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What's your family like /int/?
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What's your family like /int/?

>dad is miserable, cantankerous, querelous, extremely selfish, has depression but refuses to ever get treatment, alcoholic, makes entire family miserable when in presence of mom, spends about 95% of his time at home locked away alone in his bedroom

>mom is neurotic, obese, constantly shames dad for not being a good father, instigates vicious arguments on a regular basis, cries almost daily about how all she ever wanted in life is a close, happy family that enjoys each other's presence

>buys everything my sister wants, has completely spoiled her

>got the family into $55,000 of credit card debt just from overspending on my sister and I over the years (mostly my sister)

>will inevitably have many health problems and 100% expects me to support her financially when she can't work anymore

>sister is 16 y/o, already banged 7 guys, manic-depressive, extremely selfish, keeps to herself, very disrespectful to the shared items of the house (food in the fridge, family computer, car, etc.), has lost interest in everything, likes to do drugs but can no longer because of drug tests at school, no remorse for her reprehensible actions, has the maturity level of a 12 y/o

>she can't hold a converstaion with me, she is completely silent when we're together

>she is also very attractive, so she's already been involved with a countless number of guys

>dad is completely unsupportive of her since she's been through depression (hospitalized 3 times), makes mom do all the work, mom has to drive her everywhere because we live in the woods 20 minutes drive minimum away from everything

>mom is extremely stressed because of sister's depression, demanding job, and financial insecurity

>mom guilts me for wanting to pursue career in another city (or possibly country), also guilts me for not being close to my sister

>me, 20 y/o, intelligent, happy, ambitious college student with a very bright future

Sometimes I just want them all to disappear, /int/
>has depression but refuses to ever get treatment

good because it doesn't do shit

>mom is obese

fucking disgusting
It takes her forever to get in and out of the car, she can barely climb stairs, walks slow as fuck, it pains me to see her like that
Just change your name and get the fuck out of Dodge m8.
also, mom is spineless and hasn't had the guts to divorce dad even though he's treated her like shit for years now

he literally can't say a single nice word to her. Even when they talk about neutral shit, he has a hateful tone in his voice. He hates her guts
I wish it was that easy, but I'm a nice person and the guilt would tear me apart inside
Tell me, how exactly do people fuck up like your family in the best country of the world?
they go hand in hand
You're allowing your family to cuck you m8. Just leave, none of their problems are your fault and they will ruin your life, if you stay around too long.
I've spent many sleepless nights asking me that same question

they both have well paying jobs, too. our anual household income is 140k, yet we can't even pay our bills. mom's credit card payments monthly basically equal a second mortgage

my theory is mom was getting too old and wanted to get married as quickly as possible. but two most important things to her, family and religion, my dad is completely indifferent about. why they didn't discuss that before they got married is beyond me
Pretty miserable 2bh
>mum has psychosis and depression
>oldest brother is dead
>one sister lives in australia and doesnt speak to us
>other sister lives in Scotland and doesnt speak to us
>youngest brother is a top lad
>oldest brother died a few years ago
>dad died a few years ago

2/10 dysfunctional
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>dad has alzheimers, still works blue collar
>mom never worked a job in her life
>brother got arrested, now lives like a bydlo with 2 kids and wife in a poor area
>first sister is a nurse
>second sister is a bank teller with two kids
>third sister is a receptionist with a drinking problem
>i work as a custodian
>we all grew and still are relatively poor
>everyone lives alone out of necessity
as is life in appalachia
dad - normal/tryhard
mom - childish
brother - normie
me - autist
Well I'm in college, so I can't do much now. But are you suggesting to just neglect them when I get into the real world?

As much as my mom talks about the importance of family and how she wants to live in an attached garage apartment to my house in 20 years or some shit, that would be very difficult

I'm sorry m8. Are you at least away from the misery?

Are you/they happy?
>I'm sorry m8. Are you at least away from the misery?
Nope. I wouldn't leave my brother behind. We are working on getting a house together.
>Are you/they happy?
im not. my neighbors are chicanos and i live alone in the "mountains"
my parents are happy
siblings are probably about in the same position as me
>dad, me, and my brother work full time
>sister is in college
>me and my brother both have bachelor's degrees, his is in biology
>mom has terminal cancer, but we're optimistic
>whole family gets on each other's nerves, but are happy and love each other
>brother is probably going to get married soon
>sister has a bf and they've been going good for a while.
>I have tfw no gf
>dad wants me to buy a pistol.

