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Can we get a creepy innawoods story thread?...
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Can we get a creepy innawoods story thread? Haven't seen one in awhile.
>one yesterday
I do support
I missed it, so could we get one today?
I haven't been around for awhile so I'll tell some new ones but I was the creepy one lil

Non green text part
So I recently sold off some land rights to at&t for towers. $6500 a month for a tower dat money. So there is construction crew chopping down some trees to make a dirt road to said tower location. Its not that bad get to keep all trees for firewood and don't have to lift a finger. I started to notice the crews they had there where dumping shit and throwing trash everywhere. Spoke to their supervisor only to have him make it worse.

>getting real tired of their shit
>start plotting
>got a deer hanging in the garage draining
>make their work trucks look like a horror movie murder spree went down.
>blood trails blood trails everywhere
>bloodly hand prints on truck doors like someone was trying to get in them.
>took a sack of rocks and dragged them away from the trucks to look like someone was dragged through the dirt.
>left all the unwanted deer parts in a bloodily mess about 100ft from trucks
>6500 a month for sitting on your ass doing nothing
you sound like my ex lel
>get called by supervisor to come over
>see my made up crime scene and throw up everywhere
>supervisor thinks a animal attacked and killed someone
>tell them there isn't a animal big enough around here to do anything except skin walker
>explain I've been hunting it and could hear it screaming at night
>supervisor wants to call cops
>say cops are in on it and will just say its nothing
>sheriff is neighbor he could use a good laugh
>he shows up and I explain everything
>starts telling them its nothing to worry about and probably just nothing
>they panic and all want to leave
>its been almost 3 weeks and they haven't been back, trucks are still here all messy
>tower contractor called and said a new crew will be here monday
Its $6500 a month for the first year, then after it drops down to $2000 a tower. Implying you wouldn't do the same if you had the land for it. Sold off rights to 6 acres, land is still mine so its not that bad. When the contract runs out they will tear everything down if I don't resign.
Newfag here. Just dropping in with a favorite of mine, love these stories.

Any spoopy happenings in Uwharrie National Forest? Friend of mine wants us to go camping there and I don't want to be surprised by a goatman or something.
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That's a good one anon.

Here's a stalker camp out gone wrong.
You do God's work my friend.
Someone please screencap. I'm on mobile :p
how to find in archive?
new to /k/ but arleady read everything itt
>implying you wouldn't do the same
fuck that I'd do it in a heartbeat
>I once the woods
>trees everywhere
>it was walking flesh!
>shot SKS
>is black fluid
>Ricky was kill
>never talked about it again
>trees are rangebuddies now
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/k/ archive is kill.
Thank you anon, I've done something similar with some campers on my land

Kinda, this one's better.
creepy story folder dump pls?
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Forgot pic :S


Not him but I'll dump what I got.
bless ur heart kind anon
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Aother stalker camp out
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One of the funnier of the spooky innawoods stories
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This isn't really a story but every time I go camping, when I hear a twig snap in the woods my heart stops and I go for my knife out of reflex. It's a weird primal caveman reflex that I kind of laugh about when I realize it was probably just a coon or something.
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/k/ as fuck, dude, you can pump my asshole anytime!
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about to make popcorn and not sleep because this is spooky af, ty for this glorious dump /k/ompadre(s)
I finish one of the stories and I look back and there's like 10 more I've never read before. Keep this up pls, I need about 4 hours of entertainment
Requesting alium stories. Don't really feel like sleeping tonight
This happened to me back in June.
>Be on vacation with my parents
>At our family-friend's cabin in a small town in CO.
>Be out splitting wood for hours after dinner until sunset
>Three white-tail's show up and sit within 50 feet of me watching me and chilling out as usual
>Sit down next to my campfire after splitting
>Deer just chilling out for 30 minutes
>Suddenly they peel the fuck off up the rocky hill behind me
>A+ sign that shit is NOT okay in my surroundings
>Get up, pick up my fireaxe
>Scan almost pitch black treeline right in front of me
>See a fucking gigantic Black Bear sticking its head out from behind a narrow tree 30 yards away
>In attack stance, ready to charge
>NOPENOPENOPENOPE so fucking hard
>Turn around immediately and walk away up to my cabin porch stairs
>Hear a loud crack behind me
>Don't turn to look, just start bolting up my stairs
>Make it up 25 stairsteps in 4 goddamn steps
>Run 20 feet to the basement door on the porch
>Barge through door, slam it shut once inside
>Go up two levels to the second story balcony
>See bear near my fire walking back to where it came from
>Never saw it again

I have not been scared that hard in my life. Dying to any predator is horrifically painful
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I lel'd, enjoyed the story. Not too scary because instead of a brain I just have a second D in my head and would for sure risk my life to bang a 10/10 girl that can shapeshift into anything.
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No problem friend.

