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First gun stories.
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>Be 18, just turning 19.
>Graduate high school
>Get $700 cash from my extended family
>Biggest gift in my life
>Decide to spend it on my high school sweetheart
>A rifle
>Decide on a Lee Enfield No.4 MkII
>Absolutely fucking flawless condition, gorgeous bluing, no rust.
>Dick-smooth, mirror shine bore.
>Pay 600 for it right after Sandy Hook
>Had literally no idea there was an ammo panic and price increase in the industry
>Soon find out what it's like to find .303
>Nab 200 rounds of Prvi online, luckily
>Test shoot it in my grandpas backyard, first time shooting a gun in 7 years
>Feel recoil, loud as fuck innawoods
>Shoot it again a month later at 100 yards
>Hitting a 12 inch plate consistently from a kneeling position
3 months later
>Order Monte Carlo synthetic stock and buy a Prostaff scope at Cabelas
>Take fuddy Enfield to range
>Screws come lose, scope loses zero repeatedly, scope eye myself so hard I still have the scar to this day.
>Get assmad
>Put the gun back in its old stock and sell the scope
>Sell the rifle on Gunbroker to a fudd collector from Oklahoma
>Buy an NPAP for $570
>Have put 1500 rounds through it
>Nowhere the shooter my Enfield was with irons.

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Only pic I ever took of it

I want to beat the ever living fuck out of you until you beg me to stop.
did you learn your lesson atleast OP?
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Hey faggot I've learned my lessons.

For one I don't bubba my guns anymore.
Hell yes, and I expect many of us here have been fuckups in one way or another as well.
>be 17
>have rich friend who is 18 and enjoys circumventing gun laws
>give him money for Chink SKS
>receive Chink SKS at 17
>shoot it in the desert many times with him and his nugget
>"he" sells it to a friend of mine's brother for $150 more
>I turn 18
>buy an old beat to shit Ithaca 37 and Ishapore 2A1 on the same day as my first legal guns
I will keep them forever. I've finally gotten a new intermediate rifle with an M16A1 kit, gonna build it on a Nugget lower that I'll paint grey.
You were brave enough to admit it, so good on ya.
>Cousin sells my dad is S&W 40VE
>Supposedly tuned it up
>I'm a horrible shot with it
>My dad's an amazing shot, so i let him shoot it, all his shots land in a nice square foot box at 7 yards
>"If someone takes me hostage, don't fucking shoot at them with this thing. You'll kill me"
>Bought a P226 a couple months ago and I love it

Just remember /k/. Not EVERYONE is in love with their first gun
>16 or 17
>somehow satan brought me an 870 on xmas
>take hunter safety class
>told not to shoot at water
>shoot first .22, 12 gauge, and black powder
>after class go innawoods
>shoot first handgun. Raven 25 acp. Maybe others I'm forgetting
>shoot my shotgun, at least one other 12 gauge and a 20 gauge
>brother is shooting Raven at target
>I notice the bullets are skipping all the way across the lake behind the target
>worried because I didn't know rounds smaller than 45 are harmless
good day
The first rifle I picked up was a mosin m91/30 thats in great condition. Like they just forgot it in a armory somewhere in russia. I cant find any ammo for the right price anymore. I am not paying 18 bucks for 20 rounds of tula. Last time I shoot it I used all my ammo and that thing was steaming and hissing from the heat, the cosmoline was coming out the wood.
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>>Order Monte Carlo synthetic stock and buy a Prostaff scope at Cabelas
I wanna fuck you in the ass, faggot
OP here, allow me to help a brother out
SPG.com is my fucking wife

just had to get a picture of the stalker guide in the background didnt you
I think I remember thinking that, yes.

2013 me was a faggot.
>Be me 18th birthday had open periods during school.
> go to gun store buy a m&p15-22
> go to walk mart buy brick of federal
> buddy's and I go shoot the fuck out of it.
> return to school, no worries
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>Be 9
>We hasBBguns for like 4 years now
>Dog has puppies (lab)
>Cousin just won a Winchester 1300 Compact 20ga in a DU raffle
>He's a duck hunter so WTF is he going to do with a 22" barrel 20 gauge?
>He's going to trade it to me for one of those puppies is what the fuck he's going to do
>And that's exactly what we did
>Go over to his house, exchange puppy for gun
>Play with puppy for a while, then go out into his dad's vineyard and shoot my first dove with my new shotgun
>11 years later (aka, yesterday) my gf busted her first clays with that shotgun
>Someday, my kids will too
Well I technically have 3 I guess

First one
>Mossberg 500
>Had mom buy it with my cash at 16
>shot the fuck out of it
>was in pistol grip config because I wanted it
>was fun as fuck
>eventually got a top folding stock which I still use to this day
>currently making a wood stock in the old style Mossberg

