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Why Sound Horizon is not poular in /jp/?
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Try watch this and r8
Forget about it
/jp/'s shit taste as usual
>Try watch this and r8
How ?
Try this
I prefer their older stuff like >>14685459 desu.
Haven't really enjoyed anything after Moira.
I feel it too bro
Aramary is the best
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This anon gets it.

Btw, did anyone rip Nein BDs yet?
This is the link for ori no naka no hakoniwa live BDs but dont know if it is blocked or not
If it is blocked i will upload it
So i want to share about this underrated masterpiece band to /jp/

From TV tropes
"Sound Horizon is a Japanese band consisting of songwriter Revo and some other people. Their albums are nearly all Concept Albums, if not Rock Operas, usually with fantasy or science fiction themes. The creator of the band has also done an image album for Gunslinger Girl (translations of which can be found here), an Image Album for the Leviathan manga, a theme song for Atelier Iris 3, the soundtrack for Bravely Default, and the opening song for the anime adaptation of Attack on Titan (the latter two under the new project known as Linked Horizon). They are known for their play-like live performances, and lots of foreign languages"

There are few english translation for this band (Calling it with band is not accurate enough since it is unique and genres are diverse on album) songs but i think it is better to firstly introduce from the 7th album since it is the best translated album in my opinion
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Thanks anon. Youtube quality is kinda shit tho, so waiting warmly for proper encodes. Or maybe I should stop being a filthy pirate and just buy it.

Also speaking of Nein, did people manage to figure out this phone-like beeps at the beginning of each song?
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Welcome to the 7th Horizon "Marchen"
This is the seventh album of Sound Horizon with the theme of Revenge and Death (Yeah the band itself 中二病 and the Revo calling himsef as the king while the listeners are laurants).

The plot is about the untold story of light hearted 7 heroine of children fairy tale which will turn to dark twisted story of revenge.

Story is revolving around Märchen von Friedhof a living corpse who was controlled by ancient evil of "Id" to perform conducting the twisted revenge of the seven fairy tale actress in the black death era.

There are two part of Marchen, the story about the Märchen von Friedhof past and main story of each 7 actress.
Phone beeps are the sound of the past songs which will be changed in nein since nein is about time paradox and changing the past however there are still unsolved number code in lyrics card of the album

I think it will be solved in 8th Horizon since there must be reason why they skipped it
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Got any sauce for that? Because to me it seems that the beeps are some kind of numerical code. They form a similar (but not the same) pattern in each song.

As the for the lyrics codes, weren't both of them solved (ad921d60486366258809553a3db49a4a and 3896512107114)?
Ah yes, almost forgot

ad921d60486366258809553a3db49a4a is might be boku since it seems like hiver talking about it but it is not the right word for "彼女のad921d60486366258809553a3db49a4aを否定してみた"

3896512107114 is siawase ni narinasai

Do you mean
In 0:58 ?
as i know there is no who can decode it yet

also interesting theory when you mix bonus track of marchen and rinne

This is still scaring me as well
If you cant open the link here is the alternative
I remember some guy used to talk about this band on /jp/ a lot. You should search an archive, OP.
Meh, seems it's just the sound of text being printed. How boring, I thought it's something more interesting. Is the text there the same as in the booklet?

ad921d60486366258809553a3db49a4a is just the MD5 hash of the string 'unknown'. I don't think it's a substitute for any single word.
I like them because even Jimang is a part of them

Jimang is god
Jimang is serious now he is cools

What is your favorite Jimang songs? DESIRE ?

Wait i found it in 8:39
when she said Sekai
Found the beep when she said sekai in 8:39
I think this is what you are talking about
Never saw anons discuss about SH
They look really stupid.
Something my 15yo self would have liked thinking they look cool.
Welcome to SH most autistic band in Japan
Jimang no sekai was fun
Fuefuki otoko live is the best Jimang
I laughed so hard
I want to have his babies
Chronicle 2nd is God tier
What is your favorite album?
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All the main stories are cthulhu-tier. Possibly except Moira which is ruined forever by having Minami Kuribayashit in the main role.

