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Who here is following agurri's one year...
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Who here is following agurri's one year of art fundamentals guide? How is it going? If you've already done it before how did it go? Did you make progress?
I know for a fact that atleast one person on here is doing it.
what the hell is that

I'd like to hear if that approach is working for some people. My way of teaching myself is rather frustrating. I get to a difficult topic in whatever book and hit a wall. After that there's search for other resources to learn from, hence frustration.
well I can't tell how this exact approach will work, but I self studied with most book up to term 4 and they are all very good book that will help build solid fundamental. it's mostly focused on design and creative drawing tough, so check if your goals align.

basically it's seems like an excellent course.

I've tried to self-study from various books. Design and invention being one of those - and I felt stuck in most of the books I tried to study from. Loomis was no exception. But I believe I'm overlooking something and should actually start from ground bottom fundamentals before tackling any of the above. Although I've drawn for leisure years before, I haven't thought then about artsy fundamentals.
I think the phrase "draw before you study" applies to you

So you're saying I should just ditch each and every book/video lectures I have and draw, but what exactly? Doesn't seem like that will work.
I'm following the guide, but not exactly. So it's causing some delay as I'm adding more of my studies into each term.

Been on Term 2 for a good 4 weeks, however I'm also looking up Dynamic Sketching 1/2 as well as Proko videos on gesture drawing and Schoolism's gesture method. I'm slowly doing Hampton, but once I finish up Proko and Schoolism, I'll dive all the way into Hampton.

Though, I'm thinking of saving Term 3 for later, and just jumping straight into Term 4 and practicing Perspective as well as animal anatomy.

Term 5, only place I know that has fundamental of character design is Schoolism, so that should work. Still a beginner, but working hard.
for ground bottom fundamentals, try dynamic sketching by peter Han and do every exercise carefully, even if they seems really basic. it's a good start to build on with Robertson and Hampton books (they share the same approach).

I believe I've been doing them, well the drawabox variant, they're similar.

>I should just ditch each and every book/video lectures

Did not say that. I'm saying you should, if for example you are tackling the anatomy of the arm, try to draw the arm multiple times and really try to get it. It'll probably look like garbage, but it doesnt matter.
Then maybe look at some references from google search "arm anatomy" or your own arm. Do this before going for the answer from Hampton or some else.
That's just an example of course; it applies to everything.
By drawing and trying yourself you get the questions. Then you get the answers from books and video lectures.
Not the other way around.

>but what exactly

"draw before you study"
Draw that what you want to study. And if you dont know what to study, draw whatever you want. Draw more. Copy, do lifedrawing (sketching from life in a sketchbook for example), design something.
This is to get you mileage. Your eye and hand skills improve as you draw. As your eye improves, you see the mistakes in your art, and thus you know what to study.

>Doesn't seem like that will work.
It will. Just push through it.

And for the aguri's fundamental guide.. I think it tells you all the appropriate resources for knowing the fundamentals.
Rather than following the guide blindly, you really should just get mileage and study all of the resources in the guide throroughly when you feel your art misses on something.
And your stuff will be bad. However it's good to have fun and feel good about your art improvement, just dont get too cocky/egoistic about it.

//whew that came out bit long sorry bout that.
who is agurri? The guide seems good but I haven't been able to find his/her art anywhere. Did he/she used to post on /ic/.

Thank you, the length of your answer is fine! I enjoyed reading it even. I'll see how it goes.
Seconding this.
Seems meh
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