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Range story time
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Derp range story time please join in!
>at NAR range
>Guy next to me shooting glock
>jam o matic.jpg
>try's to clear jam
>pushing and pulling on slid
>2-3 minutes later takes magazine out
>clears jams
Round two of same gun
>me shooting
>Hear the range master yell stop
>look around
>Running towards me
>Stops same gun next to me from shooting
>he has his hand on the top of the slide
>he gets a long talk about how he should hold a gun
Not a fan of the Glock, but... the fuck? How do you jam one and what conceivable malfunction could make removing the magazine the remedy...?
Probably limp wristing.
>People next to me shooting a hand gun at what looks to be 3-4 yards
>point blank
>Hits all over the paper
>45"H x 35"W taget
Round three
>guys son appears
>#rocken the sweet pants
>Picks up glock
>shoots as fast as he can
>At day use range (free and awesome)
>Two vets shooting, one glock one 1911
>Basket ball sized groupings at fifteen feet
>Snicker and pull out Dan Wesson
>They see me looking at their targets, get all bro machismo mode
>Smile, aim at 3x5 index card sized chunk of paper targen that got blown onto the 100 yard berm by wind
>Call the shot, press the boom button
>It vaporized in a puff of dirt
>Fucking walking shot, no way I could do it again
>Their face when
>at indoor NAR again
>kids walking around
>that's cool but... Are you even 8
>checking in
>kids walks out of range though sound doors
>walks though wrong side
>both doors still open
>lobby is full of ear killing sound
Part two
>look at sales guy
>he runs to yell at dad
>comes back you ready?
>I'll wait till they leave fuck this
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I ever tell the story of how I almost killed a kid?
>at range
>handmade. Sandbags, steel targets. Not too pretty bad.
>all the set up targets like bottles or cans are knocked down or broke
>everyone starts setting up new stuff
>range is clear, 2-3 other people and I start shooting again
>some kid starts yelling
>stop shooting
>look around
>kid is hiding BEHIND THE SANDBAGS
>he was going to get his half-ful soda someone set up to shoot at
I can't believe the kid lived
At out door range
Best day to shoot
Few people there
Man shooting a ..44 magmum
Man hands ..44 magnum to his GF/wife
She fires gun... Drops it on the concrete... Walk over lol you ok? Guy picks up the gun the blued finish has huge gash in it... His face..
>be a range
>get shot
Guy with akimbo 1911s.
He miss his foot by less than 6 inches
I left.
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> 2nd time at a range ever, be newguns.
> Nice outdoor range.
> Mexicans setup a few tables over.
> /k/ sets up to my left with mosins.
> Ceasefire is called.
> 25 seconds after the ceasefire call a hipoint carbine to the right of me goes off.
> RO asks what went wrong and why they fired.
> "I was just making sure it was clear."

The shit these range officers put up on a daily basis has to add up over time.
Do I look like a massive faggot when I shoot as fast as I can with my handgun?
Sometimes I just like watching all of my money fly downrange without caring where I hit the target.
If it was her first time shooting, then this asshole deserved it.
My cousin Corey was dating some guy in Sacramento back in the 90s.
One day at the range he turned and shot someone else and then shot himself in the head.
What a fucking moron, Jesus.
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>Go to range
>Range is owned by military base
>R.O. Is power tripping screaming ivegotsomethingtoprove hardass
>Rules are guns stay on bench, no guns behind yellow line
>Not allowed near bench during cease fire, must stay behind yellow line until all guns are checked
>Put backpack with drinks, targets, oil, cleaning stuff ect on bench behind yellow line
>Put gun on bench, wait for cease fire to put target out
>Cease fire starts, it's 97f, mid summer, reach to my backpack on bench in "safe zone" behind yellow line to get sierra mist out of the water bottle bungee thing on the front
>Hear whistle and man screaming so hard he starts coughing
>I'm just picking up a drink
>I'm getting a drink, its a fucking backpack, there's no guns here, it wasn't even IN the backpack
>File complaint, people in lane next to me also file complaint because they are in shock at all the swearing he did in front of their kid
>Get apology letter from range saying there is absolutely no rules that says I can't have a bag or touch it in the yellow zone, and that it's even common for people to do so. Says R.O. has been released for "multiple incidents".
>Get 50% of range time, unlimited for 2 years
>Desk lady tells me weeks later he was some crazy ex drill sergeant or something who couldn't get it in his head you can't treat civilians like soldiers.

So yeah, I got kicked off an outdoor range for getting a drink. Now I get a lane for $3.50 and $1.50 per extra hour for 2 years.
>Work security
>Qual twice a year
>Coworker has a jam EVERY FUCKING TIME
>He blames the gun and ammo
>No one else ever has a jam while shooting his gun.
>Watch him shoot, recoil nearly flips the muzzle back at for ever shot.
>wonder why it doesnt jam with ftf more often.
By "bench" in safe zone, I meant picnic table, not the lane bench you're banned from. For clarity
>Shoots as fast as he can.
TRAIN like you fight
>wanting to try my new USP .45
>take my friend and my greasy lazy weeb cousin as well
>friend has a 1911
>weeb cousin rarely goes with us
>take them to free public outdoor range
>I'm doing decent with my USP
>reloading my clipazines at the truck
>weeb cousin is firing 1911 one handed at stack of two boxes
>boxes are 5' tall by 1 1/2 - 2' wide
>weeb keeps missing hitting ground on either side of box stack
>I stare glad it's not my .45 he's wasting
>he notices turns his head to look at me
>fires again trying to be badass without looking down range
>a part of me dies

Anime is a hell of a drug
Stovepiping. If he doesn't take care of it, then the slide doesn't cycle all the way and round gets stuck in the extractor. You have to re-rack the slide and you have a round chambered so you need to drop the mag.
>at indoor range
>having a good time since I'm the only one in the bay
>guy walks in with his wife and daughter
>teaching them to shoot
>puts out one target with several targets on it at 2 yards
>he starts shooting and explaining what to do, how to hold
>starts shooting at the bottom target
>bullets start hitting the floor
>go over to him and explain that he is shooting the floor
>gets all uppity and tells me im just a kid and to fuck off
>he keeps shooting and hitting the floor
>RO walks in and I wave him over
>explain what he is doing, luckily the guy didn't see the RO and keeps shooting
>RO calls cease fire and starts yelling at the guy
>Turns out he damaged the floor
>Had to pay for damages
>RO gave me a free range day for telling him, complimented my webley
>RO and I became range buddies, had foursome with guys wife and daughter, we even touched tips
>Shoots as fast as he can
>I do this sometimes just to vent off steam.

