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Public transport thread
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>your cunt
>how much does public transport cost
>how good is it

45 CHF for a month of travel in the zone or 400 CHF for the year
Very reliable

I think it's a bretty gud deal. What say you?
$2.50 to go anywhere in the city
Over 85 dollary doos to take a train to a town that would otherwise cost me 15$ in gasoline or 30$ to take a Greyhound bus
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>Helsinki, Finland
>2hr ticket is like 3€, as a student i pay about 25€/month
>helsinki has amazing public transport. we have over a 100 bus lines, trams and a metro. all with the same ticket
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>tfw laestadian, fennoswede SUV-driver and liar fattie are cutting trainlines on growing regions and fucking up city plannings from dense downtowns to usa-tier suburbia

like thanks, if i was a child i could do a suicide because everything is so far away and there's no bus lines to get there.
also it's 3,30€for max 6km journey, too overpriced when compared to helsinki or tampere prices.
fast, frequent and cheap

the city would literally be brought to its knees if it didn't exist
Around 0,40$ dollar.
Kraków, Polska
150 PLN (34 EUR) for a month
Very reliable

We're getting this beaut soon.
It costs 15 euro to go from Rotterdam to Amsterdam in 40 minute train ride.
Bus ride is 1 euro + 0.15 euro/km, which I think is pretty good.

College/uni students travel entirely free throughout the country either monday to friday or in the weekend.
I am a student.

free for students so I wouldn't know exactly. Busses, trams and the metro are very cheap, about 2 euros to go anywhere in or near your city/town. Trains are rather expensive though, 1 hour drive is about 10 euros with the train.

Unreliable. Busses sometimes arrive 15 minutes late or don't arrive at all and trains can be delayed for hours if one minor incident occurs.
Everything costs a shitton and the bus drivers hate you.

They're on time precisely never.
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Saint-Petersburg , Russia

I am student. Metro , bus , tram , trolleybus=850 roubles ~10$ month , some buses nice , some old crap
>bus drivers hate you
Lies, everytime I was travelling by bus in UK it was a custom to say cheers to driver and he replied with have a nice day.
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>>your cunt

>>how much does public transport cost
depends. I paid £130 for a ticket I can use as many times as I want in a month (but will only use it for 4 return journeys a week) for getting to and from university. It's about 15 miles and takes 30 minutes. I have the great pleasure of riding on pic related, which has been called the worst train in Britain today.
It's regularly a few minutes late and very uncomfortable and noisy
You don't get a discount for being a student on trains if you buy a season ticket, but if you buy a railcard (or get one for free if you open a student account) you can get 1/3 off non-peak time trains.

>>how good is it
Unless you live in the sphere of influence of a large city or in the South East, it's shit
If you were to visit Russia, would public transport be expensive and recommended?
Nah , especially because your salaries are big , in St Pete for 1500 roubles /month you can buy ticket for all kind of public transports.
>Everything costs a shitton and the bus drivers hate you.
I guess it depends where you live
I live in a town with a load of old people and the bus drivers are always super nice
The fucking greyhound is full of the worst trash

relatively cheap in commiefornia terms, all super subsidized or someshit
Pretty good reliability, buses can move faster than traffic and metro is always on point, outside the main part of the city tho it's worthless.

Then there's a train that takes you along the coast to NorCal and it's always filled with euros.
a single ride ticket is 50 NOK, that's a little more than 5 USD now or almost 10 USD before the exchange rate was kill
>Kalmar län
>1440 sek for 5+ zone 30-days card. (""refugees get one for free"
>Shitty as fugg. Some bus lines av security guards due to ""refugees""
And if I were to go to Russia, hotels advertised probably have a price adjusted to the country I'm from.
Or are they just generally expensive.
Also, 1440 sek is 172 usd :D
31 or 32 euros/month
>tfw commuting to London to work costs 12 pounds a day with a 16-25 card, which is the cheapest peak ticket

A painful amount of money. The lines in the South East vary a lot as well, mine is clean and on time but packed, but others are far far worse
Madrid, Spain
20€/month for all public transportation in a 40km radius.
It's very reliable in the center. The farther you go from the center the reliability decreases, but the people are nicer so it kind of compensates, because anything important you have to do is going to be at the good transportation zone.
C'mon, Russian economy is total shiite and if you come as a tourist with your average salary in your pocket , you'll be pretty fine. I don't know about hotels , maybe depends on location (city center or outskirts).

It would be 5 quid for me, but they don't let you use the 16-25 card during peak times so it's almost like £8

I'm in the North and quite a lot of the trains are just OK, but I've taken return journeys to Manchester about 10 times and I've only gotten a seat when it was one of the last trains of the night
The bastards took away the bus stop that i used also. God damn it, i really hate KLT
5th largest city in Czechia, 100k population
13 Euro/month

Not as good as in German lands, but pretty good for the rest of the world standards.
I get a tram to my house every 5 minutes.
The one thing i notice when getting trains outside of the south east is that far fewer lines are electrified. It makes a journey much more pleasant if it's quiet. And it sucks that you cant use a railcard for peak times, if I couldn't do that here I'd barely be able to support myself

Vilnius, Lithuania
6€/month for students
Pretty good if you live near the express bus lines.
Would it be difficult for a foreigner to find their way around Moscow or St Petersburg? I'd normally ask people for directions if I'm really lost, but according to Lonelyplanet Russia is the unfriendliest country on the planet so I'd hesitate to rely on the kindness of strangers
Most of the trains that go through my uni town station are diesel, so when an electric one pulls up to the platform and goes away again, it's almost surreal

Worst part is that they changed the railcard about a month in to starting uni
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19 cents
absolutely good
iirc a lot of the signs in the relevant bits of relevant cities have Latin characters, so you wouldn't be completely out of luck
I would just go on google maps and print out a lot of stuff and take it with you so you don't have to use your phone. Helped me when I travelled from my tiny town of 30,000 to London for a semi-Lads weekend
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Young people know basic English. Avoid commieblock districts and other ghettos , also near train stations a lot of gypos and central Asians. Stay in city centre , it's basically hipster heaven filled with qts.
cheeky cunts cost me €8.40 for just one day around madrid
sorry lad, you've got to be a citizen below 25 to get the 20€/month card
Google maps is good nowadays, you can save offline maps that still use GPS. Doesn't work everywhere though. And that's good I'll never learn those moonrunes

Good rules for any big western city really. The qts are a big draw, I'd like to go in winter so they wear the big fluffy coats
$3.15 per ticket, which lasts 90 minutes.

