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Yukkuri thread, take it easy! abyuse, feels...
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Yukkuri thread, take it easy! abyuse, feels and Sim Yukkuri.
If you check out the App page for Yukkuri Diary, it looks like the end of the year update bluesnow promised might have two new places to go besides the Store. There's now pictures of a modern-looking apartment, complete with aquariums (possible addition of water types?), and a beach/cove type area.
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Remember to kill all yukkuri that are annoying.
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Please show some creative and interesting abyuse everyone!
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Now that's interesting.

She thanks the hand that hurt her moments ago, how stupid.
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sleepy weimu.gif
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Take it easy anons, remember that niceheads should be loved like pets, not abyused.
Yukurri is stagnant art form
She's a yukkuri, of course she's stupid.
I want more nicehead torture!
are yukkuri sexual
I'll work on it for you my friend. Just don't become as impatient as a shithead
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Hi there.
I'm the experiments guy from the last thread. I don't have anymore idea for expriments in SimYukkuri, so I decided to try my hand at some OC. I can't draw for shit, but I can write, so it's gonna be interactive fiction.
At the end of every chapter there'll be a choice you have to make. Since it's a slow thread, I'll come back once or twice a day to check the aswers, and write the next chapter based on what the majority wants.

Here comes the first chapter :

Chapter one : Patchouli

The rain has stopped.
You said you'd go when the rain stopped. Though you know how dangerous the world outside your little cave is, you haven't changed your mind. As you hop outisde, in the fresh air, you remember your past.
You remember the easy days higher up in the mountains, with Mwommy Reimu and Dwaddy Marisa, and your two liddle shish. They're all gone now. First, Dwaddy said "I'm going hunting easy no ze !", but never came back. Then, Mwommy tried to lead you and your sister to an easier place, where finding food would be less dangerous. Only you managed to hide from the Remilias who attacked your small group. Only you made it to what she called the Easy Forest.
It's only you now, only Reimu, but you're not the little ko you once were. You don't slur your name as "Weimyu" anymore, and you're almost as big as Mwommy once was.
The forest is indeed an easy place, but also a lonely one. Finding food is not hard, but your instinct push you to pursue the adventure after spending a few days in a safe little cave, in order to find other yukkuris.

As you hop and hop down a small path, you find a mister nut and some mister berries, and you make them your lunch. You look in the horizon. In front of you, the path leads down to a small river, and beyond the bridge built by mister human lies a deeper, darker, denser part of the forest. On your right, you can see the blackness of a dangerous place named mister road, where monsters called mister cars run very quick and very loud, scaring all yukkuris. It doesn't happen often though, as this road is in the middle of nowhere, in human terms. You go all the way down the path, and reach the slow river.
A sound attracts your attention : a painful, whimpering sound echoes in a small cave. Its entrance is right next to where you stand, right in front of the river bank. Curiosity overwhelms you : you hop towards it, and the sounds become clearer :
"I-it's gonna be alright..."
"Little ones..."
You reach the entrance, and stare at the insides of the small cave. It's a vision of horror : panic strikes you, and you jump back, screaming :
"Yu !"
But the realization sinks into you and you don't move an inch more, staring at the contents of the place.
Inside are yukkuris, a dozen of them.
But something is not right with them.
They all look weak, famished, exhausted. Their eyes are empty. Their skin is dirty, covered in places by thick, dark green spots.
Mwommy told you about it : it's mister mold.
The moldy yukkuris barely react to your presence : most of them don't even look at you. In the back, one of them is obviously dead. Another, devoured by moss, small mushrooms growing from her skin, stares at the stalk that emerges from her forehead : from it hang three things that used to be babies, but are now nothing more than dead little balls of rotten, moldy filth.
"Weimu'j liddle onej... Weimu'j liddle onej..." she endlessly repeats, having long lost her sanity.
Another lies with an open mouth, her rotten tongue hanging out, small flied orbiting around it : you guess she tried to relieve her little ones by doing lick-lick, but ended up paying a steep price for it. The others are in a better shape, but barely : there's an Alice mother and her children, an empty-eyed Marisa, and finally, the only one staring at you, a Patchouli.
The Patchouli weakly waddles towards you. You see that mister mold has sealed her right eye, and proliferated through half of her once silky hair.

You don't kow how to react : you greet her the only way you know.
"Take it easy !"
But she doesn't respond, nor does anyone in the cave. Those yukkuris obviously can't take it easy anymore.
"Patchouli... is Patchouli." she introduces her with a tired voice : you introduce yourself in a similar manner, not knowing what she wants from you.
"Mister mold... hurts us. We can't take it easy like this. But Reimu... Reimu can help us..."

You stare into her single open eye, and find one last glimmer of hope among despair and suffering.

You know it's time to make a choice.

A. All yukkuris should be able to take it easy ! Reimu will help them !

B. Moldy yukkuris are monsters that can't take it easy ! Reimu will not help them !
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Moldy yukkuris should eat shit and die, easy!
Moldy Yukkuri can be saved with mister cardboard sword
Does that mean I can cut through Patchy's moldy eye?
what the fuck am I looking at
Save patchouli!!!!! The rest can go die easy
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I'm with this guy. The others sound too far gone to do anything about, but Patchy is worth saving.
Chapter two : Beyond Mister Bridge

"Reimu will help Patchouli easy !"
"Mukyu !"
Patchouli seems revigorated by your decision : the last embers of her energy, hope and will to live seem to have been fanned all of a sudden. She speaks :
"Mister mold is too strong for a yukkuri. We need a human, a human called Mister Doctor. He lives in a big, easy house, on the other side of the road."
You assess the distance : it will be long, but you're sure your cude liddle fweet can carry you there.
"But uneasy Mister Doctor will not listen to Reimu, or to Patchouli. Only one yukkuri can convince him. Go on the other side of Mister Bridge, take the left path, and find Dosu deep inside the Easy Forest. Dosu is the friend of all yukkuris and lets them all take it easy ! Dosu can convince Mister Doctor to make mister mold go away."
Patchouli coughs, exhautsed by this long exposition. You nod, having noted all the details in the soft bean paste that serves as your brain. You take a deep reath, and turn around.
"Going to find Dosu easy ! " you announce, and bounce towards Mister Bridge.
Behind you, you hear sighs of relief : some of the moldy yukkuris are condemned, but a good half of them can survive two or three days more. If you succeed in convincing Mister Doctor, they can be saved.

As minutes pass, the cave is now out of view. You are now halfway through the old wooden bridge. Curious, you dare to look down on the slowly streaming water, a whole meter below. The sight immediatly scares you, and you jump back, letting out a scared "Yuu !" and a stream of pee-pee. You take a deep breath, remembering how cute and brave you are, and go on.

You've now reached the other side of the bridge. It's a beaten path crossroads, with three different directions available. You recall Patchouli told you to go left, but this now seems strange to you. Dosu, she said, lives deep inside the forest. The left path goes along the river, while the middle path goes straight towards the darkest part of the woods. Could she have been wrong ?
The right path leads towards mister road, and beyond, to Mister Doctor's house.

Where do you go ?

A. Reimu will take the left path, as Patchouli said !

B. Reimu will take mister shortcut, the middle path !

C. Cute Reimu can convince Mister Doctor without Dosu ! Let's take the right path easy !
C. Yeees, you don't need Dosu's help to convince the master, goy.
No, Patchouli seemed to know what she was talking about, mister doctor seems scary, yu...
It just feels like the safest option.
>lower image
are those their buttholes?
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Probably their mamu-mamus, the yukkuri equivalent to vagina.
A yukkuri's anyaru (anus) is on its frontside, while their vagina is on their back.
thanks anon
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I'd try saying something about this, but I just don't know what.
It does look like a butthole to me t︂b︂︂h
Listen to Patchy, follow the left and find the Dosu. Crossing the road yourself is dangerous and the dark part of the forest might have Remis/Flans/wild animals.
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That's not right at all. The anyaru is furthest back.
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Oh, my bad.
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Living food
>all of big g's new stuff remains untranslated
No, only Marisa and Reimu should die easy. All the other Yukkuri are rare and non-shit.
Fuck, there's a shitton of yukkuri lore.
What does Yuuka do with the money anyway?
buy sweet-sweets
Favorite filling?

Pick A!
Listen to patchy eajy!!
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Right but in the context of anon's story most of the other yukkuri are practically dead already, save for the Patchy.

Personally I only dislike nicehead abyuse, I don't have an issue with shitheads getting what they deserve.
Chapter Three : Dosu

The moldy Patchouli was clear : take the left path. You ignore the two others and begin going along the river stream. In the horizon, nothing but water and trees, and the air, only the song of birds and bugs echoes through the woods.
You keep advancing for what seems to be a long time. Your widdle fweet begin to feel weary as you reach another crossroads.
This time only two directions are available : you can keep following the river, or go deeper into the forest.
You decide to afford yourself a little pause to think about what to do next. You do a long stretch-stretch to sften the bean paste that constitute your bowels, and then flip to your backside, exposing your anyaru to mister sun. You then excrete a sizeable quantity of mister poo-poo on the ground, an act which fills you with an intense feeling of liberation and relaxation.
"Refreshed !" you exclaim as the last bits of expired bean paste leave your body.

As you get back up, you distance yourself from the stinking pile of excrements, and focus your attention on the road once more. The solution now seems obvious to you : you should go deep inside the forest, because that's where Patchouli said Dosu lives. Patchouli only told you to go left to avoid the dangers that surely lied in waiting along the more direct road.
"Let's continue easy !" you announce, and go back to waddling along the beaten path.