>I was going to buy it on my 18th birthday but they wouldn't take the yellow paper, so dad bought it
>so first gun that "I" bought legally
>loved it


>First gun I transferred and filled the 4473 on
>Have shot a ton of ammo through it
>put a PSO scope, harris bipod (didn't have original), normal AK stock, and Tabuk break on it
>bought it for the express purpose of making a Tabuk, so these things are what I planned on doing
>satan brough me an 870 on christmas

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>I wanna fuck you in the ass, faggot
>I wanna fuck you in the ass
>I wanna fuck you in the ass
>you are a faggot
I saw nothing wrong with that post
It's not gay if you're proving a point.
>be somewhere around 11, 12 or 13 (don't remember exactly cause that was A LONG time ago)
>christmas morning
>unwrapping my GI Joe toys, fuck yeah!
>dad goes into his room and brings back a long rectangular box
>assume it's for mom and he had it hidden
>keep playing with my new GI Joe toys
>dad hands me the box
>genuinely confused, ask him 'what?'
>he says "open it!"
>rip into it like there's no tomorrow
>white box with Rossi and a picture of a pump action gun on it
>think that he isn't giving me a gun, so it must be something else in a box for a gun he bought for himself
>open the box, not knowing what to expect
>pull out a Rossi pump action tube fed .22 rifle

And I've still got it.
Thanks dad.
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You two win
>Be me
>17 years old
>Get Tec-9 and shotgun
Hi Dylan
Hey Eric
>tfw getting first gun next week
>be 17
>straight outta high school
>been browsing the /k/ to look for right gun
>the urge to an hero disappears with wonderful community of /k/
>instead of cheap shotgun want cheap milsurp
>excitedly waiting for the day I turn
>finally turn 18 and get FASFA money
>with help from uncle buy first rifle

20 now and I still have my ol' N-PAP
I got dicked on the price though, thats what you get when you support local business i guess

Apparently that gunstore I bought it from years ago was recently raided by the ATF
you should feel bad for posting like that
It's not gay if it's done for dominance

Uncle Vlad taught me that
But I don't
>be 10
>up at grandpa's for Christmas
>opening presents get the usual toys and games
>after everything is all done and over grandpa calls me to his shop
>starts talking to me about when he got his first gun from his dad
>ends up pulling out a rifle
>its his first gun a Winchester 1890 in .22 short
>hands it to me and says no boy should be without a good rifle
>he takes me shooting in his backyard and i learn about firearm safety
>no pop can survived that day
>be 19
>1st gun show
>see nugget for $80
>buy nugget
>nugget turned out to be a Finn capture

And that led to about 59 more guns in 7 years
What is it anon?
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>get in a wreck and totaled my car
>tow truck driver turns out to be bro
>sells me this rifle for $200
My first was a .410 Pardner single shot by New England Arms. My granpa got it for me for my 9th christmas

I still have it
a spikes ar15,damn good deal on aim too
The first gun I ever fired was my dad's Coast to Coast model 60 knockoff. A few years later I got a nice little bb gun/pellet rifle. Then an old springfield model 86? I think, it's an old bolt action .22 that is tube fed. I loved that thing and carried it everywhere. I would bulls eye birds with it all the time. Then my dad bought me my first shotgun for hunting which is my 20ga 870. After that my grandfather gave me a bolt action marlin .22 that I love and still use, and a stevens model 820 shotgun. After that I bought my first gun with my own cash, it was a tarus revolver in .22 mag. Then the first gun i bought when I was 18 was a Lee-Enfield mk III* that I love a lot.
I sorta went the same way, I started with Mossberg 500, then a milsurp Lee Enfield, and the I went Jew and bought a Tavor and absolutely love it.
the shop i bought my NPAP from has been shut down too.

wouldn't happen to be Gregg's Guns would it?
some of these warm my heart
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>tfw no pro-funs dad that would give me a raifu for Christmaru
my grandpa gave me a couple guns recently, though he didnt make any big surprise out of it, he was just like "here m8" when we were going through his shit. I sold the smith auto for a 1911 which he and I both approved of and the other gun is my mossberg 500 which I love dearly.
Tales of first CCW fun

>fresh out jarhead many years ago
>speeding along Indiana Toll Road on Mothers Day
>flashers fill rearview
>license and...
>tell HER I have fun
>takes Makaroniov back to cruiser, I wait behind truck as ordered
>scribble radio scribble radio
>comes back with field-stripped fun, mags, loose 380s
>places into my cupped hands
>gives warning, winks, drives off
>stand there with boner
>mfw heart melts
>selling a gun
jesus christ, is a minimum wage job while living at home really so difficult?
Tales of first CCW fun

