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Things you did, but got away with
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ITT: Things you did and got away with. List stories or greentext if possible.

> me: fucked a chick in the fire stairwell of a busy shopping centre.
> pic unrelated
What about You /int/??
stole gum from Walmart twice
Fuark, redhot the police are after ya
I've done nothing to get away with.

I'm not a fucking criminal degenerate like fucking Australians.
Got a blow job outside the dentists. I think the groundskeeper saw
Intentionally manipulated a situation to get two people expelled from the middle school I went to.
Fucked your mother twice while she was pregnant with you

Fucked bill shorten up the clacker in the toilets at parliament house
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Manipulated the thoughts and emotions of everyone around me as if they were my playthings
>Fucked bill shorten up the clacker
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Lied to a policeman who stopped me on a freeway about why I was speeding. He said he would check my record and if clean, (it was), no fine. Feels kind of bad because cops here are bro tier.

That's the guy in the OP's image. Opposition leader of, and member of the 'right' faction of the trade union party in our country.
he probably didn't understand what clacker meant m8
clacker means bumhole
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Is bill shorten the most pathetic cuck to ever step foot in au politics?

Every time I see him on TV I just laugh at him

When will the labor party fire him?
this wasn't really mischievous but I was at a party with this guy in high school and he wanted me to drive him home cuz he was drunk out of his mind and I was sober but I wanted to take this girl to a scenic overlook to make out and fuck (which I did but we didn't fuck), heard the next morning that since I had said no he tried to drive home himself and drove into a river and died

that day i learned the true meaning of bros before hoes. never again.
after the next election if they lose

If they win... no idea tb'h, hopefully still after the election
In highschool I dumped two jars of mayonnaise, 1 container of ketchup and mustard into one of the school toilets.
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>if they win
there's a small chance they could win if the coalition really shoot themselves in the foot.

Well they'd probably have to blow their foot right off but you get what I mean.
was that supposed to be your senior prank

ours was kinda gay, our campus was on two separate sides of a road so there was an elevated bridge over the road so you could get back and forth

well for our prank we walked a cow up the stairs of the bridge to the top because apparently cows can't go downstairs

they ended up having to come in with a construction crew, remove the top of the bridge and then fly a helicopter in to remove the cow lol
kek that isn't gay at all, that's simple yet extremely effective. Harmless yet hilarious.
well the year afterward was worse, they put horse shit in the intake of the AC system on a hot day so the whole fucking school reeked, glad I was gone by then
well that is just crude and annoying, not really funny or clever.
yeah a lot of the senior pranks end up being like that

a high school in the area saran wrapped their principals car, but it was like over 100 degrees and so fucking hot outside that the saran wrap melted and then solidified so the fire department actually had to come out and spend a few hours chopping all the plastic wrap off the car, the principal was PISSED

do you guys do senior pranks in Australia? what sort of stuff?
>do you guys do senior pranks in Australia? what sort of stuff?
Kind of. Our last official day of school in year 12 is called Muck Up day. At most schools all the year 12s dress up in costumes and do stupid shit like running into classrooms blowing whistles and shit for a couple of hours before some sort of concert/celebration where the teachers/principal says goodbye and good luck on the exams. Then everyone goes and gets smashed at various parties. A lot of people show up to school drunk too but the teachers don't like that kek.

As for pranks, most schools don't have a single large organised prank. It's often a lot of smaller things like putting vasoline on all the stair's hand rails, or cups of water on ceiling fans or throwing water bombs at kids (that was banned though).

But at my year it was pretty tame, there was a cop car and 2 cops at the school because a kid (who was expelled earlier in the year) who had 1 week earlier broke into the principals office and smashed it up and pissed on his desk called in a bomb threat. He was a jehovah's witness.
interesting, here it sort of varies regarding organization, for the cow one I had no idea that that was going on but that is likely due to our class size being so large (700 kids graduated with my senior class)
700 kids is huge, there was 200 in my year.