I'm slow enough to make sure I'm always on paper, but I go super maximum power trigger fuck mode
>had foursome with guys wife and daughter, we even touched tips

All these stories make me legitimately afraid of/disgusted by the notion of going to a public range.
Which sucks because I'll be innacity in about a year (hopefully) and don't know where the fuck I'll be able to shoot.
And that's why you always critique broshooting at the range
Which city? East coast? You might have to drive a bit to get to a good range but its worth it IMO.
I like magdumping, but not at ranges. I only go to ranges if I go with new people so they feel safer.

Checked as well senpai
I saw the same thing happen but they had a laser sight so I'm not sure what their problem was
I just returned a laser site on my pistol. It made my aim atrocious.
>at range, new to shooting
>slow day, only 1 other person shooting
>first handgun 357 magnum cause why not
>know to never put finger on trigger unless ready to fire, never have the muzzle in any other direction than downrange
>terrified of getting ejected due to lack of firearms knowledge
>not very good at actually shooting
>RO decides to take the time and give me lesson on proper grip, stance, and reloading techniques.
>"normally we charge for this but this ones on the house"

Everything went cool until some dude showed up in the lane next to me with a NFA Mac11 and did a full magdump, scaring the shit out of me while also destroying one of the target carriers.
I hate to admit but im one of those guys.
being a novice is a bitch. I expect that bullet to go where the sights are aligned up, but I keep tensing up and gripping harder in anticipation of the recoil.

If I can put 100 shots at 5 yards within the colored target area I consider that a victory.
>The shit these range officers put up on a daily basis has to add up over time

This right here. And people wonder why RO's are all assholes.
they are actually pretty easy to jam if you arent holding it tight. a loose wrist will make pretty much any semi jam but glocks are maybe easier because of their lightweight polymer frame
>being on /k/
>not being able to put ten magazines into a dime at 500 yards one handed

I don't believe it
>range is clear
so in other words, range wasnt clear? did any shots go near the area where kid was hiding? who the fuck was his parent and why wasnt the parent accounting for him?
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please validate my shittyness
File: 1439844760808.jpg (45 KB, 603x398) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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You seem to be perfectly capable of putting your rounds in the middle, but for some reason, you seem to shoot all over the place, as if you didn't care.

Looks like a trigger pull problem to me.
>when a kid gets shot
>when a kid takes his parent's guns and shoots a bunch of people
that was at 25 yards? if so thats pretty good honestly, i doubt most of /k/ could hit that at the standard pistol range of 15 yards
.357 magnum out of a 6 inch revolver. This is like the 3rd time ive shot. I'm probably gonna start shooting .38s until I get the hang of it.
no, i think the question is always OMG WHERE WAS THE PARENT

who the hell takes a kid to a shooting range and then loses track of him during the process of changing targets?
How old was the daughter? 13?
Well, goodluck.

Id post my targets, but i cleaned out my truck 2 days ago.
This. Fatigue? Lack of attention?

Looks like you're on the right track at least.

Remember, practice doesn't make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect. If you find yourself losing focus, do something else. Don't just keep wasting ammo. It's really easy to fall into the trap that as long as you're putting rounds downrange, you're improving...but if you aren't actually putting the effort in then at best you're getting nowhere and at worst you're harming your skills.

Practice trigger control and sight picture at home. Use snap caps and just practice (in a safe direction still) against a wall in your room every day.
pretty good for 357. what revolver model? 38s are easy as hell to shoot out of a steel full sized revolver, you will love it. try mixing up 357 and 38 in the cylinder as a drill to practice controlling your recoil flinch
no, thats just what the target is called. this was probably at 5-7 yards
I'm so fucking jelly or you has guns

I went to a range in Vegas on holiday and shooting was the most fun shit I've ever done. I shot a 1911 , Mp5 , M16 and an AR15 ( I think )

I wish I could just go to a local range and shoot shit. The range guy was cool too , was super enthusiastic and was probably overdoing the whole MURRICA YEAH GUNS angle because he saw we were tourists but still 10/10 experience
Thanks, Ill be sure to try that.

ruger security six
well its not terrible, especially considering you are a beginner and were shooting a higher recoiling round like 357. i think youre on your way, just keep practicing, youll get used to the trigger pull. focus on having a good stance, 99% of the people i see at the range (beginners or not) have improper stance, they are fighting their own balance. its an easy mistake to make because unless someone is watching you, it is easy to fall into a bad posture without noticing since you tend to be focusing on the target
come to america anytime, what country are you from?

>at range with pops
>pew pewing after waiting in line for a lane
>enjoying ourselves
>paper is out to 25m for giggles
>guy next to us has target 5 feet in front of him
>holding a hi point sideways
>every shot is into the dick of the target
>it is a 1" group though
>complient the melinine enriched gentlemen on his groupings
>no it isn't a bad group my friend
The caliphate of britbongistan

I fully intend to. I know America has its problems too but as soon as I finish my masters I'm going to look to try to move to a rural state and settle down/start a family
any videos/images for proper stance? Gun ranges have the problem of a lot of outdated information being sold as factual. People still teach weaver stance like it's a good idea.
Godspeed anon
i think you guys can get shotguns and some bolt rifles without too much trouble right? better than nothing and still fun for target shooting

people dipping their head down is probably the most common mistake i see, and i am a victim of it myself from time to time. you always want to bring the gun UP to your line of sight, not compensate by moving your head forward/down
You're jerking the shit out of it. Sometimes you don't and hit the middle.
Brosef, you have a fine revolver, take good care of it.
Jerry michulic "s&w billboard" has a video on youtube.
No way this happened.
I dont think its possible, but somehow, i think you may be telling the truth.

happened indeed. IT was opening day for the new indoor range and we went to show support.

I got a free leopold hat while waiting in line.

The black guy was having a really good time, we watched him on the archery range and he was actually really good. Still almost felt bad he paid full commiefornia price for a fucking high point.
I can draw a 5 2 inch circles and put the target at 25 yards and get 3 out of 5 bullets in the circle is that good? I did it with a 1911 the other day.
Are you shooting in DA or SA?
What a stupid fucking asshole. I hope the crown got gashed and ruins the accuracy.

You draw a 52" circle?
At least now you're partially weapons trained. Feel free to murder our police force in cold blood because you think their guns make them violent.
2 inch circle x5
This thread almost makes me miss living in New York. I had a 100 yard range in my parent's back yard and a 300yard range out in the woods. It was great because it was just me and occasionally my friends. Never had any close calls.