>fresh out jarhead many years ago
>speeding along Indiana Toll Road on Mothers Day
>flashers fill rearview
>license and...
>tell HER I have fun
>takes Makaroniov back to cruiser, I wait behind truck as ordered
>scribble radio scribble radio
>comes back with field-stripped fun, mags, loose 380s
>places into my cupped hands
>gives warning, winks, drives off
>stand there with boner
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lift them feels.jpg
325 KB, 1383x1600
>cute cops
>she knew how to field strip your fun
>that feel
Ive sold tons of firearm related shit to afford other firearm related shit while working minimum

Minimum is shit. There's a reason dipshits prefer to stick with welfare
>>Order Monte Carlo synthetic stock and buy a Prostaff scope at Cabelas

You deserved the scope-eye
audibly kek'd
I owned many guns before this one, but this is the first gun I bough:
>turn 18
>receive college scholarship money to spend on books, food, room etc.
>fuck that, go to local sporting goods store
>pick out remington 870 on the wall
>18.5" barrel, extended mag tube, wood furniture, rifle sights
>buy it on the spot
>that shotgun never left my side for 3 years
>decide that I don't need it anymore, trade it for 5 Armalite AR10 20 round mags ($80 a pop at the time), a 91/30 and about 200 rounds of good Nosler 175gr .308
>buy Mossberg 590a1 with ghost rings to replace remington
>it will never replace my remington, I miss that shotgun every day
I know its a nothing special gun, but I had some good memories with that bad boy, luckily I know the guy I sold it to took good care of it and he might sell it back to me soon.
>Go shooting with my uncle all the time, taught me to shoot my first rifle outside of the Boy Scouts
>At the store killing time after the range where we rented a few pistols.
>Spot a lightly used Stevens 62 on the wall for 90 bucks
>Got a ride down there the next weekend and picked it up.
>Light, fairly accurate, all around fun gun.

Still have it. Was out popping cans with it a few weeks ago.
>Be 18
>Living in the land of freedom (Texas)
>Buy brand new Gen 3 Glock 19 with night sights for $500
Still carry it daily 6 years later.
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OP is a giant faggot
>Be 18 in college
>working at campus dining hall
>save up $300
>friend gives me a ride to a gun shop in downtown Syracuse
>chain link fence with razor wire on it, barred windows and door. ring bell to be let in.
>old dude with a revolver comes down and lets us in. walk up some dark stairs to a dimly lit room
>guns fucking everywhere. BAR, M1919, all manner of milsurp, fudd stuff, shit ton of handguns, a few tacticool things.
>loaded Ithaca riot gun behind the counter
>we are in awe
>old dude points out a 1903A3 serial number 0000002
>I ask about Enfields
>3 sporterized SMLEs, one M1917 "American Enfield"
>about to leave disappointed
>Oh, and this
>dusty No.4 mk1
>no sling swivels, cracked buttplate
>don't care, shut up and take my money!
>pass NICS check, pay, leave
>order a bunch of Kynoch .303 from Southern Ohio Guns
>holy shit this is awesome.

Now I have 3 enfields. this is my first.
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why the fuck did that get rotated?
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Nothing special, really.
>Been browsing /k/ for about a year
>still underaged b& at the time
>started talking about funs with dad, got him enthusiastic about it (he is polish immigrant, so he didn't have that much of an interest in funs)
>Next thing I know, dad tells me that we're going for a drive
>I was in the process of getting my license, so this wasn't that strange
>Has me drive for a long while until we stop at the parking lot of Gander Mountain
>I just assumed he was gonna buy some fishing stuff or something
>Once we get in, walk to the back wall full of funs, he just tells me, "So you were talking about a Model 60 something, right?"
>He bought me the Marlin as well as ear pro, a soft case, and a couple boxes of mini mag
>went to a local range that very day and burned through 300 rounds
Still have it, 3 years later, I love that gun. I bought my first handgun, a ruger mk3 a couple months ago at a gunshow. Those are my only guns for now, life as a poorfag student is suffering. But I'm about to get some of that loan money, gonna get a fun with that. My dad is also way into funs now, gonna apply for his CHL soon.
Blame moot
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1 MB, 2048x1536
I may be a faggot but I have bought myself a new milsurp bolt gun since I realized I hate myself for selling the Enfield.
That K98 on the right has landed me hits using irons at a plate 300 yards away and I am nearsighted AS FUCK. I'm happy with it.
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>be me bout 5 months ago
>friend sells me a nice jungle carbine for 150
>sold it for tree fiddy the next day
>no a single fuck given
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>This story starts in September 2013
>Be 18
>$1200 worth of grad money gifted to me by friends and relatives
>Decide it's time for muh first gat
>Decide on SKS
>Ask /k/ for advice
>Get made fun of and chastised for not knowing how gift cards work and not being familiar with e-commerce (I now know)
>Referred to Classic Firearms
>Call them and ask them about it
>The person handling the calls gets bitchy with me for asking a few simple questions as if helping people isn't a priority
>I've given up music, so my trumpet goes bye-bye to buy Anon's first gun; I end up selling it for only $400 (which pissed mom off)
>Order SKS; $325
>Send money in the mail like the noob I was
>Shipping is fast
>Pick up rifle at gun shop at the other end of the county because they charge the least for transfers
>It's caked with cosmoline
>Discover there is nothing else like cleaning the cosmoline off an old gun
>Rub cosmoline on my face; I is hasguns now
>Take it to range
>Trigger is gritty as fuck
>Learn about proper trigger and breathing control
>Refinish stock because it looks like shit
>Go to range again
>It's below freezing out; snow is on the ground
>Warm my hands up on the barrel; range officer notices me shivering, laughs, and says "Welcome to the club."
>With my newfound knowledge, my groups improve drastically
>Trigger is still shit
>Take it to a gunsmith who holds a low opinion of the SKS; probably because mine is Chinese T56
>Trigger is improved significantly, but still has grit
>Order stripper clips; I end up not liking them much

