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hangover pole here, AMA
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hangover pole here, AMA
why didn't you just 420 #blazeit
is even what ?
6pm blaze it, vodka with water afterwards constantly, 3am home
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don't understand
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don't get mad, i found you a wife
Squat level?
poles don't squat, it's russian thing
ok due to high responses latency i'm changing this thread into polish slags thread
Are you vomiting?
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no, I don't do it at all after vodka
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so any more questions? I'm keen to respond
well is then?
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everything is fine, drinking a lot of water, i'm going to take a bath, I will come back so prepare some questions for me
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>spirytus 95%
>no vomiting
Here the pic spirytus killed some university students in Japan.
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vodka is 40%
I've drunk spirytus 2 times in my life but (haven't vomited afterwards) but I must admit it has a lot of power
What! A polish alcoholic, shocking!! What's next you'll tell me your mother cleans houses and sucks penis in other European countries?
Rude. Why do Jews hate us so much?
Funny pic!
There are a lot of dishes that seems yummy.

You are strong. There is spirytus capsule here. Some bad guys use it in order to take out drunk girls.
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Pure bullshit i knew squatting pôles and here is one of the pole who worked in my building some time ago.
Hate threads made by poles every day, polish posters being really shitty, and poles bringing up kikes in every thread no matter what they're about. Int made me hate poles. Racist, butthurt, and stupid is a terrible combination you know.
please don't insult me, why are you so anti-polish?this is racist

strange with that capsule

funny, 95% of poles don't squat

again you are insluting us, you are racist
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oddity - Tczew is a polish town, north of Poland, about 100 kilometers from Baltic Sea
not sure what are your taste preferences but I think you would like our vegetable salad, i love it

VEGETABLE SALAD - ingredients: 4 carrots 2 parsley 1 medium potato (optional) Half a small celery 4 cucumbers pickled or preserved 1 small onion or leek 2 hard-boiled eggs 1 apple 1 can of canned peas 4 heaped tablespoons of mayonnaise salt pepper VEGETABLE SALAD - the method of preparation: carrots, parsley, celery and potato peel, cover with water and cook posól. Depending on how you like, cook until tender, or leave a little hard. Onion, apple and peel the cucumbers and eggs with shells. All the ingredients cut into small cubes or thick, depending on how you like it. Peas, remove from the tin and drain in a sieve. All components pass the bowl and mix. Add mayonnaise, mix well and season with salt and pepper. Council: Salad can be made from vegetables, which were used for example. Broth to cook the broth.
it looks like pic rel
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these are Tatra mountains which are located south of Poland, we share it with Slovakians (I must admit that Slovakian part looks nicer for me)

pic rel was taken from city which is located around 30km from Tatra mountains
Americans really think having the town's name on each platform at the train station is unnecessary?
pic rel only desert which is located in Poland
it's called Bledowska Desert, it's dissapering slowly, oddity: afrika korps troops were training there befor going to africa

c'mon guys, I'm bored, ask me something
File: 1455359183676.jpg (159 KB, 800x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Yes, definitely. They burn our bottom.

Wow, seems and looks yummy.
It's a little bit bother to cut staffs into small pieces, but I can easily imagine that I like it.
And how about the meat on the left?
it looks like some kind of shishkebab (we called szaszłyk) but not 100% sure

and have you heard about pierogi (dumplings)? this shit is awesome, here some reciepe for base, you could staff with whatever you want


- half a kilogram of flour
- one egg
- ¼ cup of hot water
- spoon of oil
- pinch of salt

1.On pastry board sift flour, add egg, oil, salt, hot water and knead dough.
2.Dough ball roll to a thickness of about 40 millimeters.
3.Glass carve out a wheel, in which imposes a stuffing.

pic rel is a typical polish nameday table prepared for guests, invited persons sit around, eat, drink vodka and have a good time
I'm just being racist back right now, I don't go out hating poles, just tired of your many shit posters right now senpai
how do you feel about boogaria
personally i haven't met bulgarian person but I have nothing against them, i feel that we have a lot of common and I would easily find a common language with bulgarian, a lot of polish people go to Bulgaria for vacation (golden sands mostly), several of my friends were there and all of them said that it was very nice and cheap comparing to western europe
why dont you come to japan.
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personally it's my dream to visit tokyo but it's very expensive for polish salaries

could you say something about tokyo? I imagine this as a lot of wiered japanese people (i mean dressed wiredly - example: pic rel), very techy, konichiwa girls etc.

is it ok to go as pole to tokyo (i'm non-aggresive person)? how japanese are towards poles? don't care? like? hate?
herrings, I fuckin love them
>>spoon of oil
Thanks for your recommend. It's like Gyoza (I know gyoza is from China.) I've never tried, but I wanna.
BTW Polish tableware is popular in some
girls. pic related.

Your pic looks so yummy. I'm hungry.
people on the pic is only in harajuku on sunday, but you can barely see them these days.
i was raised and live in tokyo. honestly no one cares about you poles and also any foreigners, because simply tokyo is full of crowd. wherever you go in tokyo youll have totally no problem.

japanese people dont know anything about poles 2bh but at least almost everyone knows of your country name.
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thanks, I will visit Harajuku for sure if I get to Tokyo some day
we look forward to you :D
and i recommend that you go to some skyscraper in night to see night cityscape of tokyo. its pretty much great.
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will do sir!
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Pingpole here
I had one (1) Tatra yesterday
>I don't go out hating poles
it seems like you do
> poles bringing up kikes in every thread no matter what they're about
they don't, unless you're compulsively looking for it trying to be a victim. Even when they do it's mostly banter. You just love to call us racist antisemites, yet here I'm 99% more likely to see Jews shitting on Poles in some random threads like you did ITT, than a REAL Polish anti-semite. I dont know if it's your national sport or maybe you're just one obsessional samefag
fuck off Hans

What is this substance in the middle? Is it onion? I love herrings with onion and chopped dill.
onion and oil
Do you love glorious Rossiya?
pick one
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Thread images: 31
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