This part of the forest is darker than the rest, as the dense vegetation blocks much of the sunlight. This place seems pretty much abandonned by mister humans : aong the way, you see some sculptures they made, now green with moss.
You keep advancing and advancing, deeper and deeper into the forest. You can't tell how long you've been walking now, but your instincts make you continue at a steady pace, as this place has a powerful atmosphere, both protective and calming. This forest is indeed easy, filled with hiding places and food : a perfect place for yukkuris.
You now hear whispers and echoes through the woods. Not only bugs and birds, but also voices forming words. You recognize yukkuris voices : they're all around you, expressing joice and sadness, pain and pleasure, need and fulfillment. Dozens, hundreds maybe, of yukkuris inhabit this part of the woods, the deepest aprts of the Easy Forest.

You then actually see the first yukkuris you've come accross since the cave of the moldy yukkuris. Three little Alices forming a little line are crssing the path, going from one patch of bushes to the other. You decide to hail them :
"Hey, little ones !"
They stop and stare at you, the first one, probably the eldest, suddenly puffing, the two other looking scared.
"Take it easy ! " you exclaim.
They suddenly relax, seeing you're not a threat.
"Chake id eajy !" they loudly answer all at once.
Before you can even open your mouth, the eldest sister begins to talk.
"Aliche and her cude liddle shwishters are going hunting for a chity-shect Mishter Treajure !"
"Chitty-shect !" the second one repeats.
"Big shish ij a great hunter !" the third one affirms proudly.
You smile at such youthful enthusiasm. Those three remind you of you and your little sisters, back in the time when you formed a happy family. But now, the happiness of other yukkuris weighs on your shoulders.
"Little ones, do you know where Dosu is ?"
"Yu !"
"Yu !"
"Dosu is this way easy !"
The eldest Alice points down the road you're already taking. You feel proud about yourself for not getting lost.
You thank the young Alices, and watch them continue their way through the vegetation, in quest of a beautiful treasure. You go further down the path, and the echoes of voices become louder and louder.

Suddenly, you find yourself in open daylight : it's like a whole in the forest, a large, grassy clearing. On he ground, you see yukkuris of all ages and types : Reimus and Marisas, Patchoulis and Alices, Chens and Sakuyas. Yukkuris eating and singing, running and mating. Babies being born, while older yukkuris close their eyes, taking it easy forever.
But your eyes can only see one thing in this scenery full of life.
They see Dosu.
Dosu stands in the middle of the clearing, overshdowing all other yukkuris. She is bigger than anything alive you've ever seen. Ten of you, on top one another, would barely reach her mouth. She is a Marisa type, and her huge mister hat makes her seem even more humongous than she really is. Her calm eyes rest upon the dozens of little yukkuris at her feet, her motherly gaze filled with peace. Around her, dozen of yukkuris quietly rub-rub with her, sharing her body heat : she doesn't move an inch, as to not crush them under her immense weight.

Impressed with this woderful sight, you scream at the top of your lungs :

The whole clearing falls silent : all the yukkuris run away from Dosu, towards the edges of the clearing, as to allow her some freedom of movement.
Dosu sets her eyes on you.
No sound is heard in the crowd, except for the "Nhoooo !" of an Alice loudly refreshing with a dumb-looking Reimu.
"What do you want ze ?" Dosu asks.

You now realize you've got a choice to make.

A. Patchouli and other yukkuris are moldy and not taking it easy ! Reimu needs to ask Dosu to go speak to mister Doctor !

B. This place seems so easy ! Reimu will forget about Patchouli and ask to live here and enjoy happiness !
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A. Ask for help, don't be a Deibu.
No shitheads allowed!
Pick A!
Does /jp/ feel happinech anymore?
Are Patchoulu's the only yukkuri that can read?
Chapter 4 : Mister Doctor

"Patchouli and Alice and lots of yukkuris are in a cave on the other side of mister bridge ! Mister mold doesn't let them take it easy ! Dosu must come and tell Mister Doctor to save them easy !"
Dosu doesn't say anything. You remain silent, waiting for an answer. Whispers form in the crowd of yukkuris around you.
"How awful ze..."
"Help them !"
"Dosu, go easy !"
"Dosu, help them easy !"
Slowly, you hear the voice go louder and louder : within seconds the whole clearing is cheering for Dosu to help the moldy yukkuris.
Dosu smiles.
"Fine. Dosu... Marisa will help you, ze." she says.
Dosu lowers her whole body towards you, until the tip of her hat touches the ground.
"Hop on, little one."
You're struck with surprise, but you comply, and jump on the black hat. You turn around, and feel the whole world become smaller as Dosu gets back up.
"Id'sh wike fwying in dhe shky !" You say, overrun by sheer happiness.
You've never seen things this way in your life : you far in front of you, and the other yukkuris seem no bigger than babies from where you stand.
"To Mister Doctor easy !" Dosu says.
The yukkuris make way, and Dosu begins to move under their cheers.
The ground shakes as she bounces, swallowing the path jump after jump : she is much, much for faster than you are, and the clearing is quickly out of view.
"Where do you come from, little one ?"
"From outside the forest : Reimu couldn't take it easy, so Reimu came here."
"Reimu's a brave little one to help other yukkuris. You can come here live with us easy once we come back !"
"Yu !"
You're filled with pride and joy, enjoying the ride and the prospect of an easy life in the forest. You're now back at the first crossroads : Dosu took the shortest path, as any danger lying in wait hid in fear when hearing her approach. Patchouli waits for help on the other side of the bridge. But you can't come back yet, not without Mister Doctor. Dosu turns to the right, and begins to bounce towards mister road.
On the other side of the old asphalt, you see a tiny house, with a small fence around it. No other building is in sight : Mister Doctor, unlike yukkuris, must love to be alone.
Dosu doesn't take long to cross the road, as no mister car is in sight. Soon, you're in front of the closed fence gate.
"Push mister button, ze !"
You don't immediately understand, but on closer inspection, a small budding thing is present on the side of the gate. Dosu lowers her body until you're at the right level, and you press your soft cheek against the button, which then lets out a loud sound.
"Yu !" you scream in surprise, jumping back, letting a stream of pee-pee soak Dosu's hat, who doesn't seem to mind.
"It's mister doorbell." she explains. "It calls for Mister Doctor !"
You see one the windows of the house open. A male human head peers from the opening.
"What the fuck ?!" he shouts angrily.
File: Mister Shotgun.jpg (71 KB, 740x259) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Mister Shotgun.jpg
71 KB, 740x259
He then closes the window.
"Was this Mister Doctor ?" you ask, carefully avoiding the pee-soaked areas on Dosu's hat.
"Yes. Mister Doctor is very uneasy. But Dosu's big, and strong, and is not afraid !"
The house's door is kicked open. Mister Doctor comes out and rushes to the front gate, which he quickly opens.
"What the fuck are you doing here, you shitty manjus ?!"
You stay silent, expecting Dosu to explain the situation. She doesn't. You're suddenly confused : wasn't it her role to convince Mister Doctor ? Finally, you decide to speak.
"We need mister's easy help ! Mister, save cute yukkuris from mister mold !"
He takes a deep sigh.
"You mean you're disturbing me in the middle of the afternoon to get me to come save some rotting shitballs in the forest ?"
"Yu !" you exclaim, shocked at his rudeness.
"And you've brought the big one to strongarm me, is that right ?"
You finally realize Patchouli didn't mean Dosu would be doing the talking. Dosu is as tall as mister human, and much wider. You easily imagine her mauling the uneasy mister human, or even tearing the whole fence down.
"Dosu is really strong and brave and..."
"Shut the fuck up ! Now fuck off or you're gonna taste this !"
You finally realize the presence of a long item in his hand, he shoulders one extremity, pointing the other at Dosu's forehead. You see two hollow tubes, side by side.
He's clearly threatening you. You think about something smart to retort, but you stop when you realize something.
Dosu is shaking.
You look back at the two tubes. What are those ? You've never seen something like this. But one thing sure is that Dosu knows what it is, and that Mister Doctor seems to be confident that with this, Dosu is not a danger to him. Your best guess is that he can make something very dangerous, very scary come out of the dark tubes.
What you don't know is that even among humans, Mister Doctor is especially uneasy. He's not a regular Doctor, who helps other humans take it easy. Mister Doctor is what humans call a Mister Yakuza. A doctor that heals wounds that are not supposed to be here, far from any curious eyes, next to a forgotten road, next to an old forest. A man like this makes enemies, and so he illegally owns this thing humans call a mister shotgun.

Now, your mission is more in danger than ever before. Sure, you could quit, or wait for Dosu to turn tail and run, but you're not that kind of yukkuri.
You want to save them.
You have to make concessions.
But what can you offer ? Humans are too big to like yukkuri's mister food, and too dumb to be interested in their mister treasures.
You're only card left to play is yukkuri life itself.

"Mister Doctor, listen easy ! If you come and save them..."

