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ITT: Terms used in your language that refer...
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ITT: Terms used in your language that refer to another country/language and what it means

French: Rude language; "Fuck you asshole, pardon my French"

Dutch Wife: Body pillow; "I just ordered my Dutch Wife, Haruhi-chan, can't wait to sleep with her"

Danish: A type of pastry

No true Scotsman: Referring to whenever you argue with someone about some group, they always say that that thing is not a true member of said group, so it doesn't count. "Well terrorists aren't TRUE Muslims." "Don't pull that "No True Scotsman" on me"

>"Tête de Turque" (Turkish head)
Someone hated an bullied by eveybody

>"Filer à l'anglaise" (Running away like an English ?)
cowardly escape

>"Les anglais ont débarqué" (The english have landed)
She has her period.

>"Un cor anglais" (an english horn)
It's mean you a cuck

>"Vas te faire foutre chez les Grecques" (Go fuck yourself in Greek)
I don't really need to explain

>"C'est du chinois" (It's Chinese)
About something you can't understand

>"Se polir le chinois" (polish your chinese)
Jerk off

>"Il parle français comme une vache espagnol " (He speaks french like a spannish cow)
About someone with a very bad accent
>Frogo calling other countries cowards
Sure thing chum
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We call this a Finlandshette (it also applies to balaclavas)

In english: Finlandhood, or finnish hood

It's because during the war people would knit these things in Norway and send them to Finland.
>Bong calling others cowards

It's easy to run away when you're living in an island.
Remember how your people still consider Dunkirk a british victory ?
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Stop acting like a noble lion than you aren't. Your country have past the last millenium to doing coward and perfidious moves during wars.
Great thread idea. I imagine most of ours are fairly similar to American ones though.

Honestly not sure if these count but they seem relevant enough:

>Indian Giver
Someone that gives you a gift and then later asks for it back or wants payment.

>Going Dutch
When two people on a date pay their bills separately rather than have the man/woman pay for the whole thing.

Trying to think of some more.
>Šved (a Swede)
A Bosnian or other ex-Yugo immigrant

>Francoz (a Frenchman)
A snob

>Švab (Colloquially: German)
A cockroach

>Čeh (A Czech)
Someone who isn't really an idiot but is still pretty awkward. Another term would be "talev"/"levak", both words meaning something like "the left one" (as in the direction left; don't ask, I don't know why it's left).
To fuck up, it means to do something in a Russian way literally.

Just thought of another one, though it seems to be used less these days

>Doing it Greek
Refers to anal intercourse.
"Você está falando grego." (speaking Greek)
Can't understand you.

"Ela fez a espanhola em mim ontem." (the Spanish (f))
She gave me titjob.

"Para inglês ver." (for the English to see)
Something that's for show, not the real picture. E.g.: World Cup

"Ta cheio de alemão la na festa." (Germans)
Outsider, enemy, strangers. Probably an allusion to the nazis.

Moroccan = Good hash.
Japa (Japanese) = Anyone with slanted eyes.
Argentine = Surly, grumpy or annoying person.
Chinês or Ching Ling (Chinese) = Fake product.
Mongoloid = Retarded
-smokes like a turk
-he acts like a frenchman (ignoring and nonchalant)
-lazy as a montenegrin
-smells like an albanian (bad)
-scams like an albanian

people sometimes refer to their car by the country of the origin of the brand:
-i drive a japanese
-i drive a german

we also referer to something that is of lower quality or weird, fishy or a person that acts weird as:
-it's a bit czech
-he's acting czechy

I'm sure there's more...
We have a candy called a "Turks bar" named after a knot called a "Turks head," which in turn us named after a Muslim style head covering

We also have Swedish fish candy, they're from Canada, not sure why they are called that Tbh.

Rubbing noses together is called an "Eskimo kiss."

Using tongue is called a "French kiss."

If you are stoned or maybe drunk and your eyes begin to squnit you are said to have gone "chink-eyed" for obvious reasons; not sure if that counts.

If 2 siblings are the same age for part of the year, but aren't actual twins, as in they are 9 or 10 or 11 months apart, they are said to be "Irish twins."
also, like that brazilian mentioned

-chinese product (a cheap product)
-mongoloid (retarded)

there's also an expression:
-like a Spanish village
"Physics is like a Spanish village to me"

refers to something being unknown and confusing, it actually comes from german and the Habsburg court, since they "imported" a bunch of weird shit the spanish brought from the new world to their court in Vienna.
I've heard both of those
>United Fleedom
>Dicht wie zehn Russen
Drunk like ten Russians
>Going Greek
>When someone refuses to pay for something that was their idea in the first place, and expects you pay instead

>It's all Greek to me
>An idea or concept that you can't understand at all
>-it's a bit czech

This is a good one
File: 254623747.jpg (16 KB, 350x280) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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swedish labyrinth
File: Kekopard.png (763 KB, 800x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Running away like an English
Not an ounce of irony is there?
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English sauce = Shoyu
Swiss lemonade = Lemonade with condensed milk
Milanese Beef = Beef dipped in flour, eggs and other condiments then deep fried
Parmegiana = Beef with tomato sauce and cheese
French Bread = bread in pic
Syrian Bread = Pita
Beirute = A type of ham and cheese sandwich made of Pita, fried egg, tomato and salad
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>Running away like an English
Pretty sure they have a French version of this btw
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- "Fumare come un Turco" i.e smoking like a Turk, apparently Turks smoked a lot.
- "Macelleria Messicana" i.e Mexican butchery, to denote an episode of extreme violence.
- "Alle calende Greche"(Literally "to the Greek Calends"), from the Latin saying "ad Kalendas Graecas", is used as a synonymous of "never happening", that's because the Calends were a Latin only tradition.
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>"Filer à l'anglaise" (Running away like an English ?)
>"Les anglais ont débarqué" (The english have landed)
>"Un cor anglais" (an english horn)
top lel pierre
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The word for german (as in someone from germany) is vācietis, which translates to getoutian, their country, Germany translates to Getoutia. Not a lot of love for ze germans. The legend goes we saw german crusaders and yelled GET OUT!

