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Air gun/bb gun stories from your childhood
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>ITT: stories from your childhood with bb guns or air rifles
I was 8 years old, and I had a red ryder and my cousin had one of those BB guns you pump multiple times.

He was to pump his 4 times to match the strength of the red ryder. After I hit him about 18 times in the chest from 25m he got pissed and pumped his 14.

Me being the dumb ass kid I was and didn't quite understand the concept of good cover, I stopped dead in my tracks right in the open between a barn and a tractor. I saw the BB fly toward me and it curved before it hit me.

I now have a BB in my neck, in that tendon thing that goes behind your jaw down to your collar bone.

I can pull it out and roll it around, but it pulls back into place.

I had a doctor attempt to remove it. The guy was a vietnam veteran with 2 purple hearts and had plenty of service medals and a bronze star.

Without saying a fucking thing he just jabbed anesthetic in my neck and sliced me open, when he couldn't get the BB out he said "Trying to get this bastard is a waste of time, just leave it."
Not my story as such.
>my daughter turned five and I have her a daisy red rider
>we went out side and I set up a cardboard box with an archery target on it.
>I went through the NRA firearms safety course with her, the parts of the rifle, how it worked and how to aim.
> we loaded up the little hopper and she took her first shot standing unsupported. Six o'clock, five inches from the bull at twenty yards.
> I coached her through a few refills of the hopper, watching closelyto see if she was safely handling the rifle and correcting her form as required. all was good.
> I left her with a milk carton pack of a thousand BBs telling her to have fun and get me when she had had enough and we will clean the red rider together.
> she came in about an hour later, not to get me but to raid the first aid kit. I asked her what was up and she said blister than ran out side again.
> along about lunch time I went out to see how she was going. The first thing I noticed was the target was now out at fifty yards with the centre shot out. The second thing was the half dozen band aids wrapped around her right hand where the leaver had rubber her skin raw.
>the poor kid had shot about nine hundred BBs, stopping only to reload or apply band aids.
> she aplied safe and set the red rider down than turned to me and said, can I get a pistol too?
>Fuckin around with some BB guns one afternoon target practicing
>Time to go back inside!
>Follow along
>Stop and shoot at little white plastic thing few feet away
>It bounces off and hits me in the crotch
>it lost enough energy to give me a little bit of a shock instead of removing one of my testicles
>Never mishandled it ever again

I got lucky playing the stupid card and i learned from it.
I got a red ryder when I was 7, pretty fun considering I lived in bumfuck nowhere Scotland.
Anyways I went around with that fucker for a month before i finally got in trouble with it.

I was running around about two blocks from my house and i had some spare money, So i decided to go to the local store about three blocks away. I was making my way there when a lady stopped me and grabbed the BB gun. I immediately thought she was a rapist and shot her in the leg and ran all the way to the Western Isles hospital to hide. I ended up running through town again to get to my house in Knock.
>I immediately thought she was a rapist.
I think this about all woman who approach me so I kick them in their front butt and punch them hard as fuck in their dirty pillows.
>tfw never had a carbine action 200 shot range model air rifle
Also, daisy apparently never sold any gun in the same configuration as the one in the movie.
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I once shot a little white moth out of the air. Hit the body so the two little wings fluttered down.

I shot a bumble bee off a flower once.

And a big ass spider off of the roof of my grandparents house.

I also shot a frog in the head..the way it jumped at the sound of the shot, but then just went limp still haunts me. I never shot a living thing again without the intention of eating it.

I was a little shitbag I guess.

Other than that I spent a lot f time shooting cans, little paper targets. I remember my cousin and I would compete and then march around in the woods with out Red Ryders and pretend to be soldiers. good times
>be an eight year old with a creeky ass BB gun that I got from my dad.
>have swole arms because this thing was a bitch to pump.
>live in upper middle class suburb like any good yankee.
>just woke up for school and i was about to get dressed when i see fucking faggot bird sitting on the fencepost outside my window.
>this was the dumbest fucking bitch ive ever known.
>would fly into my window whenever it fucking could because it was just a detriment to gods creations.
>an idea strikes me.
>I pry open my window with my savage-tier 8 year old arms.
>it was painted shut but I am about to ascend to manhood.
>the window breaks open leaving paintchips everywhere.
>cool morning air floods into the room as i go to my closet and grab the BB gun.
>One BB ,one bird.
>I pump this rusted bitch until it becomes impossible for me to do so anymore.
>I go to my window and level my rifle at this sorry sack of shit.
>time slows.
>I pull back.
>I see the little steel ball exit the end of my gun.
>I sometimes wonder what that birds last thoughts were but I hope that whatever it felt was pure malice.
>it didnt deserve to die happy.
>it turns its head back just in time to meet me with its cock-eyed gaze.
>The BB hits it right in the neck and blood is misted onto the post and the birds corpse falls to the other side of the fence.
>I have accomplished my duties.