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That's it for my dump, enjoy the spooky stories.
I've got another one I'll do to keep it going. So if you didn't know I've purchased a large amount of land on a lucky accident when I bought my new house. Came with 800 acres but turned out it was about 1300+ and was just mapped wrong. I've built a few shanty style cabins spread out on the whole property. All with wireless camera systems and solar roofs.

>Be sitting by fireplace smoking a cigar waiting for JeepWoman to get home from work
>1am on a crisp night real heavy fog out due to rain
>TV switches over to camera feed, motion sensor was tripped in cabin 3
>some hipster camper teens trespassing
>have a fake wolf throw over from Halloween(its like a snuggy with a wolf head as the hood eyes light up red too)
>wake up both dogs and get in rzr and head out to cabin wearing wolf snuggy.
>get closeish to cabin and ditch rzr walk rest for best scare factor
>creepy fog does its job no one sees me
>bout 15ft away snuggy eyes glowing red
>throw the biggest handful of rocks at a window
>they all stop and look out window
>the 3 girls there look out freaking pointing and screaming
>I'm hunched down with my dogs can hear them saying oh my god look at the sets of eyes what are they
>everyone shitting in my damn cabin all staring at me and the dogs
>I slowly get up they shit even more seeing this red eyes stand up instead of being down with my dogs
>give dogs howl command and these teens shit even more(I found out later most of them actually shit pants)
>panic and dying set in as they scream for help yelling what is out there
>walk up to door and start scraping it with a rock while dogs growl
>I can hear someone pissing in fear as I try the door knob
>suddenly headlights coming
>go hide
>its JeepWoman
>teens whip open door and go running to JeepWomans jeep
>can smell the stench of shit when the door opens
>JeepWoman listens to the teens thing for help can see her grab her rifle from trunk
>she calls me
>dead quiet

>phone starts ringing
>hotel california
>you can't check out any time but you can never leaaaavee
>wife starts calling my name thinking some things wrong
>walk out in wolf snuggy with dogs
>kids shit some more till I take off snuggy
>ask them what they learned and if they will ignore the no trespassing signs ever again
>wife punches me and yells
way 2 much spoop for one post.

>only a fool would take anything posted here as fact

u-um r-rr-right?
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I'm about to move to Arizona (IE: Skinwalker central) How fucked am I /k/???
Skinwalker Ranch is in Utah though
Dafuq is up with your back
22lr entry holes
This one's good. The best stories are the ones that leave you bewildered as fuck.
Is there a story about this? Never caught it...
haha what happend? did your JeepWoman laugh or be stern with you?
No idea, I just read filenames

thats my dads back before he ded.

Airshit guns cerca 2006

Anyway, has anyone else but me actually had a skinwalker encounter? I know there's alot of bs stories here but skinwalkers reel mang. I'm to drunk to post the wholle storey but shit was scary as fuck

> and I have 2 witnesses

What happened was

> camping with muh nigga cam and shawn
> bipedal movement about 20 yeards from camp
> sudendley stops |
> coyotes howlihng eveywhere

I'm breddy drunk but i'll try to type the whole greentext story if anyone is intrestted
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>this thread
Where's this land man? I bet you have your own giant range as well
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>tfw skinwalker stories don't scare me anymore
I was literally shaking when I read that Alabama goatman story, but then again that's also when I was first introduced to 4chan. After 4 years none of this shit even fazes me.
Wat do /k/? Should I hunt down a skinwalker and then proceed to shit a tower of bricks that propels me into space?
I wanna get spooped /k/
Good to see you, JeepMan. I remember your old "Cops took muh guns" tale - I was glad to hear, later, that it panned out okay. You get any flack from the PD since then, or did you move out of the area, or what?
Go forth and hunt them my friend. Film it as you buzz down skinwalkers with (hopefully) a full fun lmg
Oh, yeah, /k/ found out later that "it" turned out to be some guy's Llama who's fur was dyed red. I remember this one.
>full fun lmg
Would a beat to shit SKS and a Hi Point .45 work?
I know, I'm a poor fag
>implying the "llama" didn't write this itself to throw us off its trail
Ah, thank you, I was missing Part 2 of this story.
I want to go into the woods, but i don't know anyone who would want to go along or how to navigate back if i get lost
fuck it, remove skinwalkers whichever way suits you
First green text post so best with me.