Pretty alright if I do say so myself
K, I'll tell mine

>2 uptight half-sisters that I don't speak to anymore

>mom is taking antidepressants but she's doing really well and only rarely has a fit, also she divided all the family putting everyone against each other and spreading her lunacy when she was with my dad (I swear she's fine now), she's white

>dad cheated on her gave her pap, he works a lot as a businessman, like around 10 hours a day, and keeps us very well, he's looking for young sluts to entertain his dick and give expensive gifts to instead of focusing in my education first, he's dark brown

>I'm a failure at everything but I think I can manage to get a degree and live a cozy autistic life inside a studio apartment or something
Super hard worker that is really quite resourceful when coming up with solutions to problems and
is stern but fair

Same as dad but is more "book" orientated and can get a bit emotional and irrational at times

>Older Brother
Pretty kool guy essentially tutored me in Biology since he was a in Med school, a bit neurotic at
times and eats all the food.

>Older sister
I don't remember her much be for she died, all I can remember now is that she was nice
an bought me my first story book and read it to me every time I ask. That is the only strong
memory I have of her

>younger sister
The most laid back person in my entire family but gets shit done when she needs to.
>tfw all 7 people in my family are smart uni educated people with STEM degrees
>depression also runs in the fám
your family sounds really educated, how do they earn the big bux in your island?

this +bh fäm
>he literally can't say a single nice word to her. Even when they talk about neutral shit, he has a hateful tone in his voice. He hates her guts

>mom is neurotic, obese, constantly shames dad for not being a good father, instigates vicious arguments on a regular basis, cries almost daily about how all she ever wanted in life is a close, happy family that enjoys each other's presence

>mom's credit card payments monthly basically equal a second mortgage

Probably why. I mean your mom is a big spender (mine is too), but she shouldn't be spineless, if your dad treats her like shit. Your sister seems like a piece of shit though
>probably why

*definitely why. He's so resentful of her, and for good reason. She's fucked our family financially, we're on the brink of ruin

my sister has been a piece of shit since early childhood. I've always thought that growing up, but now that she's so depressed, and since she's been through so much medication, and has stayed in the psych ward so many times, the depression is an excuse for everything she does.

Also, mom grew up in a sheltered household with no drugs alcohol or depression, she has absolutely no idea what she's doing in dealing with my sister. She's handing the situation so poorly. And I'm powerless to do anything about it, being in college and everything. Whenever I come home for brief periods of time I just have to watch everything fall apart before my eyes
I would say middle class

The children yes

Research scientist


In college

My dad never even went to secondary school but is probably
the best problem solver I know so he becomes indispensable
to every company he works for.

Mom went to college and worked as a nurse for a while
>Dad - Worked as a cameraman. Was a based guy with very good charisma, knew how to solve problems. Very good father also. Died 5 years ago.

>Mom - Has bachelor's degree in law. Worked as a fitness guide until she got fired. Spent tons of money on mine and my brother's education. Works very hard to support the family.

>Older sister - Businesswoman, can often give a good advise. Also very kind.

>Older brother - Lawyer, like my sister, is kind and can give a good advice.

>Younger brother - Middle school student and a professional pianist, but somewhat lacks social skills.

>Me - 19 y/o beta as fuck socially awkward weeb trash with mental issues. Also a computer science student.

>Uncle - Psychopathic asshole who only brings misery to the family.
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It was a pleasure having read your story. It could make a good movie.

A rare example of a nicely written, consistent, and well structured piece of writing with an unforeseeable denouement. The characters are described thoroughly, with clarity, which elicit seeing pictures of the real people rather than words; and despite having a quite dismal atmosphere overall, it somehow manages to give off positive vibes as it is written by a nice, kind-hearted person who put his most honest and genuine feelings in it.

You must try yourself in writing, man.
>younger sister
Pretty smart but naive, will have her associates degree by 18. Is a huge weeb and does cosplay. Is dating some Canadian guy my family hates, will probably end up moving there. Mentally unstable. Seventeen.