But yeah I've heard of larger more organised pranks happening, but it isn't the norm.
scammed student loans and went on a 2 month trip through spain, Ireland, Germany and the England
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those low interest student loans were the fucking best, this guy I knew (heh) took out like $100,000 and then invested them in some security that paid out an interest rate decently above what he owed for the student loan and he actually made a decent amount of $$$
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>Be 16
>Read Nietzche
>Decide morality is a construct
>Begin shoplifting clothes and electronics constantly
>Steal thousands of dollars worth of quality alcohol from one grocery store
>Be at the mall with fellow amoral teenage nihilist
>He goes into a store to steal clothes for his girlfriend
>I go into a nearby bathroom, then wait outside for him.
>He doesn't come back out
>Notice a voicemail from him saying he didn't need me to give him a ride home, so I left
>Find out he was tackled by security and thrown in jail for burglary
>mfw I never got caught.
Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that when he got caught, we were both 18. So he went to actual jail.
Glassed some lebs

Nothing interesting
>stole 1000's of dollars worth of alcohol/groceries/clothing etc.
>vandalised hundreds, maybe even thousands of buildings
>trespassed hundreds of times onto construction sites and skyscraper rooftops
>other stuff

All that is behind me though.
he's lacks even the slightest modicum of charisma and leadership.
Alright, I'll spice this thread up with some lol pasta