I don't know how much a monthly pass costs these days. Close to 100 dollars. Few years ago it was about 80 dollars. The city keeps bringing the cost up each year and mismanaging the money.

Quality wise it's not great. Grossly overcrowded during rush hour. Buses are gross and many routes are dangerously over packed. Because of cost and quality I tend to walk places instead when able. It's okay during non-rush hours but still pricey for quick trips.
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>way too much, but have a ticket from Uni
>breddy good, just the suburban trains run a little late sometimes
>flag, Prague
>260kč (about 10 eurobucks) for students and kids, 550kč for adults a month
works for buses, trams, metro, boats and chairlift

enjoy night Prague live from oiling tram
wew Prague is identical to Kraków
Meme City
$3.35 for multiple trips within 2 hours in the inner suburbs
Reliable-ish, clean, safe. If you use their website the realtime timetables can make you like a god walking amongst so many runts
Both of the major candidates for Mayor are trying to out-tram each other at the moment. Public transport is a big issue, especially amongst dickheads with rubbish opinions on what to do about it.
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>bus system is shit
>full of nigs and spics

>1 train line that doesn't even go to the airport or attractions because the taxi company owns our local government
>constantly delayed because retards stop their cars on the tracks
>no east-west line because toll agency also owns our local government

No idea about cost since only poors use it

Come to Orlando! Spend your euroshekels and probably get shot or at least robbed at gunpoint
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>In need of transport
it's literally walking distance from everywhere
>flag and LONDON
>3€ for a single 20-30 min underground trip
>constant delays especially at rush hour, packed tight like sardines in certain lines
Public transport.

Why is this state so shit at public transportation?
Don't worry. With the new multi billion dollar Brightline, you'll soon be able to get from Orlando International to downtown Miami, instead of...you know, just flying into Miami
1.40 euros for 90 minutes, 0.70 euros for college students (90 minutes)
>how good is it
Not very good, buses don't seem to have an actual schedule, they pass whenever they feel like too. Subway is pretty decent though.
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Mississauga, Ontario.

$3.50 cash, $2.90 with Presto (smart card). A two hour transfer included, valid to nearby cities except Toronto.

>Is it good?
It's moderately reliable, but most routes aren't very frequent (40 to 50 minutes maximum, off peak). Some busier routes have express buses.
Florida here. Fucking bald-ass governor turned down a high-speed rail project.
>US, specifically upstate new york
>$1.50 for one trip on regular buses, $2 for BRT buses, $4 for a day pass, $55 for a monthly pass only valid on the weekdays, $65 for one valid on the weekends, fares are about to go down by 15% though for smartcard users
It's not the best, but they're making massive improvements. We just got out first articulated buses, and they're doing pubic beta testing of the proprietary smartcard system. In a few years we'll get our second BRT line, which comes with for the first time, 24 hour service, a busway, and a line being more frequent than 10 minutes. There's a third BRT line in the works, along with three new bus terminals, and the rebuild of our third intercity rail station. They just released last year system-wide bus tracking, and have been tweaking the schedules constantly so buses show up on time, they've been expanding the 10 minute network, and they're about to do another rehaul of the route network. They're also replacing the last of the old buses, so very soon our oldest bus will be from 2007. I know it's not much, but considering the town planning strategy for the last 20 years has been 'allocate space as inefficiently as possible', and how most people own cars here, I think it's doing alright, especially compared to cities of similar sizes in the US.
0.5 euro/ticket
8.19 euro/month for students
Pretty good.
Train is 1.70 R$, but only takes you to the entrance of the city.
Bus costs 3.80 R$.

They bought some new Alstom trains which are nice, but the old train was a literal piece of shit. Our buses are all crap that should be on a junkyard. They're truck chassis converted into buses. Break down often during the heat and they creak a lot.
$116.50 for unlimited subway and bus travel per month

$2.75 for a single subway or bus ride

It's miles behind Tokyo/Shanghai's public transport systems, but it works and it's 24/7 which is the best part about it

>go out for some food at 11pm
>don't have to worry about paying for a taxi because subway doesn't close at midnight
R$2.75 ($0.69) full
R$1.30 ($0.33) mid (with a student pass)
free with elder pass (65 or more)

i've not been taking buses recently, i did take few years ago and peak hours were an overcrowded hell, even on the stairs. i don't know if this changed lately, they've introduced new articulated buses.
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>tfw I used to live there
too much
it's shit
Why would you move from Canada to Chile?
>Almada, Portugal
>pic related is 0,85€ per hour or 9,40€ per month, which is very cheap even for our standards
>90% of the time there are no delays
Besides this, my only experience with public transportation is
>a) Lisbon subway, which is 1,40 per trip, and full af in the rush hours
>b) bus to my parents home, which is 9,00 for a 120km distance
Forgot pic
I was staying with some relatives due long "vacations", Canada is fun but every fucking stores closed at 4-5pm and it drived me nuts
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