Come to find out that my neighor who was the same age as me saw me do this entire process and I got called Dahmer at school for a while.
Fuck I hope my daughter grows up to be this cool
>one summer shoot a carton of 10,000 bbs
>get bored of shooting soda cans with bb gun
>shoot squirrel while its chilling on a tree
Sorry squirrel

>just got co2 pistol
>shooting pellets at target attached to tree
>pellet ricochets and hits my chest

And that's my uneventful life.
My dad got me a 1000fps break action airgun. I fucked up so many birds and squirrels and trashed em. I was a fucked up kid. Literally any single living animal that entered my yard got shot at. Most of the time killed. Sometimes I would throw the corpses over the fence behind the back of the neighbors shed. cold hearted mother fucker I was
A kid bought a red ryder, and got bored one day and started shooting off 30-30 bullets with it. Now mind you, a .177 red ryder can't chamber a centerfire cartrage, but if you point the barrel straight up you can balance the bullet so when fired, the bb reaches the muzzle and sets off the firing pin. The problem is that the cartridge doesn't so much shoot as explodes, and one day this kid tried it, the case ruptures, and he catches a piece of shrapnel in his neck and bleeds out on the way to the hospital.
I played with my grandads .22 cal Benjamin pellet gun a lot growing up,
I still use it to kill birds that get into our hangar at the airfield.

I used to hunt for rabbits, squirrels, and roadrunners, and I would carry extra lead pellets in my mouth because it was easier then keeping them in my pockets. That probably wasn't the best of ideas.

There was one time I was shooting at a railroad tie and a ricochet came back and wizzed right by my face. But I just kept shooting not giving a fuck. Another ricochet came back and hit just a couple mm left of my left eye and got stuck in the skin.
I got close to loosing an eye that day.
why only childhood?

> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I9Jpt9hk0Zg
You should go to a real doctor. Just because the bum behind 7/11 everyone calls Doc doesn't make him a real one.
Whenever I set off rifle or pistol rounds with a bb gun it just popped about the same force and noise as a small firecracker.
Now, shoving the bullet into the ground first, leaving the case exposed on the other hand...
My daughter is only one. I hope to have moments like these.
My parents wouldn't let me have a BB gun, or have anything that "glorified violence".

Couldn't play as a knight, or a pirate, or a cowboy, or a cop, or a soldier like normal kids do. I was allowed to ride my bike and watch TV ONLY when they were there. If they saw something on TV that was questionable or violent, they'd cover my eyes. They did this until I was 14 or so.

When I was 15, my best friend got an airgun for his birthday, and I snuck out to his house and learned marksmanship in his backyard taught by his dad. I asked my parents to stop treating me like a child, and my mom wouldn't let me go to my friend's house anymore. After I snapped and got into an argument, my mom slapped me repeatedly and shoved me into the washing machine.

When I got my lisence at 16, I got a job, bought a beater car after 2 weeks of work (1994 Toyota Corolla with 200k miles on it for $800), and ran away and contacted CPS and got emancipated.

My friend bought me an airgun (Benjamin 397) after I got settled in my own place.
Hah, got em.
>Once was using my brothers BB gun, was supper excited cause all I shot was a daisy lever action that was weaker than an airsoft gun.
>Go to pump it, slips out of my tiny hands and smashes right into the top of my lip.
>Bloody murder scream
>Dad peels BB gun out of my face
>Scream I need stitches.
>Anon you dont need stitches calm down
>Pours peroxide on my cut, gold bond and band aid
Well now I at least have a neat scar on my lip.
>be me
>12 or so years old
>have pic related
>set up targets in front yard all the time and plink
>the recommended number of pumps was like 6
>pump that bitch 200 times before each shot
>everyone knew that made the BBs turn into supersonic warheads made of fire
>one day fill up an empty tequila bottle with water
>it was one of those party sized ones made of think ass plastic
>mandatory 200 pumps
>aim... fire
>BB bounces off tequila jug and comes right back at me
>I actually remember seeing it flying at me in slow motion
>it penetrates the right side of my left eyebrow and stops somewhere around my temple
>take a moment to breath and mentally slap myself