> Be me at work
> Working on unarmed site in middle of bumfucknowhere
> Facility/building is never really occupied during my shift. Three or four at most.
> Normal friday, everyone usually gone by 5pm.
> 8pm, deep white voice "COOOME HHEEERE"
> Machoman.jpg

This building has an opening by the front post where you can look up and see the 2nd and 3rd floor from the first.

> Immediately run up stairs to save a damsel in distress on the 2nd and 3rd floor.
> No one is seen. Proceed to do another three rounds.
> Nobody
> Machoman adrenalin is beginning fade away. Currently 30%
> Start checking offices, restrooms, and labs.
> Nobody is found. Machoman adrenalin now depleted, bitch adrenalin maxed out 100%
> Freak the fuck out.
> Return to post and in deep thought.
> Voice was too clear to have come from the 2nd and 3rd floor, it had to have been right next to me.
> No one was in the building
> Shit bricks to death at post until midnight.

Building is an old barn from 1900's renovated into a three story research lab. Turns out two people have died in this building. Weird stuff always seemed to happen but not to that extent.

I also have weird footage I've caught on camera and recorded.
Where did you purchase this land of you don't mind me asking? Not a specific area, but what state/region and how much did 800 acres cost with a house? I've been looking into buying some land of my own, maybe 4 acres with no buildings or homes on it. It all seems too expensive for a poorfag like me. Where can you find a decent amount of land for cheap, that isn't just a swamp or scrubland?
> weird footage I've caught on camera and recorded.
post pics
Nothing humanoid. Just stuff i pos on snapchat like stuff falling down by itself or turning on. Shit that cant be explained.
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I have one. Was too tired last night to post it, but seeing this thread is still going, here's mine.

I was 23 years old driving with my girlfriend from the beach. We were on our way home from the coast and it was a 3 hour drive home. We left after sunset, I was driving and she fell asleep after we got on the highway.

We were the only ones on the road. The area was pitch black with zero street lights or house lights. I was getting fatigued so I drank a Red Bull I kept in my glove box incase I ever needed it.

After an hour I was feeling better, I wasn't as tired as I was before. I had to go to the bathroom though so I tried to find a rest stop.

After 30 minutes of driving I could not find one, so I decided to pull over and just pee on the side of the road. My girlfriend woke up when we ran over the bumps on the shoulder of the road that are meant to wake up sleeping drivers. She asked me if something was wrong and I just told her I needed to answer nature's call. She laughed and I stepped out to take of business.

I went in the bushes just a few yards away from the car. When I walked back to my car I noticed something dripping from under the car and a strange odor. I thought maybe my car was leaking oil or engine fluid. So I shut off the engine and took out a flashlight to check.

It was blood dripping from a mangled animal under the drive shaft. I couldn't make out what type of animal it was because it's body had been torn and tangled in the drive shaft.

As I got up to get back into the car I noticed two eyes blinking to the reflection of my emergency lights. It was about 10 car lengths away starring right at me. When I looked into my car through the back window at my girlfriend I saw her looking right at the eyes then at me. She had been starring at the eyes while I was inspecting the car.
File: 1413481377991.jpg (392 KB, 2048x1365) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
392 KB, 2048x1365

I shined my flashlight at the animal and it looked like a moose, except it only had 2 legs. It's head went down and began licking the ground. I kept watching it from afar and noticed it was licking the ground once then taking a few steps towards us then licking the ground again.

I realized it was licking the blood that was trailing from the mangled animal under my car.

I was scared, and in shock. I couldn't move. I looked at my girlfriend and she was in the same state.

When the moose came within 5 car lengths away I noticed it only had 2 legs, no rear body and a slightly longer neck than usualy. It's body was more human. It had a chest and hips but I couldn't see any arms.

