planes crash in the water, and that he hates gooks.
Pic is grandpa at unkown age
He's a good looking kid.
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