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East German Militaria
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I would like to see your DDR East German items. Posting mine.
Anything East German related is welcome, photos, cartoons, etc.
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DSCN0134 - Copy.jpg
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1.Blumentarn Jacket with pants. Earliest DDR Camo used in early 60's.
2. Raindrop pattern camo
3. Luft EM
4. Paratrooper EM
5. Artillery NCO
6. Border Guard EM
7. Overcoat with Stasi officer boards
8. Kampfgruppe for female (no breast pockets)
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1. Border guard NCO
2. Paratrooper camo uniform
3. Panzer camo uniform
4. Naval officer
5. Naval EM
6. Naval NCO work uniform
7. Early border guard officer (before cufftitle)
8. Wachregiment Friedrich Engels EM
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1. Panzer NCO with "Spiess" First Sergeant stripe.
2. NVA Wachregiment musical EM
3. Water Police
4. Volkspolizei
5. Officer dinner jacket
6. FDJ shirt
7. Officer prison system police
8. NVA track suit
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1. Early GST uniform
2. Early HBT uniform
3. Early HBT uniform
4. Officer
5. Artillery EM
6. Stasi Officer
7. Luft Officer
8. Field uniform EM
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2 MB, 2676x1780

1. Border guard officer
2. Panzer warrant officer
3. Early dark collar Pioneer EM
4. Warrant officer
5. Officer
6. Early dark collar Signals EM
7. Paratrooper NCO
8. Transportation police pilot
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1 MB, 1972x1777

1. Transportation police NCO
2. Fireman's dinner jacket
3. Soviet Tanker's uniform EM
4. Erich Weinert musicians uniform

That's most of my uniforms, but i have lots of other items, i'll post more tomorrow if anyone is interested.
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I've only got one. Well I guess tons of AK pouches also.
Oh and a bag
Nice collection OP, all I have is a raindrop pattern jacket that I'm too lazy to take a picture of.

How'd you come across all of this, if you don't mind my asking?
That border post marker sign is my East German Holy Grail of collectibles.
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Naval garrison cap
File: P1080101.jpg (2 MB, 2560x1712) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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It's going to be funny as fuck when the cops find something illegal in your house and blow up your collection. Just like that British dude
So is this related closer to a Slavaboo or a Wehraboo?

I hope youre young and still growing because holy fuck you are short

>must be over 18 to 4chan
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I've got a bunch of east German bakelites and some rain pattern stuff.
manlets, when will they learn?
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A plain hat with something else
East German tanker hat, it's made from a wax cloth.
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Nice, I'd love to have an EG Mak. How does it shoot?

I have a friend in Germany that has been selling his collection, and I've been buying it.

I wish it was in better shape, but at least I know it was used, and with no cracks or anything. At some point I'd like to get another, but who knows when that might be.

I'm not British, and I don't have illegal stuff.

Nice overcoat. I have one somewhere, but was too lazy to drag it out.

Interesting question. WWII German items are my main interest, but the prices are high, so I've started buying DDR items. I guess you could say it's a mixture of both, but more towards Wehraboo because most of the designs come from the Prussian style unlike the West German uniforms of the period. Ever the East German helmet had been designed in WWII but Hitler didn't like it aesthetically.

I remember seeing these at gun shows in big boxes for $5 a piece. Now you're lucky to get one under $25.

Very nice collection! I'm pretty sure we've talked before, again, I love the dark collar Stasi officer, early border guard EM, Generals uniforms, and everything else.
nice finger box
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OP, I have an East German radio to sell. May you be interested ?
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All I got is a strichtarn pouch, NVA Garrison cap, and an M56 helmet.
One of my favorite looking militaries, with an interesting history, unfortunately the stuff is hard to find in the US unless you go online.
I did see a full tanker uniform once, wondered why it was so small and then realized their main tank was the T-72.
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Which model is it? I might be interested if it's different from this model.
I have several of this model, plus a few other hand held ones.

Yea. I think one had to be 5'3" or under to be a Soviet/Warsaw pact tanker. I'm 5'11'' and when I was stationed at Ft Bliss I got the chance to get in the gunner's seat of a (deadlined) T72. Very cramped space, and scary with that auto loader right next to your arm.
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I have a DDR Mak, strichtarn winter jacket, combat jacket, assault pack, duffel bag, AK-74 mag pouches, a set of LBE suspenders, and an M56. I want to get the full combat complex of having both assault packs and their contents packed as they once did.

Dumping combat complex pics and info.
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>I think one had to be 5'3" or under to be a Soviet/Warsaw pact tanker.

Capitalist lies.

175cm was the height limit for people going to tank school, which is 5' 9"
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I have scant few DDR items - a visor cap cockade, a Schutzpolizei patch and a P.08 with a long service history including refinish and reissue by the East German police.

I usually keep a set of walnut grips on this pistol but here it is with the East German bakelite panels.
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> P.08 with a long service history including refinish and reissue by the East German police.

Wow, very impressive.
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I have East German jacket and pants
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>Capitalist lies.
My mistake, genosse.

Very nice, any chance of photos of the markings?

nice to see a kit layout
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VoPo Lugers don't have specific property marks, only a postwar proof on the barrel if it was replaced. The dull blue finish and grips are easier tells as to its history. This pistol was made in 1917 so the finish should be rust blued with straw small parts. The sear bar and toggle axle have been replaced and force-matched with electropencil which is another common occurrence with the VoPo's.

Here's another photo of it alongside its West German contemporary, the Walther P1.

Totally different, it's a UFT 422
>UFT 422
Yes, I have one. Still trying to make it work though.

Fuck, I swear I can't sell this shit. Do you know anyone that might be interested ?
I would put it on ebay.

Can't really bothered to, also im yuropoor
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Best belt i ever worn
2 years
Pic didnt load
Are you fucking 5'8 or something?
An interesting thing to note...

DDR infantry have two assault packs as part of their kit (Tiel I and Tiel II). One is left in their APC/IFV while the other is worn or also left inside. This is in contrast to heavier light infantry loads.
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4 MB, 320x240
I found an XL NVA uniform jacket (OR-1 rank) at a local thriftstore for $28, but skipped over it because I figured, while it was interesting, it wasn't super rare.

Did I fuck up?
I know this is more about militaria, but where's a good place to find East German AK part kits? Are they all gone now, or can you still find them from time to time?
It was around 5'9, but my parents told me stories of guys clear over 6'0 fitting in Soviet tanks.
Yea boy
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Thread images: 37
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