Then after one last lick on the ground it paused and starred at us. Suddenly it let out a howling noise. Like a scream. Off in the distance we could hear the same sound coming from the trees.

The animal started sprinting at us! I finally got the nerve to run into my car, but the moment I closed my door we felt a jolt come from the back. The thing rammed it's antlers into the back of my trunk. My girlfriend began to scream and I started the engine.

Suddenly the back window shattered and it's head was through the rear window. I slammed on the gas as the animal started biting.

The last thing I saw in my window was the animal running after us.

When we reached the next town my girlfriend and I got out of the car at a gas station and looked at the damages. The trunk had a few scuff marks and there was broken glass all over the back seat.

We didn't know what to tell people what we saw or if they would have just thought we were crazy.

To this day I still remember that animal. I have come to realize whatever I saw that night was not a moose, but something to the likes of no animal I have ever seen.
i thought the little orange triangle in the middle of the pic meant thst the pic was taken through a trijicon sight of some kind
i work on a federal government property and there is a gym available for the employees,

its a nice gym in a big building that was repurposed from something else a while back

i normally get off of work arounf 7 to 8pm and sometimes at 11pm, i almost always end up working out alone

during the fall and winter months its dark outside and the area around the gym is very dark, the gym has a b-ball court thats sepersted by a little hallway and the lights are always off in it

the gym itself is well lit but gives off super creepy vibes

working out alone is kind of a challenge as the place feels that wrong

one day, (still daylight out) im on a stationary bike blasting ACDC through earbuds and someone walks up beside me and stops, i take out the ear buds because i figured they wanted to talk and i look over and no one is there.

instantly freaked the fuck out but dont stop working out.

similar events happen over a few month period

sometime later, im working out with a coworker in said gym, and we're swapping camping stories (hes croatian, and has removed) and he mentions that not much freaks him out but that the gym bothers him.

i mention that i thought i saw someone next to me one day, but passed it off as relfection in the mirrors

he looks me dead in the fucking eye and says, oh you've seen it to?

we stopped talking that night and just kind of finished working out.

since then, ive brought up the subject to at least 3 other people that i know work out at that gym at weird/off hours and all 3 have admitted to seeing the same thing, and have mentioned that they each knkw at least 1 or 2 different people (each) that have seen weird shit there, including when the gym has multiple occupants.

i dont really believe in "ghosts"

but there is some shit there, and whatever it is really, really fucking bothers me
File: Wendigo1.jpg (55 KB, 500x665) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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was it pic related? if so, then its a wendigo
>I have come to realize whatever I saw that night was not a moose

And it took you until after the event to realize this? Are you unable to look at something and think "Hey, this thing has a moose head but it's standing on two legs with no arms and no back end and licking blood off the road, must not be a moose."

Calling bullshit on this story; this story is more bullshit than the other bullshit stories ITT. How did you not notice a fucking animal under the drive shaft? How did you not notice hitting/mangling the animal in the first place? Your reasoning skills must be pretty low.
> black bear
> in attack stance, ready to charge
Black bears are the angry housecat of bears. If you hadnt taken off running he never would have come in. If you had waved at him he would have noped up the nearest tree. There are youtube videos where black bears literally get treed by house cats
No aliums?
ive seen some weird shit before, fucking sucks, everytime i see something, i never have a camera or phone on me. it was weird but ill explain it again.

i'm the same guy who posted this post. >>23738212

but pretty much i was smoking outside on the roof of a building. noticed something in the sky. four dots in the sky making up all the corners of a trapezoid. they looked like plane lights, as a plane looks when its descending towards you. BUT, they were NOT MOVING. stationary. i caught the drift of the dots/stars/ufo descending into the horizon. it slowwwwwwwwwwwwly moved down, i watched it for about 20 minutes. blew my mind. although it looked like a plane was coming towards you, it never got closer. the four dots just drop downward towards the horizon and then it disappeared. really weird.

