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Fellow /k/ommrades,
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Fellow /k/ommrades,

It's with a heavy heart that I come to you. My best friend and service dog Scout has been diagnosed with cancer. I can't afford his chemotherapy treatments. I love my /k/9 and I don't want to live without him...

Please see my original thread in /an/

If you have a /k/9 and know my feels, please help save my best friend. Thanks

Pic very related.

If you feel like helping us out you can check out: www.gofundme.com/scoutsbattle

Otherwise, /K/9 and operator animals general thread
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Right in the feels.
You need better insurance broseph. My dog is covered under my homeowners insurance because my agent wiggled him in under "security" discounts like the alarm and fire systems.
/k/ is mostly sissy faggots who have cats
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I wish I could help financially anon. But unfortunately, I'm unable to at the moment.

What I can do is promote this for you and hopefully encourage more people to help you out.

Godspeed /k/omrade, godspeed Scout.

Fuck dude, I'm in tears. Lost my buddy of nine years in August. Collapsed and died of a heart attack while he was going up the back steps. He was with me from the moment he popped out his momma to the very end.

Good luck and God Bless.
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Veteran owned service dogs are eligible for free insurance through Trupanion.
Hope it helps OP.

Semper Fi, Scot
>have disposable income
i'd love to help and bump op

Cats are /k/ as fuck

They have night vision for those midnight missions

Concealed carry assassin claws

Leet operator parkour skills

its a scam don't send money
It always sucks when dogs get sick, and it's even worse when they die, but it's a dog. He has, what, 5 years to live, anyway, regardless of cancer? Chemo is just going to torture him. What is the worst that could happen by letting nature run its course? He'd die, of course, and that would be said, but he'd probably live longer, happy, than if he'd gotten chemotherapy. I'm not trying to be edgy or anything, just pragmatic. I had a dog who had cancer, when I was growing up. He lived to be like 14, and while he did get very sick at the end and had to be put down, he was pretty good just about up until the end.
Nah. He posted a timestamp in his /an/ thread. Fuck off.
Cats confirmed for based.
Best of luck with your dog OP
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>tfw dog is getting to that older age
>never had to deal with death of a close family member before
>pls no
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I feel you, bro. My cat of 15 years just got diagnosed with lung cancer yesterday. She's too far along and the doc said she doesn't have long. I'm just trying to make her comfortable.
>Get shitty agent.
>Fire alarm isn't covered.
>Have to put it down when it starts to beep.
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had to put my /k/9 of 13 years down last august.

shit sucks but I would want it that way for me. most people don't go that well.

good luck, sir.
You will become your doge. You will be a real life furry.
I understand the fear of having a dog get cancer, good luck /k/ommrade. On a related note, I miss you Jack see you in valhalla.
2 years ago i came home from work and found my k9 friend bleeding out internally from a mast growth in his spleen.. it was heart breaking. but at least in his final hours, he was able to have his last car ride... during that time he seemed almost revived even though he had bled out 80-90% of his blood count into his body. It's the time we wish they had left and that lovely son of bitch enjoyed his final moments until he was doped up into the embrace of death. I feel for you and wish the best.
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OP I am VERY sorry I have no money to spare.
with my own /k/9 I know that I have to be in your position someday.
I hope your doggy makes it out okay. pic is mine, she's still a puppy. I can't imagine her leaving anytime soon ;_;
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How cool would it be if we "put down" real cops when they got rabid and shot a bunch of innocent people/flashbanged babies?
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I forgot to mention that beautiful SOB was 9. A great mix of yellow lab and Carolina dog. He will be missed as long as I live.
I wish I could help out but my /k/9 has kidney failure, but my feels go out to you bro.
>grew up in Oklahoma in a town named after a fort twenty miles away that didn't even exist anymore
>father lived there his whole life (minus being a goddamn MP in Korea), stayed through the Bowl and everything after
>did a little police work, lawyering, became the town judge
>IAM_THELAW.webm, and the law is belts and willow switches
>the only thing that got me through my adolescent years of social rejection and shit home-life is my jack russell, Light
>my mom got him when I was about a year and a half, named him after the first word I ever said (cheesy as fuck)
>happy, peppy dog that literally followed me everywhere, great ratter, fucking loved raw catfish and would always steal them (got a hook in his mouth one time from jumping the gun)
>always barked at my dad, which I loved
>didn't have many friends (small town) so I talked to him a lot
>got old quick, since my mom got him from a friend
>when I was twelve he started having trouble walking on his back legs
>no vet in town, and I figured he was just getting old or something, so I carried him around in a backpack
>was still happy as ever, until his front legs started failing too
>could tell he was in pain
>brought him to my dad
>he said he would take him to the vet when he could
>two days later I come home and there's a wooden board sticking out of a patch of turned earth
>dad put him down
>he never went to the vet, and I never said goodbye

And that is why I will never own another dog for as long as I live.

Just don't let him suffer, OP. I've heard chemo is rough on dogs, so if you can tell his quality of life is failing then you might want to consider other options.
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OP, I hope your dog dies, now go get a job instead of begging the internet for money

Such edge.

Bet they had to fold your mother's pussy a thousand times just to drag your fat ass out.
stay butthurt you cant come to terms with putting down your doge
It scares me that childish niggers like this have firearms.
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>seriously guise, begging /k/ for shekels is totally /k/ related

Not OP. Already put down two dogs myself so far.
>yo mama jokes
>i put down two doges
sure thing timmy
Notice how nobody cares about your post.
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>see this thread
>my /k/at is 20 years old and finally starting to act like it
>its only a matter of time
I've got a pet Red-Eared Slider that's older than I am. I dunno how long those fuckers last, but it can't be forever.

>MFW always wanted to meet one of those island tortoises that're like 200 years old.
I feel for you, man. This summer my cat died. She was 20 years old. Right up until the end, she'd follow me inna woods. I know cats aren't as good as dogs for that kinda thing, but she was always very alert and I always felt like I had a spare pair eyes with me.

I want to get another pet but there's too many feels involved to do it right now.

Don't need to, as humans can usually commit suicide on their own power.
Wish I could help out man, but like many others I'm strapped for money at the moment.
I hope everything turns out for you and your /k/9 anon.
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its almost like i forgot i was on 4chan
i still dont approve, but it looks like there are some /k/omrades who need a little initiating
When I was like 8, my mom bought me a red-eared slider. I named him Flash and in typical fashion, I got bored with taking care of him in short order and foisted the responsibility on my parents. He lived with us for years afterwards until my mom finally told me Flash died during my second year of college. I wasn't very sad, he was just a turtle after all, but it still hurt a little.

Fast forward a few years and now I'm dying of cancer at age 29. It sucks less than you'd think, life is pain and all that, but the damndest thing happened...I was visiting my mom and one of the neighbor kids came by to tell her how Flash was doing. She thanked him, then awkwardly explained that she gave Flash away to a neighbor hoping somebody would pay more attention to him and lied to me about him dying because she thought I'd be upset about her giving him away.

Anyway, I asked if I could go check on him. Motherfucker looked positively robust, shell was shiny as hell, eyes clear, looked like a million bucks. I swear, the goddamn turtle knew I was going in the ground first. If turtles could have facial expressions, I swear that nigga was giving me a look like "shoulda played with me more asshole, top fucking kek." It was like he came back to life just to gloat and be a cunt.

Bottom line? Fuck their species, man.
i want /a/ to go
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i wish i could help anon because i know that feel all too well but broke as can be for the next forseeable while. pic related miss her so much.
jesus man, what kind of cancer you got?
listen to this guy
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