Roman has a special place in my heart tho. Never was a huge fan of Aramary.
>Never saw anons discuss about SH
It's probably before your time then. Clearly they have discussed it a lot.

They are extremely underrated
could that be any gayer?
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chronicle 2nd.jpg
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Same chronicle 2nd
Revo made that douji album without any funds despite of the perfect SE
Everytime i listen back to it is so fresh
Try this
actually, that one is kind of neat in an A/V stage show presentation goes. Though it's still like "Froufrou FABULOUS"
If you liked moira i suggest you to watch all of the albums since it is the most story driven story but if you liked the show presentatation, try this
I fucking loved the Tadoritsuku Uta cover in the new Nein BD
I wish Revo made remasters of these indie albums with proper instruments, but it'll never happen.
I prefers Aramary and actually i dont want any of her songs get covered
I really like Aramary and all, but I think a lot of those songs would be better with a deeper/stronger voice. Her version of Stardust is still the best one so far though.
And the end of the day it's up to preference I guess.
I really like Sound Horizon's older stuff.
Same, older stuffs really feels like fantasy songs and the new ones are being too much focused on story consert.
Not him and not saying that season 2 is better but story concert is really the best part of sound horizon, i really like when the citizen of sound horizon kingdom singing too
There's a fuckton fantasy-themed music everywhere, if you want it. But SH is absolutely unique in the way it does plot-heavy music (which still remains actual good music). I've never seen anything remotely like it anywhere.
I like yanderes
Marchen but that's more favoritism for the characters. Best album music-wise for me is probably Roman. Chronicle2nd cuts it close though.
Nein was meh and Revo using recycles similar tone
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Someone is made a thread in /a/
Which one of you did it?
Not that guy but that thread was technically not about SH anyway.

Back on topic though, any thoughts about Nein and Michelle?
I was disappointed slightly about the lack of new stories, but I thought as a 10th anniversary album it did its job pretty well.
There is a theory about vanishing twins where noel and hiver is twins but honestly i want to get rid from noel story and i hope we will get the new story soon
As much as I like both of them, I feel the same.
Nein lacks the fantasy-fairytale feeling that the other releases had, so I didn't enjoy Noel's story as much. Not to mention that even if Michelle is interesting, her taking the stage for 3 albums is a bit much.

I've seen the twins theory floating around twitter etc. It's likely, but Revo probably would want to surprise people again and not take the predicted route.
Last time we thought he was going Egyptian, he went Ori no Naka no Hakoniwa then trolled his fans again with rest of the release sounding like the standard SH.
Yes i remember the Bastet
But was it legit ruse ?
I still can't believe that they changed entire albums when it was like 1~2 month left
*album name
They're too commercial
Dumping Illegal link of moira for those who wish
File: CTE5fYEU8AA40E3.png (284 KB, 388x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I think it was a metaworld troll stunt. I've read up some discussions/translations about it and everything just falls into place for me. I'll try to not make this a wall of text too.

There are 3 entities/meta characters involved: Revo (Heika character), and Revo (Ginga Koutei character), and Noel.

The "Heika" that most fans know of are more interested in history/fantasy, thus the original "Bastet" album.
The "Ginga Koutei"s release is the Omake CD about space included in the Deluxe version, since he's quite literally the "Galaxy Emperor". I think Western fans aren't very familiar with him, but he's been hinted at all this time with Revo's April Fools blogging and in the Halloween posters. In short he's the parallel Revo that chose to rule with the 'sword/war' instead of 'music' back in his coronation in Roman's Live. Japanese on the other hand have drawn quite the amount of fanarts of him already, so him appearing now isn't as abrupt for them.

By changing it to Nein so close to the date, it's a showing of how Noel is denying/overwriting the CDs that "Heika" and "Koutei" originally created for his own story. Denying "reality"/fate/whatever. The "Nein" denial extends further than just within the release.

