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Can we get a nig-nog/stupid people/minorities...
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Can we get a nig-nog/stupid people/minorities thread going? I'll start

>be atta range with friend
>friend and I newly hasrifles and shooting them for probably the 3rd or 4th time
>have wasr, friend has ~$550 AR
>nearing the end of our day, 2 nogs and white nog show up
>pull out shitty generic .380 or 9mm, and a ruger gp100
>takes them far too long to figure out how to load them
>bang "haha shit mayne dats crazy" bang "haha get a pic bro"
>they see what we're shooting
>"eh man. would it be cool if we try them? is thems full auto like machine guns?"
>we were about to leave, each had like half a mag of ammo left
>friend starts to say "no, they're semi auto"
>i interrupt "..right now. They're set to semi auto right now. But you can do full auto with them. We were about to leave, but it's cool"
>jamal and demarcus rejoice
>Hand rifles over, keeping a close eye on their friend
>once again, no idea how to load or operate weapon
>9-1 already dialed on my cellphone just in case. Hand brushing PPQ on hip
>They pull the triggers with a massive flinch. One round goes off each.
>Look at us
>"What the hell? Hold on, sorry man. It never does this. Must be jammed or something. Let me see it"
>lock bolt back, drop mag, turn safety on and off
>"There, that should be good. Just put the mag in, then press the button to release the bolt....yeah, that button, push that button"
>bolt closes without mag in
>"NO! Not like that! Put the mag in then pull back the charging handle and fire"
>Nog worried.
>Again, one round goes off each
>Looks at us, scared
>"Oh my god. Son of a bitch. *turn safety on and off repeatedly* Dude, I think it's ruined. Come on man, why didn't you listen? God dammit. Let's get out of here"
>nogs freaking the fuck out as my friend and I finish packing and storm off
>no ragrets
>I'm super young, still into guns.
>Mom makes me do charity work for our church.
>Bringing people in the ghetto old used clothes.
>Make friends with 17 year old nig.
>Nigga check this out.
>lifts up shirt revealing an ancient loaded and fully cocked 22.
>Mfw he hasn't shot his dick off yet.
>showed that nig what half cock was.
>He thought I was a firearms genius.
<- every one of these threads.
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gun control.jpg
185 KB, 1024x776
/pol/ plz go, you've infected the entire front page of /k/ all day.
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>screencapping your own post
>Can we get a nig-nog/stupid people/minorities thread going

The only relative term is stupid people. If you aren't familiar with guns and the rules, your going to be a fucking idiot.

Also fuck off, /k/ is not a racist-hugbox.
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When I lived in Florida there was a negro three streets away who blew his arm off at the elbow with a shotgun. I heard his screams, /k/. It was horrible.
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I bet you OHP in the squat rack faggot.
Tripfags gonna trip.
implying there isn't a distinct difference between niggers, white trash, beaners, black people, white people, and hispanic people. I would've gladly not fucked with someone who was articulate and intelligent.

and /k/ is primary for me. next is /gif/, /wsg/, maybe /b/, and then finally maybe /pol/...
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>Also fuck off, /k/ is not a racist-hugbox.
Sounds of screams definitely get me more than seeing violence.
>multiracial group of friends show up to range, showing an interest in freedom
>ask politely about your firearms
>make them feel like shit for no reason

Instead of correcting their ignorance and encouraging their love for guns, you just kinda made them feel like they broke your guns because you didn't like how they talked. Nice.
I'm not implying there isn't a distrint difference, you are.

you phrased it as nig-nog/stupid people/minorities thread, nig-nog is a term for black people unlike nigger is which used indiscriminately

How new are you?

This guy gets it.
>implying my friend and I weren't mutiracial
>implying they cared about anything more than posting on facebook about 'busting caps'
Even if they did want to take cool pics for facebook or whatever, who gives a shit? They're enjoying their freedom, maybe in a slightly different way than you, but we as gun owners need to be more encouraging to new shooters, even if they don't come from the same background as us, and yes, even if they're not as intelligent as you, which they may or may not have been.
I don't give a fuck what your ethnicity, nigger, don't give a fuck what they do outside of being retarded and inept with guns, I shitposting about how you tried to portray the thread
This is precisely why I never and still do not ask to use someone else's guns in the range.

