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Love ya too, m8 :^)
Oh shit your right it is a leaf I never noticed.
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Nice thread.
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Go fuck an abo
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>This is a true story. I did this. No kidding.

>No outside input caused me to do this. I don't know why I thought of it. This was a dumb, stupid, dangerous, risky thing to do.
>But... I did it. Not once, but three times. I can only guess that I was very careful, or got lucky, or both.
>I do not recommend that anyone do this. It is too risky.
>For 3 decades I have wanted to be "without balls".
>Surgery was to me just too risky and traumatic; not to mention difficult to obtain and costly.
>One fateful night, for an unknown reason, I decided to "take things into my own hands"....so to speak.
>What I really wanted was some medical needle that could be inserted into each testicle that could completely suck out the contents of each.
>Failing the availability of such an instrument I decided that destroying the interior of each testicle would be the "next best thing".
>What the heck was I thinking.
>One night, being thoroughly drunk, I put sterile rubber gloves on my hands. I cleaned my scrotum with an alcohol swab.
>I cleaned a long needle with another alcohol swab.
>I have no idea what made me do this. Nothing I had read had prepared me for this.
>I made it up on my own. I can only guess that it was despiration to be neutered that made me do it.
>I pushed the needle into my scrotum.
>It was very resistant.
>I mean VERY resistant.
>Didn't just push it into anywhere in my scrotum.
Was careful to make sure that the needle would go through the scrotum skin and into the testicle at it's top end but completely bypassing all of the cords and connections that connect the testicle to the body.
>The needle would go through the scrotum, into the top part of the testicle, but not enter any cords or connecting tissue.
Eventually, with significant pushing, the needle finally burst through the scrotum and through the outer layer of the testicle and directly into the testicle.

Unless you have done this, you can not possibly understand the feeling of surprise and awe that you experience when the needle finally sinks into your testicle.

>There is some pain on the skin level of the scrotum.
The testicle wall and the interior of the testicle felt no pain though.
>It was a long needle.
>One that I bought at the drug store. Nothing special.
>I'd made sure to try and sterilize it and my hands and the skin of my scrotum using alcohol swabs.
>Finally I had "needled my nut".
>With slow deliberation, and nice background music, I rotated the needle in a circular motion.
>As I rotated it, I pushed it further down into the testicle.
>The needle was in my right hand.
>As I rotated and pushed the needle my hand could feel the needle ripping through the interior contents of the testicle.
It is hard to describe but there was the feeling that the front end of the needle was tearing lashing ripping through fibrous material that was on the interior of my testicle.
>It did not hurt at all.
>I did this for a few minutes, back and forth, up and down
>I finally jerked the needle from my testicle.
That was a bit of a sudden pain, but it went away.
>I did the entire process to the other testicle.

>Next day
>No pain.

>2nd day
>Significant aching (not really pain) in both testicles.
>Like both being squeezed.
>They swelled up in size.
Dude bro, have you ever had maple syrup? pure maple syrup? its fucking awesome m8 dude.

Put some on some bread or toast, fucking orgasm in your mouth lmao
>Months of Aching

>Finally both testicles settled down to a size that was smaller than their original size and finally there was no aching or pain.

>Once all sensitivity subsided, I did the same thing all over AGAIN to both testicles.

>Using sterile techniques I inserted a needle into each testicle, rotated it around and around in a circular fashion from the top of the testicle to the bottom of the testicle.

>The most fascinating feeling was when the point of the needle was rubbing on the inside of my testicle wall.

>I was careful to not let the needle scratch or puncture the inner wall of my testicles. I just let the point of the needle rub against the inner wall.
>It was a most unique and erotic sensation.

>Another month went by

>Subsiding sensitivity, so I did the whole process over again.

>It has now been six months since the last time I inserted a needle into my testicles and rotated it around and around, thoroughly carving up the interior of each testicle.

>Finally, at last, my balls have no feeling.
>I can squeeze them and they feel no pain, no sensation.
>They are less than half the size that they were before I started this neutering process.
>The connecting tissue that is on the exterior of each testicle is still sensitive.
>When I manage to manipulate my scrotum and balls with my hand in such a way that this tissue is internally out of the way, I can actually squeeze squeeze squeeze each testicle really hard and there is no pain.

>I guess the ultimate confirmation of the success of this process is that my penis no longer gets hard.
But can you smoke it?

lmao haha
>No amount of manual manipulation or mental stimulation will make it rise to the occasion

>I can not ejaculate.
>I do not have the erotic thoughts I use to have, though that could be mental.
>I feel neutered.

>It seems to have worked.

>I do not, I can not, I must not suggest that anyone attempt the same. I surely got lucky, fortunate in engaging in such a risky endeavor.

>I would much prefer to be completely void of balls, but at least the balls that I have are very much smaller, have no feeling, and I am no longer dominated by sexual desire and obsession.

>I feel neutered, calm, at peace.

>Maybe not entirely at peace. I would very much like to experience again the feeling of a needle rubbing the inside of my testicle wall.......
>This is one incredible feeling........

>But I seem to have no sexual urge to pursue this.

>I can think of nothing else to say about my experience and success. I have dead small nuts, I am neutered. Not a eunuch, not castrated, but for all practical purposes, as far as I can tell, I am the equivalent of a eunuch, castrated, neutered.

>Before I went completely flacid, I managed to get hard, ejaculate and had a sperm test run. >No sperm.

>Not that I would ever could ejaculate again, but just knowing that I am sterile makes me feel warm, cool, fuzzy.


>As I write this, I am touching, fondling, twirling, fondling my youknowwhat.
>Nothing arises to the occasion.
>And it doesn't matter anyway.
You could dip your joint in maple syrup lmao

I should try that
>Australian threat quality
very bad posts
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>A fucking ball!
You legitimately cannot make this up
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Just end your life.
>expecting good posts from canadians
I listened to unchained melody while reading this and it was awkwardly fitting
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>So watchu want senpai?
>Say no more
Why did you post a picture of your dad
>still having better teeth than the british
feels good tbqh
Probably too poor and if he's not you should still shut your fucking mouth, we don't have enough of that shit to go around
What have you been smoking and where can I get some?

Oh wait... ... second part covered, part one still stands.
kek nice one
Better then your dad
See pic related
there is some top banter going on here
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