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ITT: Pocket Sand
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ITT: Your favorite gun maker now produces pocket sand.

New from Heckler and Koch, the latest in personal defense systems!

The HK PSAND pocket sand defense system. Made from a proprietary mix of silica within it's own auto-projecting insert, the perfect defensive reactive weapon system for the modern warfighter or concerned citizen.

Each grain is harvested from HK's own beachfront in Wilhelmshaven Germany using custom designed HK harvesting equipment. They are individually laser inspected for uniformity and flight characteristics and then given the trademark Hostile Environment Finish. This sand is proven to be ballistically superior to all competitors and possess improved flight coefficient/reduced drag compared to traditional pocket sand. HK PSAND has surpassed all NATO specifications for weapon systems of this type, and has been shown to withstand 60,000 throws with no significant breakdown of materials.

(note: hk psand auto projecting pocket sand inserts are only compatible with hk brand pants. hk psand retails for double it's competitors prices, but how much is your life worth? do not expose psand to heat exceeding 90'F)


It's all fun and games until some chick sticks one in her twat just to fuck with you.

>gettin' busy

>all of a sudden, POOOF

>You're fucking blind. Blinded by pussy.
That is the purpose of the goggles.
Recipe for pocket sand
>2 parts powdered glass
>2 parts pure capsaicin crystals/powder
>1 part coarse sand
>1 part itching powder
>1 part citric acid (mainly for density)
>1 part aluminum shavings
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ze goggles.gif
153 KB, 266x199
File: Hipoint CS.jpg (101 KB, 500x375) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Hipoint CS.jpg
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The Hipoint CS pocket sand is the economical choice for the savvy consumer looking to buy pocket sand. All Hipoint CS pocket sand purchases include limited lifetime warranty. Can be purchased with optional laser or compensator.

Just like HK, make someone buy goggles specifically to work with the PSAND.

Is HK's PSAND self propelling insert more or less explosive than Glock's striker-fired, tenifer-treated SAFE-ACTION(tm) sand?
If she can fit that much sand, the goggles are the least of your problems.

Glock's striker-fired, tenifer-treated SAFE-ACTION(tm) sand may have had a few issues with customers using it from out of spec non-factory recommended pockets. To ease customer concerns that their pockets may not be compatible, Glock will be offering free upgrades to the new Gen 2 pocket sand. If you have been injured or lost a limb due to Glock's striker-fired, tenifer-treated SAFE-ACTION(tm) pocket sand please contact our customer service department so we can tell you why it's your fault.

I hear that Glock's striker-fired, tenifer-treated SAFE-ACTION(tm) sand has cornered 65% of the non-lethal law enforcement sand market. Is this true?
Jesus Christ. You fucking Muderer! Think of all the chilluns!


Of course!

Glock's striker-fired, tenifer-treated SAFE-ACTION(tm) sand is the leading choice among law enforcement agencies buying silica based ocular targeted non-lethal defense options.

Glock: Pocket sand perfection.

Current Price list (MSRP)

Fine Grain Pocket Sand: $200 (LEO $5)
Coarse Grain Pocket Sand: $250 (LEO $6)

What grain/grit exactly are the Glock's striker-fired, tenifer-treated SAFE-ACTION(tm) fine-grain and coarse-grain sands?

What incentives are there for me to go for the Glock's striker-fired, tenifer-treated SAFE-ACTION(tm) sand over the HK PSAND platform or the SIG Sauer Nightmare/Scorpion sand lines?

I'd avoid the SIG line of pocket sand. It's just not the same unless you can find some original Swiss pocket sand. The US stuff is just lousy, but I keep hearing QC has improved.

HK PSAND is just for wannabe operators or rich kids. I'm sure it's comfortable as fuck, but you can get Glock pocket sand for half the price.

I think the Glock fine grit is the same grit you can find in most pocket sand, it's pretty damn reliable and the safe action auto dispenser holds more than most others. The coarse grit is just in that stupid Glock Agitator Pocketsand (GAP) grit, I think it's a gimmick.

What about windy conditions?

Aquatic environments?

If my Pocket Sand gets mixed with a little lint, will I be in danger of of a failed extraction?

Okay, okay, how much is Smith and Wesson paying you to shill for their Smegma line of "self-defense pocket silica" ?

If you wanna buy that German and Austrian overpriced junk be my guest. I'll stick with quality American made tennif....melonite finished pocket defense silica. The S&W SP9 is a quality pocket sand choice, you just gotta get used to the trigger!

>Got to Sand Range.
>unleash a few fistfuls.
>start throwing double-fisted cuz bored and why not.
>See range officer on his way to chewing me a new one throwing me out.
>fun is against the rules.
>suddenly hear bloodcurdling scream
>Some kid sanded himself to death in front his family.

I wish they would start using exit bags.

OP what is your opinion on homemade pocket sand? I find it to be just as effective as any other pocket sand, it gets the job done

Well, I obviously prefer the new HK PSAND currently. Before I could afford such things I did go with some homemade pocket sand, and really I think it's better than nothing.

Really though, if you're going to carry pocket sand, you should really invest the money in quality stuff. I like HK, but really any of the major manufacturers would work well. Glock's safe action tennifer pocket sand, S&W SP9, hell I know a guy that still carries vintage Colt pocket gravel, I think it's even got some grit mixed in from use over in Vietnam.
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2 MB, 256x190
>Not buying the Sig PS226

You can keep your poorfag SP9 sand. I'll skip the backwards-loaded PSAND and the hand-grenade Safe-Action(tm) sand and go straight to a Wilson Combat Supergrade platform.


All of Sig's recent pocket sand offerings are clunky, shitty, and the grains break down way too easy. Some West German Sig made pocket sand sure, but this US crap? God no.

Mixing in reactive powders into the sand is what caused all this Assault Sand Ban nonsense in the first place.

Well that, and ghetto rats walking around with with high capacity pillow cases of the stuff and dry-by dustings.
Well I mean I use my concealed pocket sand you know? I usually use cargo shorts and fill em, just to confuse any would be muggers, I usually carry all sorts of self defense pocket sand and/or gravel, from the large pebbles to that real fine glass powder or silica to really gt into those eyes. All homemade of course. A few have some crushed pepper mixed in for added effect.
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