Now I live in Denver and well, things are different. Having to share a range with the general public sucks.

The worst I've seen was some middle aged guy showing off for his family...
>at 100 yard rifle range
>each lane has a bench and a window that is only about 18" tall
>obviously designed for shooting while seated
>Mr. CoolDad with SKS wants to show off for kids
>shoots SKS offhand
>dis nigguh is crouching because the window is too low
>RO comes over and gives him a talking to

It's scary because people just don't fucking think.
Gun ownership is the sign of a free society. Leave that eurocuck shithole before you get gangraped by a muslim, or murdered by a muslim, and come to america.
this whole issue with refugees in Europe has made me appreciate having Mexico bordering us.
The whole issue with refugees in Europe has made me appreciate only having America bordering us
Thank you for protecting us, America-san
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>nofuns Dutchfag never held gun
>go clay pigeon shooting
>some /k/nowledge from this chinese cabbage forum
>do pretty good
>mfw RO has to stop dad from muzzle sweeping me as he turns to say something

t-thanks dad
>>dis nigguh is crouching because the window is too low
whats wrong with that though? I can't imagine its unsafe, just uncomfortable for the guy plinking
Be me inn a shothing range that is pretty much a tunnel but it only goes a hundred yards into a mountain floor was concrete so the echo was beyond belief and i was shooting my glock 19 and the guy next ro me was shooting a 357 mag 1911 and I finished shoting and packed up and started to walk towards the bomb shelter looking doors with a small one room building right next to the opening and the kid(with Down syndrome) of the guy with the 1911 peeks his head out just as he gets his head out the door the guy with the 1911 fires off a round and the kid jumps back in the room and falls flat on his ass. Then i walked outside and laughed my fucking ass off.
>the kid(with Down syndrome)

That was you wasn't it?

Have you ever heard of punctuation you fucking retard?
>go to indoor range to shoot new 22
>see a lanky fellow get turned away
>range has a no singles policy for gun rentals
Memes have become reality.
Sorry for the shitty English im not a native English speaker.
>Be me inn a shothing range
Off to a good start, anon
You're right handed, and are exerting too much force when squeezing the trigger.

Work on properly supporting the piece, as well as practicing follow-through.
too soon
>this weekend
>wife's little brother visits, 12 years old
>has expressed interest in shooting
>only exposure is from video games
>spend a night going over the different firearms in my collection with him
>go to local range next day
>set up firing point and give him safety talk
>get him ammo can to sit on, get him comfortable behind 10/22
>keeps phsyching himself out
>after 10 minutes, take his hand and place finger on trigger with mine over top
>breath in...breath out...squeeze for him
>110% improvement
>blasts away the rest of the magazine
>load more him, blasts those off
>he's pumped now, ready to try M14
>its heavy for him, so tell him to hold it at the hip, raise to shoulder and fire
>raises a couple times to get comfortable, then fires his first shot
>a bit much to shoot comfortably, so skip my No5 and move to 870
>tell him after he fires his first shot, he can destroy a frozen 2 litre of water
>gets a good stance and BAM
>ready for more, put bottle out
>destroys the fuckin thing
>move back to finish with my M&P9
>show him proper grip, and simple operation
>put out another bottle at 25 yards
>peppers the area and gets a handful of hits
>overall very impressive for a first time shooter and remembered to always be safe

After seeing how well he did, next time he's visiting I'll be inviting a couple friends along so he can try some other toys out.
Did your wife give you the sex for making her brother happy?
Don't you get smelly Greenlanders rafting over?
>recoil nearly flips the muzzle back at for ever shot.
>> recoil
You mean flinch, bro.
Coincidentally, yes.

He was downstairs cleaning the 9mm.
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>at range in canada
>normally empty, with wife zeroing in our VZs and shit
>few soldiers there, keeping to themselves and being respectful, handling guns well
>no problems
>pickup truck pulls up
>a dad and 7 native underage kids of his pile out
>a few of them go set up spotting scopes, load up rifles etc
>they claim literally every free bench with all their shit
>range clear, we go down to patch our targets with the soldiers
>halfway through patching the target my wife taps me on the shoulder, she's white as a sheet
>that native fuck gave a 3yo a rossi ranch hand, kid walked down to targets with his dad. Has the fucking gun pointed at me
>3 of his other kids have pistols and are coming down range to set up targets
>waving pistols everywhere, ready their weapons
>my gun, my wifes gun and the soldiers guns are on the benches where they should be
>we immediately tear our target down and gtfo
>pack up our shit as the other soldiers are
>as we're loading things in to the car we hear someone fire and a bunch of screaming
>we kek and burn out of there

fucking natives
>Go to indoor range in new town I moved to for first time
>with Tsgt bro who brought like 15k worth of firearms with him
>bring wife, whos never fired a gun before
>carefully instruct her on how to hold and fire gun, how sight picture looks, etc
>she loads .22 1911 clone, racks slide, doing fine
>immedatly braindumps everything she was told, aims it like its a shotgun
with front sight post only
>puts holes in card board backing of target, like 2 feet above where actual target was
>more than likely shot roof of range
>20 mins later, im shooting my regular 1911
>RO walks over, sees holes in backing way above target
>yells at me

RO is mad cool old dude (like 80) that talks about how isis is fucked every time he checks that everyones weapons are clear during cease fire. I think he has since figured out I didnt shoot the roof, but my wife did.
I'm glad to say I've never seen a chug at the range in Brandon. Mostly other soldiers I know, or older gents, or the odd guy/gal that is the guest of a member.

Even at the busiest hours there's often open benches.
Yeah, gonna be innaAtlanta (inb4 shooting practice in the streets)
Who the actual fuck names their child 'Jeron'?
Dude, Atlanta exists in Georgia, one of the most gun friendly states on the face of this planet. You'll be ok, just don't live in the middle of dindutown.
You look just fine if you land all your shots where they're supposed to be. Otherwise, yes, you do look like a faggot.
>take friend to range
>he knocks a rifle off the bench onto the concrete
>it was loud
>people saw
File: 1411770535140.png (79 KB, 269x294) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Good fucking shit komrizzle
Gun friendliness wasn't the question
Does reading comprehension just not exist in (the current year)?
Yea he wants to be able to go to range and have a good time. Gun friendliness is a big deal because better gun laws = more ranges.
>At out door gun range.
>Love guns a lot.
>I had my g3, 4 AR's, and my new FAL.
>Trying to sight in my FAL when a depressed looking father, his son, and his sons girl friend come in.
>His son is one of those annoying shits that always wears button up shirts, slicked hair, beige american eagle jeans, and $700 dollar shoes.
>The kids GF looks like one of those girls on instagram that beg for attention and post selfies every 7 minutes.
>"Connor, I need to teach you how to shoot because when I pass away, YOUR getting my guns."
>Kid rolls his eyes and says "Fine, what ever dad."
>His dad pulls out a garand from his case and sets it up.
>Lil' Fuckboi gets adjusted and asks his GF to record him.
>First shot almost knocks him on his ass.
>Kid clutches his shoulder.
>He threw it on the ground and walked out, trying to fix his hair back, while dragging Bimbo Mc' Selfie by her arm.
>Father looks like hes on the verge of breaking down.
I felt really bad for him. I would have beat the shit out of him if it was my kid.