thats the only ufo related story i got.
forgot to add, the size of said trapezoid alignment was about 6 inches. so if you hold your hand up and look at the horizon from an elevated point, thats how big it looked.
Do it
She was pissed, but she laughs about it today.
Land is in Pennsylvania I will never move from my home state. I love the woods out here too much. I don't really have a professional range set up really. Just a few metal gongs set up at different ranges. Then a hilled spot that I can use my 40mm at. The land is bordering state game lands.
Got the land from a foreclosure so I ended up paying what was owed for the house land. Was around $145,000 for the house and 800 acres. When I had it all surveyed it turns out the property line was marked wrong and it was 1300+.
The police department I dealt with wasn't from my area to begin with. I stayed away for the most part but whenever I drove through I got pulled over for bullshit every time. My registration sticker was on the right side of my license plate instead of left. I didn't have a emissions sticker, but my jeeps a 87 and doesn't need one. They clearly didn't learn.
predators are scurry especially ones that give no shits about attacking humans

but if I lived in India then black bears would be lower on my list of animals to avoid than snakes and tigers

snakes are srs bznz one bite from a Indian Cobra or Russell's Viper and your foot will rot off and you will die in agony

compared Black Bears Tigers are bigger, sneakier and more likely to figure out that Indians are easier to catch than Sambar Deer
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>Be me deep innawoods
>Come across dilapidated cabin
>Getting dark so decide it will make a better camp than my tent
>Open the door
>I trip and fall onto the floor
>Hear a creak and look up
>Dinosaur comes toward me
>I shoot at it an it walks off

File: 1416725741408 (1).jpg (399 KB, 1260x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1416725741408 (1).jpg
399 KB, 1260x1024

So what are you using to power the cabins. I remember something last year or so during a thread where you were talking about some kind of oxide fuel cell or something.

Did you actually go that route? Or is it solar or did you dig in and run lines to everything?

Shadow person and a tommyknocker. Two different events.

The shadow person was more or less me being an idiot camping without a tent something like two years ago in the spring, and I woke up with something creeping about in the woods nearby. I poke my head out from under my sleeping bag and see some skinny shadow thing way off at the edge of the clearing I set my cot up at, and it starts running at me, though it was sorta stuttering like an 80s scifi bmovie as it moved. I rolled off my cot pulled a knife and prepared to die then a nearby cow moo'd loudly and scared it off. Spent the rest of the night WTF'ing and sitting on my cot with the cow wandering around munching on grass.

Other one is less dramatic, didn't actually see anything, just heard tapping while hunting for a spring location from the 80s called "sunk mine springs" (basically miner hit a pressurized aquifer and it blew him out of the mine before collapsing the mine). I got seperated from the rest of the group and am trying to find them again, hear tapping, start walking down a wider cow trail instead of the deer path, both lead uphill from a logging landing but the cow path is a gentler slope. Tapping gets quicker and more ominous, all noise stops from the wind and birds, just me, the tapping and this ominous as fuck cow trail. I ended up heading back to the logging landing and the tapping slowed down and the wind and birds started making noise again, and the tapping stopped a little before the other forest service guys I was with to find the spring in the first place came back down the deer trail.

That's all really.

Behold, moose noises.


Which consequently are the most common noises subbed in for bear noises.

Also, mooses are the drunk assholes of the animal world. They will not hesitate to charge you and wreck your shit for looking at them funny.
>hear some rustling
>and it sure as hell isnt my jimmies because this rabbit is damn good
oh lord my sides
Anyone got those greentexts where two guys were chilling innawoods and ended up in a middle of manhunt party?

I've got a few like that that might be it.
though this might be the one you're talking about.
I did a solar power to hho to generator
Solar panels charge batteries, batteries charge hho generator(hydrogen bubbler, makes brown gas[flammable water]) which in turn powers a small Honda generator which powers led lights. Heat is done by a 55 gallon drum redneck stove. Only byproduct produced by generators is water. problem I'm having with this setup is the hho generator consumes more power then I can produce. Lights can be ran off genny or batteries though so its not like I won't have power
More power than you can produce with the panels, or just in general?

I'm really curious about this because at some point my family is going to do something with our property and my dad is adamant about keeping it off the grid (mostly due to the retarded cost of running line to it due to weird geology (right next to the San andreas fault line, shit's weird because of the proximity to it, IE: layers of ruck upended and flipped on its head weird) and california environmental bullshit.) At one point we were looking into oxide fuel cells and then I did a bit more research into it and noticed that while it looks nice, the cost of replacement seems to outweigh the cost savings because the lifetime of the unit isn't long enough from what I've seen.
coons are no laughing matter, has ferguson taught you nothing!?
The hho bubbler consumes more power then the panels can produce. They aren't the greatest panels though so when I upgrade em I will see. I've looked into permanent back up generators that will burn everything but a decent one is $15,000 plus it makes lots of noise and will give off smells of whatever you are burning. Where my hho powered Honda has no smell or gas and the only waste it makes is water so I can actually keep it in the cabins.
I've tried doing a loop power for shits and giggles. Have batteries power hho and hho power generator. then cut batteries out and let the generator power hho and the hho power generator. Worked very poorly but actually worked. Rpm on gen got so low then it would act like it would die. I then tried putting a power load on the gen and it just killed it completely. Hho can't produce enough fuel to power its self and other things. That's why I went with led lights since they have such a low power draw
Makes sense. That would have been nice if it had worked though.