My dad ended up making a small cut to remove it because fuck doctors
If this is true, good on ya m8. Hope you learned what not to become in life.
File: 1411065401194.jpg (65 KB, 500x748) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I got one about something i like to call Frank, i was about 11 maybe 12, living in the Pocono mountains i had seen and heard some strange going ons but it all came to a head for one week i had to mount a guerrilla war on what i presume to this day to be a Large bipedal rabbit who i named Frank.

It all started one foggy day i was out operating operationally with my Daisy level action and i was standing on a bale of hay when about 150 feet away in the treeline i saw a figure with large floppy ears on its head, so doing what i thought was the best course of action i shot at it but neigh did i hit it, i did however ended up scaring it to bolt between trees as i continued to fire on it with tiny copper balls of doom.

Then i proceeded to shit some bricks and ran back to the house to tell my parents who didn't believe it and for a week i saw him in various spots that were closer to the house each day till one day i saw him in my driveway and that was the last i ever saw of Frank the bunnyman.

>violence is bad!
>hits you

top kek
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>have red rider
>shootan in backyard with my m8
>bright idea.mp3
>put a trash bin over my head
>walk into no mans land
>friend shoots the trash bin on my head
>it was loud as shit

also last year i shot a pizza box sized group at 120 yards with a daisy 880 with 10.5 grain lead .177 cal pellets
They were the biggest fucking hypocrites in the world.

As sad as it is, they did teach me how to be a functioning human being. I.E. don't be like them.

Automatic BB guns are classified as category R here in Australia, same category as machine guns, artillery and rocket launchers...
>shooting BB gun in backyard with friend
>get bored and start operating inna treeline
>fair distance away from a road, decide to see if I can hit a passing car because friend says I can't
>arc the shot and manage to hit one on my first try
>feeling of triumph immediately fades as car slows to a stop before the driver gets out and starts yelling at us
>run into woods
>fuck around for a bit
>go back home
>chewed out by parents, no more BB gun
>next day at school a classmate asked me if it's true that I shot his dads car
>felt like a badass until I remembered that I no longer had a means to shoot at stuff
I had a lot of fun with a .22 Sharp Inova as a kid in the '80s.
Pump up pneumatic, I got really good at matching the range to the number of pumps so I did not have to keep adjusting the cheep pressed metal peep sight.
My best memory is competing in the state junior marksmanship comp. I'm up against other kids with thousand dollar competition rifles and I outshoot them with a $110 slug gun.
Lost out in the Nationals, fifth place.

I now have a Webly raider, a modern British made copy of that old gun. Still having fun and cleaning up in state level comps.
> parents spend well over a decade trying to prevent you from "glorifying violence" by doing normal kid things
> fails 100%
> you're now browsing /k/, the most inflammatory, xenophobic gun toting boards on the internet

Very interesting how that works, and how the brainwashing didn't.

> shoved me into the washing machine.

Sorry about your parents. If it's any comfort, here's a seductive horse. Also your parents love you and wanted the best for you, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.
I was charged with "discharging a firearm within city limits" when i was in 7th grade because me and my cousin decided to shoot random things at my dads apartment complex. The cops actually said "in this post 9/11 environment...". tfw it was 2003.
>Be 12; 8 years ago
>Have Daisy spring-loaded airgun
>Be retarded preteen fag
>Thanksgiving week
>Dad tells me to not go in the front yard with the air gun
>Do it frequently anyway
>Gun has shit range and accuracy; can't kill, let alone hit any animals
>Figure it can't destroy the safety glass on the family van
>Shoot van window
>Window shatters
>Lie to dad, say it was because I had lost my balance
>Dad scorns me for my supposedly bad TD; grounds me
>MFW either way I would've gotten in trouble
>Now have great gun safety practices
Also I had to be interviewed by CID about that charge when i joined the army
not my childhood but I bought my nephew a red ryder bb gun for christmas last year.

is 3 too young for a bb gun?
Man, you were a real dumbass.
>holocausted chickadees in back yard


>went in the woods with my red ryder
>shootin squirrels n shit
>suddenly a policeman wearing vest with hand gun drawn and pointed right at me
>im 12
>cop starts screaming
>i drop and scream that i only have a bb gun
>cop holsters immediately and starts cussing up a storm
>takes my red ryder and says to go the fuck home
>apparently some fuck head neighbor called the cops and said there was someone shooting a pistol behind their house
Ehh, personally I'd wait another year but if they're sentient enough to comprehend safety and what not, go for it.