Actually, in the interest of not being a douche despite your 'lel reading comprehension' remark, I'll explain a little more. NJ sucks for gun owners. The best outdoor range I can go to is in PA, 1.5 hours away. If I wanted to use the one range remotely near me (outdoor) in state, I need to do a ton of stupid shit, pay $250 for a member pass, have a bunch of flags and other nonsense on the gun when its not loaded, be limited to 2 rounds at a time, and from what epople have said on google-reviews, deal with cops hanging out nearby taking down plate numbers. Fuck. That.

I'd kill to live in Georgia.

Now I feel sad. Thanks, asshole.
You should have walked over to the Dad and said "I'll be your son at the range if you'd like."
That kid deserves a slap in the face.
If you got the cash, pretty sure you guys have that straight pull bolt AR that sells for FN SCAR price, but legal.
Not a derp story but I was expecting a shitty time not an awesome time
> be me 21 at free outdoor range shooting my 92a1 at 30 yd soda cans, doin pretty good.
> group of GIs show up with highschool bimbos and start shooting a mix of .22s and .45s at 5 to 15 yard targets. Not doing very good. I hear " M9s a shit huehue" then the guy tries to match what I'm shooting at.
> complete ass of himself 107.5 MOA.
> every goddamn time.
> wild subaru appears and a lanky hipster looking kid gets out with gramps and pick the bench between me and the other group.
> herewegoagain.jpg
> gramps pulls out a genuine FA MP5 and begins to instruct the kid on how its used.
> jaw on the floor.
> bopbopbop, bopbopbopbop, bopbopbop.
> All eyes on gramps.
> GIs " that's so cool we trained on those in basic a couple times" "is that legal?" " can I shoot it please please"
> gramps says sorry he only brought limited ammo and cleaning is a bitch.
> gramps let's the kid shoot. Kid can't keep it under control. Launches a few up and over the berm.
> me and gramps end up talking about stupid import/export laws, how long he waited on his NFA stamp and how he wanted to make it into a MP5a5.
> casually say I've got some extra 9mm and would love to give it a try.
> hands me a mag and says "holds 35 load'er up"
> tell him "that is the single nicest thing anyone has ever said to me"
> fire a few on semi auto to get a feel
> lol Okay now for fun.
> dump 30 rds into a pie pan at 25 yds on FA
> GIs faces, why teh fuq?
> kids face, how teh fuq?
> gramps face, damn proud son.
> leave with my new grandpa and leave his dissapontment of a grandson at the range.. I wish.
>at range dinking around with micro-compact carry pistol
>doing meh, gunistoosmall.jpg
>get bored, do a SINGLE magdump at 10m
>everyone's face when
>still actually hit silhouette with all shots
>30 second lull
>everyone else magdumps too
>mfw what the fuck
>guy next to me shooting 20" A4 clone
>at 5m
>missed every...single....shot
RO, who I know in passing, asked me to to magdump again because apparently everyone else is "monkey see, monkey do" and he watched a couple hundred rounds sail over the berm from the other retards
Taurus TCP.
>inb4 Taurus
It was free
File: 1430032144465.gif (4 MB, 320x240) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
4 MB, 320x240

I wish I had a badass gramps. I guess you have to have a dad first
I've seen that alot at the range I frequent. It's usually chill but if there are groups of native men or groups of GIs there, there generally is a bunch of shit talking, dick waving and, mag dumping.

Did get to see about 15 people dump into the same tv at the same time. Have to say it was pretty badass.
i own a tcp to. i find them better than rugers. "Taurus a shit" is just a meme.every manufacture has their ups and downs. atleast they didnt sell out like Remington. thye jsut decided to move outside the box.
>buy a new gun
>buy ammo
>go to local range
>get told that I can't use their services
I'll never did get to practice with my flare gun...
Oh how I loved the look on people's faces when I belted out 32 rounds of 9mm out of my friends MP40. I waited until everyone was on a reload though.
Gift from a friend.

I also have an LC9, and the LC9 is -definitely- a better gun. Sadly it doesn't fit in my pocket, which is the whole reason I kept the TCP.
Blucore Shooting center?
If recoil is the issue, it wouldn't hurt to get a .22 to just refine the technique. 9/10 i take someone new shooting they enjoy the .22 more at the end of the day, and I can usually get their technique to be half decent.

>le glock jamming meme
early gen 4 9mm's had cycling problems due to the spring. was resolved pretty quickly and is an easy & cheap fix if you have one
OOH! i can participate!
>be me, [current year], just built first AR
>been making friends with manager at local funs store. bretty cool guy for a heeb asshole.
>take fiancee to range we've been to once before. where said jew goes every week.
>i'm sighting in new toy, let girl run amok with sig i showed her how to use
>slide catch
>mag release
>she's popping off caps like i don't need to worry about her.
>girl comes and says she's broken pistol.
>she loaded clipazine backwards.
>motherfucking BACKWARDS.
>literally cannot even.
>she loaded clipazine backwards.
It's okay. ATF agents do it all the time.
I did this once when I was a teen. I actually felt retarded.
>not doing one handed look back drills

It's like you don't even want to be an operator.
File: DSC_0410.jpg (464 KB, 2000x2000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
464 KB, 2000x2000
>go to range
>shoot my guns
>converse with others
>go home
>take buddy shooting for the first time
>semi-busy day. about 6 guys there (indoor range)
>tell him "if anything happens to the gun and it won't fire put it down and i'll take care of it"
>step back to observe
>limpwrists gun and gets a stovepipe
>holds gun about waist level
>turns and sweeps entire range stopping with gun pointed at my gut with a "what the fuck?" look on his face

god damnit tony
is there more to this? link?
Mormons apparently name them jeron
>pack up guns
>drive a single minute to our farm/slaghill.
>shoot funs
>go home
Are you anticipating and correcting for recoil before it happens?