A. "... Reimu will be mister's pet !"

B. "... Patchouli's will be mister's pet !"

C. "... Dosu will be mister's pet !"
A. Reimu will endure to let the others take it easy if necessary !
Oh, well this isn't going to end well. But Reimu's already proven to be a nicehead, and should press on. She will risk her easyness to help Patchy. A.
A! Reimu will die for being a nicehead!
Nwooo ! Reimu is an easy yukkuri ! There is no way Reimu would do something so uneasy to Patchy !
Shorry mister anon, I made a mishtake, but now you can reply to my real post eajy!
Yu ! Reimu is an easy yukkuri ! Reimu will be strong and save Patchy !
Shut up you shit manjuu
Everyday mister
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Shitty mishter, please die eajy!
I want to eat those
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abyuse sim.png
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What happened to this game
How am I supposed to eat with this on the front page ?
Bluesnow works on Yukkuri Diary now. Last update for that one was 1.5.4 I think.
What's the difference between Diary and Breed?
File: MariCirno.png (809 KB, 1361x770) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
809 KB, 1361x770
YBO has a larger house and park, plus the store. It also has a wider range of abuse options, and two yukkuri types not in Diary. You can also turn off Predator mode, so Flan/Remi won't try to eat other yukkuri.

Diary's yukkuri look a bit better, and the game has more interactivity between yukkuri and toys/environments. There's also bugs/birds, the yukkuri dig for treasures when outside, and shithead yukkuri are easier to retrain. It has fewer abuse options, though, and the PC version has no Violence Mode at all. Yukkuri will still attack accessory-less yukkuri, though, and shithead Remi/Flans will try to attack non-Predators.

Both have procreation and hybrid yukkuri, though Diary is stalk birth and YBO is mammalian.
File: mukyu.png (84 KB, 512x512) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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wud u
File: sweepy kos.gif (94 KB, 349x171) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
sweepy kos.gif
94 KB, 349x171
Time for niceheads to sleep easy, be sure to allow them many easy days!
File: kimee.png (19 KB, 800x1150) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 53373832_p0.png (511 KB, 1122x1581) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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why am i in love with this creature
File: 20044.png (238 KB, 600x848) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Dumping this gem
File: 20045.png (214 KB, 600x848) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Is sex between yukkuri considered nsfw?
I would assume sex with humans is but when they have sex with each other it's just two pastries having sex.
No, well at least I don't. They're just pastries being rubbed together.
What if the sex is with the peni peni and mamu mamu?
Probably depends on the artist. Some don't make it look nsfw, some do. sanaeaki, for example, has a lot of work on OYP and basically all of it is pretty nsfw.
File: what.png (319 KB, 600x613) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
319 KB, 600x613
>the PC version has no Violence Mode at all

It is fun to go to the pet store and fuck over Reimu by picking up niceheads and putting them in Remi/Fran cages and watching them get eaten. Or putting them in shithead Alice cages and watching them get raped and then give birth to glitchy kos.
File: remiu chips.jpg (59 KB, 920x653) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
remiu chips.jpg
59 KB, 920x653
Yeah, I don't know that bluesnow's ever said why the Violence Mode isn't in the PC version of Diary. Like I said there's still yukkuri-on-yukkuri violence, but all you can do to them is Scold, or use things like ramen/ice cream/sweaters to overheat/cause to get cold.

I think the bathwater can still overheat them, though some types like the water and won't mind being dipped in for awhile.
gone forever
File: 1222131384008.jpg (165 KB, 599x683) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
165 KB, 599x683
Nice, but I was hoping the girl would torture them. Abuse by a female character seems to be rather rare.
Is that teen flan doing the torturing? Because my dick wants it to be.
>mister shotgun
This is making me laugh kind of hard but I'm not sure why.

File: 1222104460199.jpg (208 KB, 917x773) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
208 KB, 917x773
Superb, thanks for that. What a waifu. I wish my own therapy sessions were as good.
Have another one

File: 1222133209727.jpg (152 KB, 512x512) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
152 KB, 512x512
Excellent, thanks. What a beautiful smile at the end.
File: qt.jpg (210 KB, 714x1000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
210 KB, 714x1000
Best girl.
File: shitheadinvasion.jpg (365 KB, 1400x991) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
365 KB, 1400x991
File: qtandhouseyu.jpg (229 KB, 708x1000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
229 KB, 708x1000
File: piko.jpg (218 KB, 714x1000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
218 KB, 714x1000
Oh man, that face.
File: slaughter.jpg (230 KB, 706x999) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
230 KB, 706x999

File: 1.jpg (339 KB, 1400x840) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
339 KB, 1400x840
A true nightmare.
That comic of his with the Halo cameos was awesome
That cute butt
File: Adapted to water.png (681 KB, 1599x894) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Adapted to water.png
681 KB, 1599x894
So here's something interesting in YD. I took these two kos, and dropped them in the bath. They hated it. They puffed, cried and apologized to me, thinking I was punishing.

I held them, one at a time, as their point meter drained to nearly nothing. After awhile underwater (and the player character saying something about water), their hat suddenly flipped underneath them and they stopped crying. Now, they love the water and have learned to use the hat to swim. I didn't know this was possible, but it's pretty neat that it is.
Take it easy /jp/
Yukkuri fandom is ded
Yukkuri is a stagnant artform
File: da shky.jpg (53 KB, 533x400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
da shky.jpg
53 KB, 533x400
There's a handful of artists still doing work, but it's too bad so many others have decided to take it easy.
New YD update tpday, Clamp Maricha a best.
I can't seem to visit yukkuri shii
same with puush links
Regarding the new update on YD (0.25a)
-2 new areas: beach, with seemingly endless yukkuri. It seems that Yukkuri spawn and despawn like in the park in YBO. Seahouse is probably meant for aquatic yukkuri, as the bath in your other house won't be enough.
-New hats. There's even shell. Found on the beach area. There is even a hat/type which resembles fins of a fis and requires to be on water. Found a Cirno with that hat and when I took it out of the water it started crying.
-It seems we've reverted to an older version based on the numbering.
Apparently when you climb up the mountain at the beach, Yukkuri spawn really fast.
Gonna need a hammer
i want to trick a yukkuri into going into a toilet paper roll and then smashing it with a brick
ur a shithead
>still no big g translations

I love his art, he makes Yukkuris look cute and disgusting at the same time
Why of all yukkuri is bodied aya sexualised the most?
Not that I have a problem with it, it's actually convenient because I would certainly fug her.
He also remodeled the house a little. The blanket in the tatami room is gone, as are the table and chair in the kitchen. He put in a small aquarium and yukkurium instead, which are great for any tiny yukkuri you want to keep an eye on.
psychopath thread? psychopath thread.
fuck you i'll fucking KILL you
Aya is pure sex in all forms and incarnations.
File: compost.jpg (147 KB, 1428x891) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
147 KB, 1428x891
The compost was a nice addition. Always good to have another option of where to put shitheads.
File: FML.png (342 KB, 729x606) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
342 KB, 729x606
YD update
That's not very city-sect mister, drop dead easy.
Where can i find the compost?
Yukkuris are made for abuse

They're not real
The torture/mutilation/abuse/rape/murder/genocide of things that are not real are perfectly fine
Demn chinesse language and Yu's goofy language
In the main house there's a door that's not see-through, next to the bath doors. There's a hole inside that looks like a toilet, but it's now set for compost.
So i put this shithead yukkuri in the compost right. When i came back from the beach this happened
Homicidal/sadistic ideation probably indicates something deeper in your personality.

Not that there's anything wrong with that.

4chan doesn't think that ideation is a word, but google has my back
"A pet ? I don't want a pet." Mister Doctor says.
However, he slightly lowers his shotgun and looks at you.
"You're a brave one, aint'cha ?"
You look at him in the eyes, and see him hesitate. Maybe he's touched by your determination. You're not like the yukkuris that come to his door demanding mister sweets or slip inside his garden, eating his flowers and calling him an old geezer, telling him to drop dead easy.
But you, you're different : you're nice, courageous, your care for others before your own. He thinks back to his early days as a student, when he just wanted to save lives, before ending up linked to all the underground cartels in Tokyo, spending his lives patching up dumbass "anikis" getting slashed and shot for an honor no one cared about.
"Fine. I'll save your friends, but in return, you're mine, okay ?"
"Reimu agrees ! Now hurry up and save them easy !" you say.
Dosu lowers her body to let you come down on the ground.

The rest follows without incidents. Mister Doctor brings you inside his house once you've told good bye to Dosu, who heavily bounces back to the forest. You tell him where the moldy ones are, and he comes out with a white box. You're alone in the house, on a desk where lots of shiny and dangerous tools are aligned. In the other side of the round, you see a large green box with sounds coming from inside. They seem like unhappy, suffering, dying yukkuri voices. You try to ignore it, thinking it's your imagination. You don't know that inside, is an invading yukkuri family, reduced to making compost by eating their own feces and their own deads.
After an hour, Mister Doctor comes back with his box. He pushes you aside, places the box on the table and opens it : the stench of rotting paste bean fills up the house. Voices emerge from the white box.
"Let's get started" he says.
He puts his hands inside the box : you see he's wearing gloves.
"This one's dead... this one's... dead... This one... hmm."
He takes a knife, and plunges it in the box. You don't hear any scream : only weak and frightened voices, along with a disgusting wet sound. You quickly process what just happened.
Mister Doctor just killed a yukkuri.
"WHY DID YOU DO DHIS MISHTER ????" You scream with tears in your eyes.
He sighs and puts his hand int he box. He quickly pulls it out, holding the dead yukkuri, and quickly holds it an inch from your face.
"YUPIIII !" You scream in horror, pee-pee and poo-poo flowing out of your orifices from the close sight of a rotten Marisa's face, bean paste oozing from the wound that just ended her miserable life.
"It was fucking dying you shitty manju ! I'm simply ending her sufferings. And don't fucking shit on my desk again, or you're joining the compost box..."
He turns his attention to the box again.
"Those ones... yeah, it might work. This one too... not this one... not this one either..."
He stabs the inside of the box several times, and pulls out several rotten corpses, dead by mold or by stabbing, and drops them in a dustbin. You recognize several of them from the cave.
"Can't even make compost out of those, they'd kill the others... Well, that leaves six for operation."
He cleans the knife, and then takes a strange item, something you've never seen before. It's a small, metal rectangle. He flips it open, and a bright light comes out of it. It's mister fire ! You know his warmth is the easiest of them all, but his bite is the most terrible. Mister Doctor heats the blade until it's red.
"It's gonna bite."