This opens up a lot of meta SH discussions of course, concerning the 3 of them and Michelle, and how Revo has pulled a lot of merging of fantasy/reality stunts in this release. (e.g. The Line messages, Bunnyon, how he's never made any public appearances after Nein concert without the cat ears set, etc.)

Nein might not be my favourite album but I think it's the most elaborate autism bait Revo ever made.
Wait, what... That's 2 deep 4 Nein
But this is Sound Horizon afterall
Thought that Heika just being lazy with 9th Horizon

I didn't read the whole theory
Don't mind if it is wall of text but please elaborate nein

Who was R.E.V.O sun glass and shit i don't know?
Who is Ginga Koutei ?
I thought Revo is the one who signed the Sunwachi galaxy series
What did Noel denied ?
I thought he just killed the whole fucking pararells world
Why the album is not Sunawachi marveolus galaxy and bastet at first

Please Laurant !
Man i wish Aramary will coming back
Why you hate her?
She cannot sing, she cannot act, yet she keeps getting large roles. I don't exactly hate her, but I wish someone more capable (meaning Kaori) was getting this much attention.
Nein manga
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Start dumping
Na mo naki onna no shi

For those interested in prequels
The Tragedy of the Poet Ballad


The last poem...
It was simply too wonderful.
A soldier told a pair of lovers in the city about a poem.
Eventually, the poem passed from person to person.
The nameless poem,
Whose author remained unknown, eventually spread afar on the continent...

The strong and beautiful queen in her prime.
Everyone kneels before absolute power.
The upcoming queen's birthday.
One poet was ordered to offer a poem praising her beauty...

The queen asks...
"Who is the most beautiful in this world?"

...however, he doesn't give in
"In my world, Your Majesty is the second most beautiful..."

"The beauty of withered flowers...
That is an illusion in the name of reminiscence...
A garden in full bloom throughout eternity without decay...
Even a noble and beautiful rose...
Being a flower itself, cannot match up to a withered one..."

The queen was enraged at the poem.
"You, are you telling me to wither away!?"
With a single sign from the prime minister, the soldiers surrounded the poet...

The poet extolled as a genius...his name is Ballad.
Now, he is writing his last poem in the corner of the cold dungeons...
The time of execution draws close. The prison guard with a rose emblem on his chest
Heard his last crafted poem...

The final bell tolls.
The execution is carried out swiftly.
In his last moments, he remembers...
The sky of his homeland, the scent of the wind.
The days he lived with a woman now dead...
Just like how cold autumn winds guide winter,
One journeying girl wanders in search for her beloved
With a somewhat nostalgic poem on her lips...

~Page 168 『The Tragedy of the Poet Ballad』
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Nein route here
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Its the same artist that made a this amazing PV yeaaars ago. I could recognize the style almost immediately.
Gloria based Revo
I like niconico
Revo truly care about his fanwork
Based Heika
Can't find the tadoritsuku uta english sub in Youtube
Looks like it's time to make one
I actually have all the English translations from Defade timecoded for mp3 .lrc
Never made any video for youtube, but I can try.
If anyone's more interested in doing that though I can always just upload all the .lrcs. It should be easy extracting the timing.
My internet is pretty shit for uploading bigger files so there's also that.
Okay upload it all
I will upload the video
Double checking them took longer than expectations
The only good thing Revo ever did was the first Chronicle and everything related to Linked Horizon.
I know he likes doing vocals and weird experimental shit more, and i totally respect his choice to do so, but i think it's a waste of his talent honestly, his composition skills are top tier.
I don't think that revo priorities is sound horizon anymore
Can someone explain this to me
What the fuck happens in 4:15
I mean seriously
That Noel is a substitute actor. He doesnt actually sing. It was a playback from IwN
This took a while to type up, and it’s still poorly organized, so I apologize in advance.
I’ll be dividing the wall into parts so it’s easier to follow (starting from the things I’m more certain of as well): About Koutei, the fantasy/reality blur, about R.E.V.O. + RevoP and what was denied / why the album is not Bastet, not Marvelous Galaxy but “Nein”.