Try pulling the trigger slower, it'll help catch yourself anticipating and it'll help keep you from pulling up your dominant side
>Shooting with brother
>He's a hot shot attorney, that makes too much money
>Says he will give me $500 if I can bulls eye a target at 25 yards using my P245
>Take the shot
>bring target in
>My face when I did it
I really wish I could have adopted him. I was going to ask for a phone number and try to become pals with him but I figured that would be to pushy and I should be happy with what I had.

> I was more nervous about asking his number than any girl I've asked out in the past 5 years.

@1:15 ATF "Special Agent" tries to put an AR mag backwards

Your taxpayer's dollars at work, Ladies and Gentlemen.
>I really wish I could have adopted him.
If grandpas can be adopted, I call dibs on Hickock45.
>affirmative action hire

He didn't accidentally shoot anyone like this affirmative acting hire government agent so that is a win.

>at range with buddy
>only other people are at complete other end of range so not really getting bothered
>out if nowhere hear "RAPID FIRE!"
>dyel bro with other group starts shooting an ak as fast as he can with horrible form
>around 12th shot he loses balance and hits the ground
>rifle pointing in our direction, his finger still on the trigger

Only other issue I ever had was done douche ro yelled at me for putting my gun down too hard on the bench "because it might misfire". Not only was it a hammer fired gun, it was fucking chambered
how big was the bulls eye?

>black dude enjoying himself on the archery range

This makes me happy
File: 1435348314297.jpg (162 KB, 1280x931) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
162 KB, 1280x931
>"Connor, I need to teach you how to shoot because when I pass away, YOUR getting my guns."
It's always the daft cunts with the cool dads. Dad died when I was 12. I'd love to have gone shooting with him. Kid sounds like a little fucker.

Dude looked pretty cool, too.
File: Barn2.png (1 KB, 500x396) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 KB, 500x396
File: Can You Not.jpg (56 KB, 640x624) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Can You Not.jpg
56 KB, 640x624
this happened when i worked at a BSA summer camp during staff week. the RSOs were fuckin around instead of getting their area in order and started shooting the camps pistols (ruger mark IIs). one of the retards hadnt ever shot before but apparently talked a lot of shit (prolly a /k/ommando) so the range master let him do his own thing.

loaded his mag alright but when he tried to put it in the pistol he put it in backwards. when it wouldnt seat he slapped it twice, then hit it on the range bench to try and make it seat properly.
nothing we did could get the mag to come loose so the range master ended up sticking it back in the case too get fixed later. no idea what became of that pistol. a couple weeks later the range master (think he was 28) professed his love to the camp directors 15 yearold daughter and got fired.
What's the story behind this picture?
>a couple weeks later the range master (think he was 28) professed his love to the camp directors 15 yearold daughter and got fired.

...I can't even..
kek. my gf actually loaded the cartridges into the mag backwards, but that's just fuckin silly. she's not atf.
Not sure desu. Some guy on another thread it was posted in said it was Delta guys training but who knows. It's for sure old school though.
My friend did that when I took him shooting. Not sure what I think of him now.
>Robin Hood, Men in Tights
>inb4 Mel Brooks lel da Jooz
File: DSC_0169.jpg (137 KB, 800x530) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
137 KB, 800x530
>shooting in backyard with a few friends
>Stoeger coach gun with the double trigger
>friends egg me on to shoot pumpkin with both barrels
>x2 brenneke black magic magnum slugs
>shoulder bruised to hell for the next week

Don't listen to your friends.
It was a Shoot n' see silhouette. So probably about 2x3 inches.
>inna pistol range
>only a few people there, most are in the shop and not shooting
>shooting my carry
>morbidly obese man with his approaching morbidly obese son walks in
>son must be 10 at most
>don't really pay much attention to them
>as I shoot I hear a few snippets of conversation—dad's saying he's sure the kid'll do just fine, kid sounds nervous
>a few seconds later hear an enormous bang, followed by clattering and some sobbing
>RO yells for everyone to stop
>put down my weapon and look over at the hippos
>kid's head is bleeding all over the place, dad is trying his damndest not to yell at him
>a fucking desert eagle sitting on the floor

I have no idea if the kid had ever been shooting before but somehow giving a fucking 10 year old a handgun chambered in .50AE seems like a terrible idea to me. Haven't seen them at the range since.
File: Facepalm.png (7 KB, 546x566) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
7 KB, 546x566
That physically pains me.
>every shot into the dick
My sides
Reading some of these makes me miss going to the range. Currently in bed with muh safe 3 yards from me and not shot any of my guns in around 2 months. Can't wait till I can drive to actually go to the range and once i get my degree im heading to canada/ america land
Something like this. Take it slow and if you feel yourself starting to bias the shot, stop and reset. It might help to record yourself too since you'll miss a lot of things no matter how hard you focus.
Not a derp story, but I was impressed by this kid.

>At range a few days ago, only one on the rifle range, sitting on 50yard with with AR, drawing smiley faces because I've got nothing better to do, and was waiting on a buddy of mine to show up.
>See this scrawny looking nerdy kid walking towards the 50 right as a CF is called.
>Walk down range to get my smiley face and post up a new target, kid right next to me, tacks up a 1" grid target.
>Walk back, range called hot, I resume shooting but keep track of him out of the corner of my eye.
>He unpacks this absolutely gorgeous old Savage 110. Original stock, but it's been refinished by someone that knew what they were doing.
>Absolutely massive fucking vortex on top of it. 6-24x50.
>See ammo box. Hornady American Whitetail, 180 grain 30.06
>This kid is like 5'7", maybe a buck twenty soaking wet.
>Kid loads one round, shoulders it, front sitting on a sandbag. I'm just watching now.
>He leans forward, left hand laid on his right bicep, cheek firm on comb, both eyes open, staring through his glasses, finger resting gently on the boom button.
>Deep breath, in and out from him, don't even see his finger move and he's suddenly 6" back from where he was.
>Look down range and see he's about 4" high and 3" right.
>Kid adjusts scope, sends another.
>1" high, dead center.
>Hear four clicks, see him load 3 rounds, and he sends a 3shot group.
>Only one hole that I can see, dead fucking center.
>He packs up, moves to 100, my friend finally shows up, and we move on with our shooting.
I was impressed. Not only was it a nice gun with a nice scope, but he didn't flinch for an instant.
put a snapcap somewhere in your mag
you will see your hand jerking all kinds of shit, you won't even believe it
where in atlanta?
File: WP_20160111_005.jpg (2 MB, 3072x1728) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 3072x1728
>take gf shooting for her second time ever
>doesn't care for rifles
>loves pistols
>older guy shooting a few lanes down from us
>packs up and leaves about halfway through cold period
>on his way out he stops about a foot behind gf
>watches for about a minute without her noticing
>looks at me, gives thumbs up, says "Good!"
>she thought it was me until I tell her during cold period
>so proud of herself, hangs target on wall when we get home
>tfw her groups were better than mine
>pic related
File: series70nm1.jpg (202 KB, 800x533) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
202 KB, 800x533
Got one other that was pretty funny.

