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Ruger general I guess
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Alright /k/, so I have a Wasr-10 (inb4 poorfag) and a friend of mine has a Ruger mini-30 that he's willing to trade for it, I know the mini-30 has problems with steel cased ammo, but aside from that are there any things I should be aware of? Is this a good trade?

pic decently related

also I guess ruger/trading general
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You will take the advice of minifags who post in this thread. You will be very disappoint, and may lose a friend.
how so? also nice dubs
All I have to say is I would rather have the more reliable gun. In any scenario. Also Ruger Minis don't have a reputation for accuracy anyways so thats not something you would be gaining.
The mini-14 is a disastrous design, defended adamantly by half its owners with cognitive dissonance, and denounced by the other half. There's a reason it has such mixed reviews.

The poor reputation is often attributed to the earlier version of the rifle with the thinner barrel, which many will parrot was fixed with the addition of a heavier barrel in the more recent line. This addressed ONE of the key issues which gave it a reputation for horrendous accuracy, and while it improved performance by no means solved it. There's a testimonial somewhere by one of the designers that some issues were just unsolvable given their budget.

The mini-30 is an adaptation of this already inferior design. Not only will you get the inaccuracy of the mini line, you'll also have feeding issues on top of it.

In short, your WASR is more reliable, can feed the steel case ammo which is most commonly available, and is likely more accurate. It's not a fancy rifle but it will serve you much better than a mini.

Since you have it available, take it shooting and see if you like it. You might get lucky and your friend has one that is satisfactory. I made the mistake of buying one blind. Never again.
Why would you bother? You're going to be paying more of brasscase ammunition, good magazines are way more expensive, and quite frankly it's a flawed design. Why on earth would you want a Mini-30 if you already have an AK?
Minis are great, and anybody who says otherwise is a weenie.
Confirmed for never having to run external op rod gun in freezing rain
>be me in southern IL
>be hunting coyotes with buddy
>starts to sleet
>walking back to house
>shit really coming down now
>le wild coyote spooks from tree line
>buddy tries to charge rifle
>nicely applied seams of ice in every nook and cranny have his gun frozen hard
>TFW you realize two grown men furiously breathing on a rifle while their game trots away must be every PETA & ASPCA members wet dream
Never again
The Mini-30 can be made to be more reliable with steelcase if you polish/smooth out the bolt-face. The hole for the firing-pin is slightly raised, get a gunsmith to polish it flat for you and it should eat steelcase just fine (I don't know why Ruger haven't fixed this themselves, it's a very simple fix).

Mini's cycle fine with factory/steel mags.
Also, the accuracy is just fine on modern Minis, Ruger redesigned it and retooled over 10 years ago, any 580 series mini will shoot just fine. I'm certain a 580 series Mini-30 will outshoot a WASR-10/63

By the way OP, don't buy old civilian market Minis, the 180 series had a flimsy barrel and less than ideal accuracy after just a mag (though there are ways to help remedy this, like AccuStruts)

>treating a ranch rifle as a trench gun
That is where you went wrong.
The Mini is as reliable as the Garand, M14 and M1 Carbine, as in, adequate if you don't plan on crawling through mudfields/sanddunes with it.
Nothing wrong with mini-30's on their own but why the fuck would you trade a reliable, functional, well reviewed gun for a crappy knockoff rebarrel that shoots the same caliber?
I'm a total Ruger shill...........keep the WASR. If anything just add an optic or a good trigger to it. The WASR is a way better fighting rifle than the Mini could ever hope to be. If you have money laying around sure the Mini could be a fun gun, but a fighting gun? No.
>freezing rain

Fairly rare here. I've used my Mini in the snow, rain, and otherwise. Never had any weather-related issues with it.
>being outside is abusing it
This is why Mini-14s are turds.
Have had both
Have traded both
Regretted trading the wasr more.
Both are very fun though.
Where did OP say explicitly looking for a fighting rifle?

This too, it'll handle rain and snow, there has to be more to the guy's story.

Who said abuse? I merely stated that the Garand action is inherently not suited for hardcore battlefield conditions, the action can not handle sand or mud well, unlike an AR or AK. It did fine in WW2 but there were better designs, the Garand would have had an absolutely miserable time in the muddy trenches of WW1, yet nobody would call it a bad gun.

That said, there are many reasons to get a gun, not everyone are looking for milspec combat weapons.
If you want a 7.62 x 39 thrower the AK is the best option. You already have one, a decent one at that.

Don't trade down for no reason.
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