As much as I like my SKS, I still regret not buying an AK because I'm a MDfag, and I should have jumped on the opportunity right before the MFSA bullshit went into effect.

>Evil scary 'salt gat because freedoms
>lighter than SKS
>Better trigger
>Detachable mags
Thanks for contributin'

You should have started off with a bolt gun tbh. But at least you went after milsurp.
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I bought an M91 Nugget shortly after. I'm currently trying to bed it properly, and if I run out of patience I'll just sell it and buy an M39 instead.
If you bed a nugget will it really make it that much of a better shooter? Because my second gun was a nugget (which I sold, which I then bought another back in january, which i also sold, because it was also SHIT accurate)
>gritty trigger
So I see you bought a shit first SKS

I think it'll make a shit nugget better, but nuggets only get so good. Mine can pound out some crazy good groups with good ammo without any modifications, I don't think bedding, corking or floating the barrel, shit like that, will really improve it much.
>Be 12
>Aunt gives me Ruger 10/22 for Christmas
>Go out to uncle's deer shack and shoot an entire brick of CCI through it.
>Take it out again like a month later
>It sits for pretty much 6years
>Cold and Alone
>Finally do something other than Sporting clays like a year ago and clean that bitch
>Bolt fine, functions fucking flawlessly.

I know /k/. That poor rifle Sat for so long...


2nd gun.
>Get into trap shooting
>have giant arms So need a large barrel and stock
>Mom decides to get me 4 years of birthday and Christmas presents
>Buys a gun from club member
>Christmas rolls around and I Finally unwrap it.
>Am 15 mind you
>Fucking pristine Browning Citori Plus 34"
>Been shooting that thing ever since.
>Never failed in over 50k rounds
>Won several junior tournaments with it.
How to paint gray?
>be turning 12
>Son, its time you learn to hunt
>gives me a package
>its a weatherby vanguard .270
>dad takes me hunting, don't see shit
>next year same thing
>realize apart from bird, he doesn't know shit about hunting.

>First shotgun was an 870 in 20 gauge.
>go on first hunt with new shotgun
>we hunting pheasant
>dog starts pointing
>its pointing straight ahead of me
>Dog flushes pheasant, it takes to the air
>So ecstatic I beat the dog to the bird
>go to pump my shotgun
>What the
>pump is in 2 pieces
>one of the rods connecting the bolt to pump is slanted at about a 30 degree angle
>it take a hammer to the straight action bar to dislodge the spent casing

And that's the last time I touched any remshit. My dad got his money back and we went out and bought a Mossberg 500 for 180. Except some idiot at the store filed the paper work wrong and I somehow ended up with a Mossberg 9200.
>Browning Citori Plus 34
I read that as clitoris plus 34