So the hho just kicks out stuff that you can run through an unmodded 4stroke generator, or does it need extra fittings?

Also how are you maintaining the panels? Or do you just let them set out in the elements with nothing much done to them?
I have the hho running to a t fitting on the fuel line. Gives me the option to run gas and hho or just one of the 2. Nothing needs to be done to run hho for cars it normally gets fed through the intake but on small it doesn't matter. As for panel maintence I've got a clear sheet of plexyglass over them and they get wiped down if as now builds up. Think plexy might be affecting output
I wouldn't worry about it.
File: Screenshot (127).png (57 KB, 953x609) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Screenshot (127).png
57 KB, 953x609
File: Ric Flair.jpg (45 KB, 640x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Ric Flair.jpg
45 KB, 640x480

Nah the plexiglas probably isn't affecting anything.

Generally, from my understand of them, what ends up affecting output on solar panels is one of three things:

They either aren't being cleaned and have a buildup of dirt and dust.

They are being cleaned but with plain tap water and the minerals in the water end up coming out of solution and you end up with a thing film of them on the panels reducing energy output that way.

Heat induced resistance is slowing down the production of power.

Other issues can be: all of the above and or set to be pointed in the wrong direction.

My guess would be it's heat induced resistance though, because even shitty panels can crank out a lot of power in the right conditions. IIRC the Israeli's actually came up with a way to get around this by having a water intercooler built into the panels to drop the temperature of them and up the efficiency, but that last I heard about that was in 2004 and I haven't been able to hunt down any sources on actual output.

I have no idea what's even going on anymore.
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Hey /k/ this just happend. I have my entrenching tool beside me because I my guns are at my Grandpas.

So I am letting my 2 battle buddies outside to go pee (Yorkshire Terrier [Spike] and Shih Tzu [Gino]). Its snowing right now because I live in Canada.

So they run outside and Gino is freaking out because its his first snow. Spike is just trying to move around because he is old. I go outside in slippers to whistle and bring Gino back in (We have lots of Coyotes that frequent my backyard) immediatly after I click and open this thread.

I keep whistling and then I hear a wimper-bark. I go outside and Gino is stuck in the trampoline netting. The netting is in a circle and he has somehow been trapped. I go out, only with a Hoodie, Sweatpants and slippers to go get him out. I bend down to get him and I get this really weird feeling that I am being watched. I dont really care about it. Anyways, I Gino into my arms and carry him back towards my door (which is also closer to my fence, which is closer to the forest). he starts freaking out and trying to squirm out of my arms. I grab him closer and put him back in the house.

I head to the door and hang just outside of it. I call for Spike and look for him, but my left eye is blinded by my outside lights. I cover my left eye with my hand and I see this fucking humanoid shape that is putting its hand on my fence, while partially behind a tree.

My heart just dropped into my stomach and I felt really really cold. I whistled again for Spike. He slips right past my foot at full speed into the house.

The Forest behind my fence is very weird. It doesn't have any path in it, and I dont have any path in it. I have somewhat close neighbors but nobody goes in there. This is fuckin scary /k/

This just fuckin happend.
quit being a bitch and go see what it was with your flashlight.

Its just like high school, your dick aint magically gonna teleport into her vagina.
BTW pic related is the forest behind my house right now.
No goddammit. Its within my rights to hide in my house with my dogs and be a pussy.