You hear a sizzling sound.
"Little one !"
" Widdle...shish..."
"Mukyu !"
"The bad bits are cut off... now it should... Oh fuck, it's dead. Guess young ones aren't tough enough to endure the pain."
He shrugs.
"Well at least this one can make compost."
In his hand is a dead Alice ko, from the family you saw int he cave. He takes a few steps back and opens the green box. Voices emerge.
"Give food..."
"No more mister trash... no more mister trash..."
"Can't take it easy..."
Without a word, he drops the corpse inside and closes the lid : all you hear is the disgusting sound of munching.
Tears run down your cheeks, you're hiccuping : you don't know what to say or what to do.
Mister Doctor comes back to the table.
"Now, the other one..."
"Zdop... zdop hurding by children..."
"Shut the fuck up" he answers, annoyed.
"Mwommy... zabe be !" you hear as he picks up another yukkuri.
You hear the "pshhhh !" sound when the heated blade is applied to the moldy skin.
The blade is then applied to another area.
It stops.
"Yuu... yuu... hewp bwe..."
"Congratulation, you little shit. You survived."
You feel a ray of hope as he bandages her burn wounds. Other follows : her sister, then her mother. A Reimu dies in operation : her anyaru being infected, Mister Doctor turns to scratching instead of burning in order not to inflict definitive damage. Her bowels are ripped open in the process, and she ends up as compost too.
"Then, the last one. Hmm, it's also in your hair ? Gotta cut that. And your eye ? Might as well say good bye to it now. Ready ? Let's go."
"You're a big girl."
Mister scissor is then used. The yukkuri is then taken out of the box, and placed with the other to be bandaged. It's the Patchouli you met, her dead eye forever closed, with only a half of her hair left.
"Reimu..." she says when she sees you.
"Thank you..."

Only four yukkuris out of a dozen survived the ordeal. Patchouli, the mother Alice, and two of her three children. Once fully bandaged, they're placed with you in an old, empty yukkurium. Outisde, mister night has come.
"Tomorrow, I'm bringing you back to the forest" Mister Doctor say.
The yukkuris feel relieved.
"We're going back easy !"
"To the chitty shect foresht, to take it eajy !"
"Patchouli will teach all the little ones how to avoid mister mold easy !"
You puff up with pride and joy.
"Reimu will take it easy too ! With Dosu and Patchouli and all the others too !"
The five of you are overwhelmed by joy and relief.
"TAKE IT EASY !" you all scream, happy to have made it through all this.

But then you hear Mister Doctor's voice.
"Reimu... they're going back. You're not. Did you forget ?"
He smiles.
"You're mine."

For the first time, you feel you have no choice.
But your story is not over...
Great story so far, anon, thanks and take it easy.
o chibi chan
Fuck. This is the first abuse story that makes me feel authentically sad.
Also, is that the badge that flies on the last panel?
Why is it that everytime i heard this it fills me with rage
File: 1447810740481.gif (120 KB, 497x372) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
120 KB, 497x372
Finally, Reimu will receive all sort of torture after saving that patchy! Nicehead abyuse is the best
File: 1436983730222.png (238 KB, 665x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
238 KB, 665x720
Abyuse will be a possibility : it all depends on the next choice the thread makes.

Also, I plan what I'll write ahead of each choice, so as the story progresses more and more possible plotlines are discarded. Let me tell you about could have been :

- Refusing to help the moldy yukkuris or taking the shortcut would have led to an encounter with a Deibu. She'd have "escorted" you to a rapist Alice in exchange for a mister treasure Alice promised her ine xchange for fresh preys. Depending on the readers' choice, it would have led to either death by rape, or escape and meeting with Dosu.

- Going to see Mister Doctor without Dosu would have resulted in death.

- Betraying the moldy yukkuris and staying in the clearing would have sent Reimu towards various forest adventures.

- Proposing Dosu as a pet would have sent Dosu in a frenzied rage, leading Mister Doctor to shoot, killing both Dosu and you.

- Proposing Patchy as pet would have led to the aforementioned forest adventures.

So, for now, Reimu has escaped all the bad ends by being a nicehead.
The next choice is going to be more practical than moral, so maybe her niceness won't save her forever...
I wish you could take the sharks back to the seahouse, I want to make a fishtank of death.
I tried changing DNS and restarting my router but it didn't work. Going to OYP always times out.

Works for me.
That's the point, works for everyone else but not for me and I can't figure it out
Because you're not easy mister
Do you have peerblocker turned on?
No. I've never even used it.
Not a fan of nicehead abyuse at all, but still curious to see where the story goes from where we are now.
There is no such thing as a nicehead, only degrees of being a shithead.
This is why abyuse is accepted, encouraged even.
Can I remove headgear/accessories in simyukkuri? I want a box full of headgear/accessory-less yukkuris and abuse them.
Yes. If you can't read moon, get one of the older versions that has an English translation so you can learn what does what. Or, just click on everything and go by trial-and-error.
How come the hiatus version or something has a lot more content than the jp version?
I am feeling extremely angry because of this.
File: Uu ! ~.jpg (285 KB, 939x813) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Uu ! ~.jpg
285 KB, 939x813
But that's wrong.
File: 1408924132653.png (838 KB, 1500x1500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
838 KB, 1500x1500
Feed the Remi's easy~
A reward is deserved for such an easy yukkuri
The only good yukkuri is an abused, mutilated, tortured, dead yukkuri
File: 1412717633615.gif (156 KB, 360x180) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
156 KB, 360x180
That's mean mister, drop dead easy
>only one Yukkuri artist at comiket
So is the yukkuri scene dead? Shame. Maybe they moved on to that abominable disgusting fluffy abuse
*fluffy ponies
File: komarisa1.jpg (227 KB, 1000x1400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
227 KB, 1000x1400
takumi still cranks out art almost daily, seems like, and big.g and m1 art shows up on OYP here and there. Most of the other names I recognize haven't seemed to put anything out in a long time, though.
That thing died as fast as they tried to push it. It was barely a flash in the pan. Either green text stories or shit drawn in MSpaint.
Chapter 6 : Mister Pet Shop

The following day, the four survivors went back to the forest. You were allowed a last rub-rub with them, and you knew you probably would never see them again.
You cried as they left, but Mister Doctor didn't care. He silently washed the white box from the remains of corpses and mister mold, and he put you inside before closing the lid.
He didn't mind your calls or your cries. You felt the box was moved, first harshly, then mildly, for a long period of time. The box was strongly moved again. Finally, the lid was open. The light of day reached a box you had soiled with both piss and feces. You were in a poor emotional state yourself.
"Get be oud ! Blease Bister Dogdor ! Id shdinksh ! Gan'd dage id eajy lige dish !"
You heard sighs.
"She's a bit moved by the travel, but I assure you she's a good one."
"She looks like one. We'll give you 1400 yen for her. "
"1400 ? That's cheap as fuck. She's worth 2000 at least."
"We can go up to 1500. She looks healthy enough."
"That manju came up riding a big one just for the sake of some moldy shitballs. If she's not a top-rate... how do you call them already... "niceheads", is that it ? Well, I don't know what she is. Give me 1800 at least."
"1600 ?"

Mister Doctor left, never to be seen again.
And that's how you met Mister Pet Shop.

Apparently, you were "sold". This means Mister Doctor obtained mister money, a friend that allows all mister humans to take it really easy. In exchange, you had to listen to Miss owner and Mister Salesman. All sorts of thing happened to you after this. First, they took your Mister Ribbon. You puffed and told them how mean they were. But then they introduced you to mister bath. You took it really easy, and got all clean and shiny, and got your ribbon back, with a wonderful mister badge on it. You truly felt like the pwettiest of all Reimus.
Then, they told you to sing, talked to you a bit, and fed you sweet-sweets. It was so delicious ! After this, they placed you in Mister Shelf. It's a strange place, divided between lots of boxes, each with a translucent plastic door, each hosting one or two yukkuris. Letters and numbers only the smartest Patchoulis can read are written on each door.
You didn't know it, but on yours was written the following text :

- Young adult, Reimu type.
- Born in wilderness.
- Very nice.
- Can sing.
- Life expectancy : long (3+ months !)
- Gold badge : guarantee of an easy yukkuri !
- 2500 yen

You were alone inside your box, but you were given mister ball to play with. Mister Salesman also introduced you to mister toilet, a square on which to let mister poo-poo come out easy. You had fun with mister ball for a while, but quickly grew bored and tired. You slept. You were woken up by Mister Salesman, who was very angry. You had let mister poo-poo come out just right next to mister toilet so it wouldn't be all dirty and stinky and could remain an easy place. He slapped your bottom with a ruler, and it hurt a lot. You couldn't take it easy, but decided to only defecate on mister toilet from now on to punish it, since it was so ungrateful and uneasy.
The line "potty trained" was added on your door.

Days passed, days of loneliness and boredom. You were told to expect Mister Owner, an easy human who would take you out of mister pet shop. Lots of Mister Owners came and went, but none of them bought you. You didn't really understand why. You were cute and pretty and smart, so why did they mostly buy 3-for-500-yen "Abyuse Pack" Deibus and Bawisas ?
You had no idea what "abyuse" meant, but since it had "yu" in it, like in "yukkuri", you thought it was something really easy, and felt proud about yourself for being that smart.