Hard working farm man and small business owner, very dedicated to me and my sister. Kindest man I've met, even helped support my mom after she left him for 'greener pastures'

Mentally unstable, one of the parents who decided once a child turns 18 she's done being a parents. Very into her social status and how others see her. Favorites my sister more because she blindly follows her.

Started college early and moved out at 17. Very studious. Works at a library.
My dad is legitmately an autistic savant. He's never had a friend.

My mom is a very nice person, but probably an alcoholic

I haven't seen my sister in 8 years. But she's successful and sort of a normie

I'm an autist
>father is chill even if very unlucky, lives by himself and manage to get by thanks to friends
>mother is bipolar, greedy, I avoid her as much as I can
>stepbrother is kind but a pushover
>Stepsister is a "fighter" even through severely ill (Multiple sclerosis) but too smug about it

>Everyone in my family grew up poor for generations
>Dad dead from drugs
>Mother making alright money now almost middle-class type money
>Brother and I both pretty much failures, will see over the next few years how it turns out

Started getting my life together looking for a job atm, maybe go to trade school or something when I get money. Kind of worried about my brother but he will probably end up moving to where I am and maybe sharing a place idk.
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>dad is okay
>mom is a little crazy
>sister is lazy but has a white bf
>I'm ok
>dad is a hard-worker, still building his houses so he can rent them, married to another woman and has a little boy, one of the best men i know

>mom is also a hard-worker, she works with fashion and of artistic stuff, quite liberal and she loves Dilma, can't really discuss politics with her. Overall she loves me a lot, supports me and understand why i am such an autist fuck. She helps me when she can

>Brother is a Bro-dick. But dick most of the time, loser, never really worked and now he seels clothes i the midnight market. He's also a huge Chad, fucks lots of younger girls and bring them there. He brought one today.

>Me, Autist, virgin, never really worked too, only investments in metals and freelace on audiovisual stuff. Huge fan of motorsports.
Just join the air national guard and go to a state college m8(most states waive tuition and federal tuition assistance plus a pell grant will cover the rest).

I wish I could I would still need a GED + 15 college credits (which I would be fine doing) but I have horrible allergies and currently take Zoloft.

I had a friend join the army and he said my allergies might be too bad and I need to get off the meds, which last time I did I didn't leave my house for a year. Fucking horrible. I get nosebleeds from allergies alone.
Why'd you drop out of highschool?
Are you Greek?
>dad is very laidback and kind, also very successful (partner at a law firm). always took me to the footy when I was a kid and was very supportive.

>mum is slightly neurotic but very loving and intelligent. runs her own business which is very successful too, has had articles written about her in magazines all over the world. health fanatic, great cook, travels a lot.

>little brother is currently in his last year of high school. witty and articulate, very ironic sense of humour. interested in history and is a good debater. hates religion and political correctness.

>whole family hates islam
I assume you're the black sheep.
And you are a whiny bitch
Sort of, not really. I'm a moody and slightly introverted musician, but not a sperg.
>dad is a 2 faced psycho who has been cheating on my mom for 3 years, he gave money to the other girl and her son, he tries to say he is justified because he brings the money to the house
>mom is an annoying lazy woman who is somewhat like me and trys to be the victim in every situation, almost left the house a few days ago cause he called all of her brothers and sisters and accused my dad that he beat her, i dont know who to believe
>brother is a 20 years old, plays games in his 4 year old laptop, used to be a soccer player, 75% fit, but since last year he has gotten a little bit fat, he wakes up at 4pm and stays till 5am watching anime, when we discovered the situation my mom and dad were, he decided to ignore it and pretend he didnt care, i feel bad for him and at the same time i wish he had stand up to them and try to fix the problems with me
>little brother is 6 year old, watches youtubers playing shitty games, a little bit annoying but feel really bad for him cause parents yelled at each other for quite some time

and me well, i always was the "weak" and "introverted" son, but was the only one to stand up to my parents, i tried to talk to them about the cheating problem, i thought i fixed it, but guess what, they lied to me, i fucking hate liars and that fucked me up in the head
>Mother is nice, but she is constantly annoying. She has the hability to complain about everything and gets anger way too easy, which is really bad since saying something can lead to an endless and pointless discussion. Mother also thinks she is always right and everyone else knows nothing. She's overprotective and fear a lot of things, sometimes I think she wants to isolate herself in a plastic dome.

