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Remington 870 vs Mossberg 590
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Opinions please. Looking for general all round pump shotgun, tough as nails. Will do some PSG with it but nothing majorly serious comp wise.
If you buy a new 870 be prepared to polish the chamber, otherwise it won't reliably cycle cheap ammo.
How come?
Theres a very common manufacturing defect in new 870s. There are little nubs in and around the chamber, and shitty ammo (stuff like winchester white box) loves to get stuck on it. If it happens you will have to mortar clear the gun. Takes about 20 minutes to polish it with a dremel tool and a sanding drum
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This clears up the Mossbergs
Just get the Mossberg. In design, they're both great, but Remington has been fucking up lately.
Remington's quality control is just infinite garbage, yeah you can get an 870 with no flaws for a bit cheaper than a 590 but why roll the dice?
I got a Mossberg 500 cruiser a couple years back for about $300 and I've never had issues with it. I dropped a cheap resin folding stock on it which is also nice. Has a spiked end on the barrel (I couldn't find one without it) and it took me years before I realized the "image enhancer" the gun shop guys were chuckling about was the spiked end.
Would naïvely buy again
I'm not really saying to go either way but even if you have shitty luck with the remmington (like I did) it doesn't take that much work to fix everything.

Took me about a week and $65 in replacement parts, but now my 870 is smooth as silk and runs much better than my brother in law's stock mossy 500
Mossberg for one reason and one reason only. Thumb Safety.
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Something i saved a while back. Might be helpful.
Buddy bought an 870.
Cycling issues right out the box.
"It's a break in period"
Like 300+shells later.
Still shit.

Remingtons quality has really hit the shitter lately.
I'm this anon
And I have an 80s model mossy 500 police trade in.
Still runs perfect.
Dad bought a new 590. Superb.
Meanwhile it's known that remmington sold out to Freedom Group and quality has been shit ever since.
Literally not even an opinion.
Remington quality has definitely went down the drain after Freedom Group
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I've got nothing against Remington. I bought a remington about a year and a half ago and the quality was on par with other similarly priced guns. These idiots on /k/ that constantly spew shit about remington and their quality control haven't a fucking clue. If you see anyone repeating that drivel you should immediately discard their opinion.

On that note... I prefer the 590 over the 870... which is why I have a 590. Nothing to do with quality control. I simply like the ergos better. There are a few other design benefits IMO, but the ergos are what seal the deal for me.
As someone who has both, get the mossberg 500.
As someone who owned both, get a M37 or something of better quality. With both your going to have rust issues rightout of the box
Opinions on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xdtV8NfhrK0
A friend of mine bought two new 870's a few years apart neither one would eject shells. New 870's are dog shit i dont even think i would trust an 870p. If you really want a 870 buy a old one or just get a new mossberg.
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Meant to reply sooner.

The way I hear it from my dads' friend, who has his own wall-to-wall armory, the Mossberg comes out on top. Some 20 years ago, Wingmaster or somebody bought Remmingtons' shotguns or some deal like that, and ever since, their shotguns have RAPIDLY deteriorated in terms of quality.

The only reason Remmington is still selling is because their shotgun is VERY customizable and capable of being almost completely overhauled without professional gunsmithing work.

Mossberg, however, hasn't changed quality in over 15 years, so it's safe to assume that if it was the police favourite when the Remmington and Mossberg were presenting their M&P shotgun designs, you'll be getting AT LEAST Milspec shotgun, if not infinitely better.

Keep in mind, this is hearsay and I am not biased as I do not own a scattergun yet. Hope this helps.
If 4chan was the only place talking bad about Remington quality, you might have a point. But look elsewhere and you'll see the same thing repeated over and over again.
How can you have rust issues with a Mossberg? The receiver isn't steel, so it can't rust. But any gun will rust with improper storage.
I'd second what some of these anons are saying.

Five or more years old, literally no difference at all in quality, buy whichever one you want.

Brand new, Mossberg.


The best thing you can do is find a used 870 ringmaster or police on gunbroker. Older ones are better, but new ones are still better than Mossbergs. Don't get an express, either.

My last shotgun purchase was a lightly used wingmaster from the 70s. It was $450. You won't find a better deal on a shotgun anywhere.
With any major brand there are going to be haters anywhere. Hurr durr ford vs chevy vs dodge... the gun crowd isn't typically the smartest bunch of people either.

I see more Remington hate on 4chan than anywhere else. Half of me thinks these kids saw someone say it... and started blindly repeating it because they thought it was the cool thing to say.

Unless YOU YOURSELF had issues with a REMINGTON that YOU BOUGHT.... then you can kindly STFU with the brand h8. I'm so tired of these..."my buddy said" "my father in law's brother" "my uncles 2nd cousin" bullshit stories.
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How about one of these for $190?
I'd buy 5 more if I could find a reason to have six of the same gun. It's way better than that expensive Remshit.
As someone who just cashed a return check from Remington last week, please eat my entire ass.

>Be me
>Decide you are ready to transform into Ultra-Fudd
>Purchase a new Marlin 336 in 35 rem.
>Realize that Marlin is now owned by Remington
>Lingering dread.wav
>Take it out to the range
>Hornady rounds don't chamber
>Didn't like that shit anyways
>Remington rounds don't chamber

>Call up Marlin
>They pay for me to ship it to them for...repairs.
>wait one month
>Rifle returns!
>Rifle is covered in what appears to be paper shreds and dirt
>Stock is mounted at a 10 degree angle, screws are chowdered to shit.
>Take it out to the range
>Still doesn't chamber fucking rounds
>Call up Marlin again
>They transfer me to a specialist
>It's the fucking Remington CS number
>Spend an hour fucking around with a guy trying to tell me that failing to chamber rounds isn't that bad
>After much fuckery, he tells me that Remington's private gunsmiths will fix it.
>Mail it off again.