Here you were now, behind this glass door, waiting. Mister ball felt a little less easy with each passing day, and without another yukkuri to rub-rub with, you felt very lonely.
As you look beyond the door, you see the usual activity. One mister human comes in, and buys ten little ones in one go. A young girl comes next, and buys a Patchouli and her two babies. They ignore you. You think today will be like evry other day, until you see a eprson pointing at you. They're talking to Mister Salesman.
What do you hear them say ?

A. "I'd like to buy this Reimu, she'd be a perfect companion for my Marisa !" says the young salaryman.

B. "I'd like to buy this Reimu. The little ones I picked up from the streets need a surrogate mother..." says the middle-aged man.

C. "I'd like to buy this Reimu ! She looks so cute ! I've never had a yukkuri before, but I'm sure we'll get along !" says the girl in highschool uniform.
Yu ! Miss in mister uniform looks really easy. C is an easy mister choice !
File: Deibu.jpg (79 KB, 433x450) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
79 KB, 433x450
Were there good greentext stories ?
There are. But fluffyshit greentext stories, none. Just like the rest of that shit
Remilias are the worst
First-time owners never go well.

I'm going with B. Reimu's already proven she's good at talking to other yukkuri, and every Reimu wants to be a mother.

Almost went with A, but a salaryman won't be home often and I get the feeling that Marisa's going to be a shithead.
But Reimu is a nicehead. I'm sure she can have an happy and easy life. Remember awishe and the doll

I want to say C, but this is what's going to happen, isn't it >>14546361
I'll go with B since Marisa is probably a shit head.
Most abyusers seem to be salarymen or teenage/students in popular comics, so I don't trust them. I'm hoping the middle-aged guy is a kind mister since he was willing to take in some stray kos.
I don't think so. Wasa Wasa koreimu was a dumb shithead. Reimu is Nice and clever. I think if miss human hurt Reimu, she would let her go in the Easy Forest. I'm still on C.
But maybe I'm too optimistic about that girl
I dunno, I think that wasa was just really stupid more than being a shithead, on top of the girl being a closet abyuser/pervert. If the girl had tried training more, instead of spoiling and then turning the wasa into a doll, it might have been alright.
Yeah, like I said here
I think the girl just wanted an excuse to get off on some abyuse. If she'd tried training instead of letting Reimu keep doing stupid things, it might have been alright. Although, that ko peed and shit on herself without noticing a lot, which makes me think she's just exceptionally stupid, maybe barely above a premature ko.
Ok guys you convinced me. Let's say B. I just hoped this girl to be like 70% of anime girls, just cute and caring. But I forgot we were in yukkuri world.
I'll go with C the salaryman sounds a bit sketchy and I don't think Reimu would get along with Marisa.
Pick B.
A is fucking shady and C is a coinflip.
At worse she'll have to control herself and teach some shitheads with B.
File: 048.jpg (113 KB, 383x754) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
113 KB, 383x754
Can Sekibanki infiltrate the yukkuri ranks if she wanted to?
S-ranking this battle easy, for Mister Admiral !
File: puff.jpg (36 KB, 329x296) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
36 KB, 329x296
Chapter 7 : The little ones

Another box. This one has a handle, and bars so you can yee outside. You're taking it really easy, knowing that your days of boredom are finally over. You're gonna be a mwommy !
You were bought by Mister, a small, balding man with an easy smile and a soft voice. Mister takes the box and leaves while Mister Salesman bows respectfully, happy to have finally sold such a promising yukkuri.
As Mister takes you home, you catch a glimpse of the city. You know this place : it's where you were born. In the streets, as a stray yukkuri. You only spent a few days here after being born, because your parents decided to try to reach the Easy Forest. Minutes pass, and Mister finally stops in front of a door, opens it with his keys, and says :
"I'm home !"
The interior is very clean, and comfy, although a tad cramped for a human. For a yukkuri, it looks simply huge. Mister takes off his shoes and takes your box further in, until you catch a glimpse of a large transparent box, thrice the size of your box at the pet shop. High-pitched voices are immediatly heard.
"Yu !"
"Yu !"
"It'sh Dwaddy !"
"Dwaddy ij back eajy !"
"Doing woll-woll for Dwaddy ~"
Mister's smile brightens.
"Good afternoon, little ones. Are you taking it easy ?"
"Eajy !"
"Eajy !"
"Chake ich eajy !"
"Well, well... I have a surprise for you."
"Ij it shweet-shweetsh ?"
"A mishter tweajure ?"
Mister puts the box on the table, next to the yukkurium. You can now clearly see the insides of the box, just as clear as the little ones can now see you.
"I brought you a new Mommy."
There are four little yukkuris in the box, all of them little Reimus. From behind the bars, you welcome them.
"Take it easy !"
They do not respond. Instead, they quickly run to hide behind a pink, comfy pillow : a mister bed you could only have dreamt of in the wild. Two of them look scared and don't dare to look at you. The two other puff threateningly. One of them especially barely hides, and looks at you directly, with mean eyes. You immediatly guess this one is the bwig shish.
"Forgive them, they're still young." Mister says. He opens the door to your box, and softly takes you between his hands. He raises you above the yukkurium, and while you feel like you're flying in the sky, you're too concerned with the little ones' behaviour to say anything. The box has a door, which is closed, but no ceiling. You're put on the yukkurium floor, and Mister lets go of you.
"Daddy has work to do... try to get along in my absence !"
You turn around, to see him exit the room. You're now alone with the four little ones.
The yukkurium is not only large, it's also well-furnished. You recognize a square, sanded mister toilet. There's a faint smell in the air, that makes you feel slightly nauseous. You look at the floor and realize countless little mounds of mister poo-poo are littered on the floor, less than half of them were laid on the designated space.

There's one mister bed, the one behind which the little ones are hiding. There's also a pair of small balls, and a bowl filled with processed yukkuri food.

You get closer to the little ones. Despite them being perfectly identical, your instinct instantly manage to differentiate between them, to create a nuance bewteen each idea of "Reimu". To you, they're as different as, to a human, are One, Two, Three and Four.
One, the elder, is the first to speak.
"Don't cwome near Weimyu and her cyude liddle shwish !"
"Shtay away eajy !" adds Three, a scaredy one suddenly enboldened by her bwig shish's presence.
"Fwake Mwommy !"
"Fwake Mwommy should gwo away eajy !"
Two puffs, while Four pisses itself.

You don't know how to react to such display of hostility and uneasiness. But you're hungry. You decide to ignore the four little one behind the bed, and to go visit mister bowl. While on your way, trying to avoid the small blots of mister poo-poo, you feel the eyes on your surrogate daughters focused on you. Your reach the bowl, and grab a bit of food. You munch on it, and swallow it : you're a bit disappointed. It's not exactly bad, but the food at the pet shop tasted sweeter.
Suddenly, you feel a shock on your back.
"Ugwy Monshders should dwop dwead eajy !"
It's Three, who bumped into your back with all of her body weight, intending to harm you. It didn't really understood the implications of it being five times smaller than you are. It's now staring at you with blank eyes, not understanding why you didn't die on the spot.
"Cwome bwack liddle shish ! It'sh dangewous !" One yells.
"Don't eat ouw mishter fwood !" Two threatens.
"Yu !" adds Four, still pissing itself.

You understand that you have to make a choice...

A. Punish them by hitting one of them.

B. Punish them by killing one of them.

C. Punish them by taking away one's accesory.

D. Don't punish them, instead, tell them stories about the Easy Forest.
>a small, balding man

Finally, I get to be a main character!
Killing is a no no and accessory is dangerous since the other sisters might gang up on her.
I say either A or D, but I wish there was another way to punish them, like forcing one to stay on mister toilet.
Better go with D and if possible, since they said this Reimu is a good singer, see if the little ones would like it.
Agreed, C likely will end in the death or serious hurting of the one to lose it, and that could even turn into the owner punishing Reimu. Definitely no good. Killing one would make them fear her, not want her as a mom.

I think D is best. Tell stories and sing, show the kos how easy you are. If you can help them to take it easy, THEN you can try to teach them things like toilet use.
B or C
Anon you have to choose.

Also, got bored, made this shitty edit.
Last wub-wub with Patchouli.
D. Gotta be patient with the little ones for now. Maybe if they hear about your adventures and that Dosu you met, they might be open to share their story and about where their mommy went.

But if little ones can't take it easy soon, reimu might have to discipline them!

Kill them all.
To this day, that z-aki pic of a pet yukkuri innocently eating crunchy pellets is still my favorite.