You asshole.
File: my-nigga.jpg (42 KB, 552x464) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
42 KB, 552x464
>back to south Georgia
>range/funs store
>melanin enriched individuals enter store
>over-sized jeans
>over-sized shirt with typical cash-money graphics
>! THUGCON -2 !
>politely questioning about a variety of weapons
>finger fucks large caliber revolver
>inquires about scope mounting
>inquires about viability for hogs
>avidly interested in T/C Venture in .243
>respectful finger fucking ensues
>fails to muzzle sweep anything
>sets it down on the counter
>"Yeah, gonna get dat one."
>funs shop associate nods "Its a good deer gun."
>"Yeah man, I got mah stan' ready, gonna fuck dem up!"
>"Your momma still make those venison sausages?"
>"Yeah homey, gonna tear into a plate'a dem!"
>THUGCON what?
>gainfully employed full time for 7 years at local chemical plant
>Minor traffic violations closest to criminality
>Zero personnel debt
>married to baby momma
>actively involved with children's educations
>THUGCON 2.38 x 10^27
>tfw law abiding model citizen, 2nd Amendment advocate, card carrying NRA life member, avid hunter

You just never know OP, there are all kinds
It does my heart good to hear stories of people enjoy our natural/constitutional rights to the point of bringing a tear to my eye. God, I fucking love my country.
>Golden Valley shooting range in Clinton, MO
>Black guy rolls up behind me in an old beat up Honda
>Walks up to the 50 yard lane
>Opens a case with a WASR in it
>Clearly having issues figuring it out
>He starts getting frustrated
>Looks over at me with my AK, I wave
>Go over to him and show him how it works, spend an hour showing him everything about it
>Tells me he appreciates it and this is his first gun, he has two kids and a wife
>Doesn't talk like a ghetto thug at all

Fuck you OP.
There is a difference between niggers and black people
File: image.jpg (254 KB, 1600x900) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
254 KB, 1600x900
My feels for the Africans are varied.
My met some dumb ass niggers.
But on time.
> be at range with friends
>shooting every thing rifles,pistols, BP.
> Black guy shows up.
> takes out his cowboy rig, tooled leather really nice.
> he's got an SSA and a bisley.
> he says hello we repond in kind
> he starts shooting, fanning the hammer. It's fucking glorious.
> he eyes my flintlock , asks if he can try it. "Sure thing!" Can I try the SSA. " Sure"
> great fun is had by all.
> then some white trash show up.
> they just stare at the cow boy for a minute.
everything it's quiet.
> oh shit
> then the cowboy makes a can dance
> WT is amazed. Out come their guns.
> a great time is had by all
> why can't all black people be like that.
>why can't all black people be like that.

Because Democrats
Not a nignog but whites can be just as stupid.
>Cold range
>Fudd shows up to range
>Pulls out 50cal loudenfuckboomer
>Range goes hot
>Fudd loads up 50, first shot of day
His face got all fucked up and the guy next to him wasnt very happy about the shrapnel in his leg.

Pic related, twas his $8k rifle.

Turns out he was using reloads (Amax bulelts una LC cases) and had no idea wtf he was doing.

Always use the book loads people.
>/fit/ pls i came here to escape you
This, Southern Democrats specifically.
>.50 BMG rifle

Pick exactly one
>he doesnt OHP in the squat rack
This. Also, because of other black people. But that's also because Democrats.

But anyway.
>Be 17 and working at 7-11
>Regular comes in who is a Black Cowboy
>Be in Texas so it is not unusual
>He is awesome and is always coming in to buy condoms to fuck some lady he just picked up at the bar

Guy was my black hero for an entire summer. Told funny stories and dirty jokes and had a natural charisma of 19.
>making shit up
>being mean to people because of their race
>being a stereotypical white gun owner
...are those actual quotes?
>the northern progressives decided "Hey, lets completely remove all agency from them."
>minimum wage laws put in place to undermine unskilled blacks getting entry-level work and thereby building job experience
>welfare system punished the black nuclear family
>quotas in higher education prompted the under-qualified to be accepted as window dressing
>sliding standards caused by the removal of agency resulted in poor school performance

The blacks of America were a completely different people prior to the 60s and 70s. They had lower illegitimacy rates as a percentage than whites, more intact families as a percentage, higher work-force participation as a percentage, and black-only universities who had selective entry programs produced some of the highest test scores.