>6 weeks later, it comes back.
>Stock is on straight, screws replaced
>Covered in a fresh layer of ass and paper shreds
>Still doesn't fucking chamber rounds
>Call up Remington
>Get a tired sounding old lady.
>She doesn't even try to hide how unsurprising this is.
>Ship the gun back
>Get a full refund check two weeks later

Remington is shit now, everything they touch is shit now.

Old 870s are rad though.
Save yourself the heartache and by a Benelli.
>Realize that Marlin is now owned by Remington
I wanted a Marlin levergun so badly
It isn't fair
There was TIME now
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You bought a recently made marlin. Now that's funny. Eat your own ass, idiot. Yes, Remington bought Marlin. They also moved manufacturing to a place that had literally NO IDEA how to make the guns the way they were previously made because Marlin pretty much did everything via word of mouth... and remington manufacturing couldnt just magically recreate this tribal wisdom.... and therefor churned out a whole fuckton of shitty marlins.... and it sounds like you yourself bought one and didn't do your research.

Sorry about your luck, chief.

>Remington is shit now, everything they touch is shit now.

My R700 purchased a year and a half ago shoots close to 1/2 MOA bone stock with factory ammo. I've got it to shoot a little better with hand loads. Not a single issue, although I have plans to upgrade the trigger and the rubbermaid stock (which is why I got the R700 - ton's of aftermarket support).
Glad you got a nice rifle, what caliber is it in? I have an older R700 is 22-250, and it is excellent.

Anyways, you are correct, I should have just bought an old one to start with, which is what I eventually did.

I had just hoped that after 6 years or whatever of owning Marlin, Remington would be able to build a rifle that literally has a small handful of moving parts. Apparently, that would cost money, and the freedom group is not about parting with their shekels.
I bought a Marlin Xt about a year ago and it's excellent, and I still want an 1885 lever gun despite what people say. I haven't noticed any bad things about Marlin
Yeah, it's an unfortunate situation. I thought they were getting the issues worked out, but I have no idea. I wouldn't be surprised if there are still fucked up "new" marlins in circulation.

Rifle that shot the above is an sps tactical in .308.
saw off to permitted lengths, stash around house. work forward/backwards through the gun fight, never have to reload, have six more in the bunker for the same price as another gun and call it good.
500 barrels are steel and can rust
not excessively or anything just a normal amount compared to other blued guns when improperly stored
if you leave it alone in a humid environment it happens
i thought i was paranoid.

fucking /k/, dont ever change
Convenient button locations? Ease of modifying, disassembling, and cleaning? Can you ghost load it? If you feed it nothing but heavy slugs for a few thousand rounds will it still be reliable and not deformed?

These are the questions one must answer!
Implying ANYONE on this board will put thousands of any type of round through a shotgun.....
A perfectly functioning 870 still uses a springloaded elevator instead of a slide actuated elevator.

Don't get me wrong, my most cherished shotgun is an 870 (specifically a pre-ventrib 16 gauge Wingmaster), but I cherish it because it's my grandfather's gun and the gun I shot my first deer with, not because it's an 870.

The shotgun I bought myself was a 500.

I would if I could.

I've only gotten to shoot actual guns a few times, but I'm a decent shot.

Is felon nao.

And I've bitched and complained so loudly I'm probably on every watch list.

Gun store worker fag here. You are a fucking moron if you buy anything made by Freedom Group. When my boss isn't around, I try to talk every single person out of buying a Remington that I can.

Personally the last two Remingtons I've had have had to go back to the factory (I wouldn't have gotten the second one, but a buddy gave it to me as repayment for a debt).

New Remington = fucking shit tier
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Mossberg safety is right on top, easily accessible by thumb.

Also, the slide release is behind the trigger... the 870's is in front... I feel like having the release behind the trigger is 1. safer 2. easier to access.

Source: I went trap shooting last week with my mossberg 500, uncle's 870 and cousin's 887.

My was much smoother, had less issues cycling shells (none compared to a few they had), has double bead sight unlike the 870's single bead sight, which I felt helped me to acquire my sight faster - also, the 500 package I bought at my LGS came with a pistol grip, full size stock, 28 and 18in barrels...

It was ~$320.. not sure how much an 870 goes for.
>When my boss isn't around,

Say no more, you autistic little shit..

Only con I can come up with is that the forearm wiggles a little bit and it bothers me. I read up on it and apparently it's a "feature" - supposedly, this allows for the pump action to work when encountered with dirt/grit/grime.

So that's up to you to consider.

>implying working at a gun store doesn't automatically qualify you as a fuck up retard

What can I say, I want to keep my job BUT I also want to do what is best for the customer...which is keep them away from any guns made by Remington (their ammo can still be bretty gud)

Hey man, if you know of a college job which is more fun during the school year, let me know. I LOVE working in a fun store 20 ish hours a week.
My 336w in 30-30 is Remlin and it has performed flawlessly and suffered from 0 QC problems.

Pic related.
Is good gun anon just inspect it in the store before you buy it.
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And its accurate (100 yards group)
I own both but slightly prefer the 590. I like the thumb safety and no feed ramp to catch on gloves and clothing. Other than that I see no big advantage to either. Both are well built shotguns.
Your job is to sell guns and make money for the store. Nothing more. If you're worried about people too stupid to do their own research, open a consulting firm.
One tends to sell more guns when their customers are satisfied with the guns they've purchased previously.

Not that guy but I straight out tell folks that the Mossberg is a better gun than the not-wingmaster Remingtons
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