Kill Three.
Yu ! Little ones are scared. But Reimu is easy ! Mister Owner said to forgive the little ones. Only very uneasy yukkuris would kill little ones. Reimu will choose D !
All my rage
File: yee.jpg (11 KB, 480x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>bars so you can yee outside
Pick D eajy!
B, why delay the inevitable?
Nwooo ! Reimu is an easy yukkuri ! There is no way Reimu would do something so uneasy to little ones !
E. Torture one of them by plucking eyes and rip off the tongue
I'm starting to think we picked the worst out of the bunch, Marisa was probably a good yu, and the highschool girl might have been a caring owner. Having 4 hostile kos is just going to end in disaster, if we attack them the owner will abyuse us, if we don't do anything they will gang on us and we'll die too.
Option B rip and tear eajy sounds pretty tempting but I'm gonna go with D.
On a somewhat related note how do wild yukkuris assert dominance against each other?
She can already summon her own yukkuri
Killed by 4 kos ? Nah.
I love to remove marisa's hat
It is implied that the kos are way smaller than Reimu I think we'll be ok even if they all take on Reimu at the same time.
1/5 of size, one of them would accidentaly kill themselves without Reimu doing anything. Reimu could just scare them anyhow.
Also, mister writer will tell us what other options would have done after he's done with this part.
Reimu could puff and get big, that wouldn't do any harm other than asserting dominance, right?
Good point I just hope the kos don't do some stupide shit that would get them killed.
Plot twist, they killed each other and Reimu is to blame, she gets a tragic ending.
Just a tragic ending?
Well for yukkuri related stuff it's better than most doujins.
Yeah, puff is hilariously ineffective against basically everything except other yukkkuri. In a worst-case scenario it would completely terrify all four kos.
Chapter Eight : Little ones, part two

"Little ones... tell me about your Mwommy."
"Mwommy ij..."
"Mwommy ij not wike you !"
"She'j pwetty !"
"And bwave !"
"And she shaved ush fwom Fwan !"
"And then she twold Mishter to let ush twake it eajy !"
"And then..."
"And then..."
Silence falls in the yukkurium. Four hiccups, then bursts into tears.
"Yuuuu... yuuuu... Yuuuuueeeeeeeeeen ! Mwoooommyyyyyy !!"

The dying wish of a brave mother... That's why they're here now, with you. You were nearly an adult when the Remilias ate your parents, but they were only a few days old. You can't help but feel bad for them. From your early days, you remember a song, one your own Mwommy used to sing.

"Yuyuyu ~Yuyu ~ Yuuu ~"
"Shwud up !"
"Fwake Mwommy !"
"Yuyuuu ~ Easy ~"
Two stays silent, Four listens, fascinated. She has stopped crying.
"Easy ~ Easy ~ Take it easy ~"
Four is hiccuping again.
She bursts into tears a second time, rushing towards you.
"YUUUUUEEEEN ! Mwommy ! Mwommy ij a weal Mwommy wight ? She'll twake cware of Weimyu, wight ?"
She rubs her cheek against yours, she's all soft and warm. You slightly press against her, sharing the rub-rub.
"Hwappinesh !" she declares, letting out happy pee from her last reserves of hydratation.

The other three don't share her enthusiasm.
"Cwome bwack !"
"Liddle shish !"
"Id'sh a twap !"
Four stops and puffs up, this time looking at her sisters.
"Mwommy ij Mwommy ! Shtwop bullying hew eajy !"

You feel some more convincing is needed to get the other three to your side.
"Have you heard of the Easy Forest ?"
"Don't cware !"
"Gwo bwack eajy !"
"It's a big, easy place where all yukkuris can take it easy..."
"We dwon't nweed the Shwitty Foresht !"
"We only nweed Dwaddy and Mishter Home and... and..."
"And fow ugwy old hwag Weimyu to gwo away eajy !"

While Two and Four puff up at you, Three jumps forward.
"Mwommy ij Mwommy, wight ?"
Unlike Four, she isn't overcome with joy. Instead, she's smug and defiant.
She flips on her backside, stretching.
"Dwoing pwoo-pwoo eajy !" she announces.
"You're not on mister toilet !" you protest.
But it's already too late.
"Id'sh coming out ! Lotsh !"
Indeed, an impressive pile of shit exits her bottom, dropping on the floor with a wet sound.
"Id shtinksh !" the little ones complain, jumping back.
Three doesn't move, remaining on her back side. She raises her head a little, looking into your eyes.
"Id'sh a Mwommy'j jwob to keep her cyude liddle Weimyu's all cwean, wight ?"
She slowly wiggles her poop-stained butt in your direction.
"Sho Mwommy should huwwy up and wick Mishter Anyaru cwean, okay ? ~"

A. Do the clean-clean.

B. Hit Three.

D. Ignore Three.
Alright, this time I'll say B. Reimu's been nice and tried hard to show them she's easy, but she can't spoil a brat like Three, so A is out. D will probably just make it much worse, like she'll start peeing too.

I feel like B could cause some problems, but Four seems to be on your side and hopefully the others will see you're doing the right thing.
Little ones can't take it easy while dirty nor clean themselves. I'd say ignore her with C and let her suffer in her own shit until she's sorry, but if they want to have her hit instead, sure.
same here, anon. ;_;
Oy vey, we can't have you being humiliated like this! You have to kill her, goy!
You shouldn't give in to shitheads
A ! It's the last thing Reimu has to do before having the other three on her side.
these yukkuri are shitheads
A. That little shit needs to be dealt with, but it feels like negotiations could fall apart quickly here.
B. These brats need discipline, and should be pooping on mister toilet. If possible, hitting lightly should be used. We don't want mister human or the koyukkuri to be angry at us.

Four seems like a nicehead.

That uneasy Patchy isn't Patchy.

Patchy got lots and lots of books and toys and treasures from Mister Santa this year.


Easy Mister Owner bought a very Special Present for Patchy this New Year.

She's a FRIEND.

Please meet Patchy's new friend, Kotomi!!!
>tfw Kiri will never surpass this master piece
kill all shitheads
bully all smugheads
A but warn her you won't do it next time if she doesn't do it on the toilet, instead you'll wipe her with her own accessory.
File: 1.jpg (145 KB, 700x980) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1365123966032.png (21 KB, 599x530) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 2.jpg (474 KB, 700x980) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 3.jpg (531 KB, 700x980) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Basically the yukkuris in this pool think that Sekibanki has "friends" that are yukkuris (her heads) so they ask her if they can come out and play with them. Sekibanki figures out what the fuck they are talking about and decides to let her heads out to get some air and humor the Reimu and Marisa yukkuri.
File: 1451192336544.gif (374 KB, 418x570) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
374 KB, 418x570
B, hit her and tell her no clean clean if she doesn't go to the toilet, spoiling the smughead will only bring more problems since it will try to see how far it can push Reimu.
>Kiri will never make anything again
I want yukkuri voices in english
Did he take it easy forever?
I think the last work from him I saw was about 1-2 years ago. And even than, I think it was just a translation.
One day Yukkuris will be real
I want to open a Yukkuri park.
File: sakyuya.jpg (118 KB, 640x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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That seems to be the consensus on OYP. His work stopped showing up pretty suddenly, and nobody's seen him around online anywhere. They mostly assume he had to get a job and stop drawing.

We still have takumi, big.g and m1, though.
>"You're a big girl."
At some point within my lifetime, there will exist AI sophisticated enough to mimic human cognition, and to have real emotions, and there will exist VR that can transport your brain to a world indistinguishable from reality.

Assuming both of these conditions are met, and the Pirate Bay is still up, I fully intend to pirate a Marisa and a Reimu and reenact the events of True Happiness.
I wish to visit the Yukkuri Park in True Happiness.
same but with abyuse
This is an individual that is not familiar with True Happiness.
(Kotomi is a Yukkuri based on Kotomi Ichinose)

T..Take ... it......easy?
>tfw no bodied dosu to cuddle with
One of takumi's only non-abyuse stories, and also one of my favorites.

Bodied Yukkuri are disgusting.
Bodied dosu will stop mister humans from abyusing
Did the story die?
Or perhaps, the anon writing it?
That's just Kirari cosplaying as Marisa
Bodied yukkuris are okay but
>bodied dosu
You disgust me.
Delete this.
if u ever harm a yukkuri. u know what will happen? i will come and kill u. because that is unacceptable. i do not appreciate these images of yukkuri slaughter and i will make 4komas of ur body moved in different poses parodying ur death if u ever think u can get away with any of dis. there is no joke here. and i am sick of it
yukkuris are FRIENDS and should be treated kindly with desserts and fun. dont post anymore of these kind of threads please
fuck off and kill yourself yukkurifags

your a villain
Don't forget to thank zoidsfanatic for tirelessly updating the yukkuri wiki pretty much by himself /jp/!
i'm going to stomp all shitheads
File: talk.jpg (203 KB, 500x1415) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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How true is this?
>letting any yukkuri live
File: 277bfa67-s.png (334 KB, 640x967) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Yukkuri are often shit heads, they are selfish, they want to take it easy, yukkuri on yukkuri violence is common, yukkuri think they are the strongest and idols, yukkuri are annoying and disgusting and deserve to be justice'd
I think there's an m1 comic that kind of talks about this. The anon decides to buy a premature yukkuri because it's dumb and cute and basically just like a dog, while ignoring a badged yukkuri begging to be bought.
Wow, rude. Please take it easier in the future.
Anon is going out of his way to write and share this with us, please take it easier.
Chapter Nine : Bullies and predators.

You jump forward, bumping into Three, who is sent flying from the shock.
"YUPIIII !" She screams when the lands on the ground.
The other koyukkuris look at the scene, dumbfounded.
"Weimyu's fache... hurdsh ?" Three babbles, deeply shocked.
"Mister poo-poo belongs on mister toilet !" you affirm.
"Dwon't buwwy Weimyu'j cude liddle shish !" One protests.
"Dwop dwead eajy !" Two yells, puffing up.

The tension is still palpable : only Four remains silent. Hours pass in tense silence, and finally mister night comes. One, Two and Three look outraged when you get on mister bed with Four. They all refuse to share the bed with you, but, probably being afraid of being hit, they don't complain, and go pile up in a corner of the yukkurium. You watch them fall asleep on top of each other, making a drooling, smiling pile of warmth. Occasionally, they let out a stream of pee-pee, or a fart, in their sleep. Finally, you fall asleep too, thanks to the softness of mister bed.

