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What weapons/vehicles/units/etc. have the...
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What weapons/vehicles/units/etc. have the coolest names?
Tsar Bomba.

Best name for best weapon.
Why don't I have a NATO codename? Is it because Fagot is already taken?
The Afghanies used to call the SABERs/the TOW missiles themselves "the finger of Allah."
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PKP Pecheneg
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All American helicopters. Native American tribes sound badass.
Also known as kuzkas mother
That's hardcore. Let's get more of the names our adversaries gives us/our weapons.
Stinger missile
Fa18 super hornet
Reaper UAV
Little boy/fat man
B52 (just sounds cool)
I just woke so my brain is a little slow
Don't forget the Dragon. Puff the magic dragon.
Coolest name for the ugliest piece of equipment
>Kiowa Warrior
We call it "pokemon" here

thats pretty cool isnt it
That's the only one with an especially awesome name.
Also Little Bird
Assault rifle 15
The Californians (especially the Berkley area ones) like to call us baby killers. Too bad we're not allowed to hold up to the "Domestic" portion of our "Defending all enemies to the constitution foreign and domestic" pledge.
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Old Royal Navy ships.

>Erebus-class monitor HMS Terror
>HMS Dreadnought
>HMS Iron Duke
>HMS Vengeance (currently an SLBM, even better)
>Revenge-class battleship

The French also get an honourable mention for the Charles Martel and Charlemagne, both of which look awesome.
I thought the French named the Royal Navy ships. The British just captured them.
that thing looks like what would happen if a Virginia class sub and a Indiana class battleship fucked
That was only until about 1876.

After that, the French ships were kind of shit compared to the British ones, so they stopped bothering to capture them.
>African Eliminator
>Gang Land Operational Cracker Killer
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A-10 Cross.jpg
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This thread needs more BBBBRRRRRRRRRTT

The Devil's Cross
>naming your NUKE SUB Reckless
Das my nigga
Nobody's mentioned the hellfire yet?
>Nobody's mentioned the hellfire
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They just go on and on:

HMS Thunderer
HMS Invincible
HMS Indefatigable
HMS Incendiary
HMS Furious
HMS Irressistible
HMS Ambush (current SSN)
HMS Anaconda
HMS Destruction
HMS Devastation
HMS Revenge
HMS Spanker
HMS Spiteful

To name a few. Also there are so many ridiculous ones out there as well
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Reminder that UNSC has the best ship names.

