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Fucking swiss high school
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Why the fuck is the top tier swiss high school so incredibly retarded? 10% actually do High School in Switzerland btw, most do apparentice. I went and failed 4 years ago.
You basicly have like a billion subjects in one year (Including: Sports (athletics), Arts (Drawing), Music (fucking learning to identfy Notes), History (boring parts of history with even more boring teacher), Geoglogy (I shit you not we learnd about fucking rocks), Chemics (which was okay I guess, at least it makes sense), German (learing to fucking identfy words and times with retarded latin names), French (which is just a badly designed language), English (which is actually important), Math and Geometry (which kinda makes sense as aswell even though it was broing as balls), economics (which I sucked at and was basicly just accounting), Physics (which was easy as hell) and Biology (which was boring as shit)).
If I actually got to the next year I'd also have had religion and ethics classes.
Every single one of those has an indivdual grade which counts equally. You have to have an average score of at least 4.0 (max is 6.0 min is 1.0) over all of them, have a 5.0 in at least 2 of them and you cannot be below 4.0 in more than 3.
I sucked at Music, Drawing, Arts, Biology and French. And I wasn't particularyly good in any other subject and therefore never made into the next year.
The only subject we had that dind't go towards your final score was IT by the way, because everyone needs to differentiate a Gneis from a Pebble but nobody ever needs to use a Computer.
The only things I'm good at are English (although not back then, IT, and Writing text).

When my Father went to exactly the same school I went he only had Maths, Englisch, French, German, Biology and History.

So what happend? People whis chidlren sucked at real subjects like the ones above, kept bitching that their irrelevant talents should be counted aswell.
Fuck Swiss High School
Great post
>still having national service

>be in swiss history class waiting for it to start
>have a friend named Hans
>we chill af
>teacher enters, makes an announcement
>we have a new student from Finland
>student enters, short, shy guy, quickly sits down without saying a word to anyone
>class begins

>an hour later
>class ends, school is out
>everyone leaves but the new guy, me, and Hans.
>walk over to him
>he is looking at the floor
>"hi, how are you?"
>"g-gud, bretty gud"
>Hans has to leave
>just me and new kid
>ask him his name
>his name is Olo
>he gives me a little slip of paper with a note that says "go to the behind school area at midnight"
>ok then
>leave, go home
>sneak out, very cold outside
>it's snowing

>get to the place he told me about
>i find him hanging from a tree behind the school
>search the body
>find a note in his coat pocket
>says to hide the body in a snow mound 40 meters past the school
>i dig in to the snow, crying, and bury the kid.
>I rush home crying and tell no one

>go to school that morning
>no one can find the new kid
>everyone searching for him, no one saw him after I left school.
>Hans comes up to me
>"dude, where is new guy? he's missing. can't find him anywhere."
>I bring him to the back corner of class where no one can hear us
>whisper to him "Hans olo died"

>couldn't pass high school

Dumbass. That curriculum is about equivalent to American high school, and far more than 10% finish high school.
I thought I was done with memes but this made me change my mind
No it sin't, maybe I should've called it Gymnasium, but I called it High School, so murricans knew what I was talking about.
Also the curriculum is diffenret from canton to canton, but I'm pretty sure the difficulty differs a lot from Switzerland, even if you have the same subjects, since Gymansium here really is only for the Elite, while everyone does High SSchool in America.
Also heres the actual Numbers:
Art, music, history, chemistry, english, latin, economics, biology, history (american->world), algebra and geometry were all required subjects at my high school. German/French and geology were electives. It sucked, but I couldn't imagine getting a C in three subjects at once.

>That curriculum is about equivalent to American high school
Pretty much this.
All withoin the same year?

I'm aware that Gymnasium is basic college prep. I'm saying that American high school is the same way. You don't have the option to take up trades and apprenticeships until after high school, and you can't drop out of school until you're 16, but most people don't.
Well in America far more people do University or college, While in Switzerland the Majorty stop after they finish their internship at 20, or do a so calle dFachohschule for 3 years after that.
In Switzerland they can make it a lot harder since only the elite goes through this stuff.
I just think its retarded that even if I would've just wanted to study IT, I'd still have had to go through all these retarded subjects even though I had I didn't choose an artsy gym profile.
Swiss dude too fucking stupid for school. Comes do /int/ to cry about it.
Except the dumbest Swiss is probably ten times smarter than the Smartest American.
Most Swiss are just smart enough to ring cowbells at ski competitions. Their country was long ago taken over by rich foreigners
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> "economics which was basically accounting"

they aren't the same you retard.
Geology is not useless, knowing the habits of minerals and differentiating gneiss from granite can save your life. Admit it, you're just not smart enough to finish high school
>The only things I'm good at are English
Sorry mate but it's not very good
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