You're woken up by a piercing sound : screams of pain, accompanied by the wet sound of manju skin hitting manju skin.
"Twaitow !"
"Fwake shishtew should dwop dead eajy !"
"Yupiiii ! Shdop id !"
"Twaitows dwon't dejerve a mishter wibbon !"
The sound of fabric being teared up echoes in the yukkurium. You open your eyes and discover a terrible scene.
Four is bruised and crying, desperately trying to save her mister ribbon from Two and Three, who are ganging up on her.
"Yu !" you exlaim in horror.
But it's too late : when you begin bouncing towards the three little ones, Four's mister ribbon cracks under the pressure, and is ripped in two.
"Dhat'sh what you gwet for shiding with Fwake Mwommy !"
"Twaitows are pwunished eajy !"
As you close the distance, you yell, but two voices are heard at the same time.
"Stop this right now !"
"Shdop dhish wight now !"
It's One. She puffs at Two and Three, with tears in her eyes.
"Weimyu's cude liddle shwish should nwot buwwy each othew ! Shdop huwting Weimyu !"
One violently bumps into Two.
"Yugyaah !"
Three frowns. You approach Four and start licking her wounds, but she doesn't stop crying.
"Ij bwig shish shtupid ? Weimyu waj jusht pwunishing an uneajy yukkuwi."
One doesn't respond, and puffs up een more. Three becomes smug. Just like yesterday, she flips on her backside, wiggles her bottom in the face of her big sister, and defecates on the floor.
"Bwig shish shwould be fwiends with mishter poo-poo shinche they shmell the shame !" she declares.
Outside the yukkurium, you hear the door open. Mister comes in.
"What's all this noise ?" He asks. "What happened ?" he adds when he sets his eyes on the scene.
Five yukkuri voices explode in explanations and accusations at the same time. Mister doesn't seem to understand much of anything that is said. He sighs.
"Try to get along, at least a little... Reimu, show me your accessory."
"Mishder Wibbon ij... Mishter Wibbon ij..." Four hiccups.
"I'll show it to my daughter. Maybe she can fix it."
You're surprised humans have daughters too. You've never seen a human with a stalk, after all.
Following Mister's intervention, the crisis passes. Two and Three gather on the side, playing together. While you try to cheer up Four with songs, One approaches you.
"Weimyu (she means you)... Weimyu ij not Weimyu'j Mwommy. Bwut... if Weimyu can chake id eajy... Weimyu can shtay in Weimyu and her shistew's Mishter Hwome !"
She then turns around and go chase mister ball. You look at her, smiling. In the easiest place of all, her Mwommy must be proud.

Days pass without much happening. You and Four get along, while Two and Three stay separate, with One spending time with both groups, taking care of all her younger sisters. Only Four calls you Mwommy. One calls you Weimyu, and the two others call you whatever insulting name they can think of.
You spend more time with Mister, when he comes back from work. He tells you he's a Mister Teacher, and that he teaches Mister History. You ask what this is, but you don't understand a bit of the answer. No wonder humans can't take it easy, with all those complicated things ! You interrupt his explanation by asking for sweet-sweets. He laughs, and gives a strawberry-flavored piece of candy. You munch on it with excitement, and while you gently strokes your hair, you feel genuine happiness.
This place is an easy place, after all.

Four got her ribbon back after a few days. Despite the accessory bearing a visible sewing mark, she was ecstatic when she got it back.
Some times, Mister lets you all play outside the yukkurium, on mister flour. You all ran around the tables, went searching for mister treajures. One found a mister coin, and was really proud. One of those days, Mister went to Mister School without putting you back in the yukkurium first, simply telling you to behave in his absence.
All went well, until the screeching voice of Two startled you.
"ID'Z A WEMIWIAAA !" She screamed.
You then heard Three's voice.
With Four trembling besides you and One nowhere to be found, you began bouncing in direction of the screams. You quickly saw the two little ones running frantically. Behind them was a much larger yukkuri, just a bit smaller than yourself.
"Uu ~!"
Your bean paste freezes in terror at the sight of the beast. Pink fluffy hat, bat wings, blue hair, piercing fangs. It was indeed a Remilia. The images of your whole family being torn apart by half a dozen of those played in your mind.
But on closer inspection, this one looked a bit different.
It was dirty : filth covered her hat, hair and skin. Its hollow cheeks revealed how underfed it was. Its wings don't move, their last strength consumed by the flight that took her through one the house's open windows.
Maybe it isn't that dangerous...

You have to make a choice.

A. "ID'S A REMILIAAAAAAA !" You scream, running away like your surrogate daughters.

B. You puff up, then try to fight it.

C. There's nothing to be scared about, this Remilia is probably harmless. Just go to the nearest mister pillow for some sleep-sleep.

Mister Exam doesn't let me take it easy as much as I'd wish.
B, Reimu needs to show the kos that she'll protect them from anything, even predators. This Remi sounds weak and starved, so it probably won't be able to do anything to her. A won't prove anything, and C just affirms Reimu is an uneasy yukkuri to the kos.
Is there an option to give it food?

Either it's starving and came in on its own, or Mister human brought it home.

If it's the second one, and we harm it, the consequences are unlikely to be well.

>/his/ poster glad to get a character
Now that I think about it, giving food to a natural predator isn't a good idea.

WHO are you quoting?
What if Mister Human does rub rub with a yukkuri, what kind of little ones will be made?
only B makes sense here
B. Remilia should drop dead easy !
B, but do not kill her. just show dominance
Agree. Reimu is a nicehead. She wouldn't kill an hurted Yukkuri.Even if it's a Remirya
B. If the kos mommy defended them from a Remi before, you can do no less. Don't fight unless it starts getting agressive. Keep the kos behind you.

Maybe keep an eye out for a mister stick in case a fight starts.
B avenge Reimu's family.
>One nowhere to be found
She is dead isn't she?
Option B kill Remillia and show no mercy.
also remis are able to survive without eating other yus. If you show her who´s the boss here and afterwards you save her, she will both respect you and trust you.
Also, I have the feeling that you will need her in the future
Yu ! Reimu will defend little ones, because Reimu is brave and is not afraid of Remilia ! Pick B easy ! But Reimu don't want Remilia, because Reimu is an easy yukkuri !
question: what are the main differences between remis and flandres? who´s a better predator?
Flans, in terms of the canon, seem to be more rare. Remis are the general go-to predator type and in most stories come out to hunt at night. Flans seem to be much quicker and smarter, but don't seem to show up much outside of being bodied/gold-badged pets.
Flans tend to bully Remelias whenever they get the chance.

Both of them are flying predators with strong regeneration powers.

Fran is usually smarter.
File: remiembarrassed.jpg (35 KB, 245x274) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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say /jp/
let´s assume I´m enjoying tis interactive adventure far too much
let´s assume too that I have the urges of making one myself