UNSC Adriatic
UNSC Aegis Fate
UNSC Agincourt (Ghosts of Onyx)
UNSC All Under Heaven
UNSC Allegiance
UNSC Alliance
UNSC Andraste
UNSC Apocalypso
UNSC Applebee
CMA Arabia
CMA Argo
UNSC Armageddon's Edge
UNSC Armstrong
UNSC Athens
UNSC Atlas
UNSC Austerlitz
UNSC Basra
Battle of the Great Bear
Behemoth-class tug
UNSC Belfast
UNSC Brasidas
UNSC Brilliant Shores
Bulk Discount
UNSC Buenos Aires
UNSC Bum Rush
UNSC Bunker Hill
CMA Season of Plenty
UNSC Calcutta
UNSC Callisto
UNSC Campo Grande
Calypso-class exfiltration craft
UNSC Chalons
UNSC Chares
UNSC Circumference
UNSC Clearidas
UNSC Commonwealth
UNSC Constantinople
Construction Platform 966A
Contents Under Pressure
UNSC Coral Sea
UNSC Cradle
UNSC Dawn Under Heaven
UNSC Do You Feel Lucky?
UNSC Edge of Umbra
Emergency thruster
UNSC Euphrates
UNSC Everest
UNSC Excellence
UNSC Fair Weather
UNSC Final Summit
Finnegan's Wake
UNSC Forward Unto Dawn
GA-TL1 Longsword-class Interceptor
UNSC Gettysburg
UNSC Glasgow
UNSC Glasgow Kiss
UNSC Gorgon (frigate)
UNSC Gorgon (destroyer)
UNSC Grafton
Halcyon-class light cruiser
UNSC Hannibal
UNSC The Heart of Midlothian
CMA Heracles
UNSC Herald
UNSC Hermes II
UNSC Herodotus
UNSC Hilbert
UNSC Hopeful
Horn of Plenty
UNSC In Amber Clad
UNSC Infinity
UNSC Iroquois
UNSC Iwo Jima
UNSC Jericho
UNSC Lance Held High
UNSC Lancelot
UNSC Las Vegas
UNSC Last Gleaming
UNSC Leviathan
Long Time Coming
UNSC Lowrentz
UNSC Maelstrom
UNSC Magellan
UNSC Majestic
Mako-class corvette
UNSC Matador
UNSC Meriwether Lewis
UNSC Midsummer Night
UNSC Midway
Mighty Sparrow
UNSC Minotaur
UNSC Mona Lisa
UNSC Musashi
Parabola-class freighter
UNSC Paris
UNSC Persephone
UNSC Pillar of Autumn
UNSC Pioneer
UNSC Point of No Return
UNSC Pompadour
UNSC Pony Express
UNSC Port Stanley
UNSC Prophecy
UNSC Providence
UNSC Purpose
UNSC Razor's Edge
UNSC Ready or Not
UNSC Red Horse
UNSC Redoubtable
UNSC Resolute
SKT-13 Shuttlecraft
UNSC Sacramento
UNSC Saratoga
UNSC Savannah
UNSC Say My Name
UNSC Seattle
Security R-01
UNSC Skidbladnir
UNSC Silberg
UNSC Spirit of Fire
UNSC Stalingrad
UNSC Stalwart Dawn
UNSC Swiftsure
UNSC Tannenberg
UNSC Texas
UNSC Tharsis (Destroyer)
UNSC Tharsis (Halo: Evolutions)
UNSC Thermopylae
This End Up
UNSC Tokyo Rules
UNSC Trafalgar
Two Drink Minimum
UNSC Two for Flinching
UNSC Walk of Shame
UNSC Waterloo
UNSC Weeping Willows
Welcome Wagon
Wholesale Price
UNSC Wink of an Eye
UNSC Witch Bucket
And those are just the UNSC. The Covenant ones sounds way more ominous and badass. I could dump those too if you guys want.
>UNSC Applebee's
Yeah, that one kinda came outta nowhere.
The Brits definitely know how to name ships. The US doesn't have cool names for its ships anymore, except for Ohio-class subs. I like capital ships named after the states.
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it happens
Dude...I hate Halo lore so much...EXCEPT FOR THE BRILLIANT SHIP NAMES!

We need to come up with a /k/ fleet.

My submission(s):

UNSC Miles to Go
UNSC Two Bears High Fiving
UNSC This Machine
UNSC Farewell of Slavianka
UNSC Big Stick
UNSC Happy Hour
UNSC Samsquatch
UNSC Mai Lehgs
I used to hang with a bunch of naval history geeks who played this pencil and paper game called Wooden Ships & Iron Men, and I would piss them off by giving my ships silly names. HMS Inflection, HMS Dubious, HMS Doubtful... like that.
-SS-18 " Satan"

-SS-N-19 "Shipwreck" (Russians call it "Granit" (Granite), pretty cool too)

F-104 Starfighter
HMS U Wot M8?
>UNSC Ready or Not
>UNSC Do you feel lucky?
>UNSC Say My Name

Most badass ones
UNSC Show Me Your Warface
UNSC Calesvol
UNSC Power of Greyskull
UNSC MRE Assblaster
UNSC You're Fucking Dead, Kiddo
UNSC Pic Related
UNSC Innawoods
That one is actually alright. But let's get back on track alright.

USS Ticonderoga
UCF Frank is Love
Queen Anne's Revenge
The Flying Dutchman
HMS Surprise
Red October
Laughing Sandbag

>UNSC Meme Arrow
Fucking British land-equipment monikers.
They're never going to run out of words starting with C.
UNSC Time to Operate
UNSC They Don't Think it be Like it is But it Do
>UNSC Do You Feel Lucky?
Our R&D divisions top project.
Sign me up for the UNSC Happy Hour!