Disclaimer is that I'm pulling a lot of these from memories and rehashing theories/discussions I've read. Feel free to discuss/disprove or call bogus.

First, regarding Ginga Koutei, going by timeline (roughly):

One problem is that the site link for Revo's blog isn't accessible as of now (sound-horizon.net) and it's excluded from archive.org so at the moment it's impossible to fact check (as far as I know).
All there is to go by now is things Laurants have archived on their own and some translations. On top of that Revo's writing style is hard to decipher even for Japanese. And for a long time, all of Ginga Koutei's existence is based around April Fools blog posts.

Jan 2007 - Revo's coronation as the King of SHK, moving from Lord - "Ryoushu" (Elysion Live) to "Heika". This is when he was asked by Ike the Pope if he wants to rule with Music or Sword. This marks the birth of the "Heika" most fans know of but at the same time "Ginga Koutei" (fans’ theories), I'll start calling him Koutei for short.

Aprils Fools blog updates:
2007(?)-2008 - The appearance of Koutei (calling himself the First Emperor of the Kingdom of Moving Milky Way)
Mentioning an album called "Marvelous Supercosmos" from one of his dreams.
Koutei's blog has a lot of parallel to the actual SH history timeline: The release of the 6th album Moira (albeit it's Esper Academy in the blog), how he had throat problems around the same time the real Revo went through that issue (slightly before HaroYoru if I remember correctly), and so on.
It also might be significant that there’s a character close to the Emperor named "Judar". This may be a reference to Judas and may foreshadows a character betraying "Heika".

2010-2011 - Märchen's release. In the photobook there's a photo of "Heika" in a coffin with roses, and Märchen looking at him. The cover of the book is also designed to look as if he's dead in a rose coffin. Theories about assassination attempts on "Heika" surfaced around this time.
The Territorial Revival Tour - When Sunawachi...Seikanchou Tunnel was performed for the first time. Fans theorize that it's actually Koutei performing - it's quite OOC for a king who chose music and peace to keep chanting "War, war, it's war again".

2013: Revo's Halloween Party. One of the promotional photos have 2 Revos, with one of them being inside a mirror and wearing a mask instead of the usual sunglasses.

2015: Release date of Nein. In the Aprils Fools blog Ginga Koutei has mentioned that he's releasing the long awaited 8 years "Marvelous Supercosmos" album.
The signature on the letter attached looks like Revo's, but the crown on it says "Tei", as in the Emperor "Koutei". One may say “Just a joke/not canon” about him all they want but with this his existence is no longer deniable.
In one of the Nein concerts, old lady Michelle appeared, mugging Noel off his guitar (“I’ll take your most important thing”, if you remember from the BD/DVD extra). Right after that concert day a coded message on SH’s Line account appeared, saying that the Western Antique shop is now selling a very fine guitar. The day after, another message appears saying that someone has bought it so it’s now out of stock. In the next concert, Noel appeared saying that he found his guitar in his room, but with a message from RevoP saying “We won’t be able to meet again in a while”.
In the last concert of Nein, Revo appeared on stage wearing R.E.V.O. with the cat ears and tail and everything. He asked the audience "What's my name?". Replies were mostly "Revo", but some answered "Heika". His reply was "For now 'Heika' is not needed, what is my name?" "Revo!". He also talks using "ore" to refer to himself, as opposed to "Heika"’s use of "boku".
After the concerts Revo had a lot of radio talks scheduled. He was always seen with the cat ears and tails, even went as far as claiming/joking that he hadn’t been able to take them off since start of June (the time of the last concert) and that it's very difficult to wash his hair with those ears on him.
Most recently, in one of the autographed invitations distributed to the fans who paid 100 000 yen for the deluxe BDs (yes that’s 850+ USD), one of the autographs is a signature of Koutei, with his “Tei” crown, sitting on the 10th anniversary chair everyone’s familiar with. Who is that Revo doing the autographs exactly, noone knows.

tl;dr: General consensus / most popular theory (source being fan discussions on twitter etc) is that "Koutei" is taking over "Heika" after Nein. There were several attempts to take over from him in the past, and with Noel breaching the boundaries between horizons and realities, he might have succeeded. We never really saw "Heika" again.
Even in his radio talk shows Revo refers to himself as "Sound HorizonのRevoです" - Unlike how he was usually referred to with titles ("Heika", "Danchou" for Shingeki talks etc.).