>Show up to pistol range same day a class in doing the range test for a CHL.
>Group of 5+Instructor, laying down the ground rules for how the range test goes.
>The group is hilarious. Older Mexican lady who flinches every time a gun goes off, two neck beards, one older guy, and an early 20's something in a visibly old leather bomber jacket and a Ruger hat.
>Of all of them, my money is on the Ruger guy.
>They all get set up, start pulling out guns. One neck beard has a glock, so does the older mexican lady.
>Other neck beard has a MP Shield, and the old guy has a Model 10 .38Spcl
>The Ruger guy though, pulls out something that made his instructor stop and tell him that cheating normally isn't allowed.
>Fucking old, fucking PRISTINE Colt Gold Cup with 185gr Exposed Lead Semi-Wadcutters.
>Test starts, old guy passes just fine, so does the neckbeard with the glock. Mexican lady bombs, and the other neckbeard with the shield missed by a narrow margin.
>Ruger guy pulls the 3 targets he used for the test down. On two of them, there's only one hole dead center of the 10point section.
>The last one, there's one, slightly larger hole dead center of the 10point section.
>Catch him before he leaves. I compliment him on his gun, and his cheating skills. He laughs, waves it off, thanks me then vanishes.

TL;DR, CHL test group shows up, and one guy decides to cheat by bringing a Match Grade 5" 1911 with match ammo, proceeds to get a perfect score where everyone else either bombed or scraped by.

Pic related, the exact model. MkIV Series 70 Gold Cup National Match.
You should probably find someone to teach the both of you how to shoot.
its not "cheating" if there's no rule against it.

i passed my CCL test with my 6" 686 and a box of wadcutters.
File: 1413859760471.gif (2 MB, 280x202) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 280x202
>using a not shit gun is cheating
Nahh, she's just learning and I shouldn't have spent the entire time doing Mozambique drills with a brand new pistol
FUCK You OP, similar thing happened to me a while back when I was shooting my glock. I wouldn't be surprised if it was me. But Let me explain to you what happened.

> I recently was getting into reloading
> Was working up a few recipes with Round nose plated bullets and Hornady Hollow point bullets.
> I was using the only gun powder I could find, hence why I was trying to figure out what worked and what didn't work.
> First recipes I found online wouldn't eject the slide, so I slowly started adding .05 grains of powder gradually.
> They worked fine with my Round nose plated bullets, the Hollow points are harder to reload.
> A few of the bullets went in too deep, not too deep but deeper than I meant to seat them.
> I didn't realize the deeper the bullet the bigger the pressure.
> When I went to shoot the reload I made it fired, ejected the case, and cycled the next round.
> It slammed the new round deep into the throat, pulled trigger, striker didn't hit the primer... tried to eject round, it was jammed.

I proceeded to try to work out the round that was deep into the barrel. Finally got it out, put aside those hollow points, and went back to shooting. Lesson learned.
File: badday.png (133 KB, 243x237) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
133 KB, 243x237
This one is all my fault
>last year
>had recently bought first AK
>it was a M70 NPAP
>take it to the range to sight it in
>300 rounds later, have a massive bruise on my cheek from NPAP bitch slap
>muzzle detent pin also managed to fall out so I had to buy a new one
I had a steak afterwards and it was extremely painful to eat
It took you 300 rounds to realize the gun was slapping you in the face?
No, but it was already bruising by the time I corrected my stance
>be Dutcfag
>no guns allowed
>only for sports
>decide to give it a try €20 range day, inc. instructions, gun hire and 50 .22lr rounds
>48 rounds hit paper at what I believe must have been a least 15m
>friend is having a harder time
>out of the 30 fired rounds only 5 made paper
>RO is telling him how to allign the gun
>he proceeds to miss
>he got 8 holes in the paper by the time he was done
how hard can it be to allign a dash between two dots?
>be small asian manlet
>go to gun range, pull out 308 rifle with a three-port brake on it
>fire a single shot, concussion is felt through the range and well into the next town
>everybody stops firing while I am firing because the sound makes them jump.
Why is it that I have 5 Glocks and only 2 malfunctions out of almost 10k rounds combined, but literally every Glock encounter on /k/ results in constant malfunctions?
i'm not a glock fan, but people like to knock the top guys

the exception doesn't make the rule any less the rule but people like to make it a big deal
I always learned to perfect form before getting fast.
If something like that happened today they would try too ban and shutdown all gun ranges.
File: funtimes.jpg (2 MB, 1423x1944) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 1423x1944
You hit the middle, cant say I did the same at 25m
Shota doujin when?

I wish I could find the story of the anon who brought his California friend out to shoot and had said friend freak out when he found out the sks he was shooting was semiautomatic.
I know there quality control went down the shitter, but what else happened too Remington as of late?
>At range with friend and friend's bro
>Few other people there
>Rage cold called, hands off the guns
>Friend's bro doesn't stop dicking with friend's gun
>Telling him to stop touching the damn gun multiple times
>Doesn't listen until old guy from other end of the range comes down and gets in his face over it
>step onto front porch
>begin shooting

I got one even better

>looking out back window towards barn
>notice deer eating the feed I put out
>took a doe with my Remington 1100 in my pajamas
>be new years
>been drinking shots of whiskey
>grab my .22 revolver and pop some off into the air in my backyard
>after a few shots, I tried to fan it, like a cowboy
>glove gets caught in between the hammer
>lower gun and struggle to get glove out
>gun goes off
>accidentally shoot neighbor's house
>the faggot calls police on
>get guns taken
>charged with bullshit charges and illegally discharging a firearm within city limits.
>have to go to court soon
Man, fuck the gun laws here. At least it was a .22 and not anything serious, holy fuck, talk about an over exaggeration.
>be american
>need car to move 500 meters
>under influence
>celebratory gunfire
>even shot neighbor's house
>I dindu nuffin!
Assuming it's at all true you deserved it.
I had this really shitty target ammo I bought once that would jam my G19 every 4th round.

