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What are good, ideally free, Japanese mobile...
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What are good, ideally free, Japanese mobile games (ideally in English)? I love how mobile games in Japan are just seen as another form of video games, unlike in the west where a lot of people have that "haha wat r u a casual? ur killing gaming" attitude.

I have a few so far.

Valkyrie Crusade

Actually I ended up installing it because as fun as it is to collect cards of waifus and have them battle other waifus, the game becomes unplayabe after a while unless you surround yourself with active extremely high-level players and it becomes an endless grind.

Love Live School Idol Festival

From the anime of the same name. A card-collecting and rhythm game, pretty fun and the game is constantly throwing login bonuses at you.

Terra Battle
A sort of strategy RPG/board game where you attack enemies by placing two or more of your characters between and having other characters linking up on the same row or column.

Monster Strike.
A pseudo-RPG game where you still have various classes and waifus and monsters to collect, but the game is all about bouncing your characters off of one another and onto enemy balls.

DBZ: Dokkan battle
Surprisingly not an action game but a sort of puzzle/board game. Still very fun and the game is generous with its in-game currency.

Ishtaria/Grand Sphere

Made by the same company and basically the same unit/waifu-collecting turn-based RPG game. Ishtaria feel like a more complete game and is more generous with its summons and in-game currency. Bother are good though.

Phantom of the Kill
A full-blown Strategy RPG with loads of voice actors, again this is a game that is constantly throwing in-game currency at you. Definitely my favorite out of the bunch. Has also a more serious/darker tone than other RPGs listed.

Puzzles And Dragons
Bejeweled with RPG elements, basically.

Pixel Rain
Things fall down on other things and you have to protect the other thing. It's playable offline which is always a plus.

What else is there to play out there?
>Actually I ended up installing it
*ended up deleting it

and there's also a whole god damn wiki's worth of information that you have to know about before you even start playing. It was still fun for a while but not my cup of tea eventually.
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There's Neko Atsume, where you put toys in your yard to attract cats so you can take pictures of them. It's really fun and relaxing.
They are casual. PC gaming is dead in Japan.
>They are casual.

Okay thanks /v/. Video games are a contest to see who's the most hardcore.
Did you play Hyperdimension Neptunia re;birth 3? The vision of mobage in the game is spot on, social games are the cancer of video games (just grind and pay cash as gameplay, no skill involved and no good story), but thankfully, a few companies actually produce some decent games or port some from consoles.

So yeah, the games you quote are definitely "another form of video games", but they are also "casual" and are "killing gaming" (especially p&d and monsto).
nah senpai, well some of them are like PAD, but games like PotK and Tera Battle are legit RPGs with captivating stories and engaging voice actors.

The only thing that's killing gaming, especially on PC, are major companies releasing unfinished ports and sequels of sequels of spin-offs and DLC after DLC after DLC, and gamers buying all of those things still.

Mobile gaming is its own thing that exists outside of the consoles/PC stalemates.

They are casual, but that's not a bad thing, and you can play 500 hours as much as you can play 5 minutes. That's why I love the Japanese attitude towards it.
>mobile games

Is this a thing? I mean I suppose for normies it is.
>casual, but that's not a bad thing

normies justifying being casual, an amusing sight to behold
> https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/hyperdimension-neptunia-app/id579845288

>Not knowing how big the mobile scene is in Japan.
I guess that's to be expected from EOPs.

I hear mobile games are taking muh franchises. I don't pay for any of the games I support like a dirty thieving pirate, and I backseat game, how dare they make a mobile version of a game I don't even financially support! Rip muh dot hack, rip muh Breath of Fire, rip muh Katamari. where be muh physical buttons. /s

Mobile is its own thing, but there's quite a lot of shit to filter through though, and I've given up handholding.

There's a couple of mobile threads in vg that focus on eastern games. Some of them will chew you out if you don't read the op though. I find it funny that there's more eastern mobile generals than western ones.

back to r9k please

>I find it funny that there's more eastern mobile generals than western ones.

There's just more variety and innovation to it. I browse at the top free games on google play and it's mostly Clash of Clans clones with more or less their own spin on it like it's a futuristic CoC or it's a Viking CoC or it's a modern warfare CoC but it's mostly just all the same "wait for 18 hours to upgrade the walls on your base and invade other peoples'" along with the occasional licensed thing.

Japanese games (can) have stories and voice actors and games with depth & communities.
Why do you think scores and leaderboards even exist?