Regarding Noel, Vanishing Starlight, Nein, and the mixture of reality and fantasy:

All SHfags know that Revo loves playing around with facts from reality and spin it his own way in his story, but never as much as VS/Nein’s case.

“Interview with Noel” being the biggest example song. Only Revo knows precisely the amount of parallels/similarity himself and Noel have. They both started with making synthesized music, they both played the ‘organ’/accordion, they are both Chuuni as hell, they both wanted to be an elementary school teacher (Revo’s interviews etc), the joke about water being Vodka is one that Revo made in one of the concerts in the past, they were both in a band that dissolved afterwards (I don’t know if he was also talking about Aramary era, but he used to be in a high school metal band), the 3 interviewers featured are parallels to 3 RL interviewers that Revo is close to. Even Noel’s hair style design is very similar to Revo’s in the past.
I don’t know what that says about Revo’s past experiences/personal life, since Noel had a pretty rough one. Though I like to think it’s not that bad since he mentioned having a younger brother once in one of the interviews if I remember correctly. But then Noel admits to lying a lot and that may have been a lie from Revo too so who knows.
The being bullied part may have been correct though, considering his real name is Yasuo. If Noel gets called ChrissMass-O, Revo might have been called Yasu-O. If reading Umineko has taught me one thing it’s that “Yasu” isn’t a nice name to call anyone.

Aside from the parallels, “Interview with Noel” also featured the “mysterious producer RevoP”. This is the first time he himself has ever appeared in his works. The anniversary performance is also officially written in the lyrics - “October 26th and 27th, Sound Horizon Anniversary Fan Club Event”. Knowing Revo, this detail is hardly insignificant. If anything, he probably wants to emphasize the fact that Noel had crossed the border between horizons and reality. He came to our world, met all the Laurants who have changed his thinking, being showered with love etc. This is the biggest turning point for Noel that led him to his final song in Nein - He even mentioned it multiple times in the booklet lyrics “...And all of you awesome guys who gave me loving letters and cheers, and so many warmth-filled messages that I can barely believe it”, “on that lovable horizon I visited for the opening act; a place I could even call my second home”.

Extra details for this merging of realities is the Line messages and Bunnyon. He has his own freaking twitter account. He appeared in our worlds mascot contest YuruChara. He appears many times in Japan’s CD shops to help sell Nein releases.
On the other hand, the Line messages are from Michelle’s shop. Any theorycrafting SHfag would know of Michelle’s desire to be free from the “cage” of fiction. In this sense, she did, sort of. The Line messages are coded, which probably means she still can’t do whatever she wants in our world/reality, but the connection/path way is there.
This is not to mention a lot of parts that are important to decoding the story are not included in the releases. The Ichizou family (One & One + One), the conversations Noel had with the interviewers that are concert-only, the mugging of Noel’s guitar, the disappearance of RevoP, etc are lives only. Revo tried really hard to ‘free’ Nein’s story from being contained in the fiction cage this time. Downside though is that it’s really hard to collect all this information if you aren’t a Japanese Laurant. A lot of exclusive infos are only available now with the 100k yen BD as well and with my limited Japanese I have to rely on other Laurants to maybe translate them elsewhere as well.
Regarding R.E.V.O (I’ll call him Bebo for short) and RevoP. There’s still quite little that can be said about them as of now (due to my limited understanding) so this section would be more about things to consider rather than theories..