And now I have a boner for a huge clitoris that's 34 inches in circumference on a female giant.
.....there's got to be a rule 34 of that
>Turn 21.
>Buy PA-63.
>Over the course of the next few years buy more guns.
Still own it, as it has sentimental value even though I now have a Russian Mak and a PPQ.
>Buy 5.45 Tantal.
>First rifle.
Still have it even though I have an SGL and other rifles now.
On the upside, this undeserving fgt doesn't own one of the Commonwealth's finest anymore?
The main reason being that in most cases, minimum wage doesn't get you off of welfare
Colt Gray Duracoat
>get great deal on Nova
>shoot clays and tree stumps with friends
>selling a gun
Agreed. I would never sell a gun to make a bill, because I don't buy shit unless I know I have bills taken care of, and if I had some kind of debt that was so important (rent/mortgage, medical cost, food) I would just use the gun to get money to pay that.
You can BE that pro-fun dad to your kids, anon.
nigga,i'm crying, this is some emotional ass shit. the lee enfield has been muh chilluns since i was a 13 year old /k/adet. you treat it like your wife. you dont go and fucking plastic that shit, you leave stock as is and dont get a fucking newshit stock for it. the lee enfield, is beautiful. your tacticool AR, is not.
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My first gun: a story of how a father said no to a soccer mom
>growing up with an interest in firearms
>mom is ultra liberal
>full on soccer mom
>you don't need that
>guns are hate
>i don't want you to have anything to do with war
>and so forth
>dad still takes me to ranges despite moms protest
>be 13 working for grandfather
>too learn work ethic
>my father tells me that at the end of the summer he will introduce me to his friend
>meet his friend
>my father his friend and I go to the garage
>its literally the murdercube incarnate, I hand my fathers friend the money I had earned over the summer
> he looks at it and says you can pick any 2 guns and they are yours
>I choose pic related and a chinese type 88
>get home
>mom is furious
>dad says "shut up he earned them"
>dad continues with "and i will kick your ass out on the street if you try to take them'
>mom shuts up
still have the guns, and know now 22 yrs later that the old man gave up sex with my mom so that i could enjoy my rights, I love my father.
>Be 2011, fresh outta highschool.
>Buddy and I go to fleet farm and purchase our first rifles
> I get a yugo sks for $280 he gets a $90 Mosin.
>Both of us have cleaning orgy of cosmoline
>Boners were had.
>year later I re-finish my sks which made it more beautiful than the stock yugo sks yellow/red.

Fuck I love my sks
First gun

>Bought it at a fun show. Cranky old man. Not as fun.


>Enlist help of roommatebro to drive to Tampa from Orlando with me at ohfuck30 at night to pick up CZ from private seller.
>Arrive at dark hours in sketch part of town
>Knock on door
>Small hispanic man opens door
>BS about guns, he has 3 teeth total, carries 4 different guns in his sweatpants waistband, talks of staggering HP-FMJ-HP ammo in his magazines
>Works well on car doors, he says
>Grab CZ, nicemeetingyou.jpg

Still carry it to this day, that was 5 years ago.
>be 14
>dad has the cancer
>knows i love looking at his guns through the glass case
>buys 10/22 for father son time

15 years later here I am.
>Implying I own an AR
I will likely never buy one in my life, I'd rather buy a new Enfield and a Finnish M39 instead
What is that?
Fucking cool, man
no, this place is called H.I.T. never bothered to find out if it stood for anything
You reminding me of how much I hate making private gun transactions
File: 1413597052269.jpg (58 KB, 637x346) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
58 KB, 637x346
>1st gun

First gun in the family was an S&W M&P 15-22 that my dad got. he was in the chairforce but never ended up getting into guns, until I got into guns. we picked that up together while I was underageb&, and its the best tacticool .22 rifle IMO.

>1st gun I actually bought

1942 Izhveshk(or however the fuck its spelled) M91/30

all the numbers that aren't on the reciever are electropenciled, don't know if they didn't stamp them due to haste, or if its a clusterfuck of parts they force matched. Also, it has a sexy ass laminate stock.

Im never fucking selling it.
>Be 14
>Want pistol for first gun
>Find used 226
>Dad inspects it because sig expert
>Absolute piece of shit
>Next to it is a p220 for $550
>Very good condition
>Fucking sold
>My dad's an amazing shot
>all his shots land in a nice square foot box at 7 yards
>be 18
>be maplenigger
>get RPAL in mail after long 32 day wait
>go to local fun store to see if they still have 4506 I saw when taking my class
>get inside, see a chick I go to college with at the counter fondling a P22
>say hi and let her go about her business
>salesman walks away, she asks me what I think about the P22
>politely explain I think it's a pot-metal piece of shit
>she says she was also looking at a P220 Classic .22 but wasn't sure if it was worth the extra money
>she ends up buying the P220
>I throw down $700 moosebucks for my beloved 4506
>go shooting with her a few times, she says the 4506 is too big for her
>oh well