Also I dont want to fuck some skinwalker.
but she'll turn into the girl of your dreams by reading your mind. Even though she cant speak right, you just gotta teach her how to moan.

do it fggt, we both know you are gonna stay a permavirgin if you dont do this right NAO!
I'd fuck a skin walker, would be able to fulfill my wildest fantasies. I've always wanted Hanny montanny to play with my ass while I choke her with my cock
strangly, that sounds quite arousing
You realize it would probaby fuck YOU and tear off your dick or sumtin
I'm into weird shit man. Sometimes I feel bad other times a don't

I wonder if it would realize I had the strangest boner and stop or would it keep going?
File: Canadian_wendigo.png (3 MB, 1006x2268) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 1006x2268
speaking of canada.
skinwalkers just want to play man.... they aint all about turning you into goatse
I posted one a while back, im Navajo and I have relatives who live on a reservation.
Was it capped or does someone want it posted again?
lets see it
File: pig_head.png (449 KB, 1090x897) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
449 KB, 1090x897
not sure. I may have. Details?
Posting from a mobile so forgive my lack of greentext.
I used to visit some real distant parts of my family, tribe respect mostly. I think that its funny that the only whites who get it are the oldschool nordic or slav types, respect for bloodlines and all that stuff.
Anyway the only direct relative I had left on the reservation was a great grandfather who was half blind and owned a real run-down ranch that is father bought with reparation money, he was old as hell.
Anyway he had us go out some nights when the coyote were rowdy and he told us to go watch a cliffside to see if we could "watch them talk".
My cousins and I thought he was fucking with us, going senile or pulling the whole shaman shit a lot of us do when we get old and sad.
Most nights we just heard em yelp at shit like usual, but one night when the moon was behind some thick clouds in that way that makes the sky look brown, my cousin and I saw what looked like twelve dark little shapes just standing on the rocks, sometimes weaving around the bigger rocks, they made these horrible chittering sounds four hours till we got scared and ran back home.
The mext morning he said they were the ones who "came to take away" two great aunts, he said "we still owe them, but cant pay them back"
File: war horse.jpg (187 KB, 573x380) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
war horse.jpg
187 KB, 573x380

If I see someone or something in woods looking at me. Will this song scare them while I charge at it screaming with speakers strapped on my back at full blast, a longsword and a nugget ?
Anyway keeping it on topic here's a childhood wtf

>be at campground with bro we both about 14
>campground has a trail that leads to a old coal quarry bout 7 miles there
>usual hike with bro and some older kids spend the weekend out there away from parents
>coolest dad ever bought us both 10/22s
>we cool kids and only ones with guns
>normally get a squirrel or rabbit while walking on trail
>bro gets 3 rabbits and I get 1
>nightfall comes and like every night in the woods it gets creepy
>still hiking cus dat moonlight
>can hear jimmies behind is
>come up to quarry start setting up tents while oldest kid made a fire
>maybe about midnight
>one of the younger kids was freaking out something about someone watching him
>we nope at him and call him a baby
>he keeps freaking out ready to cry and all
>10 minutes goes by and no one can find him
>see a trail through brush and can hear something running down it
>bro and other kid run down it while I stay at campsite with rest of us
>hear gunshots dat .22lr crack
>everybody runs down path
>find bro and other guy
>bro shot at a wolf,but no wolfs in area
>can't find missing kid or anything decide to hike home to tell everyone
>sprinting down trail with everyone
>bro says he's got a being watched feeling
>run faster and faster we all start hearing shit
>make it back at the crack of dawn
>tell parents what happen
>dad takes us to missing kids campsite to tell his parents
>kid opens up trailer door
>dad talks to kids parents say he got back around 2am
>tell rest of group what we heard
>everyone has wutface
File under things that never happened
Jeepman where in Florida did this happen? Was it on WMA?

I'm hitting Jones Hungry Land this weekend...
File: IMG_4023.jpg (375 KB, 1331x888) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
375 KB, 1331x888
Not exactly hardcore or not stalker challenge but whatever, at least it's true.