The only other time I have see extraction issues are when my 8 year old nephew tried shooting it. Limp wrist city, and it jammed every time he fired a shot.
Cherry creek? If you go in the middle of the week it's empty
>take colleague to local range for his first time shooting
>he's slightly cross eyed
>almost shoots the roof
You met black robo cop.
File: Capture.png (506 KB, 754x377) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
506 KB, 754x377
Wanna hear my range story?

>finishing up a several hour range day with my brother in law, indoors
>as I am cleaning up my shit, and putting everything away, I see this early 20's guy come in with his young girlfriend
>teacup grip
>.40 s&w glock
>He begins by mag dumping into a paper target set 10 feet in front of him
>1.5 foot group
>he is jumping for joy (literally), shouting, bragging, and swinging his gun around in his right hand because one of his shots landed dead center.
>my eyes widen as he muzzle sweeps his gf like 4 times in 30 seconds
>girl has to be around 20, obviously her first time shooting
>she picks up the pistol, has awful grip (pic related)
>she takes one shot, and the pistol flies from her hand
>I am not sticking around for this shit, and start rushing to pack up my shit and leave
That's kinda depressing.
File: 1452309592056.jpg (124 KB, 619x1008) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
124 KB, 619x1008
This makes me nervous to ever go to a range.

I'm buying an AK47 as muh first gun at the end of the week. I hope I don't do something retarded to end up in one of these threads or end up shot because of a moron or yelled at by an overbearing RO.
True story

Two years ago, I was a rangerunner for a BSA Summer camp in PA. The guy in charge of the whole shooting sports area was none other than Eric Frein, before he shot those two cops. He was actually a really cool dude, and one of the nicest guys I've ever met. One day, while on the rifle range (firing the "black savages," aka Savage Mk.IIs), I was reloading blocks of ammo when Eric tapped my shoulder, and pointed to a 270lb kid holding his rifle completley above his shoulder, like a rawket lawnchair. I walked over to him, told him how to hold it correctly, but within a minute he was back to his over-shoulder stance. Somehow he managed to get all 5 rounds on paper, from 25 feet away.
>drunk at a buddy's house
> lol let's get out the .357
>fire round into the air
>first thing on the news next day is niglet killed by stray gunshot
>he lives in direction of where we shot
>later that day the 'stray bullet' was his uncle firing buckshot through the front window cuz his bro-in-law didn't pay up on some coke deal

i don't fuck around with shooting guns in the air anymore
Were you that fagget that made a thread about this story? I still hope they throw the book at you for that.
I too wonder if that guy was trolling the whole time. How did that thread end?
It was probably Jarom, he is a dude from the Book of Mormon.
>I'm buying an AK47 as muh first gun at the end of the week.
Buy a .22 to go with it, cheaper plinking and easier to learn your rifke basics
Have fun anonymous
If I ever do celebration shots or shoot in the air it would be for:
Gun has blanks in it
A warning shoot for someone before I shoot them
In the middle of fucking nowhere.
That's it.
Just him getting told and btfo by pretty much everyone while he kept saying it shouldn't have been a big deal and he dindu nuffin.
is there any evidence that these airsoft guns could be converted into machine guns?

my only guess would be using the receiver and replacing every other component
Was that the same cunt that had anger issues and a got kicked out of there conceal carry class and was threaten everyone in the thread and was a tripfag?(worst part)
Don't think so.
There was that other gem in the ihops and the guy dropping bullets in front of the guy who stole his unattended phone, then he was asking for legal advice due to being denied to leave by the manager while police was called. I think it was also posted on reddit as well.
>all hits on paper and on silhouette
>second time ever shooting
Get that stick out of your ass gayboy
> mom's also my sister
While the AK is a fine and retardedly simple gun make sure you try one before you buy one. Afterwards if you liked it get it. If not maybe pick a lesser gun like what >>28505936 said until you're comfortable, then move up.
Could be an ATV or utility vehicle. You try moving 100s of pounds of freedom, on the land you own. Oh wait you only get half an acre and only 2.7 lbs of freedom with the right permits.

A warning shot? Are you retarded?
File: 1451380092596.jpg (9 KB, 545x240) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
9 KB, 545x240
You never shoot in the air
You never point your gun at anything you don't want dead
You keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to fire
It's that fucking simple
the guy is Pat McNamara, search him up on youtube, beast of a man
I think the first one is covered under the classic "know your target and what is beyond it" rule.
You're not supposed to shine it in your eye
Jesus fuck... almost wish it had hit him in the face instead of hitting the neighbor's house.

You're right, thanks
You fucking retard. You don't play around with people's lives like that. Fuck you.
Why you call the police on yourself?
Thanks for bringing this up, I have noticed it. When I shot 6 but thought I shot 5, I line up the shot and right before the hammer drops my hands start shaking.

I just need more practice. I'll start shooting .38s until I can get the technique down.
Not a Derp Range Story, but I got a question, I was reading some of these, and I don't shoot much and I don't go to the range much but...

What's a good grouping for 30-06 at 100 yards? My dad says I'm a natural shot, because I get 1-2" groupings, is that as good as my dad says?
Pretty great m8 1-2" is good for 25 yards offhand imo so 100 even bench rested is pretty great
What does offhand mean? Standing and supporting rifle with offhand?
>have a day off
>kids are at school, wife is visiting her sister, nothing to do
>decide I'll go to my local gun range to unwind
>having a good time, doing decent groupings
>guy walks in wearing a trenchcoat
>sets up his targets, loads a revolver
>slams the cylinder shut
>spins the cylinder like he's in a fucking movie
>starts twirling the gun like this nigger thinks he's Revolver Ocelot
>physically pains me to see his gun being mistreated
>pack up and go home
Guy probably would have gotten 240/250 if he had a beat up surplus 1911a1
File: image1 - Copy.jpg (1 MB, 2448x3264) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
image1 - Copy.jpg
1 MB, 2448x3264
Will you guys give me objective criticism of my stance?
looks like you have a douchebag haircut and you're not holding it "aggressively" enough

you wanna be holding it like you're using it to push open a door
Are you wearing a chest rig at an indoor range?
Remington is shit is also le meme.
Not him but I get bored sometimes and switch over from paper targets to soda cans and water bottles to entertain me
I am ligitimatly upset
>Anime is a hell of a drug

>first time at a range
>first time holding weapon
>my brothers (ex-mil) thought they'd take me
>standing there watching them fire
>guy next to us has apparently jammed or something
>next thing I know he fires a round diagonally over our heads and into corrugated roof
>my brothers rip him a new asshole for being careless
>he calls it a day
>I call it a day and just watch
i finally have my range story.