I had to sell it when I moved to the US since it's such a bitch to bring guns in. I miss you baby
>buy type 56 SKS while at gun show with /k/ friend
>cosmoline but only $350
>Spend hours cleaning the cosmoline off outside in the sun
>putting it all back together
>friend grabs recoil assembly
>has trouble getting the spring retainer back on.
>gets it
>goes to hand me the assembly when the retainer flies off into his front yard
>cant find it and he doesn't seem to care
>shot it anyway, works well
>haven't replaced it
Do i need to replace it? What can happen if i don't?
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188 KB, 640x840
>buy guns
>like every one of them for one reason or another
>can't part with anything if I could see myself ever using it again
>never sell any of them
>end up with a huge pile of guns
>also have full access to Dad's guns which I'll inherit when he passes away
>he agreed not to sell any of his because I like them all
>still buys new ones now and again
I mean, sometimes I'll buy a gun just to do some gunsmithing work on but never a working surplus rifle. Something broken or very cheap, sure, but usually just buy new guns to tinker on.
I turned my Marlin 917V into a youth stock gun and eventually I'm going to cut the bull barrel down to 16" for the tiniest groundhog killer ever.
I don't even have kids and I'm the only one that shoots it but it was $300 and it seemed like a good idea.
If I ever have a son that will be the rifle he learns on and I'll have him dropping fuzzy critters in no time.
Am cri. My first gun other than a .22 was a mk.3 and I love it to bits
>buy mosin many moons ago for $70
>shoot it a few times
>did not know about corrosive ammo
Long story short I obrez'd it because bore problems.
What would you guys recommend as a first gun?
Colt Thunderer
>Just moved to a new state
>About to go on a long weekend innawoods adventure off known trails in dense forest by myself, a new hobby at the time
>After sandy vagina, so hard to get the .44 magnum I wanted (Redhawk)
>Finally find one online in good condition, get it just a few days before my trip, despite the hippies at work saying "animals are more afraid of you than you are of them" (thankfully got to skip the waiting period due to getting my CCW immediately upon arrival)
>On first night innawoods, in a random streambed working on firestarting skills, no moonlight, small lantern barely lighting anything
>From the bushes, a roar at me, less than 200 feet away, from the south
>Has to be a cougar
>Forest is so dense it could be literally anywhere in there -- steambed is only about 25 feet wide
>Unholster .44, grab machete, wave around speaking firmly for ~2 mins trying to catch its eyeshine in the bushes
>Another roar, this time closer, from the southwest (cougars go clockwise around prey)
>No choice but to back down the river to the east
>Go ~500 feet down, set up bear bag, sent up tent all while scanning and looking out for this fucker, quite intense
>Dental hygiene is important, so take a few minutes to brush teeth 200 feet away from tent before getting in for the night
>My first time backpacking

Fuck yea. I love going innawoods. Fuck walking around at night anymore though.
Chink sks.
My G21 was $300 with three magazines and the two factory casings in the envelope being the only two rounds fired through it before my ownership.

Owner was a family friend who needed to make some quick cash.
File: IMG_20140823_132529.jpg (327 KB, 2048x1536) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
327 KB, 2048x1536
>be 13
>sitting in living room at grandpa's house watching wrestling with him
>commercial comes on advertising the Browning Auto 5
now keep in mind we went to shoot guns regularly together
>I said something along the lines of "wow that's cool I want one of those"
>grandpa said "well son, your old enough now, you see that .410 hanging on the gun rack?"
>"yeah what about it grandpa?"
>"when you go home take it with you"
>"Yeah go ahead I don't use it and every boy ought to have his first gun by the time he turns 13."
>I get all giddy inside thinking about it and stare at it until I get ready to leave
>he hands it to me before I walk out the door
>mom says that it was nice of him to give me such a quality gun
>kill so many squirrels and doves with that gun
tfw your grandpa gives you an Ithaca single shot as your first gun
File: 1391115398791.gif (3 MB, 300x303) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 300x303
File: TPhoto_00035.jpg (41 KB, 640x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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The first real gun I ever had was a Mossberg 500, although I'm not sure if I should count that. Was 10 at the time, father bought it for my birthday because we live in funtucky and god dammit, every young man needs a shotgun according to him.

First guns I ever bought with my own money was a fucking slapped together CAI nugget and Savage Mk.II Nugget is decent enough, and couldn't be any happier with the Savage Mk.II. The Savage is a fucking tack driver. My only complaint is that the stock is a bit uncomfortable, and feels of worse quality than it actually is. I suspect this is done to have a better price point than CZ, (in which case, it is an effective strategy, that was the reason I chose them over CZ), but it is not a completely bad stock. The barrel was certainly floated quite well and it was an excellent shooter with no adjustment required. Also, dat Accutrigger.
There's nothing gay about hate fucking a man to assert a point.

I fired corrosive ammo through my SKS and didn't clean it because "what's the worst it can do?"

Well, let me tell you, partner...