Black Americans were ruined by fifth columnist progressives.
muh story
>be at outdoor range
>cool place where you can drive right up to range, setup tables and chairs, etc
>be shooting my funs; FAL, AK, Mossy500, Redhawk, etc.
>notice dark skin man in range next to mine.
>stay vigilant
>continue shooting, etc.
>man at next range politely hails me: "hi sir"
>me: "howdy"
>the man proceedes to tell me about his new shotgun. A maverick. I tell him those are pretty nice and a good deal.
>he tells me hes had some sort of malfunction he cannot clear
>asks if I can assist
>ok sure lemme look.
>Pump action is hung up on something
>inform person that I may have to smack it around a little to get it resolved. ask permission
>no problem mayne
>smack the butt on the ground, malfunction clears up.
>there you go sir
>homeboy was happy I could fix the issue and has taken note of my method
>he gratefully says that I can finish shooting the rest of his shot shells.
>i pump off another 4 rounds
how i got $3.50 of fun for 10 seconds of work
File: 1413414688859.png (241 KB, 555x569) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
241 KB, 555x569
>Sounds of screams definitely get me more than seeing violence.

Heard some poor girl in Mosul get her eviscerated by a mortar. She was running to get her body armor. Longest minute or so of my life before the blood loss got her.

Never saw her, or met her, but I still hear her in my sleep
File: thugs-223x300.jpg (21 KB, 223x300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
21 KB, 223x300
Well, I mean, I DID read them on the internet, so...
Yep. White people defined "black culture" to be exactly what they wanted it to be. And since that's what black people self-define as, the whole system is self-regulating.

"Why you tryin to be white?"

Fucking brilliant.
Sounds like you're the real nigger. Honestly yhe more pro fun blacks we can get the better. The left has many of them super brainwashed
>implying the average citizen who's unfamiliar with guns knows what half cock is

But i guess him not being white makes it a special case.
>>THUGCON 2.38 x 10^27

Lost it. 10/10
>>welfare system punished the black nuclear family

This. Seriously. The system damn near encourages people not to get married and have a steady system.
And how would you have felt if someone fucked with you back when you didn't know anything?
>poorfag OP calling anyone a nigger
You sound like a shithead OP.
Damn fucking right.
I know that feel man. Vodka helps.. for awhile.
>not squatting over the OHP Bench
ITT: made up stories on the internet
File: 1412623498110.gif (1 MB, 285x228) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 285x228
>screen capping your own post
File: 4536469.jpg (32 KB, 612x459) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
32 KB, 612x459

>Buddy and me finally get fed the fuck up with having nothing to do.
>Decide we'll actually go out and discover shit to do
>Novelty idea in the age of mass media & internet

>Find out there is a outdoor public range nearby (45 minute drive)
>Load up his AR-15, my shitty Px4, his Uzi & a Savage Tactical he just bought in 308 (Might've been 300 Win)

>Get there
>Friendly as fuck old guy open carrying a 1911
>Alright grandpa
>Soon enough, guy drives up in a fucking Prius, gets out of his car. Full on californian in skinny jeans, flat tops, retard as fuck tight hipster t-shirt & a pair of fucking glasses without actual lenses in them, carrying a P226
>"What the fuck?" goes me and my bud

>Buddy is wrestling with his savage, he's never fired a bolt action in anything other then .22 before, worse yet he's having problems adapting to a non Mil-Dot scope having spent 8 years in the army
>Comes to later find out later the turrets are inverse

>Soon a old white elder couple show up with their grandson, grand son spends the entire time threatening his grandmother with bodily harm while firing off guns he has no business fucking firing, chick leaning while firing 45 1911, grandfather let's him fire a side by side shotgun, little fucker nearly blasts one of us

>Eventually buddy decides it's time to go, fuckin' teaches the kid how to stop chick leaning, informs him he should respect his grandparents.
>Kid " Yeah, whatever "
>Hear him cursing out his grandma as we're leaving.
File: 89774944.gif (991 KB, 500x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Y'know, you bust our balls fellas, but White America is just as fucked up as Tyrone America
I have some "furries at the range" stories if anyone is interested.
I'm waiting.
Let's hear it. Please.
Still waiting for the inevitable "Bronies at the range" stories.
Very true. My black friends don't associate with nigg"a"s either. Makes African Americans look bad.
I'm a brony with a shit ton of guns.