>get to range at 10:30am on a cold monday
>3 guys in a group are there
>prepare target while they shoot
>they call cold range
>go set up target that is 16x40" with multiple brightly colored targets
>hear gunshot
>guy didn't realize i was still down range
>don't get hit and guy only fires 1rd before realizing his mistake
>no problems fro me and we go on shooting

btw, guy was a cop and his 2 buddies are military vets.
You know what to do.
>be me at range
>shooting my gats, everything is good
>middle age woman comes in and sets up shop
>hear shot
>hmmm I wonder what she's firing
>look over
>shes dead
>drinking shots of whiskey
>decide it's a good idea to operate a firearm

You're no better than a drunk driver and you deserve any punishments you receive.
Dear mother of god, the lack of punctuation hurts.
Why do people hunt with feeders? It seems like the most boring thing ever.

I understand going into the woods / stalking deer -- that sounds like crazy fun. The skill of the huntsman and all that.

But putting out what amounts to traps sounds boring as all get out.
Warning shots are illegal in my state, with good reason.
File: rifle1.jpg (150 KB, 940x400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
150 KB, 940x400
>At outdoor range having fun with my AR15
Pic related
>Guy with kid comes by and compliments it
>Say kid can handle it if he wants, maybe he plays fps games
>Kid is too shy to touch it, oh well.
Moving on
>Dude bro's beside me. One has an AK and an RFB
>Wish I could try dat RFB, but I don't intrude
>Trying to be cool with his mates
>Cease fire is called, all guns must be cleared and everyone behind the yellow line
>Dude bro goes up and touches his gun
>RO tells him to step back
>"don't worry man"
>Does this again, several times.
>Glad I didn't make relations with this faggot

Aside from that I've never had any scary range moments. Only other thing was watching an old guy struggle to swap out a glock 22 conversion kit.
First time at the range a cool half deaf RO from Nam gave me some tips on handling my AR.
You have to practice with what you wear.
File: 1452477422300.jpg (266 KB, 960x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Mfw i'm a rural fag so I don't have to shoot at a range. Also there is a range that is close to me but it has no range officer and is really unsafe. For instance this asshole was shooting an illegally converted full auto Fn fal (he was raided and sent to prison later on) but he was missing the target and shooting over the berm of the range and the bullets were impacting a house 400 yards away. Soon after the range was sued and no Full autos allowed.
File: 1451587399144.png (91 KB, 240x255) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
91 KB, 240x255

One of my life goals is to do the following:

>make life sized nude cardboard cutout of myself standing and smiling with hands on hips
>conceal in black trash bag, bring to range
>walk downrange and set up target, wait until absolute last moment to reveal it
>proceed to blast my crotch out with a look of determination mixed with anger
>speak no words, if anyone looks at me or questions me just smile real big and nod
>once crotch is completely shot out, pack up and leave with no explanation
It's people like you who flaunt their rights that truly piss me off. I can't even get a handgun and when I first got my firearms I was told "it's a privilege, not a right". Then there's dipshits like you who get shitfaced and think it's a good idea to not only endanger your own sorry ass but others around you. It truly is selfish, careless people like you that ruin good things in life for others. The only difference between you and one of the dickheads that shoot up a school is that you don't intend to hurt someone but you show the same lack of control over impulses. I don't even care if this is bait because it has more likely than not happened at some point. From the bottom of my heart, fuck you.
It's nice to have ambition, anon.

What is legal transportation of firearms, fuckwad? There's a legal difference between carrying a gun on your shoulder and stowing it in your trunk.

Even in some rural places walking down the street carrying your guns is a good way to get the cops called on you.
Well when you are hunting for food you'll want to do it the easiest way possible.

Also a lot of people will have feeders, food plots, and other such stuff simply to help the deer survive and grow big. Especially the bucks because they want to shoot a trophy.
File: 1424066059449.png (96 KB, 480x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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good job pal
File: IMG_0237.png (2 MB, 1065x902) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 1065x902
It hurts
You disgusting basque fuck.
Hunter you dumbfuck stop guessing.
Happened to me the first time I went to shoot. Turns out they've had 3 suicides on the firing line over the years. If you are noguns, by yourself and they don't know you I can understand it.
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>first time shooting a gun
>RO is an old black guy, total bro who took the time to babbysit me thru everything you need to operate a Walther P22, he even had one as his carry piece at that moment.
> the next 10 times I go to the range there isn't a RO on the range.

Did I get my first firearms instruction from an angel?
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He looks more sad than anything.

Like he wants you to shoot him.
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This is the 3rd times I went shooting after a 4 year break. I did this from 30 yards with a 92fs.
I mean 20 yards, I suck from the 30 yard line.
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> be at a range for the first time with new gun
> talk to RO
> tells me to try the gun out at the 50m range
> set everything up
> RO suddenly says to use support because we do not know where the gun will hit
> tell him that this is a revolver
> RO does not care
> shoot first round
> 75% from the blast reflects into my face
> tell RO that the blast is reflecting into my face
> ask him if I can stand up
> tells me no
> have to go through 50 rounds
> every fucking shot the blast burns on my face

I haven´t been there for a year now, because they are freaking retarded

webm related, videofootage of me shooting the carbine

and sorry for the triggerslam
it was my 3rd time shooting
>That guy checking his cc at :10
Thank you.
I do not think he´s checking his CC
He's scratching his butt
You look like you've got a chick lean going on.
Reach down and tug downwards on your balls. You'll then be in a good lean the right way.
you should be sure to leave the target behind without explaination
nah, angels aren't black...
I just want fresh venison. If I didn't put feed out I would just have to walk to my property line where the neighbor has a bunch of crab apple trees. Doesn't take much to get a deer on my property.
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Nothing shocking but the only thing i can share

>be dutchfag
>did air rifle competitions with dad
>next to our meeting room/air rifle range is a 25 meter pistol range
>go take a look there after our match was over
>first time seeing actual firearms
>old german guy waves me over
>aks me if i want to have a go in broken dutch
>shit eating grin appears on my face
>talks me trough basic safety rules which i already knew but listend carefully anyway
>hands me eyes and ears+.38 special revolver
>this is exactly as fun as i tought it would be
>suprised everyone with my 15cm group at about 12-15 meters (thanks dad for buying me a CO2 pistol when i was 7)
>can't wait to go trough all the bureaucratic bullshit to get a pistol once i have the disposable income for it
It's reading shit like this that makes me glad I was born in America.
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Yep, i envy you guys in that aspect but im rather comfortable here in my swamp and wouldn't trade it for the world if i'm honest
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