I bought my daughter a rifle the day she was born.
6.5mm carcano rifle

I sell guns at a discount to my friends that have not as much money because I'm that kind of a guy.
First gun I had too love the fuck out of it. Father bought it when I was 16 from a family friend for $50 guy included a 16 and 20 inch barrel pistol grip and Woodstock. I knew it was a good deal but looking at it now holy shit.
File: Feelsgoodmangreen.jpg (55 KB, 330x357) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
55 KB, 330x357

>Be 2 years ago
>Be 17
>Be somewhat interested in guns
>Stumble on to /k/
>Interest turns into full-blown obsession
>They tell me to get a Nugget
>Dad agrees to buy one for me, as long as I provide the cash
>Dat recoil
>Flinch like a babby faggot the first couple times I shoot
>MFW I'm now completely acclimated to the recoil of full-sized cartridges and anything less feels wimpy
>Long 32 day wait
You think you gais have it bad. Try being inna Jew York. I had buddies wait almost a year for a pistol permit. Fuck that.
>be December after sandy bag
>be 22
>own single shot 20 gauge given to me by dad when I was a kid but otherwise not own any gunss, have shot before though and really liked it
>owning a gun never crossed my mind really
>people on news making huge deal about gun control
>decide to go to gun show and buy gun
>not sure what I want but dad has fancy Russian SKS I shot when I was a kid, so I figure I'll get one
>read SKS guide on /k/
>go to gun show
>800 dollar Russian SKS's, No Chinese models, Only thing I can afford is a Yugo SKS in a cracked Chinese stock with a crappy camo painted 10 round mag
>I buy it, against my better judgment but I wanted it now
>eventually replace shitty camp mag and get it a proper Yugo stock, shoots great and is accurate, I've killed pigs and vermin alike with it.

Its a basic SKS but I love it and it has great sentimental value to me, I won't ever sell it
>grow up in staunch Republican household
>dad enjoys shooting, has CWP, but doesn't carry
>only gun in house is great grandfather's first run Auto-5
>fast forward to after sophomore year of college
>finally nut up and buy a gun myself
>10/22 from some guy who deals out of his house
>nervous as fuck the whole time
>chat with his wife and daughter about daiquiris and brownies
>he shows me nugget he put in archangel stock, actually was pretty cool
>realize .22lr doesn't exist in Missouri and Oklahoma
>be sad I haven't shot it yet because I only have 400 rounds and don't want to waste them

Shit sucks, yo.
Page one buddy.
You don't want to waste your bullets by shooting them?
man... my first purchase was 3 FALs for 1500 at a garage sale from some little old lady... then I sold them at fun shows for 2000 each and bought a 1941johnson. thanks book for fixing it
File: CIMG5869 - Kopie.jpg (2 MB, 1920x2560) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
CIMG5869 - Kopie.jpg
2 MB, 1920x2560
>be german
>just got my hunting license
>looking for first rifle
>browsing Frankonia website (big gunstore and sporting goods chain here, think Cabelas or something like that)
>saw a nice used CZ 550 on their website for 349€
>in another store
>asked them to send it to my local store
>couple o' days later
>go to my local Frankonia and ask to see the rifle
>uhh dunno 'bout that, not in the system etc.
>well fuck
>manager overhears all this
>"Hey do we still have the Stutzen (german word for short full stock rifles) in the storage?"
>cashier goes innastorage
>comes back with beautiful Steyr-Mannlicher Model M Stutzen in fuddy-aught six with docter made Zeiss 3-12x56 scope with reticle 4
>mostly in perfect condition
>some scratches and dings in the walnut stock
>perfect bluing
>action is smooth as fuck
>price: 999€ (scope alone is ~1K, EAW scope bases around 200-300€, rifle is +2K new)
>someone else had reserved this rifle before and then just didn't came by to inspect and buy it for like 4 months
>take my fucking money
>show my hunting license
>10 mins of paperwörk later I'm on my way home with my new rifle
pic related next to the finn nugget
I just would like to have some stocked up in case someone wants to go shooting or camping or something. If I run out, I seriously have no idea when I would be able to get more at a reasonable price.
You can buy bullets on the internet.
Just bought my gun actually
>Start living off campus junior year
>Want to buy a gun but can't justify spending the money if I don't have a part-time job at least
>Senior year, move into a new place
>New roommate is hippy girl, really nice but hates guns and says she isn't comfortable having one in the house
>Reluctantly agree, I don't want to make her upset or uncomfortable
>Actually, fuck that, I'll buy a gun if I want
>Save up some money, go on Armslist, and a Hungarian M44 for $235
>Meet Australian dude in a Lowes parking lot, he pulls out the gun
>It's fucking gorgeous, smooth action, intact bayonet, no rusting, and the dude even shows me how to oils it and lubricates the bolt
>Other, funloving roommate drives me back to the apartment and lets me leave the rifle in his trunk
>As soon as everyone else is out of the house at the same time, run the rifle inside

Still haven't shot it because I only have 20 rounds for it and I don't want to deal with hippy roommate finding out I bought a gun. But she did just start dating a friend of ours who's building his own AR-15 so that problem might just solve itself.
Dude that's an early production Type 56. Is it all matching?

That thing has a fuckton of character beat into it. It probably has seen war.