Also seriously, it's not a game if you can't beat/win at it nor lose at it. It's just a time waster.
there are winners, they are called the game developers
grabbing all the $$$ off the silly whales like >14669966
Smartphone gamers are still seen as casual among the hardcores even in Japan. I suggest GranBlue Fantasy. It's free (though you can pay money to get better stuff), and pretty fun.
Celes Arca, a free mobile MMO. In most cases, the only reason you'd buy in-game currency would be for cosmetics or additional character slots. From my experience, it was fun until lvl 30-40 then it became a grindfest. It was removed from the play store a few months ago but the severs are still up last time I checked, so you'd have to find a mirror.
battle girls high school is kinda fun
If you're talking rhythm games, there's Cinderella Girls: Starlight Stage: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a_XAkTyU3_A

It's mostly a standard 5-key, but there's a lot of slider-heavy gameplay on Master difficulty if you want a challenge. You can choose to watch your idols dance in 2D or 3D while playing, and you can also unlock music video modes. You can have the idols you collect jump on beds or drink coffee in a tiny office. The rewards are pretty generous as long as you play well and diligently, with the event idols being quite strong, fairly easy to obtain even without spending jewels, and very cute. Rika is best girl.
>"haha wat r u a casual? ur killing gaming"

Did someone bully you in your kancolle threads again?
Because mobage are just brainded kusoge.
I wonder how much money these things actually make. I kinda of wanted to get in on this ride, but I'm too lazy to actually make anything.
What bothers me is that developpers who, years ago, would have made a content with a minimum of interesting gameplay in their game, now are just following the shitty formula "buy tickets to play more or wait, all for a gimmick puzzle game OR grinding a fake RPG". And this is becoming a thing on PC also (see all the fucking clicker games on steam).

I'm okay with fanservice spin-offs as long as the main series is still there.
>Mobile is its own thing, but there's quite a lot of shit to filter through
This summarizes my opinion very well.
Please don't be spreading that cancerous thinking. I'm appalled that in my country the only "gaming" news they pick up in the media is about mobile gaming and specifically the money related to it. You really need to get lucky to become that meme that explodes into the public consciousness, and you may be too late into that game. The app stores are littered with so much bullshit made by people who thought they could make a quick buck, that the industry is killing itself and making people not even bother but to download anything but that Candy Crush (it's a good game though for what it is, simple quick fun) or whatever the normie friend talked about.
>What are good
What do you mean by good? They all follow almost the same formula, just with different graphics, sound, and words. Maybe a bit of excuse called "gameplay" on top of them.

> ideally free
They all start free. You'll have to be very patient if you decide not to pay though.

> (ideally in English)?
Most of them don't get localized.

Many of the localized ones don't get events and exclusives that are available in their Japanese counterparts. Some of them got shut down.

> I love how mobile games in Japan are just seen as another form of video games
Sure, just like how pachinko machines are also games. The difference is, winning in mobile games produces nothing tangible.

> unlike in the west where a lot of people have that "haha wat r u a casual? ur killing gaming" attitude.
They'll just politely imply it, "oh, I don't play those. I think you end up spending more money than buying a 3DS and monster hunter."

> What else is there to play out there?

I have two that still remains in my phone:

Petite Chronicle
Action MMORPG. Japanese only.

Guru-guru eagle
Localized version
My issue isn't whether or not a game is "casual", but whether or not it's just a skinner box. I remember there was a great article about the Simpsons phone game, and it described all the sleazy tactics the devs used to get the player to continue paying micro transactions. Forgot what it was called though.

That being said, I'm sure there are some Japanese gems for mobile that I just don't know about yet
It is interesting that mobile games are assumed by so many to be free, and the opinion among the young adults with disposable income must be that to pay for a mobile game is akin to getting shafted.

It seems like a lost cause to me. From developer point of view, there is no motivation to put in extra effort when so few are willing to pay anything for your work (nevermind how hard it is to make an interesting game that people would put up with when the mobile controller scheme it is what it), and the whales that keep these games afloat are lured in by simple mind games anyway.

Maybe this is somewhat different in Japan and I'm off topic.
Isn't it the same with a lot of MMOs?
>Love Live SIF

Haha, no.
Candy Crush Saga however is a good example of the "fun pain" concept. Eventually you will hit that point where you start wondering "are they manipulating the odds?". It's fun for a while and then there is suddenly a level where nothing seems to work. And because you want back to that riot of colorful blocks exploding, you may just think you're having bad luck, and try to buy your way past that situation. Try it if you don't believe.

I enjoy challenge. But I must trust RNG to work as expected, without having to start to ponder the reasons why they programmed something the way they did; did they do it for the game's sake (rewarding gameplay), or to cynically manipulate me to open my wallet for all the wrong reasons.

There are many ways to monetize. Ideal for me is paying up-front, with a demo/trial possibility (few first stages free, single pay for the rest of the game). Quell Memento I did this if I remember correctly.

I do worry about the free-to-play trend.
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