>Father is a good man. Hardworking, knows how to spend money and will do everything to help my family. He is a silent person most of the time (the opposite of my mother), is not overprotective and is a really calm person. He is a government worker and constantly complains about corrupt people and has a strong will to fix the country.

>I don't have any brothers. Thanks god.

>My uncle and aunt are really nice people. They always give me nice stuff and is really good to talk to them, since they are very calm people. I used to be a lot with them when I was a child, really liked it. They own a small store where they sell bags, wallets and things like that.

>My grandfather is a good man, even though he acted stupidly in the past. After my grandmother died the other two women he married were shits, he has some hability to attract shitty women and it brought a lot of bad things to our family in the past. Now he lives with my aunt and was diagnosed with Parkinson. I like him, tho.

>I am some young person who is studying to reach a childhood dream that is being an astrophysicist and everyone seems to hate me, which is a really funny thing
>Dad is a renaissance man in the truest sense of the word, interested in everything from cars to basic biochemistry to electronics and theology. Very level headed guy, though he can be a bit stubborn at times

>Mom is the epitome of the southern woman, all cooking and shit like that, but she also has a doctorate in education and knows more about literature than I could ever know

>oldest brother is a vet and an ok guy, i guess. he tends to snub our family for little to no reason

>other brother is my best friend, always ready to lend a hand and a very easy guy to talk to. His natural charisma (talking ability not looks, this nigga ugly af) means that he's a shoe-in for lobbying, and he's been helping me alot with carving out what I want to do in my career path.

>I'm a stereotypical party nerd/slight sociopath who's got a natural knack for international politics and not much else.

so yeah life is pretty great
>Dad is jailed because of drug related shit; never got too much information on it. Finally wrapped up a divorce with my mom after the 2nd try. He's a nice guy and a great father, but the years when he was a borderline alcoholic and cokehead weren't so great. Those years when my parents were constantly arguing when I was a child really fucked with me, but I'm glad he straightened up in jail. >Impregnated some gold digger before he got jailed too.
>Mom is a workaholic. Has been running my dad's restaurant since she gained it after my dad's arrest. Also owns a landry mat. Expects me to bend backwards for her because. Expects me to work for her without any pay. Takes me rejecting that as me being lazy and not wanting to work, and fails to see the shit she's pulling. Always complaining about being tight on money and continues to spend it on shit for her own personal use. Has done nothing but command me all my life, yet never properly communicated with me so my social development ended up getting fucked that way.
>Little brother is a momma's boy. He's human garbage. He's practically "That" kid, as a matter of fact he's agitating the dog right now because he thinks making it angry is funny. Tries to act tough, and when he gets hurt he comes up with his little victim complex acting like he's a perfect little angel. Don't talk to him because he's a douche.
>Sister is your typical college student normalfag. Libruhl, dude weed, twitter, etc. Although she's okay now, she fucked up my childhood only second to the constant arguements my parents were having. Made me feel insecure with her constant judgements of me. Always talking me down and verbally abusing me. She's the only person I can smalltalk with, but that's about it, we never get too personal.
>I'm a fat loser with the social skills of a retard. Wouldn't be surprised if I was autistic though. Don't have anyone to have a good or personal conversation with. Face turns bright red when anyone tries to talk with me so I just try to avoid it overall. Don't converse with anyone in my family since to them I'm just there. Had one friend in 3rd grade I got close to, but he eventually had to move, and even though I have him on Facebook I feel disconnected from him. Got some other friends recently, somehow, but they're really just there to have someone to play Smash Bros. with.
Thanks for the compliment Belarus, people have told me that before, perhaps I will
I have an interesting dynamic

>mom: passed away when i was ten, but was nice, motherly, nothing notable

>dad: nerd, works a lot
>trying to make up for the years he hasn't been focused on us and more on work

>brother: younger, gay
>tumblr user, sjw edgelord
>becomes more of a gay stereotype each day
>hates me
>talks to me as little as possible because of my general disapproval
>annoying as fuck with his friends
>has annoying as fuck friends

>sister: older
>started smoking cigarettes to seem cool
>actually likes me, but can't handle banter

>me: middle child, 18
>spend all my free time on my computer
>all around pretty confident, only shortcomings are stupid teenage feels like no gf
>isolate myself from my family most of the time
>not terrible social skills, but not good social life
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