Who exactly is RevoP? He undoubtedly quoted the Linked Horizon melody in his IwN segment, so he’s probably related to the LH Revo. He refers to the albums as “worlds connected through the horizons”, so his allegiance is probably to “Heika”. He might be “Heika” himself, or just one of his characters. Personally I think it’s the latter due to his use of “ore” at the end of the VS BD footage, but I may be wrong.
Why he appears before Noel is also interesting to consider. No doubt this is the meeting that changed the course of Noel’s life, but for what purpose noone knows. He even sacrificed himself (likely) to Michelle in exchange for Noel to get back his guitar. His existence was the reason why Noel picked up Bebo from Michelle’s shop.
This seems to me like a parallel to Nein’s overarching theme. He’s acting almost like Bebo - appearing and altering the natural course of the world, trying to create a happy end for Noel. That change is however (likely, again) the trigger to something else - his own fall and Noel’s as well. (To elaborate, during the last concert, Noel collapsed on stage and everything went black. And we have seen Michelle’s Seiyou otto Yaneura-dou e at the end of the live BD)
What exactly was exchanged in order to get Noel’s guitar back? Where is RevoP now? Why did he try so hard to help Noel? Is he the one Michelle was after all along or is his role only that of a mentor and is leaving the (hypothetical) fight against Michelle to Noel?

His appearance at the end of Nein’s concerts is especially suspicious. He dresses like RevoP, so it’s a possibility that it’s the character RevoP equipped with Bebo. The text on the screen said “Revo with the R.E.V.O” however, so it can also be interpreted as it’s either “Heika” or “Koutei” with the cat ears. It’s likely that he is “Koutei” however, due to his rejection of being called “Heika” and uses of “ore”.
Some things to consider though is how exactly did he get his hands on Bebo. Even more suspicious is the fact that he appeared with it after Noel’s collapse on stage, with Noel’s being Bebo’s “Thirteenth host”. Why couldn’t he take the sunglasses off? Is he someone Michelle or “Koutei” uses to replace “Heika” in our world? If Noel gained access to the parallel horizons and Bebo could tamper with them, what kind of power did Bebo grant when equipped on this ‘RevoP’? Or is that Bebo all this time and not even Revo?
This moves on to what exactly Bebo is. We all know he’s an entity inside the sunglasses, but everything about his origin is unclear.

“My Lord…When I wake up…am I really the same person…
My Lord…As who I was when I went to sleep?”
If we assume that ‘sleep’ means when he doesn’t have a “host”, this would mean that he changes appearance and attributes in accordance to his host. This explains why he looks strikingly similar to Noel and also why most of the changes he makes are regarding mothers, birth and children. In the manga adaption of Nein though, the author only interprets it as simply Noels changing appearance in the world inside the sunglasses.

“My Lord…One day, I became incapable of sleep…
My Lord…And you have disappeared…but why is that?”
Using the same assumption, this may mean that when Bebo is activated, he takes over his host, and possibly even changing their course of life. He did attempt a <denial> of Noel’s <unknown> before being rejected, so it’s possible that the same thing happened to his previous hosts.

These 3 lines from Ori no Naka no Hakoniwa’s lyric booklet might also be significant:
I will search for → Alternate possibilities → Within the many stories that <My Lord>[You]? have left behind…
I will guide → These tragedies that <My Lord>[You]? have woven→ Into happier conclusions…
I will release these miniature gardens → Entrapped in the cages → Of <My Lord’s>[your]? woven destiny….
The weaving of stories, tragedies and destiny isn’t done by Noel. And the question marks also suggests that he’s referring to someone different from his current “host”. A theory I’ve read is that this may be referring to one of his previous hosts, a who has created all the horizons. Does that mean that “Heika” was one of Bebo’s hosts? He also refers to the worlds as 《地平線》 - <Horizons>, so it’s possible. Another interpretation though is that he’s referring to the “The Tenth Lord in Heaven” - Providence that was mentioned in the HaroYoru single. Though in the SHverse him and “Heika” might as well be the same person.
Another thing about these lines is that it seems he doesn’t just search for parallel worlds, he also can actively alter those world’s outcomes with his own influences (“I’ll guide…”, “I’ll release..”). Assuming this is correct, it would explain how Noel could rewrite “Bastet” in our world with “Nein”.