Just not one of those autistic bronies, fucking hate them.
>indoor range
>waiting in line to pay the entrance fee
>4 furries ahead of us, 1 has a full suit and the others have ears and tails
>gun shop employee tells the full suit guy there is no way in hell you're going to fire a gun in his range dressed like that
>gives him a long safety speech
>employee is nearly screaming, everyone is watching him
>guy leaves the store, didn't see him again
>we pay and they're in the lane next to us
>they have a wasr and glock
>black guy in the other lane asks them if they're homosexuals and if there is anything he can do to make them feel more comfortable

Sorry, I suck at greentext stories. It was an over all awkward experience.
>implying they cared about anything more than posting on facebook about 'busting caps'

>implying you don't post about busting caps on a Cambodian cartoon image board.
>I'm not one of those annoying fucks.
>But the first thing I am going to do is spout off that I am a horsefucker to you so I feel special.
>Self-identifies as a fan of a cartoon for teen girls
>Not autistic

Choose one, and only one.

Nothing wrong with cartoons, but the second a grown-ass man decides it's okay that his love for a specific cartoon justifies a title... You've gone full fucking potato and need some therapy.
>I'm not like "those" guys

Sure thing buddy, that's what they all say.
>Liking little girl cartoon
>Not autistic
You can only pick one
>Just not one of those autistic bronies, fucking hate them.
>Posts Yellow Autism and the whore.
>Not autistic.
>The autism is here.

The funnest thing to do is to go into one of their generals on /mlp/ and talk about gun control.
They loose their shit.
File: awhellnaw.gif (1 MB, 320x240) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 320x240
>nig-nog/stupid people/minorities
Come on dude, I agree those three usually belong in the same row but.. just come on. Not cool.
So, the employee left?
The furry did.
Every time I go to the indoor range, the blacks there are dressed decently, and fathers (imagine that) are teaching their sons to shoot safely.

>my dad never took me shooting
>these feels
Back to tumblr with you.
Op plz
Oh my god its red hot.
File: norinco95.jpg (500 KB, 1024x768) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
500 KB, 1024x768
>several years ago
>dumb and stupid, like 19 years old
>one of my friends at the time had an apartment where there were always like 8 or so college aged kids doing drugs all hours
>one day everyone's smoking weed, 5 or so white kids
>owner of house gets phone call
>says "alright come on in"
>thugged out black guy with gold teeth walks in with duffle bag
>everyone is reconciling their buzz with the gangster dude that walks in
>everyone is wondering what's going down
>this guy goes by the name of "Dunk"
>opens up duffle bag
>pulls out Norinco 95 AK with weird stock
>what the fuck is going on here
>pulls out loaded banana clip and loads it
>hands it to "friend"
>"That'll be $400 bro"
>friends hands him $400
>"Alright bro be safe with that. Oh and don't forget to wipe off the blood on the barrel."
>seriously, what the fuck is going on here
>sure enough there is blood on barrel
>gangster dude leaves
>"So who the fuck is Dunk?"
>"Oh, he's a hitman from the projects."
>go home and evaluate my life
>black guy in the other lane asks them if they're homosexuals and if there is anything he can do to make them feel more comfortable

kek, now we have liberal induced black guilt
whites can breed niggers too
>>black guy in the other lane asks them if they're homosexuals and if there is anything he can do to make them feel more comfortable

was he being sarcastic? Wouldn't care if they were homo, but furries are creepy.
File: 5489498456.gif (2 MB, 320x240) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 320x240

That's a fucking understatement anon

>Didn't know about furries
>Fucking got into Furcadia in my mid teens

>Spend at least 2-3 years futzing around, being a pervy hormone blasted teenager
>Mffw I realize the horror of actual furrism.

And then almost ten years later, I would find out my old ladies kid sister associated with a McLardhamwhale furry.

I've never been so goddamn creeped out in my life.
the fuck is furcadia
Pol is gay, stormfags are like neckbeards but with tattoos. They're just as socially autisic. Literally sperglords who can't talk about anythin else.
just want to let you know that i wanted to post this exact pic in another thread about LBJ but the site would not let me
>asks them if they're homosexuals and if there is anything he can do to make them feel more comfortable

Sounds kind of like a come-on line
Don't ask, anon. Don't ask. Be happy with the horr of 4chan.

Don't ask questions you don't want answers to.
Yeah white trash can be every bit as bad as niggers. Both make their races look bad.
>used to play furcadia before I knew what furries were
>only went to a fallout rp room and never saw anything that clued me in to what it was all about
>mfw I thought the people who made it just kind of liked cartoon animals
>implying he didn't want gay furry sex with them
File: 1410930240739.jpg (194 KB, 600x473) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
194 KB, 600x473
Thread replies: 92
Thread images: 21
Thread DB ID: 17317

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