>Last summer, with my mates
>We pop some butterflies, chug vodka and smoke pot on top of it
>High as fuck
>In my parent's mountain home, they're away
>Not exactly mountain home but it's 10 kms away from city on top of a hill
>Some idiot suggests we should go inside the woods
>High as fuck, we all agree
>Searching for slenderman and shit, giggling like retards
>A lot of parts from that night is missing
>We get back, next morning shit ensues.
>There are claw marks across 2 of my friends' backs and shoulders.
>Wounds are dried up but they bled badly, can tell from the blood marks on the floor and the bed (where they woke up)
>When i ask them wtf happened they tell me they don't remember
>Holy hell i don't even remember

It was a total cockfest, no chicks, couldn't have been sex related marks. Either some shit happened back in the woods or I have some agressive bdsm gay friends.
>normal person wouldn't walk in the snow barefoot
As a person who likes wearing Vibram Five Fingers a lot this made me giggle.
What is trees and branches scraping you and you dotn feel it because youre high as fucking shit for 500
hmmm..I don't remember this one being posted in a while.
Pretty sure those were claw marks. Every track had 3-4 line paralell to each other.
info on wexford county michigan creepiness? I've read something on here before but can't remember what it was about
Cover yourself in annointed white ash war paint, and walk out to meet them in 1v1 unarmed combat.

File: OA story.png (12 KB, 470x382) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
OA story.png
12 KB, 470x382
If I ever and nominated for Vigil I'm not sure if I'll want to remember this one, or remember to take a pulaski with me for the allnighter.

Where at in Canada, you poor bastard? I've got nothing to do at 1:30 in the morning. Dead fucking serious, I can grab my .303 and a spotlight. If you're near the GTA, I'll head that way.

Sleep is for the weak
another canada story.

Also last post from me for the night. happy turkey day.
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71 KB, 600x379
Too bad the /k/omrades clearly already dead and I'm nowhere near. Gotta walk out into that yard and lay the fuckin law down
> "Alright whatever the fuck you are out there, when you came into my world you BROKE THE FUCKING RULES! And now it's your ass. You show that face again and one of us is leaving corpsed. And if it's me, I'll be waiting at the gates of hell for round two you bitchmade poofter 'monster"
let em know what's up, humanity fuck yeah etc

That reminds me of the one where a dude battles some cultists with a FAL.
pls post cultists vs 7.62 real fucking NATO
File: 1363497203748.png (269 KB, 1550x2712) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
269 KB, 1550x2712
Can someone post the S.T.A.L.K.E.R challenege?

>this /k/omrade is who im thankful for today.
good couple rifles you have there sir. got any others?
I do, but I am not at home right now.

Going to shoot with my dad and brother today, Ill try to take some pictures and post them later.
Which one? The actual challenge? Or a story from someone doing it?
Fuck it, either.

Anyway the basics of the stalker challenge is more or less the following modifications to the innawoods challenge:

>Assemble b.o.b. for less than 15 dollars
>may bring a weapon+ammunition
>bottle of the cheapest vodka you can find
>go hiking innawoods till you find an abandoned structure
>go back to your car because you forgot the bolt
>camp withing 50 meters for 48 hours
>take photos of intel or collect at least 3 artifacts
>Watch out for bloodsuckers and snorks... dogs too.

Hard mode: Take a 6 string guitar and remain there an additional 24 hours

that's at least if I remember everything right.

Anyway here's a stalker challenge story.

Also one up here.
/k/, we really need to come up with a better way to categorize these things rather than just calling everything a skinwalker.
I really hope this one is true.

missing 411 is pretty spooky

although nothing Paulides says can be corroborated in any way so his books are about as reliable sources as greentext stories on Mongolian cartoon imageboards

but snoopy none the less
File: 1390797333313.jpg (6 KB, 255x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
6 KB, 255x200
Hold the phone, hold the fucking phone.

Is human hunting actually a thing? Please tell me that this is a sick joke and not "The Deadliest Game" gone IRL.

Also happy turkey day /k/ommandos!
Charging a predator with a weapon is about the best thing you can do, honestly.

Don't act like prey.

(Frankly, even if I were to come across some supernatural predator, I'm pretty damn sure I'm gonna be on the offensive. Running just makes you prey and if I fight, worst that can happen is I die fighting. Which isn't really all that bad. It would probably kill you *before* it starts to eat you if you attack.)
Jeepguy. You live in the midstate area of PA, correct?

There is an extrememly good chance that I've overflown your house. I'm a crewchief for the medivac unit in Johnstown. (guard, not reserves)
That's why I name everything I

Pic related is apparently fake. the closest I found was that some dude from Oklahoma died in the area where it supposedly took place this summer, but unfortunately that's about 7 years displaced from when the story is set.

...Anyway some people are sick freaks. I wouldn't be surprised if it is a thing.
>>phone starts ringing
>>hotel california

fucking kek
Was there more to this? Looks like that last post was cut off a bit.
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