would you, by any chance, want to play it in a future thread?
Fucking shit
For sure. If you can write.
As long as you write faster, yes. Fucking do it. Yukkuri is a dying art and new content is always welcomed.
I was planning on doing it with a little more interaction that the one that it´s going on. For example, where you can choose the type of yukkuri and such.
I´m going to post the "starting menu" but It will probably be very autistic. tell me if you see something wrong
Welcome to Yukkuri Interactive Adventure, autistic RPG edition
You have 10 points to decide a limited amount of stats in the start of the game. the cost of each will be showed between brackets.
(Note: shithead or nicehead status will be up to player´s choice mostly, except in special cases)
1-species: you can choose what species the yukkuri will be. this will affect both the rest of the stats and the game´s starting setting:
Reimu[1]: along Marisas, they are the most generic types of yukkuris. their main "abilities" are:
-They have the highest resistance to abuse and trauma along any type of yukkuri. Abusers will give them preference over other types
-Annoying voice. may affect dialog options
-Higher-than-normal birth rate and speed in pregnancy
Marisa[2]: Another of the main types. Only recorded type with Dosu stage. their main abilities are:
-Higher-than-normal stamina and hunting skill. may use hat as a boat
-May reach Dosu status if it lives long enough
-In case of encounter with a rapist alice, Marisas will have preference as victims
Alice[3]:altrough less common that reimus and marisas, it´s still normal to encounter these type
-Upon choice of the player or under the right circunstances, Alice will enter a Berserk state for a short amount of time. As long as this state lasts,
Alice will go on a rampage, raping and killing every yukkuri on sign, with increased speed and strenght.
Player choices in the next question may be less that in a normal state, completely changed to rape/kill choices or completely ignored
-Faster growth rate and higher growth limit
Patchouli[5]:they are smarter that other types. Also they tend to have power positions in yukkuris societies and tribes, only outranked by Dosus
-Inteligence stat starts at 2. Implications of this will be explained later
-lowest stamina,resistance to abuse and trauma along all the yukkuris. coft attacks are common
-Natural leathership along yukkuris: Patchi´s advice is always worth hearing at the very least
-Knows how to read from birth.
Remilia[6]:One of the predator types, and the most common one
-Regenerative abilities and the capacity to fly.
-as a predator, they have great combat abilities and incite fear in non-predator types.
-Inteligence stat starts at -1. if it stays this way, they are incapable of saying anything other than "Uu~".the yukkuri will have problems comunicating with other yukkuris
-Natural afinity with Sakuya types
-Most bodied yukkuris of the planet are Remilia types for some unexplained reason.
Flandre[8]:The other Predator type. Rare outside yukkuris farms.
-Regenerative abilities and the capacity to fly, better in both cases that Remilias. Evolution process is unknown
-as a predator, they have great combat abilities and incite fear in non-predator types, better in both cases that Remilias.
-Inteligence stat starts at 2, but they cannot suprass the 3 mark (later explained)
-Luck starts at 1, but cannot be changed
-Tend to bully Remilias. Cases of Flandres reproducing with Marisas have been reported, but are not common.
-They are also common along the rare Bodied yukkuries, but far less that remilias. Evolution process is U.N.known
2-Stats: you can choose to enhance certain stats of your yukkuri, if possible(depends on type):
2.1-Luck: Heavily decides how the world behaves around the yukkuri. there are 4 stages of luck(Flandre types stay in 1)(Prices are for the rest types):
0-Cursed (Default): God hates you, and it really shows. Both you and your companions will suffer great adversity. Only wise choices can save you from this curse.
1-Bad Luck[1]: In the unforgiving world you live in, you seem to have worse-than-average luck. Good things will only happen if you put some effort.
2-Normal luck[2]: The world has its ups and downs. you have seen both.
3-Good luck[4]:Fortune smiles upon you. You have more chances of something good happening to you that something bad. However, that won´t save you from your own stupidity
4-God-like luck[8]: You probably have made a pact with the devil in other life. You are so stupidly lucky that it´s not even funny.
2.2-Inteligence: Heavily decides how the yukkuri sees the world (Mainly opens more choices). there are 3 normal stages of Inteligence, 3 type-exclusive:
-1 Uu~ (Remilia-exclusive and Default):Uu~! Uu~! Uu~! Uu~! Uu~! Uu~! Uu~! Uu~! Uu~! Uu~! Uu~! Uu~! Uu~! Uu~! Uu~! Uu~! Uu~! Uu~! Uu~! Uu~! Uu~! Uu~! Uu~!
0-slingly stupid yukkuri(Default): you are dumb even along your kind. good grief that yukkuris are not picky about that.
1-yukkuri(Default): congrats, you are just as stupid as everyone else.It could be worse.
2-Patchi(Patchi Default): you are avobe average. you may notice things most yukurris won´t
3-Smart Patchi: this is the maximun level regular yukkuris can reach. If you play your cards well you will take it easy the rest of your life.
4-Miss Patchouli(Patchi exclusive): Yukkuris are not supposed to be this smart.The idea of taking it easy is not the only thing that fills your head, and it´s scary.
5-Grand Patchouli(Patchi exclusive):As a almost-human mind trapped in a yukkuri body, you linger between two worlds.
You may waste up to 3 points in inteligence. Flandres can only waste 1 if any.
IMPORTANT NOTE:Each unwasted point will be reserved as a "~Asspull magical choice~". At any point of the game passed the first few choices, a option will appear, regardless of luck or inteligence, called "~Asspull magical choice~".
upon choosing this, the yukkuri will experience a miracleous event in his favour, wasting one of these reserved points
This first choice in the game (the "build") will be chosen by the POST WITH THE HIGHER 2 FIRST DIGITS ALONG THE 5 FIRST REPLIES. in the rest of the adventure, choices will be made by simple mayority
Point out anything you consider stupid/wrong/unnecessary. also typing errors, I didn't get the chance to review it. next thread I will try to bring a more refined concept
>see this

wat do
And you're a retard
No abyuse
Shtay away uneasy mishta snap!
Reimu [1]
Luck [1]
Intelligence [1]
The rest of the points will be magical asspulls.
Grand Patchouli roll.
File: remisurprised.jpg (68 KB, 244x269) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
68 KB, 244x269
I was planning on doing this when the next thread came up, so that there´s more people to start with
I posted it so that you could take a look at what I was planning
Alright then will you keep our stats for the next thread or will we have to make new ones?
By the way you should get a tripcode for better visibility.
Mister Writer here.
I support your idea.
I wonder how a Yukkuri would react to a shot of opium, or heroin.
Would they achieve true happiness?
I think It would be for the best to start from the beginning.
right now we are not many with the thread. If we decide things now people may not feel like joining the story if we get to decide things between so few. Also, I want to make some changes to the text
>By the way you should get a tripcode for better visibility.
O-oh my, that will be a first time. never did I thought I Would get the chance to use a trip without being a faggot
thank you Mister Writer, you inspired me to do this
There's a comic that's kind of about this, where stray yukkuri form a gang. They sell some kind of special baking flour to other yukkuri for food and treasures, and the flour makes yukkuri feel extreme happiness for awhile when they eat it.
i want to kill a shithead so much
Wait until the current story ends or goes AWOL I think.

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Chapter 10 : Victory and lust

"Go away easy !" you tell the Remilia, puffing up as much as you can.
"Uu~" she goes, ignoring you while bouncing towards the fleeing little ones.
"What are you doing here ? This is Reimu's easy home, you know ?"
She stops and looks at you. With a big smile, she answers :
"I'm going to eat the little Reimus easy !"
You bounce towards her, bumping into her with all your strength.
"Uu !" she screams at the impact.
She gets back and look at you, now frowning.
"Going to eat you easy !"
She jumps back at you, and bites you, her fangs penetrating your soft skin, ripping apart a portion of your right side.
Remilia's lips press on the wound, and she begins sucking.
"Chuu-chuu ~"
She's sucking your bean paste, feeding after days of starvation. But the wound is small, and the amount sucked not large enough to prevent you from recovering. You bump into her again, getting her off you. This time, you follow by jumping on her, and smashing her repeatedly with all you body weight.
"Drop dead easy ! Drop dead easy !" you repeat, filled with pain, rage and hatred.
"Uu ! Uu !"
Bruises appear on her skin, her hat falls off. You keep on pounding her, and soon the skin begins to break, exposing the red bean paste.
"Uu ! Zaguya ! Zaguya ! Hewp bwe !"
An eyeball exits its socket, wounds tear up, breaking the whole yukkuri open.
You stop, exhausted and covered in Remilia's bean paste. It's dead.
With the sudden drop in adrenaline, you remember your parents and feel you've avenged them, before being hit with the full pain of the wound on your side.
"ID HURDZ !" you scream, while bouncing aimlessly, tears in your eyes.
While you scream and cry from the pain, the little ones appear from where they hid : they're all here.
"Hope you suffew a lot ! Fwake Mwommy should dwop dwead eajy like the uneajy Wemiwia !" Three says.
But this time, she is alone.
"Mwommy !" Four exclaims.
"Mwommy, howd on !" Two adds.
"Weimyu will wick-wick Weimyu !" One announces.
The three little ones surround you, rubbing their cheeks against yours, licking you to ease the pain. This has no real effect, but you manage to forget the ache, and enjoy the warmth of your new family.

Mister came home, and immediatly healed you using an orange juice patch. He told you how proud he was of you, and threw the dead Remilia into the trash. Thenext day, he came home with a reward : a Mister Pyjamas, pink, with a big "R" on the front. It was so comfy and easy, you felt like a true princess. Being very smart, you learned how to take it off using your braids before doing poo-poo. The little ones also recieved clothes, but Mister soon took them away as they soiled them everytime they put them on.
Days passed in easiness after this event, until days became weeks, and weeks formed a whole month.
The little ones had grown, and were now only a tad smaller than yourself, and this only because you had grown a bit yourself, living the easy life of a pet yukkuri. "Mommy" had replaced "Mwommy", "Reimu" had replaced "Weimyu". Since the Remilia incident, Two had joined Four in considering you her mother. Three had changed the most, however. Alone, she kept on hating you and her sisters. With only One approaching her, she grew uneasier still. While the others look very much like you now, Three is noticeably uglier, with small eyes and a large jaw. She eats more, making her fatter. Her voice has gone deeper, and in her mouth, her own name has gone from "Weimyu" to "Deibu". Deibu has been the source of most of your troubles lately, fighting with you and her sisters, stealing, with no punishment for you or Mister ever solving anything. Mister gave up, and when he bought a larger bed for you, One, Two and Four to share, he gave the old one to Deibu, who now sleeps alone.
One has grown up well, on the other hand. Seeing you as a friend and a protector more than a mother, and keeping on helping and caring for her little sisters, has helped her growing into a mature, reliable yukkuri. Sometimes, it even looks like you're a Dwaddy and a Mwommy looking after their children. Maybe this is why you've been having a strange feeling when looking at One, recently. Heat raises in your body and the bean paste in your lower half hardens, making your pyjamas feel tight as mister penipeni presses on the soft fabric. She's a young, fertile yukkuri, unrelated to you, and for the first time in your life, you feel consumed by the will to refresh.

One night, you find the perfect occasion. Two, Deibu and Four are fast asleep, One is eating a last bite from mister bowl before going to sleep.

It is time to make a choice.

A. Rape One.

B. Ask One to refresh.

C. Forget it, and talk with Mister about this feeling.
C easy ! Reimu can't refresh with Reimu !
C. I'd go with B but I don't trust Deibu.to not fuck it all up.
Should definitly go for C, and talk to mister first. He might not be happy at all with more little ones, if One accepts.
C let's play it safe.
C. Maybe it will even convince Mister to send Reimu and little ones back to the Easy Forest !
B to let Reimu have an eajy family!
I just want a nice slife of life action where they overcome adversaries and shitheads in order to have a happy life.
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Yeah, generally same types don't refresh with each other, so I think C is the right answer. Also, the human might not want more kos around, but asking him about it first can't hurt.
C, for God's sake.
C's the one, maybe Mister will buy a Marisa
Started a new thread, but maybe I should have waited until later in the day.
I see what Mister Owner did here.
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