It's way cooler than an AK.
If you can find me .22lr at under $.10 a round online, let me know.
File: 1414298109294.gif (3 MB, 220x220) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 220x220
Am jelly
File: M70.jpg (799 KB, 5472x3648) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
799 KB, 5472x3648
>Always visit local gunshop
>Look around, talk to buddy who works there all the time
>Incredibly reasonable guys
>Let me pick up pistols/handguns at 18-19 no problem
>Go to sell them my 870 Express Magnum
>$450 offer to buy it from me, reasonable
>Finally nut up, and save up. Put M70 O-PAP on layaway
>They know me, offer to let me get it, no money down.
>I bring back $200 to put down
>Have wet dreams about first gun, get excited like xmas every night
>Very next check, I bring in an empty case, and smile on my face
>They know
>Throw her in back of subaru with buddies all finger fucking her.
>get doge, two best friends, we go downtown (Louisville)
>Look for accessories even though broke
>Still have fun, cheesing the entire time
>On way home, badass snow storm
>insert STALKER soundtrack, no worries, subaru.
>lady in front me stops super hard, couldn't stop
>Left lane clear
>swerve into left lane
>can't get back into right lane
>go airborne off the side of the road
>Subaru loaded down with hundreds of x39, multiple AK's, two best friends, and doge
>go from air, to driveway with steep sides
>go airborne from that, to bushes
>pullout like nothing happened, busted fog lamp
>go home, take single round and load into AK.
>blow hole in yard
>mom starts bitching
>take 30 pack inside, bitch about shit, and talk until snow stops
>best day ever.
File: kramer_nod.gif (2 MB, 188x264) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 188x264
File: Feelios.jpg (83 KB, 653x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: kelly-leak-3.jpg (48 KB, 633x352) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>$15 shipping

>Chinese Type 88

You mean a Hanyang 88? How can you even feed that?

Spaghetti launcher.

>12 years old
>Go to local yard sale
>See the parents leave to go get smokes
>They leave their 14 year old in charge
>Start looking around
>See they have guns
>Buy Ruger 10/22 at a yard sale for $70
>Leave it out in my tree house deep innawoods
>Convert it to full auto
>Go out and shoot it now and then
>Find out about NFA laws
>Remove all trigger mechanisms except for the trigger itself
>Have high school senior friend pawn it for $80
File: 1366683239783.jpg (94 KB, 495x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
94 KB, 495x500
>be me ~18
>step dad takes me out to shoot
>fall in love with funs
>always had an interest but never shot
>be canadafag and get pal
>walk into funstore with my stepdad
>no money just browsing
>spot this old beat up rc k98
>guy is looking at it
>says he wants to sporterize it
>hope to god this guy doesn't buy it
>bro behind the counter convinces him not to
>says there aren't many left and to buy a mosin
>im next in line to look at it
>finger fuck the shit out of cosmo covered rifle
>sadly didn't bring any money :(
>stepdadbro comes over and sees me with my dream rifle
>asks me to go grab something for him
>come back he is at the counter with k98
>bought it for me still own it and never will get rid of it
>tfw the first fun you got was your dream rifle
Protip: Don't bed a fucking M91.
>11 years old
>shot a few times at scout camps, always had fun but sucked
>go hunting during NH youth weekend with my bro-tier redneckish Uncle
>"I borrowed this from my friend for you"
>hands me a little Winchester lever-action rifle in .357 magnum
>I try it out
>plug a 3-inch circle at 40 yards with ironsights
>don't see a single deer
>do the same next year
>still no luck
>turn 13
>go down to NH again
>before we go out, he pulls my Dad aside, there's some whispering
>he comes over to me
>"By the way, I think you're old enough. I bought it from Joe, it's yours now."
>never saw a single goddamn deer on any of our trips
>rifle sits on a rack
>still take it down some days, it's tiny when I hold it now
>never going to sell it
oh you evil immoral crimer you!
What caliber? That rifle is fucking sex. How long is it overall?
Where do you live Mo-Bro?
Dylan, Eric...... hello
>At Uni
>Come home for a weekend
>Been thinking about getting a rifle for fun/boar hunting/ history/defense
>Oh gee a nugget can do all that on a budget
>Do my research
>Call local fun stores back home about ffl transfer fees
>Guy tells me he has a bunch in the box for cheaper then online
>Go there
>Don't like the ones on the shelves
>Offers to look through the boxes
>Go through four boxes of nuggets
>Find a pristine 1940 Ishvesk with no abrasions or scratches
>150 for the rifle, pouches, cleaning kit, 25 rounds and the strap
>tfw parents were impressed
>tfw it puts big holes in hogs and targets

thank you mother land
Remmy bucket of boo-lits here in Ausland is $88 at the moment. 1400 rounds, that's 7 aussie cents, give or take, right?
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