>Puhua norjaa
Speak Norwegian, to throw up.
Refers to how Norwegian sounds like vomiting

We also say "cocu comme un italien". :^)
Tipically Roman:

cinesata (chinese style, means cheap and low quality)

Americanata, used mostly for movies: means something exagerated, obnoxious, or Micheal Bay style

'It's all Greek to me'
Can't understand any of it

'Indian giver'
Gives you something (not borrow) then asks for it back

'They must be Polish'
Referring to someone doing something stupid or unable to comprehend instructions

'Fucking Ruskie' (Russian)
An unpleasant person, asshole, rude, etc

'Going Dutch'
Splitting the cost of a meal or something with a girl/guy you're on a date with

'Sounds Scottish'
Someone with a heavy accent that is hard to understand

'Drinks like and Irishman'
Someone who drinks a lot

'Bunch of Degos' (Itilians)
Reffering to a group of people be very loud. Also used a lot when Americans with Itilian hertiage constantly tell you about how Itilians do it this way or that way saying it is better their way, on par with muh Irish hertiage cucks.
>English sauce - shoyu

Are you talking about soy sauce? That's not very English, do you mean Worcester sauce? I think they call that English sauce in Spain because no Spaniard can pronounce the real name
>that one kid in high school who was half german, half mexican

We called him "Beaner-Schnitzel"
"It's like a Spanish village for me" - I don't understand

"To disappear like an Englishman" - mostly self-explanatory, it means someone has disappeared really sneakily in the best possible moment

"Swedish three" - threesome (yes, really)

"He drinks like a Dane" - a drunkard

"Look at something like a Bulgarian into a trashing-machine" - someone who looks very confused

That's all I remember at the moment, I'll return if I think of more.
When you get a B+ in school it's called an "Asian F" because Asian parents are really hard on their kid's grades.

"Dutch Oven" is when you fart while in bed, and trap the fart under the covers.

"Australian kiss" is to give someone head, because it's just a kiss down under.

"French kiss" is to give someone tongue while making out.

Those are all I can think of. Burgerstan is a self absorbed country. We don't talk about other places too much unless it's about our troops blowing up sandniggers.
>-smokes like a turk
>-he acts like a frenchman (ignoring and nonchalant)
>-lazy as a montenegrin
>-smells like an albanian (bad)
>-scams like an albanian

Lol'd so hard at all of these.

>-it's a bit czech
>-he's acting czechy

Can you explain these ones?
>Can you explain these ones?

not sure where it originates from...

You'd use it for example, when you see a shitty, fucked up chair, that's leaning on one side:
"this chair looks czech", "this is a czech chair"

or for example, when someone is swerving across all the lanes on a highway:
"he's driving czechlike"
More like "smokes like a syrian"
also, within this context, the word "czech" is grammatically formed as if it was a quality, a characterisic, rather than a nationality
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>the english have landed
Yeah I understood.

It kind of sounds like "shitty" in English which would be used in a similar way I was just curious as to the origin of it.
This expression comes from the time around the fall of the Berlin Wall when (or perhaps even earlier) when Slovenes started encountering Czechs on Croat beaches and seaside tourist camps. The Czechs, fresh from behind the Iron Curtain, all stereotypically sported fashions that disgusted the westernized Slovenes - bowl cuts, white socks over sandals, grey T-shirts stretched over beer bellies. They were also known for uncritically and unabashedly engaging in consumerism, such as bringing a sixpack of Coca Colas to the beach in the daytime heat instead of water - but who other than a Czech (unused as they were to the Med climate) would go to the beach at midday anyway? And thus the historically positive image of Czechs, who had previously settled in Ljubljana and Maribor in small numbers as industrialists and artists, was tarnished for a time. But with Czechia's recovery from its communist isolation has seen the Czechs once again regarded with curiosity rather than mockery.
We still mock them in croatia for their ever present and consistent preventable death tolls every summmer.
File: czech.png (661 KB, 1216x466) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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oh, so it actually comes from that

top kek
They have a high death rate in our mountains, too. It has a lot to do with the fact they climb mountains in sandals or flip-flops, wearing clothes better suited for the beach and not bringing any supplies with them.
ctrl + f "Brazilian Wax"
No Results
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This is an Italijanček (literally 'little Italian', but meaning a serving of beer in the Italian manner)
Russian, especially one who rapes somebody and steals something

Almost the same as OP says


French bread

Pilaf, neapolitan spaghetti, pork cutlet

A place that provides a sexual service
This does not tell us very much.

We don't know what those moon runes even sound like.
I explained about those words.

>Dacchi waifu
>Furansu pan
>Toruko raisu
>Toruko buro
Japanese has the words Dutch Wife as well? That's funny
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