Another theory is that “Heika” himself created Bebo. This is backed up by the line “It was said that God created man in His own image a long time ago. And so, for what purpose did He create them?”. If we assume the “Tenth Lord in Heaven” is “Heika”, it would explain Bebo’s ability to manipulate the story. It’s almost akin to that of God’s (but to a much lesser degree). It also means Revo might be playing on the philosophy of “humans, even as God’s creations, may actually be able to alter God’s written ‘fates’ with their own strength” here, but I’ll (try to) stay off the tangent.
One thing though, is that if we go by this theory, if “RevoP” (or whoever that catRevo on stage was), as a character, obtained Bebo, what kind of changes would that bring? Similarly, if we go by the assumption that Bebo took over its current “host” as it did with the past ones (with the exception of Noel), what kind of change would Bebo cause to the world? Knowing that whatever changes he makes is dependant on his hosts’ attributes.

As for why the album wasn’t “Bastet”
It most likely had been due to Bebo’s interference/reality shifting ability. In the BD itself we can see when he starts to sing in Saihate no L, the title banner changed from “Seiyoukotto Yaneura-do e Youkoso” to “Hoshizora no Uta”. It probably shouldn’t be surprising if he rewrites “Bastet” to “Nein” - his final action of denying.
Some fan theories however say that it’s because “Heika” in our world has disappeared and someone used “Nein” as a substitute for Bastet instead (Michelle? Koutei?).
As for Marvelous Supercosmos, it might have been released in the Koutei parallel world, or not, thanks to Bebo. The version we have is a short version that was in Michelle’s possession (The drawers of the front racks that she forbade Noel to look into, along with a copy of Nein). Why she was in possession of them though is up to debate and probably would take up another wall of just questions and speculations.
Some things that are probably worth mentioning:
- “Mother” was a song sung by Yukki way back in the first Territorial Expansion and had appeared multiple times before in SH events but never made it on record.
- The Grandfather Clock that lost its owner in Mother is a recurring theme but I don’t know the extent of its significance- Revo’s 10th anniversary photo, in the song itself, the ticking clock when Michelle appears.
- Yaneura-dou actually sent in flower bouquets in the lives concerts. According to jp Laurants on twitter who looked up flower meanings: (who knows if it’s accurate or not): Allium flower - Infinity, sadness.18th June’s birthday flower, Bell flower - I love it when you’re sad.
- Letters. One from IwN that’s eerily Michelle-like and one from Koutei attached to the Marvelous Super Dimension CD.
- The Melody Loop - All other albums have it, and Nein is hinted to have it as well due to the last note of Hoshizora no Uta being cut off. I’ve been trying to search for it too and it was bothering me but I couldn’t find where it is exactly.
- The last lines that appeared on screen when Noel collapses: [ad921d60486366258809553a3db49a4a]tachi wa meguritsuzukeru - Mirroring Marchen’s LE track’s final line - “We’ll continue to circle about”
Mind Blown
File: 49c.png (260 KB, 600x680) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Since thread's pretty dead and there's only 5 or less recurring posters anyway, I'll take SanHora drawing requests. As long as it doesn't require 20 hours it's ok, no lewds.
The two protagonists of Shokumotsu ga Tsuranaru Sekai in casual attire, with the woman being kissed by her husband on the forehead as she hugs him.
Draw chronica sama vs rukia
luchius (Rukia mothers) who is pregnant and observing the world that is sinking
Where i did the Noel colapse?
I didnt find it in Saihate no l
Sorry not Lucius but Illia (Rukia Mother)
Lucius was the father
Not sure if this works for "casual attire" but here you go.
File: 53.png (606 KB, 1000x611) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
606 KB, 1000x611
I want to draw the Illia one too, but no promises.
Nice work. They look cute in those clothes and poses.
The music is okay, but the light and camera works are incredible. This must have taken ages to set everything in place compared to a classic show.
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