>be me
>was really into Boy Scouts for some reason , mainly to do stupid shit with my buddy who was in the group
>week long camp out in another town 3 hours away
>huge fucking camp ground it was a farm or something where people loved and worked on
>there's this huge water treatment facility that purifys all the water for this area
>we are having the best time ever no parents , no real super vision, and the people who were supposed to be the night security usually gave in by midnight
>first night friend and are bored sitting up in the tent playin some super Mario 64 DS local play (this was 2008)
>"hey I'm pretty hungry anon, wonder if there's any food in the mess hall "
>I say lets go see. So we walk from our campsite to this huge messhall the whole place is dark and everyone else is asleep
>we're looking around and all we find are the coolers filled with fruit punch , so we start drinking all of that shit
> I look in the back room where the sink is (still pretty much pitch black besides our dim lights )
>see a huge silver walk in refrigerator door , yell at my friend to come see this.
> I open the door and white light comes out. It's like the gates of heaven are opening before our eyes. All the food for breakfast , lunch , dinner , and snacks is in this fridge
>huge boxes of chips , hostess cakes, muffins , candy bars, etc. and there is this small stack of cases of soda for the leaders.
>look at him and we instantly know what we have to do.
>grab all the sodas , chips , and hostess snacks that we can. And start filling our tent with this stuff
> we're going back for the third run to grab the last case of soda and a couple chips when all of the sudden we hear what sounds like a door opening and every light in the surrounding 200 ft area lights up.
>we haul ass out of the fridge and back to our tent while some old red necks try to chase us on a golf cart.
>still carrying all this shit while running we take a sharp turn into some trees and the hicks drive off past us looking for us
>get back to tent and it's like a treasure trove of snacks and drinks of all different kinds we literally cleaned shop
>drinking soda playing DS and eating hostess cupcakes until we crash at like 6am
>great night but that was just night one
>next morning they have this huge meeting urging who ever the "fridge raiders" are to come forward and return all the snacks so not everyone has to lose out on getting some snacks.
>we don't give a fuck and go back to our tent and decided we should probably hide the fridge raiders goods
>this tent we were in was a super expensive 10 person 2 room tent that my dad bought and let me borrow for the week long trip so we had room to spare in this thing
>so we move all the snacks to the back of the tent and I put up the room divider
>sure enough since the fridge raiders didn't return the snacks they went tent to tent searching for the goods
>tell my friend to go act like he was asleep on the other side of the divider
>the leaders get to our tent
>"do you know anything about the snacks that were stolen last night ?"
>" nope but it's terrible that we won't have any snacks now "
>some old guy with the most country accent ever says " hey buddy what's behind that divider ?!"
>" oh that's were my friend and I keep our bags he's actually asleep in there right now "
>I go and lift the corner of the divider up to reveal my fellow " sleeping fridge raider "
>old guy says " well if you hear anything let us know !" And they walk off
>we did it. The Fridge Raiders actually pulled it off!
>go throughout the day like normal but act all sad at lunch when there was no snacks to be had
>night falls
>camp is asleep, what will the raiders next move be ?
>this place had working bathrooms like a mile away but in camp it was the standard blue port-a-pottys
>we go into one and notice that it's practically brand new
>whole family size bottle of hand sanitizer
>douse the toilet seat in this stuff and set it on fire
>because it was hand sanitizer it was slow burning and completely melted the toilet seat to a droopy pile of melted plastic
>head back to the raiders HQ , drink some more sodas, eat some chips , play more DS. It doesn't get much better than this
>next morning we are awaken to the sound of a voice on the old PA system they had
>it's the old red neck guy " everybody listen up! Be at the amphitheater in 10 minutes or be sent home! "
>well fuck guess we gotta go
>almost everyone is supper groggy and out of it
>old red neck gets on stage and goes up to the mic " alright boys listen here! First it was the snacks, now we believe that the same people have vandalized and destroyed one of our out houses! Mr.tim got up to use the restroom and to his surprise the entire toilet seat was melted into nothing. We hate to do this but we will be stepping up security at night and there is a mandatory 10pm curfew! We have done this camp for over 10 years now and have never seen anything like this before so please , who ever it is STOP IT RIGHT NOW !"
looks boring from a glance, not going to bother reading it
>after they had moved all the port-a-pottys down to the main bathroom area everyone was pissed off that the raiders were doing this and that they "needed to stop them "
>so same thing that day no snacks, and you had to walk a mile to take a shit on a toilet
>make a plan to raid the main bathrooms
>the bathrooms are by the water plant that I mentioned
>just as 9:30 rolls around we hop the fence to the water plant and climb up this ladder to this tower type thing that has a room that's all window screened in with some control panel
>wait a little while for things to settle down
>that golf cart was really on the patrol that night
>things settle down the golf cart is mainly circling the camp site witch is far from us
>we go to make our move
They had the electric hand dryer things and for what ever reason you could twist the nozzle around
>2 of them are on the wall next to eachother
>stuff them with paper towels drenched in soap
>drivers start you're engines
>we press the button over and over. Hot soap is flying all over the bathroom. The floor is coated in a layer of clear soap
>have no idea why no one came in to see what the continuous loud noise was they must of been too far away to hear
>we give up when one of the hand dryers literally start smoking up
>haul ass back to HQ and then just wait for the morning to hear of the raid
>7 am and the group of leaders is in my campsite waking everyone up
>says that there was an incident in the bathrooms and asks if anyone knows anything at all
> some old guy that worked on this farm speaks up and says " boys I've worked here for 25 years and have NEVER seen a mess like that EVER! When I walked in this morning I almost slipped and broke my neck!
I honestly don't care.
>so we act like we are so shocked like usual and promise to say if we hear anything
>lay low for the few days trying not to completely blow our cover
>the last night of the trip was gonna be our best, the grand finale
>they have some big meeting thing where they are showing a short film about doing good in the community or some shit
>fuck this man
>my friend and I had brought some fireworks in our bags just because the paper flyer that they handed out for this thing specifically said in bold to not bring any sort of fireworks
>while all the scoutfags are watching this movie and listen to this motivational speaker guy we decide this is when we will strike
So this campsite had a ton of unfinished projects like they had all the plumbing and foundation set for this bathroom they were gonna build but never did
>so my friend takes a shit ton of assorted firecrackers and those fireworks that scream super loud and drops them down these pipes
>the whole campground sounds like it's being bombed by Iraq this shit was loud
>of course we take of while everyone gets up to see what's going on
>it's almost dark out by now but the sun is still not all the way set
>we decide what the last Fridge Raider raid will be.
> I get an idea.
>the whole water plant place has these no trespassing signs surrounding it and they are only twist tied on by some shitty wire
>take my multi tool out and started clipping all the signs down. There were 12 in total
>by this time it is completely dark out and we have a huge stack of metal signs
>decide to go wait for everything to die down in the tower area
>this time we shined a light in the small screened room to reveal a small laminated map of eventing at the plant and what it does
>let's roll
>wait another hour up there and finally climb down and pick up our signs
>the map showed the tank that pushed all the purified water to the rest of the camp
>so we find the tank climb to the top of it and manage to get the service hatch open
>I swear this place has no security at all nothing is even locked
>hatch is open , and we toss all 12 metal signs into the water tank
>queue the worst screeching /grinding noise I have ever heard
>we're positive that other people heard this
>get back to HQ gorge ourselves on the last of the snacks and play our DS's until they die get up the next morning and go home
Find out a few years later that all the water couldn't be consumed due to bits of metal being in it and this whole farm had no water for 3 days due to them trying to figure out what happened
Well there it is /b/ the tale of the the fridge raiders. Aka the worst things I have ever done and yeah never got caught
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Coupla kids shenanigans from camp. It's okay, I'm enjoying it. Thanks for posting too to the other guy. Actually a little suspenseful.
I'm sure it was fun irl but that wasn't very interesting.
No worries lad. Just try a spice up the thread
I got away with not having a gf ever
you bitches be evil man, fun read tho.
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Then make one.
Make one, anon.
Once ate a chick out on a public beach
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>captcha 2013
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