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I thought we could maybe recommend stuff...
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I thought we could maybe recommend stuff to listen to while drawing.

i'm up for pretty much anything from podcast to tv-shows
in any genre.
I've been marathoning x-files in the background while im drawing
I listen to mostly Dungeon Synth or random death/black metal while drawing. I like EBM too, but it doesn't seem conducive to me getting anything done, I usually end up just dancing in my seat.
one of my resolutions was getting more literature in, so i've been listening to a bunch of audiobooks.

my favorites so far are The Things They Carried read by bryan cranston, Lolita read by jeremy irons, Slaughterhouse-Five read by ethan hawke, and To Kill a Mockingbird read by sissy spacek
I just watched fresh prince

They are often only on the same stage multiple times during the season so you don't really need to look to enjoy the show and the jokes still holds up.

maybe not for everyone though.
I have listened recently GoT audiobooks and my musicplaylist
how's high-school?

yeah a few were books i cliffnoted instead of read in hs, ones i was interested in but didn't have time to read 20+ pages a day
learn to photoread, takes a while but increases speed and comprehension significantly.
feng zhu got some podcasts now , i just listen to them whenever they come out with new ones
what is that?

does /lit/ see it the same way /ic/ looks at photobashing?
you can google a million explanations but basically when you first learn to read it includes sounding out words so that yr not a mute autist, problem is that limits your reading speed to your talking speed, also, if you've ever been reading something then thought "wait what did I just read" that's because you were just sounding out words in your head and not actually processing their meaning. Most people who have to read a lot academically or otherwise will naturally end up photoreading line by line rather than word by word and will remember more of it. You can read a book a day within a couple months if you practice and it's a valuable skill. Just don't use it for poetry.
I looked into this. The guy that came up with the idea markets it poorly, like it's some kinda of "magical thing". So I feel like a lot of people will debunk the idea. But I know from experience that there is truth to "photo reading". Maybe not in the way Paul Scheele tries to pass it off as. I think his "techniques" are mainly a way to catch peoples attention and make it look easy. To a degree, they do work, but ultimately, it's not about reading an entire book at the speed of light. It's about being able to digest a larger load of information all at once. Like you said, the whole idea of "processing the information" rather than just sounding out each word. Interesting stuff.
I've been watching Norm Macdonald's podcast. It's really good
hardcore history
audiobooks (listening to blackwater currently)
neal gabler's disney biography is good
brote streams
animation podcast
gamedev streams
i've been thinking of using a speech-to-text program to read news & shitposts while i work, are there any good ones?
the roy dotrice version is pretty godlike
99% Invisible podcast.
The Ricky Gervais Show (XFM show + podcast)
Hardcore History (ofc)
Common Sense
Howard Stern (from mid/late 90s - end of 00s)
Old School Wrestling Review (comfy af)
Used to listen to Screen Junkies movie fights, got bored, now I sometimes listen to horror story narrations on youtube.
>the roy dotrice version
yeah that's what im listening
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Isaac Asimov - The Stars, Like Dust:

Future Sound of London:




Indian Ropeman:


Jean Michel Jarre:

Neir OST:
Could anyone tell me how they can listen to podcasts while drawing? Either it distracts me, or I'm too focused that I don't listen to it anyway.

I just find music to be better in every way, and probably wouldn't even listen to anything if my flat wasn't so noisy.
I am on the same boat. I can listen to audio books sometimes, but quite often podcasts and tv shows are just too much of a distraction for me to have playing.
it's music for me because i often stop and just dream up some kind of music video.
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