I figured he wouldnt be strong enough to cock it by himself which would require an adult with him while he used it
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>always want a BB gun as a kid
>mom is anti gun, refuses to let me have one.
>fast foreward to about 12 years old
>she decides to let me buy a BB gun
>she knows nothing about guns or gun safety and never teaches me, and without dad in the picture do the math (i learned that on my own a few years later)
>no trigger disipline, or any idea how to properly handle one safely
>messing with it indoors,thought it wasnt loaded
>it goes off and richochets off the wall and hits the cat
>mom comes and and screams at me about how i am sadistic to animals and that is the first sign of a serial killer and shoots me with it so i know how it feels
>takes it from me

if i would have been taught how to handle one i would have never messed up like that
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>be 10
>have crosman 357
>grandma offers 10 cent bounty per blackbird i shot out of her apple trees
>shot birds from the porch all day
>come supper time have pile of birds 14" high
>get paid enough to buy the entire tub of rainbow sherbert from baskin robbins
>she mad
>airguns are firearms
I would think the courts would choose to uphold ATF definitions of firearms
>friend is having a party at his house
>we're shooting his air rifle in the basement at empty plastic bottles
>bottles are on top of full paint cans
>friend goes upstairs and leaves me alone
>i get spergy and start shooting the paint cans
>go upstairs
>next day
>friend is pissed, paint all over the floor
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>be 12 or 13
>just got one of those 1000 fps .177 break barrel springers for christmas.
> decide to try and mount included scope for long range plinking.
>have no idea how zeroing a scope works
>mount scope anyway and try to zero
>making decent progress at a good zero but still off by quite a bit
>keep getting dive bombed by some dumbass robin one day after a week of plinking from the exact same spot
>it's the middle of winter , so the robin doesn't have any offspring to protect.
>decide to scare it off by shooting the tree branch it was on
>Hit the branch near it twice with a loud THWAP!
>next shot is a THWOP!
>thought something was wrong with my gun, but as I put the gun down the robin falls out of the tree and hits the ground with a really loud thump
>pick up bird and throw into the woods
>repeat two more times over the rest of the week
>later learn that I had been making perfect heart shots even though I knew fuck all about bird anatomy or how to aim a rifle at all
>be me
>be 11 years old
>daisy 99
>out of bbs
>hardware store 7 miles away
>twig or piece of wire ramrod
>oiled tissue paper
>muzzle loader shotgun
Wingshooting houseflies
>co2 bb gun
>friend is an asshole
>I'm not usually an asshole, but definitely am around him.
>Shoots me in the sneaker with my bb gun (we're taking turns) ricochets up, hits me in the collar bone.

>Hurr, I bet it can't hit Timmy's house.
>I dunno, try it you dick.
>Like 30 minutes or a day later
>Timmy's dad comes over, hey uh.... you know where this hole in my window came from kids?
>Nope. >_>
>Feels badman.

I hated that fucking asshole friend. Stole my NES games. His mom was a whore, he was fucked in the head.
>loved you
>Mom shoved him up against a washing machine and hit him (because she was losing an argument and control of her son because he was becoming a man and couldn't be cowed by the threat of violence or resources anymore)