I will happily die while shitfaced working the main ion cannon that just so happens to provide enough thrust to crash us in to that moon that got in our way.
you forgot the KFC Watermellongrapedrink
USS Ticonderoga
USS Enterprise
USS Seawolf
HMS Invincible
HMS Revenge
HMS Vanguard
HMS Glacier (aircraft carrier)
HMS Dreadnaught

Wasp (check out the AGM-124)
>The US doesn't have cool names for its ships anymore, except for Ohio-class subs. I like capital ships named after the states.

This is possibly the greatest crime in US history.

>In a rather blunt expression, Rickover is said to have summed up the reason he was changing the long standing tradition: "Fish don't vote!"

Because of fucking politicians we no longer have cool names for vessels outside of the current Tico class cruisers (named for battles) and Boomers (though I like the idea of them being named after dead presidents)
Please dump
Not that guy, but I know some. (This list is not comprehensive)

A Psalm Every Day
Ardent Prayer
Ascendant Justice
Bloodied Spirit
Certain Prophecy
Clarity of Faith
Cleansing Truth
Commitment and Patience
Defender of Faith
Distant Beacon
Far Sight Lost
Far Vision
Glorious Advance
Harbinger of Piety
Infinite Sacrifice
Infinite Spoils
Infinite Succor
Long Night of Solace
Minor Transgression
Pious Inquisitor
Promised Redemption
Purity of Spirit
Rapid Conversion
Rapturous Arc
Resplendent Fervor
Retribution's Thunder
Sacred Promise
Seeker of Truth
Serene Certainty
Shadow of Intent
Solemn Penance
Song of Retribution
Sublime Transcendence
Transforming Splendor
Triumphant Declaration
Truth and Reconciliation
Twilight Compunction
Unflinching Resolve
Unyielding Hierophant
Valorous Salvation

Basically, they took a page out of the Imperium of Man's book
>british copy it, make it better, call it brimstone
>hellfire and brimstone
it's corny but it tickled me a little

I lost it right there.

UNSC Shit Grin
UNSC Dickbutt
UNSC Rocky Road
UNSC Fudge Ripple
UNSC Neapolitan
UNSC Only Dreams Now
UNSC Dem Feels
UNSC Ching Chong Wing Wong Ting Tong
SS-N-19 "Shipwreck"
File: spitful-5.jpg (52 KB, 600x353) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Just love the name of some Brit planes especially the Supermarine Spiteful


Always thought this would be an awesome name for a large, powerful surface warship. Too bad the US Navy has insisted on such a boring naming scheme for its ships ever since the early Cold War.
wipe something to brink of extinction, name warmachines after them to honor their memory.
so american, so hypocritical, so american
>SS-18 " Satan
The Russian name for it is pretty badass also
War Chief

Eh, UNSC Warface sounds better.
Mi-28s NATO codename.

>it's "Havoc", in case you didn't know
Wait since when do they do that?
I mean the more recent start all with C alright (Challenger, Chieftain, Crusader etc.) But What about the Matilda then?
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not a weapon, but my favorite name for a military thing was one of the 2 word codewords for the ISA, "Cemetery Wind"
Vystrel Border Patrol Truck
Krepost (Triumf or Triumfator-M)

Russian names are sounding a little more European than Russian.
I saw what you did there
And then NATO has to name the latest one 'Sizzler' wtf
>Because of fucking politicians we no longer have cool names for vessels

This. It would be much better if we named Carriers after Naval Flag Officers. Although I would totally get Jimmy Carter for a nuclear sub name.

>tfw no USS Halsey or Spruance

my sides!
>be almost wiped out by superior conquerors
>Few hundred years later they start naming their most dangerous military shit after our tribes
>I'm fine with this

Seriously, ask them.
M60A2 Starship
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