Fucking greatparents m8
I got a daisy .177 when I was four. I understood proper gun saftey, but even then I learned to shoot well enough for squirrel genocide. Looking back, it seems really irresponsible that my dad gave me that. This is the man who left a loaded .44 magnum on the kitchen table while my five year old brother was alone in the room.
>front butt

well done ol sport
Reasons anon is a virgin part 30
I didn't go to court. It was more of a juvenile program + a ticket
> be 10
> have crossman 10 pump copper thrower
> enjoying plinking cans n shit, mom always said I couldn't fuck up critters
> critters begin to fuck with moms garden
> it's on motherfuckers
> get cleared hot to waste some furry fuckfaces
> supposed to only be shit that eats her plants
> shoot everything that moves, let god sort em out
> kill a few birds, feeling baller
> hit a squirrel from 2nd floor window, go down to dispose of it but it's still alive, takes a few more shots to finish the fucker
> one day getting ready for school see squirrel close to backdoor. Grab bbgat and chase the fucker to a tree with little bro.
>squirrel isn't climbing very high, just staying on opposite side of tree as me loony toons style.
>get bro to spook his fluffy ass, comes around the side of the tree right into my muzzle.
> zap his shit at less than a foot range
>fucker still not dead. takes more shots to remove furry.
>explain to dad that current bbgat is inadequate for remove furry
> get 1kfps pellet gat for xmas. dad helps me zero the scope it comes with.
> this is no longer a war. it is an extermination.
> any fluffy critter in my backyard gets wasted super fucking hard by .177 glory
> Deus is many Vult
This wasn't with a bb gun but a 22. I was at my friends cabin shooting shit in the field and I shot a round at a curved metal item and the fucker comes back and nails me in the gut. Took out my trusty ka-bar and cut the chunk of metal out. And stuffed it with cotton soaked in alchohol. Doctors are for chumps
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>be me
>10 year old in middle school
>I don't wanna remember these times, but here goes
>Get red ryder for Xmas

>Ten days later
>see vulture flying around
>fuck off, ball of feathers
>hold BB gun at hip
>*John Wayne intensifies*
>cock gun awkwardly
>look back up
>see fucker fall
>falls behind houses
>whoops lol

>some other time
>Shootin sum targets
>one of them is clear plastic
>hit that one
>doesn't fall off like the rest
>go up to it with rifle parallel to shoulders
>with rifle still pointing left, execute empty plastic fruit cup with last shot in rifle
>weirdest fucking sound I ever heard
>examine every fucking window on back of house
>I'm good
>load up moar bb's
>dig into recycling bin for targets
>"Whoag heyy there's a spider web in the corner of our sliding door"
>walk up to it
>no wolf spider
>but there's a spiderweb...

> ...In the glass...

>another time
>some fucking douchenozzle makes friends wit me
>didn't know it at the time
>didn't have friends at the time, so I'm k with it
>shot stuff with BB guns all day
>stop being friends after 2-3 run-ins with cops
>I didn't know what was happening
>I become laughing stock of my grade (small school, 50-something kids in my grade)

New thread hijack, BB gun stories, bonus points if birds/cops are involved.
>be 14 or 15
>already used a pellet gun so much it's worn out.
>acquire new high speed low drag .177 retarded fast shooting springer.
>start shooting the new gun
>diesels for 25+ shots and makes it sound like i'm shooting a .22 or larger firearm then finally gets quiet
>continue to shoot for at least an hour
>somebody in the neighborhood makes a salt rifle call
>police cruise by while I'm taking a break from shooting
>grab pellet gun and nope the fuck back home
>clenched anus for the rest of the day
>calm down and go back to shooting the next day
>Shooting BB gun at a straw target.
>Sister comes by.
>"Hey, I see you're having fun, so I'm going to ruin it for you because I'm a miserable cunt!"
>"Hey, fuck off sister."
>"No, you're not allowed to shoot that gun anymore because I say so!"
>"Could you seriously just fuck off and let me shoot?"
>"NO! You're not allowed to shoot. Here! See, now I have my hand over the target, so you can't shoot!"
>"Get your fucking hand off my target, or I'll shoot you!"
>"You won't shoot me! Because dad will beat the living shit out of you if you do, no you're also going to start playing tea with me and...OW!!!!"
>"Told you, bitch."
>"You shot me you son of a bitch! I'm telling dad!!!!"
>Dad beats the living shit out of me, breaks a window with my head.
>to this day, my sister is a cunt. She's getting married in a few months, and I'm not accepting phone calls from her, or anyone in the family as I don't want to go.
Please leave this place and go back to >>>REDDIT
Fuck I wanted that thing so bad when I was a kid all I could afford was the cheapo chinese one shot bb guns
Thread replies: 58
Thread images: 11
Thread DB ID: 367298

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